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Beyond - Legends Knights Of The Alliance (Updated 8-10)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Nightvision91, Jul 31, 2013.

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    May 21, 2013
    Title: Knights Of The Alliance
    Author: Nightvision91
    Timeframe: Roughly 100 - 115 ABY
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
    Summary: The Galactic Alliance is in a Golden Age. The Jedi Order is prospering, and peace has become the normal for the Galaxy. However an undercover Alliance operation will lead into the depths of what is hidden beyond the eye of the Galaxy.
    Disclaimer: George Lucas and Disney own Star Wars.

    Cort Leon had lost count of how many times he had looked down at his drink since it had been brought over to him. It was still filled to the brim with the Corellian Ale he had ordered from the serving droid when it has asked for his order. By the force how he wanted to scratch his face, but the disguise he wore would fall apart. It took a lot more strength than he had imagined to keep himself from wanting to tear the blasted mask off. Yet to those in the smelly cantina he looked just like a hired hand who had seen his share of the rough side of the Galaxy. His face had scars in various sports, and a dark beard which caused most of the itching. Instead he kept his focus opening himself to the force to keep a read of the cantina. Taking his eyes off his ale he looked across the table at the Devorian who sat across from him. There were two others sitting beside the Devorian as it looked at the large muscular man whom sat next to Cort.

    “So I hear talk you’ve been looking for a meeting for a while now?” The Devorian asked giving a devlish grin. Its razor teeth seemed almost too white compared to the others around them. In fact Cort noted how nicely dressed the Devorian seemed compared to its friends. Though it seemed obvious the other two were just there for hired muscle. Not that it mattered with the fear in their eyes at the sight of Eron Alford. His dark skin rippled with muscle as he drank his third round of the cantina specialty. He leaned back in his seat as he ran a hand over his bald head.

    “That seems about right.” Eron replied motioning for the service droid to refill his glass yet again. Cort wondered just how much Galactic Alliance regulations allowed for undercover operatives to drink. Not that the drink seemed to be interfering with Eron in the slightest. “Been looking all over the blasted sector for you. Going to send my boss nova if we don’t bring back what he’s looking for.”

    “Well you’re aware of how….delicate our line of work is.” The Devorian replied shrugging its shoulders. It took a bite out of the slop on its plate smacking its lips in a way that drove Cort to near insanity. “Our clients must be thoroughly checked before purchases can be made. You understand of course with the Alliance, and those who don’t see the value in our service to the Galaxy.” Cort saw Eron tense up for a mere second before the man reclaimed his calm, and laughed at the Devorian.

    “The Alliance?” He laughed chugging down his drink yet again. Cort sensed the slight fear in the room at the mention of the Galactic Alliance. It was odd, but something he was sure made Eron proud to notice. “You’re telling me your boss is afraid of the Alliance?”

    “There have been….incidents as of late with Alliance operatives.” The Devorian said in a hushed tone. Clearly not a topic that it was proud of in the slightest. In fact all three of them seemed embarrassed mentioning failures within their organization. Cort could only imagine just what punishment had been given out when news reached those in charge.

    “Rumors of Jedi shutting down branches that took time to establish. Had to deal with some clients who were very upset.”

    “Jedi?” Eron asked raising an eyebrow. The way he said the word always made Cort wonder just what the man truly thought about them. It had crossed Cort’s mind to ask him at one point, but he felt that it was something the man would share in time. “You’re afraid to do business with my boss, because of some Jedi? Here I was told you people were the best in this area.”

    “You will find no one in the Galaxy with the selection we have I assure you.” The Devorian spat clearly upset for having said its earlier statement. It picked up on the salesmen aspect as Cort sensed the slight fear that they might lose this buyer. “Why don’t we move onto what it is your boss is looking for?” Eron smiled at this as he stroked his beard looking around the cantina.

    “Blond. My boss only has eyes for blonds.” He began as if trying to recall all the details perfectly. The act was working as the Devorian and its friends leaned forward taking in every word. “Needs to have some fire. Not a dull one, or else I get my payment from this cut. Fresh is nice also. Anything like that?” For a moment Cort watched the glances exchanged among the three as all of them revealed smiles at what Eron had listed.

    “It seems this meeting could not have happened on a better day.” The Devorian said raising its glass in the air. Eron followed suit as Cort merely let out a slight grin playing the role of the silent assistant. “In fact just a few days ago we came across the very thing your boss desires. Quite the fight we had to bring her in. 5,000 up front, and we will lead you to the pen.”

    “Don’t try to pull that price on me.” Eron mocked grabbing onto the table slightly. All of them looked at his massive arms as he made his point. “We agreed 3,000 up front if you had what we were looking for. My boss will be more than happy to pay more if what you have is up to his standard.” For a moment Cort sensed the Devorian was going to walk away from the deal. He was about to speak to Eron to go along with the price when the Devorian grinned back at Eron, and shook his hand.

    “I think your boss will be more than pleased doing business with us.” Getting to its feet the Devorian motioned for its two lackey’s to follow suit. It handed over a datapad to Eron who took it with a nod. “Meet us in one hour at this location. Bring only your friend, or else we will have to make up a grand tale to your boss why you did not return.” Turning the three left as Eron and Cort watched them go. A few minutes passed as the large man looked at Cort.

