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Saga - ST Indoor/Outdoor Cat (OTP Challenge #13-City/Country Mouse)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by gizkaspice, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. gizkaspice

    gizkaspice Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 27, 2013
    Genre: humor, brOTP
    Characters: Hux, Phasma
    Timeframe: After the Last Jedi
    Summary: In an attempt to eliminate the new Supreme Leader of the First Order, Hux and Phasma visit each other's environments and they try to adjust.
    Author's note: This is for the challenge, OTP Thread Challenge #13: City Mouse, Country Mouse. It also has Millicent because Millicent rules!

    "I'm surprised you wanted to come to Parnassos with me. Didn't I warn you this place sucks?"

    “And have you found that beetle yet, Phasma? The one we’re going to use to assassinate Ren?” General Armitage Hux was asking his old ally and only friend as he was walking across the sandy terrain with Millicent in a pet carrier. “And by any chance is there a cat spa nearby? Millie could use a manicure.”

    ”Not yet, and watch out for sand cats,” warned Phasma.

    “Did you hear that, Millie? Maybe you’ll make a friend,” he suggested to a furious Millicent who was now hissing.

    Phasma resumed searching in the small crevices and cracks around the rocks. “Don’t count on it. Sand cats are 10 meters long and eat people.”

    “Meow, meow!?” inquired Millicent, seeing whiskers and tails moving in the sand.

    "Like those HoloNet long cat memes?" asked Hux suddenly. "I have a cushion like that."

    ".....................Of course you do." But it was actually kind of cute. And weird.
    Nightfall was approaching when they began to head back to their ship empty-handed. The howls of wild animals echoed in the distance. “We’ll need to camp out here for a while.”

    “Surely you jest?” he complained, already tired from walking for about 10 minutes. “It’s cold and Millicent needs a manicure and I think I broke a nail."

    Spoiled aristocratic boy, she thought. There are wild and dangerous animals nearby, and all he’s concerned about is Millicent’s manicure and breaking nails or whatever. “I’ll find us some raw sea urchins and we’ll survive the night.”

    Millicent was now out of her pet carrier and wandering around while Hux protested. "No, Phasma. We're dialing for take out."

    "This is a backworld planet, a radioactive wasteland. There is no take out. Nevermind. Millicent hunted a rodent for us. Cats are survivalists."

    "Look there, a random restaurant that sells cat-themed waffles!" he said, pointing to a market stall in the middle of nowhere. He packed Millicent into her pet carrier and picked up his suitcase full of hair gel and hair gel accessories "And there's a new mall, too. I hope they have a playground for Millie."

    Things have definitely changed since last I've been here, she thought to herself. Wait a minute....was he carrying along that suitcase all this time?!

    Their assassination plan on the new Supreme Leader failed, they returned aboard the Finalizer where Hux invited Phasma to his secret chamber down in the lowest level of the Star Destroyer. It was a place she never knew about it, but he trusted her to keep his secret least Kylo Ren found out about it and replaced it as one of his Darth Vader merchandise storage rooms. She was told to come dressed formally, so she wore a black and gray jumpsuit instead of her armor.

    There was various cat merchandise scattered around and pictures of cute army kittens in military uniforms. There were a few cats walking around aimlessly, probably some of Millicent’s friends. A diverse selection of wine and tea was neatly stacked in a corner. The room was tidy, obsessively organized and cozy which wasn't something she was used to. This place is so weird, she thought, glancing around warily.

    "Welcome to my sanctuary," he announced. "Where the finer things in life are celebrated, such as miniature cats, wine and tiny decorative vases."

    Miniature cats? Okay, yeah. Getting weird, she thought.

    Suddenly, a tiny enraged kitten with an anger management problem ran by, destroying a rug furiously on its way with its little claws before running off onto a cat tree and destroying that into pieces, too.

    "Cute murder mittens," commented Phasma on the angry kitten as she sat down on a chair. The small chair broke underneath her. “I see you designed this room for a midget.”

    "Those chairs are for cats, Phasma," clarified Hux. "Here, cats have priority over chairs. Also don't forget to use a coaster." I hope she uses that coaster...the table will be ruined without one. But if she doesn't, I can't possibly stay mad; after all, she's the only friend I have, he thought to himself.

    "Whatever, Armie," she said casually, sitting on the edge of a blue cat-themed sofa. One of Millicent's friends rolled a wine bottle towards her. Maybe this indoor cat thing wasn't so bad after all.

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  2. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Aww, this was fun! :D Great to see Millicent again, and wow, the worlds of indoor and outdoor cats are definitely as different from each other as the worlds of country and city mice, aren't they! Not a bad thing that Hux came prepared with all of Millicent's necessary accoutrements out in that barren wasteland, though I bet all parties were relieved to be able to lunch on kitty waffles instead of dead rats! Contrast that with all the kitty-sized finery of Hux's home turf... though hey, not so bad if the kitties are offering you wine! ;) Enjoyed this—thank you so much for sharing and being part of the challenge! :)
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  3. gizkaspice

    gizkaspice Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 27, 2013
    Thanks so much for your insight comment, Finds! I admit I wasn't too confident about this entry since I'm not good with mushy love things and mushiness certainty has no place here either, but I'm glad I got the challenge right in some ways and that it was an enjoyable read (cats and all included) :D
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  4. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    Hux loves his cat!! LOL cute. Nicely done.
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  5. divapilot

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Ack! I missed this!
    Love Millicent so much. She’s the boss kitty. And she deserves her own room, filled with little cat furniture and all her feline friends.
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  6. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    Oh, well that was intresting. A bit suprising at first but when I think about it, it kinda fits for someone like Hux to own a cat, to have something to feel affection for.
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  7. gizkaspice

    gizkaspice Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 27, 2013
    Thank you so much for the comment! Yes, he does. :D She also has her own epic cat story in case you are interested in her further kitty adventures and other wacky things.

    Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it! Yes, yes she is :D:D. I am also certain that she has her own Star Destroyer and flagship on that note....but that's a story for another time ;)

    Thanks for the comment! Pablo Hidalgo actually came up with the idea of Millicent and made her 'canon' in his original tweet a few years ago and then I just took it and ran with it. :D But I agree, Millicent really does seem to fit Hux because all evil and diabolical villains need to have a Right-Hand Cat. Thanks again!
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