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Star Wars Knights of the Last Republic ? Twilight of the Gods

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    Knights of the Last Republic ? Twilight of the Gods

    In the dark there is silence, and then... the fanfare...




    The yellow words head off into space, as they do, and a green and grey planet floats into view, rising from below. As we watch, a small asteroid soars across, a piece of flotsam against a background of stars, falling towards the planet. And then, all of a sudden, the planet vanished in a flash of light, leaving nothing. No, not nothing ? a small light becomes evident, flying away from the planet towards the asteroid. It comes into view, a truly ancient Tydirium-class shuttle craft, ancient beyond ancient in this time period, and in a flash, it passes the asteroid, sending it spinning away, the camera pans to follow the shuttle ? and it vanishes into hyperspace.

    -[i]To be Sith is to gain understanding through power. To be Jedi is gain power through understanding. But for all your power, and for all your understanding ? there is no end in sight. I offer you both the future, so that you may take it together.[/i]
    [b]The Last Secret of the Three Sacred Holocrons - the Telos Holocron, the Holocron of King Adas and the Great Holocron[/b]


    Welcome to the future of Star Wars. The galaxy has rebuilt itself along brand new lines, with the darkness and the light, democracy and authoritarianism, and peace and order, all balanced within this new order.

    Nearly four hundred years have passed since the Battle of Yavin. Historians as of this time have generally wrote off the prior five millennia to the Second Ruusan as the [i]Star Wars[/i]. While there were spells of relative peace ? a century or two, and nearly a millennia between two periods of violence ? the Sith and Jedi were merely taking a break from their mutual genocide of the galaxy. The war never really ended.

    The two sides recognised that there conflict would never be resolved, and, at the Great Battle of Ruusan, they, the Republic and the Imperium signed the Second Ruusan ? not only creating a treaty between them, but between the Jedi and Sith, creating a complicated system of checks and balances enforced by the [i]Resol?nare[/i], and ruled over by the Council, with a system of Senators led by a Chancellor paralleled by an Emperor and the Moffs. The Watchman system of ancient Jedi origin was resurrected, and recreated for this new age.

    [b]Applying to Play[/b]

    The Knights and Lords of the Republic will follow the stories of eight characters. As such I will only accept eight character sheets, though there will be space for other characters later on.

    1. One Jedi Knight
    2. One Sith Lord
    3. One Mandalorian mercenary/neo-Protector
    4. One Yuuzhan Vong
    5. One Senator
    6. One nobleman
    7. One Pilot/Smuggler (complete with ship of freighter size)
    8. One Admiral (complete w
  2. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004

    The Council Meets

    The Council sat, six of dark, six of light, reminiscent of the Jedi Council of old, in that the chairs were arranged in a semi-circle inwards, so that matters may be brought to their attention and focused upon as a group. However, in reflection of the Dark Council of ancient times, every other seat was not a low-sitting chair of plastoform, but a thin and tall throne of dark basalt, each sat upon by a dark cloaked Sith. The Jedi settled on their chairs, ready to discuss the events of the day.

    A Jedi spoke first, for the other Jedi. ?We have received a vision in the Force, my comrades. It concerns a Jedi who our consular believes is about to violate the truce. This Jedi is a member of this Council, and I have little doubt that it is correct. I would share it with you, but I already know that Zauber will not allow me to do so.?

    The Sith chuckled, drily, apart from one, a chiselled man with piercing yellow eyes and a short goatee on his chin. He raised his hand, and the other Sith silenced themselves.

    ?Tell us what you have seen, Xanten.?

    The Jedi who had spoken shook his head. ?You know it does not work that way, old Zauber.? The lightsider leaned forward, revealing his own face, haggard with time. ?What do you offer the Dark Watch in exchange for this information??

    Zauber looked to another of his Council. ?Lord Tremayne has had a similar vision, I suspect, of a Sith who is about to betray the truce. He may not even be registered, we believe.?

    The Jedi whispered amongst themselves. A woman spoke, ?and how do you know he is a Sith, if he is not registered? He may be a Force user, yes, but a Sith? Not necessarily. Do you seek for us to drive someone into your arms, Zauber??

    Xanten raised a hand, silencing her. ?Lady Sunrider raises a good point, Zauber. Proof, we would have, from you.?

    ?You first,? said Zauber, smiling, a grin full of teeth and naked malice.

    Xanten hissed between his teeth. ?Speak, Lord Solo.?

    A Jedi pulled back his hood, to address the others. His face was pure, beautiful, even, with not a single mark upon it. His eyes were so pale a colour that there were nearly white, and his skin was almost so clear. ?I saw a Jedi commit a murder on Sturges. A murder of a passing Sith. The watchman of that system ? it is a symptom of the wider problem we have seen beforehand.?

    The Council grew silent.

    ?What are we going to do?? said a Jedi, concern etched in his tone.

    ?You can do what you like, Lord Draco,? said Zauber, sneering. ?But the Sith will respond as we should. We will pre-empt this breach of the truce.?

    ?And your Sith??

    Zauber?s face grew impassive. ?His identity is unknown to us. His power is such that it screens our ability to see it. I have only brought it up so that your own consulars can see it. The prophets cannot see past the stain that blocks their vision.?

    ?Of course,? said Xanten, bitterness creeping into his tone. ?And so we give you a Jedi to kill.?

    ?I doubt we will be able to stop your Jedi from breaching the truce and killing my Sith, so we?re even.?

    ?So you say, Zauber.? The Jedi stood up, and turned to leave.

    ?Remember, you cannot assist your Jedi.?

    ?I remember,? said Xanten, without looking back. ?I remember well, every Jedi that we have lost to this truce that Brandl forged.?

    Zauber responded evenly. ?And I remember every Sith.?

    ?So you say, Zauber. So you say.?
  3. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    i do believe you already have my sheet. i just don't know which of them you're going to pick yet.
  4. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    My CS has been transmitted via the usual channel.
  5. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: And, as promised, the opening tags. If this changes the perspective of any existing CSes that have been sent in, they are more than welcome to be sent in again. Approved CSes can post their response to the opening post if they wish with their approved CS, but I'd recommend you did not yet, as I have received sheets for the Jedi, Sith and Senator (in multiple amounts!)
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    Nov 15, 2004
    Chapter One

    IC: Darth Centi
    Jabiim system, Jabiim, Oldtown

    Old habits died hard, very hard, actually. But for most sentient beings, or indeed sane organisations, they could be adapted and diverted into something suitably constructive. The Sith Order had done this. Evolving at every turn. Rule of the Strong, Rule of Two, Rule of One... and now, the Light Watch? the joint rulers of this galaxy. The Jabiimi, on the other hand, had not evolved. They had fought every major government since the Clone Wars, and been on the losing side of these wars again and again.

    Today was no different. The wreckage of ancient Belarus-class cruisers and Rejuvenator-class Star Destroyers, surrounded by clouds of escape pods, flotsam and bodies, represented the sorry affair and fledging footnote that had been the Free Jabiim State. Now all that remained was a shield that resisted all bombardment of the Royal Imperial Navy, the strong arm of the Republic?s forces.

    Only called in when the Jedi failed or the Senate decreed that negotiations were not an option, the Royal Imperial Navy was a powerful force fielding the most modern incarnations of the dreaded Star Destroyer, the Bastion-class Imperial Star Destroyer, complimented by dagger-shaped Fel-class assault frigates and sporting fleets of TIE gunboats and the very latest versions of the legendary Defenders, Predators and Interceptors. In a three hour long engagement, they had destroyed what had once been a fleet to boast about.

    As the Republic Army, complimented by hovertanks and walkers, fought across the bunkers and minefields and trenches and gun positions that surrounded the Jabiim capital, with incredible difficulty, a shape drifted across the battle, darkened hull ploughing through dispersed anti-aircraft fire and dodging the heavy blasts of highly illegal megamaser cannons.

