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Saga How Would You Write And Make - Revenge Of The Sith

Discussion in 'Star Wars Saga In-Depth' started by Zara Solaris, Oct 2, 2022.

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    Jul 12, 2022
    Greetings faithful Jedi Council Forum members, and welcome to the sixth edition of How I Would Write & Make, where I or any one of you takes a piece of popular culture (a film, television series, novel, video game or whatever) and imagine an alternate perfect universe in which the piece is still successful and or influential to the culture at large, but you list 26 total differences in which the new version would differ from the original and therefore appeal to you. Today, let us cap off our reworking of the Prequel Trilogy by picking up from the second film and continue with George Lucas' gripping and magnificent Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith - which is where I think the film also needed workshopping before it was released.

    Where were you in 2005 when this film came out? What about the times you watched the original Star Wars films before the Special Editions in 1997 and on while Star Trek took over in science fiction movie franchises? Me? I was there on opening day to catch Revenge of the Sith down at the Krikorian Premiere Theatres 12 in Monrovia, California (now, it is the LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Monrovia). At first, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (20th Century Fox) distributed it, but with the sale of Lucasfilm and all of the future Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Walt Disney Pictures) in 2012, there was always the tiny feeling that Star Wars was sort of a Disney film waiting to become a Disney film. Lucas himself said Disney might have wanted to make it if Walt Disney himself were still alive, saying that Walt had vision and was not risk averse.

    In this edition, we are going to take a look at an alternate universe in which Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith has a similar path in terms of development as well as certain author appeal elements that will make it enjoyable and hopefully others are eager to indulge in this and other concepts that would certainly change up the basic story a little drastically. Reflecting how Disney owns Star Wars now yet and how Fox distributed then, this universe would have Disney and Fox both distributing this film on a $145,000,000.00 budget while pushing the limits of PG and PG-13 ratings close to R ratings. Fox would at first retain the North American distribution rights while Disney would have international distribution rights.

    1) First off, the film would open with the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo before fading to black and hearing the 1953 Fox Fanfare with the CinemaScope extension by Alfred Newman over the contemporary Fox logo to see the Lucasfilm logo over the final extension of the fanfare so that it blends almost seamlessly into John Williams' brilliant score. The beginning of the film would play similarly to the version in our universe with the blue on black words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." leading into the opening crawl with "Star Wars" and "Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" anticipating the almost verbatim worded opening crawl from the original version that will lead off into the opening space battle above Coruscant taking place between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (Separatists).

    2) In Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors or "Jedi Starfighters"; Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) and Shaak Ti (Orli Shoshan) are joined by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and his former padawan Ahsoka Tano (Anna Paquin) in flying into the fray to rescue the kidnapped Chancellor Asmodeus Sheev Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) from the Separatist Droid Army under the lead of Count Dooku (Christopher Lee), General Grievous (Matthew Wood) and Asajj Ventress (Milla Jovovich). As they approach Grievous' Providence-class flagship the Invisible Hand with squadrons of both the 501st Legion under Captain Rex (Temuera Morrison), Vhonte Tervho (Lucy Lawless) and the 212th Attack Battalion under Commander Cody assisting them, all the droid starfighters rush to defend the fleets of Munificent-class frigates, Lucrehulk-class battleships, Providence dreadnoughts and other transports trying to flee Coruscant while laying waste to the planetary defenses below.

    3) Since Obi-Wan's astromech droid R4-P17 has been temporarily reassigned to Coruscant guard duty to help Senator/Jedi Knight Padmé Amidala Skywalker (Natalie Portman) and her Gungan associate Representative/Jedi Master Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best) in defending the Senate from a droid landing force hoping to take control, R4 has sent her friend R4-G9 in her place as Obi-Wan's temporary astromech. The scene with the buzz droids would play out like it does in the finished film, but Ahsoka and her droid R2-KT are able to destroy them along with Anakin and R2-D2 (Kenny Baker). They reach the Invisible Hand and swing into action as R2 and KT alternate between covering for the other droid and helping locate the Chancellor and activating elevators. Before Anakin, Shaak, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan reach the elevators, the two droids left pay respects for the loss of R4-G9.