    “They bought it. Nothing I got off them made it seem they were hesitant.” Cort said knowing what Eron was going to ask. Both got to their feet as Eron placed a handful of credits down on the table. They made their way slowly through the cantina into the cool night air.

    “Good took us long enough to get to this point.” Eron grunted as they walked over to a landspeeder that looked to have seen much better days. “Now you get to see how us non force people party.”
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    Oh, this is cool. =D= Undercover missions are always fraught with tension and action as the operatives balance being convincing and not getting sucked into their roles/personas [face_thinking] NV91, you create some compelling original characters. @};- P.S. I have not forgotten your Trek venture/fic ... [face_laugh] but I can understand if you need to put it to the side atm. :D
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    Thank you Nyota. I made this new tale, because my computer had an issue and I lost some stories. I hope to get back to Federation space in time.
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    The landspeeder shot through at a speed that made Cort wonder just how many modifications Eron and his team had made to it. Most of the hour they had to wait to meet back up with the Devorian had been spent discussing how they would play it when they arrived. It was clear to Cort just how badly Eron wanted this assignment to go perfectly. From what he had been able to pick up these slavers had been extremely good at covering their trails and vanishing if they felt threatened in the slightest. In fact that was what had been going on recently. The landspeeder passed a rather shady club where a group of local drunks were singing about a moon on Dantooine.

    “Reina should be in position by the time we get there. If the readout is right about that tracker you placed on the Devorian there should be some good spots for her to be in.” Eron commented as he picked up the speed in the landspeeder. Cort was forced back in his seat from the pickup in speed as he turned to the Alliance operative.

    “You think we’ll need her?”

    “Best sniper this side of Corellia. She’s gotten us out of a few jams in our times together.” Eron replied with almost a grin on his face. It made Cort wonder just how many missions this team had been on before he had arrived. He could imagine near death experiences were just an average day for most of them. “Besides these guys can get jump and start shooting quickly. Also I’ve found it good luck to have a token Twi’lek with you.” Cort merely nodded his head at this as he closed his eyes for a few moments. Memories of the constant lessons Master Heron had put him through about calming oneself, and allowing the force to guide you filled his mind.

    “You know I never asked how you got sent all the way out to the Outer Rim.” Eron spoke bringing Cort out of the meditation he had entered. A light rain began to fall as he wondered just how far out they were going. He pulled his hood over his disguised face as he kept his gaze forward. “I mean not that I am grateful to have you around. Just thought the Jedi mostly stuck to the Core, and handled stuff the Senate asked them to do.”

    “I was just made a Jedi Knight two weeks ago.” Cort admitted seeing Eron raise an eyebrow at this. Though he did wonder if Eron even knew the differences that existed within the Jedi Order. Most people in the Galaxy only knew them as Jedi, and that was all that mattered to them. “Also the Jedi are spread out across the Galaxy. It was actually a Jedi who learned about these slavers, and knew about your team. The Council thought it would be good to receive a better understanding of how bad the slave trade has gotten.”

    “Well I can tell you it’s as bad as it can be. Hundreds being taken daily, and sold across the Galaxy. It’s not just held to the Outer Rim anymore.” Eron admitted as he began to slow down the speeder. Cort could no longer hold back the urge as he scratched his face for a few seconds emitting a laugh from Eron.
    “Blast it why did I need to wear a mask?”

    “You look to clean. No offense meant, but when we were told a Jedi would be joining us we thought it would be one of the older ones. Honestly I was hoping for a Wookie Jedi. Heard those are a sight to see.”

    “Everyone wants a Wookie with them.” Cort replied honestly as he imagined the effect it would have had on the meeting. Eron brought the landspeeder to a halt as they saw a small farm like area in front of them. Fences ran across the area as they spotted a gate where some figures stood.

    “Looks like our spot.” Eron stated as the two got out of the landspeeder. The rain picked up as Cort made sure his lightsaber was attached securely to his belt. Reaching out in the force he picked up Reina already hidden somewhere in the darkness. He felt her utter focus on the assignment, and felt that Master Heron would have wanted her as a student. Cort could make out at least a dozen armed figures moving around a circle of others who seemed to be sitting down.

    “Certainly well armed aren’t they?” Cort noted as they got out of the landspeeder. He fiddled with the fake nose he wore as Eron strapped a vibro blade to his belt. Also he grabbed a blaster rifle which he kept in his hands.

    “Must be your intimidating essence you’re giving off.” Eron chuckled as they walked slowly to the gate. They were met not even half way by the Devorian, and five of its friends. All of them held weapons in the ready position as the Devorian smiled at them.

    “I am so glad you made it. No trouble finding us I presume?”

    “None at all was a smooth ride out. It is a big place for so few items.” Eron admitted taking in their current location. Cort also noted how large the fenced area seemed, and wondered what had been here before. He caught a slight raise in fear from the Devorian at Eron’s comment as it merely laughed.

    “Ah yes we just had a large purchase take place after we talked.” The Devorian said smiling as if it could see all the credits it had made. Something made the back of Cort’s neck tingle as he eyed a few more of the slavers walk towards them. “Don’t fear though your item was kept here. In fact her she comes now.” Both men turned as two slavers walked over a human with her head covered. Bruises could be seen on her body as they dropped her in front of Eron.

