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Star Wars CLOSED Knights of the Last Republic

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    Combo with the GM and Kev-Mas_Colcha

    IC: Sorah Nordany and Leonias Colcha

    Sorah felt violent energies coming from the Pulsar Skate; the ship ebbed and flowed in the force, rising and falling, inwards and outwards. The ship's engines were in a way breathing; Sorah wasn't sure how but the Pulsar Skate was alive!

    Sorah saw that the ship had 2 solar ionization cannons. Since the ship had a sentience of some kind, she used telepathy and read its intentions like any other sentient being; Sorah felt that the Ionization cannons were set to fire. And indeed, they did as the cannons shot a volley of red hot ionized bombs to her position.

    Sorah violently turned the lever of her ship, coordinating a barrel in an attempt to dodge the volley, and turned on her diagnostic feature of the YT-2000, trying to see where exactly she should shoot to find the weakest point on the ship.

    "Pro-Bono," said Leonias to his Astro-Probe droid in charge of running the ECM suite as he pulled on the flight yoke to turn the ship around for another attack run, targeting one of the turrets on the enemy freighter, "Activate the sensor scramblers."

    "Bleep-dit-ba-da-na-na!" was the response the droid chirped, its vocabulator sounding like a cross between an R-series astromech and an old Imperial Probe Droid.

    Suddenly, in the middle of Leonias' attack run, the ship suddenly became even more difficult to spot than before as it pinged bursts of feedback back to any ship that ran a sensor scan on it. With that on top of the lower energy signature of its baffled ion engines and the reflec hull coating, the ship had effectively slipped into "stealth mode," living up to its model's Spec-Ops designation.

    While it was true that Force senses could definitely be used to track down the ship, with its glaringly obvious force signature in combination with Leonias' unmasked presence, any detailed observations might become a little more difficult.

    The ECM subroutines now in effect, the Silver Beacon came up within striking distance and let loose a flurry of linked solar ionization and ion cannon blasts upon the targeted weapons turret. Leonias wasn't out for blood today. He was merely doing the job that all Sun Guard swore to do: protect the equilibrium.

    As Sorah dodged the first volley of the Solar Ion cannons using a barrel roll maneuver, the diagnostic scanner rang in, and it beeped wildly; then a voice spoke it was from the Diagnostic scanner;

    "Integrity of the hostile ship is dangerously low; it is a wonder how the ship is even still working at this point."

    Sorah gritted her teeth in annoyance and frustration as she once again jerked her controls up as she sensed the ship's intentions to release a second volley of Solar Ionization cannon fire.

    "You stupid piece of junk! Tell me which spot I should focus on!"

    The YT-2000 spun in the vacuum of space, swerving, and diving, trying its best to lose the cannons with pre-planned maneuvers.

    "No need to be rude! I'm surprised that you and your Seyugi Dervishes haven't been wiped out already."

    A pause.


    Sorah shook her head, "If I survive this, I'm replacing you, you hear me?!" Sorah punched her dashboard. "Weakness, NOW!"

    "In theory, any place should do this ship in; I suggest shooting its thrusters."

    "That's more like it!"

    Sorah stopped maneuvering her ship preemptively and began firing upon the thrusters but found that it was becoming harder and harder to do so because the ship was activating a stealth subroutine of some sort. However, the diagnostic system still had a lock on the ship's integrity, though the location was getting harder to pinpoint. And Sorah still wasn't sure if she correctly predicted the Ion cannon's shot trajectory.

    The Silver Beacon shook as it took a hit to its shields, in a portion slightly to the left of the engines.

    "Shields at 75 percent", intoned Beacon, "Regeneration courtesy of Dragonscale shielding now in effect. Amount regenerated from absorbed weapons fire estimated at 10 percent maximum capacity."

    As he expected, the cannons of the modified freighter definitely packed a significant punch, as noticed by the diminishing returns from the Dragonscale shielding's regeneration. It would still buy him some time, but not as much as he would have liked. Furthermore, it had seemed that despite the sensor scramble fooling his foe into believing that the sensor readings taken from the Pulsar Skate belonged to him, he had properly guessed that the most tactically sound place to attack the Beacon was its engines. It made sense - after all, the Solar Dragon-class was an interceptor, which meant that despite the regenerative shielding provided by the Dragonscale shielding, it was still a fairly fragile ship that relied on speed, maneuverability, and pilot skill. However, that lucky guess almost had Leonias convinced that his droid was malfunctioning and failed to activate the sensor scramble in the first place.

    "Pro-Bono!" screamed Leonias as he started to bring the ship around for another run, having guided the ship to a safe distance to get time to regenerate his shields the full 10% given by the absorbed energy, maxing out at 85%, "I thought I told you to activate the sensor scramblers!"

    "Blee-deeeeet!" the droid squealed to indicate that he had indeed scrambled the sensors.

    "Huh," said Leonias as he quickly glanced over at a display screen, notifying him that the freighter had indeed scanned a ship successfully, but it was the Pulsar Skate rather than his fighter, "Lucky guess; then."

    As the ship screamed back into close proximity with the freighter again, however, instead of pressing the trigger for his energy weapons, he reached out to the Force and slipped into a meditative trance that was now very familiar to him. Letting go of his pride and ambition and embracing humility, he began to mask not only his own presence but the presence of the ship he had formed a significant connection with through an ability known as The Art of the Small.

    As he did, he passed over the freighter without launching an attack, however as he began to close the distance between their two ships, he reached out with the Force once more and began to telekinetically guide one of the four Jedi Shadow Bombs the ship was equipped with backward, with the ultimate goal of hitting and detonating upon the turret he had been targeting on his past attack run.

    There was minimal leakage with the ion cannon shot against the ship of Colcha and Sorah; she had managed to effectively avoid all of the other shots - or take them on strong shields - but the shadow bombs were another thing. They did require a Force nudge which telegraphed their arrival, but with the Sun Guard having hidden himself as he approached the older Corellian freighter, the response time would be lowered.

    The turret was damaged; whether it would explode with continued usage was another question.


    Sorah shouted as the ship turret was damaged critically.

    Of course, Sorah had no idea who was piloting the mysterious ship. She couldn't sense where the attacker went, but they attacked from above, somehow passing over the dark assassin without her noticing.

    This situation was terrible; Sorah was at a considerable disadvantage.

    "Sorah, the Diagnostic scanner had picked up a new ship when it passed over us, but the signal quickly disappeared again; it's nearly untraceable."

    That makes sense; the diagnostic scanner could read the power of a ship, and so when the mysterious enemy attacks, it causes a brief power jump. An almost negligent detail, but if it hadn't been for the successful hit, Sorah would've never known that the invisible ship even existed.

    Knowing that the enemy was masking their presence, Sorah turned on the autopilot and began to meditate, searching for the enemy ship. Hoping to reveal their location in the force.

    After his run, Leonias flew the Silver Beacon around in a random pattern at a relatively brisk pace, making sure to keep a distance that was far enough away from the enemy freighter to avoid certain detection and subsequent retaliation from being within close proximity but still close enough to swoop down for another attack if he saw fit to do so. In essence, he was circling his prey like a carrion bird, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

    Leonias looked frowned as the Shadow Bomb struck true but didn't quite achieve the destructive results he was hoping for. He wanted that turret disabled. Not damaged. He knew what he had to do to fix that. He reached out to Beacon and formed a Force meld, magnifying his Force abilities to a larger scale, akin to transforming a handheld blaster into a starfighter's laser cannon. Perhaps this might make him easier to detect, especially as Sorah was searching for him at this very moment, but he was also counting on his next move to cancel out any vulnerabilities suddenly becoming unmasked would cause.

    Focusing on his destructive intent, he channeled the more negative emotions that a less nuanced Force User might call the Dark Side. He reached out towards the sparking conduits and fires from the damage he did cause, and the tibanna gas still that gave the cannons on the turret in question its ability to shoot energy bolts, like the ones that had struck his ship just moments earlier, and forced them to collide in a cataclysmic fashion. Fueled by his frustration towards the minimized effectiveness of his previous attack. By his annoyance towards his enemy standing in the way of him protecting the equilibrium. The fact that even if he didn't know who she was, and even if it might just be for the current moment, all of these things made him hate her—that hate, which was channeled through in a destructive force, directed towards the already damaged turret.


    Sorah shouted as she picked up on the mysterious ship's location; whoever was piloting such a vehicle concentrated all of their hatred into a single point, something which Sorah was immensely confuses by. Was the pilot even a Jedi?! A Jedi should not be capable of this much hate, should they?

    These questions raced through Sorah's mind, but she wouldn't have time to think her opponent was circling her like a Tuk'ata circling a poor morsel who happened to stumble upon Korriban, ironic because even though she was attuned dark side, she was surprised a the darkness that her opponent harbored. At this moment, Sorah was truly humbled by this being as it summoned a power, a great one!

    She only heard rumors about this power, but she could not actively manifest herself as it was beyond her skill level.

    Force destruction...

    The diagnostic scanner AI was auto-piloting the ship.

    "The enemy's ship's blaster fire has been drastically improved now; great balls of energy condensed are coming right for us, contents unknown danger, danger!"

    "That's it. I'm retaking control."

    Sorah turned the YT-2000 again and realized that this wasn't just a wild assault, but it was targeted, aiming for her already damaged turret; if Sorah didn't do something, she was going to be completely defenseless. Something that wasn't going to happen on her watch!

    "Reroute non-critical torpedo missiles, let's put this little piece of shrakh in their place!"

    Sorah, not one to shy away from a challenge, blasted her now improved Torpedo missiles which, due to its new energized capacity, now left an after the trail that now looked like a beam and aimed for the energy bolt that was already coming for her, hoping to use her missiles to cancel out the attack that was already coming for her.

    But something was wrong; after she shot the missile, she realized that her enemy was sabotaging the damaged parts of her gun via the force, causing a negative feedback look where more parts of her ship were bursting in flames. "AI fix the repairs."

