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Star Wars CLOSED Knights of the Last Republic

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 22, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Wyyrlok
    Attention of a God

    His power was a challenge for the greatest of Sith Lords.

    Here, on this cradle of Empire, he would birth the Sith Eternal Empire, and take it all.

    His focus was entirely upon Eleanor, for he expected her, as the plucky hero, to enact some whipcrack sarcasm, some masterful stroke of victory, when he was stabbed at. An attack in the Force, enough to shatter the psyche of a lesser man, but for him it was even now, still, pain upon pain, upon pain. He dropped to one knee, and perhaps that would have been an opening Leonias had he not been barrelled to the desert floor by a thrashing form. It was a person seeing red, and it was such a narrow, lightsaber-thin intention that Wyyrlok had barely noticed it with his pain.

    Catching a half-a-dozen blows frantically on his lightsaber, he slid to the sandy dune and spun around, hissing. Standing above him was Kylo Ren, the Master's prodigy. Well; one-off. With a fork of his tongue the Chagrian stood, and Kylo Ren peered at him with molten eyes.

    Through him.

    His chin tilted up, and away, and he regarded the newcomer.

    Wyyrlok did also, his twin blades ignited.

    "Jaina Solo Fel," growled Kylo Ren.

    His face was exposed, but it was resolute.

    He didn't need a mask.

    Everything in his pose, his cape, his dark armour, it would evoke the imagery of Darth Caedus.

    His older brother.

    Wyyrlok looked to Jaina, looked to Kylo Ren, looked back to Eleanor. As long as she lived, his control of the GEMINI hive mind would be incomplete; his Eternal rule would be forever threatened. She had to die.

    Ben's gaze swept to her, but it was all Kylo Ren.

    His eyes were feral; alien.

    With Jaina here, with Wyyrlok here, with Kylo Ren here.

    This was the last moment.

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    IC: General Pryde

    The Battle of Korriban

    The last moment was the precise thought going through his mind.

    Grimacing at the three-way engagement going on above the planet, Pryde saw twenty four Resurgent-class Star Destroyers and their support ships struggling against the hundreds of Eternal Fleet cruisers, and the motley array of Echani and other vessels, all Imperial designs that far outstripped them.

    Hux leered at Pryde. "It's almost as if you want us to lose."

    Pryde allowed venom to barb his gaze. "The Supreme Leader is on the surface; we must protect him until he has either secured control of the GEMINI hive mind or destroyed whoever is commanding it."

    "And the interlopers?" Hux indicated the forces of Vincent and also the Sun Guard.

    The Eternal Fleet was firing in an utter haze, damaged in some unspeakable manner, clearly, but the ships could steer, and they began launching into ramming speeds. TIE/SF fighters unloaded their missiles at engines, and were swatted by the bulk of the larger droid warships. The prototype TIE Barons and TIE Silencers were quick enough to avoid the surprisingly fast GEMINI propulsion, but there weren't many of them. At least half a dozen impacted with enemy ships, but at least they weren't First Order ones. Such were the Eternal Fleets' numbers that even with catastrophic losses they would prevail, but that was not a fight Pryde thought the Supreme Leader wanted to have.

    "Call in reinforcements."

    Pryde loathed to have to expose anymore of the First Order Navy to this mess, but it had to be done.

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    OOC: This game is to end relatively shortly, in a post or two. Let's get this done, my friends. You've all done stupendously.
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    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    Eleanor backed away from Wyyrlok as he started to fight back, but they were winning she realised. Even if Kylo Ren had showed up and was towering over them. They had a chance to turn this around, and she shook her head and looked up at Jaina, happy she was alive and knowing there would be time to catch up later and then at Ben. She saw the feral look in his eyes and lowered her gaze, and when she met it again it was full of determination.

    "How dare you turn your back on me!" Eleanor yelled at him. "You betrayed me Ben even though we felt the same. I loved you but since you don't even care enough about your siblings I doubt you even know who I am now." She wasn't angry, but hurt. And that was still dangerous. "I don't know who you are but I'll tell you something, that Sith-" She looked at Wyyrlok "-will not be around much longer to see your defeat."

    And then Eleanor took aim and swung hard at Wyyrlok , propelling herself with the force to put as much power behind her strike as she could-

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Kylo Ren
    Battle of Korriban

    The blade sung through Wyyrlok, focused as he was in cleaving and defending against an attack upon him from above -

    Kylo Ren watched it, watched him fall, felt the buzzing landing craft of the Eternal Fleet fall into confusion, the warships in orbit become completely unable to coordinate.

    They were done here.

    He didn't need to piece together the mess.

    No, he simply needed to leave.

    For a long moment his eyes looked at Eleanor, and Jaina.

    His Jedi partner... and his sister. The third; the Sun Guard.

    "Ben Solo is dead. I killed him. I'll kill the past, too - the Jedi, the Sith, the Rebels."

    His chin tilted upwards.

    "Only the Supreme Leader remains."

    He gestured, and the Valley sides collapsed towards them.

    The man paid it no heed, striding away towards the nearest ship he could commandeer or fly. Kylo Ren had his comlink in his hand. "General Pryde, retreat. I don't want to waste anymore time on this."

    The First Order fleet was fully enmeshed by this point, and Hux glowered, for the Allegiant General had just called for reinforcements! They'd have to wait to see if any ships had jumped before they departed, or risk ships arriving and being destroyed.

    Eternal cruisers began to flee, and others still began to fall victim to the jamming and digital invasions led by the Sun Guard and Echani forces.

    It was becoming a rout, one which the combined forces had won.

    The Battle of Korriban was over.

    There was a glimpse for Jaina, that she could leap over the tumbling sand, and engage her brother -

    Or she could help save her and Eleanor and the Sun Guard Leonias from the dunes crumbling upon them -

    The orbiting fleets could press the advantage, increase their losses, but also everyone else's -

    Was it about winning the battle, or ending it?

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    Nov 15, 2004
    The sands were not held back by Jaina; no, she leapt after Kylo Ren.

    They swept in, submerged Leonias, and Eleanor too.

    For a moment she was caught beneath that weight, crushed, driven into shadow.

    In those dark depths she saw her old Master.

    Octa Ramis.

    “You did it, Eleanor.”

    Her hand touched her old apprentice’s face.

    “You did it.”

    Light flowed from her to Eleanor and a hand would reach for hers through the grains…

    … it was her mother’s, Madelyn

    As the skies were filled with burning ships, the Force sparkled - not lightened, but lighter.

    A victory had been achieved today…

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    IC: Jaina Solo Fel

    There was no hesitation, Jaina leapt over the collapsing walls of the valley. She had to get to Ben before he turned tail and ran.

    Her leap landed her firmly on the stable sand closer to the wayward Solo. She was holding the hilt of her lightsaber, but the blade wasn’t ignited…yet. If only she could convince Ben to stop this nonsense, maybe she could save one member of her family.

    Jaina finally spoke to her little brother, “get over yourself, Ben, I thought you stopped playing dress-up with Jacen’s clothes years ago.” She gave him the famous Solo crooked grin, but her heart wasn’t in it. This was another chapter in the same story, her brother dabbled in the Dark Side and he won’t turn back. The lust for power and control is too great.

    Am I really any better? Jaina knew it wasn’t very Jedi-like to have left Eleanor and Leonias to save themselves, but this was a rare chance to confront Ben. She could try to qualify her decision, but the truth was Jaina lived on the edge of her own darkness.

    “How about you take off the mask, and let’s talk. I’m willing to listen, even though you seem hellbent on killing everyone within your reach.”

    He turned; maskless, but not the neutral facade of disdain that was her skin since the destruction of his helmet a few weeks before.