    The Republic Gunship, of the breed of the LAAT/i mark III, soared across the barren world, seeking to avoid the enemy and reach the heart of the fortress city. The Royal Imperial Navy, being the heavy handed force, often worked in conjuncture with the heavy hand of the more immaterial Force ? the Light Watch; the Sith. This particular gunship, painted black, darted across the plains, avoiding anti-aircraft fire as if they knew where it would blossom.


    Within a few moments, the gunship was in the city, past the defences ? but then a missile smashed into the nose of the vessel, bringing it down to a screeching, grinding, flaming halt? surrounded by buildings, with windows, many of which were open. Those occupants in plasteel armour were dead. But those without were unharmed ? for their armour was the very Force itself. Five elite Sith Lords, they were Knife Squad, one of the most dangerous units in the entire galaxy. The weapons they had brought with them were innumerable; rocket launchers, pocket flechette pistols, heavy rifles, portable ion cannons, concussion grenades. Enough weapons to arm a small planet ? should the Sith see the need to do so.

    Darth Centi signalled with his hands to the others, righting his facemask with the other. The signals were simple enough to understand for a Sith, even without the benefit of the meld;

    Three forward - lure gunners out ? one, take them out ? one, me, reserve

    And that was that. Three of the other Sith ? the rotating membership of the Squad meant that they only knew the commanding High Lords identity ? leapt out, into an almost immediate firestorm, deflecting a barrage of fire in a hundred myriad directions, the waves of fire so numerous that some of their deflected shots actually impacted against incoming bolts.

    The command tower, with the shield generator and the planetary superlaser was evident as a backdrop, not a kilometre away.

    But there was this problem, first.

    Well, it could be called a problem, but inconvenience would be more accurate, though, if a Sith was being honest ? and when wasn?t a Sith honest ?
  7. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    and now for something completely different... enter the sith. a very abnormal sith.

    GM APPROVED and all that as well.

    Name: Loriana Vendra aka Lady Agape
    Age: 54
    Species: Shi'ido
    Homeworld: Lao-man
    Class: Sith
    Appearance: [image=]

    Long flowing red hair, brilliant green eyes, flawless pale skin, typically. Tends towards black leather clothing with a black leather duster that is probably her favorite accessory.
    Personal effects: Has a laboratory where she works on sith magic, and more mundane things as well. An elecromesh combat suit with some cortosis woven through it. A curved handled lightsaber, and a shoto as well. Varied other trinkets and such. An old songsteel staff as well, that is exquisitely crafted. She doesn't use it, but it's something that she enjoys looking at and trying to understand the material.

    Bio: Loriana was born strong in the Force, and taken to the Jedi temple, but there was a problem as she grew up. There was a problem with her life there, however. She was far too passionate to be an acceptable Jedi, and her Master, definitely not the most typical Jedi in the world, suggested that she consider joining the Sith but keeping the morals and the spirit of the Jedi code as she was able. It was one of the harder decisions that she had been forced into, but she decided to do so, to see about using what amounted to the darkside for good. To try and understand it differently, and see if there was a way to use the Force through compassion and love, which were things she had in abundance.

    The Sith took her, but they were less than thrilled with her goals. Still, she excelled at the lessons, even if she didn't live them in quite the way her masters had wanted from her. She became fascinated by Sith Sorcery during this time, and started wondering what could be done if the lightside and the darkside were essentially combined in sorcery. Her horizons expanded even more after she was raised beyond the position of apprentice. She went to study with the Aing Tii monks, and learned many interesting things about the Force while there, but was less interested in going on the famed journey of Jacen Solo. There had been skills she had heard of from the Monks, and after she had proven herself worthy, they had agreed.

    Armed with her new abilities, she returned to her studies of Sith Sorcery, essentially perverting it from its original purposes. She also became fascinated by chemistry, and as such has ended up collecting any number of strange doodads and relics as well as crafting many of her own. She has created many spells of her own, and is finally starting to try to do some good in the galaxy. The only problem is that her masters were not precisely fond of what she was now using their knowledge for, and so they forced her into the military, assigning her to Knife Squad, hoping she might be killed. Instead she was determined to prove them wrong and focused more on her fighting abilities, and even though she is far more than functional with a lightsaber, she still prefers relying on the Force and her own unique brand of Sorcery mixed with technology. She hates being forced to kill, and as such will normally go out of her way to avoid doing so, but sometimes her passions do get the better of her, and she regrets every single instance that it has happened.
  8. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Name: Admiral Calek Pest
    Age: 53
    Species: Human (Kuati)
    Homeworld: Kuat
    Class: Admiral
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personal effects: Sidearm, communications, a mansion with all that belongs to it on Kuat. A bureau with all it needs. Access to almost any military technology without ever needing it. And last but not least his personal command ship: The Ascendancy


    The Ascendancy is he first ship of the latest line of Republica Type IV - Class Star Destroyers. It combined the best elements of the classical Star destroyers with cutting edge weapons and shields. Basically meant to replace a fleet of smaller vessels it is a slick but powerful package of starfighter capacities and two powerful broadside of proton torpedo launchers and turbo lasers. To secure the immediate response capacities it has been outfitted with powerful engines and the fastest hyperdrive known for capital ships. All of this comes at a price, obviously. Therefore different then the predecessors of old, the Ascendancy holds little ground troops. A defensive space marine corp of 1000 men and a few thousand integrated droid defense drones are meant to defend the ship against high-jacking. But to deploy troops to the ground, it has little capacities despite two Elite-squads for special operations, both hardly stronger than a platoon.
    Therefore it is a beast build for space, nothing else. But in the arena of space combat it is the most deadliest weapon available. Making it the natural choice of an Admiral to make his command-ship.

    Republica Type IV - Class Star Destroyers The Ascendancy
    Capital Ship
    1.550 meters in length
    80 heavy turbolaser batteries, 60 Ion-cannons, 40 proton-torpedolaunchers, 80 point-defense quadlaser cannons


    48 XX-5 Stileto-Class Superiority fighters


    24 TX-11 Hammer-class Bomber

    shuttles, landings barges etc.

    History/Background: Pest did not get anything handed to him for free. No privileges. No chances, actually. That was what his career looked like, when he signed up for the military. A fighter-pilot. Thrown out of a local militia by his superior over a woman (he never saw again and doesn?t even remember her name) he signed up for the republic forces, like he would have signed up for anything. He could fly and got a paycheck. That was enough. And because he was good, a damn good pilot he was given some freedoms among his new people. They did not expect him to life that long, with his attitude to volunteer for every battle there was. And so he kept chasing warlords, pirates, dissidents, rogue Sith and Jedi. And no matter how many people he lost, he came home alive. Soon he was a legend, a colonel, a poster boy and . . . an alcoholic. He lost his easy-going way. He lost his mindless bravery. He knew he could handle anything, but he could not handle the death of his comrades.
    It was his Admiral, a Gotal called Haggor, who took him out of the cockpit. Against all orders from above, he made him a captain on a small frigate. Because on a capital ship people lived or died together. It served Pest well. He had fought in so many battles, he knew more about tactics and how the translated to the field than anyone. And he became as outstanding as a Captain as he had been as a pilot. He would have lived happily in this position and retired as the highest decorated soldier of his age, had not the Roche-War begun. Some Darksiders combined with a very manipulative hive-communication among the Verpines lead to a massive civil war and soon the navy of the Republic found itself in the thick of battle. Pest did not care
  9. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    GM Approved

    Name: Semaj Calal

    Age: 35

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Mytus VII

    Class: Jedi Knight


    Personal effects: Jedi robes and utility belt containing: lightsaber (yellow blade), which was traditionally worn on his left, survival rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a fibercord grappling hook and/or a grappling spike launcher, a holoprojector (such as a Imagecaster), a holomap, an A99 aquata breather, and other specialized equipment.

