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Beyond - Legends Idiot's Array (OC)

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    Oct 14, 2013
    Author: Stary
    Characters: Sava Stary, Madak Stary, Reese De'res
    Timeline: Late 8 ABY -
    Notes: You as the reader is pretty much dropped into the middle of an ongoing story arc here which I used to write for another star wars fan forum, so a lot of background is lost to you and things may be a bit confusing. All the main characters are made up by me and based on old roleplaying characters which have a long history behind them through a co-existing universe to the star wars saga. Therefor there will be a lot of non-iconic characters which you would never have heard about, and for those that stick to strict canon, you may wrinkle your nose at a few things like force users at a time where there were only supposed to be luke, vader, palpy and yoda. Basically these are the people you never saw in the movies, but that still live in the same galaxy as the heroes and villains we all love and hate from the SW universe. I'll try to give a short background description here to help you understand more fully, and hopefully things will become more clear as I continue this story arc

    Sava Stary - Actually Major Stary of the 22nd "Varactyl" Stormtrooper Battalion. His military career started out with the Empire where he became an student of war and tactics. He had a long and fruitful career until his life turned around when he were forced to kill an Imperial Intelligence agent to save his family. A fugitive of the Empire, he, along with his wife found refuge with his former enemy. The Rebel Alliance, where he befriended and eventually joined a commando team. During his time with the alliance, he discovered his force sensitivity, and were given basic training by other force sensitives within the team. He served with the Alliance until the battle of Endor, where his life came to an end. At least everyone except a chosen few Imperials will believe that. In truth he were extracted after being left for dead, and he was healed back to good health and faced with the reborn Emperor, which stripped him of his memory up until his defection to the Alliance, along with his force powers, as it were his military mind the Emperor needed to rebuild his hidden military force in the Deep Core. Now he along with a few surviving generals and admirals, are re-building the true Empire in the name of Palpatine.

    Madak Stary - Sava Stary's adopted brother. Unlike his human brother, Madak is a Zabrak which took a different turn in life. While Sava went off to the Imperial academy, Madak fell in with the wrong people and started a criminal career on Tatooine. Here he were introduced to a bounty hunter which he grew close to as he learned the trade. Wanting out of the Mos Eisley gang, and to see the galaxy, Madak traveled with this bounty hunter, and soon became one himself. He would finally start off on his own as his partner met a tragic end trying to extract a bounty on Ryloth. Madak took over his ship which he named the Terra Nova. Since then, he have had a bumpy road in his career with both ups and downs. But his latest discovery were the existence of his real brother, Fenald Brec, an old friend of the chiss former KDY stock holder, Mila, and an former KDY employee. After an daring escape from assassins on Kuat, Mila agreed to come along with Madak to find Fenald. To get credits for the star charts to Rehn Var where Fenald was last seen, Madak have involved himself with the hutt Vo'athra, which promised him good money, and protection from his nemesis Ne'ro the Hutt which wants Madak dead for abandoning a job some years ago. We'll be joining Madak as he is coming back from his last job for Vo'athra the Hutt

    Reese De'res - This is my youngest character and one you'll probably see develop more as the story goes on. Formerly more of a background character, Reese is involved with the criminal side of the galaxy, working as a black marketeer, with a focus on weapons and technology. He has some history with Madak Stary, at one point being the supplier of the Zabrak bounty hunter. We'll be joining him as he is finishing some business on the green planet of Myrkr.


    "Wajoo Koosoro?" Vo'athra's voice boomed through the throne room where he had granted Madak an audience. In response to the hutt's question about him bringing the merchandise, Madak dropped a bloody bag on the floor. All eyes in the room were turned to the Zabrak bounty hunter from the moment he had entered. Outlanders were obviously a rare sight to see within the palace. "And my credits?" He asked expectantly.
    "Beeska mu-moolee bu Halapu" Answered the hutt in it's native tongue.
    "Let's make sure of that...Mila?" Behind him were the beautiful young chiss Mila, which he had picked up after leaving Kuat Drive Yards in hope that she would lead him to finding his brother Fenald. She were already on her datapad, checking Madak's payment-account.
    "Four thousand credits transferred to your account for the head of Huun" She confirmed.
    "Excellent" Madak turned his focus back to Vo'athra. "Pleasure doing business with you Vo'athra." I'm such a lier. "Now you'll have to excuse me." Madak gave the hutt a discreet bow of the head before turning to leave. He knew the less time spent inside a hutt palace, the better. People who overstayed their welcome, usually ended up being part of the entertainment. Which usually meant being pitted against whatever creature the hutt kept as their pet.

