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Before - Legends Holo-Diary of Master Dooku (Diary Challenge 2013), spans age 4 to TPM (Updated 1-13-14

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Title: Holo-Diary of Master Dooku
    Author: @CmdrMitthrawnuruodo
    Genre: Humor, Angst, Drama, Adventure, etc
    Characters: Dooku, with mentions of Qui-Gon, Yoda, Jocasta and others
    Summary: Tionne Solusar has found a holo-recorder stashed away in the ruins of the Jedi Temple's living quarters while trying to salvage the lost knowledge of the Jedi. What she finds is the life of a Jedi Master before he had fallen.
    Author Notes: I was gonna do a VSD for Dooku for the 2013 Diary Challenge but then realized my funny bony isn't that funny. So, I went with my original plan and started a serious diary that will have its funny moments. I hope. XD


    Year Sixty-Six – Just Before Resignation

    A hologram appears of an elderly Jedi Master. His hair is dark, streaked with gray and his brown eyes are tired. The hologram flickers as he adjusts something on an unseen control panel before he straightens his vestments and begins to speak in a baritone voice...

    I am Yan Dooku, a Master in the fabled Order of the Jedi. I am also exactly seventy standard years and I am feeling every single one tonight. It has been a long time since I have recorded on this dusty old holorecorder, but I suppose it should not come as a surprise considering the life I have led for the last sixty some odd years with the Jedi. There simply was not the time to record down what was going on in my life, at least after I had become a Knight myself...

    He pauses with a look of contemplation before continuing.

    No, it was after Qui-Gon had become a Knight when I stopped recording on this thing as frequently as I had. It is ironic looking back, watching a frightened child growing into a man, wanting to go home and have nothing to do with the Jedi. Now I will finally have that chance to do what I wanted when I first came here. Except everyone that I had wanted to return to is long gone and all that remains is a family I do not even know.

    He is quiet for a few moments. A sadness seems to briefly overcome him before he manages to school his features into a cold, stoic expression.

    I have always wondered why I stayed once I had reached the legal age to decide for myself. I knew I could have left any time and rejoined my younger brother as the Count of Serenno. I could have left and pursued a wife and had a son of my own instead of standing here feeling empty from the loss of one I had considered my own. I could have enjoyed being an uncle to my nephew, Adan, instead of being that distant, eccentric relative that was a Jedi.

    I suppose the reason I stayed was because it was what my parents had wanted for me. Strong as I was in the Living Force, my future would be with the Jedi and I would bring honor to our House by becoming one of the greatest masters that ever lived. That is what my father had told me when I had asked after my Knighting. I take that back, it was after I had taken Qui-Gon as my Padawan, he was priority over my own personal matters.


    A heavy sigh.

    I told myself I would not mourn his loss and yet my thoughts continue to drift toward him. My padawan, the boy whom I had raised to adult and Knighthood had been murdered by our ancient enemies. He's the reason why I am recording on this blasted thing again. I wanted to remember him and yet I find myself looking back to the first days of my apprenticeship instead. Perhaps I want to find a reason to continue to stay before I make the decision to resign my commission tomorrow morning?

    He lowers his head, struggling with an unseen conflict within him. He continues after a moment, a dark look in his eyes.

    Without Qui-Gon being that one squall of defiance amidst the sea of complacency, I have no hope for the Jedi. They do not listen to me anymore. I have become too old and set in my ways to see things the Council does. Bah! They are the ones too set in their ways to see anything! Too complacent! Now that the Sith have returned, the Council will be the death of us all, mark my words!

    Just like they were the death of my Padawan!

    His fists ball up as a hidden temper rises with his words. He calms down and reaches for the unseen controls. The hologram flickers and disappears.

    Year One - Day One

    A hologram of a small boy with unruly hair and wearing the attire of a Jedi Initiate flickers to life. His tongue sticks out at the side as he tries to make the recorder work. He blinks once he realizes it is working and licks his palm to push back his hair and make it stick flat to his skull. One cow lick pops back up and he glares before turning his gaze to the recorder and speaks.