    “Damaged goods is not what my boss wanted.” He spoke rather upset at what he had seen. Cort knew it to be true anger as he hoped his friend would be able to keep his composure.

    “This one took out three of my men before we took her down.” The Devorian said spitting on the women. She tried to kick out as it stomped down on her back, but the women gave no cry of pain. “She deserved all she received. However I must tell you we have a change of action taking place.” Before Cort could make his move a blaster nozzle touched the back of his head as he noticed more aimed at Eron.

    “My employer would rather take you two as new top of the line items.”
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    :eek: [face_nail_biting] Mission just went south, just like that! =D=
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    Eron let out a laugh that sent shivers down Cort’s spine. He barely moved as the Rodian behind him seemed intent on keeping its blaster placed right against the back of his head. Of course Cort could get himself out of this problem in a matter of quick movements, but he kept his eyes on Eron to see how the man would react.

    “Don’t you know who my boss is? You honestly want to double cross him on a simple deal?” He asked as the Devorian did not seem a fan of being made fun of. In fact it had now pulled out its own blaster as it aimed it at Eron’s chest. Again the big man laughed as he scratched at his beard. The rain was pouring now, and Cort could feel it working its way past certain parts of his mask.

    “Your boss will not be able to do anything.” The Devorian said in a dark tone as it took a step towards Eron. For a moment it was deathly silence as Cort looked down at the women they had brought over. It appeared she had passed out from the beating she had just been given. “You two will disappear like shadows. Our organization is extremely good at vanishing with our goods.” At that moment Cort noticed that Eron stepped slightly to his left.

    “No need for us to lose anyone here. Give us the girl, and we’ll throw in an extra 5,000.” The Devorian stepped in front of Eron as he moved. One of the armed men stepped into the spot where the Devorian once stood as Cort noticed Eron drop his hand down to his side. He made a circle motion, and then held out five fingers.

    “Why take that when we can make far more with you two?” The Devorians said as if talking to itself. Eron’s hand now held four fingers as Cort picked up that the man seemed to be counting down. Opening himself to the Force Cort focused on the one holding a blaster to the back of his head. “You won’t be able to talk yourself out of this sadly. Perhaps you will get a nice job working for my employers.”

    “Think we’ll just shut you down instead.” Cort said speaking for the first time as Eron’s index finger closed into a fist. A blaster bolt flew through the air impacting the man who had taken the Devorian’s spot. He fell to the ground with a thud as the two acted in an instant. A few more blaster shots filled the night air as other slavers fell to the ground. Cort dropped to a knee as he spun his leg catching the feet of the Rodian. It fell onto its back as Cort activated his lightsaber. Not a moment too soon as he deflected a few shots towards the ground. Before the Rodian could get back to its feet Cort knocked its head against the ground watching the Rodian pass out.

    “Way to take my moment.” Eron grunted as he had begun to fire his blaster rifle. It struck a few unlucky slavers as the others bolted for a small ship that lay at the end of the complex. A few more shots from the dark took three of them down as the Devorian, and a few others tried to make a last stand. One Twi’lek rushed at Eron who merely grabbed it by the neck, and tossed it to the ground. “I had a line all set up you know? Then you go ahead and take my favorite part of this job.”

    “I sincerely apologize. I’ll let you take the next time.” Cort replied as he pulled the blasters from some slavers trying to distract them from the Devorian. A few slavers made their way onto the ship along with some of their slaves as the ship began to come to life. Cort watched it as it rose into the night sky. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Eron take out the two bodyguards for the Devorian. Running across the soaked ground Cort used the force to knock the Devorian to the ground as the two men surrounded him.

    “I’m Lieutenant Alford with Galactic Alliance Special Forces.” Eron said almost grinning as the Devorian cursed at the both of them. From what Cort could sense there was no one left in the complex save for the three of them, and Reina who had appeared out of the shadows to check on the slave who was starting to sit up.

    “I don’t think you need the rest of the speech. Now you and I can still be friends. Just have to tell me where your friends went off to.”

    “Nowhere you will find them Alliance poodoo.” The Devorian said this time spitting blood out from the impact of Cort’s push. Eron turned to the Jedi making a motion with his hand for Cort to try a Jedi mind trick. Cort merely shook his head at this request.

    “Hard headed species. Wouldn’t do us any good.” He answered as he kept his lightsaber pointed to their captive. “Guess we’ll see how much he wants to protect his employers when he’s in Alliance prison.”

    “You do not know the power of my employers.” The Devorian said almost laughing at them now. It pointed a finger towards the slave and Reina who was undoing her restraints. Cort could only imagine the horror that the girl must be going through.

    “There is no victory against us. You will keep looking for us. Keep trying to make this Galaxy pure….and we shall take and take. Our reach is far beyond anything your Alliance can imagine.” It said as it drew something lighting fast from its jacket. Before either men could react it revealed a small hold out blaster, and shot itself in the head.

    “That was rather dramatic don’t you think?” Cort commented as he looked at the dead body in front of him. He deactivated his lightsaber and followed Eron back towards Reina who had now begun to take the bag off the girls head. She had long blond hair that looked filthy, and had been gagged. Reina removed them as the women looked dead straight at Cort and Eron.