    Without incident, the two were able to return to the Terra Nova which were parked in Wampa's Bargain. While the ships systems were starting up, Madak opened a feed to the automated air traffic controller, and requested the navigational charts to Rhen Var. On request, he transferred the credits from his account and finished the transaction, downloading the charts to his nav computer. With the press of a button, the Nova plotted in the shortest route to his destination, and soon after the ship was lifting off from the stinking swamp surface of Nar Kaaga. There's a smell I won't miss anytime soon.

    "We're finally headed for Rhen Var then" Commented Mila from the co-pilot seat. The planet which they knew very little about, had been the last place Fenald had visited before his trail went cold. Madak hoped he would find more clues by visiting the planet. A red blinking light on the Novas cockpit console indicated the ship were ready to jump to hyperspace. Madak pulled the lever and the stars outside turned into long white rays of light before sending the ship into a twisting tunnel of blue lights.I'm coming for you, brother

    As usual, Madak had spent time in hyperspace, catching up on some sleep. No dreams this time.
    He had been pulled back to consciousness from an alarm indicating the ship had dropped out of hyperspace. The icy blue colored planet Rhen Var were filling up the veiw-port in front of him.
    "I hope you have some arctic gear on board this ship Stary" Mila didn't sound too pleased about the new planet.
    "I always come prepared sweetheart. You'll find some—"
    A loud bang sounded throughout the cockpit as the ship suddenly shook violently, as if it had bumped into something. It only took a second for Madak to realize they were actually being fired upon. A sharp pulsing alarm went off as the targeting computer tried to lock onto the attacker. A quick glance at the scanner revealed that there were only one ship attacking from the Novas aft. A Nemesis-class patrol craft. Anyone I should know?
    Madak tilted the controls to starboard before pulled them back hard, sending the Nova into a tight arch in an attempt to get behind the Nemesis patrol craft. But the other ship was quite maneuverable, and managed to stay onto the Novas tail, firing it's blasters which forced Madak to put all his piloting skills to work. He pulled a feint maneuver towards starboard, before jerking the ship back port side all while pulling back on the throttles, stressing the dampeners which kept both Madak and Mila from being torn out of their restraints. The Nemesis craft shot past and in front of the Nova, it's pilot not keeping up with the sudden change of speed. Madak hit the throttles again and fired his own laser cannons at the hunter which were now becoming prey. But the maneuverability of the Nemesis-class proved too much for the targeting computer, as it were turning in and out of the targeting reticle. Having no luck with the cannons, Madak flicked a switch, opening the concealed missile launchers in the Novas bow. A loud continuous tone sounded in the cockpit as the missile locked onto it's target. A split second after, Madak pressed the launch button, and the missile shot out towards it's target.
    "That'll end him" Mila said with a smile which Madak caught in the corner of his eye.
    A bright ball of fire expanded along with a visible shock wave as the missile detonated. A quick look at the scanner showed that the enemy crafts signal were lost, but it was gone only for a few seconds before re-appearing. Madak was a bit thrown back by the maneuver as he saw the Nemesis class fly by over his head. Must have used countermeasures. Well played. The explosion blinded me long enough for him to turn back around unnoticed

    "He's making another attack run" Said Mila with a sense of fear in her voice.
    "Brace!" Madak shouted just before the Nemesis-class' laser cannons found their mark and hit the Novas aft, making the ship bank to starboard due to the impact. "How did we do?"
    "Engines are down to thirty percent. We lost aft shields and we seem to have a small hull breach"
    Mila's damage report was not what Madak wanted to hear. But he weren't going down that easily. A blue button on the Nova weapons control panel, opened up the mine launcher placed under the ships main engine. Through the aft sensor screen, Madak watched the proximity mine launch from it's bay and float towards the Nemesis-class which were in pursuit. He kept an eye on the screen as the pursuing ship made a sharp turn to port in an attempt to avoid the mine. Too slow.
    The mine detonated and sent shrapnel flying in the direction of the Nemesis-class craft. "Good hit. It's engines are failing."
    "So are ours, and we're getting close to the atmosphere"
    "Will she hold together long enough for us to reach the surface?"
    Madak hesitated for a moment before answering. "She'll hold" I might be lying again. A warm red glow started to form outside the view-port as the Terra Nova entered the atmosphere, and it became more intense by the second. The ship started first to tremble lightly, then more and more the deeper she came into the atmosphere. Alarms were buzzing throughout the whole ship, and damage reports were racing over the status screen as the temperature were rising inside the ship
    We're burning up from the inside