    Ben Solo’s face was slack, his eyes dull, and Kylo Ren wore it like a ooglith masquer. He had only a passing resemblance to her youngest brother.

    “Lord Caedus understood what had to be done. What had to be Changed. That the past had to die.”

    His lightsaber was not yet active, but it was in his hand. “Lord Vader spoke to me; he knows that I am his chosen successor. The one to finish what he started.”

    A sniff. “You’re not even a Jedi anymore. None of you are. Only one of you has that will. The rest of you are too darkened by the hypocrisies you embrace…”

    He spat. “Skywalker tried to kill me!”

    “Do you even hear yourself?” Jaina argued back, “you sound like a spoiled brat, oh! Wait. You’re behaving like one.”

    Jaina folded her arms, “you’ve lost any shred of sanity now, Lord Vader spoke to you indeed… Lay off the death sticks and spice, Benny.”

    Maybe Ben was suffering from some form of mental illness, there had to be a reason for both of her siblings to go so far off the rails.

    Ben smiled back at her, but it was a sickly, arrogant bastard of an expression, one she’d seen on her twin. “I’ve heard him. I communed with his mask, inhaled his ashes, drew upon the Dark Side and Vader anointed me his heir.”

    Actually, it was probably worse than Jacen.

    He hadn’t wanted to become their grandfather; Ben wanted to. Darth Caedus had tried to save the galaxy… Ben wanted to burn it. The intention was different; the result the same… but for some reason it mattered.

    A writhing darkness appeared, and Jacen became evident. No; Caedus; his eyes were yellow. Not yellow. White. Blazing White Eyes

    A glowing blue; younger, frozen in his sixteen year old face. Anakin.

    “Sister,” Caedus said.

    “Jaina,” breathed Anakin.

    Ben snorted. “A family of four. Which one of us is Light? Which one Dark?” A skittering malice. “Which one Balance? Which one Chaos?”

    Jaina scoffed, “you’re looking at the Goddess of Chaos, little bro. I was raining chaos against the Yuuzhan Vong while you were still clinging to Mom’s skirts.”

    She shook her head and tried to ignore the figures of her dead siblings. Her gut reaction was to trust nothing at the moment.

    “Balance? That’s a joke, right? I don’t believe in that, show me a time when there’s been any balance in the universe,” she shrugged. “You’ve been communing with the wrong gear, maybe try finding Grandad Vader’s pants, then you can be a man.”

    Jaina was intentionally goading Ben, but in truth, she was angry and it felt good to insult him.

    Ben glared at her.

    His blade did a double-snap hiss.

    The angry red lightsaber, and then the pinions.

    "I wasn't allowed off Yavin 4 because I was the youngest. By the time I was old enough, Anakin was already dead!"

    He seethed.

    Anakin held out his hands. "Peace, Ben. It's a good thing."

    "Oh yeah," Caedus drawled. "Definitely. If he'd been a little bit more younger, Luke would have put him in the Maw with the others!" He chortled.

    "Says the also dead man," seethed Ben. "You killed the only member of this Force-awful family who understood me."

    "So I did," the eldest Solo child was amused. "But if you're Chaos, Jaina, that makes me Dark, and Anakin is definitely Balance, we all know Luke was going to pick him as the next Grandmaster, that makes Ben over there Light."

    "HA!" Ben laughed, all malice. "I'll show you light."

    And he launched at Jaina, inverting his blade so he held it backwards and he could rush her without worrying about the pinions. His fighting style was unlike anything that Jaina would have ever seen before. It was unique, just like him. But so was she.

    She was the Sword of the Jedi.

    Jaina summoned her blade and attempted to parry his attack, and with her blade pressed against his she pushed with all her might, “nice blade you’ve got there, how does that broken crystal work to your advantage?”

    She took a breath and used the Force to try and shove him back. He was so much bigger than her in both height and weight, but she was small and lithe. Her blade slashed at Ben’s neck as she leapt over him.

    Ben met her blade, and when she disengaged and flipped, dove forward so her blade cut air.

    He rolled up to his feet and pointed the blade at her, his sight going down it.

    Behind them, the sands consumed Eleanor and Leonias -

    "I'll show you," he snapped.

    He kept his feet light, advancing with his blade forward.

    “Show me, Ben…”

    It occurred to Jaina, once again, that maybe her sanity was slipping. Korriban was a toxic environment where you practically tasted the Dark Side, it imbued everything. She crouched and as soon as he was close enough she feinted a leap, but instead jump kicked at his leg.

    She couldn’t spare a glance at Anakin or Jacen because they could have easily been a trick to divide her attention, and she had no doubt that Ben wouldn’t kill her if he was given a chance.

    “Because of you, Ben, I never want kids. You were a horrible little kriff.”

    Without looking, she called out to Jacen, “you’re the funny one in our family, how am I doing?”

    "I lost my sense of humour at the hands of Vergere," he said with a shrug. "Remember?"

    Anakin shook his head. "Come on, Jaina, Ben. We don't need to do this."

    The kick took him in the leg and he dropped to his knee, but swung his blade up and caught the in-seam of her leg as it drew back; a nick. Ben sprang to his feet and back off. They'd each taken a hit.

    He snarled. "The Skywalker and Solo legacy ends with me. I will be the last Skywalker."

    He threw up his hand and a stasis field sought to seize her -

    “Damn it, Ben!” Jaina cursed him and leaped high, then she landed hard and rolled to her feet. “What do you mean, you’ll be the last Skywalker?” She was furious now, not as much about the stasis field as the obvious jab about Ben Skywalker. “What have you done with Ben?”

    Her brother, Ben, was gone. This man looked like Ben, but his soul wasn’t Ben’s. How had they failed him? Another Solo child was dead, and who was to blame?

    “I don’t want to kill you,” her voice was controlled and monotone. “I do not want to…but, if you harm Ben Skywalker? I will.”

    She felt the sting from where his blade had grazed, and it gave her a euphoric rush that Jaina embraced, it fueled her as she rushed Ben at full tilt. Her violet blade was a blur as she used a Force push to try and press Ben to the ground.

    If one thing didn’t work, then maybe a feint would…again.

    The Force blow caught him and sent him skidding back, but he gestured and deflected it into one of the side tombs, shattering it. His hands weaved, grabbing the stones that had been loosed and hurling them at his sister.

    “I don’t care about Ben Skywalker. His father is dead. He was never a real Skywalker!” He spat. “Vader was - Vader is. Anakin Skywalker killed Darth Vader, but Vader survived - his darkness speaks to me. ME!” He snarled. “Kylo Ren, Darth Caedus - we’re his true heirs.”

    He was mad.

    Mad as mad could come.

    Anakin and Jacen vanished.

    There was nothing more to say.

    Jaina pushed the stones aside to tumble away behind her. She had extinguished her lightsaber and stood a moment in silence.

    Her brother was gone.

    She’d been through this before and it damn near killed her.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    Eleanor felt a rush of relief as she struck down the Sith that was quickly replaced with disappointment and guilt as Ben spoke. She gave him a weary look as he took off and then looked at Jaina sharply as she took off.

    "Jaina wait!" Eleanor called out, and then she coughed as sand stayed to surround her. She needed to get out of here now. It was dark, and she was scared. Eleanor didn't want Korriban to become her or Leonias tomb. Although she couldn't quite figure out where he was-

    Eleanor blinked as she felt a warm hand touch her face, and she found herself staring at her former Master, Octa Ramis.

    "Master?" Eleanor said, confused. "What are you foing here? How-" Eleanor felt a little choked up, and felt wrath all.over her body. The force. She realised.