    "On it, ma'am."

    The AI started unleashing a coolant protocol to extinguish the fires using installed fire extinguishers and began closing up exposed wires. The leaked was sealed temporarily via superheating the holes, effectively cauterizing the ship's wounds, so to speak. The gun was still damaged, but at least it wasn't on fire.

    Sorah kept on her current path towards the soon-to-be colliding bits of energy, intending to use the explosion as a cover of sorts. Sorah knew that it would damage the ship, but she was hoping that her bold suicidal plan would catch the enemy off guard.

    Once the beams hit each other, the explosion rocked her ship, jostling it around but in that distraction and inside the cover of the fires, the assassin unleashed hails of regular blaster fire.

    " DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!" Sorah yelled in her cockpit, unaware of what damage had been caused but heavily focused on the ship regardless.

    (Representation of what the torpedoes would look like.)​

    Sorah wasn't sure of the damage to both her gun and ship, but she was too focused and too angry to stop now.

    "Bad idea," mocked Leonias as he noticed the torpedoes.

    Reaching out with the combined Force abilities of himself and his ship, he grabbed each one of the torpedoes and redirected their trajectory back towards the enemy freighter, which was coming right at him, and somehow in better shape than he would have expected after his last attack.

    "Doesn't matter," he thought.

    As the Dark Side Assassin launched her next attack, Leonias would have her own torpedoes to act as a shield. Very likely, she would end up taking a considerable amount of damage, either in the form of shrapnel from detonating them with her own blasters, direct hits from unobstructed missiles, or both.

    "You are outgunned and outmatched," Leonias projected to the mind his unknown foe through the Force, "Surrender now and avoid certain destruction. If necessary, I will use every tool at my disposal to annihilate your meddlesome self from the face of the Galaxy, be its military might or the full unrestricted power of the Force."

    "Typical Jedi arrogance," Sorah spouted back to the voice in her mind. "You think I'll surrender just because I'm at a disadvantage!"

    Sorah was still unsure who she was talking to, but their arrogance was making her angry, "We Dervishes were at a disadvantage when we were initially sent to attack the Jedi and look at the results."

    Sorah once again fired her blasters but was in complete shock as she saw that her torpedoes were launched right back at her. Such a move was quite unexpected, and with no time to maneuver, Sorah lept from the cockpit of the ship and sealed the door behind her.

    Explosions erupted all over the ship, a violent bursting of flames in which the ship's diagnostic AI would become overwhelmed and perish within the aftermath. The engine and all other extremities of the ship were now offline. The junk of a ship sat floating and was now dead within space. It would seem like everyone on board died a violent and painful death via immolation to the outside observer. However, the damage was strictly on the outside; however, Sorah managed to seal off the explosion and was now within the living quarters of the YT-2000, cursing her luck, trying to figure out what to do next.

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    Above Korriban

    Enough was enough.

    They had tracked the Pulsar Skate from one end of the galaxy to the other.

    They were growing frustrated.

    Their original programming; the orders to slaughter all sentients - they understood it now.

    But the GEMINI mind would not resort to that.

    Not yet.

    But they would end it now.

    Once the Controller was destroyed, they could return to the Unknowns, to their slumber, to their peace, to the Realm of Droids, and these would be the Last.

    The lineage of the Outlander would be destroyed.

    And so, they brought everything they had.

    Thousands upon thousands of battleships suddenly decanted from hyperspace above Korriban.


    They detected Sorah and Leonias.

    They also detected the Pulsar Skate, going down into the Valley of the Dark Lords.

    They began to fire.

    A cloud of ships now surrounded Sorah and Leonias, and they were targeted equally - without prejudice.

    Shots designed to distract; shots designed to disable; shots designed for death.

    They would either be going down...

    ... or risking a hyperspace jump without a moment's calculation.

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    Yet another combo
    IC: Leonias Colcha and Sorah Nordany

    Leonias winced as the strange fleet came out of hyperspace, and made some evasive maneuvers as he narrowly avoided the volleys of weapons fire spitting molten death towards him. Him, as well as the disabled freighter, however, which he noticed as it was getting peppered with weapons fire, the defenseless hulk of the ship not looking like it can take much more.

    A sudden tinge of guilt poured over Leonias, and he sighed.

    "It is not our way to let the defenseless die when we have the power to save them," he recited to himself as he twisted hard on his yoke, turning the small fighter around, "Even if they are defenseless by our own actions".

    He reached out with the Force, mustering up the last of the energy left in his reserves, and as he guided his ship towards a mad dash towards the Korriban's surface, he grabbed hold of the disabled freighter, dragging it along for the ride.

    Sorah remained isolated within the ship's living quarters, slumped against a wall cursing her luck; there was no way out; isolated within space, her ship was useless and dead, something that she might end up being soon.

    Sorah could feel that something was off, a hostile presence. She wasn't sure who they were, but all she knew was that at this moment, at this time, Sorah was dead.

    "Not like this; I can't go out like this."

    However, Sorah felt the ship jerk and move. It was a miracle; searching through the force, Sorah felt that this perpetrator was her enemy, but currently, they were now her savior.

    "Why are you helping me? I don't want help from a Jedi; I'd rather die!"

    Sorah was telepathically speaking to this person; she needed an answer, she refused to suffer the humiliation of mercy at a Jedi's hand.

    Straining as he maneuvered both ships to narrowly avoid another barrage of weapons fire, Leonias gave a telepathic reply.

    "Well considering I'm not a Jedi, I guess you'll live then, won't you?"

    "You're...not a Jedi?"

    The revelation stopped Sorah in her tracks, and she considered the figure's words.

    "What are you, and why are you helping them? You, of all people, should understand their arrogance in thinking the force is a monopoly they should uphold."

    Sorah was, of course, referencing the Jedi's ruthless campaign and extermination of her people, the Seyugi Dervishes, many ages ago.

    Leonias sighed as the two ships began to break through the atmosphere of Korriban. This is going to be a long next few days, that's for sure. The relative lack of presence of enemy ships in the outer atmospheric layer, at least at this current moment, allowed Leonias to be a bit more lengthy with his telepathic reply.

    "I am Leonias Colcha, Supreme Sun Guardian of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. You are correct in assuming that I realize the arrogance of the Jedi. I do not agree with their doctrine or their views, but like you said, the Force is not a monopoly to be upheld. The Sun Guard are sworn to defend the equilibrium, and keep the galaxy in balance. When they first attempted to wipe out the Jedi, the First Order threatened that balance to the point that their continued existence could not be allowed. If any Jedi have survived from the purge committed by Kylo Ren and his knights, they must be allowed to survive, in order to help unwrite those wrongs. For the equilibrium to be preserved, all people must be allowed to flourish, but not conquer."

    As the two ships continued to break through the outer atmospheric layer, they glowed red, and the Sorah's unshielded freighter began to tear apart, as hull paneling sheared and ripped away. Leonias' brow furrowed as he strained under the stress of trying to keep everything together as they broke through.

    Sorah contemplated these words; Leonias Colcha struck her as an honest and knowledgable man; she felt comforted by someone who understood the flaws of the Jedi in all of their open hypocrisy. But she had one final question for him.

    "You say all people must be allowed to flourish, but does that include people like me who have killed many people. Some were deserving, and others were not.."

    Leonias' brow furrowed further, his eyes wincing and his teeth gritted as he struggled to hold everything together as they continued to break through the atmosphere.

    "Not all killers are malicious. Some are misguided, others simply defending themselves, while some might have noble goals that require violent means. As long as ones' goals are not to conquer or usurp control over others, the Sun Guard will be their defenders."

    As he said that, the two ships broke free of the atmospheric barrier. Leonias sighed with relief as they did, as he was now able to ease off of the telekinetic grip on Sorah's freighter, and instead letting gravity do most of the work, using the Force to slow its fall down to match the speed of his own fighter's descent - a brisk 1,700 kilometers per hour.

    As he switched techniques, the mangled freighter would initially start to plummet at an incredible speed, jostling and hurling around anything inside that wasn't tied down, but then slowly easing down to a speed that while fast, beyond the TIE Defender's top speed even, was still much more tolerable.

    Sorah was utterly taken aback by the Sun Guard's words. He was everything that Sorah didn't know that she valued.

    Blunt but fair.
    Heroic but not naive.

    Sorah pondered on this for a good minute but was abruptly rattled by the incredible speed of sudden turns and velocities.

    Sorah was thrown around the pod for a bit but eventually managed to hold on to a bolted-down table before crudely landing on the ship floor.

    Sorah stood up, noticing that the speed was still jarring but now at a more...manageable pace.

    "What do you need me to do?"

    "Just hang on for now, it's gonna be a rough landing. Find something secure that you can hold onto and don't let go until we've landed."

    The two ships continued to descend, until eventually they were less than a hundred meters off the ground and Leonias finally lost the strength to keep holding on. As he briefly passed out from exertion, Sorah's freighter began to fall a survivable but sheer distance remaining and Beacon took over landing duties in Leonias' stead.

    Jolted awake through the meld by Beacon, Leonias shook and shuddered as he looked around him to see what had happened.

    "We landed," answered the fighter's Force Sensitive AI, sensing Leonias' thoughts and intent and giving a prompt reply, "Please do be more careful next time, master."

    Leonias groaned groggily as he slowly crawled out of the cockpit and made his way over to the wreckage that he was admittedly mostly responsible for, and began searching for Sorah's presence. Hopefully he didn't drop her to her death.

    Sorah held on for dear life as her immolated and defenseless ship made a gigantic freefall onto the surface of the planet after Leonias passed out from the sheer exertion of the task of keeping them both alive. Sorah hardened herself with a force barrier, but even then, the impact was rough.

