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Beyond - Legends I, Rogue 9 - 2013 Diary Challenge

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by windu4, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    Title: I, Rogue 9 or The Diary of Valin Horn
    Author: windu4
    Genre: AU, action/adventure
    Timeframe: Six years after the Vong War, around 35/36 ABY

    • Valin Horn: Jedi Knight
    • Ryanne Kovani: Pilot
    • Zane Solusar: Jedi Apprentice
    • Derrick Rostu: Male Human
    Plot: This tracks the adventures of Valin Horn after he takes on a Jedi Apprentice and resigns from CorSec.
    Note: This is the official prequel to a story I'll be publishing about the Rogue Squadron under the leadership of Jaina Solo. This will basically help everyone get up to speed with my AU Version of the status of the galaxy ten years after the war through the eyes of Valin Horn. This is for Diary Challenge 2013.
    Disclaimer: Characters owned by Stackpole/Alliston/Lucas etc etc

    Entry #1

    It’s been ten years since the Vong War. I’m not entirely sure how I thought my life would turn out after things ended the way they did but it hasn’t nearly been as violent and depressing as I thought it would be. I was raised on the Jedi Praxuem as a kid and I always thought I was invincible. I ran around emulating Luke Skywalker and would beg my dad to take me on flying lessons and I’d pester Anakin Solo. I remember the dumb questions I used to ask him. One time I asked him if he was ever scared that he’d become Darth Vader. Anakin kind of paled and babbled something before rushing off. When I told my dad at dinner later that night and he kind of sighed and put down his fork before saying “Sometimse people fear their future because they think their destiny has been planned by them. Now I don’t know what Leia was thinking when she named that kid but I think he’s going to be the exact opposite of Vader.” Ever since then I looked up to Anakin. When he died I thought the galaxy would change for the worse.

    But it didn’t. After the Vong War my dad put his differences with Kyp Durron aside and assigned me to be his next student. When I was with Kyp Durron I learned everything I could. How to wield a lightsaber, how to fly a ship, how to woo girls and all that other fun stuff. When I was 20 years old I was knighted and wound up becoming a Jedi liasons with CorSec. My dad said that it’d open windows for me to become the next Jedi Watchman over the Corellian System if I so chose. I’m not sure if that’s what I want but I’ve spent the last three years with CorSec and it’s been an amazing experience. I’m partnered with Myri Antilles and well..we get along great. I’m the only Jedi on the Force and I get plenty of crap for it but I’m fine with that.

    I decided to write this journal because my dad told me it always helped him to organize his thoughts and feelings before missions or big events. Today I woke up and realized that it was ten years since the Vong War had ended and I decided to start. That’s not the only thing that’s happening today.

    Today my childhood friend Ryanne Kovani is graduated from Corellian Flight School and I couldn’t be happier. She’s had a tough life. Her grandfather was killed by Imperials, her father by the Vong, her mother by Dark Jedi. She was assaulted by a Vong growing up. The list goes on and on and sometimes I wonder if the galaxy just hates her. But she turned it around and has made a true life for herself. It all started when my dad rescued her and helped fund her through flightschool. It turns out that she’s at the top of her class. When I get her holonet message I invited Jacen, Jaina and a few friends of mine to show up. I haven’t seen them in months and I look forward to it. My sister is also coming.

    Jacen is a Jedi Master now and when I contacted him he said it’s time to start talking about my future with the Jedi Order and I agreed. I love my career with CorSec but I feel like it’s time to move on. Maybe see the galaxy and take an apprentice of my own. Sometimes I feel like my life is a little static. My sister Jysella is an ambassador for the Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order. Jaina Solo recently reacitvated her commission and is flying with the Rogues. Grandmaster Luke Skywalker wound up temporarily relinquishing his leadership from the Jedi Order and traveling into the outer rims with his wife. In the meanwhile my dad is the interim Grandmaster. My dad.

    I don’t know. Things are different. The galaxy is at peace but it doesn’t feel any safer. There’s still evil out there to be destroyed and I think that it’s time for me to play a more active role in the Jedi Order. CorSec has been kind to me but it’s time for me to move on and mature.

    Horn out
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    Sep 16, 2006
    So how old is Valin here? He sounds mid-20ish to me. I'm rusty on the timeline for after the saga.
  3. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    Yes, he's around his mid-twenties. I'd say 24 or 25.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Great beginning and an interesting AU you've set up here, I look forward to more!

    Would you mind tagging me when you updated?
  5. windu4

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    May 15, 2008
    Notes: Sure thing, mavjade! mavjade

    Entry 2

    Yesterday I saw Ryanne Kovani for the first time in two years. The last time I saw her she had a diagonal scar stretching across her face from an amphistaff. Now it’s gone. She was gorgeous. Bright blue eyes, black hair pulled into a tight ponytail and a decorated flight suit hugging her body in all the right places. When I saw her I felt as if I had been spaced. Like the air had been sucked out of my lungs and then I had been dumped in an ice bucket. Myri had to jam a high-heeled boot into my ankle so that I could remember to actually say “hi” and congratulate her. After I did she beamed and squeezed me so hard the remaining air in my body was squeezed out of my lungs. Ryanne isn’t exactly the tallest person I know at 161 centimeters but she has the strength of dwarf Wookiee.

    We were all standing outside the Corellian Space Institute. Dad, Mom, the Solo Twins and my sister. What bothered me the most is that the Skywalker kid was hanging around my sister. How old is he? 15? 16? My sister’s 19. She should know better than to hang around with a kid whose younger than her but still taller, more muscular and well…male. While my dad was congratulating Ryanne I headed over to my sister and Skywalker. Our conversation wasn’t exactly pleasant.

    “So you’re training with Jacen, huh?” I asked as I stared down at Ben. Shortness runs as strongly in the Horn and Skywalker families as The Force does but luckily I’ve inherited Booster’s height. I stand around 1.82 meters to Ben’s 1.8. Unfortunately my intimidation didn’t quite work as well as I thought it would. I blame it on him being a teenager.

    “Yeah.” Ben stared right back at me with this odd look on his face as if he was wondering if he should be friendly or on the defensive. I oddly entertained the idea of projecting the image of him suddenly standing outside in the bright sun in his underpants. A little humiliation can go a long way for a squirt like him, I imagine. “For now, anyway. Uncle Jace says that it won’t be long before I’m ready to handle missions on my own.”

