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Star Wars CLOSED Interludes - The Clones' War

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Jun 24, 2022.

  1. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Clone Wars kicked off an era of utter calamity and devastation.

    In hindsight, they were merely the pronouncement of what had already came to pass.

    The Sith ruled the galaxy.

    But let us rewind a tiny bit.

    Two years before...

    The then Chancellor Palpatine's term is about to end...

    Election season is upon us.
  2. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004

    IC: Darth Tyranus

    Hijacked HoloNet relay station

    Today he was the former Jedi Master and current Count of Serenno, Dooku. Renunciate; the final of the Lost Twenty.

    Yesterday, he had been in the shadows, Darth Tyranus, apprentice to the greatest Sith Lord in history; the most powerful, elusive, and masterful Darth Sidious.

    Tomorrow, he would be leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

    He would conjure the independence movements of the past to the here and now.

    The Seventeen Alsakan Conflicts; the Rift Alliance; the independence of the Centrality, Hapes Consortium and Centrality; the eighteenth Corellian secession of five centuries ago...

    He would weave that legacy, some seventeen thousand years of seeking freedom.

    The Raxus Address, as it became known, saw Dooku use his most fiery rhetoric to condemn the Senate and Jedi for allowing the ideals and morals of the Galactic Republic to decline.

    It would, in the days to come, trigger a wave of separatism unseen for five centuries.

    The words would cross the length and breadth of the Galactic Republic, the so-called Ruusan Republic.

    It would touch those powers that had retained their borders, including the Senex-Juvex Sectors, the Hutt worlds, and crest upon the shores of the Unknown Regions...

    Where were you when you heard that the galaxy had just fell to chaos?


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  3. Lady_Belligerent

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    Jan 29, 2008
    OOC: An amazing combo with @Sinrebirth - thank you!

    Raxus Prime

    Sev’rance Tann stood beside Vandalor as they listened to Count Dooku’s address. They were in a small transport assigned to accompany the Count’s fleet, and had brought their twelve year old daughter along because there wasn’t anyone to leave her with.

    Now they faced a whole new problem. “We brought her because of your vision,” Vandalor murmured, “you said she couldn’t stay behind, Sev’rance. She won’t be safe with us.”

    “I’m right here, you know?” Sybelle has indeed been sitting at the navigation station, crouched down in the seat. Her deep red eyes narrowed at her parents. “Why won’t I be safe?” She realized that might’ve crossed a line, but thankfully mom and dad were too wrapped up in the dramatics of the Count. Sybelle didn’t like him, but she had been told to keep her opinions to herself.

    “Go to the back and pack up your clothes,” her mother said quickly. “You didn’t answer me—,” Sybelle tried to ask but her mother interrupted with a stern, “NOW!”

    It wasn’t fair. She was old enough to be part of any discussion involving her safety. Sybelle reluctantly left, but she made sure they could hear her boots scraping the deck plates as she dragged her feet.

    Once their daughter wasn’t listening they started discussing options. “My aunt is on an archaeological dig, it shouldn’t be hard to find out where she is,” Sev’rance said while scrolling back through her messages.

    Vandalor wasn’t sure that would work, “she’s always in some remote location, how will we know Sybelle is safe? Also, what if she won’t take her for us?”

    Sybelle wasn’t known for her obedience, in fact she was stubborn and headstrong.

    “They won’t let us leave when hostilities break out,” Vandalor pointed to the console where they’d been monitoring the holonet feed. Reports were already coming in about chaos in many cities. “Dooku manipulated those listening, did you feel his use of the Force in his speech?”

    Sev’rance nodded, “I did, it took an effort not to be sucked into his oration. See if we can leave for 24 hours, I’ll go talk to Sybelle.”

    They both heard grumbling from the passage into the main cabin, “child, you’re testing my patience,” Vandalor shouted.

    “I should get to decide what I’m doing… or going, and I want to stay with you,” Sybelle raised her voice enough to be heard, “Mom, please.” She had to get them to listen to her, “I’ll never see you again if you leave me… you won’t come back.”