    “You couldn’t take a single one alive?” She said furiously looking at Eron. The big man shrugged his shoulders as he kicked at the body of one of the dead slavers. “Three frakkin weeks I’ve been stuck at this complex. Getting all the information I could, and I told you one simple thing. Take one of them alive!”

    “Good to see you didn’t lose your spirit Captain.” Reina said holding back her laughter. Cort raised an eyebrow at this as the women shook her head, and looked at the Jedi for the first time. “Oh guess introductions are in order. This here is Jedi Knight Cort Leon. He was sent here to help us out.” The disgust the Captain showed made it clear that she also was no fan of the Jedi intervening.

    “As you probably caught this is Captain Sydney Weston. She’s been responsible for our little operations against these slavers for almost a year now.”
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    Just caught up on this story. I like it and are going to follow it
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    Awesome action =D= Brilliantly written @};- I agree with the Captain's frustration and Reina's -- they needed to take one alive but probably Cort and Eron know they wouldn't have gotten any more ... or if they did it would likely not be the truth. [face_thinking]
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    Thanks for the read you two!
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    Cort had assumed after the slaver fight he would have to buy transport to get off planet. The Jedi Council had made him take a transport to get to the Outer Rim, and he was surprised when Eron told him he could catch a ride back to Coruscant with them.

    “No point in wasting credits out here.” Eron had said when he made the offer. Cort didn’t hesitate to turn it down as he walked with the man towards the ship in front of him. They had stayed the night at one of the Alliance safe houses to give the Captain a night of rest. She had said very little to any of them after the slavers had left, and didn’t seem to want to talk today. Her hair was pulled back as she still had a fair share of scars from her time undercover with the slave group.

    “Here she is my pride and beauty. Don’t go telling my wife I say that now.” Eron boasted as he motioned to the rather plain looking ship. A feeling came upon Cort to not ask Eron if he was joking about his statement. He almost had the urge to find a better looking transport, but he knew he would only anger Eron.

    “She’s a deceiving one.” Reina said walking past Cort to the landing ramp. Her sniper was treated almost like a small child as she cradled in it in the bag at her side. All Cort had with him was some spare clothes, and parts for his lightsaber. “Eron overhauled the engine making her a safe bet for a quick escape. Have to make it look like he just gets by when we do this fun undercover stuff.”

    “Thank the force for that.” Cort muttered under his breath as he made his way to the landing ramp. He could hear Eron and Reina having an argument about something when Sydney the Captain walked past him almost shoving him. “Sorry Captain didn’t mean to block the way.”

    “Pick it up Jedi some of us still have work to do.” She said sternly as she continued past him. There was no time for Cort to give a reply as she carried her stuff, and headed towards the cockpit past her arguing teammates.

    “You should feel honored. She rarely says more than a few sentences to us a day.” Eron said grinning as he patted Cort on the back. He let out a sigh as he dropped his stuff on the ground, and walked over to a chair which seemed to be calling to him.

    “Especially a whole sentence to a Jedi. That is rare indeed.” Reina added as Eron left to head to the cockpit. The Twi’lek sat down in the chair next to Cort as she gently laid her sniper on the table.

    “I’m going to guess you all aren’t fans of Jedi?” Cort asked mainly to himself as he noticed a protocol droid walk into the galley. It didn’t pay them any attention at the moment as it seemed to be humming something. For a moment Reina remained silent as the ship came to life signaling that they were on their way.

    “Whoa now don’t throw me into the mold with the Captain.” Reina said defensively as the droid picked up the volume of its humming. Cort decided not to pay it any attention as he stretched out his sore legs.

    “To be honest I am a huge supporter of the Jedi. Don’t see why so many people seem to be turning against them lately. Especially with that whole relocate the Temple movement.” Cort shook the brief flash of anger at the mention of the movement. It had begun by some disgruntled Senators who had argued that perhaps the Jedi had lost their focus on defending the Alliance. It had grown far more than the Council had imagined, and more seemed to be growing to the idea that the Jedi should head off the Alliance Capital.

    “Well I appreciate that.” He said seeing Reina smile at this.

    “As for the Captain….I don’t think she dislikes the Jedi. I think it has more to do with feeling undervalued when Jedi get sent out on missions like this.”
    “I understand. I don’t mean to make you all seem incompetent of doing your job.” Cort began as Reina nodded understanding. He was about to continue speaking, but the droid had grown to such a loud noise Cort almost pushed it down with the force.

    “Don’t mind EL4.” Reina said seeing where Cort’s vision had turned. In fact as she told him this the droid stopped its humming, and turned towards them. It waved for a brief moment, and then walked down a corridor.

    “It was programmed by Eron to be something of a comedic relief for us after missions. I always wonder why he gave it a program to sing songs. Don’t tell EL that, but it is a terrible singer.” She turned to her bag, and began to unload a variety of weapons that made Cort raise an eyebrow.

    “I’ll take note to remember that.” He said softly as Reina began to hum the same tune that EL had been using just moments ago. He decided to give the ship a look over. As he made his way to what he believed was the cockpit he bumped into Sydney who seemed none to happy to see him.