    4) Knowing one or more of the Separatist Droid Army's leadership to be aboard the ship, Ahsoka and Shaak Ti split off from Anakin and Obi-Wan so they can buy time for the boys to rescue the Chancellor. The usual shenanigans from the final film between Anakin, R2 and Obi-Wan with the elevator and Super Battle Droids play out with the addition of KT to R2's side. Ahsoka and Shaak Ti go off to cripple the Invisible Hand's fuel systems and draw Asajj Ventress away in a sequence adapted from one intended for Obi-Wan and Anakin that was deleted from the final cut of the finished film. Obi-Wan and Anakin would arrive at the top communications/sensor pod at the top of the rear spire where the Chancellor was being held captive and are soon confronted by Count Dooku. The two Jedi can handle a single Sith Lord unlike last time.

    5) The lightsaber fight between Dooku against Anakin and Obi-Wan plays out a great deal like the finished film with Obi-Wan knocked away and Anakin relieving Dooku of both his hands. Before Anakin is goaded into killing Dooku, the Sith Lord tells the Jedi Knight that Palpatine could be connected to Darth Sidious, the Sith who ordered the Sand People to kidnap and torture his mother Shmi to death. Even as he goes about his mission of getting the Chancellor to safety, Anakin starts to have Dooku's revelations planting doubts in his head as he goes to rescue Obi-Wan so they can meet up with Ahsoka and Shaak Ti. Some similar gags with R2 and KT would occur like in the finished film up until Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2 and the Chancellor are brought before Grievous. Shaak Ti, KT and Ahsoka would arrive to save the day again.

    6) Ventress and Grievous would flee the Invisible Hand in escape pods like in the finished film to leave R2, KT, Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Shaak Ti and the Chancellor aboard to die. Obi-Wan contacts the Republic fleet to tell Cody, Rex and Admiral Wullf Yularen (Kenneth Branagh) aboard the Star Destroyer Resolute that they have the Chancellor safe and they need to make an emergency landing. Like in the finished film, Anakin would bring the unraveling Invisible Hand down to a safe crash landing in an abandoned industrial aerodrome on Coruscant. The four Jedi would take the Chancellor back to his office in Republic Executive Building where he would deliver a sitrep to his allies in the Senate and his Jedi Honor Guard. With Grievous and Ventress still alive and in command of the Droid Army, their priority is to track them down.

    7) After their meeting with the Chancellor; Jedi Masters Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) and Jar Jar Binks reunite Anakin with his wife the Senator/Jedi Knight Padmé Amidala Skywalker with some big news - Padmé is pregnant with twins and Anakin is the father! Unlike the finished film, Windu and Binks are the first to offer their congratulations to Anakin and tell him their children will, under the proper training and guidance, be among the most powerful Jedi ever. Anakin is feeling both excited and scared as he goes back with Padmé to their apartment first to recuperate. Stopping by later to offer their heartfelt congratulations, Ahsoka and Yoda (Frank Oz) offer to help Anakin and Padmé return to Naboo and the Lake Country so to set up a home away from the Republic for the two young Jedi to raise their children. Anakin is surprised at these reforms.

    8) When Grievous and Ventress meet with the Separatist leaders on the sinkhole planet of Utapau, they receive a hologram communication from Darth Sidious who tells them to move operations to the volcanic planet of Mustafar and that a new apprentice will join them and bring the war to an end. That night on Coruscant, Anakin wakes from his bad dreams of Padmé dying in childbirth and a Sith Lord's shrieking laughter upon having murdered her behind a helmet and breath mask named Darth Vader. Both Padmé and Anakin are completely nude inside the penthouse as the two confide in each other over the nature of this nightmare as Anakin promises he will not let this nightmare come to fruition. Anakin promises to talk to Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Yoda about this dream and how to prevent this Darth Vader from coming about.

    9) In discussing the nature of his nightmare to Yoda, Anakin states that a presence powerful in the Dark Side of the Force must be behind the nightmares just as the ones about his late mother were. Surmising only Sidious could be behind such psychic attacks, Yoda is intrigued by the late Dooku's statements that Chancellor Palpatine might be under the influence of the Sith. Only by the elimination of Grievous, Ventress and Darth Sidious could these nightmares end. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka caution Anakin to be careful around the Chancellor. When Palpatine asks Anakin to request that he become the Chancellor's personal representative on the Jedi Council with the rank of Jedi Master, both Anakin and the Council are perturbed and Anakin withdraws his request for the rank of Master in light of the appearance of a conflict of interest.