    She had told herself that she wouldn’t cry, but it was hopeless, and just maybe they could survive if she stayed with them. Staying with her parents could change her vision.

    Vandalor pressed his hand to his forehead. It wasn't easy having a Force sensitive child.

    It wasn't easy being a Force User, in Chiss Space. The Ruling Families scooped up them, wiped their memories, and put them in the Sky-Walkers, to be used as navigators, before their Force potential vanished, usually by the time they were teenagers. It was rare it went beyond that - thus Sev'rance being so important to the Sith, to the point Thrawn had helped them escape - and it was even rarer that the Force user was male.

    Nobody knew why.

    But he was determined to have his revenge on the Ruling Houses, and that meant working with the Sith.

    It didn't mean he would let their daughter be dragged into this.

    Dooku's flagship, a prototype Subjugator-class battle cruiser, it was crawling with those that would form the Dark Acolytes, the Separatist Council, and, potentially, with the Senator's present, the Confederacy Parliament.

    It definitely wasn't the place for a child.

    Sev’rance knew she should’ve punished Sybelle for not following instructions, but after that ominous speech, and war looming, she wasn’t sure she had the stomach to punish her only child.

    “You heard that speech,” Sev’rance wouldn’t speak down to her daughter, the girl was wise beyond her years and would be insulted if they weren’t honest with her. “There will be war, Sybelle.” She raised her hand to stop the child from interrupting her, “we will find someone for you to stay with, somewhere safe, I promise.”

    Sybelle shook her head rejecting her mothers statement. “You aren’t listening to me, you cannot go fight… you will die.”
    She couldn’t look at her mother, it hurt that they wouldn’t acknowledge what she had seen.

    If they had been on Csilla, Sybelle would have already been sent off to work, didn’t that make her mature enough to know what’s best for her?

    “I —,” a thought was forming, and Sybelle quickly dampened her internal monologue. Her parents were determined, they would not budge. She decided it was all okay, “I’ll go pack up now.” She managed a small smile and hurried off to her cabin.

    There was a rap at the door.

    Vandalor looked over, eyes narrowed.

    Who could it be?

    Sybelle didn’t hear the door. She was too busy grabbing her datapad, a change of clothes, and her life savings, which she quickly stuffed into a backpack.

    It was imperative that she clear her thoughts, ’act, don’t think,’ she told herself over and over. Out the back through a cargo hold, she dropped through a hatch and took off sprinting. Sybelle switched pedestrian paths randomly until she reached a large street market. Only then did she stop and raise the hood of her cloak to walk through the market, hoping she had blended in with other beings that browsed the merchandise.

    A couple of times she stopped to look closely at items displayed, it allowed her to check that she wasn’t being followed. The city had several levels, but she knew better than to go too far below. She’d heard her dad say the unsavory beings were down there.

    Vandalor and Sev'rance Tann were confronted by Count Dooku.

    He smiled genially, a grin that would send an arctic surge of fear down their spines.

    "My friends."

    "Master," Tann said, dropping to her knees.

    His eyes cut to her lover, who bowed. "My Lord."

    "Yes," Dooku said, with emphasis. "Lord Tyranus."

    He turned. "Come. We have much to do."

    As he went, he tapped a button upon his tunic.

    A comm signal was sent.

    A droid dispatched to tail the child.

    Cloaked, humanoid, she would sense it before long.

    Raxus was a hellhole, she’d heard her mom say it, and now she agreed.

    Sybelle’s plan was to keep them looking for her… but they didn’t seem to be looking yet.

    The market was small, and she wouldn’t find a place to hide there. Low a spindly tables wouldn’t conceal her if she crawled underneath, and the sellers had not been very friendly.

    She hovered around the last couple of tables, both were piled with what looked like rubbish to Sybelle. Her hands brushed over some broken ship components when she felt a strange creeping feeling. It was as if a squirmy multi-legged worm had crawled down her spine, she shivered and hissed.

    Her eyes darted around, but she didn’t see a threat, yet she felt like she was being stalked. Maybe this was a mistake, her parents weren’t coming, trouble was.

