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Index Index of the Old Republic- KOTOR index and discussion- Winter update! New stories, new discussion.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by KOTOR_Index, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Welcome, fair fanficcer, to the realm of the Old Republic. Here you will find a myriad of stories from an era before Jaina Solo met Jagged Fel, before Princess Leia called Chewbacca a walking carpet, even before Anakin Skywalker was the Hero with No Fear. Four millennia before our usual heroes roamed the galaxy, Jedi still fought, died, laughed, and loved. The Sith roamed through the galaxy, destroying things at will. The Republic teetered on the edge of destruction from the onslaught of far too many conflicts.

    KOTOR Indexers from the days of yore:

    The current indexer is Commander-DWH. You can PM her or the KOTOR_Index sock if you have any questions.

    Stories should be submitted in the following format:

    Link to the story:
    Link to your user profile:
    Co-Authors (should any exist):
    (i.e. WIP, Complete)

    The index will be initially compiled of everything that was in the old Guardians of the Old Republic thread. However, new submissions are always wanted, so send them in!


    Discussion is not only permitted, but encouraged in this thread! There will be guided discussion topics provided by the thread manager(s), but if you have a question, don't shy away from asking it. Some guidelines:

    1. It has to relate in some way, shape, or form to Knights of the Old Republic or Tales of the Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi is cool, but he has his own thread.

    2. No flaming! Whether it is related to a person's opinion or a person's writing, it will not be tolerated. We can all play nice in this thread, so let's just have fun.

    3. Socializing, as always, should be kept to a minimum. We're here to discuss, after all. :) So keep social spammy stuff to the social thread, and have good discourse here.

    4. No drive-by fic pimping, if you please. PM your links to the KOTOR_Index, and I promise they'll be posted. If your story is relevant to the discussion, it is permissible to reference it. In fact, I encourage you to share your own ideas in relation to your stories. However, to keep the forum in its proper balance, we'll keep the pimping from the thread. Also, any fics not PMed to the index sock will not be indexed.

    5. Most importantly, keep it fun. :) It's a great era to write about, and I think everyone who writes it has a unique perspective to offer. So don't be afraid to post your ideas, and have a good time with it.

    So, break out the Onasi blasters, check your saber crystals, and make sure HK-47 hasn't killed anyone while you weren't looking. This index is ready for business. :D

    Below is a list of discussion topics and challenges that can be found in this thread (with page locations). Lists are posted in chronological order.

    Why Kotor? (page 1)
    OCs (page 2)
    Revan, the Exile, and you (page 2)
    Where does one start in KotOR? (page 3)
    Revan and the Exile... which do you prefer and why? (page 4)
    Favorite KotOR character (page 5)
    How far is "too far" in the future for KotOR? (page 5)
    Favorite "minor" character? (page 5)
    Handling Sith in the Old Republic (page 6)
    What does KOTOR mean to you? (page 6)
    KOTOR and Romance (page 7)
    What's your inspiration? (page 7)
    Expanding the KOTOR Universe (page 7)

    Write a KotOR event as a Fairy Tale (page 4)
    OC viggie... non-interactive (page 5)
    I was a Sith Henchman... and the pay totally sucked. (page 6)
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    Dec 29, 2005
    Tales of the Jedi

    Title: To Forgive My Killer, To Forgive My Brother
    Timeframe: At the end of Tales of the Jedi: the Sith War
    Characters: Cay Qel-Droma, bits of Ulic
    Genre: Angst?
    Summary: Comments of a slain Jedi
    Notes: I haven't read any of the BfTS books, only a few comics, so I'll describe things the way I saw them. As Socrates once said, please forgive my ignorance. This is my first time attempting something in this era and this is based solely on The Sith War. If you look in my profile, you'll know that I'm usually a Beyond person. In other words, feel free to criticize.