    She glanced back a little and saw a hand and light come through the darkness. Familiar.." I....mother?" Eleanor turned away and grabbed her hand-

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    JP With @Sinrebirth
    IC: Admiral Malkurai
    Spirit of Eshan
    Korriban Orbit

    Admiral Malkurai gazed at the holographic figures before her. Both were infamous for all the worst reasons. Pryde, a man who saw the corruption, hubris, and ultimate ruin of the Galactic Empire and thought, 'Well that deserves another try'. And Hux, a man whose ego, ruthlessness, and by Echani intelligence reports, incompetence, bellied his small frame. And here they were now, asking her for a cease fire, the frown on her face showed her thoughts on the pathetic nature of it.

    "Admirals, the Echani will accept only the following terms. Any shuttle, fighter with its weapons disabled, and escape craft will not be fired upon. You may abandon your fleet and return to the unknown regions. We will not pursue you, nor take hostile actions, so long as you do not exhibit a threat." She knew they would not accept, but that wasn't the point. She had all the power.

    Her eyes diverted from their projections for a moment, a message flittering over the ocular implant. It was from her communication staff, some few meters away. Short ranged, direct, and disappointing. They had intercepted a transmission from the First Order command ship, requesting reinforcements. All of their reinforcements. Her lips pursed as she straightened her stance, hands clasped behind her back. "Dorja received the one honorable retreat the First Order was to be granted." She pressed a switch on her wrist device, activating a signal of her own. A nav beacon, in a sea of beacons amidst the chaos. "As such I can only extend so much courteousness to an organization who has proven to be untrustworthy."

    The ships began to arrive.

    Resurgent-class; Mandator IV-class; Imperial II-class; Interdictor-class (all three variants); Victory III-class…

    Lancer-class frigates, Belarus-class cruisers, Nebulon-K frigates, Proficient-class cruisers, Maxima-A-class warships, Dissident-class cruisers…

    … they spat out all the variants; TIE/FO, TIE/SF, TIE Defenders, Starhunters, Echelons, Scimitars, I-7 Howlrunners, A-9 Vigilance’s, prototype Silencers, Barons and Whispers…

    It was a dribble, and then a hail, and then a storm.

    It formed up to be the Mandator at its heart, some thirty support Star Destroyers and hundreds of the smaller escorts. A full gamut of Imperial warships of the many era’s.

    The Admiral looked from the two before her to the tactical readout screen. She could feel the smugness from radiating now from the First Order command ship. Letting out a sigh she turned back to the duo and shook her head, "You... really failed to read the room didn't you? But then again, so did the Republic..."

    -- -- --
    4 ABY

    "The Senate now recognizes Kagiru, Senator and Representative of the Echani Confederation." The Senate buzzed. The Military Disarmament Act was law, signed, but Kagiru, when they were presented with the document to sign, stood there. She refused to move, she refused to look at the datapad. She simply gazed forward, for twenty standard minutes before Mon Mothma made motion to move to the next representative. So it was no surprise when, when it had all been signed and others had agreed or dissented, that Kagiru had requested the floor.

    Her over dias made its way to the central platform, she was flanked by two Echani guards, not Senatorial ones. Another act of dissent. "I have been asked, as representative of my people, their planets, and their governance, to speak on their behalf." She raised her hand and pointed to the Chancellors seat, "I will not deny the wisdom, nor the bravery of our Chancellor. I will not deny the good intentions of those who have agreed to this Act. But I will not sign it. Nor, will the Echani abide it. For four thousand years we chose the path that you have put forth. When the Mandalorians brought the Galaxy to its knees, we did nothing."

    "When the Sith splintered the Galaxy twice, we did nothing. The Stark Hyperspace War, nothing. The Separatist Crisis, nothing. The word Echani means Guardian, and for four thousand years we have failed to live up to that name. That changes today. We will not disarm, we will not abide by the rules put forth in this document. We will not hammer our swords into ploughshares when we have the means to produce both. Every single major conflict that we have failed to help stop was not born from our complacency, but the idleness and passivity of the Republic, and the hubris of the Jedi. Thus do the Echani people swear this will not happen again."

    "To those who wish to abide by this act, we do not fault you. But to every ship in the fleet, every soul that still counts themselves as a rebel, we offer you this. A place in our home, under our flag. Because we can never again let tyranny gain root in our Galaxy. We can never again sit idly by and do nothing. So, we of the Echani Six Sisters, do hereby proclaim ourselves the Free Echani Alliance. We do not secede from the Republic. We will not fail in our duties to her. But we will not, and cannot abide by the Disarmament Act." She then cut her audio, and her dias retreated from the rotunda, to slight applause, and much bickering and disagreement."

    -- -- --
    Present Day

    Before Pryde or Hux had a chance to gloat, or even express confusion at the Admirals reaction, the alarms began to go off. A ship exiting hyperspace, an Imperial design, but much newer. Sleeker. Then another. And another. Older ships, newer ships. Mon Cal cruisers and frigates, Corellian craft, old venerable Echani designs reborn in a new age. For every ship the First Order had brought, the Echani had brought forth one of their own. Within moments of turning the tide in their favor the Echani had stripped it away. The admiral, for her part, did not smirk. She simply again shook her head.

    "For three decades, we have prepared. For three decades we knew that the darkness that festered and broke into the boil that was the Empire would return. But unlike you, we did not hide. Unlike you, we did have to break down what feeble resources you might have been left with in order to build up your might. Unlike you, we didn't have to make backroom deals and hide in shame of defeat. Unlike you, we learned. This," She motioned to the ever growing force forming up along her battle line, "Is not even the full might of the Echani military. We are a people bred for war. And for four thousand years we tried to not let that baser instinct lead us. But here, now, we are going to drive you back to the pit that spawned you. And we will do so again, and again, wheresoever you rear your misbegotten heads."

    She moved her hands in front of herself, pressing a button on her wrist device now for the duo to see. "This is Admiral Malkurai of the Echani Expeditionary Fleet Battlegroup Yusanis. Give no quarter, drive the bastards out."


    The Galactic Alliance between the New Republic, Imperial Remnant, Hapans, Chiss, Corporate Sector and a host of other lesser powers gave rise to a new militarism in the galaxy. It allowed for systems to apply for a Senatorial seat in the GA Senate, and with it additional responsibilities and rights - including to arm in excess of the Galactic Concordance, Military Disarmament Act, and the Bastion Accords.

    Several worlds took advantage of this to do just that.

    Bothawui raised three fleets; Corellia, a secret trio of dreadnoughts to support an assault fleet; Commenor and the other Centrist states in the Core raised a full fleet of Empire-era ships; even the Wookiees worked on their own assets.

    But when those organisations began arming the Killiks during the Swarm War, the Sector Defence Limits of 37 ABY kicked off the Second Galactic Civil War, even though the Remnant voluntarily donated the Megador to the GADF, and the Hapans two entire fleets. The subsequent violence is considered the opportunity the First Order had been waiting for, and precipitated their move into Known Space even before Starkiller Base was finished.

    Not every planet rose to the GADF though. Several accepted the protection of the New Republic Navy, though it did itself donate three fleets to the Galactic Alliance, it retained the Viscount, Guardian and Harbinger as well as sufficient ships to defend its interests as the largest member of the mutli-nation league.

    And some didn't do that, either, they simply built up their own strength secretly. Much like the Empire Restored seized mothballed Old Republic Venator's and Acclamator's, the Echani worked on their reserves. The Yuuzhan Vong War proved it necessary, though the Sisters were avoided by the invaders... others did their building just beyond the Outer Rim, like the Sun Guard.

    And of course in the Unknowns the First Order constructed its armada.

    But that didn't matter today; they'd sent their fleet into the Knowns before knowing everything.