    I want to go home, but the green alien tells me that I am home now. I know it is not. There is no ocean or roses in the garden I had been shown. It is noisy outside and there are so many strange beings. I am afraid.

    I remember being given to the short alien whom my father, the Count, said was a Jedi Master. My mother hadn't been present and I do not understand why. I do not understand why I was taken away. Had I not been a good boy? Had I done something to anger my parents?

    The alien tells me it is because I am special, like him and everyone else in the... the Temple I think is what he said this place was. That I have a gift and that he and a future master will help me learn how to use and help the galaxy. Helping others is something I understand. My father always told me that the 'Counts of Serenno do not cry or ask for help, we are born to help others.'

    I did not cry when I was taken. At least I think I didn't. I know I wanted to. I also wanted my mother and my best friend, Mala, and bury my face and fingers in her fur as she gave me kisses in a caring way that only pets knew how.

    But I refused to cry.

    I also did not talk after we arrived.

    Yoda said I would get use to my new family in time and learn to let go of my old one. I didn't want to. I still don't. He only smiled at me before handing me over to another alien, a female with striped horns rising from her skull and something like lekkus resting over her shoulders. I know what lekkus are. My father has a Twi'lek servant that keeps the garden. But this alien was not a Twi'lek.

    She asked me my name and I said nothing. I refused to talk. Maybe if I prove more trouble than I am worth they would take me back to my real home?

    To my real family.

    The boy's lip quivers and his face darkens as he tries his best not to cry. He loses the battle and kicks the recorder away. The scene spins and a small bed appears as the sound of a child crying is heard in the background. Eventually the recorder shuts down after a minute of no motion.


    And awaaaay we go! Ah, young Dooku. I think he will be fun to play with.
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Interesting start! Looks good!
  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi_Lover Glad you like and thanks for reviewing. :)


    Year One - Day Two

    The hologram of the boy appears but this time his appearance is different. His hair is no longer unruly, but clean cut.

    I think I am in trouble for this morning. I had been handed over to a new being yesterday, this one I am told would be my ... my I don't know the word but she is like nana back home. She takes care of me and nine other kids like me. Yesterday she had me dress in cloth that itches and matches the other kids but was a lot more comfortable than what nana always made me wear.

    I do not mind too much. I never did like the stuffy clothing I had to wear. I could never play in the sand on the beaches near our home when I wore what nana called 'proper attire for a Count's son'. I wonder if I could in these? Would they let me?

    I probably wouldn't find out anyway after what I had done.

    After I was dressed this morning and broke my fast, my new nana took me to another part of the Temple where other Jedi were having their hair cut. I knew what this meant and reached up to touch the short locks I was allowed to have. I watched in fascination and horror as a snail like alien cheerfully removed all of a Jedi's hair so that all he had left was a shiny head.

    I wanted to keep my hair and when it was my turn I shamefully screamed and tugged against my nana when she tried to bring me to the Ithorian. In my defense, I was frightened and desperate to get away. That's why I bit her hand and kicked her in the leg.

    The boy grins a little at the memory.

    I didn't get far. Something stopped me before I could dash out the door and slowly brought me to the chair and the snail-like alien. I screamed some more when the alien began cutting my hair and I feared he would take it all like he had done to that other Jedi.

    I would not cry even though I wanted to as I felt the alien begin his work.

    "This one has quite a set of lungs on him," someone had said in a calming voice. It had the effect he was hoping for and I stopped so I could look at him. It was the bald Jedi and he smiled at me warmly. "One would think you were attached to your hair, youngling."

    I shook my head in reply which only got me two hands on either side of my head and held still for a second before the scissors went to work again.

    "So you're not attached to your hair then?" asked the Jedi and I nodded in answer. I still refused to talk. "Then why all the fuss?" I pointed at his head and he surprised me with a mild laugh. He ran his hand over his hairless skull and smiled again as he realized my fear. "Ah young one, you fear Jedi Ik'e will take all of yours like he did mine?"