    History/Background: Semaj?s birth parents both worked in various capacities at the Stars? End Penal Facility. He was force tested at the young age of 2 standard years and exhibited an affinity for telekinesis. He was taken off to the academy where he made a few friends, learned to enhance his telekinesis abilities, and studied saber techniques. His telekinetic ability is so strong that while he meditates, to find balance, he levitates, as do small object that happen to be near him.

    As a result of his enhanced telekinesis abilities, he had a deficiency in altering his environment, befriending animals, and healing through the force. Since obtaining the rank of Jedi Knight Semaj has been serving as a watcher throughout the various parts of the Galaxy. In his journeys he has never returned back to Mytus VII or the Stars? End Penal Facility.
  10. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010
    And here's the nobleman character...


    [b]Name:[/b] Sallacine (pronounced sah-lah-kyne)
    [b]Age:[/b] 33
    [b]Species:[/b] Human
    [b]Homeworld:[/b] Coruscant
    [b]Class:[/b] Nobleman



    Dressed in robes that are a mix of Senatorial and militaristic, the Imperial nobleman Sallacine has a naturally arrogant, powerful face, with a cleft chin and chiseled, angular features. His eyes and hair are dark brown.

    [b]Personality:[/b] Sallacine is ruthless and proud to the degree of arrogance; however, in reality he is smart and fairly shrewd, and is not truly over-confident or foolish. He is a powerfully driven man, yet harbors uncertainties and even some insecurities which he keeps well-hidden. Sallacine certainly does not appear as the type to worry about anything, but in reality he worries too much. When stress mounts, he tends to relieve it through any means necessary; often he has bought lavish mansions and 'retired' in luxury for months before finally returning to the harsh sociopolitical life he is accustomed to.

    [b]Personal effects:[/b] Sallacine is a nobleman. Aside from a fairly vast wardrobe, there are many items of jewelry that he wears. He always wears the signet ring of his family.

    [b]Skills:[/b] Sallacine is experienced with a vibroblade, and knows some measure of Echani fighting principles. However, his skills lie truly within his shrewd political skills, and his intelligence, which has resulted in him concocting many surprisingly successful schemes.

    [b]Weapons:[/b] Vibroblade of Echani origin.

    [b]Vessel:[/b] He has access to many different vessels, and owns several dozen on numerous worlds.


    Sallacine was born into a family of wealth and standing in the Imperial house, on the capital planet Coruscant. Sallacine was not neglected; his family was a closely knit one. Eager to learn, Sallacine delved into social sciences at a young age. When his father died at age 9, Sallacine inherited some of his wealth; most of it actually went to his mother, who had retired from the political scene and who, after buying mansions throughout the Core Worlds, was happy to give most of her money to her son anyway.

    Using his wealth, Sallacine made several financial deals which secured him ever higher places in the Imperial hierarchy. Far more involved than his father was, he was soon more respected than ever.

    Sallacine used his riches to buy accomodation on the ocean planet of Delta in the Core Worlds; a giant basalt city beneath the ocean waves became his home.

    However, he was determined to buy further success; his means of doing so opened up to him when he heard of a Sith artifact underground trading operation based on Delta. Sallacine, adept at deception, concocted a scheme; using technology, he was able to pass himself off as a Force-sensitive and buy off many Sith artifacts. He then sold these to the Jedi Watchman of the system who desired the artifacts - ostensibly, at least, to clear the system of dangerous artifacts - at a higher price. Realizing the success of the venture, Sallacine established a double life; using a 'powerfully Force-sensitive' alias. Depending on those he was approaching for artifacts, Sallacine would usually pretend to be a Jedi or Sith, feigning mastery of the Force.

    Now Sallacine runs a vast Force artifact trade dealing in all artifacts (Jedi, Sith and other), and through it has acquired further money and power. Through his newfound status, Sallacine is stepping further onto the political scene, rapidly becoming a powerful Imperial on Coruscant, and one of the 'Insiders' - an unofficial group of five Imperial Lords, Ladies and Barons with influence in the Senate - while his shadowy alias is beginning to step onto ever more perilous ground - travelling to worlds that should not be travelled to, and opening up trade relations with the dark
  11. Darth Dreadwar

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    Jan 26, 2010
    IC: Sallacine
    Coruscant, Senate Chambers

    Lord Sallacine was late.

    He was always late - fashionably so, most thought. The presscam droids always seemed to hover around him as he descended in style, robes of white and red flowing arrogantly around him, when he was late.

    This time, however, he was late because of quite different reasons.

    What a nightmare, he thought. He had spent the early hours of the morning with his personal aides, wincing as they poked and prodded him and applied chemicals, some to heal, some to cover up the cuts and bruises.

    It had all been a result of the previous day's... difficulties. Yesterday, Sallacine had been relaxing at an anonymous beach somewhere on Delta - somewhere where no one could confirm him being there - or at least that's what everyone thought. In reality, the person named Sallacine had been someone, and somewhere, completely different. That person had been Darth Murdis.

    Assuming one of many of his dark alter-egos, Sallacine had engaged in business with Sith artifact dealer Travas Turoush. A complex system of electrical wires that functioned as a make-shift lightning gun, electromagnets and a torine gas emitter, all hidden beneath his gloves and activated through an equally hidden wristpad, coupled with an old hooded Jedi robe dyed black and a red-bladed lightsaber he had acquired in similar deals months prior, comprised the disguise, and allowed Sallacine to pull off the ruse.

    Travas Turoush, an archaeologist and Sith cultist of sorts, would only trade to Sith, so Sallacine had to be one that day.

    Sadly, he was not the only one interested in the Sith scrolls - a band of Sith worshippers had also been there. When violence broke out, Sallacine had been forced to fight... and attempt to keep up the ruse no less. Fake Force lightning was not nearly as effective as the real thing, and while electromagnets pulling guns out of hands - a brilliant display of telekinetic power to any observer - had scared most of the Sith cultists away, Sallacine had still been the victim of a 6-foot fall onto ferrocrete blocks.

    In the end, he had acquired the scrolls, hid them in his basalt mansion under the hauntingly beautiful waters of Delta to be sold later, but at the cost of several cuts and bruises, which had to be covered up well enough for the press to not notice.

    It had been a lengthy enough affair to delay his journey to Coruscant, and so now he was left walking into what he dubbed the Pod of Power... he glanced at his chrono... 15 minutes late.

    "You?ve arrived late, as ever," Lord Cadriaan smiled at him, his aide passing on the relevant information on a datapad. "We appear to have the swing vote between the five of us, as we tend to when the Chancellor?s stooges are not here to rule to roost."

    Cadriaan was fond of him, Sallacine knew. Sallacine may have been a Lord by virtue of unhappy circumstance, but he knew he had the respect of his fellow 'Insiders,' and the attention of the Coruscanti press, at least. Why? Well, Sallacine posessed several instrinsic qualitities - he was no Palpatine, spinning webs of scheming deception that could not be deciphered until the trap was sprung, nor was he as smart as Professor Steinein. However, he did have a good grasp of politics, and a healthy amount of intelligence, shrewdness and determination born of pride. He was also very perceptive; whenever Sallacine was around, the Insiders seemed to have just that slightly higher chance at winning in whatever goals they had at the time.

    Sallacine was an advantage.

    Cadriaan, Baron D'Asta, Moff Panaka and even Lady Vandron knew this. They liked this.

    Time to get down to business.

    "Fashionably late, Lord Cadriaan," Sallacine said, his lip quirking in an arrogant smile as he took his seat.

    I wish I could have thought of a better cliche response than that, Sallacine's internal monologue chided as always.