    As Sorah's grip slipped off of the bolted-down table, she flew into the air, but as the ship crashed down, she fell onto the floor; the impact was hard enough to leave her breathless and wheezing for a good minute until with one final and desperate gasp-

    Sorah managed to finally breathe again, who got up and kicked her ship's fried door down, limping her way to the outside. It was hard, but Sorah survived again; she always survives, even if it meant she was the last of her kind.

    Approaching the wrecked freighter, Leonias noticed where they were. Within earshot of the collapsed Tomb of Marka Ragnos. Which reminded him of the last time he was here. During the event said Tomb was actually collapsed in, when the then teenage Leonias and his father were assisting the Jedi deal with some Imperial Remnant assisted Sith Cultists.

    Then he saw Sorah come out of the freighter.

    "You must be..." Leonias started, trailing off as his mind wandered, "Hm. You never told me your name, actually."

    Leonias shrugged. "No matter, you can tell me later. Right now I need your help getting ourselves out of this mess."

    Leonias pointed to his fighter, which looked a lot easier to see, with its reflec coated agrinium hull plating reflecting the bright rays of Korriban's sun like a mirror.

    "My fighter is equipped with communications equipment that is capable of making long range broadcasts to any listening Sun Guard. However, this far out of Sun Guard space, outside of the range of any Sun Guard comm relay stations, the transmission won't reach anyone."

    He then pointed behind Sorah.

    "I'm gonna need to put together a repeater, which should hopefully let us get out a transmission with enough bandwidth to reach a friend."

    "Your ship should have the necessary salvage I need to put it together - that dish up on the top. See if you can get it loose, and then salvage any wire bundles you can find. Doesn't matter what purpose they originally served or how many pieces they're in."

    Sorah held up a hand at Leonias; she respected this man's beliefs and his decision to save her, but that didn't mean that she would be ordered around like a minion so easily, or maybe Leonias was a take-charge kind of guy.

    "Look, I'm thankful that you decided not to kill me and all, but I'm not some minion you can order around so easily. But I'm only going to listen because I have literally no other option. I still don't know you."

    Sorah paused, taking in the sights of Korriban; it was glorious; the feeling of darkness was a familial comfort to Sorah; she embraced the darkness, but there was something offputting about it, even to her. Sorah climbed on top of the ship and looked at the dish that Leonias pointed to, and... it was really not in any good shape at all.

    Sorah shrugged, disassembled the destroyed dish, and used force to deliver all of its broken pieces to Leonias.

    Glancing up at Sorah as he began to work on piecing together a signal repeater from the gathered salvage using a fusion cutter retrieved from one of his belt pockets, he replied to her abrasive, but not unexpected retort with an unnerving calmness.

    "Don't think of it as giving orders. Think of it as a trade. You help me out just a little right here, and we might stand a better chance of fighting our way out of here. You do like living, do you not? Cause I haven't saved you yet. We're still not yet out of this mess."

    Sorah huffed at this, she was peeved at their current situation, but it made sense. In truth, Sorah couldn't stand the fact that her opinion of someone that had defeated her drastically changed... she was beginning to respect Leonias, but she hated herself for it right now.

    "Fine, the sooner we get out of this situation, the sooner we can part ways."

    Sorah paused for a bit, unsure of what to do, and she hated that; she hated feeling helpless, and she hated being rescued; for as long as she's been alive, she's always relied on herself. This feeling was causing Sorah a mix of self-loathing, confusion, and hatred.

    "So...what now?

    Leonias chuckled quietly to himself at her attempts to seem indifferent. Her words said one thing, but Leonias was a gifted empath and had a knack for reading people even when not using the Force to do so, and he could tell that there was conflict within her. A thread to tug at if it became necessary, the Sun Guard supposed.

    "Keep an eye out for any incoming hostiles. There's a good chance that whatever was up there will follow us down here. You're at a good vantage point to serve as a lookout where you're at so you might as well... enjoy the view."

    "MIgHt aS wEll eNjoy tHe vIEw."

    Sorah mocked Leonias as she sat down on the charred remains of her ship and looked at the sky; whatever those things were, they better come quickly; Sorah was getting restless.

    She grabbed her lightsaber and ignited it; its pink hue covered the robotically enhanced side of her face, and there she sat, thinking about her options.


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    A brief and enjoyable combo with, @Sinrebirth & @TheSilentInfluence

    Ashban, Eleanor & Saba

    Battle above Korriban

    Ashban gaped at his hands in utter disbelief as the ship shook under enemy fire.

    Had the force abandoned him just then? Was he losing his connection? Was he growing weaker? or had the other sabotaged his efforts just to inflict anguish upon him while remaining suppressed?

    Ashban found not answers, only that his efforts to deflect the enemy’s attack had failed completely and if it were not for the Force Mighty Sun Guard….

    “I….am I…useless….??” he barely whispered.

    The darkside snarling from the planet bellow threatened to his resolve and caused the other to stir.

    “No….I made a promised….I made a promise….” Ashban bit down on his lower lip, staving off encroaching feelings of anguish.

    He had not heard Saba growl as he was too focused on his own apparent deficiency, to the point that it was child’s play for the Jedi Master to entwine him without any resistance, for he had not expected it or had been prepared for it.

    “Meld. Now.”

    Ashban felt the force flow powerfully, the lightside of the force, and he did not resist it. It bolstered him in fact, and so, he bolstered it in return.

    He could feel it. Their efforts to hold the Pulsar Skate together. Should they fail ion that task…..

    Instantly Ashban poured more of himself into the effort, and suddenly….

    They were floating above a black abyss. There were no stars. No points of light to guide them through the dark.

    Save for each other.

    Ashban closed his eyes and did what he always did to realign his center.

    There is no emotion, there is peace.

    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

    There is no passion, there is serenity.

    There is no chaos, there is harmony.

    There is no death, there is the Force.

    Eleanor felt strange at the words, almost lightless; as things started to change. Melding with Ashban was not how she wanted things to go; but she didn't really have a choice. She reached out to the force and tried to relax. Tried to focus.

    Well, there's a first time for everything.

    She startled when she realised she was floating in a black abyss with Ashban and looked at him with cautious curiosity. "What is this place?"


    Was the answer.

    "Then you would do well to safeguard your light." Ashban advised, having managed to somehow either hear or intuit the answer to Eleanor's question, though being in a mind meld quite likely facilitated things. Though he did not speak of it, he felt compelled to move closer to the 'light', lest what was left of his 'true self' was lost forever.

    "Master Saba..." the former jedi heard himself say, but not with spoken words.

    "How will this help us? What do you sense?" The blind man inquired, even as he stretched out with his own Force senses.

    Saba hissed. “Korriban iz powerful in the dark zide of the Forze. It will tempt uz. Mazter Jaina Solo came here and zhe did not come back. I fear for her, and we are here now.”

    The meld, beyond them, cradled the Skate. This was not the rough landing at Exocron, though it was not ideal. They would land, and they would be safe.

    Apart from the dark side death planet.

    Then a presence, unmistakably female, touched the meld.

    You should not have come.

    The calm place between them all became a storming torrent of chaos.

    Jaina didn't come back? Eleanor thought quietly. She frowned a little, and shuddered at the cold feeling that swept through her. It's tainted. Unlike anything I've felt ir seen.

    "Stop! What's happening?" Eleanor shouted back.

    Ashban did not fear the darkside of the Force. He simply didn't wish for it to be in control.

    "Who are you!?" He demanded of the female presence.

    I am the Scourge of the Sith. All who step on this world will be tainted by the Darkness. Nobody may leave, I am ending the Sith. No more Emperors, no more Dark Lords, no more Knights of Ruin. All of you will die.

    She severed the connection and the meld shattered -

    About the time the Skate hit the surface, but -

    It had found a incline to slide into, a lengthy sandy dune to ease itself to the surface even more than the meld had -

    The natural formation had an opposing angle and the Skate stopped at the bottom.


    It was a Valley.

    Along each side of it were broken down stone structures.

    Oh yes.


    They’d landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords of the Sith.

    Whistler cried out as a lightsaber began to hack through the airlock.

    He showed the feed; inside, as the outside cams had been burned away when crashing again Exocron.

    It was a dark dark purple blade.

    Saba hissed. “Open the cockpit zeal, leap that way. You need to run.”

    Whistler began cutting into the cockpit door, which he’d shut against vacuum. He called to Ashban and Eleanor to help him with their lightsabers -

    Saba ignited her blue blade.

    “You can’t ztand againzt Jaina.”

    Eleanor hardly had time to think about the fact that they had landed in a Sith graveyard before a purple blade started to carve through the door of the Pulsar Skate.

    She turned to help Whistler as Saba spoke, using her lightsaber to break out; but felt chills when she mentioned Jaina. She's a sith too?

    'I will try to hold her off if she gets through!'

    Ashban would have yelled his intention, but quickly shut his mouth as he ignited his own lightsaber. He felt 'the other' stir at the sight of the purple lightsaber. He immediately understood that he would be useless against Jaina, because of who she was and his past vows.

    He would be weak and easily turned, of that he had little doubt. That's why Master Jedi Saba was a far better choice to face against Dark Jaina than he could ever be. He was best suited to protect Eleanor at the time, as much as it pained him not to be of better use.

    Without another moments hesitation, Ashban plunged his orange lightsaber opposite from where Eleanor and Whistler worked to unseal the cockpit. This was a task requiring speed and surgical precision, for they would only have one chance, and one chance alone to get it right.

    The door to the cockpit gave way - they were free to escape out the hole of the cockpit.

    The purple blade was nearly through.

    Saba looked back at them.

    "May the Forze be with you both."

    With a nod, she turned back -

    As the hatch blew in, and an angry blaze of purple strikes carved a basket of death.


    She lifted a hand and shoved them out the cockpit!

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Jaina Solo
    Korriban, Valley of the Dark Lords

    As Eleanor and Ashban were pushed free of the Pulsar Skate, the Eternal Fleet tried to locate the fallen ship, and that of Sorah and Leonias.