    10) Knowing the Separatists are launching invasions against Kashyyyk from their outposts of Mygeeto, Felucia, Cato Neimodia and Saleucami; Anakin offers his input with the Council on where they will go. Yoda is off to Kashyyyk to aid the Wookiees, Ki-Adi-Mundi (Silas Carson) will head to Mygeeto, Adi Gallia's cousin Stass Allie (Rosario Dawson) will take on the Separatists at Saleucami, and Anakin is to stay with Padmé, Jar Jar and Ahsoka to keep watch over all the Chancellor's dealings for the slightest hint of treachery against the Jedi or the Senate. Anakin does not like the idea of the Jedi Order having to spy on the office of the Chancellor in general, but is more shocked by the fact that Padmé personally vouched for him in this matter. Despite seeing this as somewhat treasonous, Anakin cannot deny the Council's concerns.

    11) A major subplot cut from the finished film is restored here as Padmé meets with Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly), Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) and a collection of other Senators over the endless accumulations and abuses of power by the Supreme Chancellor. Fearing a complete takeover by Palpatine of the whole Republic, these Senators are among the growing majority that will form the eventual Alliance to Restore the Republic or Rebel Alliance. Since Padmé is a Jedi Knight alongside her husband Anakin who is the Chancellor's personal representative on the Jedi Council, this Delegation of 2000 is delivered to the Chancellor in hopes of getting him to consider relinquishing some of his powers and stopping the abuses. When they depart, Anakin sees that Palpatine is starting to see the majority in the Senate in the Delegation as a threat instead of an asset.

    12) That night at the opera house, Anakin is told the story of Darth Plagueis by Palpatine in an attempt to start swaying the young Jedi's allegiances away from both the Jedi and the Senate with the promise of saving Padmé from dying. Suspicious of the Chancellor's loyalties, he reports back to the Jedi Council with the news that the Separatists are launching their attacks from Utapau sent by the Pau'an Chairman Tion Medon (Bruce Spence). When Anakin nominates him to go to Utapau and bring the Droid Army's commanders to justice, Windu is humbled by the nomination but says a master of defensive lightsaber combat AKA. Form III (Soresu) would be better equipped against Grievous and Ventress than a master of Dark Side-influenced lightsaber combat AKA. Form VII (Vaapad) - and Obi-Wan is the best at using Soresu.

    13) Once they arrive at the aerodrome, Anakin and Ahsoka say goodbye to Obi-Wan as he departs with Commander Cody and the 212th Attack Battalion and half of Open Circle Fleet. Obi-Wan is reunited with R4-P17 as they set off to Utapau to bring down the Separatists they can there. Obi-Wan makes contact with Tion Medon to rally the Pau'ans and Utai into an army to join the Republic forces against the Separatists holding the two peoples of Utapau hostage. Grievous is still on the planet, but Ventress has escaped the planet out into space - somehow getting a feeling that Darth Sidious is plotting something terrible. Soon enough, Republic forces descend upon the planet to assist Obi-Wan, the Pau'ans and Utai in taking the fight to Grievous in a large ground and space battle that reaches the Jedi and Senate back on Coruscant.

    14) Word soon gets back to Coruscant that Obi-Wan has engaged and is closing for the kill on General Grievous like in the finished film. Just before sending Anakin with Ahsoka, Padmé and Jar Jar to deliver the report on the battle to the Chancellor, Windu tells them and the Jedi Council members assembled via hologram that he senses a plot to destroy both the Jedi and the Senate in one fell swoop that revolves around the Chancellor. Anakin's faith in Palpatine is still being tested by both the nightmares he has about Padmé and the revelations Dooku spoke of. The message is delivered and a similar scene where the Chancellor is revealed as the Sith Lord known as Darth Sidious who has been behind everything is revealed. Tempered by Padmé, Anakin turns it over to the Council as they rush back to sound the alarm.