    "So my friends... what's on the agenda," Sallacine said, fairly pointlessly as he glanced over the information presented to him. "Hapans want to interdict traf
  12. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Jedi Knight Semaj Calal, Sturges System Watchman
    Sturges system, Sturges, Personal Apartment
    Semaj silently floated inside of the one room of his apartment that was completely devoid of anything with the exception of a permanent pad directly below him. The Jedi Watchman had taken to meditating in this converted closet to avoid damaging any of his limited possessions. His former Master would be rebuking him for worrying about material things. He would say that attachment causes desire and from desire comes anger.

    As he floated there with his eyes closed he continually repeated to himself the mantra of the Jedi:

    Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.
    Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.
    Jedi respect all life, in any form.
    Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.
    Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.
    Suddenly, an image formed in his mind. It was of the Café Thranta, located near the spaceport, there on Sturges. A thick black cloud descended upon local drinking hole and slowly coalesced into a black robed figure with glowing yellow eyes. Semaj knew every Sith that were currently on Sturges, as was his job as the Dark Watchman of the planet.

    This new comer was surrounded by a darkness that swallowed up all light that was near him. Whoever this individual was, he was going to have to check on it immediately. Before Semaj could peacefully come out of his meditative state, the dark visage suddenly rushed towards him which caused Semaj?s eyes to snap open and he crashed onto the cushion below.

    He immediately contacted R19 to run a check on all scheduled Sith planetside transfers that were pending. The initial report and all twelve subsequent reports from the droid indicated that there were no transfers coming in for another 35 standard rotations, an entire month. In the past a Knight would have contacted the Council for further instructions, but Semaj was not your typical Knight, he was a watchman.

    Instead he contacted Judicial Walker, the Sturges system aide that was assigned to the Watchman. Walker informed him of a tip he had received of a swoop gang, the Roughneks, were meeting over in B-sector. Semaj half considered ignoring his vision and following up on the lead on the gang, but each time he tried to focus the Force pulled him back to the portside bar. So instead of heading over to B-sector, he ordered Walker and R19 to meet him outside of the Café Thranta.

    As they stood there, his two companions conversed amongst themselves, but he did not pay any mind to it's content. Semaj, on the other hand, had his eyes closed and tried to see into the darkness that clouded the path that lay before them. As he stood gathering clarity it dawned on him that perhaps this dark stranger was somehow connected to the impending meeting of the Roughneks that evening.

    All of it started to seem clearer. The Black Sun swoop gang meeting. The recent raids upon the shipping over in the Thaere system. The recent comms blackout. The unscheduled arrival of a new dark presence. Somehow it was all connected and it was his job to find out how.

    ?Watchman, sir?? asked Walker as Semaj opened his eyes, that were hidden behind his sunglasses, once again. The Jedi did not respond because he was not 100% sure what his question really was, so he waited. Then, as if reading his mind, R19 scrolled the question for him again. ?ARE WE GOING IN??

    Semaj waited one more heartbeat and answered confidently, ?Let?s get this over with quickly and quietly. Then if time allows we will pay our friends a visit over in B-sector. R19 you stay here and watch the exit. Walker you?re with me.?

    The duo walked up to the entrance and before they entered Semaj said loud enough for Walker to hear, ?May the Force be with us.?
    TAG: Walker (Sinrebirth)
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    Sep 9, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Zayden Nephrite
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Agamar
    Class: Mandalorian
    Appearance: [image=] [image=]
    Beneath the helmet is a face of a man still at his prime. Though possessing a tanned face that still holds plenty of youth with short black hair, the hardiness in his violet-colored eyes and life as both a farmer and a warrior has made Zayden an intimidating warrior. At a height of 6?4?, the Mandalorian is packed with muscles that have been heavily toned due to his life. When clad in his armor, Zayden appears as an armored giant.
    Personal effects: Like any Mandalorian, Zayden?s prized possession is his red and black armor and weapons which turn him into a walking tank. To start it off is the underslung rotary blaster carbine, a shoulder-mounted grenade launcher, a magazine-fed automatic shotgun with an underbarrel net launcher, a beskad usually sheathed at his side, a flamethrower at his right wrist and a shield gauntlet at his left wrist where a small, portable generator allows him to produce a sizable shield to supplement the protection offered by his beskar plates. To finish it all off, a jetpack has managed to get wedged into his broad back that gives Zayden the extra mobility to close the distance between enemies so that he could let loose with his weapons. At the pouches around his waist there's room for grenade, power packs, and shells for his shotgun including a couple of differing types.
    History/Background: Mandalorians can come from any species and from any world even if it may be surprising to some as to where Zayden had been born: the backwater agriworld known as Agamar. Though fearsome warriors, several Mandalorians have secondary skills and even secondary lives; pilots, smiths, farmers, the list can go on and on. For Zayden, it was farmers as that?s one of the very few occupations are in large supply to tend Agamar?s fields?especially after the recovery efforts that had taken place after a certain Sith attack that had occurred years ago when the galaxy had still been tightly gripped in the throes of war. Sometime after the assault, Zayden?s family had apparently settled there and had helped tend the fields ever since whiles doing some good old Mandalorian mercenary work on the side.

    The simple life of a farmer had actually proven to be part of a good training regime for the young Nephrite. While Zayden had undergone the physical labor that had gone to tending the crops with his bare hands, when he had come of age he soon had his Mandalorian training to pile on top of it. To say that it was rough would be taking it lightly, even for a Mandalorian. When he?s not plowing into a stubborn patch of earth one moment, he?s doing push-ups on that same patch of earth soon after. Hunting for the local fauna evolved into weapons training with weapons several tiers higher than a simple hunting rifle while the fauna themselves showed Zayden how to properly cut with a blade and efficiently snap a neck.

    Though Zayden had been content as a farmer, the pure blood of a Mandalorian that flowed through his veins allowed him to outright enjoy the brutal training that would prepare him for his future mercenary work. When Zayden finally started out, he started off with small bounties and enforcer work that proved to be all too easy. Soon he got himself into the bigger mercenary work; private armies that were hired out to do someone's fighting which saw him going to a variety of worlds and killing a similar variety of the galaxy's denizens. Not only did Zayden become good at fighting, he considers it to
  14. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Kal Verin
    Age: 24
    Species: Zeltron
    Homeworld: Zeltros
    Class: Senator
    Personal effects: One vibrosword, one modified RC-2 Twilight Scout Ship, various fashionable outfits, one stun blaster and one comlink.


    Kal was born like most of his people on Zeltros, a son of one of the planet's governors he was raised to eventually take his place. Loathe to do so Kal instead looked into other avenues that he could work in politically, and seeing the possibility of planetary representative he couldn't resist. Like most of his species Kal spent most of his life, well enjoying it. He allowed his passions to wash over him, and used them to spur him on toward his desire to gain freedom from the ever present eyes of the instructors his father had hired to instruct him in the ways of politics, something that though interesting was hardly on his mind, especially in his teenage years.

    As Kal grew older he grew less and less patient under the suffocating gaze of his mentors and eventually just decided to give up his studies and explore, if only for a year. This unfortunately got him into a spot of trouble with the wrong crowd as he came back home at his trips end banged up nearly as bad as the transport he'd taken from his father's collection. He learned the hard way that you really shouldn't upset a Wookiee, let alone try to give one a haircut, which at the time he figured would be a harmless little prank. Upon his return his father stressed the importance of his studies, praying that his mischievous son would keep the shenanigans to times when they were called for, and not for when his future stood on the line.

    After his final year studying under the steady eye of his instructors he revealed his grand plan to his father. Unbeknown to him his father had already begun pulling strings within the Senate itself landing him a position as the planetary representative of Zeltros, one of the first in a long time to actually achieve that kind of esteem. When Kal finally arrived on the sparkling metropolis that was Coruscant he became overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of emotions, feeling the entire weight of the world's feeling flow through him. This place would be totally worth the hard work he'd put in when he was younger. Now was the time to have fun, but only when he didn't have to show up for sessions of the Galactic Senate.
  15. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Senator Kal Verin
    Yavin System/Lightsaber Project Demonstration Site

    ?It warms me to see our history completely annihilated and the future so securely locked into place. Does it not you, Senator??