    However, Saba had pushed them at differing angles and while Eleanor tumbled off the sand-dune one way, Ashban fell the other, and would crash through the front-entrance of a broken down tomb. The angry clash of blades above them told each one important thing; it is not safe to be alone on Korriban.

    Saba looked at the dervish that had been Jaina Solo.

    She was incredible, and had, as the Sword of the Jedi, slain a wide variety of incredible enemies - Tsavong Lah, Darth Caedus, many Tribe Sith among them.

    The Barabel Jedi Master could not keep up with her.

    If something did not change, she was going to do.

    "Mazter Zolo! Pleaze! Ztop! I know you left to hunt Zith, but I am not one!"

    Jaina's eyes, yellow, her skin pale, her lips cracked, her Jedi robes blackened...

    She looked like she had completely lose her way.

    Saba locked her blade in place, and Jaina loomed over her, overwhelming even Barabel strength.

    ”All Jedi can become Sith; and so are by definition all Sith."

    She leaned into the lock, pushing Saba inexorably back.

    "All Sith must die."


    Sorah would see it first; a series of shuttle trailing down to approach the Valley of the Dark Lords to the right of their location, for they had came to the ground outside the front of a broken down cloister, isolated and seemingly abandoned.

    A dozen Eternal cruisers were behind them, for they were only a few hundred meters long and could take an atmospheric deployment.

    The shuttles would birth droid Skytroopers, and even some modern looking walkers that were in-fact positively ancient.

    In short order an army would be marching into the Valley.

    But what soared above Sorah and Leonias was a broken down freighter trailing fumes.

    It rushed almost unerringly towards a sandy plain, where sensors would confirm the Skate probably landed.

    Indeed, aboard it was a Sith.

    The dark side whispered that to Sorah and Leonias.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith.

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    The front of the tomb collapsed behind Ashban as he tumbled inside.

    But it was not silent.

    The dark whispered.

    Not about him, perhaps, but it impacted him potentially anyway.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith.

    A memory antagonised him.

    A Togruta on the floor.

    She was dead.

    He had, he was certain, somehow, killed her.

    It was if he had partaken in another story before now.


    Was he not just Ashban?

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    Sands of the Valley of the Jedi

    Korriban's sand was hot.

    Very hot.

    And yet, the world was cold.

    Terribly, monstrously cold.

    It would tug at her heart, and soul, and bones.

    For a moment, there stood someone besides her.

    It was a man.

    It was Jacen - Ben's big brother.

    His dead brother.

    He's coming for you.

    A Sith.

    The spirits of the world replied.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith.

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Hilltop, Korriban

    As the battle droid army of unknown variety came within view, Leonias clicked his tongue at Sorah.

    "Well, looks like you're getting that action you crave," he said with a shake of his head, "But something tells me that you didn't quite have that much in mind..."

    Leonias also noticed the Skate making its crash landing into the Valley of the Dark Lords as did he even notice the unmistakably Sith presence onboard said ship, but Leonias was resolute, and he had a job to do.

    "Ah well there's nothing I can do about it right now," he continued, heading back to his fighter, "I've got some friends to call first."

    He leapt into the cockpit of the small interceptor, the roof behind Sun Guard visor shaped window pulling back to allow him entry into the sleek vessel.

    Inside he got to work. He flipped some knobs, scrolled some wheels, toggled some switches and gestured on some panels and eventually he was creating the distress call, the orator once again.

    "Attention any and all Sun Guard who can hear this message. This is your Supreme Sun Guardian speaking. As of now, I am trapped on Korriban by an unknown force of great number, appearing to have forces composed of battle droids of an unknown design. Any rescue attempts will be appreciated, but not at the cost of my current mission, of which you will be briefed upon your arrival."

    Sighing lightly, he put the headset away and sat back, slipping into a meditative trance while he waited for a reply.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    Combo with our GM @Sinrebirth

    Eleanor felt the burning sand before the cold unwavering darkness hit her. She let out a slow breath as she looked around, shaking her head to refocus when her gaze landed on someone she never thought she would ever see again.


    "What...what are you doing here?" Eleanor tended, guard up. He's suppose to be dead.

    Jacen looked at her.

    “My sister needs help, and you’re here with a cosmic destiny problem. I’d rather you not ensnare her.”

    He pointed back the way she came.

    “A Sith Lord is stalking you, after all.”

    Eleanor shook her head, confused. "Why would I want to hurt Jaina?" She asked and then paused. "You want me to help her right?"

    She gave him a startled look at the mention of a Sith Lord stalking her. "Korriban is full of Sith and I've escaped more times then I cam count from the dark side. How do you expect me to fix this Jacen?"

    “She needs help, yes…” Jacen looked concerned. “After Ben fell… she broke. She convinced herself that she had to kill him too.” He looked troubled. “But now she’s lost herself to her mission; to stop the Sith. She needs the Sith. To find them, to kill them.”

    Jacen shook his head. “I’ve tried to keep her here. I think if she kills Ben, she’ll lose herself to the dark side forever.”

    “That Chagrian who is chasing you - for your DNA of whatever it is,” Jacen rolled his eyes somewhat. “You need to stop him - show his corpse to my sister and convince her that’s the last Sith. Or she’ll never regain her sense of self.”

    Jacen looked off into the distance. “If there had been Sith here, I would have led her to them years ago.”

    Eleanor swallowed hard. "I understand. You really think she'll listen; just like that?" I feel horrible. Even if I do kill him and show Jaina, what does that make me?

    She looked at Jacen, curious about why he was helping her. "Why are you trusting me to do this. We didn't talk an awful lot before."

    A shrug. “You made Ben happy. He always felt the outcast of the family - the Shadow Child, he used to say. The fame of Jaina and I, the death of Anakin - it isolated him. Uncle Luke tried after the Yuuzhan Vong War, he put the effort in, but Ben had already begun to trust Snoke… and even believed he could speak to Vader’s voice.”

    “After Aunt Mara died, and me too? He was completely lost to Snoke’s influence.” Jacen sounded sad. “But I always thought of you as a member of the family. I just didn’t want Ben to be caught up in my mess.”

    His expression became a grin and a grimace. “So I went after my cousin.” He was referencing Ben Skywalker instead.

    A shrug.

    “You’ll need your crew - the non-Jedi,” he sniffed. “Three against one might work. Darth Wyyrlok is a powerful opponent, after all.”

    Eleanor felt a pang of regret. He loved me. Did Jacen know that too? She thought. I had to separate myself from him. What would have become of me if I hadn't?

    "Thank you." Eleanor told Jacen. "But I'm not innocent in his downfall either." She tried to smile at him. "I thought of all of you as family too. You birth name before I took Eleanor was Leia. My parents named me after your mother."

    "If you think we stand a chance, then I'll get a crew together and go after the Sith." Eleanor felt nervous. "Will you be around when we fight too?"

    Jacen turned to face the way he had indicated. “I shall stall the Sith Lord.”

    He hesitated. “I remember when you were Leia. But I prefer Eleanor - it’s your name. Not an inherited one, or borrowed words.”

    The spirit looked grim. “I wish that Ben had managed to find his own name without taking a Sith one.”

    Eleanor glanced behind him and then met his gaze. "I know. I've come along way since then." She swallowed hard. "Maybe one day he will." Eleanor let out a slow breath. "Be careful Jacen."

    “One day,” Jacen said, glumly. He turned, the blue Force ghost-ness of it making him almost appear two dimensional. “But not today. He’ll be coming here soon. With his fleet. We all need to be gone before then - the Eternal Fleet as well.”

    He stepped forward, heading towards the Chagrian. A Force beacon lit between her and the others - Leonias and his ward. “Hurry.”

    Eleanor nodded, determined. I will Jacen. And then, "May the force be with you." Eleanor started to make her way towards the beacons through the force-

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Man of Ash

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith

    The blind man rose after his rough tumble into the darkened tomb, dusting himself off as he did so. Behind him, the tomb entrance had collapsed, but he gave it no further consideration. That entrance had been sealed shut. His only option was to move forward.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith


    As a blind man that he was, it didn’t matter that there was no light source within the tomb, for his means of seeing were of a supernatural nature.

    However, the absence of light he felt, was not the kind one used in the conventional sense.

    Thus he did shudder, albeit involuntarily.

    The whispers. He ignored them. Or at least that’s what he told himself.

    But the whispers persisted and darkness encroached.

    A memory began to play out before him, like a holo drama. Ashban found himself gazing at the display, enthralled by the sight of a Togruta who lay on the floor. Dead.

    His feelings on the matter were accute and unmistakable. He felt guilt. Shame. Remorse. Why did he think he had killed her…when he had no recollection of the incident.

    There was movement to his left; Ashban only half turned.

    “I don’t remember….this?” he said heavily, a burdensome sorrow scraped at the edge of his words.

    “Are you accusing me?”

    Ashmet moved closer to the dead creature, his lips turned up in a smirk of amusement. His raven hair spilled over his shoulders as he hunched down, disappearing like tendrils of black smoke as they mixed with his ebony robes. The red blindfold upon his face glowed softly for a brief moment.

    “Hmmmm. It’s fuzzy.” Ashmet concluded with a chuckle. “But ….”

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith

    The dark one rose slowly and looked about, taking in the surroundings.

    “I like what you’ve done with the interior decor. Very….becoming.”

    The grin that followed said it all, more accurately than any amount of words could. In here, Ashmet could feel it clearly. Though it was occurring ever so slowly, it was only a matter of time now. In here, in the contest between the two, he would certainly win.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith

    “I don’t even know her name.” Ashban lamented.

    “None of that matters now….”

    Ashmet looked down at his lesser half and felt no pity at all.

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    Oct 24, 2020
    IC: Sorah Nordany


    Sorah stated as she leaped from her sitting on top of her broken ship; however, Leonias made a sarcastic remark that Sorah rolled her eyes.

