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Before - Legends Knights In The Darkness

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    It is an uneasy time in the Galaxy. The Galactic Republic though victorious against the Sith Empire find themselves struggling to rebuild. Much of the Galaxy remains in ruins, and small pockets of fighting continue. The Galactic Senate find themselves stuck in making partnerships with uneasy allies to begin the road to reunification.
    Yet that is not the only struggle facing the Republic. With the Supreme Chancellor dead the Senate is locked in fierce debates over a new ruler. Interim Chief Admiral Saria Bogan can only rely on a select few to steer the Republic. Yet she cannot look to the Jedi Order for help. Nearly wiped out by the Sith the Jedi find themselves spread far too thin, and caught in their own internal struggles. With so few Jedi left some have begun to question if the Jedi are a true help to the Republic…..
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    This looks promising =D= Looking forward to how events unfold.
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    Coruscant –
    “It is clear that they are the aggressors in this issue,” The Rodian chimed slamming his first down onto the table. It sent a rattle down as Elise Renly quickly grabbed her drink. She had learned by now that these meetings always ended with something breaking, or her drink spilling on her. Her former uniform had never recovered from the incident with the Wookie delegation. “How can you put this blame on us? We only defended what is ours!” Anger flared in the Rodian as it went on in a flurry of words which she couldn’t understand. Rodian was the one language which she had been lacking in. Yet it was not something she had shared when she had applied for her position as aide to the Interim Chief Admiral Bogan. In fact she had received the position as soon as she applied. That was also due to the fact that Admiral Bogan was her Aunt.

    “You sent your ships into their territory,” Admiral Saria Bogan said as if correcting a child. Her hands were placed firmly on the table, and the bags were clear under her eyes. Her long graying blond hair was tied neatly into a pony tail, and her gaze was that of one who had heard this debate countless times, “We have proof that you fired first, and then tried to sell it as self defense.” She motioned for Elise to hand over the datapad that was placed in front of her. Moving quickly the young Lieutenant handed it to the Rodian. He snatched it from her hand, and went over all the information.

    “All lies. That moon belonged to use before the Sith took it. Many Rodians died to defend it for the Republic, and we were promised it would be returned to us. Now the Ithor scum claim it is theirs.” Elise had heard that line far too many times now. It was almost impossible to know what was true or just lies anymore. Most of the Galaxy had fallen to the Sith during the course of the war. It had been utter defeats for the Republic until the war had turned in their favor. Save for the few Core Worlds, and other planets that had been untouched. With the war now over countless border disputes, and fighting had taken its place. Elise had seen the reports of the desolated Republic forces that remained. Add that along to the immense loses of officers that fell to the Sith. It had taken weeks for the Republic to even put together the new Military Board, and that only held a handful of seasoned officers. Most of the Republic forces now were led by mere children who had joined after the war. They had been offered officer roles, and shipped to the never ending rebuilding process.

    “Wasn’t it the Ithorians who helped you regain your world from the Sith?” Elise asked speaking up. Within a second she had regretted using that statement. The Rodian looked at her with his blank eyes, and went off on a tirade she couldn’t come close to understanding. Admiral Bogans however merely remained calm and collected until the Rodian finished, and proceeded to toss his cup against a wall. A beep came from the table as Bogans cleared her throat.

    “Forgive the Lieutenant. We are not as disciplined as we were before.” Not giving Elise a look she rose to her feet. Though her height was less than Elise, Bogans still commanded a room when she rose. It was with that attitude she had been placed in this Interim role. That and no one else wanted anything to do with the mess that was placed in front of her.

    “We will have to continue this meeting at another time however. I will relay your thoughts to the Ithorian Senator, and hope for this to be resolved.” She nodded to Elise to lead the Rodian from the room. At first she was worried the Rodian wouldn’t move, but it merely nodded his head then marched off. What he said as he walked with Elise was clear enough for her to understand this time. As the door opened Elise noticed the vast line of people that awaited for their chance to also yell at the Admiral.

    “You have your mother’s tongue.” Bogans groaned as she poured herself a drink as soon as the door had closed. She straightened her uniform and sat back down in her chair. Her eyes scanned the datapad filled with the endless list of things she had to do. Elise took that moment to study her own reflection. Her auburn hair was more or less a mess, and her uniform could use a cleaning.

    “We’ve had the same arguments with 100 others by now.” Elise responded looking at the sky traffic outside. It was almost as if there had never been a war when you saw Coruscant. The capital seemed to just go on as if nothing had even occurred. She wouldn’t have been surprised if people on the planet didn’t even know there was a war.

    “And we will have it with 900 more. Everyone wants to be fed with food we don’t have.” Bogans reminded her. She drained her drink as she motioned for Elise to sit back down. She slid the datapad over to her. “What other matters do I need to get through today?” It had been clear to those who knew Bogans that she was never meant for politics. There had even been a story that she had once punched a Senator for saying she looked nice. Then again that Senator had ended up being her husband.