    I nodded and glanced over at Jacen. I have all the respect in the world for Jacen. He’s a Jedi Master now and despite his relative young age he seems wise beyond his years. I’m still not sure why Master Luke Skywalker had promoted him at a such a young age. I think it had something to do with what he had learned while traveling the outer rim. Maybe it’s because of his sage-like beard. Who knows? “I knew Anakin years ago during the war.” I said. “You kind of look like him, you know.”

    Ben grinned. “I get that more than “you look just like your dad”. It’s kind of comforting to know that I look like my famous cousin. Maybe I’ll be able to become a legend just like him one day.” I sensed a little trepidation in his tone and felt guilty for bringing up Anakin. I have a feeling that he might be a bit of a sore spot in his family.

    “Maybe.” I said airily. Jysella didn’t like the idea of being ignored and cleared her throat loudly. This brought me to my next question. I had yet to embrace Jysella or even ask how she was doing. What mattered to me more was figuring out what she was doing hanging out with Skywalker in the first place. “So, if you don’t mind me asking what brought you here? Do you know Kovanni or are you Jysella’s erm…” I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Apparently Ben couldn’t either because he went bright red.

    “I was working with Jacen and Ben on a diplomatic mission, darling brother. As I told you during my last holonet message. Do you even read them?” Jysella put her hands on her hips and glared up at me. She hadn’t inherited Booster’s height but she had inherited his ability to intimidate others. I was too set on this interrogation for such methods to work this time.

    “I read them I’m just wondering why he’s here that’s all…” I glanced at Ben. “No offense, of course.” I can’t exactly control my brotherly instincts. My sister has had her fair run-in with cocky Jedi who have tried to charm them with telekinesis or impressive Force Abilities. Skywalker isn’t any different. I think. Is he? I can’t be sure. I know he’s the son of the Jedi Grandmaster and all but he’s still a teenager. A red-head at that.

    Ben cocked his head to the side and grinned. “None taken.”

    I was about to continue my line of questioning when I felt a sudden impulse through The Force. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that my father and Jacen Solo were standing off to the side waiting for me. I assumed it was Jedi business. I saw that Ryanne was excitedly peppering Jaina, Myri and Mirax with questions about their family and the adventures of Rogue Squadron. Myri was probably used to people asking her about Syal even though I knew those types of questions tended to annoy her. Yet she was handling it like a champ. As I turned and crossed the courtyard towards the massive statue of a Z-95 Headhunter that Jacen and Corran were standing under I caught Myri’s eye and gave her a grateful smile.

    She rolled her eyes.

    When I stepped under the Z-95 model I got a closer look at my father. Despite his advanced age he looked as fit as ever in his green Corellian robes. His lightsaber dangled from his belt and even though his hair was streaked with grey, it was still neat and trimmed. He had been the impromptu guest-of-honor for the graduation ceremony when the flight officials had realized he was here. Jacen Solo seemed to be the direct opposite of my father. He wore loose-fitting Jedi Robes that seemed to hide his muscular figure rather than accentuate it. His beard was a little shaggier and a little thicker than my father’s and his hair fell loosely at the nape of his neck. His lightsaber was nowhere to be seen and he looked calmed and relaxed instead of alert and stately. He seemed almost bohemian in nature. If it was anyone else I would have laughed but I knew just how dangerous Jacen was which made it difficult to chuckle at his appearance.

    “Finally gonna drag me off the planetary police force?” I questioned with a grin.

    Jacen smiled at the joke and Corran merely grimaced. I knew that my dad didn’t exactly like the idea of me mocking CorSec.

    “Only if you want to.” Jacen began to speak. “We’ve been thinking on the future of the Order-“

    “The Jedi Order has been growing and soon the number of apprentices will outnumber our Knights.” Corran Horn interrupted Jacen quickly. I noted that my father as always was getting to the point. Apparently, leadership had given him quite a boost to his ego. I wondered if Booster would have anything to say about this. “This isn’t a question of desire, Son. We need you back. We need responsible Knights who are willing to take responsibility and train the next generation of Jedi.”

    I grinned and shot a look at Jacen. Oddly enough he didn’t look even slightly perturbed that Corran had interrupted him. “Well, if anything these past few years have taught me nothing but responsibility. It’s also helped me realized that I’m not one for being stuck on planet side for so kriffing long.” I had been preparing myself for returning to full status as a Jedi Knight. I had figured that today would be that day. “Who’d you have in mind?”

    Jacen and Corran exchanged glances.

    “Well…he’s changed. He’s really had. He’s a good kid.” Jacen began. “I’m only saying this because I think you can handle this and-“

    “Zane Solusar.” Corran interrupted Jacen yet again. This time I felt another spark of annoyance from Jacen Solo but I felt like my own sense of irritation far outstripped his own.

    “You gotta be kidding…” I said with a groan.

    Jacen shook his head. “Trust me, he’s better than that one.” Jacen jerked his thumb over at Skywalker. I glanced at him and noticed that he was mimicking some type of aerial maneuver while talking to Jysella and Ryanne. Though it was quite obvious that his attention was mostly on Ryanne. Much to Jysella’s chagrin.

    I scowled. “I’ll be right back.” I was about to figure that conversation I had started earlier. I didn’t give a damn who Skywalker’s father was. He was still a kid and there was no reason for him to be hanging around with my sister. Not for a good long while.

    “And when you get back?” Jacen questioned with a smile.

    “I’ll think about it. I already handed in my resignation to Chief today. We’re having this joint uh….party tonight for both Jysella and my departure from the force. You think that you’ll be ready to head for Ossus at say….0900?”

    “0800” Corran said. “And try not to get too drunk. Jedi aren’t technically supposed to get hangovers.”

    I grinned. “I’ll try.”

    Horn, out
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    May 15, 2008
    OOC: Be sure to re-read I, Rogue 9's companion/prequel Tales of the New Jedi Order


    Entry 2

    I’ve made a huge mistake. Well, not just one huge mistake. Two mistakes that add up to one huge mistake. They’re all based on one thing. Women. I like women. I really do. I admire my mother, I love my sister and Myri is the smartest person I know. I think I’m the problem. I’m currently on my way back to Ossus on the Millenium Falcon. When I say I’m on my way I’m more like “fleeing” to Ossus. It all started with a Corellian bar. I blacked out that night so I don’t even remember its name. Apparently I had quite a few drinks. Enough drinks that I’m pretty sure I would have died if I wasn’t Force-Sensitive.

