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Mod!Challenge Jabari's Clue Fics [Clue Challenge]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jabari, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Jabari

    Jabari Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 25, 2007
    This is my first entry in the Fanfiction Clue game.

    Cake and Lies

    Guesses: Han Solo, Jedi Temple, Baking a Cake

    Han Solo slipped through the door of the Jedi Temple. Some guards, he thought. I bet they can’t even see anything through those masks. Hokey religions got nothing on quiet feet!

    He’d come in through an empty loading dock, and Han continued deeper through the shadows and columns. The grand hall was dim and silent. It was late- or early- enough that even here on the city-planet the sky was sort of black. Dawn was not yet intermingled with the constant lights. Few sentients were about at this hour.

    The boy’s stomach growled so loudly that he flattened himself against the shadows of the wall. Somebody must have heard that, he grimaced. He hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. I should just go back to Shrike.

    No. Shrike would feed him, but would probably beat him if he didn’t come back with something really good this time. Han was supposed to be begging, not running off on an adventure. But the city-planet was just too cool to spend time sitting around looking pathetic. Besides, in this neighborhood, they’d probably call protective services. He waited a few minutes, then continued on. Han walked past rooms that were bigger and far more glorious than he’d ever imagined possible. There was a jungle-like indoor garden, and a vast training room with mats on the floor, and rooms with big holo-emitters in the center and seats all around. But nothing he could slip in a pocket.

    He followed a faint light toward a room that turned out to be a kitchen. Well, if he couldn’t steal something cool, he could at least eat. Han crept slowly around a prep table until he could see farther in the room. It seemed someone had just forgotten to turn out the light.

    Except… it smelled wonderful, like someone was baking a cake. In the middle of the night?

    Curious, Han looked around until he found the just-scraped bowl of mix sitting by an oven. Several minutes remained on the timer. Still, nobody was around. He licked the last traces of batter from the bowl, but he was still hungry.

    A heavy metal door led to cold storage. There wasn’t anything good in there that he could reach, just vegetables and vats of uncooked food prepped for the next day. He grabbed a loaf of munch-fungus bread and some pallies and left. The dry storage didn’t fare much better – mostly dry ingredients. Apparently the cooks at the Jedi Temple were pretty efficient.

    Up on the top shelf, however, he spied something. A small case of namana candies! Han shoved his bread and fruits in his pockets and began to climb.

    The top shelf was not full, since it was higher than the average humanoid could easily reach, so Han had plenty of room to sit and eat. It was all he could do to eat real food first, but once the bread and pallies were gone, he’d have more room in his pockets for candy. He popped the seals on the case and began to stuff his pockets.

    The lights came on. Han froze. He’d forgotten about the cake being baked in the other room; it must be done by now. A teenaged Togruta entered the store room, looking for something. Han crouched as still as possible on the top shelf. Maybe she wouldn’t look up. Nobody ever looked up.

    A piece of candy fell out of his pocket and dropped to the floor. She looked up.

    “What are you doing up there?” she asked. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

    “Shouldn’t you?” he retorted.

    The Togruta chuckled. “That’s fair. Come on down, kid. I won’t turn you in.”

    Han climbed down slowly. The Togruta was still smiling, and if she had any idea that he wasn’t supposed to be in the Jedi Temple, she didn’t let on. “Why are you making a cake in the middle of the night?” he asked.

    “It’s my master’s birthday, so I thought I’d surprise him. Birthdays aren’t really special for most Jedi, but I guess you could say my master isn’t most Jedi. I thought he’d like it. Why are you stuffing your pockets with candy in the middle of the night?”

    Han paused, forcing down the terror of being caught and replacing it with the crooked grin Shrike always told him would get him far as a con man. “I wanted to surprise my friends too. I didn’t think the cook would let me have any,” he lied. Well, half lied. He would give a few pieces of candy to his friends, if he managed to sneak it back.

    The Togruta regarded him for a moment, then shrugged. “All right, then. I’ll keep your secret if you keep mine. You’d better get back to bed before someone notices you’re gone.”

    “Thanks!” he called as he raced out of the kitchen. He didn’t dare check his vest pocket until he was far from the Jedi Temple. Shrike would definitely let him keep his candy this time. Han ducked into a dark alley, making sure to check for security devices before taking a look at his loot.

