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Beyond - Legends Home and Healing: 'Paternal Instinct' follow-up viggies. L/M, Solos, OC

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    Aug 27, 2010
    WHO: Luke, Mara, Solo family, Ami (OC from 'Paternal Instinct')
    WHAT: A vignette series dealing with Ami’s ups and downs after being adopted by Luke.
    WHEN: Various points, but mostly between the last chapter and the epilogue of ‘Paternal Instinct’ (link here or PM for full story)
    GENRE: Hurt/comfort, mush, romance, humor, fun
    DISCLAIMER: Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm LTD and the Walt Disney Company. I’m just playing in the sandbox.

    A/N: Hi, guys! I know a few of you were begging for a sequel, but this is the best I can do. I can’t guarantee when each new viggie will be posted, but I will start a Tag list for any who are interested.

    Scars(1 month after Ch. 33 of ‘Paternal Instinct’)

    “Ami?” Luke called. “Ami, where are you?” There was no answer, making the Jedi frown. Normally Ami, his five year old adopted daughter, was not more than a meter away. The events of the last few months had made her regress somewhat to the clingy, quiet child he had rescued from an alley. “Ami?”

    The only answer was a slight crash.

    Luke’s mouth twitched in amusement and he headed toward Ami’s bedroom. It was a fairly simple matter to sense a small form hiding under the bed. Luke walked in with a smile. “Come on, Ami. It’s time to go to physical therapy.”

    “I’m not goin’,” stated a muffled voice.

    “Oh, really?” Luke crouched next to the bed and lifted the blanket. He peered in.

    Ami lay face down under the bed. She gazed meekly at the Jedi Master. “I’m not goin,” she said again.

    Luke smiled. “Why not?”

    Ami chewed her lip. “I don’t wanna. My arm hurtth.”

    Luke frowned. He couldn’t sense any pain, but Ami was not one to lie. “Does it?”

    Ami seemed to be looking for an answer in the bundles of dust on the floor. “It doeth when I go.”

    Luke sighed. “I know that physical therapy hurts sometimes, but remember what the medic said? Your arm only hurts because your muscles aren’t very strong yet.”

    The little girl frowned and shook her head. “I don’t wanna go,” she insisted.

    Luke was confused. Never before had Ami put up a fuss about going to physical therapy. On the contrary, she had been determined to get strength back in her arm and practically dragged Luke out the door. What had caused this sudden change in attitude? “Why?”

    “Cauthe it’th thcary,” said Ami in a small voice.

    “What’s so scary about it? Don’t you like Eryn?” Eryn Lirata was Ami’s physical therapist.

    “Yeah, but not da older kidth.” Ami frowned.

    “Older kids?” Luke’s own frown deepened until memories of Ami’s kidnapping returned. Last week there had been a newcomer to the Physical Therapy wing of the medical center…a young man of about 15. Could Ami have developed a fear of teenagers? “Mina’s older than you. I thought she was your friend.”

    “Thee’th a girl,” said Ami, as if it was obvious.

    Something clicked. “Is the older boy what’s scaring you?”

    Wordlessly Ami nodded.

    Luke closed his eyes and sighed. So Ami’s kidnapping had left her with a fear of teenage boys. It was to be expected, but he hated seeing the little girl in pain…not only physical, but emotional. “He isn’t Hawk, Ami.” Luke reached out and stroked Ami’s small hand. “He isn’t going to hurt you.”

    At the mention of that terrible name Ami’s blue eyes filled with tears. “But he’th big and thcary and…and he’th a boy!”

    Were the situation any different, Luke would have laughed at the simplicity of her thinking. “I’m a boy.”

    Ami shook her head. “No, you’re Daddy…and you’re a Jedi. Jedi’th are good.”

    Luke shrugged. “Uncle Han isn’t a Jedi. And Jacen and Anakin are boys. Are they scary?”

    Ami shook her head. “No, but dey’ve got Auntie Leia. Thee’th a Jedi. And Jaina, too. And Auntie Leia’th your thithter.”

    So family was exempt from this new fear. It didn’t do much to improve Luke’s mood. He sighed again and took Ami’s hand. “Ami, remember what I told you when you came home after the adoption? You’re safe here. There’s nothing to be afraid of. I will never let anyone hurt you. I promise.”

    Ami’s lower lip trembled. “But what if you go ‘way again?”

    Luke shook his head. “Ami, I would never leave you alone. You’re my little girl, and I love you. No one is ever, ever going to take you away.”

    Several large tears ran down Ami’s face. Finally she crawled out from under the bed and into Luke’s arms, crying on his shoulder.

    Luke got to his feet and held the crying girl close. He tried calming her with the Force and came up against a solid wall of fear.

    “I d-don’t…wanna…g-g-goooo…” Ami whimpered. “Th-thcary…he’th g-gonna take me away!”

    “Ami…” Luke sighed in frustration. They couldn’t leave when Ami was so frightened. “I’ll be with you the whole time. I won’t let anyone take you away.”

    Ami let out a muffled sob, then lifted her tearstained face. “P-p-promith?” she sputtered.

    Luke nodded, he looked her directly in the eye. “I promise. Nothing is going to happen to you, all right? Can you trust me?”

    Sniffling and getting the hiccups, Ami nodded.

    Luke gave her a gentle smile. “Good. Can we find your shoes?”

    Again, Ami nodded. After another reassuring hug from Luke, she slid down to the floor and began looking for her shoes.

    Luke watched his daughter with an ache in his heart. Some scars were obvious, like the atrophied muscles in Ami’s arm. Others took some time to find, and even longer to heal. But if he had learned anything about Ami in the time they had spent together, it was that Ami was a fighter. It would be hard, but together they would get through it.
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    A nice 'sequel' to Paternal instinct'. :)

    Ami is so sweet. :)

    Please tag me when you update.
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    Oh poor Ami! @};- I want to give her a hug.

    Tag me, please.
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    Huggles for Ami and yay for the first in what I know will be a touching, delightful series. @};- =D= I too would like tags. [face_batting] [:D]
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    Lady_Misty, Hazel, and Jade-eyes, of course I'll add you to the tag list! :)
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