    A passenger transport was loading off to Sybelle’s left, and she came up with a new plan.

    Several groups of women and children were boarding, so Sybelle merged in with a gang of chattering kids and quickly found a seat.

    "Where do you think you are going."

    There was a guttural quality to the cloaked man's voice, and all of a sudden, four members of the queuing humanoids went flying - three Gotal and one Twi'lek - as if yanked and hurled into the air.

    The people cried out and began shoving, but the assailant wasn't apparent behind the bulk of people -

    The children began to cry out, but one, a Nautolan, looked grim. "You're not taking me back!"

    A blaster appeared out of his tunic, but another kid smacked into him and sent it flying.

    In the chaos Sybelle spotted the blaster and quickly relied on telekinesis to rip it out of midair and into her hands. Her lips formed a sly smile that felt really good. Mom had always praised her for learning that skill so easily.

    There wasn’t time to enjoy the moment, because she had to run again. It helped that she was small for her age, which made it easy to crawl under seats and around legs.

    She made it past the man abusing the children, but changed her mind and backed up. He was a bad man and those children were probably innocent.

    Sybelle didn’t want to risk using the blaster, instead she held out her hand and imagined she gripped the man’s leg, and pulled hand.
    She couldn’t wait to see what happened, this was yet another bad idea she’d had today.

    She muttered a curse word that would’ve made her mom livid, and she ran… as fast as her legs would go. Down the boarding ramp she fled and back along a pedestrian path.

    The one thing she would remember was how solid the man's leg was.

    It gave way though, and there was a loud noise, as if a great weight had tumbled.

    There were screams as Sybelle rushed off.

    A guttural, metallic exclamation. "Slime!"

    When the man stood back up, there was a collective gasp, and fear rushed into the Force, but the crowd blocked Sybelle's view of them.

    Snap-hiss -

    But she knew that sound -

    Sybelle dove under nearby seats and curled up tightly, she could hear her mother’s calm voice talking her through how to hide in the Force. She remembered that she had to make herself small.
    If it didn’t work she was toast.

    ’Do not cry!’ Sybelle ordered herself. She heard footsteps all around her, but she remained frozen under the seats, eyes squeezed shut.

    ’Who had a lightsaber?

    Another snap hiss.

    And another.

    And another.

    But by then, the ramp of the ship she was hiding upon was up, and it was launching.

    The snarl of frustration was cut off by the ramp sealing the passengers in, but the Force was full of what followed.


    Many, many deaths.

    ’Mama!’ Sybelle reached out in the Force for her mother, ’I’m so sorry, Mama.’

    She was still curled up hiding under the seats. Her hands were shaking as she pulled her hood over her head and cried in silence.

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  4. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    OOC: The following is a combo with Sinrebirth – thank you so much!! [:D]

    IC: Aryan Graul and Norin Graul
    The Graul Estate, Nubia

    The boy knew something was amiss as soon as he descended the steps from the upstairs study. He had just finished his academic lessons for the day with his private tutor, and it was customary for him to spend the rest of the afternoon out in the fields tinkering with his swoop bike—but he knew he probably wouldn’t make it there today. He could practically feel the tension when he stepped off the landing and entered the parlor.

    Something bad had happened.

    Aryan Graul inhaled sharply as he hesitated on the threshold, noting his father’s briefcase first. It was on the floor, seemingly discarded there in a hurry. It was unusual for Dad to leave the office this early; he typically worked far into the evening during inventory. Whatever had occurred, his mother must have thought it urgent enough to call him home.

    But… why?

    Why was that necessary?

    That’s when he heard the distinct hum of the holovid from across the room, a firm voice droning through the speakers at a high volume. At first, Aryan thought that his parents had tuned into the latest address from Chancellor Palpatine—or perhaps their representative in the Senate, but it sounded… off. The voice was not one he recognized from any of the usual players in the Galactic Republic. It was colder, almost menacing as the man openly condemned the Senate and the Jedi for allowing their ideals to corrupt the government.