    15) Sounding the respective alarms in the Senate and the Jedi Council, Padmé organizes a joint Senate-Jedi task force backed by the 501st Legion to make the move to arrest the Chancellor while Anakin and Ahsoka join Admiral Yularen, Vhonte Tervho and Captain Rex in organizing an evacuation of Coruscant with the help of the other half of Open Circle Fleet stationed in the system. As the Jedi and Senate brace for the worst, Anakin cannot help but worry whether he would actually be killing Padmé by killing or through inaction allowing the Chancellor to die. Giving into his fear; he rushes off to Palpatine's office where Padmé, Jar Jar, Windu, Saesee Tiin (Kenji Oates), Kit Fisto (Zachariah Jensen) and Agen Kolar (Tux Akindoyeni) are followed by Vhonte, Rex and the 501st to arrest the Chancellor. The confrontation is recorded as the truth comes out.

    16) Accused of being behind the entire war and the multiple assassination attempts on Senator Amidala whose ties to the Jedi Order are revealed, Palpatine flies into a rage and unleashes his lightsaber to engage in a duel to the death with his former Naboo brethren and his Jedi bodyguards. With Tiin, Fisto and Kolar killed by the Sith Lord; Windu, Jar Jar and Padmé engage him furiously and manage to disarm him. They sense the arrival of Anakin in the room who begs them to lower their weapons and take the Chancellor in to stand trial and his supporters will turn on him now that the truth has been revealed. Palpatine jumps to try and make a show of weakness when he makes it look like Padmé is trying to murder him in front of Anakin. Overcome by multiple voices, Anakin snaps and saves Palpatine by killing Mace Windu.

    17) Seeing Anakin lose it makes Padmé and Jar Jar leave the office to join Rex, Vhonte and the 501st in preparing for the worst. Upon noticing what he has done, Anakin is now overcome with guilt and desperation which Palpatine is keen to take advantage of and knight him as his Sith Apprentice named Darth Vader. With no one else to turn to, Vader is now Sidious' to control. Believing the Senate and the Jedi Council to be organized enough to come after them, Sidious orders Vader to take the 181st Legion to destroy the 501st and the Jedi still trying to evacuate while he takes his Senate Guards to eliminate any and all members of the Galactic Senate who could be hostile to their rule. Once their enemies are all destroyed, Padmé and Jar Jar learn Vader is to head to the Mustafar system and wipe out the Separatist leaders assembled.

    18) With the Republic collapsing from within around them; Padmé, Rex and Vhonte board the Star Destroyer Resolute and issue a hologram communiqué to all the Grand Army clone leaders and their Jedi commanders that Senatorial Priority Override 2187-1138-2000 is now in effect and they are to execute Order 65 as a counter to Palpatine's own Order 66. Commander Cody and Obi-Wan are among the first to receive this order when Sidious as Palpatine demands Order 66 be executed. The 212th along with the Utapau droid forces erupt into civil war between those ordered to protect Obi-Wan and take out Sidious or those ordered to take out Obi-Wan. Making his escape from the fracas enveloping the Battle of Utapau, Obi-Wan makes it to R4 and his starfighter as they set off to meet up at the coordinates Jar Jar, Vhonte and Rex sent him.

    19) With Orders 65 and 66 going into effect, those clone trooper leaders that did not receive the Senatorial Priority Override in time begin killing their Jedi Generals starting with Ki-Adi-Mundi on Mygeeto by the 21st Nova Corps under Commander Bacara, Aayla Secura (Amy Allen) and Barriss Offee (Nalini Krishan) on Felucia by the 327th Star Corps under Commander Bly, Plo Koon (Matt Sloan) by the 127th Gunship Wing under Commander Jag, Stass Allie on Saleucami by the BARC 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps under Commander Neyo, and even Luminara Unduli (Mary Oyaya) on Kashyyyk by the 41st Elite Corps under Commander Gree. Yoda is saved by the efforts of General Tarfful and Chewbacca of the Wookiees and the Clone Commandos of Delta Squad who help provide cover and get him to his 501st Star Destroyer.

    20) Having heard the commotion at the Jedi Temple and Senate turn into an utter bloodbath, Senator Organa and the Delegation of 2000 go off to rendezvous with the Open Circle Fleet in hopes of intercepting their allies and any Jedi before they walk into the catastrophe. The 181st and Vader slog it out with the Jedi and 501st left on Coruscant to defend the Jedi Temple and evacuate as many Jedi they can. It is estimated that nearly half the Younglings are dying along with Padawans, Knights and Masters who could not get out in time. Asajj Ventress arrives to take out Sidious and puts up a fierce fight, but is killed by the Sith Lord in the end. Vader reports that some Jedi know about Mustafar, and Sidious tells him to take a starfighter with the droid R2-Q2 to the planet and take out the Separatist leaders like in the finished film.