    Kal visibly turned a slightly deeper shade of magenta as he heard these words pass the elderly Senator's lips.

    "Erasing history is hardly a thing worth celebrating Senator Praer. Admittedly the power to create entirely new systems is impressive, but let us not forget the original purpose of this technology, lest we allow history to be forgotten, and then repeated by those who did not get to hear it." he added eying the senator a slight flicker in his eye. "It has been said by many a philosopher in many a culture, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it", and I for one seriously hope that old fools who delight in having our history annihilated take care not to have the lessons lost in the process." Kal added somewhat heatedly rising from his seat and leaving the port view of the marvel that was due to occur.

    "I did not come here to see history annihilated, I came to see it be made. This is a day that has seen long time rivals and victims of endless wars unite in the desire to create something new. I just pray it isn't an action taken in vain." he continued saying over his shoulder as he went to go get something that may cool his temper, the one drawback to being a Zeltron, emotions always fly.

    Kal went over to one of the servers and took a small glass of plain water, the last thing Kal needed was alcohol when his emotions were high. Regardless of his second liver he didn't want to chance altering his mood further, the long trip from the Core was more than enough to make him cranky, the words of Senator Praer had only worsened things further. "What possessed a man like that to say something like that?" Kal muttered to himself as he walked around the room looking at many another senator, going so far as to give one of the Rylothian senator's attendants a wink as he passed. "Also I don't know if I like having my future so secure, what's the point of life if you can see everything that's around the bend? There's no excitement in that, no adventure," he added once he knew he was out of earshot, or what he hoped to be out of earshot, who knew if there were any telepaths here.

    As Kal drained the last drop of water from his glass he turned back to the crowd he had left, countless thousands of species in the galaxy and how many of them viewed this event the same as Praer? How many of them delighted in the ability to totally reshape the galaxy as they saw fit? How many hoped to use the same tools to their own ends instead of those of the actual people?

    Placing his empty glass on one of the serving trays to be refilled he went to one of the few remaining viewing areas, this one with people more like him, younger and with much more to offer the galaxy than Praer could any longer. Kal sat down beside a comely Togruta and an equally attractive Zabrak, both of whom were eager to see history in the making, their emotions blatantly obvious to the empath that had just joined them.

    "I do hope this is a good show." Kal said as he got comfortable in his seat. "I left a particularly good massage unfinished to come and see it." he added with a grin as he crossed his legs at the ankle and clasped both hands on his knees.
  16. DarkLordoftheFins

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Admiral Calek Pest
    Somewhere on the Corellian Run

    A trap.

    The Admiral noted the simple fact without any feellings. He just realized it when the Ascendancy arrived on the battlefield.

    Usually a bridge would fall into panic once a crew realized, they were ambushed. People would run around, scream, command. Usually his Captain would run to him an ask for orders. But The Ascendancy was no ordinary ship and this was no ordinary crew. Their two escort frigates were screaming over comm. His own officers replied cooly. They did not eve wait for the Admirals commands. They already knew what to do. They did it before. They all did it before. Admiral pest had made very sure aboard the first and only Type IV Repblica class worked only people he had served with before. If you had not stood besides him in at least two battles, you had no chance to be picked for this command. It was a well known fact within the fleet. And those who wondered why this eccentric recruitment policy was greenlighted by the rest of the Admirality had probably never seen Pest´s ship jump right into a trap.

    Pest took five seconds to review the situation. The Romar and the Starzi , two Guardian-Class frigates that accompanied them were already under fire.


    But he assumed the attackers had still to recover from the shock. A few seconds ago they had seen no less then 70 incomings on their sensors. And they probably were still busy to feel relief, that it were mostly fighters. just before the micro-jump the admiral had shipped out his smaller crafts and had allowed them to jump themselves. That way they arrived on the field ready and loaded. No hangars that could become death traps, no need to take formation. It also made it impossible for the enemy to know where the captial ships arrived. Now he faced three aged but powerful Hapan ships. Dragons. Slower than his ships, but with good fire-power and no blind spots. They were hardly in danger of loosing this battle. Pirates did lack the discipline of military personal and especially the precision. Besides that The Ascendancy was technically far superior in every way. But they were in danger to loose the smaller ships. That would be the main concern.

    Pirates. Stolen ships. Battle Dragons had a small fighter capacity. There weren´t any in space right now. They had ambushed the freighter using their turbolasers alone. Possibly they were undermanned, most likely they were not trained for the weapons they used. Untrained personal was most fatal when it came to point-defense. These facts passed the Admiral´s mind as he watched the red and green holographic avatars of the battle ships.

    "Sazen 1. Janson 5" He said both commands as calm as always. It was all Pest said with a nod to his second-in-command, the huge Zabrak called Captain Lorell. Lorell nodded and ordered his communications officers to forward the Admiral´s orders. Sazen 1. Then the channel to his fighter pilots was opened. Janson 5.

    And pest folded his arms. "Your turn." He said and watched the battle unfold. Sazen 1 was a maneuver inspired by Wolf Sazen, a jedi Master of old, who had used the ships of his enemies as shields in the Battle of Borosk. It meant all ships moved to a position, where enemy ships blocked the fire-arc of their comrades. Leaving the enemy with less weapons to fire on them. It would make their superior firepower even more effective. The frigates were rodered to move together. While the Ascendancy took the other flank. It was a defensive strategy with offensive potential. The fighters did not care about defense, though. Janson 5 was the most aggressive of openings. It was the direct attack on the enemy ships gunnary and hangars. His bombers with their escort squadrons would attack the hangars and the rest of their interceptors would circle the huge ships firing at their weapoons.

    The reaction to the contradicting commands would show Pest how able hi
  17. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF/SWC/Fan Art Manager & Bill Pullman Connoisseur star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001

    Name: Jak Solan
    Age: 31
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Class: Smuggler/Pilot
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personal effects: Aside from the usual spacer's garb consisting of old, tattered clothes or whatever he manages to grab at the end of the sleep cycle, Jak wears a utility belt with a holster slung low on his right hip. A modified blaster pistol rests within the holster on his thigh and a small palm-sized blaster rests within a personalized holster slung across his chest and hidden beneath his shirt. A vibroblade is also tucked securely within his right boot. Aside from his arsenal of weapons, Jak carries a comlink, droid caller, light rations and other small tools within his utility belt. Jak is also the captain of his personal freighter, the Night Watch.

    Modified YT Series Freighter Night Watch
    4 quadlaser cannons
    2 concussion missile tubes

    History/Background: Like most Corellians, it is said that they have rocket fuel for blood and a natural born affinity to pilot a starship. Jak Solan was no different and from day one, it was engrained in him that he would be nothing but a pilot.

    The youngest of two children, Jak was born into a very wealthy family on Coronet. His father was a successful businessman and owned a profitable shipping and charter company, Solan Enterprises. The company not only serviced the Corellian system as a whole, but other Republic worlds as well and was growing by the day. When Jak was old enough, he often assisted his father in the day to day functions of the company and it was here that he learned to pilot a starship. He would often mentor his father's pilots and even reached the point where he was chartering his own shipments himself. With so much experience, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the company was his.

    But as fate would have it, a freak accident involving a freighter in the service bays knocked his father out of commission and he had no choice but to hand over the company to one of his sons, whether they were ready or not. Instead of choosing Jak, his father had chosen his older brother, Jerrel, to take over the reins. Jak was instantly struck with a sense of betrayal and hate towards his brother that he would never recover from. He vowed to sabotage his brother's operations, often stealing equipment and intercepting shipments en route to their destinations and using the cargo for his own desires.

    His antics didn't go unnoticed for long and after taking desperate measures to keep Jak away from the company, which failed time and time again, Jarrel had no choice but to place a bounty on his brother's head to keep the younger Solan away for good. Jak had no other choice but to flee the planet and taking his childhood friend, Cyn, started out on a new chapter of his life. A life that consisted of stolen contraband, running from the law and doing whatever it takes to earn a credit. It was the life of a smuggler.