    Title: Corrupted By Evil
    Author(s): Deyla_Heren
    Timeframe: The start of the Sith Wars
    Characters: Ulic Qel-Droma (main character), Arca Jeth, Vodo-Sioks Baas(breifly), Cay Qel-Droma, Tott Doneeta, Exar Kun.
    Genre: Action/adventure
    Keywords: Jedi, Sith, lightsaber, the Force
    Summary: Ulic Qel-Droma turns to the Dark Side and is eventually killed.
  3. KOTOR_Index

    KOTOR_Index Jedi Youngling

    Dec 29, 2005
    Pre-KOTOR/Mandalorian Wars

    Title: Uninspired
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Genre: Angst, Songfic
    Timeframe: pre-TPM, Old Republic
    Characters: Carth Onasi
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: Carth has grown up in the middle of a nightmare. Can he ever truly escape it?
    Notes: The lyrics used are from the song Uninspired by 8Stops7.

    Title: Reunion With the Past
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Characters: Canderous Ordo, Kortien (Ordo) Amberle
    Timeframe: pre-TPM, post Mandalorian-Wars/pre-KotOR
    Summary: Canderous meets a "lost" family member during his travels after the Wars ended.

    Title: Come Home Soon
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Characters: Morgana Onasi
    Timeframe: pre-TPM, pre-KotOR
    Summary: With her husband Carth away fighting the Mandalorians, Morgana struggles to keep their home without him.
    Notes: The lyrics used are from the song "Come Home Soon" by SheDaisy.

    Title: The Tragedy of Malak
    Author(s): Cobranaconda
    Timeframe: 4000 BBY
    Characters: Malak, Revan
    Genre: Oh, a bit of this, a bit of that
    Keywords: Malak, Revan, ill fortune
    Summary: You'll see.
    Notes: This is written in honour of the Acolytes of Revan. Get set kids.

    Title: Mobius
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Leiraya Moran, Kylan Sheffield
    Timeframe: The Mandalorian Wars, pre-KOTOR
    Genre: drama
    Summary: Two best friends have very opposing views on how to best deal with the Mandalorians.
    Notes: Written for the OC Dueling Circle challenge # 6- Temptations!

    Title: Voices in the Wind
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Leiraya Moran, Kylan Sheffield
    Timeframe: Pre-KOTOR
    Genre: drama, sorta angsty-ish?
    Summary: Before leaving Corellia, two young Jedi ask some advice from their elders.
    Notes: For the OC Dueling Circle Challenge #10, best understood if you've read Mobius, or at least Chapter 6 of The Blue Side of the Force.

    Title: A Pair of Sparkling Eyes
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Carth Onasi
    Timeframe: pre-KOTOR
    Genre: vig, angst
    Summary: An AU story, pondering what it would have been like if Carth had not been the family member to go and fight in the Mandalorian Wars.
    Notes: Written for the Ridiculously Specific Challenge #4

    Title: More Than Useless
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Skyler Ducharme, Kylan Sheffield
    Timeframe: Pre-Mandalorian Wars. Kylan, Skyler, and Leiraya are 20.
    Summary: A Corellian Jedi is forced to evaluate his reasons for going to battle.
    Notes: Written for the OC Dueling Circle challenge #14. Title shamelessly yoinked from Relient K, for they are an awesome band that is way cool.

    Title: The Mandalorians Strike Back
    Timeframe: Mandalorian Wars
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Characters: Revan, Malak, Mandalore, the Exile
    Keywords: Mandalorians, Sith, Jedi
    Summary: Thousands of years before the Republic collapsed through the treachery of a Sith Lord, another has set the Mandalorians upon the Republic and only a group of rogue Jedi led by the most powerful Jedi Master of his generation can halt their brutal wave of conques
  4. KOTOR_Index

    KOTOR_Index Jedi Youngling

    Dec 29, 2005
    Knights of the Old Republic

    Title: Love's Final Redemption
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Characters: Revan, Bastila Shan, Carth Onasi, Sabyne Amberle, Canderous Ordo
    Timeframe: KOTOR

    Title: Knights Of The Old Republic
    Authors:Keeper_of_Swords, tangled_sphere, Stormtrooper_Shrink, Jubei_Bint_Azi, The_Dark_Lord_Revan
    Timeframe: Pre-TPM
    Characters: Revan, Malak, Carth, Bastila, Niol, OCs.
    Genre: Adventure/Angst
    Disclaimer: *Spoilers* present for Knights of the Old Republic. This is a work of fan fiction. No money is being made, just lots of fun. Thank you George and all your writers for creating such a wonderful universe for us to play in.