    That notion heightened his unease, causing a sinking feeling to form in the pit of his stomach. Nevertheless, Aryan willed himself to step forward and proceed into the main living space to join his parents. He was curious, and he wanted to know more.

    "Mom?" he called quietly, his eyes darting briefly across his father before he sought the woman perched on the edge of the couch, her steepled fingers resting against her chin in silent contemplation. "What’s going on?"

    Aryan watched her expectantly, desperate for an explanation. But he soon became distracted, his gaze slowly shifting toward the holovid to behold the speaker for the first time. The man had white hair slicked back from his forehead, a beard, and a breasted tunic, complete with a cape. Aryan didn’t recognize him, but he certainly commanded a strong, domineering presence. His lips parted, seemingly in awe.


    "Who is that?"

    Norin replied for his mother, as he was want to do. "Former Jedi Master Dooku," he confirmed. "A political firebrand that served on the Jedi Council before he left the Order some years ago." The Senator looked to his son. "He has just declared a Separatist Alliance, opposed to the Republic."

    He sounded thoughtful. "He is a very powerful man - a Count of Serenno, a particularly rich and affluent planet in the Outer Rim." Eyes refocusing, Norin grew harder in his expression. "Why, do you feel his words reaching you? Do you believe your daddy to be corrupt?" His tone was amused, playful, but his questions certainly not.

    The boy tensed, shifting his weight where he stood. He recognized what his father was trying to do; his explanation was more than a simple history lesson about Master Dooku and the events that had led to his eventual betrayal. It was a test… like all the others he had undergone before. The only exception was that if he failed, there would be terrible consequences…

    Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, Aryan dared to look at his mother, silently reaching out to her for help—but he knew it was a futile gesture. His father was too keen; too strict to allow anyone to assist him.

    He was on his own.

    "N—No, sir," he replied meekly, lowering his chin to stare at the floor. It was a lie; he truly did believe that his father was a conniving crook, but he would never admit that to his face. He had to remain calm and recite the words he wanted to hear.

    "It’s horrible that he would betray the very ideals that he swore to protect," he continued in a proficient tone, his words wise beyond his twelve years. "It reveals the weakness of the Jedi Order. They should’ve stopped the growing dissent before it reached a breaking point. He’s a renegade."

    Pursing his lips, Aryan slowly glanced up to meet his father’s gaze. "I worry that they won’t be able to protect you anymore… the Republic, it’s no longer safe. This is going to spark a war."

    Norin snorted at the over-sophisticated waif. "There hasn't been a war since the formation of the Republic. A thousand years of peace will not be so easily thrown away. The minor crises, and battles, even the civil strife of a few dozen worlds, they do not compare to a full war. Chancellor Palpatine will not allow a separatist cause to flourish."

    And then he hesitated.

    "But his term ends soon... election season, during a crisis like this?" Norin's eyes widened.

    It was easy to get drawn in by his father’s fiery rhetoric. He had a way of instilling confidence through his speech, which was probably why he excelled on the political stage. It was the perfect role for him; he had the influence and power to sway people to his will—and yet, Aryan failed to share in his convictions, particularly in this instance.

    Something still felt… off. The whole situation was different.

    His father's mention of the election only aggravated those sentiments. Aryan detected something in his tone… it caused the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end as an icy chill traveled down his spine.

    "It’s… what you want," he blurted suddenly, a hint of concern evident on his face. "I thought you always planned to run."

    Norin pursed his lips. "I intended to run, of course, the Core Faction has been preparing me for years..."

    "... but inheriting the Chancellorship, during a crisis?"

    His mother remained mute for the moment, shrewdly watching Aryan.

    There was a tumult in the air, as if the young man would be able to tell that it was going to get worse, before it got better. A war was coming, he was right, and perhaps, on some level, he could sense it.

    Those feelings, those… impressions caused Aryan to shudder, his face paling as he tried to get a handle on whatever it was that ailed him. He had experienced it before, and he could only describe it as the same kind of dread that lingers in one’s mind when waking from a bad dream. It was so vivid, so real. He was certain that something terrible was about to happen. The possibility of war triggered it, and his father’s statement about the election only caused it to escalate.

