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Beyond - Legends Home is the Heart - K/J - Mush/Cuteness (old one-shot)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by mayo_durron_666, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. mayo_durron_666

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    Nov 26, 2005
    Here is an old one-shot I found.. of one my fav couples..[face_love]

    Hope you enjoy!

    Title: Home is the Heart
    Author(s): mayo_durron_666 (aka SITH_MAYO)
    Timeframe: (41 ABY approx.)
    Characters: Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron, Evelyn Durron
    Genre: AU, one-shot, festive cheer, romance..
    Keywords: Baby, cuteness, family etc..
    Notes: Sequel to another fic ‘Little Wonders’ … Kyp, Jaina and their new-born daughter get festive!
    (No Legacy or Swarm War involved in this fic! None of those events happened. Just the Yuuzhan Vong War has taken place. - AU)

    Home is the Heart
    On the floor, Jaina sat with her legs wide open to make room for a certain little toddler who enjoyed a lot of attention. Truly though Jaina didn’t mind. In fact she cherished these moments.

    Dressed in fitted blue jeans and a pristine white blouse that was casually left unbuttoned at the top, Jaina made it clear she was off duty. This was the laidback Jaina Solo, newly made mother and much more recently made wife.

    Upon her neck hung a fine silver necklace which held a beautiful sapphire stone shaped into a fiery sun. The stunning necklace was a most precious gift she wore often.

    To complete her serene disposition her sleeves were rolled up laxly and her long wavy hair was tied up into a loose ponytail.

    Her bare feet rubbed over the soft carpet as she moved to accommodate her fidgeting child.

    Several strands of brunette hair fell over her face as she leaned over to play with her baby girl. Absentmindedly Jaina brushed the curls back behind her ear and placed a lingering kiss upon the tot’s head.

    The last year and a half had been eventful to say the least.

    Unplanned, she had become pregnant. Her and Kyp had struggled through the pregnancy and in the process discovered their true feelings for one another. They had moved in together and prepared to become parents.

    Adoringly Kyp had surprised Jaina with a proposal. And then, just minutes after becoming engaged, their baby had decided to arrive early. Hours later they were parents.

    Their daughter was named Evelyn. She was roughly six months old now. It was incredible to watch her, she was growing fast and of course she was wonderfully cute. By many members of the family she was nicknamed ‘Eve’ and ‘Vy’. Lately Jacen had dubbed her ‘Speedy’ on a count of her flourishing into a fast crawler.

    Since the birth it had been a huge learning experience. There had been sleepless nights, unbelievable periods of tiredness and frightening times of uncertainty when it came to raising their newborn daughter. But Jaina and Kyp got through it together as they always did.

    Opposite Jaina the fireplace crackled gently.

    The apartment was lovely and quiet.

    “Alrighty,” Kyp’s voice sounded from the spare room and got louder as he approached, “I’ve got it all.”

    He strolled in carrying a big cardboard box.

    Kyp wore comfortable black trousers and a long-sleeved navy sweater. The jumper was snug on him, emphasizing his toned torso, broad shoulders and muscular arms. His black hair was kept short and its thick locks were often in unruly curls. Around his eyes and mouth laughter lines lightly crinkled his attractive face. Durron was handsome in a rugged way Jaina found undeniably irresistible.

    Since the birth of Evelyn he smiled easier, allowed himself to unwind more often and showed a gentler side he shared with only a select few.

    Carefully he placed the package down beside his two favourite girls and then joined them on the floor. He opened the box and pulled out many brightly coloured decorations.

    Little Evelyn suddenly lost interest in her wookie teddy bear and crawled over Jaina’s left leg to inspect the shiny tinsel her father pulled out. She grabbed the end of a red tinsel strand and gurgled gladly.

    “I know,” Kyp said warmly, “Pretty aren’t they? But not as gorgeous as you, honey.”

    Evelyn’s chubby cheeks grew rosy as she gave Kyp a sweet smile.

    Holding up some more decorations, Kyp asked Jaina,
    “So what do you think? They seem in good condition.”

    Approvingly Jaina nodded,
    “They’re perfect, hun.”

    Abruptly Evelyn squealed something incomprehensible as if adding her agreement.

    Tenderly Kyp pecked his baby girl on the cheek. His stunning emerald eyes shone with infinite affection for his small sweetheart. Instinctively Evelyn wrapped her petite arms around his neck and nuzzled her forehead against his gently.

    It was precious moments like this one Jaina savoured. This second of peace was worth every heart-ache that had come before. She wouldn’t trade this for anything.

    As if reading her thoughts Kyp glanced up at her, his gaze was hot, meaningful, full of deep unbreakable devotion.

    Evelyn started to chew on the tinsel, Kyp pulled it away, she started to fuss and grow upset. Before the tears could begin, Durron drew her into his strong arms and rose to his feet.

    With Evelyn in one arm and decorations in the other he spoke softly,
    “There’s no need to throw a tantrum, sweetheart. You’re going to help me make this place more festive.”