    The pursuit of the map to Skywalker had forced their hand, cost them Starkiller, the Supremacy, and Snoke himself - and now the Battle of Korriban was about to be lost.

    Pryde bit across the comms.

    "Cease-fire - cease-fire."

    The Admiral raised her hand, and the Echani fleet unison slowed. Their weapons took lock, cannons charged, fighters in formation, but they progressed no further. "Speak Pryde, and may your words be wise. Otherwise we will both have a lot of blood on our hands in the next hour."

    “We have no reason to fight. Whatever is happening with the Eternal Fleet is not what the Supreme Leader planned. We’ll cede Korriban to your… forces.” Pryde was a proud man, but not an idiot.

    His sensors confirmed that a TIE Silencer was on its way up to the Steadfast. The Finalizer was pulling away from an engagement, two ISDs covering it’s withdrawal. The TIEs were still having some minor engagements but largely trying to get out of their death duels.

    "I think you'll find your 'Supreme Commander' was misguided. Both of them. On a great many subjects." The admiral tapped her wrist device, "This is Malkurai to all forces, hold fire on First Order forces, maintain target locks and observe as they leave the system. We will leave the Eternal Fleet to our Thyrsian allies whilst we give our friends a kind escort out of system. But, Pryde, if there is even the slightest sign of duplicity, the cease fire ends, and we will not give the slightest bit of mercy." The Echani scowled, she knew very well the First Order would rear its head again, and soon. At the same time she knew their victory today would come at great cost. Pyrrhic at best. But she knew the next time she faced Pryde, he would have no more cards to play.

    Pryde’s face darkened, but the TIE Silencer docked swiftly enough and he had no need to continue the conversation. He cut the channel, and waited for the word of his Supreme Leader.

    There wasn’t any.

    He simply needed to his appropriated quarters, ordered that he was not to be disturbed, and sealed himself in.


    Pryde gave the instructions to withdraw, and the battered First Order Fleet did so. It had been a defeat, but it was war, and this engagement was unimportant to the seizure of the Fondor and Mon Calamari shipyards. They’d rebuild and invade Eshan later.

    The First Order had no need to smash all of their foes at once. Isolating the Echani, as they had with the Wookiee’s, Hapans, Bastion, the Bothans and Adumar, was more than sufficient.

    But before they left the system entirely, Pryde reopened his comms to Vincent Mikaru; a private channel - a request for a one on one conversation.

    IC: Vincent Mikaru

    "Admiral Pryde, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Vincent was, distracted. He was busy ordering the Eternal Fleet to retreat, stand down, shut down. When Wyyrlock had 'died' the weight of the fleet fell upon him and his AI assistants, and for a moment he had considered taking control. Indeed, three months ago he just might have. "I don't believe we've had a talk since the defense contractors gala on Canto Bight a few years back, before this... mess." The Echani was ever the businessman, curt and professional, even when talking to an enemy. At least for the moment.

    "Ah yes," Pryde said carefully. "Back when I was ostensibly an Imperial Remnant liaison." He smiled, but it did not reach his eyes. "My apologies for the subterfuge."

    "Yes well clearly we've all been keeping secrets." Vincent could feel the pressure of the Eternal Fleet lessening as the ships either fled, shut down, or in several cases were destroyed. "Plus I was something of a rich playboy back then, not my best look. Might I inquire why you're contacting me? I was under the assumption from comm chatter that you were retreating."

    "I am, but the Supreme Leader will turn on Eshan at some point. Inevitably so, and I won't be placed to intervene if he brings the full force of the First Order to bear..." Pryde said cuttingly. "You'll lose. Eventually; inevitably. I would ask that you win gracefully, as I myself have a degree of respect for your culture and I would be... dismayed if you were erased."

    "I'm honored." Vincent frowned in his chair, sweat building up from all the concentration and the heat of the cybernetics. "That said, we've prepared for such eventuality. But, I have words for you too. While we are on ideologically opposing sides Pryde, you are not what one would call a 'bad person'. You've an ideal, and want what is best for who you view as your people. You have however seen what happens when you put faith in self-interested sociopaths bent on putting the Galaxy under their thumb. You and yours die at their whim as much as at the hands of those who oppose you. You can view this as an obtuse and obvious means of sowing discord if you wish, but we both know that you should be leading the First Order. Then things might have gone more... peacefully. Certainly with less death on all sides. Trust in yourself Pryde, not Force Wielders with personal machinations. Jedi or Sith, it always leads to ruin."

    Pryde stiffened. "You're too young to remember the Old Republic, clearly. Palpatine saved the galaxy from the fetid chaos of the Senate, of the Jedi and their endless sacrifices for the greater good as they defined it." He made a nose of pfeh. "Without a Force Wielder, nothing can be achieved. It is simply a necessary part of power to have one in-charge. Supreme Leader Snoke lead us for many years and saved us in the Unknowns. Ren is his heir, and perhaps he has taken the throne early, I trust our leaders."

    "If I had led the First Order, we would have already been dead." He sniffed. "I'll do what needs to be done to enable the true visionaries to save us from the decay and rot of your oversentimental principles."

    The Star Destroyers had reached the edge of the gravity well now, and the damaged ships had secured their hulls sufficient enough for the jump. "Good day."

    And with that, the First Order withdrew.

    Vincent let out a sigh, mentally shaking his head as he felt the First Order ships leave through the ships sensors. "That, Pryde, is why you will not survive." Vincent opened his eyes and made a motion to a crewmember to begin disengaging the cybernetic link. "The Eternal Fleet has been ordered to disengage, retreat to a specified location and shut down into standby mode. And, if I know fate, and the stubbornness of the Sith, I have a guest to attend to soon."

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    IC: Kylo Ren
    Exocron Wastes

    There were a variety of napalm-like detonations, and the genetic traces of what had been present was erased in short order.

    It was a fail-safe, and Kylo Ren raged through the woods, as Pryde and Hux had watched.

    He drew his hood up to conceal his expression; his self-loathing.

    Someone had hid something from him.

    Him, the Supreme Leader of the galaxy.

    He could sense Snoke, but Snoke was dead.

    "Dead!" He snapped.

    "Oh is he?"

    Kylo Ren resisted the urge to spin around.

    He was in control.

    "Who are you?"

    "I am Vergere," she said simply. "Who are you?"


    The Supreme Leader turned slowly, not giving into the dramatics of the... Fosh.

    His hand immediately clawed, and she was yanked towards him. She pawed for her throat.

    "The neck..."

    Kylo Ren looked at her, emotionless, even as she hissed.

    "... in my species it is..."

    He stared.

    "... especially weak -"

    Snorting, Kylo released her.

    His dominance was shown.

    "Do not trifle with me."

    "I would..." she breathed harshly. "Never do so, Supreme Leader."

    "Tell me what Snoke was doing here."

    "Surely you could tell he was malformed? Unnaturally born?"

    He didn't have anything to add.

    "You killed him, yes, and he is dead," Vergere simply confirmed. She gestured towards the fire. "But his genetic material was stored here. You sensed that, and now it's been destroyed."

    "By who?"

    "Why, Eleanor Magnus."

    Kylo Ren flinched as if stabbed.

    "Why would she do that?"

    Vergere stroked her chin. "Why? Because she was experimented on here, by a Sith Lord."

    Kylo Ren glowered. "The Sith are dead."

    "Are they?" Vergere said, drily. "Did not a Dark Man come to the aid of your Uncle not three years ago?"

    He turned to go. "I don't care about pretenders. I'll destroy them both - the Jedi and the Sith."

    She peered at him. "The past?"

    "The past."

    He stalked off, and Hux and Pryde took a look at her, and then left.