    "Come on, lighten up a bit-"

    But before Sorah could finish her train of thought could feel the darkness permeate through the air; it was coming from the falling ship; there was a Sith aboard, and the presence of which made Sorah's blood run cold.

    Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith, Sith.

    The whispers echoed in her ear; it buzzed on and on and on...

    Sorah became serious, deadly serious, but she retreated to Leonias's position; he was radioing for someone.

    This whole situation was a mess; Sorah could feel herself reacting out of fear for a moment before she regained control.

    She refused to act out of fear; she refused to show weakness.

    "So, are you almost done or what?! Because I'm going to investigate, there's a Sith here, and all Sith are nothing but liars and killers."

    Sorah spoke to Leonias in an abrasive tone, but she was talking from experience.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Wyyrlok
    Valley of the Dark Lords

    Of course it would come back to this place.

    As the Eternal Fleet scrambled desperately to secure the genetic code they were completely beholden to, Darth Wyyrlok was taken back some two plus decades to when he had stood here and orchestrated the Battle of Korriban between the Disciples of Ragnos and the New Jedi Order.

    The Sith on-world had been fractured and broken and driven to destruction or into exile to haunts such as Ziost or Nyssa, and the One Sith - the vision of White Eyes until Lord Krayt joined the New Sith Order - took dominance. Yet here Wyyyrlok was, having pretended to lead the ‘Knights of Ren’ across the galaxy so as to not draw the attention of the Resistance and surviving New Jedi.

    Such facades would cease when the Sith Eternal emerged from Exegol. The One Sith would too, as an elite beneath the Emperor. There would be no need for proxies and Snoke’s and even the brat Kylo Ren.

    It would be over.

    Even if he had to bring with him the head of Eleanor Magnus, he would do so.

    Ships began to emerge from hyperspace in orbit and dive into the Eternal Fleet. They might be First Order, Resistance or something else entirely. It didn’t matter.

    He stepped out of the shadows of the cloister of XoXaan, igniting two lightsabers. He regarded the woman as she ran up the sand dune, and the two Force users who were by a pair of fallen ships.

    “Enough of this.”

    He simply stood there, his presence announced, his blade visible, his Sith tattoos gloriously on show.

    Let them know who he was and fear.

    The three of them would know the Sith Lord was present.

    In the shadows around them; ripples.

    The shade of Jacen Solo kept to himself; he had not stalled the Chagrian at all.

    The distance held violence; the clash between Jaina and Saba.

    The shadows of a broken caved in tomb that Wyyrlok passed; that contained Jin Long.

    But Jin was being pressed upon.

    Let go of your Darkness; it has name; it has Shape. Let it go and you will be free! Free at last!

    Darth Wyyrlok heard the beating of the dark side upon his own skin; but he was it’s vessel and it would give him what he sought.



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  11. Kev-Mas_Colcha

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Leonias Colcha, Sorah Nordany, Eleanor Magnus, Darth Wyyrlok
    Korriban, Valley of the Dark Lords

    Sorah felt the dark presence grow evermore in the force; it made her hair raise; she gripped her lightsaber tightly and bit her lip. Sorah was scared of the eternal darkness of the Sith. She was scared of their leaning towards absolute malice and destruction. But in the end, she puckered up and put on a false shield.

    A front.

    Sorah began walking towards the dark presence, following the broken ship's trial hate in the force.

    The Darkside is strong with this one.

    Sorah was in a trance; she was being seduced. She was allured by the power; the power drew her in so much that she didn't even say a word to Leonias, her captor and savior, a combination that shouldn't have been possible but there it was. This was Sorah Nordany, a Darksider who hated both the Jedi and the Sith. A Darksider who was coming to terms with her own weakness in the force. A Darksider briefly felt safe with her captor/ savior because, in a way, he was a beacon of hope for her. A future of not succumbing to the hypocrisy of the Jedi nor the absolute hatred and loneliness of the Sith.

    Leonias, still inside the cockpit of the Silver Beacon meditating and waiting for a reply to his distress call, was tuned out of the outside world.

    He was counting on Sorah, a Dark Side Force User he only just met after an initial hostile confrontation to fend off the hordes of battle droids that were surely coming their way. A rather foolhardy choice but given the circumstances he had no choice. Besides, he could have let her die when the fleet of warships ambushed them from hyperspace, but he didn't. Not only is that not the Sun Guard way, but something also told him that she'd be useful to him. So in a way this is just him testing a theory.

    The lights on the comm panel flashed. The distress call had been received by a remote host.

    The lights flickered a bit, and then held a steady glow. The remote host was listening to his message.

    The comm chime went off. He had a reply!

    "This is Thychani Commander Norin Durame receiving your message, Supreme Sun Guardian."

    The man in the hologram was an older cyborg human, wearing a Borg Construct Aj^6 around his head. He had a pair of gray braids dangling from the top of his skull, piercing green cybernetic eyes and a scraggly gray goatee. He was wearing the standard issue Sun Guard armor, albeit modified to fit around some of his bulkier cybernetics.

    "Norin! I'm surprised my message reached you so quickly."

    "I was actually doing some deep space reconnaissance and just so happened to be closer to the known Galaxy than normal. Either way I'll see you soon. Durame out."

    "Well Beacon," he said as the hologram disappeared, "I guess we got lucky. Keep the ship in sentry mode, and keep me apprised of any new developments you take notice of."

    "Understood." replied the ship's built in intelligence, taking the appearance of a silver hued Force Ghost of a Fosh Jedi woman in the holo emitter. As she finished, Leonias was already bounding out of the cockpit, running after Sorah, black saber pike in hand igniting it mid stride, its red blade screaming to life with a snap-hiss.

    Eleanor felt the dark presence grow with every step she took and tried not to let fear get the best of her. I can do this. She thought to herself. I just have to find the Sith and bring his head to Jaina. But I can't do this alone.

    Eleanor let out a slow breath, trying to calm her nerves because the dark side was making it hard to sense anything else and continued on-

    A bolt of lightning crashed into Eleanor’s chest and sent her tumbling to the floor in-front of Sorah even as the Chagrian lifted a hand and sought to send Leonias’ ship tumbling down the dune toward’s Sorah’s back -

    Wyyrlok was taking no prisoners today.

    Sorah's surprise was immediate as a woman tumbled before her. But before she could process the event, Leonias's ship began to tumble towards Sorah's back.

    Focusing on Self-preservation, Sorah channeled the force into her legs and dodged to the right, avoiding the ship but tumbling hard into the sand.

    Dazed by the impact of her jump, Sorah looked on in amazement and fear. The Sith was here.

    The Silver Beacon didn't tumble for long before the ship's shields and engines engaged, taking off instead of crashing into Sorah.

    As the ship lacked any biological organisms inside the cockpit, the maneuver it made to avoid the crash was one that would've been impossible for even Leonias to achieve. It made a sharp 90 degree tilt upwards as it took off, aiming headfirst into the air and just narrowly grazing Sorah, then tilting even further, so that the exhaust from the twin ion engines would spew a stream of heated ionized energy towards the Chagrian Sith Lord.

    Leonias took note of this immediately, and reached out with the Force to manipulate that energy into something far more potent and deadly, and sped it along its original trajectory - towards Wyrrlok at a much quicker pace than before.

    "Your time is at an end, Sith, but I will not ask for surrender. The only good Sith is a dead Sith."

    Wyyrlok reached deep into the miasma of Korriban and with an immensely powerful gesture swatted aside the Beacon, grinning maliciously.

    “And one who is neither Jedi or Sith is simply a waste of oxygen.” His hand cupped, and the throat of Leonias was seized in an indomitable grip.

    “I have never failed to serve the Sith Order, and I never will. The Lords of the Sith stand as my witness and strengthen my hand.”

    He ignored Eleanor and even Sorah while he sought to simply kill Leonias first.

    Above them all, the light show resolved into First Order Star Destroyers and Eternal Fleet battlecruisers, the latter nimbused in the raking lines of TIE fighters.

    Eleanor screamed as she was struck with lightning, and struggled to push herself to her feet afterwards. Get up. You have to get up.

    She was vaguely aware of Sorah and then of Leonias as Darth Wyyrlok as he tried to kill him. Eleanor grit her teeth and stood up. Stumbled for a minute and then drew on the force to help her as she threw her body into the Sith Lord,-

    What at first seemed to be Leonias Colcha crumpled into sand. A very convincing illusion, nonetheless, one so convincing that when one reached out to choke it with the Force as Wyrrlok he could feel a windpipe.

    He could feel a windpipe, because there was a windpipe.

    You see, a fair distance away, in a nearby small cave, Leonias was also feeding on the Sith homeworld's considerable dark side energies, but with one major difference: he was neutralizing the corrupting presence, by centering himself, focusing on his humility. How if he didn't play this right he could very well die. He knew Wyrrlok was stronger in the Force than he was. He knew that if he was too win, even while accompanied by two allies, he'd have to outsmart him.

    However, the Art of the Small did more than just mask, and in this case purge any traces of dark side or even light side alignment. A skillful user could use it to manipulate matter itself.

    So, with the raw Force energies of Korriban fueling him, Leonias, a gifted illusionist already, created a simulacrum of manipulated matter and Force fueled illusions, projected at a short distance away.

    And then he created another simulacrum, this time at a closer range. Behind Wyrrlok.

    "You know what I like about Korriban? It serves as a reminder to the Galaxy that the Sith can be killed, and they don't last long either."

    Wyyrlok grinned maliciously as Eleanor threw herself at him, his eyes flitting from her to the sudden movements of Leonias Colcha. He couldn't sense the latter, but he had to focus upon the Jedi before him. But the other, Sorah, she was a loose element he did not like. A flex of his hand and she would be hurled off to the side, tumbling deeper into the tombs and the Valley.

    His lightsaber blade came up to block Eleanor’s attack as he quickly flicked his hand to shoot a blaze of lightning at Leonias, and as he stepped into his defensive motion to use his height to try and lock Madelyn's blade, that free hand blurred to allow a wicked looking black spear of a blade to become visible as he snatched it and plunged it into right shoulder.