    Title: A Jedi Restored
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: KOTOR
    Characters: Sabyne Amberle, the Jedi Council

    Title: Revan's Coat of Many Colors
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: KotOR
    Characters: Revan Dakouri, Carth Onasi
    Genre: AU, Romance
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: When the Dakouri family is killed by their bitter rivals, Revan flees Derelia...and finds love.
    Notes: An AU fic loosely Based off the Brothers' Grimm fairy tale.

    Title: The End User Strikes Back
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Timeframe: KOTOR
    Characters: Carth Onasi, the End User
    Genre: humour
    Summary: A disgruntled programmer hacks her way into Knights of the Old Republic with hilarious and sometimes borderline disasterous results.
    Notes: Uhh... don't try this at home, kids.

    Title: One, Two, Three
    Author: The_Face
    Timeframe: during KOTOR
    Characters: Calo Nord, Canderous Ordo
    Genre: vignette
    Keywords: KOTOR, Calo Nord, bounty hunters
    Summary: Calo Nord?s thoughts leading up to and during his fight with three of the Ebon Hawk?s crew
    Notes: This is a short piece exploring Calo?s opinions, views, and life, set in a scenario that puts him against Jolee, Canderous, and the player on Kashyyyk.

    Title: Sithy Sithy Heart
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: pre-TPM
    Characters: Bastila Shan, Darth Malak
    Genre: Humor
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: Malak finds he must use some...unorthodox means to make Bastila join him.

    Title: The Real World
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: Pre-TPM
    Characters: Carth Onasi
    Genre: Angst
    Keywords: KotOR, songfic
    Summary: Carth recalls his most recent memories of Telos as he hides from the Sith on Taris.
    Notes: The song lyrics I used are from the song "Real World" by QueensRyche.

    Title: Searching For...
    Author: Aiden Sanic
    Summary: For those who play KOTOR, you would know there is a hint of romance between Bastila and Revan. Bastilla wrestles with her feelings towards Revan, and her commitment towards the jedi council.
    Characters: All main characters from KOTOR, and Kriff Sanic ( Revan )
    Timframe: Right before the Levaithan gets the Ebon Hawk with it's tractor beam.

    Title: The Blue Side of the Force: Book I- Complements
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: The usual K1 crew, OCs
    Genre: A little bit of everything, I reckon.
  5. KOTOR_Index

    KOTOR_Index Jedi Youngling

    Dec 29, 2005

    Title: To Live and Love
    Author: Bale
    Timeframe: One year after the destruction of the Star Forge
    Characters: Bastila, Revan, Malak
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: Bastila reflects on the past and what lies ahead.
    Notes: This is in answer to the Quotation Roulette challenge. Number 48: ?Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.? ? Corita Kent.

    Title: Freefall
    Author: DarthQuellonius
    Timeframe: Two years post-KOTOR
    Summary: Between the end of Kotor 1 and the end of Kotor 2 The Sith Lords. Describes what occurred between these two settings.

    Title: Laughter from the Sky
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Karalina Jade, aka the former Dark Lady Revan, Carth Onasi, various K1 peeps
    Timeframe: Right after the end of KOTOR
    Genre: Silly, mushy (and I never write mush!), and various random genres inserted for fun.
    Summary: Oh, the fun times to be had 'round the fire as heroes of the galaxy...
    Notes: This was written for the Ridiculously Specific "Gather 'Round the Campfire" challenge.