    I woke up the next morning with Ryanne in my bed. Jacen and Jaina had decided to stay on the Falcon alone. (For reasons I’m not entirely sure? I mean, I’m not trying to be inappropriate here but I’m not sure why two twins would need alone time on the Falcon.) Myri had been too wasted to make it to her room so she had simply crashed on the couch. Jysella had wound up sleeping in Myri’s room. I’m not even sure if the Skywalker kid is legal or not but he had too many drinks and I think I saw him chugging down milk before going to bed. Anyway, that’s not the focus. The focus is that I woke up with a totally gorgeous and vivacious woman in my bed and I freaked out. It wasn’t even over the one-night stand. It was more over my ridiculous old-fashioned beliefs in marriage that were handed down to me by my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather so technically it isn’t my fault.

    “Good morning handsome.” Were the first words out of Ryanne’s mouth. Then she kissed me so hard that I literally forgot who I was. For a moment I was just a creature of lust but then common sense had to snap in. Well, I would say my total lack of common sense.

    “I’m not sure…if this was a good idea. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because it was a one-night stand. I mean it kind of was because it was a one-night stand but it’s mainly because I haven’t seen you in years and as much as I’d love to-…love to you know it’s just not right I just wish I had-.” I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say at the time. Unfortunately Ryanne did and she wasn’t too happy with me.

    “So…it’s true, huh?” She pushed herself up one elbow. She was smiling but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “All you Horns are the same. You think that any woman you sleep with that aren’t in established Facebook relationships with you aren’t worth it?”

    I heard the teasing in her voice. I knew she was joking. I knew that all I needed to do was kiss her again, laugh it off and make breakfast. But in the time it took me to think of what I should have done I was already opening my mouth with an excuse. “Well…”

    It didn’t take the Force to detect the sudden shift in Ryanne’s mood but it did take the Force for me to sense that I was in dire danger. Next thing I knew I had been struck in the face with a reasonably hard and lumpy pillow. I suddenly remembered her jokingly asking me about the conditions of my bed while I had been taking my pants off last night. I also remembered that I hated that pillow because it was so lumpy and hard…so when I got hit in the face it definitely hurt. I stumbled to my feet and was jerking on my pants yelling for Ryanne. I have the feeling that she knows a thing or two about one-night stands because she was already dressed and storming out the room by the time I got out of bed.

    I stepped out of my room yelling for Ryanne but she was already gone. I shook my head and sighed as I heard the sound of a speeder taking off. As I prepared to duck back into my room I heard Myri’s door close. I curious turned behind me and saw Skywalker attempting to weasel his way down the hallway into the Fresher. I think that was the first time I’ve ever touched the dark side of the Force. I was prepared to charge down the hallway and slam him into the wall but I wasn’t exactly ready for such an encounter. I was angry and upset at myself from Ryanne I was still dealing with side-effects of morning glory (A Corellian term relating to well…what happens when you wake up in bed with a woman) and I was starving. So I just ducked back into my room and decided that I’d have a little talk with Jysella about her relationship with that ginger. I just wanted to get to the bottom of it. Granted I was about to move out of my apartment that very day but did it really matter?

    Jacen and Jaina were still on the Falcon “prepping” it for take-off. I had already packed my things and was prepared to take them onto the ship. Skywalker had offered to help me but I was half-convinced that it was so he could flaunt his telekinesis. I wasn’t quite prepared for that so I politely declined. What he did end up doing was make breakfast which was a relief. Myri can’t cook to save her life and while I can cook I’m often too busy so we always grab some food at the CorSec cafeteria. We were eating fried chaurus eggs and pancakes when I delicately brought up the subject of last night.

    “So how’d you guys uh, rest last night?” The sudden argument from this morning had resulted in me not feeling the effects of a hangover. It was as if the burst of adrenaline had pushed away the morning sickness and had instead welcomed feelings of guilt and anxiety. As a result I was the only one at the table not nursing caf. Apparently the Force doesn’t help much with drinking.

    “Well, seeing as I didn’t even make it to my bedroom…” Myri probed her fork into the pancake and then sighed. “Look, Ben I’m glad that you made us breakfast but I can hardly eat..”

    “No problem.” Skywalker said with a grin. I wasn’t sure why he was so perky. Actually I had an idea why but I didn’t want to think about it. “I know that after a night of partying I always need food to help recover.”

    “Partying at a bar or with my sister?” Force, I couldn’t help myself. It all just came out.

    Jysella yelled. “VALIN.” In that voice of hers that confirmed my suspicions exactly.

    Ben went red and began to eat as if his life depended on it and Myri laughed so hard she choked on her food. The next few moments were awkward and eventually I stumbled off to take my baggage to the Falcon. The next few hours were awkward. Ben and Jysella are still spending too much time together. When I left Myri gave me a hug, a kiss on a cheek and wished me luck. And with that my illustrious career as a member of CorSec came to an end. I’ve been on this ship for three days doing nothing but play dejarik with Artoo and the wookiee Lumpy and steadily avoiding everyone ever. Sometimes I wish I had the relationship that Jacen and Jaina have when it comes to Jysella. Then again they’ve been locked in the cockpit together for hours at a time and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. They’re probably talking about some type of super-secret mission intel regarding the Jedi Order but you can never be too sure.

    I hope things get better but seeing as I’m going to be training Zane Solusar you can never be certain.

    Horn, Out

    PS: My life is a karking holodrama.

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    Thanks for the bat signal! Sorry I seemed to miss the last one.

    I really like Valin doing the big brother thing, but I'm a big fan on Ben and Jysella together!

    Maybe it’s because of his sage-like beard. Who knows?
    [face_laugh] This cracked me up!

    I also loved the last PS... seems like it's true!

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    [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Love this diary [face_mischief] Oops on Valin and Ryanne. He has terminal feet in outh disease [face_laugh] Yumsy on Ben/Jysella. Haven't read a fic pairing them in ages!!!!! Those sticking to canon want to pair him with someone named Vestara :rolleyes: :p On Valin's tone, perfect Horn-esqueness. Got that Correllian snark thing. :cool:

    I too would like tags and look forward to updates on your other ongoing stuff. @};-
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    mavjade Jade_eyes

    Entry # 3

    I remember the first time I was on Ossus. I was 17 years old and I didn’t have a master yet. The war had just ended and there was nothing I wanted more than to complete my training and become a powerful Jedi Knight. When Grandmaster Skywalker gave that speech announcing the Jedi’s new purpose and basically affirming all my beliefs about how the Jedi should work and our meaning in the universe I was fueled with purpose. We weren’t serving the Galactic Alliance or any other governmental body. We would coordinate and work with them to keep the galaxy safe but we weren’t beholden to them. Instead we would travel the galaxy and help establish peace and ensure justice. Maybe that’s why I spent so long at CorSec. Because it was my way of establishing justice.

