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Before - Legends Into The Blue {TOR}

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SabyneAmberle, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Sep 16, 2004
    Title: Into the Blue
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Era: The Old Republic
    Characters: Kybrina (Sevrelle) Gammon, Torian Cadera, Corridan Ordo, Blizz, Mako, Gault
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Summary: Torian reveals Corridan has let him in on a new mission. As Ky learns, however, not everything is the way it seems. And some things that seem the darkest can instead lead to the greatest light.

    Remember how I was mentioning expanding my drabble 'Between Brothers' into its own fic? Well, here it is. The drabble portion won't come up for a bit, but this helps establish it.

    Also, want to know what the fic title comes from? This song (the storyline is loosely based on it):


    Having set the ship's destination to Belsavis and wrapped up a few other small tasks, Ky headed to the ship's lower level to seek out company. With everything that had been happening, she hadn't felt incredibly talkative as of recently. She found she was missing her chats with Torian; sure they weren't hours-long lingerings and musings over Gree poetry -assuming anyone could actually decipher those writings- but its succinctness still was able to convey so much.

    As she passed the holoterminal, a wayward spark emanating from its base caught her attention, and she dropped to her knees to investigate it. Once she determined it was nothing to be alarmed over, she stood up again, but did not continue her initial travel. Instead, she let herself remain lost in thought for several moments.

    She realized she was lying to herself. It wasn't simply those brief snippets of conversation she had been missing. It was everything else that had occurred along with them. The two of them had not had another date since their shared dinner some weeks earlier, and while they had shared many conversations since, there was a different sort of air to many of them. Almost as though things were slightly strained, though she couldn't pinpoint a cause.

    I should let him go. She thought to herself. He's a great crew member, and an incredible asset, but what if he wants to leave? Should I let him go back to Corridan, rejoin his squad...

    She felt her eyes smart a bit at the thought, and she wiped the stinging tears away hastily before anyone could see them.

    But what if...what if I don't want him to leave?

    “Boss! Boss!” Blizz rushed up to her, diverting her focus from her internal monologue. “Look what Blizz found, boss!” As he showed her the latest gadget he had crafted, Ky smiled and bent down to get a better look.

    Maybe she wasn't as discreet with wiping her eyes as she thought, as she noticed the Jawa's head tilt in a puzzled fashion. “Why boss is sad?” he asked. “Blizz do something to upset?”

    She laughed softly, shaking her head. “No, you didn't do anything, Blizz,” she replied. “I just...I was just thinking about something that made me a bit sad.”

    “Blizz doesn't want boss to be sad!” Blizz protested. “Blizz want boss to be happy. When boss happy, Blizz get sent out to do things for boss. Blizz get many shiny things, boss nice enough to let Blizz keep some.”

    In spite of herself, Ky laughed even more. No matter what sort of mood she might be in, this little Jawa always found a way to cheer her up. “Then I'll have to do my best to be happy, won't I?” she asked. “That way, you can keep going off on missions as much as you want.”

    “Boss mean it? Yay!”

    As Blizz scampered off, Ky straightened up again and made her way downstairs. She hadn't gotten more than halfway down the steps when she thought she heard the tail end of a conversation. As she approached Torian, she noted the slight surprise in his face, as well as how his eyes kept shifting slightly. Clearly, something was bothering him.

    “Trouble?” She asked. She raised an eyebrow as she studied his face, noting the furtive shifts of his eyes and the slight catching of his lip between his teeth. Whatever it was, it must be something big, if he was reacting this way.

    He nodded. “Remember how Corridan thought things would be heating up? Listen.” He pulled out his portable holocommunicator and switched it on. It immediately began playing the last message it had archived.

    I've got a mission. Thought you might want in on it. Clan Ordo's been hired to kill a Senator who's hiding out under major Jedi protection. It'll be a serious engagement. He's gone to ground in a heavily fortified area. Worth a lot of credits, too. If you're interested, meet us at the Baliss estate on Alderaan. Corridan out.”

    Ky rested her hands on her hips. “Jedi hunt. They're in for a fight” she said, mentally beginning to prepare herself for the potential battle. Already, she was reviewing potential strategies, targets, and opportunities.

    “They're my brothers. I need to be there,” he replied.

    “I'll back you up.” Ky rested her right hand on her blaster, feeling its solid weight press into her palm.

    He shook his head. “No, Kybri,” he said. “Your sights are set on bigger game. I got this one.”

    “Are you sure?” That was a new one for him. Most times, he all but jumped at her offering to assist him. Granted, she knew there was the matter of Corridan, and of potentially getting in the way of another squad reunion. But she had a feeling that she should be there.

    He nodded. “Pretty sure,” he said. “Heavy on Jedi, but light on other soldiers. Just need to keep my head down and I'll come out in one piece.”

    Before she could stop herself, Ky had wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. “Just...just be careful, all right?” she asked. “You're too important to have anything bad happen out there when I'm not around.”

    Gently, he clasped his arms around her waist, returning her hug in kind. “You know I will, Kybri,” he whispered. “I'll be....I'll be back before you know it.”

    Ky gave him an understanding nod; however, as she turned to head back to the cockpit she couldn't shake the feeling he wasn't telling her everything.
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    [face_dancing] Always, always up for a Tor/Kybri fic. Sounds like there'll be [face_nail_biting] angst but some serious gooey mush at the end. So I'll hang on for that LOL BTW, also am eager to read more in the Kybri going back to her family of origin tale. [face_batting]
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    Blizz is always good for a laugh. [face_laugh]

    I hope Ky is okay while Torian's gone!
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    I hope Torian will make it back to Kybri.
    The Jawa is fun