    Title: Corellian Rose
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Leiraya Moran, Carth Onasi, Mission Vao, Canderous Ordo, various other KOTOR peeps
    Timeframe: 2 years after KOTOR
    Summary: It?s Leiraya?s wedding day, and nothing's as simple as it should be.
    Notes: OC Dueling Circle challenge #5 response

    Title: A Jedi's Sacrifice
    Author: obi_webb
    Timeframe: after KOTOR
    Genre: who knows?
    Characters: revan, bastila, the exile, jolee bindo
    Status: WIP

    Title: Don't Panic!
    Author(s): Cobranaconda
    Timeframe: Completely irrelevant [indexer's note: I'm sticking it here because it's in the middle. :p]
    Characters: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Arthur Dent, Marvin the Paranoid Android, the Minister of Silly Walks, The Spanish Inquisition, Revan, possibly Trillian, Ford, Zaphod and a sofa.
    Genre: Crossover, comedy.
    Keywords: Insanity
    Summary: The Universe is completely destroyed and then started again as something completely different. In which SW and Hitchhikers Galaxies are combined.
    Notes: Insanity, Insanity, more insanity.

    Title: Only time well tell
    Author: KILIK
    Timeframe: Pre-KOTOR II
    Characters: OCs and master Kavar
    Genre: general, mystery
    Disclaimer: George Lucas created Star Wars! Not me. I DO how ever OWN the OCs Leo and Zelda!
    Summary: A young Jedi Pdawan is accused of seting an explosion that killed Innocent people.
    Notes: This is for the lasted OC Dueling Challenge started on 6/2/06 by the_wandering_Shadow.

    Title: Just an off day
    Author(s): KILIK
    Timeframe: Pre KOTOR II
    Characters: OCs

    Title: Breaking
    Author: CJ-12
    Timeframe: Post KotOR
    Genre: Angst
    Characters: Not saying
    Keywords: drama, angst, breaking, vignette
    Notes: This started out as a vignette involving OCs of any timeframe that was h/c, and suddenly wound up not working out that way at all.
    Status: Complete though a sequel is in-progress

    Title: Choice[/li
  6. KOTOR_Index

    KOTOR_Index Jedi Youngling

    Dec 29, 2005
    Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

    Title: The Darkness Within Her
    Author: azog
    Timeframe: KOTOR II

    Title: The Witch of Malachor
    Author: azog
    Timeframe: KOTOR II

    Title: Residence on Dantooine
    Author: azog
    Timeframe: KOTOR II

    Title: Flowers and Reconciliation
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: Pre-TPM, KotOR
    Characters: Sabyne Amberle, Atton Rand (main chars.)
    Genre: KotOR, Action, Drama
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: Atton and Sabyne have been at each other's throats since he rescued her. Can they put aside their differences and stop the Sith from resurrecting Freedon Nad?
    Notes: My response to the Fan Fiction Challenge April 18-May 2.

    Title: Exile's End
    Author: Frostfyre
    Timeframe: KOTOR II
    Summary: If you've played the game or if you haven't, I think you'll enjoy this story. It is NOT going to be a word for word reproduction of the game, but rather my take on the events and storyline of KOTOR 2 (which is just as well, since so much got cut...dang LucasArts, anyway.)

    Title: Truth or Dare
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: pre-TPM
    Characters: Atton Rand, Disciple (Mical)
    Genre: Humor
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: Atton tries to take Mical down a few pegs, only to find things don't work out the way he thought they would.

    Title: On the Edge of Hearing
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Characters: Visas Marr
    Timeframe: KotOR, pre-TPM
    Genre: Drama
    Summary: Visas struggles to identify that one strain of life among billions, only to find encouragement from an unexpected source.
    Notes: Written for the Quotations Challenge. The quotation I chose was #74. The secret of success is constancy to purpose.

    Title: Savin' Me
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Genre: Angst, Songfic
    Timeframe: KotOR, pre-TPM
    Characters: Atton Rand, Kabrina Gamon (Exile)
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: Atton and Kabrina each try to overcome ghosts from their pasts, only to find themselves drawn closer to one another in the process.
    Notes: This is a slightly different type of Songfic. I broke it into two parts to distinguish better between the two characters. The lyrics used are from the song "Savin' Me" by Nickelback.