    “We’ll be at Coruscant in a couple hours.” She said as if addressing one of her lower rank officers. Her face turned to a wince as she reached down to her side where Cort could only guess was an injury. Their eyes connected briefly as she straightened back up as if he hadn’t seen anything.

    “I could look at that for you.” Cort offered as the two remained in the corridor. EL could be heard humming again as the droid seemed to be talking to Eron about a Jawa and a Wampa who entered a Cantina.

    “I’ve had worse wounds than this I think I’ll survive thanks.” Sydney grunted as she walked past him to where he imagined the sleeping quarters of the ship were. This was going to be quite the ride back he thought to himself.
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    interesting company for Cort
    Likeable characters
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    Thank you earlybird. Yes Cort is indeed with quite the company.
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    Like Cort and Sydney - there seems to be an undercurrent of something that might happen between them. Nv91, I do read even potential mush into scenes. It's something I hone in on like sonar [face_laugh]
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    Well I am sure Sydney would never consider a relationship with a Jedi haha
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    Here is the Dramatis Personae:

    Cort Leon: Human Jedi Knight
    Eron Alford: Human Galactic Alliance Special Forces Lieutenant
    Reina Ven: Twi'lek Galactic Alliance Special Forces Sniper
    Sydney Weston: Human Galactic Alliance Special Forces Captain
    Lucca Heron: Mon Calamari Jedi Master
    Arist Kith'mos: Bothan Galactic Alliance Chief of State
    Keith Denton: Human Senator New Alderaan
    Shayna Skywalker: Human Grand Master of Jedi Order
    Moira Harrison: Human Aide to Chief of State
    Vance Kendall: Human Senator of Bespin
    Szella Varr: Chiss Grand Admiral of the Empire
    Liam Or: Human Lord Imperial Knight
    Elisha Or: Human Imperial Knight
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    Office of the Chief of State, Coruscant –

    “Three more Senators gave me their opinions today after the session.” Chief of State Arist Kith’mos said clearly displeased with the current situation. The Bothan was slumped in his chair as he studied his guests in front of him. They were the rare few he could trust these days along with his aide Moira who sat silently going over here datapad.

    “It seems my dear friends that this issue is picking up much more rapidly than what we had assumed. Two of the Senators voiced their desire to begin the primary stages of the Relocation movement.” He felt that there was an immense weight on his shoulders that kept him from moving. Instead he merely kept silent letting the words sink in.

    “What about the third?” Senator Keith Denton asked sitting up in his chair. The young Senator from New Alderaan even from his childhood had acted with such dignity that Arist had gone to him with many issues that ran throughout the Alliance.

    “It was the Sullust Senator.” Arist replied seeing Keith nod his head. The Bothan pushed himself to his feet as he looked at the immense city in front of him.

    “She offered if the Relocation comes to pass the Jedi are most welcome on her planet.” Clasping his hands behind him he chuckled a little recalling the conversation. The Senator had seemed almost pleased at the idea of the Jedi relocating their entire order to her home world.

    “How long do you think before a motion is brought up?” Shayna Skywalker said softly as the Chief of State turned to face the Jedi Grand Master. As usual she seemed almost regal as she sat in her chair, and looked almost through Arist. Her long auburn hair had begun to spot some gray which only added to her character.

    “Hard to say. It’s still mostly a topic of gossip within the Senate.” Arist replied honestly as he stroked his face. He hoped that he would be able to squish this awful idea, but the feeling in his gut made him highly doubt that.

    “Yet it’s already spread to the media, and people are talking about it.” Keith answered looking to Shayna. She nodded her head clearly aware of how fast this was spreading across the Alliance.

    “I’ve already seen people handing out stories of old Jedi incidents. Anytime there has been a war people are trying to connect the Jedi to it.”

    “Sadly they are mostly true.” The Grand Master said turning her gaze to the young Senator now. Arist shook his head wondering how this had fallen onto his lap. Hadn’t the Jedi done enough for the Galaxy through the centuries of their existence?

    “The Jedi Order does not boast a perfect history. Yet these moments have happened before. The last time the Order left Coruscant was not that long ago.”

    “Is there much support to keep the Jedi here?” Keith asked turning back to the Chief of State. The Bothan nodded as Moira got to her feet, and handed two datapads one to the Senator and Grand Master.

    “Moira has been frequently visiting an array of locations where Senators enjoy spending their free time.” Arist said noticing the eyebrow raise from Shayna. A slight grin came upon the Bothan’s face as he merely shrugged.

    “She has been trained well in the ways of spying.”

    “Senator Vance Kendall?” Keith asked going over the name of Senators on the datapad. They had been placed into different categories from those who had joined the Relocation movement, and those who had turned against it. Vance Kendall’s name was placed in the middle connected to a number of those who had not voiced their opinions yet.

    “Yes the new Senator from Bespin.” Shayna spoke before Arist had a chance to. The Chief of State had learned to stop being impressed by the wisdom of the Grand Master.

    “He seems to have grown quite the following amongst the Senate since his arrival. Administrator of Cloud City, and responsible for the immense profit it has received.” Moira said listing off what she had been able to pick up from her spying. Keith was impressed how much the young lady had picked up until he saw his name with information listed next to it.