    Green light blazed among the trash bins littering the alley. He’d managed to pickpocket a Jedi’s lightsaber.
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  2. earlybird-obi-wan

    earlybird-obi-wan Chosen One star 6

    Aug 21, 2006
    A very nice fic and I can disprove this story
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  3. Chilla

    Chilla Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 30, 2005
    [face_laugh] That's great! =D= Really creative idea for your guess!
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  4. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Bah ha ha... that was really cute!

    What a creative guess!

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  5. Jabari

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Entry #2 - The Last Survivor of Alderaan

    Guesses: Mara Jade, Asteroid, Petting a Pittin

    AT-AV lifted her head woozily. The canister was a bad, bad place. Suddenly there was no more up or down. She didn’t feel good. She wanted a nice warm lap. The canister lid was closed. She tried to scratch at the cover, but it wouldn’t budge. In fact, her feet wouldn’t stay on the clear surface.

    It was dark like night, which seemed odd because it hadn’t been before. Something big and scary bumped the canister. AT-AV mewled. Help, people!

    Time passed. She was thirsty, and hungry, and cold. Stars shone out of the kitchen in places they never had before. She had cried until no more sound came out, and nobody had come. Some part of her brain was still scared, but as she floated around the canister, it didn’t really matter anymore. She was very sleepy. Very. Sleepy.

    Mara Jade surveyed the wreckage of Alderaan, swooping in between the newly formed asteroids. Mostly, they were just rocks, but here and there a piece of something recognizable clung to one of them. Mangled bits of spaceships, corners of buildings, even. A bit of something organic bumped up against her canopy, but thankfully most of the life forms had been completely obliterated by the force of the blast.

    Still…she sensed something. Not the headache-inducing Force-echo of the dead, but something living. Mara turned on the bio-scanners. There. A tiny blip was coming from one of the larger asteroids. She maneuvered closer. It was one with a portion of a building still attached- possibly a kitchen? The life signs seemed to be coming from a metal canister that was caught in the remains of a cabinet. Mara tractored it in to take a look.

    It held a small, pink pitten, so cold and still that for a moment, Mara thought she must be too late. It was small enough to fit in her cupped hands. Amazing that it had not been pulverized! It moved, and Mara unzipped the top of her flight suit so she could slip the pittin inside. It was the warmest spot in the ship.

    Hyperspace snapped back to reality, and Mara transmitted the landing code to Imperial City impatiently. She marched straight to the medcenter and handed over the pittin.

    “An animal?” The human medtech scoffed. “This is the premiere medical facility in the Empire, not a veterinary office.”

    “This pittin,” said Mara coldly, “is property of the Empire. It is the last survivor of Alderaan. If it dies, I will be most displeased. And if that happens, you can be certain that word of your insubordination and incompetence will be heard by the Emperor himself.”

    “Y-yes ma’am,” the medtech sputtered, and whisked the pittin off to figure out how to get it into bacta. Mara did not let him see her smile. The pittin would live, and she’d figure out how to convince the Emperor to let her keep it.

    She turned over the pittin’s collar in her hands. Who would have named a pittin “All Terrain Attack Vehicle”? It was such an incongruous name for such a little ball of fluff. Mara had a feeling she would have liked this person. Too bad the last survivor of Alderaan couldn’t tell her who it was.
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  6. VanishingReality

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    Apr 21, 2013
    I can disprove this story.
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  7. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    a very sweet story
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  8. Briannakin

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Daaww! That was so cute. Great story.
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  9. Tarsier

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    Jul 31, 2005
    These are both so sweet! Love little Han desperate for candy. And Mara with AT-AV - awesome! :D
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  10. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Tee hee hee... that was really cute! I love the thought of Mara being so insistant about the kitten getting treatment!
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  11. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Chosen One star 8

    Aug 31, 2004
    Chuckled at your Han fic. Very IC. =D= Of course I enjoyed the Mara one too. :)
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  12. KELIA

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Awwww that was so very sweet.