    It wasn't an ordinary spear you see, and while it would hurt like hell, it extended feelers and began to draw something from her - it was solidly lodged, but for her, the pain spread to her entire body, as if her very being was straining itself, contorting, unearthing -

    Wyyrlok wasn't paying attention; he wanted to see how his Force lightning had impacted Leonias -

    Sorah was thrown hard by Wyyrloks push which sent her tumbling through the sand. Eventually, Sorah, already dazed, hit her head upon a rock buried within the dune through sheer lousy luck.

    The blow knocked Sorah unconscious, the power and her weakness bubbling within her subconscious. As through this lucid state, Sorah knew that she was a perpetual loser. She kept losing; she lost her family at birth, her humanity through her training, her family through betrayal, her identity through defeat by Leonias, and finally, now her consciousness through weakness.

    Eleanor bit her lip to fight back a scream as Wyyrlok fought back, using something; some kind of feelers that latched onto her shoulder and spread pain across her entire body. It was worse than a lot of pain she had felt, and she fell to her knees as it started to consume her. Jacen. Why aren't you helping us?

    She tried to draw on the force as the question floated around in her mind. But it was hard, Eleanor wanted to fight back, she wanted to live-

    Wyyrrlok's lightning was simply absorbed by what appeared to be Leonias. In reality, he probably couldn't do that, but the Sith Lord didn't know that, and the situation allowed him to get further under the Chagrian's skin. Leonias was actually just taking advantage of the fact Wyyrlok attacked yet another simulacrum, and due to the fact that it was made of sand and perfectly grounded, it just fizzled out without Leonias needing to expend any effort on his part.

    What Leonias did expend effort on however, was a telepathic message to his allies, filled with intense emotions born from what little influence allowed to the Dark Side energies Leonias was feeding on, intended to rouse and motivate Eleanor and Sorah.

    "Stand up and fight! I cannot defeat him without you!"

    The lightning did kick up a lot of sand into the air though, concealing the simulacrum in a cloud of dust. As it settled, Leonias simply laughed at the Chagrian, taunting him with a boisterous tone to his voice, full of pomp and bombast.

    "How pathetic. I wonder how you shall be remembered when you die? Will you have a tomb here? I bet I know what it'll say: Darth Wyyrlok the Sycophant. Too weak to take power for himself. Defeated by a mere Mercenary."

    Wyyrlok ignored the man for a moment, reached down for the Rakatan dagger, and drew it out of Eleanor. He regarded it with some interest. “There. The genome that you hold is now mine. I don’t need you anymore, child.” A flick of his finger and a Force attack would smack into her forehead and send her tumbling back.

    The words of Leonias would draw Sorah and Eleanor from the edge of unconsciousness. Wyyrlok for his part simply focused on the only man standing. He had survived some quite brutal lightning strikes.

    “Not just a mercenary, clearly,” the Chagrian pulled back his teeth into a sneer. He attached his lightsaber to his belt with the second, produced another injector and vial. “But now, I shall kill the past.”

    He stabbed himself with both, filling himself with the eight genetic markers of the Outlander. Power rushed into Darth Wyyrlok; he now commanded the Eternal Fleet. The injector and dagger dropped to the ground, and he laughed and laughed and laughed.



    Whispers of the dark conscious of Sorah's mind began to flood with the same message.




    "Stand up and fight! I cannot defeat him without you!"


    Sorah realized that she might be a loser, but she was always a fighter. Sorah needed to find the will to rise. So Sorah gathered her resolve and wrapped it around herself, fighting unconsciousness until she was finally awake, staggering onto her feet.

    Eleanor pushed herself up, trying to fight through the pain because she knew she had to fight back, had to kill the Sith Lord so she could save Jaina for Jacen, and had to get these stupid feelers out. Eleanor let out a slow breath and called on the force, to get them out to fight back-

    LET ME GO!

    "Kill the past? Weren't you just reminiscing about it just moments ago?"

    Leonias chuckled lightly through the simulacrum of sand, continuing to mock the Sith Lord, "I guess that's just Sith hypocrisy at its finest though."

    The illusory image of Leonias held his black saber pike out towards the Chagrian, extending its crimson blade and brandishing it towards his foe.

    "Come and get me," he taunted, secretly alluding to the fact that he wasn't actually there.

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    Twisuns Engineering Serpentarius-class Electronics Warfare Vessel Nomad Son, Hyperspace

    The slender figure of Norin Durame sat reclined in the captain's chair of the vessel, data cable extended from his cybernetic brain to a data port on the top of the seat back.

    There was a viewscreen in front of him lit up with the image of another Sun Guard, an elderly woman, appearing to be in her late sixties, on the bridge of what appeared to be a Star Destroyer.

    "Twisuns Praetor Gossen," Norin droned, "I picked up a distress call from one of ours. The Supreme Sun Guardian."

    "What's the tactical situation?" she inquired.

    "He's trapped on Korriban by an unknown force of great numbers," Norin answered monotonously, "Ground forces appear to be battle droids of some kind."

    Norin paused for a moment, as if he was retrieving information from his cybernetic brain's databanks and due to several years of accumulated data, the retrieval time had a bit of a delay.

    "We are to arrange a rescue for him and any of his allies, however, not at the cost of his mission, which we will be briefed on when we arrive."


    "Yes. You and I. You are to bring the Crimson Dagger to Korriban immediately. Plot a hyperspace trajectory that allows you to make a more... immediate entrance."

    "It will be done, Thychani Commander."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Wyyrlok
    Battle of Korriban

    The Chagrian Sith Lord grinned, seeing the galaxy through so many eyes.


    The Eternal Fleet aligned, ready to command. It formed up, weapons ready, Skytroopers converging on their part of the planet.

    It was complete.

    The Sith Eternal Fleet was complete.

    The Final Order would commence.

    The Emperor would become the Eternal Emperor, and Wyyrlok would rule for him.

    They wouldn’t even need the armada of Xyston-class Star Destroyers that was nearing completion in the cavernous shipyards of Exegol. The ancient Sith facilities had been restored decades ago, building the ultimate contingency - the plan should the Empire fail, should the Dark Empire be defeated. The First Order? Nearly a disposable vanguard, Snoke merely a figurehead, as with the other mindless clones. The Eternal Fleet was mere opportunism, and now it was theirs.

    Darth Wyyrlok had turned over most of the galaxy collecting the bloodlines they needed. Raided the Jedi tombs of Chandrila, recovered the blood of the descendants of the Outlander, hunted down the Cadera-Shysa family tree… in a galaxy turned upside down, who would notice a handful of fake Knights of Ren?

    With a swirl of sand, Sorah was gone, and he eyed Eleanor as she was freed from the pain within her; the extraction process was complete after all.

    “I have no need for you now.”

    Whatever the ploy that Leonias had, the Sith knew he would defend the woman. Rushing her, his twin blades were ignited and he lunged for her -

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    Mar 5, 2006
    At the request of the Master of Games, I return to you now, in this hour of need.
    Above Korriban, Orbit

    Entering, and exiting, hyperspace produces a lot of energy. Scattering neutrinos, thermal, infrared, and in the case of the object itself. Kinetic. Most ships exit hyperspace with particle or ray shields. This protects them from the particulate matter that often fills space, which is surprisingly, not as empty a void as most assume. Ships that intend to drop into combat, often do so with their shields at least at minimum combat readiness. For the matter at hand however, something a bit more blunt was intended.

    Space-time screamed, it tore and ruptured as seven thousand two hundred meters of hull snapped between one reality and another. Then metal sheared, tore in its own right. Shields buckled as four hundred some odd meter ancient machines met with mass, and Echani shield technology. The Bellator class Star Battlecruiser Spirit of Eshan had exited hyperspace into the flank of the formation of the Eternal Fleet.

    Another flash. This time an Imperial-II. Another, a Gladiator. Dozens upon Dozens of vessels tore into reality, some slamming headlong into other Eternal, others simply falling in line with what seemed to be an intentional fleet formation. Within moments what had been a cohesive formation of ancient but vulnerable battle cruisers was bisected at a far flank by dozens of capital ships. And as the wreckage of the unfortunate Eternal Fleet vessels scattered away, an open broadcast could be heard.

    This, is Vice Admiral Malkurai, of the Confederation of the Six Sisters, and the Eshan Expeditionary Fleet. You are hereby ordered to surrender under the sovereign authority of the Council of the Six Sisters. Failure to do so will result in lethal application of force.” As the Admiral spoke, vessels within the battle line began to align weapons, some only a few dozen meters from their targets. “As a Representative of what remains of the Republic, we would ask you surrender without issue, but as Echani... we hope you resist. You have twenty seconds to comply.

    -- -- --

    Above Korriban, as above so below

    A massive pressure wave washed over the sand and dust covered surface of the Sith world. A kilometer long crimson spearhead erupted into normal space above the ongoing battle below. The hull and shields vibrated with energy as the dust of the world's atmosphere and the heat of sudden friction cascaded across the surface. Along its ventral surface shutters slid out of place, and weapons platforms lowered into position, as though ready to pepper the ground below with burning flame.

    But then, silence. The vessel seemed to hover in stillness, no weapons aimed, no thrusters maneuvered, no fighters launched. Simple stillness.

    Vincent Mikaru, heir to the Mikaru clan, and wayward Firedancer, last seen after the crash of the Pulsar Skate sat in his command chair. Electronics hummed around him as the cybernetic implants along his spine, those that allowed him to mimic the cognition hood of a Vong fighter, connected him directly to the Aphelion, his Throne-ship. Symbol of his right to rule his clan in the coming future.