    I nodded again.

    "I will tell you a secret young one." He had my attention and the scissors fell quiet next to me as he leaned in to whisper me his secret. "I asked for it to be cut off. You see, little one, I had the misfortune of having a vat of sticky goo landing on me and it stuck my hair into unmanageable knots. I figure it was better to have no hair rather than try and get the sticky knots out."

    I must have worn a disbelieving look for he called up a piece of his hair and showed me. I wrinkled my nose at the black stuff the strands were glued with.

    He patted me on the shoulder and spoke to the alien behind me. "Don't take too much, Ik'e. The youngling would not look as good as I without his hair." The alien said something in its strange garble sound and the bald Jedi chuckled in reply. "What is your name, little one?"

    "Yan Dooku," I had answered. I realized my mistake and quickly clamped my mouth shut with my hands.

    It seemed to amuse the Jedi and he patted me on the shoulder. "I am Thame Cerulian. Welcome to the Jedi Order, young master Dooku."

    Initiate Dooku,” someone called in the background and the boy looked up quickly. He reached for the holorecorder just as the sound of a door swished open. The hologram faded with the words, “There you are...”
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    Nov 1, 2004
    When I went through Army basic training I remember the men not being too happy with their new haircuts. :p

    This has to be tough for a child to comprehend. I never liked the idea of the Jedi taking kids. At least Dooku's family was agreeable to him leaving. It would be horrible if the Jedi took a child against the parents' will...but I read that it happened in the comics or books.
  5. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Haha. Attached they were to their hair. Yes. My brother is the same way. He glares daggers if you so much as touch it.

    Yeah. I never agreed with it either simply because the whole point of it was to indoctrinate them and isolate them from what the Masters thought would be experiences that could cause them to fall. Thing is I think they had more Jedi fall to the Darkside wanting to live than they did who actually had lived. The Jedi Order of the last millennium is a tragedy. So afraid they were of restarting the Sith they ended up creating two powerful ones anyway, both of which helped orchestrate the fall of the entire Order. Fear leads to the Darkside, in their case it led to their destruction.

    But yeah there are those in-universe that believe the Jedi are baby snatchers. There is always an ounce of truth to a rumor or myth. Sad thing is, the Republic says its legal too. XD

    As for Dooku, I understand what he's going through. I remember a few things from daycare. It is not a pleasant experience despite what some parents may think. Taken to a strange place and left in the care of strangers, and surrounded by strange kids. You want to go home back to your parents. The first few days are the worse.

    I also remember years later this little boy was terrified of the barber. He screamed the moment the guy got near with the scissors. Something about boys getting their hair cut is a traumatizing experience.

    This message brought to you by the letter S and by the letter W.
  6. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Strangely, those are two things my sons have never experienced. I've always cut their hair and I stayed home with them when they were little. I work at home during the summer so I am still with them. They are probably sick of me.
  7. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Interesting diary you've got started here. I like the idea of knowing and understanding this complex character.
  8. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Hazel Thanks for reading. I'm glad you also find Dooku's past intriguing. There is so little on him as a Jedi.

    I've done the math, each month for the next twelve months will cover five years each so all sixty-six years of his service with the Order is covered. Gonna try and update at least once a week to cover each period. Cant wait for next month. Got tons of material on the Adventures of Dooku and Lorian. :p


    Year One - Day Three

    Dooku appears, looking like he has played in the dirt. He still looks unhappy.

    It seems I didn't get in trouble like I thought I would. Master Naki merely lectured me about how big of a fuss I made about my hair getting cut and that I shouldn't bite or kick people. I didn't ask to have my hair cut and certainly not by Master Ik'e. I wouldn't have acted up then.

    The boy folds his arms as he pouts and continues to talk.

