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Before - Legends Humble Gifts {The Old Republic era}

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SabyneAmberle, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. SabyneAmberle

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    Sep 16, 2004
    Title: Humble Gifts
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Characters: Kybrina (Gammon) Sevrelle, Torian Cadera (main), the Sevrelle Family and various other OCs (minor)
    Timeframe: The Old Republic
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Summary: It is said holidays are not a time of receiving, but of giving. No matter how humble a gift may be, there will always be someone who will enjoy it. Ky realizes this during a journey back to Deralia to introduce her parents to her new life.
    Notes: I wanted to try writing a holiday-esque fic for Christmas. We'll see how this goes.


    This was always the moment where Ky felt the greatest mixture of dread and giddiness. As she traced her fingers along the carvings in the wood of the door, she took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm herself. Normally, she was among the first to join the family at breakfast, but her fatigue the prior night had caused her to sleep much later than she normally did. Why it was hard to sleep that night she had no clue; since their arrival on Deralia three days earlier she hadn't had any prior sleeping issues.

    No. She knew what caused it. It would be the first family meal she would be officially introducing her new husband at. When they had arrived three days earlier, she was only greeted by her brothers. Her parents, they explained, were off-world on a leisure trip, but would be returning in a few days. Preferring not to have to repeat the trip, Ky, Torian, and their crew had agreed to remain on Deralia until her parents had returned. She told herself this wouldn't be a terrible meeting, it would be simple...anything she could think of that would ease her worries. But they had kept eating at her until she found herself unable to sleep.

    Carefully, she smoothed her free hand over the front of her bodice. Though they lived on a world far in the Outer Rim, her mother had always insisted on a level of propriety when in their home. This meant Ky practically lived in long dresses with coordinating jewels, despite her distaste for both dresses and decorative jewelry. Knowing those rules, Ky had come prepared. She had purchased this dress on a side-trip to Dromund Kaas, and found coordinating jewelry from a small merchant on the Imperial Fleet. The deep blue fabric accentuated her curves without being too skintight, while the short sleeves sat off her shoulders and drew attention to the pendant she wore around her neck. The bodice itself was subtly beaded, the small pearls and gemstones catching just enough light to give a subtle sparkle. She might not consider herself beautiful by any means, but she felt she had cleaned up well.

    And just more need for hand-me-down necklaces from Mother's old jewelry case. She thought to herself.

    Finally, she felt it was time. Ready or not, there was no running away from this. Steeling her nerves, she pushed gently on the door, and it swung inward, allowing her access to the room's interior. As she entered, she took note of the various sounds and smells that suddenly surrounded her. Was it just her, or did the air seem a bit more lively this morning?

    As she approached the nook where meals were served, she could see the reason for the change in environment. Torian was clearly telling one of his hunting stories, and he had acquired an enraptured audience in her two younger brothers. Sakai was staring at the Mandalorian with wide eyes, his fingers idly playing with the Nexu claw Torian carried as a good-luck charm. Phein was also raptly listening, his chin propped in one small hand whose elbow rested on the table.

    Better hope Mother doesn't see that, Phein. She scolded him silently. That thought made her wonder where her parents were. It was unusual for them to be late for a family meal, especially one where all of their children were present. She wondered if they were still tired from their travels, or if they had business to take care of before breakfast.

    As though right on cue, Thracen suddenly appeared at her elbow. “There you are, Bri,” he said, gently leading her to the table. “It's unusual for you to be late for a meal. Have a hard time sleeping last night?”

    She nodded. “I think the nerves got to me,” she admitted. “I barely slept.”

    Thracen stifled a laugh. “I bet not,” he replied. “You aren't exactly doing something easy here. But your other brothers and I are glad to see you, and I'm sure Mother will be thrilled to see her little girl again.”

    “She wasn't last time I was here,” Ky muttered as she sat in the chair he had led her to. It sat right next to Torian's seat, and directly across from Thracen's.

    Her brother shrugged. “Way different circumstances, in all honesty,” he said. “You seem to have convinced her to back off a little bit. So, you never know how she'll react. Best case? She's thrilled at the news. Worst case? You got a few home meals in you before having to unceremoniously bolt from the planet. Again.”

    “True,” Ky replied, sipping from the water glass next to her elbow. “Where are Mother and Father, by the way? Normally they wouldn't be late to a meal like this.”

    “If I know them, probably still in their quarters,” Thracen replied. “I heard Mother did a lot of shopping during their trip, so she must still be unpacking.”

    A small noise coming from the main doorway caught everyone's attention, and they sat silently as Lilenka and Grau Sevrelle entered the room. Their gazes took note of each of their children, and proud smiles crossed their lips. Ky felt a gentle touch, and looked down at her lap to see Torian's hand gently squeezing hers. Giving him a small smile, she squeezed his in turn.

    “I am so glad to see all of you gathered this morning,” Lilenka began, taking her seat at one end of the long table. “Looking forward to this made that stuffy meeting on Nar Shaddaa feel much more bearable.” She gestured to one of their servants, and food began to be brought out from a room behind the dining area. “Isn't it wonderful to see everyone, Grau dear?”

    Her husband took his seat across the table from her. “Of course, My Pearl,” he replied. “Nothing more rewarding than seeing your children as they make names for themselves in the galaxy.”
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    [face_dancing] I love the homey atmosphere, the air of anticipation/anxiety which is understandable for Kybri. Her attire sounds very lovely indeed. Her mother seems to have mellowed quite a bit since the charged undercurrents notable in the family portraits growing up [face_thinking] Didn't miss the change in family status there (buya woohoo!) ... Am definitely looking forward to the details on how that happy outcome came about. [face_batting]

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    An awesome start to this story. Looking forward to see how it plays out.