    “The Mid-Rim delegation is still waiting for your decision on supply lines,” Elise began seeing the exhaustion upon her Aunt. It only lasted for a brief second as she sat back up perfectly straight. “Commander Childers has a new report on the Pirate situation near Averam. Also the Senate Committee request your presence at a meeting tomorrow.”

    “More arguments, and more demands for what we don’t have. I told them all where the Republic stands. If any Sith were left they could topple us in a day.” Bogans spoke brutally honest. That was a trait her fellow soldiers had admired of her. She was never one to speak softly on a matter, and it had made her little friends in the Political realm.

    “There is a message from Captain Lo you had wanted to know about.” Elise scanned through the datapad for the newest message. It had come through the old military channels that Bogans lived by. She had required that Elise learn it well if she expected to keep the job.

    “Yes the agreement with the Hutts….”Even Elise could tell how well Bogans agreed with the idea. It had taken her weeks to even agree to it herself. The mere idea had come as a last resort when stock was taken of what the entire Republic had. Still some Senators had sworn they might leave the Republic for dealing with Crime Bosses. It had taken many visits from Bogans to make even Lo agree to take the job. The man was one of the few military friends left that Bogans could trust with assignments. Elise could only imagine how the man would do when it came to matters of diplomacy.

    “From what he says the initial conversations went well.” Bogans made a chuckle at that. Elise had heard plenty of stories of how well of a conversational man Evan Lo was. The man had been on the front lines for most of the war, and did little talking besides barking orders. She couldn’t see how the Hutts would handle that well. “The Hutts demands are higher like you expected them to be, but it seems they are willing to the deal.” It was then Elise noticed a new message that had risen to the top of the list. For a moment she was unsure how to inform Bogans, but before she spoke the door opened.

    “Ah….Master Varner I am honored by your presence.” Bogans said getting to her feet. Elise spun around quickly to see the Twi’lek Jedi Master standing in the doorway. The crowd of people had vanished behind him as he walked in slowly. If there was anyone more disliked than Bogans it was Varner and the Jedi, or what was left of them. Some people had sworn the Jedi were extinct, and only ghosts remained. Yet Elise had been told a mere handful of the once mighty order remained. Elise tried not to, but her eyes fell to the stump where Varner’s right hand had once been.

    “You summoned me here Admiral.” Varner spoke in a tone that showed no happiness at the moment. His dark green eyes briefly looked over Elise as he returned his attention to the Admiral. The meaning of this meeting was one that Elise had heard nothing about, but it sent shivers down her spine.
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    The frustration is thick. So thick you can slice it with a dull knife. :p =D= Bogans I can tell has the best of intents and is probably far-sighted and clear-headed, but she is stymied by self-interest groupps and inaction. :rolleyes: The bane of political situations everywhere it seems. :p
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    Thanks for the read Nyota! We will see how Bogans handles going from Military to the messy Political world.
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    The Republic Capital Ship Resilience,

    The Mid-Rim World, Krakoa –

    “Red Squadron reports that they are still under 50% of operating power.” Ensign Orell reported going over the long list of reports. Captain Jon Langlie scratched at his scruffy face that he had not shaved in weeks now. There was just no time to do anything besides go all across the Galaxy dealing with the never ending list of problems. So far he had been in this meeting for over two hours while Orell read over the new problems that arose whenever they ended another.

    “We lost four fighters to dealing with the Pirates in the area,” Orell continued on with the datapad doing his best to get through it all quickly. Out of the once immense group of Republic ships after the war only a mere remained. All of them save for a few had been flung out into the Galaxy to try to reestablish the peace. Jon couldn’t even recall all the “peace” missions his crew had been on. During the war he had served under General Moss, but the woman had been killed during the fall of Rhen Var. Only a third of the once mighty Fifth fleet had survived what was just another loss for the Republic.

    “Another three were heavily damaged. Squad Leader says they are beyond any repair.”

    “Tell the droids to scavenge them for parts then.” Jon replied getting to his feet. They led him to the viewing port where he watched in silence the four other ships that he had to lead. He knew just by looking at the Core Heart that the Cruiser would be shut down in mere days. It had sustained far too much damage to be of use anymore. Mostly it had become a mere threat when it arrived with the others. “We’ll need to have a repair crew sent over to the Dauntless. Lieutenant Connely reported the hyerdrive was malfunctioning again.”

    “I can put it on the list sir.” Orell replied tapping away at the datapad. Langlie wondered when was the last time his young assistant had gotten a good night’s sleep. Had it been before the border dispute in the Colonies? Perhaps it was even farther back to the trade route dispute which had fallen on them a mere two days after the war’s end. There had been too many of these restoration missions for him to recall. “Yet I must remind you that the maintenance crew is already under staffed. They’re still behind on fixing the sublight drives on the shuttles. Also Chief Anton has requested more supplies.” Did the list never end? It was a miracle the Republic was even standing with how badly the Sith had beaten them. Jon could only imagine how long it would take for the Republic to be able to stand back on its feet.