    She found this recorder and was going to take it away but Master Yoda was present and said I should be allowed to keep it. Said it would help in my... tran shish... trans ... my getting use to this place.

    At least I got to have some fun today. Master Naki took us to an outside playing ground today. There were other kids from other groups there. The others in my group ran ahead while I stayed behind and watched. I wasn't sure what to do. I've seen these places before back home but I was never allowed to join in. We always passed the parks.

    "Go on," I had felt Master Naki gently prod me toward the others. I had looked up at her, lost. I didn't know what to say or do. "Go enjoy yourself and make some friends, youngling."

    Another gentle push had me walking over to a group that were playing on bars that they grabbed at one end and swung across to the other end. One boy lost his grip half way and fell to the ground. He didn't cry like I thought he would but laughed before running back to get in line.

    It looked fun despite the chance of falling. Some of the kids were already dirty from several attempts at crossing and not making it. The idea of getting dirty was strange to me. I know I wanted to do so back home but was never allowed.

    "Won't you get in trouble for messing up your clothes?" I had asked, forgetting that I vowed not to talk. At this point I decided I could talk to the other kids at least. The boy who had fallen looked at me strangely and laughed. I glared.

    "No," he replied. "We're suppose to get dirty, silly."

    "Why would we want to do that?" I had always been told that the son of a Count was suppose to be proper and prim at all times because I was to make an impression for my father's friends. Dirt had no place in my life and would say I was uncivilized otherwise.

    Yet watching the others get dirty as they played didn't seem so. It looked fun and the boy I spoke to said as much. "Because it's fun and we're suppose to have fun. Didn't you ever play where you're from?"

    I looked down regretfully. "No. I wasn't allowed to, at least not like this."

    He had grabbed me by the hand unexpectedly and shoved me in front of him. "Come on. It's fun." I looked at him dubiously but a push from him had me climbing the short ladder and grabbing the first bar. "You swing across like a monkey-lizard!"

    I did as he said but by the time I reached the fourth bar my arms gave out and I fell into the dirt below. The boy made it a couple bars past me and lost his grip too and although I was angry I didn't make it across, he seemed not to care and grinned at me.

    "Let's get back in line and try again," he had suggested and I followed. He stuck out his hand as we waited and introduced himself. "I'm Lorian, what's your name?"

    "Yan Dooku."

    "Nice to meet ya, Yan. Wanna see who gets across first?" I looked at the bars and watched as a auburn haired girl made it across. She was just as big as I and probably no older. If she could make it, I knew I could as well.

    I had grinned at Lorian. "Yeah."

    I remember thinking that being here might not be so bad. At least with the others. Master Naki, though, I could do without.

    "Initiate Dooku, it is time for your bath." The boy snapped his head in the direction his name was called.

    "Oh no."

    He got up from his spot on the floor and ran off. A second later half of Master Naki is seen walking past the recorder. "I don't want a bath!"

    "My goodness, I have never had so much trouble with a youngling until you came along."

    "Then take me home!"

    "I'm afraid I cannot send you back to your old home, Initiate. Now stop behaving like a wild child. What would your parents think of you if they saw you like this?"

    There was silence and then Naki could be seen passing the recorder again. Dooku's feet dangled into view from where she held him in her arms.
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  9. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Poor Dooku has a LOT to get used to. It can't be easy having to leave his family like that and go to a new place.
  10. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    It has to be confusing for the boy.
  11. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Hazel Nope, but he's adjusting.

    Jedi_Lover Very. I watch my youngest nephew who is of the same age as Dooku here and every time he's taken out of the safe confines of his home to a new place or people come over, he shuts up like a clam and clings to his mother. He also wears this scowl every time someone tries to interact with him that isn't his mom or dad.

    Last entry for Year One, I'll start Year Two later tonight or this week.


    Year One - Day One-Eighty Six

    Dooku scratches at a patch hidden underneath his arm as he sits quietly in front of the recorder. He looks flushed, like he's recently exerted himself by playing or something.