    Vergere wondered about the boy. He was no Jacen Solo. He wasn't interested in philosophy, or sentiment. He was merely interested in power, and using it against anything that deepened the hole in his soul. Kylo Ren wasn't malleable, and he was much older than when Vergere had held Jacen in her grip.

    "Perhaps I picked the wrong Solo."

    A shrug, human-like.

    "No, the Jedi kept Ben from the horrors of war. Skywalker saw the darkness in him from an early age... they would never have allowed me to isolate him... it seems as if he placed his claim on Ben Solo from much earlier than I on Jacen..."

    A rustle.

    The First Order had left, but the Resistance had caught up, following along.

    Leia was here, and Vergere would have pursed her lips if she had them.

    But she was going elsewhere... tracking down Aryan Graul, seemingly.

    And was that...


    Vergere bound around the trees, and appeared to be peering up, as if she hadn't sensed the woman coming up behind her.


    "I can sense the Force in you, who are you?" Rey spoke, slowly.

    To Be Continued...
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    IC: Leia

    The First Order retreated, and the Resistance caught up.

    She had a new member, one Aryan Graul, but the Jedi she had hoped to find weren't on Exocron any longer.

    Rey spoke of a bird-like alien she had met, and Leia could only harden herself to the possibility that Vergere was alive.

    Did Vergere know?

    Leia resolved to keep her away from the Fosh.

    If it was Vergere... she had no intention of allowing her to sink her claws into anyone else.

    Darth Caedus may have been completed by Lumiya, and shaped by his visions of the Throne of Balance thanks to Abeloth... but it was Vergere who broke him, took advantage of the guilt Jacen had felt after the death of Anakin Solo...she'd seeded Caedus within Jacen. Han had spoken of it, when they resolved to... kill their son.

    He couldn't do it again, with Ben... but even then, Han still tried.

    The wound was so fresh, but Leia wasn't going to be broken by it.

    With no Han... no Luke...

    It was time for her to have a discussion with Jaina.

    She was here, on Korriban, a world that we didn't want to be at - ever.

    The Eternal Fleet was dispersed, crippled, dormant - whatever had happened was over, and Leia had barely been able to keep pace with it. Bunduki; Chandrila; Exocron. They'd been busy on Corellia before now, and the Millennium Falcon was only so fast. With the team settling on Ajan Kloss... Leia and Rey and Poe and Finn had gone after whatever the First Order was chasing across the galaxy. Poe had an X-wing and BB-8, and Chewbacca and Finn had the pilot seat.

    "Poe, can I let you talk to Vincent? I know Echani ships when I see them."

    "Roger, roger," he said. Leia smiled. He was much more focused now. After Crait, he had learned.

    Leia absently wished it hadn't cost them so much.

    The Falcon headed to the surface.

    Towards Jaina...

    ... and Eleanor and Madelyn.

    Whistler had already kept them up-to-date, and Chewbacca was already looking forward to restoring the Pulsar Skate.

    Whether Jaina would wait, and stay, she couldn't say.

    Madelyn had her own ship, but Leia hoped the two Mandalorian-Jedi would join the Resistance, or at least be able to offer them a safe-haven on Concord Dawn.

    They had a lot still to do.

    This victory? It wouldn't change everything, but it was a start.

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    Combo with the amazing Sinrebirth!

    IC: Jaina Fel


    Jaina Fel sat on an outcropping of rock next to her camouflaged X-wing. She’d kept up the maintenance on it mostly to have something to do in this forsaken hell, and she’d spent time rooting out various reptiles that found their way into exhaust vents.

    The Sword of the Jedi wasn’t in the best place emotionally, and she’d chosen to exile herself from her own family while trying to figure out what to do about Ben. Jag understood, and he left her alone, so why
    didn’t her mother extend the same courtesy?

    Out of nowhere Leia turns up on Korriban? Jaina thought it was hardly a coincidence and had steeled herself against whatever her mother was coming to say. She tried to think of what advice Uncle Luke would have given her, and that only made her laugh. Jaina remembered getting into mischief as a kid, and then when she was caught by Leia, Luke or her dad would tell her to run and hide.! “Run, kid!” Han’s voice echoed in her mind, and Uncle Luke had shown her how to hide.

    “If only it was that easy now,” she said to herself as she watched the Falcon settle down onto the surface of Korriban. Jaina stood and waited until the engines were powered down before she slowly walked towards her parents ship.

    The ramp dropped, and Leia stood at the top. She looked at her only daughter. At the killer of her son. At her only remaining child on the side of light. Leia didn’t know what to say.

    When she threw herself into the Resistance, it fractured a family already damaged by Ben. By Caedus. By Mara’s death. By Anakin’s death.

    The Jedi academy and its many students; gone. Kam, Tionne, too, and others.

    Ben became Kylo Ren.

    Luke exiled himself after losing a second nephew to the dark side.

    Han left with Chewbacca.

    Jagged rushed to Bastion.

    Allana was sequestered on Hapes.

    Luke’s Ben left on a obsessive quest to hunt down Vestara Khai.

    The First Order emerged, revealing the name of their true enemy.

    The Galactic Alliance ceased to be, no longer bridging the New Republic and Imperial Remnant.

    The Jedi Council disbanded; what was left of it.

    The surviving Knights were hunted.

    Only Leia and Jaina remained.

    Leia threw herself into the Resistance; into the good fight; into her work.

    But Jaina was an adult, far older than Leia had been when she was captured aboard the first Death Star. She needed her own path, after all. And Leia had no intentions of encouraging Jaina to kill another sibling.

    Caedus wasn’t Kylo Ren; there was no good in Jacen at the end. But Ben?

    Ben she still believed that they could save.

    All of this passed between Jaina and Leia, and Leia still did not speak.

    “Hello, mom,” Jaina decided she would break the ice and went to put her arms around Leia. After holding her close for a moment, Jaina took a step back and sheepishly said, “I can’t imagine how bad I smell, sorry ‘bout that, but the Sith don’t seem to have any sanistream houses around here.”

    Jaina walked off and affectionately patted one of the Falcon’s landing struts, “it’s good to see this old girl, she’s a survivor.”

    Bypassing the reference to her smell - it was rank - Leia squeezed her back, a little stiff, but unsurprisingly. "It's good to see you, you're a survivor."

    She smiled, lightly, but still asked. "Your brother was here, I understand."

    That’s her mother, she cut straight for the power cable. “Yes,” Jaina sighed, “he was here. Don’t worry, I didn’t kill him,” she said without a bit of the lighthearted Solo humor.

    “He was determined to fight, so we did,” she held her hands up in a gesture of a person who was bored with the situation. “He’s obsessed with your biological father, and we won’t be able to reason with him. He is lost.”

    “He’s obsessed with Vader,” Leia said firmly. “Not Anakin. As awful as he was, he did pass into the Force. He’s not going to be talking to Ben.”

    Jaina’s icy side came from her, with the sharpness of Han’s wit. It made them clash, but he also made Jaina warmer than Leia. It was maddening, just like Han. Tart humour about killing Jacen didn’t play out well.

    Killing Caedus, Leia reminded herself.

    Caedus had killed Jacen years before they realised.

    Leia pursed her lips. “Did you feel what happened with your father? With Luke, too?” She had no idea where Jaina had been for the last three-odd years.

    Jaina’s forehead creased, “yes, of course I felt them both,” she answered curtly.

    Kriff.She immediately felt bad for being snippy.

    “I —I’m sorry mom.” Jaina awkwardly put her hand on Leia’s arm and squeezed. “Ben has to be stopped, but I don’t think I can do it this time.”

    “Rey will do it,” Leia said. “She’s connected to Ben, I can’t work out how, but she’s been able to reach him - beat him, even.” The woman stepped up to Leia, looking a bit abashed.