    “I have not been in a speeder bike race for years.” He said harshly looking up at the aide. There on the datapad listed when he had last raced only three days prior along with the alias he used to race. How this girl had found this all out stunned him.

    “She trained as a Jedi for a few years.” Shayna said sensing all the questions from the Senator. His jaw slightly dropped as he looked at the young women who merely smiled, and returned to her seat to continue her work.

    “You believe that Kendall could be a tipping point?” Shayna asked returning to the topic at hand. Arist nodded as Keith felt the urge to toss his datapad at the window in frustration for being found out for his speeder racing.

    “You could call him the next celebrity. He just bought three casino’s, and is opening a brand new restaurant here in a few days.” Keith told her recalling all the talk that surrounded the Bespin Senator. There had only been a few moments where Keith had a chance to speak to the man, but he was often surrounded by his aides and those who followed his every move.

    “He certainly has no issue being in the public eye.” Arist began returning to his chair. The age of the Chief of State could been seen as he sat back down. Shayna could sense the immense stress that the head of the Alliance was under. “I have known you two for many years now. Back when I was a mere Senator from my homeworld. I say this solely to you now. I fear if this movement continues to grow it will cause quite the issue in a few days.”

    “What is going on in a few days?” Keith asked feeling the tension in the air. He caught Moira almost shiver with fear as he tried to find an answer. As he searched his brain he felt like a fool when he realized why this issue needed to be dealt with quickly.

    “The Imperial Delegation.” He said out loud now feeling the weight fall on him. Shayna nodded her head gravely clearly not pleased with the situation. Keith felt his fist clench at the uneasy allies that had become quite strained with the Alliance as of late. In fact there had been some who joked that a war was coming.

    “We can only assume that the Grand Admiral will have quite a few questions on why the Jedi are being asked to leave.” Shayna spoke getting to her feet. An odd calmness came about her as she turned her worries over to the force as she had been taught. Her mind turned to the opportunity that the Empire along with their Imperial Knights would see if the Jedi were off the Capital.

    “ Which then would turn to many wondering if the Alliance is still in control of the Galaxy.” Keith said now wishing he was not as trusted by the Chief of State. In fact he wished he could be in the dark about the entire situation all together.

    “I have an idea that may help us.” Moira said smiling at them all.
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    Interesting discussion
    Love your Skywalker
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    Hmm, interesting.
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    Cool update, and I am impressed with Shayna and Moira. Keith seems a decent sort too.
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    Thanks all for the read. Glad you are liking the characters so far. I will say that Shayna is one tough Skywalker in this generation.
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    Imperial Star Destroyer Hand of Redemption –

    “Position cruiser alpha into a nova roll.” Szella Varr said watching intently at the program in front of her. A vast array of ships lay out before her as she watched the small cruiser move across the board. A grin came upon her face as the cruiser picked up the attention of a few fighters. They broke off from defending one of the transports as they pursued the new ship.

    “Have Capital ships fire five second volleys into sector 23.7” Her four Capital ships moved slowly into firing range as they began to fire upon their own cruiser and enemy fighters. As she suspected the attack threw off the fighters, and even a few smaller ships that had tried to join the fight. The vast confusion unfolding brought her a small amount of dignity for defeating the computer program yet again.

    “If there ever is an uprising led by machines we all will look to you Grand Admiral.” A voice said shaking her from her game. Of course she had known he was standing there before he had spoken. It was something she had learned to expect from the Lord Imperial Knight.

    “Machines are much more clever than you give them credit for Lord Or.” She stated as Liam Or bowed his head in agreement with her. As usual he wore the dark crimson armor of an Imperial Knight. His long gray hair was tied into a tight pony tail, and his face was clean shaven. Her eyes once again went over the scar that ran from the left side of his face past the bottom of his lips.

    “Besides it is wise to keep one’s mind sharp. You never know when things will happen in this Galaxy.”

    “Such as war?” Liam asked remaining standing. His hands were clasped behind him as he let his question hang in the air. There had been no end to the rumors of a war on the horizon with the Alliance. The Grand Admiral had seen the talks take place even on the bridge of her ship. She wondered how long until the other Admirals of the Empire decided to ask for that answer.

    “War does tend to occur frequently Lord Knight. I for one see it as a terrible thing that only should occur as a last resort.” He nodded his head in agreement with her. His gaze turned to the display of small ships which represented the array of Imperial vessels.

    “Which is we are going to celebrate the signing of the Peace Treaty with the Alliance.” Lord Or commented studying a new brand of Star Destroyer that caught his attention. He had never been much for the military side of the Empire. In he had said as much during a recent meeting between the Imperial Knights, and an Admiral who wanted to arm them with a fleet.

    “I believe even with so many decades gone by some still see it as a surrender.” The Grand Admiral reminded him as he laughed at this.

    “Then the Empire never will truly die.” He said pushing his chest out, and standing like a perfect soldier ready for inspection. A moment passed as he looked at the Grand Admiral than sat down next to her. Silence filled the room as he slowly took her hand.

    “What do you think about the movement to relocate the Jedi?” Szella asked in a tone showing she was serious about this topic. Liam raised an eyebrow as he still held her hand as he looked to the door. There was no one around so he did not feel that he needed to hide his affections for the moment being.