    I got into a fight today with a boy with a ring of horns on his head. I don't know what he is, I've never seen his kind before. Anyway, he wouldn't stop teasing me about the exercises Master Sulla was trying to teach us today. I couldn't flip over side ways, my feet kept going the other way when I tried.

    He winces a little and turns his scratching to rubbing.

    Stupid alien bit me on my arm. Now I can't ever do the flips until it heals. I'll show him though. I'll do the stupid flip better than him. Better than anyone!

    He frowns and examines the patch on his arm.

    I overheard the other adults about the fight, about me. They said I have a lot of anger in me. Of course I'm angry! The boy wouldn't stop teasing me and they won't take me home. I've been here for almost a year now and I haven't made any friends and those who I have played with seem to tolerate me more than like me.

    I find myself alone a lot.

    I miss mom and dad.

    I miss Mala.

    I hate this place.

    "Learn to let go, you should," said someone who stepped into view as the young Dooku stared in surprise. He reached for the recorder to turn it off but Yoda stopped him gently with the tip of his gimmerstick. "Look upon this again in the future you may need."

    Dooku wasn't sure what to say or do so he stayed quiet but timidly cast his head down.

    Like many things you will not. Face these things a Jedi must, if he ever wishes to accomplish that which he sets out to do.”

    I don't want to be a Jedi,” Dooku protested quietly, daring to glare up at the old Jedi Master. “I want to go home.”

    Miss your family you do,” Yoda replied and with some effort he sat down beside the boy, his ears flattened slightly against his head, looking saddened. “Miss you they do also, but proud they are of you. Proud that you will become a Jedi.”

    Dooku wiped at his nose with the sleeve of his good arm. “How would you know? Master Naki says I am to forget them. That they are no longer a part of my life.”

    Tsk, youngling. Master Yoda knows, because spoke to your father he did. Saddened to let you go, he was, but proud of your gift more so. Keeps in contact with the Order, your father does, so that he may know how well you are. Forgotten you are not and alone you most certainly are not.”

    Why can't I talk to him?”

    Miss him more you will,” Yoda explained and placed a clawed hand on the boy's shoulder. “Hinder your training it would. Ask you to forget them, Master Naki should not have, but let go you should.”

    But isn't that the same as forgetting?”

    Yoda shook his head lightly.

    Attached to your hair, are you not?” Dooku reached up to his spiky, short-cropped hair and shook his head. “But remember its old length you do?” The boy nodded. “But attached you are not, why?”

    It's just hair.”

    A part of you it still is. Miss it why do you not?”

    Dooku frowned as he thought about it. After a moment he seemed to understand. “Because it will grow back eventually, so I shouldn't mourn something that really isn't lost.”

    The small alien smiled but said nothing, waiting on the boy.

    Dooku continued, “I don't see how I am to let go of my parents.”

    Yoda sighed softly and slowly climbed back to his feet. “Lost to you, your parents are not. Far away they may be, but always be there and love you they will. With that knowledge, young Dooku, learn to let go you can. Meditate on this you should.”

    The boy looked down embarrassingly. “I'm not very good at meditating, Master.”

    The Jedi Master chuckled softly and patted the top of the boy's head. “Nor was I when your age I was. Learn you will, that is why you are here.”
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  12. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I never liked the idea of the Jedi taking children and giving them no choice as to their future profession. You do a great job expressing Dooku's plight. Nice update.
  13. benknobi1

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    Jun 12, 2002
    Enjoyed the update, hopefully Dooku gets better at flipping:) And, we'll see how he deals more with missing his family.
  14. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    That whole situation is so hard for young children. I loved Yoda in this, he's so empathic. :)
  15. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi_Lover Thank you. I have a lot of fun writing it. :)

    benknobi1 Oh he does. We'll see a later entry where he bests the Zabrak boy. As for his family issues, those won't be resolved for a long time.