    With Cyn at his side, the two operated like a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, using an honest chartering service as a front to stay ahead of the law. But despite his new life, Jak was still on the lookout for his brother, taking potshots at Solan vessels where it would allow and sending a strong reminder that he was still out there.
  18. Sarge221

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    Sep 9, 2006
    Zayden Nephrite
    Tra'kad, Teravi

    Mandalorians were hardly strangers to combat and, like the rest of Ordo Squad, Zayden was unfazed by the rocking of their transport as enemy fire shot a little too close to the hulk of the Tra'kad. While the rest of his comrades spoke with another, the large Mandalorian was silent over on his side. Well, not completely silent. It wasn't just lasers and missiles that caused the deckplates of the ship to rumble beneath Zayden's feet as it was the giant Mandalorian's boots themselves that caused little tremors as he bounced his heels on the solid metal. On his lap was his rotary blaster carbine which he gripped by the handle in one hand while the other tapped his fingers upon the multiple barrels.

    If it wasn't for all the racket outside, it would seem as if Zayden wasn't going into battle with how calm he looked. At a height of 6'4" combined with his armor, Zayden was a calm mass of armor, muscle, and, of course, weapons. Even after so many years the basic design of the Tra'kad had been left mostly unchanged...which included the size. While the rest of his comrades were as decked out as he was, none of them matched his size and Zayden had to keep his head low 'less he found the top of his helmet constantly scraping and banging on the ceiling. Of course, once the action started he would be up and stomping to the nearest enemy he could see with plenty of guns blazing.

    ?What about you, son? You watching the HoloNet as well, checking out the election of our glorious new leader??

    Zayden had been partially listening to the chatter between his squadmates but had pretty much tuned them out when it came to topics that were unimportant. Specifically the topic about politics and Chancellor Valorum. When Greenie brought up the news of the elections, Zayden just ignored it. Politics were not Mandalorian concerns, especially not this day and age, and they were certainly not Nephrite's. The Tofs and their "assignment" to put them down, however, was. This was just another battle and Zayden was happy to see it through so that he may go to the next one. It didn't matter who pointed them in the direction he was just happen to go and do it.

    So when asked about their new "leader", Zayden was about to reply with, "Does it matter?"

    But that was when they got shot down.

    Slamming his feet against the floor and his one arm pressing against the ceiling - the other one was gripping his blaster carbine -, Zayden did his best to keep himself inside the dropship. A lot of their fellows didn't have the same luck as the Mandalorian saw several of his comrades get sucked out of the giant hole that had appeared at the back of the Tra'kad. Soon, however, getting sucked out wasn't the problem as, after the violent crash that soon followed, drowning became the problem as water rushed into the troop bay. Like the rest of the squad, Zayden was tossed out of the ship and rode the tide to the shore of the beach. And into the the direct line of the weaponry that the Tofs had stationed on there.

    Instinct and years of battle allowed Zayden to perform the much-used action of raising himself on a knee, activating the shield gauntlet on his left wrist, and bringing the energy shield that sprung up to protect himself while his right arm brought up the rotary blaster carbine. Pressing down on the trigger, the barrels spun and a stream of blaster bolts leaped towards the direction of the enemy weapon fire to offer cover fire for his comrades. Then there came a loud splash behind him and what seemed like a massive quake told Zayden that another ship had crash landed behind them. He didn't have to look to see the waves that came in, smashing into him and his squad before they pulled back towards the ocean, dragging whatever Mandalorian that wasn't prepared. With his mass, Zayden managed to keep himself from being dragged too far back into the water where death by drowning certainly awaited him.

    His shield gauntlet sputtered for a moment, the electronics of the generator not at all likin
  19. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF/SWC/Fan Art Manager & Bill Pullman Connoisseur star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    IC: Jak Solan
    Aboard the Night Watch, Bothawui, Bothan System

    It was intended to be a simple stop on a simple planet. Bothawui had long lost much of its former luster and appeal and had become a den of robbers, now struggling to control the insurgence of crime while reducing the general populace to paranoia. But in this particular instance, paranoia was a good thing. Paranoid people did crazy things and most, if not all, were desperate to escape the insanity to find a better life. That meant finding passage off the planet and for Jak, that meant business.

    Finding work had not been the easiest of tasks the past several months for either himself or his partner and long-time friend, Cyn Regnaws. The two had traveled across the stars together for as far as he could remember, running contraband, weapons and other illegal substances to make a simple living in this godsforsaken galaxy. And then without warning, like a faulty motivator that decided to give out in the middle of a hot pursuit, it just stopped, leaving them with nothing but loads of trouble. Jak wasn't sure if it was due to a crackdown in the Senate or that star systems were simply becoming more aware of criminal organizations and snuffing them out, but it soon became very clear that they couldn't afford to live that way for long. They were slowly spiraling into debt and eventually it would reach a point where he could no longer pay to keep his ship, the Night Watch, functioning properly.

    That was why he had decided to set down on Bothawui. He needed quick credits and what better way to do so than to fall back into old ways and charter an unsuspecting fool to a distant system. With how desperate the people were here, he could jack up the price and charge them almost triple of what public transport would normally cost and they wouldn't be the wiser. He had played that card here before and it had gone off without a hitch, helping him build up a repertoire of repeat customers and a reputation in this particular area that could not be ignored. They would be back on their feet in no time!

    But first, he had to wait for Cyn to return to the ship...

    With a sigh of impatience, Jak pushed back against the doorframe leading into the cockpit and crossed his arms about his chest, his thoughts unduly straying to the firebrand beauty. He had sent her out hours ago to scope out the marketplace and seek out some clientele, but as was her usual act, she was late. It wasn't what he would call a fault, she was simply very particular at times and she knew exactly what she wanted. Jak had always liked that about her, but in this particular instance, there was no room for specifics. They were no doubt under the ever watchful eye of trigger happy goons and other low-life scum that knew exactly who he was and were eager to exploit a criminal - or maybe the competition - for a quick credit. They needed to get in and get out - any wasted time could mean certain death.

    That's when a flurry of movement outside the ship caught his attention. Leaning into the cockpit, Jak narrowed his eyes as he stared out the forward viewport. A mob of beings were beginning to gather a short distance away, huddling around what appeared to be a fallen figure lying in the dusty streets. From his vantage point, it was hard to determine the full extent of what was happening, but a sinking feeling deep in his gut told him it was bad..very bad.

    "Damn you, Cyn, where are you..." he uttered with a heightened sense of urgency.

    "Space for a spacebum, y?all?" a voice called from the hold, its cheery disposition clashing with the scene that was unfolding outside.

    Jak whirred toward the sound of the voice, his hand automatically reaching down to the blaster pistol tied down to his thigh. The ramp had been lowered and he hadn't been monitoring it...that was a death wish right there. If some hotshot gunslinger was about to walk onto his ship and blast a hole through his chest, then perhaps he deserved it for being so stupid.

    Shaking that thought from h
  20. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Loriana Vendra aka Lady Agape
    Jabiim system, Jabiim, Oldtown

    Fingers changed to claws back to fingers then back to claws again. Loriana was fuming at the Watch for sticking her in this situation. Sitting in a gunship and waiting to be dropped into a warzone was not her idea of a good time, nor was it what she wanted to be doing. Blasted jerks, why can't they let someone have a different point of view? Do they really think I'm going to die or something? I'm not that good natured. Absently she toyed with her lightsaber, staring at the floor.

    Death was everywhere. The entirety of the Force was filled with it, and in a way it suffocated her. It was all so dark, which suited most of the Sith, but not her. Not being the typical Sith had caused more than its fair share of problems, not the least of which was her currently being force into Knife Squad, which was effectively the Sith reply to black ops in from the military. This was her punishment for trying to help people. What was so bad about that anyway? It wasn't like it couldn't help the Sith as a whole as well.

