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Policy Hate Speech Policy

Discussion in 'Communications' started by GrandAdmiralJello , Feb 5, 2024.

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    Hate Speech Policy:
    1. No hate speech will be tolerated on the Jedi Council Forums. Hate speech is defined as any post that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender identity, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or lack thereof, race, disability, genetic attribute, or sexual orientation.

    2. Users who believe an incident of hate speech has occurred may report the potential hate speech for review by moderators by hitting the “report” button at the bottom of the post in question or by contacting any moderator via PM.

    3. Once a complaint of potential hate speech has been received, the site’s moderators will review the incident with all due diligence and seriousness to determine whether hate speech has occurred. In determining whether hate speech has occurred, moderators will endeavor to consider the perspectives and voices of those affected by the potential hate speech.

    4. If hate speech is deemed to have occurred, the following will result:
      • On a first offense, the offending post will be edited and the user who posted it will be banned. The length of the ban will be at the discretion of the banning mod. Since hate speech is an emergency to its victims, the first mod on the scene may do the necessary banning and editing. If the user who posted the hate speech was a VIP, the VIP may lose their VIP status as a result of the hate speech. VIP status will not automatically be restored at the conclusion of the ban--VIPs are held to a higher standard, and therefore a VIP who posted hate speech will have failed to meet the expectations for a VIP's conduct.

      • On a second offense, the offending post will be edited and the user will be banned for a year.

      • A third offense may result in an indefinite ban, and the user may not be permitted to return to the site in the future.
    5. At any point in the above process, the moderators may conclude that an indefinite or permanent ban is warranted even on a first offense based on the severity of the hate speech.
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