    Anyway I’ve always been a city guy but I practically grew up on Yavin IV. Ossus is no different. Maybe its trees aren’t as massive and there aren’t any demonic force presences on the planet but they’re essentially the same. I’m starting to think Master Skywalker has a thing for planets populated by massive forests. Jysella still isn’t talking to me and I really wasn’t in the mood for a conversation with the twins. Ever since Jacen has gotten back he’s been nothing but philosophical and I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Jaina so it’s just awkward talking to her. Luckily Jacen cut his hippy beard after Jaina and Ben relentlessly mocked him over it during a game of Sabaac. I don’t even know why he had one in the first place. It made him look like he was forty. He looks a lot closer to his age with it gone.

    When we reached Ossus the first thing I did was ask Kyp if he wanted to catch up. He met when the Falcon landed and after a ridiculously awkward exchange with Jaina we headed out. We left for the outskirts of the Jedi Temple and Kyp produced a bottle of Corellian ale and we got to talking. Kyp had aged rather well. He’s in his early forties (I think 42?) and still dresses like some type of Agamarian Ranger. Instead of a Jedi Robe he always wears this rustic green cloak with a hood. He wears light blue tunic and pants colored an even darker blue. When I was younger I always saw him in darker robes but I think he stopped in fear of being associating with the dark side. He always looked more dashing in his dark robes and in his recent ones? Not so much. But being a Jedi isn’t always about pride I guess and I suppose Kyp came to terms with that.

    “So what’s it like being stuck on Ossus?” I asked as I accepted the bottle that he handed to me. I wiped the mouth with my sleeve before I lifted the bottle to my lips and swallowed a mouthful of the drink. I vaguely realized that I should check in with my dad soon but that could come later. I had just about enough with my family and Corellians as it was.

    Kyp took the bottle back and shrugged. “Not too bad. The galaxy at large isn’t really facing any problems that require my attention. I agreed to help teach some classes and delegate missions with the High Council until I take on my next apprentice.”

    “I heard Jaina was doing the same.” I said; indirectly prying for information. “She resigned her military commission and is helping with lightsaber classes.”

    Kyp shrugged as he lowered the bottle. Then he abruptly raised it and swallowed another mouthful. “It took us what? Five or six years to return everything to normal after the war? The Jedi were constantly being stretched thin and taxed to our limits. When things settled down we all came back to help train the next generation. It seemed like the right thing to do. Streen and Ti are off on Dathomir helping with recruitment and Corran is starting to recall Jedi Knights throughout the galaxies to take on apprentices. I think that after Master Skywalker returns and the next batch of padawans graduate I should be able to return to active duty…not like it matters. I’m already getting too old to run around chasing down bandits.”

    I noticed that Kyp had avoided my question about Jaina completely but I did realize that he had (whether intentionally or unintentionally) mentioned Master Skywalker. His mission had been top secret but maybe the High Council knew something I didn’t.

    “Why is Master Skywalker gone?” I asked abruptly as I snagged the bottle and swallowed another mouthful of liquor. Despite my Corellian blood I could already feel my cheeks growing warm and the ground I was standing on shaking beneath me. Still, I was alright. Or so I thought. This wasn’t some type of insane party that encouraged devious behavior.

    Kyp laughed and shook his head at me. He turned his green eyes towards me and shook his head. “You think you can fool me that easily?”

    I shrugged as I handed him the now empty bottle and turned my palm upwards. “Can I?”

    Kyp shook his head and turned his gaze towards the horizon. The sun was setting and I was guessing that time had passed quicker than I thought. “We need to get back.”

    The trip back was just as informative as our talk. Kyp finally gave me a little information on his private life. Apparently he had somehow found himself in a relationship with an Alderannian known as Tash Arranda. I only knew her by reputation as one of the most effective Jedi Historians only second to Tionne. When I asked about the seriousness of their relationship Kyp merely blushed and mumbled something about Tash acting strange during the past few weeks. I wasn’t entirely sure what idea of “strange” would get a man as old and experienced as Kyp blushing but I didn’t ask.
    As the Jedi Temple came into distance my comm. buzzed. I reached onto my belt and activated it; already beginning to dread the message.

    <Where are you?> Corran Horn questioned curtly over the link.

    “I’m on my way I was uh…catching up with Kyp.” I felt my cheeks go aflame. There was nothing that brought out drunkenness then being under the critique of a Jedi Master. Even if he was still a couple of kilos away.

    <Look, Zane is anxious to meet you. I need to hurry up and get here. The kid’s basically been sitting in my office begging for attention. He really deserves this, son.”>

    I paused and glanced at Kyp for confirmation. His face was as blank as the moon that circled Ossus. I knew it was probably wise to tell my dad that I was in no condition to meet anyone. That I was drunk, that I was alienated from my sister and all I wanted to do was head back to Corellia and gun down bad guys. But I knew that would irresponsible and unfair to Zane. No matter what I heard about him being a momma’s boy, a know-it-all, and all the other things I had heard. My dad trusted me to train Zane and I couldn’t let him down. “I’ll be there in fifteen.” I shut down the comm. link and then Kyp burst out laughing. I scowled. “Hey…you didn’t exactly have the best reputation when I first met you either.”

    “I also wasn’t drunk when you first met me as your future master.”

    I sighed and wondered if I could use being drunk as an excuse to cut down Kyp like Kyp had used the dark side as an excuse to cut down an entire planet. The moment the thought crossed my mind I felt guilty and banished it. “Well…I suppose I better see how this goes.”

    To my surprise the kid wasn’t nearly as bad as what I thought it would be…and that meeting had far more to it than just taking on a new trainee. But more on that later. I need to prep the Pulsar Skate.

    Horn, Out
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    Super post =D= Continuing to enjoy Valin's voice. Thanks for giving Kyp more screen time & a love interest :D - always a good thing ;)
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    OOC: mav_jade Jade_eyes
    Entry 4

    I am on my way to Nal Hutta. Why do you ask? Well I’d have to backtrack to what happened after I entered my father’s office with bug bites on my neck and the slightest smell of alcohol on my clothes and breath. The Horns (except for my sister) have never been skilled with the art of telekinesis. However this has led to greater strengths when it comes to our use of the Force. I was able to fortify my mind so that I could think clearly and hopefully make Zane feel welcome under my tutelage. Unfortunately I was still as clumsy as a Gungan.