    Remembering watching the battle before being sent down, she had remarked on how something so deadly could be so beautiful. One of her fellow Sith had said that was the way things ought to be, beauty found only in that which can kill. Her reply to that had been a glare for a few seconds then saying that she preferred paintings. A stare was all that comment had been met with, and for the next three hours she sat there wondering what she was doing in an army setting and getting progressively angrier with the Watch until she found herself about to go into battle and bluntly wanting to kill anything near her, Darth Centi being the most preferable if undo-able. And she really hated when she got like that.

    Weaving and bobbing through the city, the gunship Loriana was on was remarkably graceful in a warzone like this. The Force granting the pilots foreknowledge allowed them to go where they wanted to more directly than other pilots, and make sure their passengers enjoyed a rather un-tossed about journey. That was nice, but she'd still have preferred to be in her lab. Or at the orphanage she'd been going to recently. The Watch had REALLY loved that. It had been the last straw.

    A flash of warning hit her between the eyes. "Oh hell," she said in a pissed of tone of voice. The other Sith realized it at nearly the same time and prepared themselves.

    Calling on the Force she wove a protective bubble around herself, as well as literally folding herself into a ball with all of her equipment inside it for added protection. Then the missile hit and the world was thrown around for a bit before slowing down to a spark flying and grinding halt.

    Unfolding herself back into the red headed human form again she checked her equipment quickly, finding it all back where it belonged. She never bothered with a mask, as she could change her face to whatever she wanted, and she went with something a bit more flamboyant than the others around her. Lady agape transformed her eyes into hearts within hearts, blazing red and eerily sinister. The rest of her face was the purest white with what looked like painted crimson heart-shaped balloons, strings included, running down her cheeks. Honestly she was hoping to bother the Sith with her more than anything else, and what better way than hearts and balloons?

    Noting the signals from Darth Centi, Lady Agape, for she was now the avenging angel of love rather than the much milder woman who tried to help people and would regret every action she was about to take, took the position behind the three Sith who jumped out of the ship into a veritable curtain of blaster fire. It would be her job to remove the offenders, and it was the will of the Senate as well. Negotiations had failed and the offenders had to be removed. She understood it, but that didn't mean she had to like it.

    Observing the placements for a moment, Lady Agape used the Force to pull a rocket launcher to her, deciding it would be prudent to ta
  21. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name: Brenn?ar domain Sha
    Age: 174
    Species: Yuuzhan Vong
    Homeworld: Rodia
    Class: Yuuzhan Vong
    Appearance: [image=]
    Personal effects: Tokhlor Tallow, Blorash jelly, snap bugs, Senalak, clip beetle, Qanna, Magma pebble, Diptera maggot, Huun, Finger-spear, Q?et & Sclipune, Scherkil Hla, Sensislug, Amphistaff, Oozith, Ooglith Duros Masquer, & gnullith
    History/Background: Born to the Shaper caste he lived his early life in a sort of blur as most species might intone, after all what is there to tell that a hundred other shapers born at the time could relate from their own lives. Born and raised in a standard gravity, growing to relative human proportions if one must have a comparison, and learning how to shape once old enough to be believed to do so without causing a catastrophe.

    Unlike some though his life did diverge from that of his cohorts after leaving the crèche to find his own way in the galaxy at the naïve and young age of fifty and well into the start of being an Adept shaper with the memories of the Groto of Yun-Ne?shel still fresh and the pain of the Vaa-tumor a constant reminder of his being laid out in the galaxy to show what his goddess could yet create. There is where he fell.

    Unlike those that aided in the massive Ossus project that interned most Shapers he found his employ elsewhere, with a soon to be known Krayt. Yes, you probably wondered where a sith got Vong biotech, it was he and several others that were lured by the promises withheld that enabled the beast. Not the first, and by no means the last. That is the past, who cares of such heights or pitfalls?

    Still, wars end. The side he aided lost and he had to ?grunge? in obscurity as he watched his fellow species sink deeper into the mire of Republic-dom. Whilst he suffered living out the life of an Intendant caste member on Nar Shadda, the last place or position most would look for him as. After all, why would a promising shaper take the place of one whose caste was stuck in service to the warriors that were reduced to thugs and catchers of bodies kept warm? Bounty Hunters for the non-initiated.

    Still it was a living and with his masquer?s designed to hide his shapers hand, and the steady business of acting as a go between with the Hutt?s over bonus fees or contracts that the warriors would have cared less about until they ran out of food or were unable to replace their weapons. Such was life though, for a hundred years, stuck without a ship and waiting for something to be a sign from either Yun-Ne?Shel or Yun-Yuuzhan.
  22. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Brenn?ar Sha
    Nar Shaddaa

    Ever so often this happened, about a klekket apart, which is to say ? as the children were payed they came out to frolick like a drunk Crusher beast banging it?s head wherever it pleases. In this case his home.

    Not to say that it was something that he was not used to, after all a hundred odd years living with such happenings was bound to make nearly anyone accustomed to it. Still, when the rocks and assorted objects turned into a grenade that destroyed his open living/work space at the front of his domicile into a burning wreck he was suitably stunned. Especially since his normal first step of action just got burned to a crisp, namely using a villip to contact one of the warriors that he worked for come take care of the problem and use their bodies in his sacrifices to the gods.

    Nobody would of likely missed the rug-rats anyway. Now however his front room with the small choir of villips for all of those that he represented were incinerated. Wait he already thought that. ?May Yun-Ne?Shel pass you over and Yun-Yammka greet you with open maw.? he bellowed inside his bedchamber as he equipped himself to see to the matter.

    There was no other recourse, as he grunted through the blissful pain as the Duros masquer?s cilia found purchase within his every pore. Compared to the Vaa-tumor it was an order above in the painful embrace of life, and made him nearly forget the repeated concussions of blaster fire damaging his home. Almost.

    Stepping forward as he squeezed a pheromone emitter that attracted his biots of battle to him he used his free hand to un-lock the safety overrides on the fire suppression systems for his front rooms. The foam was a necessary evil on Nar Shaddaa, one of the few beyond the Hutts that he had to put up with, as there had to be a solution for fires when one lives in a city that runs the span of a planet whose buildings if not directly connected are often close enough that a simple human child, like some of those currently trying to kill him, could easily span the gap despite being out of shape. So they were required, and for once in over many years he had had to use it he knew already it was a death sentence for whatever biots were not already dead in those rooms.

    With it a second alarm by the infernal machines were sent declaring not only a disturbing of the peace, incidence with deadly weapons, was the serious indication of negligent arson. Not that it would make the peace officers arrive any sooner, but a better case was being built if he had to slaughter these individuals. Things like this one learned from a long life with the Hutts.

    Fully outfitted he looked like a Duro with some obvious hold-outs and weapons bulging out from being hidden under his baggy full body workers jumper. The fact that there wasn?t enough metal on him to trip a weapons scanner was not an issue with such ruffians and street filth as they were now.

    With Sensislug in furtive hand behind his back he dropped out of his crumbling domicile onto the back way, out of site and hurried around the far side to look upon the ruffians. With the guise of a Duros firmly in place he paused for a moment before coming out. Trying to effect the demeanor similar to the drunken thugs before him he ambled toward him.

    ?Hey, wh-what?s the fun b-boys?? being a in a ooglith that made him look like a female Duros was all part of the dissemination between himself and his homage to Yun-Harla that had saved his shell more than once. After all what self respecting male would do that to themselves?

    And some wondered why he kept others at a distance. Secrets were more precious than status as they kept one from visiting the gods too early.

    Oh look, a disrupter. How illegal of them. Now all he had to do was get in range so that the Sensislug?s vapors would affect the thugs into the inability to aim, walk, or keep there lomin ale down if the stench was any indicator.