    21) The Delegation of 2000 makes it to Open Circle Fleet where they meet up with the 501st under Rex, Padmé, Jar Jar, Vhonte, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Yoda. They are now being hunted by Palpatine and those supporters of his in both the Senate and the Grand Army of the Republic. They soon receive a coded retreat message from the Jedi Temple and the Senate building recalling them to Coruscant to say the war is over. They must hurry to prevent any and all stragglers from falling into the trap and being killed. Yoda and Obi-Wan agree to this as they set off. Meanwhile, Vader arrives on Mustafar and begins his work on wiping out the Separatist leaders and shutting down the Droid Army and fleets orbiting the planet. Once that is taken care of, he tells Sidious that Mustafar is clear for his arrival in case their enemies retake Coruscant.

    22) Padmé, Jar Jar, Organa and the Delegation of 2000 disguise themselves to listen in on a special session of the Senate issued by the Chancellor as he denounces the Senators and Jedi who tried to kill him in an attempt to win sympathy from his Sith-allied supporters. From this, Palpatine reveals himself as Sidious to crown himself Emperor as the Republic is to be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire. Returning to the Jedi Temple with Rex; Padmé and Jar Jar meet up with Obi-Wan, Yoda and Ahsoka who have finished examining the damage and devastation while recalibrating the code warning all surviving Jedi, Senators and their clone army supporters to stay away. Upon the reveal that Anakin has turned into Darth Vader and oversaw the assault on the Jedi Temple, they agree that Palpatine and Vader must be defeated - with Obi-Wan, Padmé and Ahsoka being the most reluctant to kill Anakin if they can help it.

    23) With C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) and R2 tagging along, Padmé brings Obi-Wan and Ahsoka along supposedly as her prisoners to take to Vader in hopes of getting him to turn back into Anakin and kill the Emperor. Rex, Vhonte and the Delegation of 2000 prepare for departure to the asteroid field of Polis Massa so to welcome any surviving Jedi, Senators and their clone army supporters there with safe haven. Jar Jar and Yoda arrive at the Senate Building to take out the Emperor. Upon arrival at Mustafar, Padmé brings Obi-Wan and Ahsoka out supposedly as her prisoners as they beseech Anakin to renounce the Dark Side and come back to them. Torn between the guilt over what he has done and the fear of losing Padmé like he did his mother, Anakin and Vader become indistinguishable and a raving mad threat the three Jedi must now defeat or kill.

    24) The duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan through the Klegger Corps Mining Facility on Mustafar is made more interesting with the addition of Padmé and Ahsoka to Obi-Wan's side while still retaining a lot of the general beats. The facility's shields are destroyed in the scuffle, the four ride a collection arm as it falls and lands in a river of lava towards a lava fall, and then onto a repulsorlift platform and Panning Droid where they reach the shore. Vader attempts to jump at and kill them, but is defeated with a Mou kei strike by Padmé of all people. As he burns from the heat of the lava river near him and hears his former friends and family express their regrets that they could not save him, Anakin declares his undying hatred as they leave him to die and depart for Polis Massa. Only a cruel miracle could save Vader from certain death.

    25) Back on Coruscant, Jar Jar and Yoda are rescued by Senator Organa after having failed to kill the Emperor but putting up a real fight that has sent the Emperor into a retreat. Meeting up with clone shock troopers, the Emperor hurries to Mustafar in his Theta-class shuttle to rescue Vader like in the finished film. They find him in time and take him back to Coruscant where the Emperor invokes dark side powers to draw on Padmé's life force to sustain Vader and keep him alive for putting him in the iconic mechanical life-support suit, helmet and mask. At Polis Massa, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan feel the dark side draining Padmé along with her grief from Anakin's betrayal of them all. The medical droids and personnel save infant twins Luke and Leia in the nick of time as Padmé breathes her last with faith in Anakin's redemption.