    Title: In Desperate Need of a Vacation
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Genre: Humour
    Timeframe: KOTOR 2 (mostly)
    Characters: Arden Moore, Atton Rand, Disciple, Mira, Mandalore, HK-47, Yoda
    Summary: Sucks to be cooped up on a ship for too long, doesn't it?
    Notes: For the ?I Dare You? Challenge (1st post only) and the Ridiculously Specific Challenge v5.0.

    Title: Reverie of Darkness
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Timeframe: KotOR, pre-TPM
    Characters: Atton Rand, Mical (Disciple)
    Genre: Angst, Drama
    Summary: Atton acts upon his jealousy regarding Mical's relationship with exile Kabrina Gamon. But what are the consequences of such action?
    Notes: May be minor spoilers for KotOR 2, mostly regarding interactions in-game between Atton & Mical. Much of
  7. KOTOR_Index

    KOTOR_Index Jedi Youngling

    Dec 29, 2005
    Post-KOTOR II

    Title: The Passing of Mandalore
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    TimeFrame: Pre-TPM, Old Republic, EU
    Characters: Canderous Ordo (Mandalore)
    Genre: Angst
    Keywords: KotOR
    Summary: As Mandalore lays dying, he chooses his successor.

    Title: Knights of the Old Republic III - Revelations of the Jedi
    Author: Zedd-Vega
    Timeframe: Post-KOTOR 2
    Characters: Canon KOTOR characters
    Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
    Keywords: KOTOR
    Summary: The children of Atton and the Exile are in danger. It is up to the newly established Jedi Order on Onderon to keep them safe at all costs.
    Notes: I am a huge fan of KOTOR and I hope to appeal to most of my fellow KOTOR fans with this FanFic.

    Title: Failure
    Author(s): Obi-Wan21
    Timeframe: 2,000 years before The Phantom Menace.
    Characters: Jon Cornos, Darth Scorn
    Genre: Angst, mild action
    Keywords: Scorn, Jedi, Order
    Summary: The previous Sith Civil War has torn the Galaxy. Darth Scorn now rules and the Jedi have been wiped to extinction. Only one remains. But for how long. The Sith have been in control for a few months now...
    Notes: The Sith controlled the Galaxy at one point. This is the official (IMO) death of the Last Jedi. It's a vignette

    Title: The Danger Beyond
    Author: EmilieDarklighter
    Genre: War, Action, Romance
    Timeframe: The distant past, KotOR era
    Summary: When Lady Revan returns from the Unknown Regions, she brings with her news of the war to end all wars...and a plan to stop it.
    Author's Notes: This story features female lightside Revan. I happen to love Carth and Mission, so they feature a lot in this story. If you don't like either of them, then this story isn't for you. ;)
    Spoilers: KotOR 1 and 2 (Yes, I have played all the way through TSL. Rest assured, everything will make sense in time.)

    Title: Knights of the Old Republic III: Revenge of the Writters
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Genre: Humour
    Characters: Revan, HK-47
    Timeframe: post-KOTOR 2
    Summary: The script for KOTOR 3 has come out, and Revan?s worst fears are confirmed? that her worst fears don?t even come close to being as bad as reality.

    Title: Knights of the Old Republic III: The Fall of Darth Nihilus
    Author: Darth_Valeo
    Summary: Hello everyone! this is my first post and story so I hope you like it. Its about the mysterious Darth Nihilus (from KotOR II) and how he became dark lord of the sith.

    Title: There Is No Death, There Is Immortality
    Author: Bale
    Timeframe: Pre-TPM

    Title: The Search for the Exile
    Author: Darklord07, me.
    Genre: Adventure/AU
    Time Frame: Pre-KOTOR
    Characters: Kreia, Revan, Bastilla...
    Notes: Hi I am new to fanfic. I have something I had worked on its not finished, and I was just wondering if it was any good?
    My Grammer may not be the best, but I am still learning.
    Please be honest. If you have any suggestions PM them to me.