    "We will not be able to finish the project without the Kuat shipyard."
    "Then perhaps you are no longer needed here, chairman" Said Bevel Lemelisk, the tone of his voice quite agitated. The human architect of the new Eclipse warship had fled from Kuat Drive Yards, along with the companies senior design team when the New Republic had attacked and taken control of the most amazing shipyard in the galaxy. However, the shipyard had been left in ruins, and ever since arriving on Byss, the team had struggled with resuming construction of the mighty Eclipse warship class. Sava sat back in silence and listened as the ship designer and the chairman of KDY—which were in fact a woman—were bickering about the projects future. "If you wish for me and my design team to leave Byss, then all you need is to ask Lemelisk. I am sure the New Republic would be more than happy to pay for our services." Kateel of Kuhlvult had impressed Sava. Not many chairman had the guts to stand up to the Empire if they felt they got a raw deal. Most people just nodded and smiled and hoped the Empire would fulfill their contract to some extent, then be on their way. But the human lady at the other end of the table were a hard bargain, and the scars on her face told a tale of a tougher life than the one of most businessmen. "Enough of this bickering." Sedriss QL had finally broken his silence. Sava had wondered how long he would allow the pointless arguing to go on. The Executor of the Imperial Military were not known for his patience. "The Eclipse will be built, and it will be built on schedule. We have the greatest shipbuilders gathered on this planet, and they will live up to their reputation. Now I believe I were called her on a different matter?"
    "Yes." Lemelisk cleared his throat. "The lack of the Kuat shipyard is not the only thing breaking down our progress. During the evacuation to Byss, we discovered that parts of the plans for the project were missing."
    "Missing?" Sedriss eyed Lemelisk with his piercing red eyes. "I assume you mean stolen."
    "Perhaps." Lemelisk cleared his throat once again. "We have been able to narrow it down to a technician who left the company some time ago."
    "And why was this not discovered earlier?"
    "The plans belong to one of the final stages of construction. Whoever did this were clearly aware of the fact that these plans would not be looked for until this later stage of the construction phase."
    "Well you designed this ship didn't you?"
    "So...?" Tension was running high in the room. Watching the two argue made Sava think of the old days in the Empire, when everyone was expendable. Then you did as told without any smart remarks. These days people like Lemelisk were in high demand, so he could push his boundaries without fearing for his life. "You need to realize how massive this ship is, Executioner. I do not simply keep every detail in my head. That is why we have an archive for construction plans. Which if I remember correctly were supposed to be well guarded by Imperial security."
    "And so it was. However the employment process of KDY seem to have allowed a traitor into it's company." Kateel of Kuhlvult's eyes flared at the critique pointed at her company by Sedriss.
    "Kuat Drive Yards takes no responsibility for Imperial storage archives, and their security. Don't try to blame this on my company"
    "Enough of this!" Sava suddenly found himself standing from his chair, leaning on the conference table with clenched fists. Be smart now Stary. "As the Executioner said earlier. This bickering will get us nowhere. We can sit here pointing fingers all day, or we can try and deal with the problem." Sava noticed Sedriss looking at him with some surprise. The black haired Executor stepped towards him, hands folded behind his back and his head lifted high. He arched a brow as he placed a hand on Sava's shoulder.
    "You have a plan of action then?"
    "I assume you brought me to this meeting for a reason, sir" Sedriss actually smiled at him and gave him an affirming nod.
    "That I did." The Executioner patted him on the shoulder. "You may take a seat Major." Sava did as requested, making sure not to break eye contact with Sedriss until he did so himself. Sava were not one to be disobedient towards higher ranking officers, but he had spent too much time in the Imperial military to be treated as a child. "Now then, as Major Stary pointed out, I did bring him to this meeting for a reason. I agree that we need to solve this problem rather than discussing it. So I will charge the Major with finding your missing plans. In the mean time I suggest you two do every preparation to have the Eclipse class warship ready on schedule. My master would be most displeased otherwise."