    I love seeing the softer side of Mara Jade. [face_love][face_love][face_love]

    Nice response

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  13. DaenaBenjen42

    DaenaBenjen42 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    May 15, 2005
    AT_AV!!!!! [:D] (And I loved the first one, too. But it's AT_AV!!!!! And Mara!!!! Love that!!!)
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  14. Jabari

    Jabari Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 25, 2007
    I had to look up what a pittin was, and when I saw that Wookipeedia entry...I just had to do it. :D

    (AT-AV was named by Leia, for those who didn't know.)
  15. Chilla

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    Jul 30, 2005
    I didn't comment on this? Shame on me! This was adorable!
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  16. Jabari

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Okay. Bit of change in theme here...a fic loosely inspired by The Thing. Quite a bit darker than the previous two!

    Entry #3 - Eighteen Hours

    Guesses: Obi-Wan, Committing a Murder, Hoth


    Obi-Wan Kenobi stood slowly and turned to face his accuser. “Look. This isn’t what you think-“

    “What the kriff is it supposed to be?” Norrs said, bringing a shaky blaster to bear. “You’re elbow deep in Charen’s… you’ve got his…” The big human’s face was going pale. He tried not to look at the ruined mess that used to be a Quarren on the cargo bay floor.

    Obi-Wan raised his bloody hands, wincing at the realization that Norrs would not find them very reassuring. “I was trying to save him. He’s…he was… infected.”

    “By what, you barvy bishwag?” The blaster was steadier now, and pointed directly at the space between the Jedi’s blue eyes. “Move!”

    The plains of Hoth howled in the whiteout. There would be no leaving the damaged ship, and no way to get a message out. Obi-Wan could hear the crew arguing about what to do with him. He tried the storage compartment’s door again, but they had done a good job of jamming the lock. It would take some work to get it open.

    Although, Obi-Wan wasn’t sure he wanted out. Whatever had infected Captain Charen had left no physical signs, until he’d found the Quarren burst open an hour ago. There had been a faint trace of something wrong in the Force since Charen and Norrs had come back from checking out another crashed ship, and not just because they didn’t find the parts they needed. That uneasiness was getting stronger.

    Tamsin pounded on the transparisteel portion of the door. “Kenobi! Explain yourself!”

    “I think the captain was killed by some kind of parasite that used him as a host until it could…hatch. I found him in the cargo bay and tried to help, but it was already too late.”

    “I think the sonofa-kath-hound tore the captain’s guts out!” Norrs yelled from just out of view.

    Obi-Wan kept his eyes on the Twi’lek. “There’s been a disturbance in the Force ever since Charen and Norrs got back from that wreck. It’s getting stronger. I think whatever infected Charen has moved on to a new host. Norrs, was there anything strange that happened in that other ship?”

    “What? You accusing me, you kriffing aruetii?”

    Tamsin turned to Norrs. “He has a point. Both of you have been acting strangely since you got back.”

    There was a crash; presumably Norrs had thrown something. Markoth’s voice muttered something soothing, and the human growled. “It was a wreck. What was left of the crew was a mess.”

    “A mess like Charen?” asked Tamsin.

    “I dunno. We just looked around long enough to see there was no way there’d be a usable stabilizer.”

    “Were you ever separated? Is there any chance that something might have happened to Charen without you noticing?” Obi-Wan angled so he could see Norrs.

    The big man went silent. “I guess.”

    “Okay then,” said Tamsin. “So it’s possible that Charen was infected. Kenobi, you said you could sense this thing in the Force? Can you sense it now?”

    He closed his eyes and reached for the Force. “Yes.”

    “Can you tell where it is, precisely?”

    “No way,” said Norrs, shoving her aside. “How are we supposed to trust that? Kenobi’s the only Force sensitive here. He could say whatever he wanted and we’d have no way to test it.”

    “Norrs has a point,” said Markoth. The Shistavanen’s eyes slitted. “And Kenobi has Charen’s blood all over him. If that’s not a good way to get infected with something, I don’t know what is. How long did it take for Charen to…you know?”

    Norrs thought for a moment. “About eighteen hours, I guess.”
    “So we keep him locked up for eighteen hours. If nothing happens, he’s not infected.”