    Title: Second Chances
    Author: Commander-DWH
    Characters: Carth Onasi, Leiraya Moran Onasi, Bryce Onasi
    Timeframe: 19 years post-KOTOR 2
    Genre: Angstarific with a dash of humour, just because I can. tongue
  8. Commander-DWH

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    Nov 3, 2003
    Yay for having a brand new shiny index! And just in time for you to find your favourite fics for the Winter Before Awards. ;)

    Any suggestions for a first official topic?
  9. KOTOR_Index

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    Dec 29, 2005
    Okay, this thread needs some upping. Hopefully tomorrow I'll come up with a compelling topic of conversation to entice all the KOTOR fans in. And submit your links! I know you're out there, wreaking havok on the boards. :p
  10. obi_webb

    obi_webb Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 4, 2005
    well, i am enticed so if you come up with the topic i'll be here!
    (yeah, i could attempt to start a topic now, but you said you would and i'd rather just join in later! :p )
  11. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    First off, thanks for reviving the thread, DWH! It seems the KotOR fandom has grown faster than anyone can really handle on their own! If you want a definition of "drowning", look up me when I was trying to keep on top of the old thread. :eek:

    Want proof? Check out the "Before" noms thread. The KotOR era has received 12 (yes that's right. 12) confirmed nominations! I remember the last awards there were only 3 KotOR authors nommed (DWH, Frostfyre, and myself) so it's good to see increased interest. [face_dancing]
  12. WyoJedi

    WyoJedi Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 2005
    WooHoo! Great to see the Kotor thread revived.
    I also have another fic that needs to be added to the index. When Shadows Remain -
    I believe it would belong in the Kotor1 section.

    Thanks. Again great to see this alive and well.

  13. Commander-DWH

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    Nov 3, 2003
    I'll add that straightaway... but for now, the First Topic (of d00m):

    Why KOTOR?

    I mean, most of us who write in the era are familiar with the movies. I know that I, for one, am familiar with pretty much everything except for the comics. So why, then, do you choose to write about one of the single most obscure eras in the Star Wars fandom?

    Discuss! :D
  14. Killik_Twilight

    Killik_Twilight Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 6, 2005
    Hmm? I haven't actually posted anything pertaining to KOTOR here on the boards, but I often lurk in KOTOR stories (or did? *shifty eyes*) and I play the games over and over. So I'll modify the question a little for msyelf: why would I want to write?

    Well, to the point, this era is something that doesn't get a lot of attention, for one, so it's easier to come up with your own ideas and not be needled to death *grins* Also, the games are fun, so why not?

  15. obi_webb

    obi_webb Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 4, 2005
    why kotor?
    i find that i feel more attached to the characters of kotor then i do other EU characters. the fact that you get to play them and control their destiny in a wonderfully developed game probably adds to that.
    PLUS the fact that the main characters of KOTOR1 and 2 are largely based on how you choose them to be, that makes them easy to get attached to.
    i am also attracted to the era because it is much less defined, and you can do more with it then the movie era, and the books that take place after the movies. a lot of what happens isn't known because it hasn't been DONE yet. kotor 3, unfortunatly is something we're still anxiously awaiting. but that also affords a writer a lot of freedom.
  16. WyoJedi

    WyoJedi Jedi Youngling star 4

    Nov 7, 2005
    I have to agree with obi-webb... the fact that it is less defined opens so many possibilities to the characters and their destinies. Plus I think the ability to open up the AU is more with Kotor because you can control the characters in the games, why not in stories.
    I love the movies and their stories, but I feel more drawn to the characters in Kotor. they seem more personal to me.
    Why Kotor? Why not Kotor?

  17. talonstarshade

    talonstarshade Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 7, 2005
    Why KOTOR?