    Sava let out a sigh of relief as he left the conference room. Sitting in meetings and talking in codes was not what he had been trained for. He had felt a lust for the battlefield his whole life, and even though he would like to one day see peace throughout the galaxy, he weren't sure of his role in such a situation. From childhood he had been trained with a blaster by his father who at the time were an officer in the Republic. Since then he had joined the military and stayed there. Sometimes at night he had dreams of a different life. One where he had met a girl and started a new life on Tatooine. The dream seemed very real, and it was always the same. He even had dreams of being a part of the Rebel Alliance, fighting with a group of people who he thought he recognized from a deployment to Tatooine. Imagine that. Being a traitor. I'm better off where I am right now


    "I understand your frustration Garyn, and I can assure you that my associates will strive to better themselves in the future. This will not happen again." Reese smiled at the Gotal sat opposite of him at the table. Garyn had been a long standing customer of Reese and always bought large quantities of black market weapons from him. But this time he had received damaged goods. Reese and his crew were at fault here, but there was something else that was left unmentioned.
    "Good. And I would like a thirty thousand credits refund." The gotal narrowed his eyes as he was making his demands. Reese figured he felt like a big man with his crew around him. Six armed thugs all of the same species as Garyn. Reese himself had only brought his closest associates Onca and Xylo. Both very capable men in their respective fields. Onca were the cool-headed of the bunch, a natural feature among Ithorians. But unlike most members of his species, he had a dark side to him, and were a being not to be messed with. Xylo on the other hand were paid to be hot headed. The Nosaurian rarely shied away from a fight, although he would never dive into one without planning ahead. Even though he didn't like to discuss his past, Reese was sure the man used to be an assassin.
    "Of course. And as a sign of good will, I have brought you a gift"
    "A gift?" Garyn furrowed his brows and looked at Reese with distrust. Reese simply smiled and motioned his hand to Xylo, which in turn pushed a button on his comlink. One of the warehouse doors slid open, and two Weequays emerged, pulling a long crate on a repulsorwagon. They stopped just short of the table and flipped the crate upright.
    "What's this?" Garyn asked, keeping an eye on Reese
    "Your gift. Now excuse us. We'll let you enjoy it in peace." Reese motioned for his crew to follow, and they had almost reached the delivery door before Garyn shouted after them
    "Don't you want to see my happy face when I open your gift?"
    Reese smiled and turned around. "If that is what you wish. Go ahead, I can't stay for long"
    Garyn nodded and motioned for one of his men to open the crate. It was fitted with an easy-open system which detached each wall of the crate by the push of a button. The walls slammed against the floor, revealing a slender mechanical body with a cylindrical shaped head. It's censors immediately activated and focused on Garyn. A hydraulic hiss sounded before the droid kicked into action, first making a large arc of fire using it's flamethrower, dispersing the gotal crew, while torching some of them. Reese stood still and watched as the IG-assassin droid picked off Garyn's crew one by one using it's highly destructive pulse cannon, and only fifteen seconds passed before the room was entirely quiet, except the whimpering of one surviving gotal who were being pinned to the floor by the droid's foot, it's servos whining as it increased the pressure.

    "That's enough." Reese approached the droid which on command, released it's prisoner and stepped back, it's sensors calmly scanning the room. Reese looked down at the badly wounded gotal who had managed to lean up against a wall. "Your boss was stupid enough to go to another supplier without even talking to me first. And then he has the nerve to demand compensation from me?"
    "I-I dun know 'bout that." Said the gotal with a shaky voice, looking up at Reese with a hurt expression.
    "What's your name?"
    "D-Devar, sir"
    "Alright Devar. Here's how it is. You are a very lucky gotal. You will survive this, do you understand me Devar?"
    "...Yes sir"
    "Good. You know my name don't you?"
    "Reese, I believe?"
    "That's very good Devar. Now I'll allow you to get out of this alive, so you can go ahead and tell your friends how you survived an encounter with an IG-assassin droid. Not many have. And you'll also make sure that everyone on this overgrown rock knows what happens if you cross me. Sounds good?"
    Devar nodded his head repeatedly, a trace of hope returning to his eyes. Reese extended his hand to the gotal and helped him up to his feet, Devar favoring his injured leg as he took a few steps.
    "Now get out of here"

    To be continued...
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