    In his mind he felt everything. The battle above, the battle below. Through the ships sensors, and the Force he could sense Colcha, Wyyrlok, and Eleanor gripped in battle. It was through these means he had guided the ship through Hyperspace, here to this convergence of forces. “It’s time.” Behind him, Callista, his AI companion in an HRD body, and the Gemini Droid that had absconded with him all that time ago stood linked, hooked directly into the ships systems alongside him. “Activate D.O.M.I.N.I.O.N.”

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    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Supreme Sun Guardian Leonias Colcha, Thychani Commander Norin Durame, Twisuns Praetor Chanda Gossen
    Korriban, Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessel Nomad Son, Duellator-class Star Dreadnought Crimson Dagger

    Around the same time the Echani fleet leapt forth from hyperspace, so too did the Nomad Son. The Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessel possessed numerous stealth systems, and with them as well as the opportune chaos that enveloped the system, nobody seemed to notice the 30 meter long vessel, which had already begun to make its entry into the Sith homeworld's atmosphere.

    Nobody except Leonias Colcha, simply because he was looking for it. So, the Supreme Sun Guardian decided that it was time to end the charade he had played against the Sith Lord. His fleet was being picked apart in orbit, and a quick getaway, should the need arise, had been secured.

    So he emerged from the cave, in plain view of Wyyrlok and Eleanor, as he made one last sand sculpture.

    Right in between the Jedi and the Sith, a stone wall emerged from the sand.

    "Hide and seek is no fun when the person seeking is too dumb to find anything," Leonias jeered as he ignited both saber pikes and slammed them on the ground, creating a small sandstorm with the force of the blow.

    All the while, a 6 kilometer behemoth screamed forth from hyperspace, directly into a collision course with a trio of Resurgent-class Star Destroyers.

    This 6 kilometer behemoth was the Crimson Dagger, an oversized Sun Guard Duellator-class Star Destroyer, and the flagship of none other than Leonias Colcha. The name being a tribute to Leonias' father, Kev-Mas, who was known by that name inside the inner circle of the Galactic Empire. A name given to him out of fear, for all any traitorous Imperials would see of the Emperor's Hand before they were ruthlessly put down were his piercing red eyes of bleeding kyber, his menacing gaze like a pair of crimson daggers.

    As such, the ship named after him had to be equally menacing. While it did have the traditional agrinium hull plating that a smaller Duellator-class had, as necessary for the Heavy Dragonscale Shielding all ships of the class possessed, the Crimson Dagger had another hull on top of that made from havod, the crimson red mineral that the famed Crimson Command fleet were made from.

    The ship, clearly made to take a significant beating, leapt forth from hyperspace. All that the crew of those ill-fated First Order Star Destroyers could see before the impact was the Colcha family seal, emblazoned in white across the crimson havod hull plating of the larger warship.

    The larger warship, which barely even endured so much as a scratch from the collision.

    An open broadcast came from the Crimson Dagger, from which the voice of an older human female could be heard.

    "This is Twisuns Praetor Chanda Gossen of the Thyrsus Sun Guard. Unlike our Echani friends, we will not give you the courtesy of a surrender."

    There was a pause, followed by the activation of the oversized Duellator's gravity well generators and target scrambling systems, which scrambled all enemy targeting systems, forcing them to target the red Star Destroyer.

    "You know exactly what it is you're doing, and so do we. That is why we will give no quarter, and you will not escape with your lives this day."

    After the transmission played out, a few other things happened on the Crimson Dagger:

    - The 500 octuple barbette capital grade solar ionization cannons opened fire.
    - The 250 octuple barbette ion cannons opened fire.
    - The 500 heavy capital grade solar ionization cannon batteries opened fire.
    - The 1000 heavy capital grade solar ionization cannons opened fire.
    - The 1000 heavy rapid-fire gauss cannons opened fire.
    - The 500 heavy ion cannons opened fire.
    - The wing of Solar Dragon-class Interceptors launched and engaged enemy TIEs.
    - The wing of Spec-Ops Solar Dragon-class Interceptors launched and engaged enemy TIEs.
    - The wing of Petramar-class Assault Bombers launched and began bombing runs on enemy capital ships.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    Eleanor coughed hard as she was let go, the pain pulsing and then flowing through her. She staggered a little, and realised that it was too late, the extraction process was too late. She breathed heavily, and then realised she had to move.

    She rolled out of the way and onto her feet, activating her own lightsaber and raising it in a defensive position. "Is that the best you can do Sith? I've seen elders move quicker then that, and they didn't even have the force." Eleanor mocked, and then steadied herself with the force. The pain was fading now, and Eleanor was starting to feel stronger. A little confident. Unaware of the danger that lurked.

    "Please tell me that's not the best you can do."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Kylo Ren
    Battle of Korriban

    The First Order had indeed caught up with the Eternal Fleet.

    With the guidance of the Sith, Vergere, they had pinpointed the last location of a Jedi Master.

    Jaina Solo.

    His sister.

    Kylo Ren growled at the possibility that she had escaped for so long.

    But when he reached Korriban, he found that her essence was jagged, angry... dark.

    And the Supreme Leader of the First Order grew more frustrated.

    To be a Sith was his destiny.

    There were hundreds of Eternal Fleet cruisers in orbit, thousands, perhaps.

    He had brought much of his armada from Chandrila, commanded by another Mandator IV-class Super Star Destroyer, the Knife 7, and reinforced back up to thirty Resurgent-class Star Destroyers, fifteen Imperial II-class Star Destroyers from the Moffs, and hundreds of smaller ships from Strike-class cruisers, Maxima A-class heavy cruisers, Nebulon G-class frigates and Cutlass-class corvettes. TIE/FO and TIE/SF fighters spilled from the First Order ships; Starhunters and Defenders from the others. He himself was in his TIE Striker, another passed to him after his fight with Vincent at Chandrila.

    Kylo Ren had already reasoned that the Eternal Fleet had no starfighters, so the smaller ships would prove his greatest weapons...

    But he hadn't expected to encounter Echani and Thyrsus vessels...

    With a snarl, he snapped orders from his TIE Silencer.

    "Kill them all!"

    On the surface

    Wyyrlok didn't care to play any longer.

    A massive shockwave picked up Leonias and sent him tumbling away, shattering the sand-storm, and the wave-front slamming into Eleanor as well.

    The Chagrian was drawing upon the power of the Eternal Fleet, the presence invigorating him and Korriban fed him, fed him, fed him.

    He was all the Sith.

    The Sith were all of him.

    He re-ignited his lightsabers one more time.

    "Let us finish this."


    The Barabel Jedi Master defended a hundred slashes from Jaina Solo Fel, unable to temper her rage.

    She had lost herself.

    Concluded that the Jedi beget the Sith, and so all Jedi had to fall.

    Saba had to become a wall, and hold that line.

    There was a voice, a whisper that she knew as the voice of Jacen Solo.

    Play dead.

    The Barabel was surprised to hear advice from a dead Sith Lord.

    Feinting a blow that Jaina would advantage of, a lightsaber pierced Saba's gut and she folded over herself, dampening her sense in the Force and collapsing.

    Jaina released a massive exhalation.

    She'd done it.

    She'd killed the Jedi Master.

    She'd stopped Saba becoming a Sith.

    Her memory of the moment vanished, she would not recall 'slaying' Saba, all she would sense was the titanic darkness that was Darth Wyyrlok, his control of the Eternal Fleet, an armada of droid battlecruisers... and that her brother was here, in-system.

    Not just Ben... but Jacen's shade, somewhere...

    Watching, waiting... puppetting?

    On his way down

    Ignoring the battle above, which he left to Pryde aboard the Steadfast, Kylo Ren shot down to the surface.

    To pursue his sister.

    He sensed... Eleanor, and hesitated.

    He sensed...


    And frowned.

    Would he sense Anakin next?

    Would all of his past catch up with him today?

    In the tomb

    Memory became reality, and the Darkness bid Ashban remember.

    Remember that he was Jin Long.

    And that it was time to accept the Darkness and become.

    In orbit

    To describe the damage to the First Order fleet was difficult; the six kilometer behemoth raked a bloody toll on the enemy -

    To describe how DOMINION cut into the Eternal Throne, the connection between the armada and Wyyrlok, it was impossible to underestimate -

    Both forces hesitated, devastated by the damage enacted upon them -

    And then the thousands of TIEs plowed forward, and the Knife 7, with its little sister the Steadfast, elevated above the engagement as the Moff's ships rallied and surged towards the Echani forces -

    The big cannons began to charge, and a Resurgent moved between the 7 and the larger of the Thyrsus ships -

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    Combo with @Sinrebirth thank you for allowing me to play my favorite again.

    IC: Jaina Solo Fel


    Jaina swallowed back bile that had risen in the back of her throat. She felt trapped on a catwalk over a chasm, and falling into the chasm of darkness was very tempting.

    Maybe she was one foot there already? To stay alive Jaina had been drawing on the training she’d had with Goran Beviin, to go full berserker crazy with brute force. It was effective, even though she felt it was a hate filled style of fighting. Now, it was all she did. Hate, and fight till death.

    Every fight was all in.

    "Hello sister," it was his voice.


    He swam into existence, limned in red, as was becoming of a Sith spirit...

    "He's coming, are you ready?"

    “Get lost, Loser,” Jaina snapped, “you aren’t supposed to be here, or did you forget? I saved you.”

    Jaina sat down on a rock and stretched her legs out, “maybe you forgot about all that?” Her voice had a mocking edge to it, “I am the Sword of the kriffing Jedi, always here to serve and protect.”

    "And yet you've spent years here... chasing ghost," Jacen sneered.

    No, not Jacen.


    "Saved me, killed me - same difference."

    “I go where I’m needed,” Jaina shrugged and pulled some rubbish towards the rock she was sitting on. Small rocks, bones, and other scrap items.

    “It’s good of you to notice that I had to step up and solve problems, and more than once you were the problem.” This was a time when their twin bond would have been helpful, but that was severed years ago and would never be restored. She wasn’t entirely sure this was Jacen, and it would be like the Sith to use his likeness to get to her.