    When I entered my father’s office the room was still spinning but I was so used to being drunk that it didn’t faze me. First my glaze flickered to my father who was sitting at his desk in his Jedi Garb, his green robe was hooked onto the wall behind him. I reflected idly that my father had adjusted to his temporary position of power quite well. I opened my mouth to speak when I felt a sudden burst of optimism and excitement through the Force. Yet it was somehow restrained. As if someone was struggling to control and maybe even hide their emotions. I nodded to myself. Zane.

    I turned around to see a kid roughly my height. Clearly he hadn’t quite finished growing yet and I suspected one day he’d be used to being the tallest in the room. Both Kenth and Tionne were known for standing head and shoulders above their companions and I expected this to be no different. Zane was an odd looking kid though I’m sure some girls could make a case for him being attractive. He had inherited the silver white hair of his mother and just from looking at him I could tell that he was as graceful and lithe as she was. Even admitting this to myself seems a little pedophilic but it was true. Zane was tall, slender and I could already tell that speed mattered to him more than strength. The one thing Zane had inherited from his father was his piercing blue eyes and it was as if he already knew I was intoxicated.

    Not that it was that hard to figure out.

    “I’m Zane Solusar.” He held out his hand and I shook it and couldn’t help but notice that his grasp was firm. “You probably know this but I’m the son of Kam and Tionne Solusar and I greatly look forward to your tutorship.”

    “I’m Valin Horn.” I hate formality and while shaking hands is a necessary part of human society I just find it silly to shake the hand of a kid. I haven’t mentioned why I was hesitant about taking Zane Solusar as an apprentice so I mine as well mention it now. He’s the kid of chief librarian and historian of the New Jedi Order and the son of the director of martial training for the Jedi Order. As a result he was raised with certain expectations that many apprentices simply do not have. The problem isn’t that he has these expectations. It’s that these expectations have led him to become somewhat entitled to his future with the Jedi Order. Just like Skywalker.

    I can hardly talk since I’m the son of Corran “Rogue 9” Horn but still.

    “So…you’re my new apprentice.” I said as I desperately scrambled in my mind to come up with some sort of speech or anecdote. “Your parents have a great influence on the Order so uh…they probably told you about me. Basically I was trained during the Vong War and have spent the last few years as a member of CorSec. I’m new at this and uh; while I have my doubts about taking on an apprentice my dad feels like I’m ready. I feel like I’m going to learn more from you than you’ll learn from me. Basically I’m going to show you the ropes. I’m gonna show you the galaxy and all the evil and good that lives within it. It’s your decision to choose how it affects your view on the Force and your opinion of the Jedi’s purpose. All I can do is teach you how to shoot straight and make sure you don’t’ turn to the dark side.” I shrugged. “Capiche?”

    I glanced at my dad out of the corner of his eye and while his face was indescribable he gave me a slight nod in my direction. Zane smiled. “Capiche.” He let go of my hand.

    “So uh…I don’t know what else there is to do now.” I shrugged. “I’m feeling a bit um, sick so-“

    “We actually have an assignment for you.” Corran abruptly stood to his feet. “We need to debrief you and ship you out as soon as possible….which is why it would have been prudent for you to come sooner, Valin.”

    I blushed and mumbled something about Kyp. Corran sighed and shook his head before he turned and walked out of the office. Zane glanced at me and I shrugged and began to follow him. As we walked down the hallway it soon became apparent that we were heading to the Intelligence Briefing Room of the Order. As we walked I glanced at Zane and decided I’d get a feel for him. “So kid, how old are you?” I questioned.

    “15.” Zane was fairly taciturn but I was willing to blame that on his personality more than him not being in the mood to talk.

    “Oh.” I said. “You know that Skywalker kid?”

    Zane nodded. “He’s a good friend of mine. We attended Academy together. I could have gotten a Master when he did but I had someone in mind.”

    “Oh?” I felt my heart sink. Apparently I was someone’s second choice. “Who?”

    We approached the door to the briefing room and Corran disappeared inside. “You.”

    I stopped; my hand on the switch. I turned towards him and couldn’t help but chuckle. That was an absurd idea within itself. I’ve never had any inclination towards kids, or trainees or anything. As a matter of fact the idea of being a role model makes my stomach turn. I was going to train someone because it was my duty as a Jedi. Not because I necessarily wanted to. “Why?”

    “I wanted someone who would understand me. To know what it’s like to have powerful and famous parents. You’ve managed to deal with the fact that your father is a famous Jedi Master and your grandfather is a powerful smuggler. Logically you’ll be able to help me understand how to deal with the stresses of expectation.” Zane reached past me and pushed on the button. It opened and he walked right past me. I blinked a few times in surprise before following.

    The room was dark in the center was a single holoprojector. Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn stood there; both of them in deep discussion. Zane and I approached. Kyle saw me and extended his hand. I shook it firmly. “Pleasure to see you, Master Katarn.” I said as I inclined my head. Kyle nodded.

    “I see you’ve got a runt tagging you now.” He said with a grin. Like my father Master Katarn had aged well. Despite being in his fifties he looked like he was in his mid-forties. Silver hair streaked his temples and beard and there was a tightness around his eyes that betrayed his age and experience. Needless to say I was in no hurry to fall to the dark side because whenever there was a Dark Jedi Kyle was the one who resolved the situation. Crossing blades with Katarn was practically a death sentence.

    Zane said nothing and it was if he wasn’t even there. For the time being I forgot about Zane and focused on the mission. “What’ve we got here?” I questioned; slipping into my CorSec identity.

    Kyle Katarn raised his hand and gestured at the hologram of Nal Hutta in front of us. “As you know almost a decade ago; not long after the Vong War Mara Jade and I dissolved the Black Sun. When my apprentice Jaden Korr was kidnapped after discovering the conspiracy behind the Peace Brigade and Black Sun we teamed up to rescue him. In the process we discovered their leader; a man by the name of Korto Vos who was a dark side user. We defeated him in combat and blew up their headquarters on Ord Mantell. Not long afterwards Cal Omas authorized an attack on the Black Sun headquarters in Coruscant led Jaina Solo and Zekk to expel their presence from the Inner Rim. We succeeded but as of late key members of crime syndicates throughout the galaxy have been assassinated and that has led us to believe that the Black Sun is establishing its power again.”

    “What do you want us for?” I asked. “Now these various crime syndicates are loss and without leaders. I say we let the assassin do his or her work and them move against Black Sun once they try to overtly establish power.”

    “People are dying.” Zane said suddenly as he stepped forward. “It’s our obligation as Jedi to bring down this assassin. No matter what their criminal affiliations or past transgressions may be it’s up to the government to judge them. Not a killer.”