    “Hi, I’m Rey.” She held out a hand to Jaina.

    Jaina shook the younger woman’s hand and gave her mother a curious glance, “uh, hi,” she said.

    Had her mother come all this way to tell her that this little more than a child would deal with Ben? It felt like there should be a punchline coming, or maybe Jaina was mental from all the time she’d been on this forsaken rock.

    “Ahh, you didn’t come for me did you? You came to find Ben and I just happened to be here,” Jaina shouldn’t have been surprised.

    Rey shook her head. "No, we were chasing down Eleanor Magnus, a former Jedi Knight. She had some connection to a genetic project to rebuild the genome of the Outlanders, a group of heroes that could command that droid fleet." She pointed up into orbit, the dozens of slithers of ships evident.

    "Kylo Ren was chasing down the same connection. There was a Chagrian in the middle of it all."

    "Amedda," Leia said unhappily. "If only I'd know he was pulling his own set of strings."

    "And we were side-tracked on our way by -"

    "Rey," Leia said, firmly.

    "What, Master?"

    "Not right now." Leia winced, unsure what was worse. The near mention of Vergere, or her use of Master.

    Master?” Jaina asked her mother in dismay. Leia might as well adopt the kid, since it was clear they were flying around the galaxy on adventures together.

    “I’m really busy, mom,” Jaina said stiffly, “and I can tell you’re busy with your apprentice, so I’ll see you around.” Jaina turned and walked in the direction of her covered X-wing.

    Leia reached over and grabbed her arm. "Wait, Jaina." She spoke up. "Artoo?"

    A droid rolled over, tweetled a greeting, Threepio tottering after her. "Mistress Solo! It is a pleasure to see you again. It overwhelms my emotion circuits with joy!"

    "Can it, Threepio," Leia said. "Artoo, give Jaina the coordinates to the First Jedi Temple. If Luke left anything behind, it'd be there." Her eyes focused on her daughter. "I'm really busy too, Jaina. But I've not seen Ben for years. Most of the Masters are dead, but I haven't felt Ben go. Not like I felt Luke... or your father..."

    She was referencing Ben Skywalker, of course.

    Rey beetled her brow briefly, but kept quiet.

    Artoo rolled over and popped out a data-disc for Jaina with a boop.

    Jaina took the disc and looked at her mother, “Ben hides in the Force,” she reminded Leia, “he’s done that for years since Jacen taught him how.”

    She looked at the disc in her palm, “it will be good for me to get away from here, the darkness seems to seep into your soul after a while.”

    Jaina looked over to Rey and waved, “good luck, and keep an eye on my mom. She’s always getting herself into sticky situations.”

    She waved to Threepio, “it’s good to see you too, you and Artoo try and stay out of trouble.”

    Rey smiled. “I’ll walk you to your ship.”

    “Rey…” Leia cautioned.

    “It’s fine.” She went to link arms with Jaina. “Girl-talk.”

    Leia was going to speak up when Threepio wanted to let her know how Poe’s discussion with Vincent was going. “I’ve a playboy to speak to.” Her tone was stern. “Giving him the Eternal Fleet seems pretty dangerous.”

    “Ermm, okay,” Jaina replied to both her mother’s remarks and of Rey taking her arm. She really didn’t want to be touched by a stranger, after being estranged from her family and friends for so long. Rey seemed to insist on physical contact, which left Jaina no option but to sigh and walk faster.

    “You might as well go ahead and tell me, she’s not stupid,” plus, Jaina thought, when had Jaina ever been much for girl talk?
    Jaina stumbled as she found herself frustrated that she really wasn’t sure what that even meant. She wondered if hanging out with Sharr and Piggy on the roof on Borleias counted? ’Hold on, am I really comparing planning sessions to girls gabbing about clothes and boys?’

    No, using her brain with experts like the Wraiths had to have been time better spent. It was definitely far more pleasant than listening to this, little more than a child, babble.

    Jaina thought she really could have used Sharr and Piggy’s advice right now.

    “Vergere,” Rey said, simply. “She was on Exocron.”

    Jaina stopped in her tracks.

    “Vergere? You’re sure?”

    “Yes,” Rey said simply. “She said she knew Jacen - Ben’s older brother. Leia didn’t want to talk about his siblings. Said that Ben was my focus. But you’re here now.”

    “I heard that Vergere died in an A-wing crash. But I don’t think anyone saw her in the cockpit - before, or during.” She paused. “Leia said that Vergere spoke to everyone after she was gone. Somehow she had retained a presence, but everyone just thought she showing off a skill she knew and nobody else did, which is something Vergere would do.”

    Rey visibly swallowed. “She said Vergere was a Sith, and she corrupted Jacen, like Snoke corrupted Ben.”

    “She tortured Jacen, and he was never the same,” Jaina said quietly. “Is that what my mother didn’t want you to tell me?”

    “Yes,” Rey said. “She said that you’d go off after Vergere. She wanted to give you a mission before you did.” Another hesitation. “I think what happened with Jacen still hurts her. In a different way to Han, or Master Skywalker. It’s deeper; I think that’s why she’s pushing me to save Ben, not kill him.”

    “Darth Caedus started this war, some people whisper,” Rey said carefully. “That his tyranny weakened the galaxy so that the First Order could weaken it. Some people think he found it in the Unknowns and apprenticed himself to Snoke.” She pursed her lips. “I’ve only been involved in this fight for a couple of weeks but I heard about it in Jakku, a little.”

    Jaina rubbed her hand over her face, “Ben is lost, and my mother is wrong because there’s no saving him.” She glanced back over her shoulder to where Leia stood, and wondered if she needed to go ask her why the hell she thinks this child could save Ben. Her mother was dangling the kid out to be another victim of her brother’s villainy.

    “Rey,” Jaina sighed, “I wish I could share in my mother’s fairy tale of Ben coming back to the family, but I’ve been up close and personal with him. He’s lost…and he will kill you too if you’re not careful.”

    Vergere was a whole other issue and Jaina needed some time to think about that.

    Rey nodded, albeit sadly. "I thought he could be saved, but he handed me over to Snoke anyway. And even when he turned on Snoke, and we worked together to defeat his guards... Ben still wanted to rule the galaxy. He just wanted me to do it with him." Rey shook her head. "He had every chance there and then to turn on the First Order. But he didn't. He killed his Master and took his place."

    The woman bit her lip. "I don't think he wants to be saved. He wants to be Kylo Ren."

    Jaina couldn’t help but feel concerned for the young woman. Rey had an innocence that her brother would likely exploit, but Jaina could only do so much. “I don’t think I can be the one to stop Ben, Rey,” Jaina confessed, “there’s not a day that I’m not haunted by having to kill Jacen.”

    Jaina held up the disk that Artoo had given her, “is this my mother’s idea of busy work to keep me away while you two deal with Ben?”

    "No," Rey said, sadly. "Master Skywalker is gone, and he had artefacts and personal effects he would have left with the Caretakers."

    She looked aside slightly. "I don't trust myself there. The Island has... a balance within the Force, but there is a darkness too, and it appealed to my need to know more about my parentage." Rey shrugged. "I was abandoned on Jakku."

    The younger woman produced two halves of a lightsaber, complete with a shattered Kyber Crystal. "I want to focus on repairing this." To Rey, it was Anakin Skywalker's last Jedi lightsaber. To Jaina? It was Aunt Mara's lightsaber, gifted to her by Uncle Luke.

    Today was a reminder of everything they'd lost as a family, seemingly…

    Jaina wouldn’t tear up, but the hurt was there.

    “I’m sorry you were abandoned,” Jaina murmured. She wondered what sort of parent abandons a child anywhere, much less on Jakku.