    “You’re worried if this picks up it will spread into the Empire.” He replied as she showed no emotion on her face. There had been those who had spoken about her being colder than anyone in the entire Galaxy. She was the Grand Admiral that had brought the Empire out of its mediocrity, and had built it back up to something to respect.

    “There are those few who seem to agree with the notion. I would imagine it will be a topic to discuss with the Chief of State when we arrive. Have any of your Knights talked about it?” He sighed hoping that their time together now would be spent on better topics. Instead he knew better than to try to distract her from the work she buried herself in.

    “You should know how little we try to follow what the Jedi are doing. Though…some Knights have discussed the idea of leaving the Capital.”

    “That isn’t what you’re worried about though is it?” She asked not even imagining what would happen on Bastion should the Knights leave. It was no secret to her how many of the Moffs and others did not like having her in charge. In fact some had begun to refer to her as “Thrawn Junior” A name that always made her ill.

    “It’s the slave group we’ve been dealing with the past few months.” Liam admitted letting out a sigh of frustration. The reports had spread through the Empire about many being taken from attacks by unknown pirates, and then being sold off across the Galaxy. So far the investigations and searches had proved futile.

    “27 were taken from a convoy a few days ago. Elisha thought she had a trail, but when she found the camp it had been taken out already.”

    “I’ll have General Pilus pick up the patrols of the trade routes.” She reassured him seeing that it did no good for the man. Though it was her who was furious with the slavers, and the business they were into. Her life growing up had been that of a slave to a Hutt, and those were memories she tried to bury as far down as possible.

    “Perhaps….we could talk to the Alliance about it also.” She saw him sit up straight knowing how much he detested the idea. “Listen to me Liam you’ve had Elisha out there for weeks searching for this group. I am sure it is a problem for the Alliance also.”

    “You’re asking me to beg for Jedi help.” He said darkly clenching his fist. For a moment she was sure he would stomp off as he usually did when they got into an argument. Instead he remained silent as he looked back at her.

    “No I’m ordering you. I want these slavers destroyed. If we can get the Alliance to help then we can be done with this matter.”

    Unknown Location –

    The 30 or so people walked along the massive hangar bay constrained ,and herded like a pack of Banthas. Guards of all races stood throughout keeping their eyes peeled on the group as they marched to an array of shuttles that waited.

    “Take those four to shuttle 7.” A Twi’lek said reading from a datapad. He was dressed in garb that made him look like royalty. Two young Twi’lek girls were grabbed, and led to the shuttle as they tried to fight back. Instead they both were tossed to the floor as blasters were pointed at them.

    “Now ladies….we went over the rules. You step out of line and we are forced to kill you. I can assure you my boss does not like losing profit.” The Twi’lek said giving the two ladies a devilish smile. One of them spit on the shoe of the male as he roared in anger, and pulled out his blaster. A volley of shots left the blaster as both Twi’lek girls lay dead on the hangar floor. The rest of the hangar went silent as all eyes turned to the scene.

    “Put them on my tab.” The Twi’lek said laughing as he turned back to his datapad. An array of locations were presented on the datapad as he directed their “cargo” to their destinations. Two Rodian guards walked up to him followed by an array of people who were surrounded by other guards.

    “Ah….I take it these are the bosses special gifts?” The Twi’lek asked mostly to himself as he inspected each of them. He noted the odd collars they were wearing as he nodded his approval at the boss’s exquisite taste.

    “Well then let’s get them going immediately. Time is of the essence here.” He ordered waving them off. His comlink went off as he turned his eyes to a massive window where his boss was stationed overseeing the operation. All of them had heard how furious the boss was at the lost of a branch in a part of the Outer Rim. Anyone who had survived the attack had been killed by the boss, and a new branch was already being set up.

    “Elok here.” The Twi’lek said handing his datapad off to a Duro who took his spot in issuing the people into the shuttles.

    “Order from the boss.” A female voice said over the comlink. He knew it was the Cathar Assassin Neko that never left the boss’s side. “Take the shuttle with the special packages. Make sure it happens as planned on time, or else you’ll be a part of the festivities.”
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    Terrific dynamic and undercurrent you have between the Grand Admiral and the Imperial Knight =D= =D= Personally and otherwise. :)
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    Great Imperial characters.
    And those slavers are really nasty
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    Coruscant, Jedi Temple –

    Cort had rarely been in the Council Chamber during his time as a Padawan. In fact growing up he believed it to be some imaginary place. Though in time he learned that it was due more in part to his Master’s dislike of the Council. That was why he had found it quite ironic when his Mon Cal Master had accepted the offer to join the Council when he became a Jedi Knight. He looked over to Master Heron briefly as the Mon Cal merely sat staring at her old apprentice. She gave him the nod of her head to return his attention to Master Bron.

    “The Council has gone over the report you gave Jedi Leon.” The Bith Jedi Master said holding the datapad in his hand. Cort saw a few other Masters nod their heads in agreement as he remained silent. He grinned recalling a time that Master Heron had not said a single word during a time they had been summoned to the Council.