    “She’s right. Norrs hasn’t shown any signs, either, so I guess that makes sense. Sorry, Kenobi,” Tamsin shrugged apologetically.

    “You’re making a mistake,” said Obi-Wan. “I can sense it.” But the crew was already walking away.

    Screams woke Obi-Wan with a start. He could smell smoke; the corridor was dim with emergency lighting. He had to get out. With the Force, he unlatched the lock, then threw his weight against the door until it gave way just enough to squeeze through. He ran toward the voices.

    “Fierfek, Norrs! What have you done?” Markoth swore.

    “It was her! She was infected, I had to-“ the blaster fire resumed, despite Markoth’s shouts.

    Obi-Wan entered the crew lounge and Force-pulled the blaster out of Norrs’s hands. He let it clatter to the floor; clearly there was no more need for it. Tamsin was dead. “I’ll get the extinguisher,” he said, forcing calmness into his voice, pointing the portable unit at the smoking wall circuitry.

    Norrs and Markoth didn’t move. “Look, do you want the ship to burn? There’s more alarms going off. We can discuss this later.” Obi-Wan pressed extinguishers into their hands and jogged toward the cockpit.

    The cockpit fire was out of control, and the automatic suppressors weren’t functioning. Obi-Wan began looking for the others. He stumbled into Norrs’s remains at the same time Markoth did.

    They both hesitated over the corpse. “Can you sense it?” Markoth asked eventually.

    “Yes, but I can’t pinpoint it at the moment. It remains…elusive.”

    “Perhaps we should let the fire destroy the ship. Trap it here,” coughed the Shistavanen.

    Obi-Wan glanced around. He could sense the flames creeping back this way; the smoke was already dangerously thick. “Yes, let’s. I think we’ll have time to grab a few supplies from the aft cargo bay before it goes, but we should move.”

    A few tense minutes later, the last two crew members of the Romskip stumbled out into the blinding snow. Obi-Wan tried to shield the datapad from the snow, but night was falling and already the cold was affecting the map. “I think there might be a cave over there,” he yelled into the wind. Markoth nodded, and they trudged off to find it.

    There was an ice cave, thankfully with no signs of habitation, only a few klicks away. Markoth fiddled with the emergency generator while Obi-Wan laid out their supplies. An emergency comlink beacon, rations for a couple of days, cold weather clothing and emergency blankets that were probably insufficient for a place as cold as Hoth, only a couple hours worth of fuel for the generator if they ran it at maximum, and a large jug of something alcoholic. Markoth reached over and took that. Obi-Wan had also grabbed a spare flight suit and had found his lightsaber stuffed in the storage closet.

    They’d have to ride out the storm before the comlink had any chance of getting through. This frozen rock barely even had a name on the charts. The Romskip had only set down here out of desperation. By unspoken agreement, Obi-Wan and Markoth sat on opposite sides of the generator.

    Obi-Wan stirred. He shouldn’t fall asleep, not in a place as cold as this. Not with –

    His eyes opened with the sense of approaching danger just before it slammed into him. Markoth – no, not Markoth, her eyes were crazed and not right, the thing inside Markoth – tore into him, flinging his lightsaber off into the darkness. Teeth and claws groped for his flesh. Only with the help of the Force was he able to roll out from underneath the heavy Shistavanen. Obi-Wan leapt over the generator and flung chunks of ice behind him to slow her pursuit while he scrambled for the lightsaber.

    The bright blue light seemed to startle the Markoth –creature. Obi-Wan could see it a little more clearly now. Strange growths and what almost looked like new mouths had begun to protrude from its shoulders and torso. With a many-tongued howl, it charged.

    The howls did not stop until every mouth had tasted his lightsaber. Shaking, Obi-Wan dropped to the bloody snow. He couldn’t sense the thing in the Force anymore. It must be dead. He’d burn this body too, just to be sure, and then he’d have someone blow up both the Romskip and the other wreck.

    He checked and double checked his wounds. Nothing serious, nothing a few hours of a healing trance wouldn’t fix. The cold would be a problem. His clothes were torn and damp, but he was a Jedi. He’d make it. He would be fine.