    “Where are you guys headed from here?” Jaina asked, hoping to not hear more about her family.

    Rey wondered. "We've a mission to Minfar. We have just been chased from Ryloth and Mon Calamari, so we'll need to stay on the run." A shrug. "Rebel Alliance days, and all that. We've not found a new base yet, but Leia has a few ideas - some old planets she kept back in-case."

    "I have some Jedi texts from Master Skywalker, so I'll continue my training to become a true Jedi."

    A weak smile. "What about you, after the island?"

    A true Jedi, Jaina wondered what that even meant, or was it even worth it. Being a Jedi certainly didn't help her kill Caedus.

    “Me?” Jaina asked, she honestly wasn’t sure. “I’ve got a few possibilities, but nothing is definite yet.”

    Leia and Rey seemed determined that she go to this island, maybe there would be a nice beach, she could use a bath in the ocean and a nap in the sun.

    “What the kriff are you even talking about, Rey?” Jaina had tolerated this long enough. She’d played nice with Rey, truthfully it was for Leia’s benefit, but now she wondered what they were playing at.

    “A true Jedi? Will living like a goody two shoes, praying to your kyber crystal, and avoiding any attachments work? Is that a true Jedi?” Was Jaina insulted, no. It was Rey’s innocent enthusiasm that was grating on her nerves.

    She scoffed, “I get it, I’m being shipped off to this damned island, but you know what?” Jaina asked in irritation, “I hope there’s a nice beach on this island, because the first thing I’m going to do is strip down and clean up. Then I’ll nap in the sun while my flight suit dries. Or did you and Leia have an itinerary for me?”

    Rey stiffened. "No. We didn't."

    She looked down. "I heard that you'd been hurt by what happened to you. I'm sorry that I remind you of that." The woman was young, not even twenty - but still older than Anakin had been when he died; and younger than Jacen when he fell. "I didn't want to upset you more with Han and Master Skywalker gone too."

    Rey looked aside. "Did you want me to tell your mother anything?"

    Jaina shook her head, “I’d tell her myself if I did,” she didn’t need a messenger. The coms work two ways, but Leia was probably too busy to check on her daughter.

    Rey pursed her lips; hard.

    "Alright then, Jaina. May the Force be with you."

    They were by a ship, and Rey didn't care to extend the conversation any longer.

    At that, she walked off, the two-halves of Mara's lightsaber in hand.

    Jaina scowled and watched Rey walk away, she wondered if she had ever been that naive.

    Then she realized what else bothered her, Ben should have his mother’s lightsaber, not a total stranger.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus, Madelyn Linnett

    Eleanor still couldn't quite believe they had won.

    She looked at her mother, would was fussing over her a bit, checking her injuries and smiled. "You know I just killed a Sith Mama. I think I'm fine." She winched a little as her mother tapped her shoulder, at the bruise forming there.

    "Yes. That seems fine." Madelyn sounded amused and Eleanor laughed. She glanced up as Leia approached and gave the other woman a wry smile."Hello General Organa." Madelyn greeted politely.

    Eleanor felt her stomach turn. General Organa is here?! Eleanor scolded herself for being able to sense her approach. "General I'm so sorry." Eleanor apologised and wasn't sure if she should salute or bow so she did neither. "I uh...the sith is dead!" She blurted out instead, nervous.

    Leia, who had excused herself from a tense conversation with her daughter, stepped over, drawing Madelyn into a hug.

    "You have quite a story to tell me, I imagine," he lips smiled warmly, a trifle amused at how Eleanor was responding.

    Madelyn hugged Leia back tightly, happy to see her. "It's been a long time." She said, and smiled at her when she pulled away. "We both have more grey in our hair, although-" Madelyn joked, "-I think you have far more then me Leia."

    Eleanor stayed still and watched her Mama and General Organa for a moment. She realised she was tense and tried to relax, "-I yes. It's feels like its been years. But I think it's only been a few weeks General. I lost my memories for a time. It was Snoke-" She started to say and then clamped her mouth shut.

    Did General Organa even want to hear about that? That Eleanor almost became a monster?

    "Snoke is dead now," Leia said, gently. "It's okay."

    "I just need to know if you can control the Eternal Fleet anymore."

    Eleanor nodded, face warm as she tried to hold back tears. She sniffed, because she hadn't realised how scared she was.

    "Um...I don't know. I dont think so?" Eleanor tried to reach out with the force to tell and Madelyn looked over at Leia.

    "She's been through enough Leia." Madelyn said softly. It was wasn't really a scold. Just a reminder. "I know this is important, but if her connection to Snoke and that Sith is broken-"

    Leia held up a hand to Madelyn. "It's quite alright. With Snoke dead, it's fine. The First Order are putting out there that Rey killed him, but she's confirmed that it was my son, so, he's gone either way." The General nodded. "The fact is that the droids in orbit should be controlled by Eleanor, and they're clearly not. That Sith - the Chagrian - he wanted control, and as he's dead."

    "His name was Mas Amedda. He was the Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire, and before that Vice Chancellor of the Old Republic." Leia pursed her lips. "He signed the Galactic Concordance that legally ended the First Galactic Civil War... but your mother will tell you that most of the Imperial military and the Moffs didn't adhere to it and founded the Imperial Remnant... but both fed into the First Order, we think. So where and how Mas fit into it all, I couldn't say."

    She shook her head. "All that matters is that you're safe, and Whistler and Artoo will have the Pulsar Skate back up and running soon enough for you." Leia smiled, warmly.

    Eleanor nodded, looking grateful. "Thank you General." She said with a bit of a smile. She was glad the Pulsar Skate would be working again soon.

    "Yes thank you Leia." Madelyn agreed. She paused and gave her a curious look." But that wasn't the only reason you came to talk to us was it? Is there something else?"

    "Well, Jaina was here, but we fought, so I've sent her off with Rey." Leia looked amused. "But I was going to ask if you'd join the Resistance. Both of you. We only have myself and Rey to combat Ben and the Knights of Ren, and the military edge is pretty stacked against us."

    "Oh." Eleanor was a little disappointed that Jaina hadn't stayed around. But she pushed it aside, they would meet again later she was sure.

    "I'd be honoured to join General." Eleanor said. "Just let me know how I can help."

    Madelyn nodded. "And Concord Dawn stands by ready to aid as well as myself." She put a hand on Leia's shoulder. "I'm sure having a few Mandalorian warriors will give you an advantage Leia."

    Leia smiled. "I won't bring the Resistance to Concord Dawn, because civilized worlds mean civilian casualties. I'll be setting up on a world near here, though, I'll let you know which?"

    "Is there anything else you need of me, before I go? There's a billionaire playboy in orbit who has managed to pacify the Eternal Fleet. I'd rather it not belong to him." She looked wry. "He's related to the Outlanders, too, but one of the Sith ones."

    Madelyn nodded, and smiled at Leia. Although she made a mental note to ask which outlander she meant later. "Thank you..but there was something I was wondering. My oldest son Pre needs more experience politically outside of Mandalore. I know he would like to help the resistance as well."

    She felt Eleanor glance at her curiously but pressed on. "Could he work with you General? There's not too many around that I would trust to teach my children."

    Leia hesitated. "I know just the person for him to study under, if that helps. We freed a Senator when we were on Corellia - he would love an aide, and a protégé." She smiled warmly, but her voice was firm. "I'll be a General only now. There's no space for a Princess or a Chancellor. It's war, and I lost Han and Luke this week. I can't vouch for the safety of Pre." Her eyes met Madelyn's. Leia had lost two sons as well. As much as Madelyn had lost Fenn, Leia had lost her homeworld, her adopted parents, and so, so much more.