    “Be that as it may…” I began, annoyed by his idealism.

    “Save it for the trip, boys.” Kyle said. “We know who the next target is and not only is she a valuable asset to the Republic she also may have some information on the Black Sun that can help us figure out who is giving our assassin these missions.”

    “You can’t mean…” I began

    “I do.” Kyle said.

    “Who does he mean?” Zane questioned, I could sense his eagerness through the Force. It was his first mission and he was ready to try and make an impact. I knew better. This was exactly the type of mission CorSec officers tried to avoid.

    “I don’t think he’s ready for this.” I said; desperately. “It could be dangerous. We could find trouble; we could-“

    “You’ll have partners on your team.” Kyle said. “Nelani Dinn and Sanola Ti. Nelani was trained by Jacen Solo and as a result she has a unique skill set of Force abilities that can aid you on your trip. She can also use telekinesis; a trait your family tends to lack. Sanola and Zane have worked together in the past and as far as I know are good friends. They’ll work well together.”

    I felt a sudden rush of emberassment through Zane but ignored it. “It’s Joola!” I exclaimed. “I work at the request of the Council but she is the literal definition of scum. Need I remind you what happened last time Kyp and I got dragged there? I was nearly made her sex slave for crying out loud!”

    “Which is why she’ll trust you.” Kyle said as he struggled to hide a grin behind his beard.

    I turned towards Corran in one last attempt. “Dad, would you assign Jysella to a mission if she was told to save a man who tried to have illicit sexual relations with her?”

    Corran scowled. “Definitely not.”

    “Then why me?”

    “Because you’re my son and she’s my daughter. It’s different.” He crossed his arms over his chest and gave me one of his best fatherly glares.

    “No, it’s sexist.” I pointed out, using a word that wasn’t even in my vocabulary.

    “Be that as it may you’re going.” Corran said. “And that’s final.”

    There was a sense of finality in his tone and I realized that there might be something more to this mission than I thought. “Why? You specifically need me…don’t you?”

    Kyle and Corran exchanged looks.

    “Yes.” Kyle said.

    “Why?” I repeated the question.

    “Because the assassin? You know her. You were there when she left the Order. You recognized her descent into the dark side long before anyone else did. Further more you two were involved and as a result you know more about her than anyone in the Order.”

    I paused and exhaled sharply. “Dad….”

    “We need you to stop Alema, Valin. Redeem her if you can. She’s fallen to the dark and she needs someone to pull her back out.”

    I paused and stared at my boots for a moment. “Fine. But if I’m going I’m taking the Pulsar Skate. I know it’s just sitting in the hangar bay collecting dust right now.”

    Corran shrugged. “Take whatever ship you like but this mission is important. Not only are you preventing Joola from being assassinated you are also bringing one of our own back into the fold. I’m sending reinforcements because this mission reeks of disaster but if there’s anyone who can do it it’s you and Nelani. She’s waiting in Hangar Bay C. You prep up and leave as soon as possible. The mission details and transcripts regarding the assassination itself can be found with Whistler. He’ll be going with you.”

    I nodded. “I won’t let you down, Dad.”

    “See that you don’t.” Corran said. “Everything is riding on this.”

    Horn, Out
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    Great post full of an exciting mission and more on Zane and how he will/might work with Valin, personally and otherwise. Valin and Alema -- [face_thinking] ;)
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    Interesting story so far! I like how Zane specifically requested that he'd get Valin for a master because he felt Valin would understand him and the expectations from his heritage the best. The mission sounds pretty intense, and I'm curious to see how well Valin and Zane work together.
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    mavjade Jade_eyes

    Entry Five

    Nal Hutta is by far the ugliest planet I’ve ever seen. It’s not because of the Hutts or even the fact that it used to be a dustbowl of a planet with no vegetation. It’s the fact that it was vongformed and not even six months after the war ended everything has begun to rot and decay. The Hutts have managed to use slave and droid labor to return the planet to their own way of life without even fully removing the vegetation and wild life that survives the planet and it’s already begun to die off. However, we didn’t have much time to acknowledge this. We had to find Joola and fast. Joola always carried a wire on her when she went about her business in case she ever needed to snitch to the Republic or Jedi Order. Unbeknownst to her we know the frequency of the wire/transmitter she carries and with the help of Whistler we were able to zero in on her location pretty quickly.

    She was on her way to one of the many harems in her capital city. Yet this harem was different from the others. It exclusively held male humanoids and that was Joola’s main sexual interest. As much as it disgusted me to think about how a hutt spends her time in a place like that it was something we had to consider. We knew that she often spent her time there also meeting with weapons dealers away from the other “male” Hutts and hopefully we could catch her during one of those times. Not when she was meeting with her favorite clients.

    We had decided to wear our Jedi Robes in order to discourage anyone from disturbing us and so that if Alema saw us she’d be discouraged from attacking. No matter how stealthy and powerful Alema was there was no way she could escape two Jedi Guardians. She wasn’t crazy. I was just hoping she wouldn’t decide to gun us down first. Our Force-sense was intune enough to avoid such a fate but Alema too was Force-Sensitive. Who knew what she had learned since she had left the Jedi Order? Either way we knew Alema would have some difficulty taking Joola down. Hutts were notoriously hard to kill and I knew that Joola was careful enough to have any room or building swept and scanned for explosives before entering it. Alema would have to be creative.

    “This isn’t going to be easy. There are thousands of beings in this city alone. There’s no way of telling if our assassin is already with Joola.” Nelani said easily as we walked through the city. Zane and Sanola trailed us by several meters; keeping a look out for any signs of a blue-skinned Twi’Lek.

    “The Hutts are well-aware of how their lives are constantly in danger. If anything the attack by the Vong did away with their arrogance.” I countered.

    Nelani was an attractive woman but didn’t flaunt it. (Brown hair/Green Eyes/Hourglass Figure/My height. The whole deal.) While I wore specialized green robes that betrayed my Corellian heritage she wore a jumpsuit and a Jedi cloak to cover it. Like Sanola she was extremely athletic and an accomplished duelist (something I had learned during a practice duel on the trip over) and as a result needed the liberty to move freely. One odd thing I had learned about her was that she had trained under Jacen Solo and had served with Kyle Katarn to help take down dark-side users before taking on Sanola. She had unique skills and expertise that she had learned from Master Solo and experience from working alongside Kyle Katarn. Why take an apprentice now? “I still think we should have warned them.” Nelani said.

    “If we had warned them they would have tightened up security for Force knows how long and Alema would probably back off.” I said. “It’s better that they don’t know and we rely on our skills and intuition. The Hutts aren’t especially cooperative when they know their lives are in danger.”