    "Chancellor Palpatine’s term expires at the end of this cycle," Aryan replied quietly, slowly connecting the dots from the information available to him. "Wouldn’t you need at least one candidate to accept the nomination—unless, wait…"

    The boy’s eyes grew wide, a mixture of awe and fear reflecting in their blue gaze. "The Core Faction doesn’t intend to carry through with the election… does it? You’re going to back Palpatine for another term." He exhaled sharply, seemingly in disbelief. "H—How?"

    "Not another term," Norin said, sharply. "An extended one." He growled. "We're in a crisis. Speculation that something like this was in the works has been rife for years... and with the corporations commanding thousands of worlds, and key parts of the Republic economy at that... Dooku can promise them whatever they want."

    "So yes, Aryan," he enunciated to the child. "I do intend to suggest the Chancellor is given an extension, so he can do what he has done for the last eight years, and press on with reforms of our Republic."

    Sarcasm dripped from his voice. "Is that agreeable? Or do you have a feeling about it that I should value more than my decades of experience?"

    He was right.

    He was always right.

    What was the point of even trying to hold a discussion with the man? No matter what Aryan said, it was never an acceptable response; it was either ill-advised or incompetent. There was no room for compromise. Despite his best efforts, he could never satisfy his father's high expectations.

    That realization clenched at his chest and caused a lump to rise in his throat. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes, but he inhaled deeply and willed himself to remain strong. Nevertheless, it was a useless gesture. The feeling his father had alluded to was still very present, needling at the back of his mind, and as an adolescent youth, he hadn’t quite achieved the maturity level to control his emotions fully.

    And so, he quickly succumbed to the petulant behavior of a young child as he began to plead with his father.

    "It’s… a bad feeling, Dad," Aryan persisted, stepping close to reach for the man’s arm. "I—it’s cold, very cold… like a wet blanket wrapping around my body to choke me. I also feel sick… my stomach hurts."

    He gasped and averted his eyes to seek out his mother, clearly distressed. But before she could react, he quickly shifted back to his father and clenched his sleeve tightly within his grasp. "I…I don’t want you to do this, please… something bad is gonna happen. Please listen to me for once. You have the power to sway them."

    Norin sniffed.

    Before Aryan would realise, his father had backhanded him and sent him tumbling into blackness.

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  5. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Two years later...
  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    The Galactic Senate voted to extend Chancellor Palpatine's term as the Separatist Crisis took root -

    First hundreds, and then thousands of worlds seceded and joined Dooku's nascent government -

    For some, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, for others, the Separatist Alliance, a Parliament -

    Aimed directly at the corrupt, bloated and uncaring Republic -

    Corporations like the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, Techno Union, Corporate Alliance and Banking Clan opening powerful lines of communication and funding -

    Members to those selfsame corporations as key to the galactic economy as Fondor, Kuat, Neimodia, Scipio, Castell and Feorest being asked where their loyalties were -

    A drum-beat of secessions -

    Outer Rim worlds such as Ukio, Ando, Ord Cestus, Serenno and much of the Rimma Trade Route and Tion Cluster -

    Mid Rim worlds such as Metalorn, Saluecami, and Druckenwell -

    Inner Rim systems like Yag'Dhul and Antar 4 -

    Planets in the Colonies such as Balmorra -

    And then Corellia -

    The Corellian Sector was seceding, and there was a rush to join the Republic Judicial Forces.

    Not to the Separatists, no, but Senator Garm Bel Iblis had called an armed neutrality; independence.

    The nineteenth time that Corellia had gone into meditative seclusion in 17,000 years...

    All across the sector, be it Corellia itself, Jumus, Sacorria, Froz, and of course Nubia -

    Young men and women of age, especially humans, rushed to become part of the debate -

    Because the Senate was discussing whether, in this time of pending war...

    Whether to recreate the Grand Army of the Republic...

    Where were you when that happened?

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