    Hazel Very much so. The books mentioned that Dooku had arrived at the Temple young enough to be accepted but old enough to remember where he came from. I always figured he'd have a difficult time as a child adjusting to the Jedi ways where most other Jedi children probably arrived much younger than him and would have little to no memory of their origins. Yoda is a great character. Strict but understanding at the same time.

    Year Two – Day One Forty-Five

    Dooku looks despondent, he's sitting on his cot at the head while the recorder apparently rested at the foot of it. He has a lightsaber hilt in his hands, small enough for his size but also large enough for him to still grow in to.

    Today is my Naming Day. I didn't know until Master Naki gave me this and told me I am five years old now. She told me I am old enough to begin my lightsaber training. Master Yoda is suppose to teach the first year younglings and I'll admit that I am a little eager to learn. I have seen some of the other Jedi fighting each other in large rooms whenever I passed them on my way to lessons. I find watching them to be wizard.

    He presses a switch on the side and a gold blade snaps into existence and he stares at it, a little amazed before shutting it off.

    It was suppose to be my Naming Day gift but it's not the same. Dad would have given me a toy model ship and some credits to buy some candy in town. Mom and Nana would have taken me into town so I could get new clothes for the party Dad would host. I remember the last one, there was this old woman there that wouldn't stop pinching my face and make stupid baby noises at me. I didn't like her, even told her once and she and my Dad found it funny. I didn't find my cheeks hurting funny.

    I still miss them, but not as much. I've come to accept that I will never get to go home, but I promised myself I would never forget home. One day, when I am a Knight, I will go home and the Jedi cannot tell me no. Master Cerulian says becoming a Knight is like coming of age for a Jedi, I can do almost anything I want then.

    I will be a Jedi when I return home. I won't make Dad disappointed.

    He fiddles with the lightsaber in his hands, flipping it over and over before letting it settle between his small palms and gripping it firmly, as if he was making the same vow again but silently to himself. He reached for the recorder then and his hologram disappears.
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  16. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Five years old and given a lightsaber...I guess child protective services never paid a visit to the temple.:p
    Nice update.
  17. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    I was this much [] tempted to have him touch the blade, like some children do when they see a flame. Lol :D
  18. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Outch! That would have hurt. :p

    Anyway, it's good to see Dooku feeling more at home. :) I can imagine that lightsaber practice would be fun.
  19. benknobi1

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    Jun 12, 2002
    Much defiance in this little one I sense.:p
  20. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Hazel Oh yes and he discovers it very quickly too.

    benknobi1 It explains everything, doesn't it? The Council, the war... lol

    Here's the next entry.​
    Year Two - Day 162

    Today was great!

    A grin wider than Coruscant's crescent moon was plastered on his face, excitement in his eyes while Dooku carried the recorder across his room.

    I got to start lightsaber moves and showed up that stupid horned alien, Denton. I can do the katas better and faster than him. He couldn't without hitting himself with the blade. Watch!

    Dooku laughed before he stepped away with his training saber and began swinging it a little clumsily as he goes through the Shii-Cho katas, but not once does he hit himself with it. The grin is still plastered on his face before he breaks the routine and starts a fight with an imaginary foe. His swings become wild and irregular until he abruptly stops with the gold blade in front of him, pointed at his enemy.

    "You are defeated, Sith! Give up or be stabbed! Never? So be it, evil chubba!" Dooku thrusts forward and then feigns being hit by the evil Sith Lord. "Ahh! You will pay for that!"

    A triumphant smirk crosses his face as he stabs at the floor and then lifts the blade up in victory.

    "Victorious, Master Dooku is, yes?" commented the voice of an amused Yoda. The old troll steps into view of the recorder, smiling as Dooku recovers from nearly dropping the weapon. "Defeated the evil Sith he has."

    "I um..." the boy looks embarrassed at being caught playing make believe. Yoda chuckles softly and gently pats him on the arm.

    "Embarrassed you should not be, young one. Healthy for the mind it is to imagine." The Jedi Master sat down on the boy's cot and Dooku shifted on his feet uncomfortably.