    As if she understood, Evelyn calmed immediately. She grew excited. She kicked her legs, tapped on her father’s chest and babbled eagerly about something she only knew.

    Standing up also, Jaina chuckled,
    “I think she has a lot of ideas she wants to share with you.”

    Smirking Kyp replied,
    “Wait till she starts talking properly. Something tells me we’ll be in for trouble.”

    “She hasn’t even started walking yet. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

    “I know, I know, but,” Kyp lifted Evelyn up with both hands above their faces and proclaimed smugly, “isn’t she perfect.” It was then, whilst holding the baby up, he realised she had somehow regained the tinsel he’d taken away from her earlier and was happily munching on it completely oblivious to her parents’ stare. “Hey!” Kyp started to laugh, “You cheeky little ewok!”

    Bringing their daughter back to his chest, Kyp carefully pried the tinsel from Evelyn’s mouth and hands. She was not happy. Her striking jade eyes, so similar to her father’s, grew stormy and swirled into a darker shade.

    “Oh dear,” Jaina jested lightly, “it’s ‘the look’. I wonder where she got that from.”

    “I have no idea what you are implying.”

    He said it every time and often he spoke it with a grin. Jaina couldn’t help but admire that devilish smile.

    Unimpressed with Daddy, Evelyn squirmed relentlessly and held out her arms to Jaina, clearly asking for Mummy’s attention.

    Unable to resist, Jaina pulled her baby girl into her arms.
    “Oh was Daddy being a big ogre? Huh, was he being no fun?”

    Kyp laughed as Evelyn snuggled closer into Jaina. He shook his head at them both.
    “You girls are just teaming up against me now. I’ll get my revenge. Just you wait.”

    Over their daughter’s head, Jaina winked,
    “I’ll be ready for you, trust me.”

    Seeing the teasing in her stare, Kyp smiled. His heart beat a constant sure rhythm, a beat of peace he’d come to know only around his love, his light, his Jaina.

    Slowly, treasuring the sight of his beautiful wife and adorable child, Kyp walked up to them. He caressed the top of Evelyn’s head, stroking at her small coils of chestnut coloured hair and placed kisses on her forehead.

    When he glimpsed up, Jaina leaned forward and caught his lips in a sizzling kiss. She tasted wildly exotic, a sweet syrup designed just for him, he couldn’t get enough of her, he knew he never would. Ardently he kissed her back, pouring into his kiss the overwhelming passion and tenderness that burned within him.

    Breathlessly, Jaina pulled away from his seductive mouth and tried to speak,
    “Weren’t .. aren’t .. we’re meant to be putting up decorations.”

    Charmed by her dazed expression, Kyp mused aloud,
    “Are we? I’d almost forgotten. I suppose we should get to it.”

    After another thorough kiss, Kyp set about placing tinsel and special festive ornaments up around their home. Of course Jaina and Evelyn helped and advised. They all wanted to be a part of this. It was their first Fete festival together as a family and already it was very special.

    By the end of the evening, the apartment was decorated beautifully, dinner was cooking, and while they waited for food Jaina and Kyp sat on the floor opposite the warm fireplace and took turns playing with Evelyn. Gradually Evelyn began to take her first assisted steps.

    Cutely Evelyn clutched both her mother’s hands, tugged herself up and followed Jaina’s sure lead. Hesitantly she took trial tippy-toe steps, one at time, testing her endurance and learning her body’s response.

    Eventually, she made it to her father’s waiting arms and was rewarded with a huge hug.

    “Yay!” Both her Mum and Dad cheered.

    “Well done gorgeous!” Jaina grinned earnestly, to Kyp she uttered tenderly, “She is perfect, isn’t she?”

    Eyes glowing warmly, Kyp agreed,
    “Of course. She’s perfect. She’s our very own Fete gift.”

    Contented, Jaina crawled over to kiss Kyp ever so softly before whispering,
    “Our little wonder.”

    Wrapping his free arm around her slim waist, he beamed and asked in a hushed voice,
    “Fancy making another?”

    Grinning at the saucy note in his words, Jaina laughed soundlessly,
    “Well the ‘making’ part is fun …”

    “And you got to admit we do make cute babies …”

    If it were possible Jaina’s smile grew wider,
    “Who would have thought it, huh?”

    “We did, my love.”

    “We did indeed.”

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    Every adorable syllable had me grinning and melting. ^:)^ Your description of Kyp had me =P~
    Daddy!Kyp is defintely edible LOL :D

    Thanks for this marvy midweek read. [face_dancing] [:D]
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    [face_love] [face_love] [face_love] Kyp is so sweet and all three are sweet together :)
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    :D Glad ya enjoyed the mushiness!
    I know, Daddy Kyp is just awww![face_love]

    Hey! :) Thanks for clicking, always good to hear sweetness is appreciated!
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    Nice story! =D=
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    Thank you. I love the idea of Kyp and Jaina together.