    Still, just to be safe…he waited eighteen hours before contacting the rescue ship.
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  17. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    WOW Jabari. That was a riveting "guess"/entry. =D=
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  18. Chilla

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    Jul 30, 2005
    Wow, just wow! ^:)^ What a suspenseful guess! You managed to somehow connect Obi-Wan with committing a murder and make it work out.

    (Reminds me of a certain Sanctuary episode.)

    Unfortunately I can disprove this story.
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  19. Jabari

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Thanks everyone!

    And.... now I'm just picking the most random combinations of clues that haven't been guessed yet....

    Entry #4 - Yub Yub

    Guesses: Anakin, Tossing Ewoks, Coruscant

    “Yub yub,” said the furry little creature with a brown hood.

    It took Anakin a moment to remember the name of the species; he’d never met one, but he’d seen an entry in a databank or something. An Ewok? Its big black eyes stared, unblinking and unmoving.

    The ferns rustled, and a second Ewok rose unnervingly into view. Then a third. Then another, and another, and another. Ewoks stretched off in all directions, evenly spaced among the giant trees. Unblinking. Unmoving. Alike. Anakin was surrounded.

    The Ewoks began to move, but they weren’t walking. They glided slowly toward Anakin as smoothly as if they were floating, but there were no visible antigrav devices. “Stop,” he said, but the creatures did not react at all. They simply continued moving toward the boy until the closest ones pressed their faces into his stomach, and the rest bumped up against their backs. “Hey! Stop!”

    He could feel panic rising in himself, and tried to calm himself. The Ewoks resisted his attempts to push back. There were too many. He reached for the Force, and shoved again. The Ewok directly in front of him shifted two centimeters.

    Anakin gripped the Ewok with the Force and tossed it as high as he could, but another one immediately took its place. Frantically, he began tossing Ewoks right and left. He couldn’t keep up! They were pawing at him, gripping his arms, holding him down. He thrashed, screaming –

    - and realized the hands on his shoulders belonged to Obi-Wan. “Wake up, youngling,” the Jedi said gently. “It’s all right.”

    Anakin looked around. He was in his room on Coruscant, with not a single Ewok in sight. Tears of relief came to his eyes, and he buried his face in his mentor’s chest. After a moment’s hesitation, Obi-Wan wrapped his arms around the boy. The Jedi probably didn’t know it, but it was what Anakin’s mother would have done, and it made Anakin feel safe. It was only a dream, after all.
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  20. Chilla

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    Jul 30, 2005
    Ahahaha, very nice! However, I can disprove this story.

    By the way, I was chased by a little kid in my dream tonight who wanted revenge for something. I didn't want to hurt him, so I ran away instead. Dreams... :rolleyes:
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  21. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    LOL! Glad that was just a dream. :relief: And that Obi-Wan provided comfort.
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  22. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    I can disprove both stories but seeing that being done [face_dancing] Love both and the dream. Darth Vader will meet ewoks again;)
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  23. Jabari

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    Jun 25, 2007
    Story 5 Kitchen Sink

    Han, Leia, Palpatine, committing a murder, flying a ship, petting a pittin, Jedi Temple, Tatooine, Death Star, Asteroid

    Leia Organa’s escape pod crashed on the edge of what the charts called the Dune Sea. It was an apt name, she thought. Nothing but gently rolling dunes stretched out in front of her. Like everything else on Tatooine, even the seas appeared to be made of sand.

    She looked up at the sky. A bright flash probably signaled the end of the Tantive IV and her crew. Captain Antilles was a good man, an old friend. He’d stayed with the ship to cover the escape of the pods – each with a crew member or droid, each carrying a set of plans for the Empire’s new superweapon. At least one of them might get through to the Rebellion.

    Leia picked up the small pack of supplies and began to climb the steep field of scree behind her. There was a small building near the top of the ridge. At least there was some sign of civilization.

    An old man answered the scrap metal door of the small hut, made of a primitive white plaster. He wore long, ragged robes and kept his face hooded in shadow, but somehow Leia knew she could trust this man. “Hello, sir. Would you be able to help me? I’m looking for a man named Obi-Wan Kenobi. Would you perhaps be able to help me find a ride into the nearest town?”

    “What is your name, young lady?” the man said. Surprisingly, he had a Coruscanti accent. Leia had assumed he was a local.