    Madelyn pursed her lips, her resolve a little harder then she intended. But Leia was right. It was better for him to be away from all of this and learn how to be a proper leader from someone Leia trusted.

    "Okay General Leia." Madelyn gave her a wry smile, teasing. "I'm sure this Senator is as good as you say." She thought about Fenn and wondered what he would have had to say about all of this.

    Eleanor looked at Leia for a moment, contemplating. "What will I be doing then? Going home?"

    “Ransolm is among the best,” Leia said, promising. Her eyes took in Eleanor. “What do you want to do?”

    She gestured and a very young girl stepped forward from the ramp of the Falcon. “This is Asteria. She needs a Master, and I have my hands full with Rey. The frontline is no place for a child. What do you think?”

    Eleanor gave the child a startled look, because she wasn't sure how good she would be at training another person, let alone a child.

    "I...that's very nice of you to think I could train someone General." Eleanor swallowed nervously as her mother went up to Asteria, full of motherly warmth.

    "Aren't you adorable." Madelyn knelt down so she could look Asteria in the eyes. "Asteria was it? I'm Madelyn. Eleanor's mother."

    Asteria looked at the strangers suspiciously. But the woman kneeling in front of her seemed kind. At least, that's what her heart and feelings were telling her.

    She looked up at Leia for approval, the expression of a child who had seen too much and trusted too little.

    Leia smiled softly, reminded so much of her adopted daughter, Amelia, in-fact her granddaughter, Allana.

    She drew the girl in with the Force, bridging the divide between her and Eleanor as if playing Asteria’s hand in Eleanor’s, and placing her own atop it. “The Linnett family are among my very closest friends. Eleanor’s father and I fought some desperate battles, and won. They are the very best of people, and the Mandalorians understand how to survive. How to live. How to thrive.”

    Leia sank down to the eye level of Asteria, crouching slightly; she was a short woman, like her mother, like her daughter. “You’ll be safe with her. Madelyn and Eleanor both attended the Jedi Academies on Yavin 4 and Ossus. They know how to fight, how to defend their family.”

    Asteria still looked unsure, but the force from Eleanor and Madelyn felt very warm. She didn't know what a Mandalorian was really, just that they wore lots of armour.

    "I guess." Asteria muttered and ducked her head. She looked at Eleanor. "You're very tall you know."

    "As tall as a Wookie?" Eleanor joked, raising an eyebrow.

    Asteria looked thoughtful. "No. You don't have thar much hair."

    Leia smiled at that. "You two will get on well, I bet."

    With a nod, she stood to go. "I'll get Artoo to work with Whistler on the Pulsar Skate so you can get going. I need to see how Poe is doing with Vincent." The woman was warm. "You've done good today, Eleanor. But the First Order will be back, and in greater numbers. We need to get going before then."

    She drew Madelyn into a hug. "May the Force be with you all."

    Leia mussed Asteria's hair, a shard of pain as she remembered when her children were that small; it didn't show on her face, and barely in the Force. With that, she left.

    Asteria stuck out her tongue at Eleanor who made a face back and Madelyn sighed with amusement before Leia drew her into a hug.

    Eleanor gave a bow to Leia to show her she had heard what she said, and smiled at her. "I will. May the force be with you."

    Madelyn pulled away from the hug and looked sad, wondering if she would see her friend again. She echoed Eleanor and added, quietly to herself.

    May the force be with us all.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    And so what came to pass was done and said.

    Eleanor Magnus, by dint of destruction of the mad, bad science of the Exocron Monolith, was, for a time, the living incubator of the Outlander's DNA - much of it, anyway.

    The rest was held in the tomb of the Braesen'thor, and also one Vincent Mikaru.

    It could be said there were others who held the genetic code that could command the Eternal Fleet.

    But the experiments came together in a singular vial that tempted Darth Wyyrlok I to betray his distant Emperor, after decades of service. Mas Amedda will be succeeded by his daughter, who becomes the second of his name...

    Thanks to the scheming of Darth Traya III, the so-called Vergere, the threat of the Eternal Fleet under the command of the Sith Eternal will not come to pass...

    Now the GEMINI droids that make up the crews of the Eternal Fleet have their own destiny to decide again.

    Leia Solo picks up the breadcrumbs of the trail, including the damaged man known as Aryan Graul...

    ... Jaina Solo, having contributed to the final battle in-spite of the antagonism that Caedus gave her, will head to the place where Luke Skywalker died and come to terms, perhaps, with the death of Anakin, Jacen, Mara and her father... one final time.

    On the hidden world of Exegol, Darth Sidious is unconcerned, even with the loss of a Snoke...

    ... he has plenty to spare.

    Eleanor Magnus has saved the galaxy.

    The Knight of the Last Republic.

    The New Republic has fallen.

    The Resistance remains.

    They will, one day, spark the fire of hope, and tear down the First Order.

    Thanks to this miracle day.

    And many more miracle days to come.

    But this miracle belongs not to Rey, Poe or Finn, but to her.

    What will tomorrow bring?

    Eleanor may be living out her life with Asteria...

    ... Vincent and the Colcha's may very well be preparing for the future...

    ... perhaps Kyp will set forth his own legacy into the galaxy...

    ... perhaps Ashban's dark fate will ensnare more than just himself...

    ... Aryan may find his path is not with the distrustful Resistance but elsewhere, to the loftier heights he aspired to decades ago...

    ... and Jaina Solo will have to one day face the loss of her mother and last sibling...

    But the Eternal Fleet will remain.

    And one day, it may prove all that stands between them and another great threat.

    One day.


    May the Force be With You, always.
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    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this game; it has been a blast.

    Of course, it follows up in the Legacy Trilogy, with Star Wars: Episode X: Duel of the Fates, but it moves forward besides in Episode XI: The Hidden Temple as well... and in other places, no doubt.

    Special thanks to our star, @TheSilentInfluence, and our first main cast additions, @greyjedi125, @Kev-Mas_Colcha, and @Kahn_Iceay.

    The cameos from @Adalia-Durron, @HanSolo29, @E. L.Knight and @Lady Belligerent were brilliant additions to their respective beginnings, middle, and ends of the game, and immensely appreciated.

    The Eternal Fleet originated in the Old Republic MMO RPG, and during it, one third sought independence when given the chance, while the remainder two thirds were destroyed by a superweapon based on the same technology. It followed that the Sith Emperor of that era, a Darkness once named Tenebrae, would take both the Sith Empire he seized control of, and the Eternal Empire he founded, and combine them as a third Empire with the surviving True Sith legacy in Red Space; the Sith Eternal from the Rise of Skywalker.

    Our shadow villain, with Mas Amedda, the Chagrian toady that stood besides the Republic Chancellors and later Emperor Palpatine in the Prequels was merged with Darth Wyyrlok I to expand upon a powerful character of the same species, and this interpretation has been seen time and time again in my games, from Resurrection, set some thirty years before this game (originally), to the AU series Twilight of the Force, where Amedda went from lame reluctant Emperor to scheming mastermind. Here he is much the same, but overshadowed by Palpatine for many, many years. If you want to see more of him, he is a recurring character set just after the Battle of Jakku in the Dark Reach series of games.

    But this was designed, as was fairly obvious, as a short, compact game based around the same idea as the Knights of the Old Republic games. One main character with a mystery, rebuilding the Jedi in the face of a grand Imperialistic Sith regime. Eleanor Magnus became the star of the show, and she and her Padawan and her wider family are deeply important to the wider lore seen in all of the above games.

    A true main character.

    So thank you all of you, to allowing me to append to your stories, to your characters, to your pasts and futures.

    I look forward to seeing all of your characters again, and in the future.

    You are all a font of positivity, and I appreciate it grandly.

    May the Force be with you!
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    Nov 15, 2004