    "I was just practicing, Master Yoda, and got carried away."

    "Let old Yoda disturb your war with the Sith, you should not. How well Master Dooku welds a lightsaber, heard this I have and wish to see this I do." The boy takes a moment to consider the Master's request before he nods. He steps back and goes through the katas he had learned for the day. His motions are clumsy, but there is an intense look of concentration on his face.

    He goes through the motions one more time before adding a few swings that were not Shii-Cho, but resembled the unpredictable swings of Ataru and a block very much from Soresu. Dooku ended the routine with a over head chop from Djem So, panting from the exertion.

    "Hmm, learned these other katas from Master Vil'skar you have not?" asked the small alien. Dooku shook his head.

    "I... I watch the others sometimes. Should I not have?"

    Yoda hopped down from the cot and came over to the uncertain boy. "Impressed old Yoda, you have. Not every day does an Initiate learn from seeing. Very impressed, yes. A thing or two, might have to teach you."

    The boy brightened a little. "You would teach me?"

    "Speak with Master Vil'skar, I will. Until then, believe your Sith Lord is getting up he is." Yoda chuckled softly as he stepped away and left a shocked Dooku standing there. After a moment he turns to the recorder.

    Did you hear that? Master Yoda is going to teach me! Me! Denton can't make fun of me now. He can have his stupid flips, I'll be the best lightsaber master there is!

    He goes back to practicing for a bit before he falls back into fighting the Sith. For the first time since he arrived at the Temple, he was genuinely smiling.
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    Aww I love to this eager version of young Dooku. Also, the beginning part about the imaginary Sith was just too funny.:D
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    Very nice entry. It makes me sort of sad though, knowing how things end for Dooku in the prequels. He was such an enthusiastic Sith-killing Jedi in his youth.
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    benknobi1 Heh. Eager!Dooku is fun and who doesn't play make believe with their lightsaber? :)

    Hazel Glad you liked. We liked Yoda playing along too.

    Jedi_Lover Ikr! So eager to slay Sith as a boy. :(

    Year Two – Day 170

    The scenery is different this time. Instead of the cot and spartan room that was Dooku's personal bedroom, the area is open with mats on the floor and benches along the wall. Training equipment also adorn the walls beneath the large, elongated windows that illuminated the chamber. In the center of the room is Master Yoda waiting on the boy as he finishes setting up the recorder.

    Dooku talks in a quiet whisper, giving Yoda a furtive glance.

    Master Yoda kept his promise and is going to train me in lightsaber techniques. I am eager to learn and glad for the privacy. I'm the only one here, so I don't have to listen to Denton make fun of me. Not like he could without making himself look stupid anyway. He still cannot do the katas right.

    Have all day, Master Yoda does not,” commented the little master with amusement rather than impatience. Dooku finishes with the recorder and quickly trots over to stand off to the side and waits for the Jedi Master to begin.

    Your life, your lightsaber is,” began the venerable master, his green weapon ignited and slowly weaving a pattern through the air. In his other hand is a spherical object. “An extension of your arm as well as who you are. Revere the weapon you should, for it will serve you well. Dishonor it and dishonor yourself you do. Understand what I say, do you Dooku?”

    The boy nodded as he examined the practice saber he had been given on his Naming Day. “I think so, Master.”

    Then begin your training we shall.” Yoda disengaged his weapon and returned it to his side before pressing something on the sphere. He tossed it into the air and immediately it began to float with a hiss. “A remote, this is. Teach you how to defend yourself, it will. Control your anger, you will learn too.”

    I thought you were going to teach me how to use this?” Dooku raised the unignited weapon.

    Teach you, I am. Essential control is. Without it, cut an arm or leg off you would.” Yoda smiled a little as he gestured at the boy. “Face your Sith Lord you would not be able to then, yes?”

    Dooku scowled a little but nodded and ignited the gold blade of his saber. The remote responded immediately to the threat and began hovering around him, jerking back and forth and spinning on its axis as if it were looking for the perfect spot to attack. “What do I do?”