    “However we would like to ask your personal views on the slavers.” Master Grabow the Wookie stated in a serious of rumbles. Cort turned to the massive Wookie as he bowed his head in respect to the will of the Council. Grand Master Skywalker remained silent as she rubbed her forehead. “How bad do you think the situation actually is?”

    “From what I have seen of these slavers I believe them to be far more dangerous than we originally believed.” Cort began speaking in a tone he hoped showed his effort to make a point. He felt all the eyes of the Council fall upon him as he tried to keep his composure. It almost made him feel like a child amongst all these incredible force users.

    “If they are willing to kill themselves to protect their jobs then they are not merely going to go away. Seeing how well armed they were, and how they did their business showed me that they are far more tied into things than a mere group looking for credits.”

    “So you agree with this Captain Weston that they are not just some doing business with the Hutts?” The Twi’lek Master Jovan asked leaning forward interested in what Cort was saying. The one eyed Twi’lek Master had been on a number of missions to shut down all slave trade he could find.

    “No they are far too big to be workers of a Hutt. Though I do believe they sell quite frequently to the Hutts. I did think they could be a part of Black Sun, but they’ve barely been heard from in years.” The nod from his Master made that point clear. Cort recalled the vast times he and his Master had dealt with the criminal organization breaking it down into pieces.

    “You do not believe these slavers work for the Empire?” Grand Master Skywalker asked speaking for the first time. A dark silence fell upon the council room as all turned to look at the head of their order. Skywalker merely grinned as she leaned back in her seat. Cort caught some Masters exchange glances unsure if they should push the question further.

    “I knew some of you wanted to ask him that.” She said to all the Masters in the room. Grabow let out a hearty laugh as others seemed to relax slightly now. Though it was clear the mention of the Empire did bring about some feelings of mistrust.

    “Cort the Council is grateful for the role you played in at least doing some harm to this slave group.” Grand Master Skywalker said looking at the young man. He nodded his head thankful that he had not failed his first assignment as a Jedi Knight.

    “As you all are aware in a few days the Alliance and Empire will be celebrating the signing of the Peace Treaty. I do not need to remind you all of the position the Jedi have found ourselves in as of lately.”

    “I already have all of my weapons packed.” Master Jovan said in a tone that made a few wonder if he was joking or not. Cort had heard a number of tales of the vast weaponry the Twi’lek had. In fact some considered him to be a one man army when he went out on a mission.

    “The Chief of State has come up with a solution that could help the public face of the Jedi.” The Grand Master said laughing a little at Jovan’s statement. Cort did wonder how much of a fighter the Grand Master was. By all means she looked like a kind women who never raised a hand, but there had been stories of times she had shown her true power.

    “Cort we must ask you to reconnect with the Alliance Special Forces team that brought you back here.” She said slowly as many looked to see the young man’s reaction. Cort merely nodded his head as he was not one to question the Council.

    Alliance Special Forces, Coruscant –

    “No.” Sydney said vehemently shaking her head. Her arms were crossed as she looked across the table at General Xander who seemed none too pleased with her response. “You can’t be serious with this General. You know I can’t do something like that.”

    “I seem to remember not asking for your opinion Captain.” General Xander replied rubbing his forehead in frustration with the young Captain. For a moment the Duro merely shook his head, and kept his gaze on Sydney.

    “Besides no way you can get out of these orders. Came from the Chief of State himself, and personally delivered by his aide.” He continued handing over the datapad to Sydney. She took with the intention of chucking it against the wall, but refrained herself.

    “I’ve been working on this for almost a year now General.” Sydney began trying to plead her case to him. Xander merely gave her a blank expression which meant that she had lost this argument well before she began it.

    “You’ve made next to little headway into this slaver organization. I just received a report of an entertainment vessel that was cleared by them.” Xander began as he held up a hand to stop Sydney from replying.

    “I understand you and your team has been working incredibly hard Captain. You’re the best team I’ve got. However this has grown far beyond what we originally thought. I can only imagine that the news has begun to worry some, and the Chief wants it dealt with. I know your dislike for the Jedi Captain, and you are one of a vast majority growing recently.”

    “We don’t need a Jedi to find these slavers sir.” Sydney said sternly knowing that she would not be able to sway the General. All her time working under him she knew Xander was a rare breed who followed orders down to the exact letter.

    “All a Jedi would do is get in the way of our efforts. Throw off how my team works.”

    “You didn’t say that about….Jedi Cort Leon in your report.” Xander corrected her as she went silent. A small grin appeared on the Duro’s face as he got to his feet.

    “In fact you hardly said anything negative about him. Which is why he will be the Jedi agent on your team. Our informants are working to try to pick up some kind of trail for you to start off on. Either way you’ll depart in five days. The Chief is using your team as a message of sorts for when the Empire gets here.”

    “Oh good will there be a parade?” She asked crossing her arms in frustration. Curse herself for not saying something against the Jedi. Perhaps her wounds had made her just try to block out that she had even had to deal with one of them. Now she would be stuck with one for who knew how long.

    “Will the Jedi be working under me?”

    “No which I know is very sad for you to hear. Jedi Leon will be working under the orders of the Jedi Council. I expect you to play nice Captain. Could be quite a long hunt ahead of you.”
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    Leon on a mission, that will prove interesting with Sidney and crew.