    “Fair enough.” Nelani said easily.

    I sighed and came to a stop as I stared up at the building directly to my right. I couldn’t read Huttese but the Force subtly told me that this was the place. I was specifically feeling waves of pleasure from the humanoids within. Not all women and not all humanoids either. “Tell Sanola and Zane to hang back. They’re too young for being inside and on top of that we need someone to keep an eye on the rooftops and to guard the exits.” I glanced back at Zane. He was staring open-mouthed at the building. Apparently his Force-Sense was stronger than most. That or his sense of innocence. Sanola jabbed Zane in the side as Nelani made some type of non-descript motion to her. Zane shook his head quickly and the two of them vanished into the crowd.

    “Alright.” I glanced at Nelani and steeled myself. “Let’s do this.”

    The two of us stepped to the entrance of the building but two Weeqay immediately stepped in front of us. Before they even had a chance to speak Nelani had raised her hand and waved it casually. I hadn’t even had an opportunity to formulate a lie yet. The Weeqay’s eyes glazed over and the two of them separated. I glanced at Nelani and she shrugged. “The Force isn’t necessary for every conflict.” I murmured.

    “Shut up.” Was her response.

    The two of us walked to the front desk where a male Twi’Lek sat. He was staring down at his datapad and one quick read of the man told me he was stressed. “Joola here yet?” I questioned as casually as I could, leaning on the Force to encourage him to answer.

    “Fifteen minutes.” The Twi’Lek said. “And her favorite is down with some type of malady. Ropy growths all over his skin. I blame the gorram Vong.” A bug crawled across his desk and he slapped down on it hard.

    “Well, my friend Valin here is going to replace him.” Nelani said smoothly.

    The Twi’Lek looked up at him. “You?” He said incredulously as he stared at me. If it wasn’t for my sense of professionalism I would have broken cover and protested loudly. But I was a professional so instead I just stood there glaring daggers at Nelani. “Who hired you?”

    “You did.” Nelani waved her hand subtly. “When you realized your regular was sick.”

    The Twi’Lek nodded. “Ah. I get it. Jedi huh? Hutts love the Jedi. Spank ‘em for being naughty and all that. It’s a good thing to. Good plan of mine, actually. Joola has a thing for Jedi.” He chuckled. “Alright. Here’s your room key. I suggest that you get out of your robes quickly. Joola gets impatient.” He reached under the desk and slapped the identi-card on the table before pushing it over. “We don’t pay until after you’d be surprised at how many guys in here lost their nerves before a gig. Try not being so late next time, alright?”

    I was still standing there like an idiot as Nelani dragged me away, the identi-card gripped in her hand. “It’s not like we had an actual plan.” She hissed.

    “You’re going to make me fall to the dark side.” I vowed as I felt bile creep up my throat. “I’d prefer the Embrace of Pain to this.”

    “Well you’ll have to settle for Embrace of a Hutt.” Nelani said. “Get in there and get prepped. Hopefully I can try and find this assassin or any trace of her before you have to strip down to your boxers.”

    I groaned and desperately began to look around for a bucket as we walked down the hallway. This could not end well.

    Horn, Out
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    Thanks. I didn't like her fate in LoTF so I figured I'd reintroduce her character.
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    Blimey, I don't want to know :p :rolleyes: [:D]
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    Great updates!! (You're updating too fast for me! :p )

    I really like the voices for each of these characters! Great job!
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    @mavjade Jade_eyes

    Entry Six

    I wasn’t given much of an opportunity to contemplate my fate as a hooker before Nelani dragged me down the hallway and into the nearest supply closet. Naturally my sense of dry wit and testosterone kicked in. Especially when she started undressing me. First she dragged off my Jedi Robes and began to unbuckle my belt. “Are you trying to make up for thoroughly kriffing up my evening?” I questioned in a tone as sardonic as I could muster. Still I couldn’t help but let a little eagerness creep into my tone. You can’t blame me for having a little Corellian blood running through my veins, can you?

    “No. I’m trying to make sure we don’t thoroughly kriff up Joola’s. If she dies we’re not going to get off this planet alive.” She grabbed my shirt and tugged it off over my head. I tried to fend off her sudden assault on my clothing but the fact that my arms were trapped in my sleeves made that somewhat difficult. “Stop fidgeting. She’ll be here any minute.” Nelani said sharply. “This is more important than you realize. We don’t know how Alema is going to get in here. As far as we know the room could be rigged with explosives. When you get in there you need to search it top to bottom and distract Joola for as long as you can until I can find where Alema is. I’m assuming that you’ve been laid before and that you can at least act seductive. I’m sure you can distract her for a few minutes without losing what little shred of innocence you may have left.”

    I exhaled loudly and let my arms drop to my side as Nelani moved down to my pants. “No.” I said. “I’ve got this.” I quickly pulled off my boots and turned away from Nelani as I jerked my pants down. I then picked up my robe and pulled it over my body. I wrapped it around myself as if I was some old Tantooine lady with a shawl. I turned around and Nelani handed me my belt. “What’s that for?” I said irritably.

    “Ladies like naked men who wear belts.” Nelani said without blinking. “Joola should be no different. Especially if she has a Jedi kink.”

    “You have much experience with whore houses?” I asked sarcastically as I buckled the belt to my waist.

    “I have.” Nelani giggled as I opened my robe and buckled my belt onto my waist. I shivered as the cold belt buckle touched my bare skin. “A-Wings? Does your daddy approve?”

    I glanced down at my underwear which was decorated with A-Wing fighters. “I’ve always wanted to fly one.” I mumbled; temporarily distracted by the topic. “But all my dad ever taught me was how to fly an X-Wing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to fly them but I never had the time.”

    Nelani stopped giggling and stared up at me. “Alright, easy boy. We can hear your daddy issues later…after you deal with Joola.” As I stepped outside the walk-in closet I heard her say something else. “And no, the irony isn’t lost on me.”

    I ignored her as I stomped down the hallway. The Twi’Lek at the front desk had told us where Joola’s room was and after a few moments of looking I found it. The two double doors had been modified so that a Hutt could squeeze through. I sighed and stepped through the door. The first thing that I noticed was a giant window that one could easily shoot through with the right materials. Secondly the room almost like a dungeon. I glanced across the side of the room and noted that there were human sized chains dangling from the wall. I gulped hard. I had run into Joola once before and that had been a less than pleasant experience. Kyp still liked to mock me for it. Yet that wasn’t the problem here. The problem was the window. From what I could tell it was the only weakness in the room.

