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Jedi Council Forums Frequently Asked Questions

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by rhonderoo, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do some users have colored names?

    Colored names denote admins, managers, moderators, and VIPs. Admins, Managers, and moderators (all three can be also simply called moderators) have free choice of colors, but must have a background color. VIPship is given to many groups of people, for select things. Former moderators have the option of using red text for their name and being a VIP after they resign. Celebrities, such as SW authors or actors, receive VIPship in recognition of their contributions. Fan Force gives their City Representatives VIPship, and they all use blue text. Certain users have been rewarded with VIPship for a major contribution to the boards. The other way to get colors is to win a JC game or contest. These include Banner Making Contests, SW Trivia Contests, Harry Potter House Cup Game, Saga Essay Contest, The Mafia Game, and many more. Game threads should say at the beginning whether they are moderator sponsored and give out colors as a prize. These are generally for a short period of time, ranging from 24 hours to 1 month.​

    How do I get colors?

    You can receive colors by participating and winning a mod sponsored game, or by winning a contest. You can also receive colors by being active in your Local Fan Force and becoming a CR, or by becoming a moderator.​

    How do I become moderator?

    The forum moderators are selected by invitation only, either by TheForce.Net staff or other administrators. Please do not ask to become a moderator, as this is poorly looked upon. If you have ambitions to be a moderator, merely behave at all times, become a positive, regular, contributor to your favorite forums, try to improve the JC, and be patient. Good posting is rewarded, but there are limited spots, and some forums have had the same moderator for years.​

    How do I edit something I've posted?

    In most forums, you have 90 minutes to make corrections or changes to your message after you have posted. In Jedi Council Community, you have 30 minutes to edit your message, due to the need for greater moderation. In Fan Fiction, there is unlimited editing time so as to let authors be able to change their stories at any point if needed. Simply click on "Edit Message" just below your message.​

    Can I change the topic title of my thread?

    Yes you can. To edit your topic title/poll, edit your message and simply change the subject line/poll. You can only change your title within the edit time limit, though. In certain cases, you can PM a moderator of the forum and request that they change the title for you, since they can edit it at any time.​

    Can I make Polls?

    In most forums, you cannot make polls. Census is an entire forum of polls. If you would like, you can suggest poll ideas in this thread and the forum moderator may make your poll. Alternatively, certain boards have "Poll Days" where for a limited time, users can make polls. Some Fan Force boards also have the ability to make polls.​

    How can I apply all the code that I see e.g. bold, italics?

    Because of new coding changes, directly above your post box you should see quick links for the more popular mark ups. If you do not, ensure that the box to the left "Format Bar" is checked. To use the format bar, merely highlight what you wish to use the markup code on, and then click the button. If you wish to see a listing of all the markup codes, they are here.​

    How do I include a link to another web page?

    Hyperlinks are available under Markup Codes. Type in {link=address of that web page}Name of the hyperlink{/link}. Note that you have to use [ and ] instead of { and } (I have to use curly brackets or Snowboards will think that I'm trying to include a hyperlink instead.) However, if you intend to include the link in your signature, simply paste the full URL into your message. Snowboards will automatically make it into a clickable link, as Markup codes are not allowed in signatures. If you forget to include http:// at the beginning, it won't recognize it as a link. Also, if you have further problems, try placing a single space before your link in your signature.​

    How do I post a picture?

    Pictures are available under Markup Codes. Type in {image=address of that picture}. Note that you have to use [ and ] instead of { and } (I have to use curly brackets or Snowboards will think that I'm trying to include a picture instead.) Pictures are not allowed in signatures, or as signatures, even if they are not in the signature section. Snowboards loads the entire picture then shrinks it to fit a fixed size, therefore please do not post big pictures as they slow down loading time. By clicking on a picture link, you can load the entire picture which has not been stretched disproportionately without having to wait if the picture has completely loaded.​

    How can I get a full list of colors?

    A full list of colors is available here. Any hexadecimal code can be used in place of color names.​

    How do I get the code for smiles/emoticons?

    The code for emoticons is available here. The more popular ones are also listed above the post box on a drop down titled "faces". Clicking on one on this menu will insert the markup codes for the face into your post.​

    Can I share my account with anyone?

    No. Account sharing of any kind is strictly forbidden.​

    How can I see how many times I've posted here?

    Clicking on your own user name will take you to your profile page. Here you can see how many posts you have, your registration date, your list of watched users, and other optional personal details. In your profile, the total number of posts you have made, regardless of whether or not the posts have been since deleted, will be shown. However, in the “Who is watching you?" list, the number of posts that a user has made and are still existent on the Snowboards database (thus not counting deleted posts) is shown.​

    Why are there stars next to usernames in the “Who is watching you?" list, but nowhere else throughout the JC?

    The stars previously existed on the JC, to indicate how many times a person has posted. However, due to complaints from some JCers that they promoted elitism as well as the rush for people to post simply to raise their post count (spamming), the stars were removed. However, when the stars were removed, there was an error and thus stars still remain on the “Who is watching you?" list. They are based on a user's total post count (including deleted posts). Stars were awarded at 50, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, and 50,000 posts.​

    What happened to the thread I posted months ago?

    Formerly, some forums had an auto-pruner turned on, and some topics have been deleted simply because they were very old. Currently, some threads are deleted after being locked when they have no real discussion and are merely taking up space. Usually these threads have only a few posts. Threads started by trolls or advertisers may also be deleted as well to keep the forum "clean."​

    How do I take people off of my "Watched Users" list?

    Go into Options at the top of the page, and click on "Manage Your Watched Users List". Simply click "Remove" on the user you wish to delete from your list.​

    Is it possible to erase old Private Messages?

    No, it is not. Thus, they will permanently be stored in your “Read Messages" section.​

    Why does a topic have a line through it?

    This means that a topic has been closed from receiving further replies, or "locked." You can still read the thread, but cannot post in it. Some threads are atuolocked due to not being posted in for awhile. These threads can be reopened by request to a moderator.​

    Where are the archives?

    You can find old, closed forums in Inactive Forums. You can also get to the linked UBB archives by adding www1. before into the individual threads in the forums listed in the archival links, if it's not in the URL already.​

    What is a troll?

    A troll is a user who is posting merely to cause problems, upset people, and generally act inappropriately. Usually trolls are not regular members, they are either random people harassing the message board, or banned users striking back in retaliation. Trolling is absolutely not acceptable. If you see this, please contact a moderator to deal with the problem.​

    What is a sock?

    A sock is an alternative username. Each member has a primary account. this need not be the first account you registered, although in many cases it is, but merely the account which you use the most often. Any other usernames you register are considered socks. A sock can be used in many manners. Some people use socks for anonymity, while others use them for fun and are very upfront about who they are. It is important to remember, though, that any bad actions performed by your sock will be noted on your primary account and you will be held responsible. So please use your socks responsibly.​

    If I have a problem, who should I contact?

    If you need help or need to report a problem to a moderator the first place you should look is at the top of the forum the problem is in. most forums have the forum moderators listed at the top of the forum. Check to see if they are online, and then send them a PM. If it is more of an emergency (for example, someone posting pornography in a thread), on the main page you will find a link to the users online page. Just scan through the first few pages for a moderator's name (it will be in colors, with a background color), and Pm any of them. Most moderators are more than happy to help out with emergencies.
    If you have a technical problem, please post in The technical error report thread in Communications, so your problem can be logged and hopefully fixed. If necessary, you can also contact LAJ_FETT, our technical admin through PM.​
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