    “Leia Organa.”

    The man’s eyes widened. “You had best come inside,” he said, almost furtively.

    “Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time,” he said quietly once the heavy door was safely bolted. “And neither is Organa.”

    “Do you know him?” asked Leia. “He served under my father in the Clone Wars.”

    The old man smiled. “Of course I know him. He’s me. Your father was an old friend. Though, I don’t remember ever serving “under” him.”

    “He said you were a General…” Leia began, confused.

    Kenobi waved his hand. “I was a general, yes. Many of the Jedi were. And Bail Organa was a senator, and the military served the Senate. From a certain point of view, what he told you was true.” His smile faded. “But why have you come here?”

    “I carry plans for a battle station that must reach my father on Alderaan. My ship was captured, and I fear, destroyed. We were chased by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Can you help me? You’re my only hope.”

    “Report,” said Emperor Palpatine.

    Darth Vader’s image knelt in front of the holo recorder. “My lord, my troops have discovered that a pair of droids that may contain the plans were sold to a moisture farmer. The farmer and his wife were…known to us. Before they died, they told my troops that the droids were with a boy named Skywalker. The princess has not yet been found.”

    Palpatine reached through the Force and searched his apprentice’s mind. Vader was uncertain, confused, though trying to hide it. Palpatine smiled. “Bring Skywalker and the droids to me,” he said. “And let us make an example of Tatooine. Bring the Death Star, and destroy it. The princess and her allies will not escape.”

    The human representative of Jabba the Hutt standing in Docking Bay 94 was nearly as fat as the Hutt gangster himself. Jabba made it a point that speaking to his representatives was exactly the same as speaking to Jabba himself, so Han Solo decided to play along. It usually sped things up.

    “Why did you have to grease poor Greedo?” the fat man said.

    “Look, Jabba, I’ve got your money, just as soon as I make one little trip. I’ll be able to pay you back with interest.”

    “Now, now, Solo. I can’t just let you slip away. What kind of damage might that cause to my reputation? Getting soft?” He motioned to the bodyguards, who began to move forward.

    Han pointed a finger in his face. “Last chance,” he growled. “I said I’d pay Jabba back. And I will. I just need a little more time.”

    “Too late, Solo,” he said, reaching for a blaster. There was a flash, and the big man fell to the sandy floor.

    Han kept his smoking blaster raised. “Look up,” he yelled to the bodyguards. Chewbacca was aiming all of the Millennium Falcon’s guns at them. They ran. “Yeah, tell Jabba to get lost!” he yelled. He dragged the body off to one side. It wouldn’t do for someone to ask questions before his passengers got there.

    “This is your ship? Does it even fly?” gasped Leia, a few minutes later. The ancient Corellian ship appeared to be ready for the scrap heap. She was beginning to wonder if Kenobi knew what he was doing.

    “Look, Princess, we’re in a bit of a hurry here, so let’s just get on board,” scowled the captain. The Wookiee co-pilot showed them to their seats, and the disk-shaped ship shot into hyperspace.

    Darth Vader looked on in satisfaction as the Death Star’s green beam turned Tatooine into a field of sand colored asteroids and shards of fusion glass glittering in the light of the system’s two suns. It was a far more beautiful sight to him than anything on that planet had ever been. He turned away from the viewport. Now to find out what this Skywalker and his droids knew. The Emperor would be pleased.

    Kenobi stumbled as they walked down the ramp to the Alderaanian Palace’s private spaceport. “Are you all right? What’s the matter?” Leia asked, rushing to his side. The old man steadied himself against her shoulder.
    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force,” he said slowly, “as if millions of voices cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.”

    Han rolled his eyes. “Hokey religions. Hey!” he snapped, kicking at the pittin that was trying to climb up his leg. Kenobi scooped it up and cradled it protectively in his arms, petting it and scritching behind its ears. He began to reply to Solo’s remark, but a stately gentleman in blue and gray robes caught his attention. “Bail!” he smiled.

    “Obi-Wan! It has been far too long, old friend.” Bail Organa descended the stairs and caught Leia in one arm and Obi-Wan in the other. “When we heard Tatooine had been destroyed, we feared the worst.”

