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Beyond - Legends Jedi Knight: Shadows of the Sith

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Title: Jedi Knight - Shadows of the Sith
    Author: Nightwatcher91
    Timeframe: A few months after Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight (An AU Future)
    Characters: Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, Saga and EU Characters. Some OC's
    Genre: Alternate Universe. New Republic

    Imperial Outpost, Krakoa, Outer Rim –
    The storm troopers marched by single file through the dimly lit corridor. To compare them to other storm troopers would make it clear their training was heavily lacking. Some of them didn’t even have the full armor. A young man who could have been no older than 18 wasn’t even given a helmet. The uncertainty on his face made him rather nervous at the alarm which had awoken them all. It was rare for anything to happen on this back water world the Imperials had claimed. Yet with the loss at Endor there had not been many places for the Empire to run to.

    “It’s just a drill.” One of the troopers had moaned as they struggled to get their equipment on. Some of it was cracked, and even the blasters looked outdated. As the six man squad approached the lift one of their shoulder pads fell off. The trooper cursed even going as far as shooting the pad which blew into pieces.

    “I could have better equipment with Smugglers.” The trooper groaned as they moved into the lift. For a moment it shook slightly as they all worried it would fall away. It had only been two days ago that a lift had given way killing three officers. Something the Empire did not have a high quality of. Most of the high ranking officers had either been killed or captured at Endor. From there the once mighty Empire had fractured, and lost most of all the worlds they held. That was seven years ago.

    “Probably get better pay also. I once got triple our pay just to ruff up some Rodian.” The newest recruit to the unit pronounced from underneath his helmet. He had only arrived a few days ago. Already wearing his uniform he had been rather quiet, and had said he had no other options but to fight with the Empire. From what they all could guess he had been an enforcer who had run out of luck. That was a common thing with most of them. They had all run out of luck, and their only option was to join up with the remnants of the Empire.

    “Cut the chatter.” The squad leader grunted as the lift came to a halt. The doors slid open revealing a control room that looked decades old. Dust covered most of the consoles, and less than half of them seemed to be in working order. That explained why the power had been a sheer nightmare to try to get to work. From what they had discovered Krakoa had merely been an informant outpost during the war with the Rebellion. Some had rumored that it was where the Empire had sent those who had no further use of them. Captain Soren looked up at them infuriated as always. Sweat dripped from his bald head as he gave to a fit of coughing. He straightened himself studying the sad excuse for soldiers.

    “An unknown vessel has landed to the south east of us. It’s been there for three days now.” Soren roared slamming his fist down onto one of the broken consoles. For a brief second it seemed to come to life as Soren studied all of his men. Soren had been one of the men who had served at the Hoth Battle. From the stories he always told he had killed the highest amount of Rebels in his AT-AT. From there he had worked under Jerec. The Dark Jedi who had been killed just like others who tried to lead the Empire.

    “You want us to go check it out Captain?” The squad leaders tone showed the displeasure at the idea. Krakoa was a world which only had one weather to it. It never stopped raining on the blasted world. At some sparse times the rains would vanish for a few moments, but only to be replaced by a harsher fall. The new landing pads they had tried to construct had fallen apart in mere days due to their lack of proper equipment. They had tried to contact any leadership, but that had not resulted in anything.

    “No you idiots I want you to welcome them with open arms.” The Captain retorted as if he was dealing with children. A brief smile came upon his face as he looked at them all. Without hesitating he took out his blaster, and aimed it at them. The youngest trooper stepped back frightened as he bumped into the new arrival.

    “Do you know the work I have been doing here?” The Captain asked as if talking to himself. He had been caught on occasion giving speeches when no one was around. Often it seemed he would go through entire conversations. At meals when he wasn’t eating his mouth would be moving giving orders he had given during Hoth.

    “I’m helping to rebuild this Empire! Lord Jerec still has forces out there. Those who knew his plans. Once I find them we can destroy the Rebels…..” He seemed almost out of breath for a moment. The coughing attacked him with force as he leaned against the console. Blood emitted from his mouth as he pointed towards where the ship had landed.

    “Slaughter whoever is in that ship.” He ordered as the squad leader nodded. Five of them opened the door to the lift as the new recruit stayed behind. His hand let his blaster fall to the floor as he held something that all of them freeze in their steps.

    “What happened to Jerec?” The new trooper asked as he fiddled with his helmet. No one moved as the green blade appeared from the lightsaber in his hand. Some of the troopers slowly raised their weapons as the Captain looked stunned. The helmet fell to the floor as the Captain studied the face of the man in front of him.

    “You…..” He seemed almost hysterical as he fired his blaster. It missed well off the mark as the man swung the lightsaber cutting the man’s blaster arm off. Before the other troopers could react he had turned on them. Motioning with his hand three of them flew into the lift, and then he killed the trooper nearest to him. The squad leader tried to get to his feet as the lightsaber took his head. The other troopers fired their blasters without any hope as they were deflected back into them.

    “Listen to me kid.” The Jedi said shutting off his lightsaber. He seemed to be only in his 30’s as he put a hand on his shoulder. The young man shook with fear as his blaster clattered to the floor amidst the dead around them.

    “Empire is all done. All that’s left are the crazy ones like that.” He said pointing to the Captain who had passed out from the loss of his arm. The man took a survey of the scene as he walked over to the console the Captain had been working at. “You got a long life ahead of you. Don’t make the mistake of losing it for them. Take the shuttle from the hangar, and go find a nice place to settle down.” He took out a communicator as he tapped a button on it.

    “Claw this is Katarn. I thought we said you wouldn’t land for one more day Jan?” He asked with a hint of humor in his tone. The young trooper merely sat down against the wall unsure of what he was witnessing.

    “Well here I thought you would have it done sooner.” Jan Ors replied as a ship appeared off in the distance. The man clipped his lightsaber back onto his belt as he put his datapad into the console. A download began of all the information inside of it. “Besides thought you would want to know you got a message from someone. Thought you would want to know about it.”

    “Don’t have time to catch up with anyone.” He replied as the ship hovered outside of the room. He picked up the captain’s blaster and shot out the glass. For a brief moment the Captain stirred as the man merely kicked him on his way to the ship. “New Republic’s got a never ending list of work for their top operative. Besides who would be so important that’s want to talk to me? I’m just Operative Kyle Katarn.”

    “Well it came from Luke Skywalker. Apparently something to do with Jedi.” Jan said. That was enough to make Kyle go quiet as he hopped over to the ship.
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