    I walked across the room and glanced up at the window. It was roughly the size of an astromech droid and I was guessing it was here to simulate any type of dungeon Hutts were accustomed to. Any sniper could manage to a squeeze a shot into the room if they wanted to. I reached up and rapped the window with my fist; as I did I used the Force to determine the depth and strength of the glass. From what I could tell the glass was reinforced. Yet knowing Alema she would go for something unconventional. Something I couldn’t necessarily predict. That’s something I had always loved about her. Her ability to adapt. I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that this would quickly be something I’d come to despise.

    As I slowly walked around the room analyzing the perimeter the doors burst open and two Weequay entered. “Stop there, whore.” The first snarled.

    The second approached me and jerked my robe open and quickly began to search me. Yet seeing as I was only wearing boots, underwear and a Jedi robe they really didn’t get anywhere. However the alien did grab my lightsaber. I quickly realized that this could blow the whole operation. “It’s a sex toy!” I improvised quickly as the Weequay turned towards me. I was glad I didn’t have my blaster on me. That’d be much harder to explain. “Joola is into Jedi, isn’t she?” I winked at him even though I definitely wasn’t feeling anything like a respectable Jedi or even a Jedi stripper. (Note: Take acting classes)

    The two Weeqay exchanged looks and began to chortle. “Enjoy, Jedi.” He slammed the lightsaber into my chest. The two of them turned and left.

    “Kriff….kriff…..kriff…kriff.” My heart was beating in my chest as the Weequay left the room. I backed up into the center of the room and pulled my robes even tighter around my body as the double doors opened again. 1.9 meters of pure fat and grime rolled into the room and the makeup didn’t help much either. I swallowed hard.

    Joola’s right eye was missing and a prosthetic had taken its place. It was a casualty from the Vong War. Her left eye was decorated with purple eyeliner and her lips were painted a rose-red color. An awkward metal corset had been applied to her chest that somehow managed to separate the vast fat on her stomach into what could only be described as green breasts. I inhaled sharply in preparation but was only met with the stench of swamp water. That’s right. Last I remembered she did live in a swamp. I held my breath as I awkwardly approached her. “Valin?” Joola came to a sudden stop as the doors closed behind her.

    I paused; it had been at least three years. Did she really remember me? “Uh, um.” I stuttered as I pulled off my robes. I was pretty sure I was showing my cards too early but maybe she needed a distraction while I tried to figure out what exactly was going on.

    “Don’t try that, boo.” She slithered towards me. “You humans have short life-spans but Hutts? Thousands of years, you think I can’t remember the young boy who stole my heart? Why are you here?”

    It was a good thing that she hadn’t called the guards yet, I suppose. “Well…we’ve had some troubling reports about the Black Sun.”

    “Bah!” Joola waved a fat arm. “The Black Sun have aren’t worth poodoo.

    My eyes flickered to the slim line of wire that she always carried. Then I to the small sound box strapped to her corset. It as blinking red. “Are you recording this conversation.” \

    “Why?” Joola slithered towards me until my head was bumping up against her oily skin right beneath her corset. “I still don’t know why you’re here but if you want to post pone the conversation then I’d be happy to-”

    Then Joola’s soundbox began to beep. I reached up and grabbed it with my right hand and tugged it away from her bodice. As I did I felt a spike of warning through the Force and hurled the soundbox towards the window. As it did it exploded I reached through the Force and as the heat and energy from the explosion radiated towards Joola and I; I struggled to absorb the energy with the Force. I partially succeeded in removing the majority of the energy but I wasn’t able to compensate from the kinetic energy the shards from the soundbox were charged with. Tiny pieces of metal slashed across my hands; as I struggled to control myself Joola’s right arm extended and sent me sailing across the room. I crashed into the wall and slumped to the ground. As I did Joola began to scream bloody murder. As she did the double doors opened and the two Weequay rushed inside. As they sprinted towards me I felt a cold icy presence briefly envelope my mind before I spotted a woman in robes sprinting down the hall. I sincerely hoped that Nelani, Zane and Sanola were guarding the entrances. For now I had to escape with my life and then capture Alema.

    Luckily that wouldn’t be to much of an issue. Joola was too busy fleeing the room as her two bodyguards approached me. “Hiya, fellas.” I called upon the Force and even though my hands were gushing with blood I didn’t let that affect me. I redirected the energy I had absorbed moments before and called upon a Force ability that my father had taught me. The power was known as “Electric Judgment” and was supposed to be some form of Force Lightning. I had never tried it before but I was running out of options. The surge of heat and energy that I had absorbed moments before manifested in purple lightning that surged from my right palm. The fist salvo struck the Weequay on the left in the chest. The alien stumbled forward and hit the ground. The second one approached me and as he did I ignited my lightsaber and quickly severed his right hand. Now that they were out of commission I turned and sprinted out of the room. The fact that I was only wearing underwear and boots didn’t really stop me either.

    Joola had apparently vanished into one of the many rooms in the hallway but there was absolute panic. I saw naked men and women everywhere as they tried to find out the source of the explosion. I held my lightsaber high above my head, hoping that the people around me would take the hint and get out of my way. As I ran through the brothel I reached through the Force and attempted to track Alema’s Force-Signature. Then I saw the Twi’Lek slumped over at his service desk, dead. I ran past the desk outside and skidded to a stop outside the street when I saw Sanola, Zane and Nelani surrounding Alema Rar. Her robes had been discarded and she was on her knees, her lightsaber and blaster were in Nelani’s possession.

    I approached the four of them with my lightsaber still ignited, panting from my exertion.

    “It’s alright, Master Jedi.” Alema turned towards me and smiled. “I surrender.”

    I exchanged a look with Nelani and we both knew that this was a trap. Yet what choice did we have other than to arrest her? I deactivated my lightsaber and pulled stun-cuffs from my belt and applied them to Alema’s wrists. “I have a bad feeling about this.” I said as I pulled Alema to her feet.
    I’m not sure how this will end but we played right into Alema’s hands and everyone knew it. Something’s telling me that this is more than a simple hit. There’s something more behind all this but I can’t tell what it is.

    Horn, Out
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    =D= Worst kind of situation is to know you're walking into a trap but having no choice [face_thinking] [face_nail_biting] Better than walking in or tumbling in because you were stupid :p
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    It's a good thing Valin is flexible. I imagine that entertaining a Hutt while in his underwear wasn't exactly something he anticipated when joining the Jedi Order. :p

    I'm curious to see what Alema has up her sleeve.

    Good work!