    26) Unlike in the film with an agonized "NO!", Vader simply breaks down and brokenly sobs "Oh, Padmé. I'm so sorry..." in the spoken revelation imparted by Sidious that Vader killed his wife before going off to inspect the under construction Death Star. Whilst returning Padmé's body to Naboo for the funeral like in the finished film, Ahsoka goes off with the Organas to raise Leia on Alderaan and train her as a Jedi and Obi-Wan will take Luke to his family in the Lars on Tatooine to await the day when they must train as Jedi to rise up. C-3PO is ordered to have his memories stored on Naboo for when the time is right. Jar Jar disappears back to Otoh Gunga after the funeral, Yoda goes to Dagobah in exile, Organa and Ahsoka take Leia to Alderaan, and Obi-Wan takes Luke to the Lars on Tatooine in awaiting a new hope. Roll credits.

    And that's another edition of How I Would Write & Make for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005). It strays a good deal from the original version, and yet gives just enough to make it feel fresher and more innovative in my opinion. It is rumored that Jar Jar Binks is an evolved version of the original plan for Han Solo - a green skinned monster with gills who was a friend of the sixty-year-old general Luke Skywalker. I continue taking it a step further to have Jar Jar be a Jedi. I also hoped to introduce Anakin Skywalker's Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. The potential for this version to pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (with the Anita Sarkeesian addendum) might make this version a bigger success with more people over the many decade Star Wars would be popular.

    To keep having Ahsoka during the Clone Wars and have both Jar Jar and Padmé be Jedi Knights in this timeline indicates both the prime and the twilight of the Jedi that is taking place. I have also continued trying to work the Separatists as a Bill Clinton/George W. Bush-era form of a Nixonian capitalist Illuminati-like cabal run amok to control planets and working to squelch the democratic forces of the galaxy since Lucas wrote Star Wars in the 70s during Watergate and the Vietnam War. This is just an Alternate Universe that I have proposed which is fun to imagine if things turned out differently. But as TV Tropes gleefully points out, Your Mileage May Vary on this - so fellow Jedi Councilors, let me know what your opinions on this idea would be and feel free to offer your ideas on how you would change this film if you wanted to or politely point out what you don't like about my ideas for the saga starting with this film.

    DARTH_BELO Force Ghost star 5

    Nov 25, 2003
    For ROTS, I would have it open with the order 66 sequence we saw in the actual film. Then there still would be the kidnapping of Palpatine, and Palpatine is brought to Mustafar to be hidden. But instead of Anakin rescuing him, it would be Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. Anakin, who is now Darth Vader, has not yet been revealed to them and he shows up to stop them. Padme had learned Anakin was there and similar to the film tries to convince him to turn back. Obi-Wan and find Anakin and stop him while he's force choking Padme. Although Padme knew, Obi Wan and Ahsoka did not know Anakin is Darth Vader and has killed off the Jedi in the temple already, and this is when they find out he's become Darth Vader. That's when he begins fighting them. The three of them fight, Ahsoka is injured and unable to continue, and Obi-Wan ends up defeating Anakin in the same way. At this point in the film Padme gives birth and dies, with Vader in great anger and despair at learning of her death. The rest of the film sees Vader getting his suit, and he then goes and hunts down the separatists and certain Jedi and senators. Ahsoka, Yoda and a few Jedi have a final showdown with Vader, Palpatine and a few clone troopers on Coruscant as part of the final battle, in which Ahsoka and Yoda are the only survivors and both escape and go their separate ways. The rest of the film would have Obi-Wan bringing Luke to Tattooine, and have a conversation with Owen and Beru about their plans for him, while Bail brings Leia home to Alderaan and does the same. There would be dialogue in this scene as well. The The iris out would be of Vader and the Emperor on the Star Destroyer, watching the construction of the Death Star (as we saw before).
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    Where was I? I had just given birth, so I did not see the movie until August.

    What would I do differently regarding the movie? I would have a genuine threat to Padme’s life, not a dream that Anakin had. When Anakin went to Palpatine for help, I would have Palpatine have concrete knowledge of how to save Padme from the threat, none of the ‘I don’t know but maybe together we can find out after you pledge your loyalty to me and kill your colleagues to prove it’. I would also not have Anakin choke Padme, I would just have Anakin’s turn fail to save Padme, but she dies without knowing that he turned to the Dark Side. And I would have Anakin murder adult Jedi on screen and leave the younglings scene out.