    Kenobi’s face went white. “Destroyed?”

    Leia caught the strange look that crossed between her adoptive father and the Jedi, and ended focused on her. “What?”

    Bail drew her closer to him and kissed her forehead. “There are many things your mother and I never told you. Perhaps now is the time.”

    “Father, if there is a battle station that can destroy worlds, we must get the plans to the Rebellion. We must stop it. Where is the current Rebel base?”

    Bail sighed. “They’re on Dantooine.”

    Han entered the ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple on Dantooine somewhat unhappy with himself. Chewbacca had somehow actually talked him into continuing on this foolhardy mission. True, they were being paid quite handsomely, and with Jabba either dead or with much bigger problems to worry about, that money was theirs, free and clear. But getting involved in a rebellion? Not even a rich princess was worth that. Not even a rich princess with Jedi blood, as they’d learned on the way. Kenobi had given Leia an ancient Jedi weapon that had once been her birth father’s. Anakin Skywalker, great Jedi general of the Clone Wars. Han had heard of the name.

    The general in charge of the briefing droned on. Leia leaned over to him. “Captain Solo, would you be interested in a side job?”

    “Depends what it is, sister.”

    She hesitated. “This Luke…my brother…” she shook her head. “This is silly, but I have a feeling that he’s alive. I think he’s on the Death Star. Do you think you can smuggle us in?”

    The sane answer was no. Even the idealistic side of Chewbacca would agree. No! And yet…Han couldn’t say it. “Okay,” he said, surprising even himself.

    It was a short trip. The Death Star was looming on the edge of Dantooine’s system, slowly maneuvering into firing position. Kenobi had insisted on coming with; he was off somewhere turning off the tractor beams so they could escape. Leia, dressed in an officer’s uniform swiped from a locker, led the small procession down to the detention block. Chewbacca, in loose cuffs, was being “guarded” by Han dressed as a stormtrooper. They’d already found the Threepio unit and a very helpful Artoo unit that had been recovered from the Tantive IV. Convenient. Too convenient.

    Artoo dialed the lock, and the heavy blast door opened not into a detention block, but some sort of darkened observation room. A silhouetted figure with a red lightsaber stood against the viewport.

    “Wait here,” Leia said softly. Igniting her father’s blue saber, she entered the room.

    Her training with Kenobi had been very short, but she could sense something different about the young man in front of her. Something familiar. “Luke?”

    “I know why you’re here,” he said. “I’m not going with you.”

    Leia took a step forward, but stopped as Luke’s saber came up into a guard stance. “Luke, I’m your sister. There’s so much more to tell, but we have to leave, now.”

    “I have no sister,” he started to say, but she could see the realization of truth in his eyes.

    “Look, General Kenobi – you might know him as Old Ben, he said – is here, and he can explain everything. My adoptive father can tell us everything. They were both friends of our real parents. I’ve only just learned this myself, but come with me and we can learn the truth.”

    “I’ve only just begun to learn the truth myself,” said Luke. “I’ve learned that Obi-Wan Kenobi killed our father.”

    His swing was fast and powerful, but Leia was ready for it. Their lightsabers clashed and caught in the bind, then, with a flash of blue light, Luke lay unconscious on the floor. Leia turned.

    “Boring conversation anyway,” shrugged Han, switching his blaster off of stun. “Chewie, grab him. Let’s get out of here.”


    The stormtroopers guarding the Millennium Falcon suddenly ran off. Han, Chewie, and the droids made a dash for it without giving them a second glance. Leia hesitated. She could see Kenobi and Darth Vader dueling in a corridor. Kenobi nodded to her, and closed down his lightsaber. “Run, Leia, run!” she thought she heard him say as Vader cut him in two.

    The Millennium Falcon blasted out of the Death Star’s hold and into space clouded with Rebel ships. Now for the real battle to begin….
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    Oh that is so cool!!!! That would make a wonderful jumping off spot for an ESB and ROTJ AU continuation. [face_batting] :)
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    Very nice. Maybe Luke didn't want to leave because of a certain redhead that was tutoring him about the Force. Lol! I think I may be able to disprove this, but I have to double check my list of clues.
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