    Feel in the Force the remote, let go of your emotions and guide you the Force will.”

    The remote suddenly attacked, its ruby bolt stinging the boy on the hand. Dooku bit his lip to stifle the cry he wanted to express. He would not cry, not in front of Master Yoda. His face turns to a look of deep concentration as his dark eyes follow the remote. Yoda hobbles over and closer to the recorder and sits down next to it while he watches his new student.

    Proud you are, Initiate Dooku. Angry too, you are. So much pride and anger, for so young of a mind. Wonder I do, what has shaped you this way. Know you were old, older than most children who come here. Know you remember of home, I do, and know you still wish to go home. But home the Temple is for you now. For taking you away, angry at old Yoda you are not. So where comes from this anger does? Hmm.

    Ow!” came a cry from Dooku and he retaliates against the remote and tries to hack at it. The remote deftly avoids his strike and zaps him in the rear. Smarting and rubbing his sore behind, the boy glares at the thing offending him so much.

    Let go, youngling. No place does your anger have. Only cloud your mind and unbalance you it will.”

    I can't do it, Master,” said a defeated Dooku, disengaging his weapon and looking over at the green alien. He's trying his best not to look upset or break out crying. Yoda stood up and stepped out of sight of the recorder. The sound of his cane echoing grew fainter before it stopped and then grew louder again as he returned into view with something in his hand.

    See too much, you do,” the master said and placed a visor shielded helm over the boy's head. “See you shall no more.”

    But how am I suppose to fight if I cannot see?”

    Deceive you, your eyes do. Learn to trust them, you shall not. Let the Force guide this time. Again, youngling.” Yoda stepped back and out of the way, but not far, as Dooku hesitantly reignited the lightsaber. The remote hovered once more and again it scored twice more against the boy.

    A curse he should not have learned at so young of an age escaped his lips. “Learn such language you have, Yoda knows not how. Teach you better etiquette, I will.”

    Sorry, Master,” Dooku said distractedly. The remote struck him again and his grip on the lightsaber hilt tightened for a few seconds before he relaxed. His posture loosened and Yoda smiled, easily recognizing the signs as the boy let go of his anger finally. As soon as he did, the gold blade was a blur as Dooku brought it around in time to block the next two shots.

    I did it! Ow!” A third shot nipped him in the arm and Dooku rubbed at it. “No fair!”

    Fair, the remote is. Distracted you were, took a shot it did.” Yoda chuckled from where he stood, leaning against his cane. “But did well you have. Repeat it again you shall until you block all the shots.”

    Yes, Master Yoda.”

    Dooku grinned under the helm as he faced the remote again. The recorder continued to document his lesson over the next hour, capturing Dooku missing and succeeding until he did what Yoda wanted him to do and it wasn't blocking all the shots. When it was over and Yoda stepped out to let the boy gather his things before he would return him to the creche, Dooku looked tired and sore as he approached the recorder.

    That was fun, even if it did hurt a little.

    He rubbed at his right hand where the remote seemed to have taken pleasure in striking at him the most.

    It took me a while to see what Master Yoda wanted me to do, but I learned it. I think. I could see the remote even though the helmet blinded me. It was just there and I could... I could feel when it was going to shoot again and from where. When I wasn't angry at it that is. I mean, as soon as I stopped being angry, I could do it. Block the shots, that is.

    He reaches down to pick up the recorder and the scene jostles about as he lifts it.

    Master Yoda says I won't move to the katas of Shii-Cho again until he feels I am ready. He says I have to work on my control first. I don't understand why, I could do the katas easily enough. I have no trouble controlling the lightsaber.

    He's thoughtful for a moment.

    Maybe he wants me to control my anger first? I did say I couldn't do the lesson when I was angry.

    Dooku purses his lips before he shuts the recorder off.
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    Dooku needs to control that anger!

    Nice update!