    Well, I haven't actually posted any of my fanfics on this board, mostly because I want to finish (or at least figure out how they end) before I start something here. But I do write mostly (actually, almost all) KOTOR era fics. I think I do so because like those above me said, I got attached to the characters easier then the movies and EU. And like those above me, I really love the ability to stretch the limits of KOTOR. You can create things that you can't with The Saga or Beyond the Saga. If that makes any sense. Besides, Vibroblades kick major rear.
  18. kotorchick

    kotorchick Jedi Knight star 4

    Aug 11, 2005
    Why KOTOR?

    Hm... I haven't actually publised any KOTOR fics, but I'm an avid reader. I would have to say the why is because the characters feel so much like your own after working with them in the game. You see them, and you see echos of yourself. Plus, it also has such terrific character development & an awesome plot line. Some of the movies and books are worse than this game, plot wise. Not ot mention an author has so much freedom, so its really interesting to see how they mold their Revan/Exile, what lands they visit, how they interact with party memebers, ect. Thats what really sets this era apart for me, I think.
  19. Oddly_Salacious

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Why KOTOR?

    The thrum-rum of saber. The swish of prairie grass. The crackle of chain lightening. The screams of the dying.

    Why KOTOR?



  20. Ace_Venom

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    Sep 22, 2002
    KOTOR-era has a lot of untapped potential as far as I'm concerned. Until we get some good profic from this era, we have to settle for fan fic. I personally fixate on the tragedy of Darth Revan. We know the war transformed him and Anakin Skywalker would follow in his footsteps nearly 4000 years later. To me, it's a story that needs telling. That's why I write KOTOR.
  21. SabyneAmberle

    SabyneAmberle Jedi Grand Master star 3

    Sep 16, 2004
    Why write KotOR? Why write anything else? I agree with everyone who's said they like being able to interpret the story without all the EU material getting in the way.

    And way to go, KotOR authors! For the Winter Fanfic Awards in "Before", we have about 20 nominations! Way to go everyone who received nods, whether you're going to the next round or not. Let's see if we can (nearly) sweep the Awards this year! We also have a KotOR author up for Best Author and one up for Best New Author. Well done, everyone! [face_dancing]
  22. obi_webb

    obi_webb Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 4, 2005
    yeah, it's really great to see so much kotor stuff that was voted on for nominations! slowly but surely, the kotor [face_love] is starting to spread!
  23. Commander-DWH

    Commander-DWH Manager Emeritus star 4

    Nov 3, 2003
    Yes, congrats to everyone who was nominated! I'm so proud of everyone- it's good to see the era getting a little recognition. :)

    As for why I write KOTOR... well, the simplest way to put it was that when the game ended, the characters didn't. I mean, I've played, say, Rebel Assault II, and never felt compelled to write about Rookie One. Similarly, I didn't much care what Jaden Corr went on to do after Jedi Academy. But the cast of characters was incredibly compelling and they took on a life of their own. And when a character starts knocking on your door with story ideas, it's hard to say no. :p

    The fact that there aren't five gabillion authors and scads of profic to get in the way is also helpful. The freedom to expand your stories as you please is quite nice. That, and even canon allows for a lot of different options (no matter what LFL might say... if it's in the game, it's freakin' canon). It makes for a lot of good and interesting fic. :)
  24. Oddly_Salacious

    Oddly_Salacious Jedi Grand Master star 1

    Dec 5, 2005
    Writing about KOTOR is a furthering of the story that the player essentially creates (or adapts) during their progression through the game environment. The player is given the ability to name the main character and choose their behaviour (as well as physical attributes, kit, and weaponry). These elements are at the core of any storyline. After the game ends, then it's just a matter of the player becoming the writer.

    KOTOR has excelled in providing a solid point of leap for so many. Just look at the explosion of fanfic that's out there now.

  25. Ben_Watson

    Ben_Watson Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 11, 2004
    I love the games, played them many times. Read a few comics, but not really written much there. Now for the index, does it have to involve ONLY official characters, or OCs? Because I'm writing a story that will take place within KOTOR, sort've an AU KOTOR.
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