    “I suppose we will have to petition the Military Board again.” He said to Orell knowing how useless that would be. The board itself was almost a miracle to be able to get into contact with. Most of their time had been spent trying to rebuild even a modest force to handle the conflicts across Republic space. Throw in the never ending debates in the Senate, and Jon counted months before they got a response.

    “There is one new thing that could be useful Captain,” Orell tried to lighten the mood. The young man had a bad habit of trying to make things seem better. It was clear he hadn’t seen just how bad of a Galaxy they lived in. Yet Jon let him be considering how hard working the aide was. “We still have in Hanger four the Smuggler that assisted us. Perhaps there is a chance she would provide some gear for us?” Jon himself had completely forgotten about the brash young women who the Resilience had caught trying to break free from the fight with the Pirates. Her “assistance” that Orell spoke of was nothing more than not getting in their way. Since then she had logged complaint after complaint to be let go.

    “Consider that your assignment then Lieutenant.” Jon ordered heading for the door. It was clear how this was a shock to the young man. For a moment he made to raise the datapad to insist that there was more to the list, but Jon merely waved that away. “We need to fix what we can fix. For all we know the next assignment we get will end with us falling apart in Hyperspace. If you feel uncomfortable with the assignment then bring the Jedi with you. As a matter of fact you’ve just been assigned a rather new mission I got from Lo. Best go over the new message.” That was all Jon said as he left Orell in the briefing room.

    Hangar 4 –

    “Doesn’t the Republic boast about the freedom its citizens have?” Jozie Yuton roared as she marched around the Hangar for near the hundredth time. It had been days, and still she was stuck until the Republic gave her leave to go. By that time she would probably be in her fifties, and there was no way her employer would wait that long for what they bought. Fuming she ran a hand through her long blond hair which fell well past her shoulders. She had been well aware of how her looks had helped her in life. She was slender, and well formed for 21. Yet it was her mind that she had formed into a sharp weapon. Her looks were the one good thing she had received from her mother who had been a dancer for some big time Spice Smuggler. As for her father he had just been some poor fool who had overpaid for a private dance with her mother as so many other men had.

    “I’ve been stuck eating this slop for days now. You can kick me out I promise I won’t hold any hard feelings.” She fumed sitting down on a container near her baby Double Luck. With all the free time she had been given she found herself fixing the smallest of issues with her ship. Now she had just turned to talking to it like it was her only friend. To be fair it was in many circumstances. Not many found her easy to get along with. Even those in the Smuggler realm felt her to be rather cross, and not easy to trust. All due to a time she had refused to work with a group who had turned out to be Sith. That had ended with her losing a large sum of credits, and also being shot at by a Sith cruiser. A lone astromech droid rolled by only replying with a series of beeps. Jozie imagined taking out her blaster, and using the droid for target practice as the doors at the end of the Hangar opened up.

    “Here to tell me you’re going to take my ship away now?” Remaining on the container she watched the two figures make their way to her. One of them she recognized as the young Republic officer who had been there when her ship was pulled in. Sweat showed on his forehead, and he looked solidly at the ground. Even with his dark skin it was clear how much sweat was coming off him. It was the man next to him which had caught her attention. He was taller, and his brown hair was cut short. His blue eyes paid her no attention, but it was the item attached at his belt which shined in the Hangar. A lightsaber made her tense up as the two stopped a few feet away from her.

    “Ok so maybe I could have been a little more hospitable to you all.” She began getting to her feet. The officer did not make eye contact with her as the Jedi didn’t seem to care much at all. In fact he seemed far more interested in her ship which only continued to add to her bad feeling. “It’s just I have a job to do, and I’d like to be paid. You know how much Outer Rim worlds are buying power cells these days?”

    “Probably a small fortune.” The Jedi spoke mostly to the Officer. He turned his gaze to her for the first time as he seemed to be studying her. Her face began to redden as she kicked at some unseen object around her.

    “I’m Lieutenant Adrian Orell.” The man with the sweat began as his voice sounded almost shaky. She was worried he might pass out, but he took a deep breath as he collected himself. Four officers appeared in the door as they seemed to be carrying what looked to be valuables, and supplies. Jozie raised an eyebrow as she waited for Orell to continue, but instead he seemed to lose his train of thought.

    “I’m Jedi Knight Cort Leon.” The Jedi spoke giving her a small head nod. Well the rumors she had heard of the Jedi being extinct seemed to be false. Yet this Cort seemed to be almost different than the Jedi she had come across during the war. Two of the officers walked up the Double Luck’s loading ramp with the supplies.

    “You two here to send me off?” She asked giving a small smile. That seemed to only make Orell tense up more while Cort merely shook his head. “I’m touched, but you didn’t have to.”

    “That isn’t the case for our visit.” Cort answered as he made his way past her. Jozie for a second was close to telling him to stop when Orell placed a datapad in her hand. For a moment she only looked at the man as her eyes went over what was placed in front of her. After reading it for about the tenth time she looked back up stunned at the new turn of events.

    “Bantha poodo…..” She muttered.

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