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  23. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Lord Cadriaan
    Senate chambers, Coruscant

    Cadriaan peered off into whimsy, and considered. "I hadn't decided yet. It can't be too outrageous, as otherwise the house will oppose it, or the Emperor or Chancellor will undo it the moment they get back. Something trade route related, no doubt. The Senate diverted a lot of the budget to the Chancellor's Lightsaber project, so I have little doubt that there are even the funds to support a new route or two from the Tapani. No matter, we have these three motions to consider, at this stage, as it is."

    "And I still don't care which way we vote," Lady Vandron murmured, slipping another drink from an aide.

    Panaka remained motionless, peering into the gallery with his back to the others, and D'Asta shrugged, before turning back. Cadriaan smiled, again. "And so you see we have an impasse in the Senate, and an impasse here." The Tapani Lord gave the others a look of bemusement. "Neither one of them willing to dedicate themselves and much happier for someone else to make the decision."

    "Like you, one would suppose." Cadriaan winked. They often accepted Sallacine's counsel because it kept them out of the limelight individually and secured this little power base the five of them had carved in the upper house. They had very little concern with anything that did not affect directly their power base, and between the four of them did not have the political shrewdness - or, in Lady Vandron's case, the desire to care about her politics - to weave together shimmersilk webs. Sallacine pointing them gave him a modicum of power, but they all knew that Sallacine's power base was reliant upon themselves. It was general knowledge that Sallacine collected Force-related artifacts to this little group, but to the world beyond. Equally, they all had their own secrets that they each knew - it was a relationship of mutual benefit.

    "So?" said Panaka, gruffly. "The Senate are waiting for us to decide about these three motions. Chiss, Hapans and Rimmers." Panaka's lip curled, bearing his teeth. "I couldn't care less about any of them. If you see some advantage in fostering relations or in smoothing creases, go for it."

    Vandron was mid-glass, so she could hardly respond.

    Sallacine raised an eyebrow as Lord Cadriaan replied. Clearly, none of them cared particularly about any of the motions on the table, and Cadriaan only had vague ideas regarding a motion they could propose.

    As always, Sallacine led the apparent charge of the Insiders. This was beneficial to all involved; the other four of their little group lacked the political acumen or the will to spearhead an aggressive movement, and preferred to deal more in the political shadows, anyway. Sallacine would take the fall for the movements that damaged the Insiders, but more often than not his oratory skills and sharp deductions landed the Insiders something good, something advantageous to them; and of course, his prominent role in introducing or supporting whichever motion brought this about landed him a long segment dedicated to him and the enigma he posed in the press.

    Well, Sallacine had already been intrigued by the issue Senator Emmelky?elstann had risen. There were several mysteries there, and with attention brought to the issue on a galactic or at least global scale, then perhaps something could be worked out to uncover the secrets. Besides, opportunities lurked there - with new history literally digitally 'imported' into the Chiss Ascendancy, and a renewed interest in the Archives, perhaps there was room for some trade involving Sallacine's clandestine Force artifact operations. With Ky'el's motion, money could be made. Bonds could be strengthened, and new alliances forged.

    And when one thought collectively, one realized that taking a stance on at least one of the issues on the floor would, as always, empower the public image of the Insiders.

    "Well then, smile at the cameras, my friends," Sallacine smiled as he pressed a buzzer that called the speaker to his attention, "fo
  24. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Loriana Vendra aka Lady Agape
    Jabiim system, Jabiim, Old Town

    Things had progressed reasonably smoothly in so far as there hadn't been anyone else to kill since the e-web blockade, but not so much in that she was going to be the one to get shot at if there was. She did have her lightsaber ready to go should it be needed, but she wasn't so much human anymore having instead turned into something thin and wispy in form. It was still humanoid, more or less, but taller and colored more along with the rather nondescript windowless and doorless walls she was walking past. There wasn't even an alleyway and getting on top of one would be a smidgen easier said than done in an emergency. At least for the others.

    Finally having come to a corner, she paused soundlessly and considered maneuvering an eye only to where she could see around, but Centi had caught up and held up a holocam sphere. The clanking of the man drew a scowl out of her, not that anyone else could tell given her current form. Idiot. You don't wear battle armor on a stealth mission. Every idiot knows that... except him apparently. He's going to get us all killed. No sooner had she thought that than he rolled it around the corner. A flash for frustration with a hint of fear flashed through him followed quickly by basically trying to jam a mental image into her mind. Given that she pretty well refused to be melded to any of this group her mind was closed, but she didn't precisely need more than his sign to withdraw to know that everything had gone to hell.

    Instead of going backwards, she went up where no one else could follow and changed her physical appearance until she was short, squat and a hell of a lot harder to see from the ground. Because of that she was able to take in the situation while everyone else in the street was scrabbling to stay alive. Lady Agape watched as one of the squad was killed instantly in a mass of flame. She watched as another was incinerated by multiple blasts after foolishly trying to reflect one of them with his hands. She watched as Centi deflected blaster rounds with his lightsaber with a growing sense of despair coming from him. She watched and figured out how to save all of their tails even though she wanted to let them all rot for their prejudice. But she'd likely be killed for her failure since she didn't have all of the information for this mission, and that was not precisely something she was ready for. So Lady Agape acted.

    Since she had the time to concentrate Lady Agape didn't destroy the gun barrel, nor did she really try to just reposition it. No, she went for the gusto and started lifting it up so that the guns couldn't depress far enough down to actually fire at anyone at street level, and then tipped it forward and drove it barrel first into the ground, sticking it in the ground like a bug to a tack board and also effectively tossing everyone inside around like rag dolls.

    Panting a bit she scanned the scene to see if anything else unpleasant was headed their way or if they were in the clear for the moment. In the distance blaster fire and bombs echoed with increasing regularity.

  25. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Senator Kal Verin
    Yavin System/ Lightsaber Project Demonstration Site

    "I never stated any objections to this Senator, merely my dislike of how you worded it earlier. You see history is full of vibrant stories that invoke such emotion, so you must understand how the erasure of such would grate on the Zeltronian psyche." Kal said, still not looking at the Senator as he pulled a pair of specially treated glasses from his pocket and placing them over his eyes. "You know you really should come prepared to things like this." he added as he looked unblinkingly into the bright lights around him. "Picked these up on a trip of mine to a viewing of a dual solar eclipse in one of the new territories in the Unknown Regions, if you think this is bright, ha!" he chuckled. "I was squinting even through these." he added gesturing to his shades.

    "I understand that my predecessor voted for this, I supported it, I love the idea of being able to reshape the galaxy, adaptation and variety are things I greatly appreciate. I just pray that these things have a purpose other than just to line people pockets, or worse yet used to subdue the masses. Call it paranoia Senator but I fear that someday this power will fall into the wrong hands, time and time again it has, and we'd be fools to not consider it, despite the peace we've managed to create." Kal said his tone serious, he couldn't deny that one fleeting feeling he always had way in the back of his mind that some day something would go wrong. Something that once again could cast the galaxy into chaos. Maybe it was because he was an empath, maybe he could sense some phantom malcontent that sought to undue the work of so many centuries of progress and peace. Then again maybe it was really all in his head, but he still couldn't shake it. It was like an old Imperial TIE Fighter chasing a lone X-Wing.

    "But that's enough of me, sorry, I tend to get a little too impassioned in my rants." he said raising his hand in a dismissive manner. "I really shouldn't keep ruining the mood, my mother would be ashamed that I was the cause of any unhappiness, after all they do have laws against that on Zeltros, seriously 'harshes with the mellow'." he added with a chuckle as he quoted his mother back when she used to give him her little life lessons. "I just pray that after this demonstration This sector either retains it's beauty or gains it, no good if it gets all dull and boring it it?" he added with a brilliant grin, his bright white teeth reflecting the light around them.

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