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    That one totally threw me off guard.

    Who first said that Cham was Hera's uncle again? Because until it's revealed in a later episode or Dark Lords of the Sith, I foresee arguments over whether Pablo or whoever said "uncle" was right.
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    Someone from Del Rey I believe said it at Comicon. Star Wars twitter account confirmed that was mistaken, and that Pablo gave the official Story Group answer.
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    While overall, I've generally been disappointed in the show, Hera keeps me watching. I'm really enjoying her character. I've been very happy with how they have developed her, and how almost every episode, we get a little more in-depth with her. I like how even though it pained her personally, she was willing to leave Kanan behind for the greater good. Smart, witty, level headed, and even though she has strong feelings and emotions towards the crew, she's not emotional and gets the job done.
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    I like Hera because she's one of the less irritating characters on the ghost. Ezra being the most irritating, though that could change as his character matures. Sabine just seems out of place, being a mandalorian, I think she stands out too much from the rest of the crew. I don't mind her character, but they could have left her character as an imperial drop out and given her a more utilitarian or slicer role.
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    Hera better have a sister otherwise they'll be serious questions why Cham had a different little twilek girl hanging around him in TCW.
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    Twi'lek skin tone changes color over time as they age.

    Behold the power of the almighty ret-con!!! :p
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    So Hera is Michael Jackson:p
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    I saw something on Facebook that said that in A New Dawn it was said that Cham was Hera's uncle. I listened to the audio of AND, but don't remember that tidbit. Based on above comments, the AND reference was not in the book. I hope that to be true, because if it was stated as such in AND and then Pablo said he is her father, then we'd already have a continuity conflict in the NEU.
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    I don't remember Cham being mentioned in AND but that book is good enough that I might re-read it.
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    Now that we know she is his daughter that means she appeared in the clone wars.
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    There was this post on Tumblr, and I'll put it in spoiler tags along with the image.

    Link to the page and their comments.


    The Image. Look in the background where Cham is with that little Twi'lek.


    Anyway, all credit goes to them for finding it.

    It could be a boy, but at the same time Hera could have hated dresses too. And they appear to be playing with a ship. It is still interesting to think about.
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    Top level foreshadowing. Putting child Hera in before they even knew Rebels was going to be a thing.
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    I have actually replied to this on tumblr about how that kid in the background is most likely not Hera and that this family isn't Cham's family. Here's the copy/paste from my reply:

    from here:

    Thats my thoughts on the matter, but I'm totally open for counter-argument.
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    Yeah, that's true.

    1. I really wish we could get a clearer image of the child. As I said, Hera could have hated dresses and preferred to wear more comfortable clothing.

    2. Maybe she didn't like those either as a child.

    Hm. That's true. But if they were planning characters for Rebels for a long time, and they figured that people would go and watch the episodes from before once Hera was released as a character ( With her last name being Syndulla) then they might have changed the outfits and everything to deter people away and make us think the child Cham was holding was his only daughter. That way when they revealed Cham was Hera's father; it would be a surprise.

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    Wow I didnt pay much attention to Cham in I have to go back and rewatch, I wonder how this bomb makes "the galaxy is shrinking" crowd feel. Hera is Chams daughter. Another connection to TCW.
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    I'm pretty sure this green Twi'lek girl dropping eaves on Cham and Mace in Liberty on Ryloth is Hera.
  17. TheSilentInfluence

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    Oh good catch. :D

    It does sort of look like her. (I'll go back and watch the episode again though. )
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    Hera doesn't wear dressed now. So it wouldn't be that hard to buy that she might not have work them as a child either. She seems like a rather practical person overall.
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    Wonder if Hera will ever speak of her father to the Ghost Crew.
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    Jan 1, 2013
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    Compared to Clone Wars, the show has been kind of... mediocre to me, in some ways. I mean, it just is a lot more kiddy, I guess is the right word. Sure, Clone Wars had its moments, but there were lots of mature themes that weren't even kept hidden as easter eggs in that show to the point where I actually enjoyed it. Rebels has fallen short on that sadly, although they reeled me in with the season 1 finale, so I guess I have to watch season 2 now. (Joking - I'm not disappointed, I'm anticipating the second season). I think Hera is definitely interesting though. Like everyone else has said, she's much more of the mother to the group while still fitting in. I for one was getting tired of some of the "I'm the Jedi so I lead all" repetition, it's interesting to see this as much more of a team effort (to me anyway). And I can't believe that of all people I'm saying this... but I am kind of curious where her, if she has one, romantic relationship goes with Kanan. I dunno, I just want to see how that's pulled off.

    I have a way of interrupting discussions. It would definitely be interesting if Hera was that girl we saw on Clone Wars. If so, we could get even deeper into character development and personal matters. For all of some of the rather-kiddy things they pulled off in Season 1, I think that could be made up with some in-depth material. I'll be looking forward to where this all goes to.
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    I am actually a little worried/intrigued about what they are actually going to do with Hera as a character. Ezra's got his 'Jedi-in-training' story to work through, Kanan's got the job of tutor (and his issues with clones), Zeb's not forgotten the fact that Kallus went and wiped out his species, even Sabine has got her Mandalorian background and we've had quotes from show types that she's got some sort of story planned. Which makes me worry that Hera's either going to get stuck in the rather bland and boring role of 'the normal one' for all this wackiness to ground itself on or even worse, just get killed off because drama. Possibly what she knows about Ezra's parents will come into play...

    Her dad being Cham does at least explain that she's pretty much a Rebel by nurture as well as by nature but Papa Syndulla seemed pretty stuck on Ryloth specifically. Be interesting to see how Hera went from 'save our planet!' to 'save our galaxy!' in my opinion.
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    Hera is a cool one and the Mother figure(them being like a family and all) Along side Kanan,those two are like the Mom and Dad of the crew. I just hope they all live to see the end of the Empire somewhere during the events of "The Return of the Jedi".
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    Considering there's already a thread exclusively about Sabine, I thought it fitting to start one on the other lead female in Rebels, Hera. Up until today (a result of a carryover discussion in the Literature topics), I didn't realize that it was actually confirmed that she was in fact Cham Syndulla's daughter. "A New Dawn" is the first book of the canon-linked EU that I've begun reading, and to that point I wasn't even paying attention to Hera's last name. From what I've gathered, Cham's relationship with her is discussed briefly in "Lords of the Sith", but I still think of Cham in the "Liberty on Ryloth" episode. I wonder if it's already been discussed that this picture of Cham holding the little girl is in fact Hera.

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