    Jaina stacked the items into effigies, she’d been building them around any place she’d rested. It was an effort to both taunt and disturb the Sith that haunted her.

    "Our brother is coming," Jacen said.

    "Are you ready to save him, too?" A chuckle.

    “You’re trying too hard to be funny,” Jaina rolled her eyes, “go away.” She tossed a rock at the shimmering figure.

    “I know Ben is here,” she sighed, “what are the chances I’d have two wanna be Sith for brothers?”

    "He's here for his Jedi partner; Eleanor. They were aboard the Venture together during the Vong War; she was with him at Shedu Maad. She's at the centre of all this. Her, and a Sith Lord named Darth Wyyrlok."

    Jacen looked a certain direction, through the tombs. "She and her friends came here to find you, to get help. But you needed help snapping out of it..."

    A wry smile. "The chances with our parents? Pretty high, I'd say."

    "Mom's still alive... not sure if you felt it from here, but Uncle Luke gave his life so the Resistance could escape."

    Jaina looked away from Jacen.

    “I don’t need your help,” Jaina sighed. She had no way of knowing if any of this was true, besides Wyyrlok. The Sith had been tracking her, but they hadn’t made a move…yet.

    Jaina had camped in various caves because they offered some protection from the elements, but Jacen showing up was making her feel claustrophobic, and his appearance was bothering her more than she wanted to let on. Towards the cave entrance she sat up a few more effigies and knelt in front of them as if in prayer.

    Jacen looked at her.

    "I'll go."

    His voice was sofer than not.

    "Good luck, Jaina. Be careful of Kylo Ren... he didn't fall to save anyone... he just fell."

    At that, he faded out of existence

    “Damn you,” Jaina said aloud. “Cowards! Do you really think using my dead sibling will help you?”

    She hiked a short distance and before she sat down again and pulled her knees up to her chest. Uncle Luke? That part she believed, and she was struggling not to react.

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    Light, Darkness and Ash
    To the Last

    Darkness surged mightily and crashed like a titanic fist upon him, finally sundering the last protective shell. The deafening cacophony of thunder roared all about, as the sleeper awoke to a nightmare. He’d fought the darkness he carried sealed inside himself for so very long, that he'd nearly forgotten that he still wrestled, still struggled against the implacable foe that resided within.

    Three distinct experiences were now playing out in his mind, vying for dominance in this moment.

    Ashban: The Jedi who had vowed to protect the fading Light of Hope, who had been tortured and blinded by agents of darkness, by those who sought to break his will.

    Ashmet: The blind personification of all things dark within Ashban. Anger, resentment, hatred, despair, cruelty, vengeance, fear. A split entity to vent that which would otherwise drive him to break the seal that kept the darkness from taking over the vessel once and for all.

    Jin Long: The blind monk who had become Ashban in a desperate bid to stave off a crippling defeat brought about by the relentless onslaught of darkness upon his soul. The monk had lost count of the many years of struggle, felt his body weaken with age, his indomitable will slowly erode, all while the darkness assailed him unabatedly, without a moment’s reprieve from a world of endless anguish.

    And now, the final hour had come.

    Darkness sought to finally break him, shatter his already split mind, to surrender his weakened body before it gave its last. But Jin Long refused, he would fight and cling to the Light, even if he forgot his own name, until the very end.

    Jin-Ashban convulsed upon the cave floor, his conductive tattoos glowed intensely, as several colors seemed to fade in and out intermittently. White, Grey, Yellow, Purple, Red and Black. No one color would take hold as he roared with such tremendous force, it caused the very cave to shake and reverberate in response.

    So long ago, the Light sought to contain the darkness for an indefinite time, but now, the darkness was ravenously seeking to extinguish all traces of light- but the monk would sooner perish by entombing himself, than allow darkness to escape.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    Eleanor felt herself get picked up, and then slammed into the ground hard. She groaned in pain, and rolled over. This battle is getting worse. I have to end this somehow.

    She coughed and rolled to her side, trying to get a read on the Sith, and then felt uncertain. Because she couldn't really believe who she was sensing.


    Eleanor flinched a little, because it couldn't be him unless he was here to kill her. Or, she thought. To find Jaina.

    She looked over at Darth Wyyrlok. She had to help Leonias finish him. Eleanor pushed herself to her feet, and reached for her lightsaber, taking a step forward and almost falling over-

    I have to keep going.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    IC: Jin Long
    Eye of the Storm

    Inside the cave, within the material world, the dying body convulsed as it was wracked by darkness. Power radiated from it, punishing its surroundings as the final struggle for dominion continued.

    Deep within himself, the monk found his center and he was at peace.

    All around him a field of white serenity overflowed as he inhabited a foci in the Force, even as he communed with the Light.

    There is only peace

    There is only serenity

    There is only harmony

    There is only the Force

    Jin Long had done his part. He’d fought the good fight and carried the torch as far as he could. There was nothing left for him to perform, for his course was now at an end.

    The Force would realize its Will as it always did, through agents, light , dark or otherwise. He could see this clearly now, after all these years.

    He now understood the wise sayings:

    The Light shines in Darkness and darkness comprehended it not.

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light.

    The answer: It was all there, all along.

    A soft smiled graced the monk’s features, as his 'blind eyes' remained closed.

    Indeed, he was at peace.

    And now, he could finally rest.

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    Dec 15, 2002
    Combo between @Kahn_Iceay and myself
    IC: Vice Admiral Malkurai, Twisuns Praetor Chanda Gossen

    Inferno (Unleash the Fire)

    Korriban, Orbit

    As the orders for combat were issued, declarations of intent by the Thyrsians, Echani, and First Order, Chaos erupted. The Eternal Fleet seemed immediately in disarray, something she attributed to the young Mikaru and his machinations. But for Malkurai all of that was secondary, she, her crew, her ship. They had a singular job. Dealing with the Knife 7 and any other planet killers that might appear.

    Echani intelligence when it came to these Mandators was more than enough information for the Echani to know what they were to expect. They were Tarkin Doctrine to the core. Eshan had been used as an Imperial ship building planet, its people treated better than most, but all the same. The Echani knew the inner workings of ships built for the doctrine.

    They were weapons of terror, not weapons of war.

    So the irony was not lost on the Admiral as her vessel moved up along the spacial plane, squaring itself up with the 7 and the Steadfast, despite the larger vessel of the two being somewhat larger than her Bellator, and the Resurgent being heavily armed even for its size. She more than out gunned them both. But she had no intention of brawling with the behemoths, well at least not one of them.

    Everything happened so fast. After what seemed to be the very moment she gave the order to attack, Chanda Gossen noticed a blur of events go by in the time that followed, up until this very moment.

    One might think that she’d be more tense in moments like this. Suddenly outgunned significantly thanks to the introduction of the massive First Order fleet.

    Nope. She was at ease. Grinning, even.

    The Crimson Dagger wasn’t meant to serve as a siege vessel to deliver victory through superior firepower.

    No. It was bait. Intended to draw in a large enemy force, to be trapped with the gravity well and eliminated by the reinforcements just moments away, coming from all corners of the galaxy.


    From various different trajectories, a massive Sun Guard armada surrounded all ships present and began moving in to engage various First Order and Eternal Fleet ships.

    25 Duellator-class star destroyers
    50 Strike-class medium cruisers
    175 Carrack-class light cruisers
    100 Wraith-class corvettes
    100 Serpentarius-class electronic warfare vessels
    100 Interdictor-class cruisers

    “You know what advantage our fleet has that none other in the Galaxy does?” mused Chanda over an open broadcast, “Positioning. We have the entire Galaxy surrounded, in places none outside our order have had the privilege of visiting, for any uninvited guest would be turned into space dust for merely just trying. When the Sun Guard wants you gone, you’ll be gone. Not because of sheer force of numbers or some ridiculous super weapon, but because of a lifetime and preparation and planning in order to do one thing really well: eliminate threats like you.”

    The Admiral glanced over at the tactical display as the sensor pings of dozens of other ships arriving took their fleet by surprise. The gods were merciful today as their IFFs lit up as friendly. She could focus on the task at hand. Various stations stood at the ready as she began barking orders. Division of personnel sprang into action, and the well oiled machine that was the Spirit of Eshan began to move.

    The massive Battlecruiser came into range of the 7 and the Steadfast and the obvious occurred. Weapon systems barked to life. Smaller anti-fighter emplacements throwing up a barrage of hate to keep fighters at bay. Medium and heavy turbolasers dividing their attention between the two capital ships. But the ships main batteries placed their focus on the 7 pounding away at it’s shields.

    But something else happened, the Bellator’s massive tractor beam projectors lashed out, grabbing hold of the Mandator and began pushing against it. Pitting propulsion engine against propulsion engine. The goal was clear however, the older but heavier Battlecruiser was trying to list the Dreadnought, pivot its main guns out of optimal firing position. And as the ships main guns pounded away at the dorsal shielding, the ventral part was slowly shifting into exposure to the Sun Guard fleet. The Admiral could only hope that the Sun Guard saw it, because broadcasting their intent would ruin them all.

    The Sun Guard saw it all right.

    Imperial Intelligence trained Chanda Gossen how to detect maneuvers like that. The Sun Guard trained her how to use them.

    "The Echani have created an opening in our opponent's defenses. All batteries, Duellators Hubris of Cronal and Inquisitor's Peril, open fire on that Dreadnought!"

    As the monstrosities of half a decade of war duked it out, other battles were taking place. Several wings of Echani TIE/De Defenders were swarming the battlefield as chaos reigned. They were, at current swarming the outer flank of First Order vessels, a single fighter however broke formation, veered close to the Sun Guard lines and pinged a fighter with a laser transmission. It listed off targets, listed in order. Each listing a subsystem. It was a request for focused fire from the remainder of the Sun Guard fleet.

    After the transmission was sent the fighter broke hard and returned to its formation, a flying claw formation bearing down on the port superstructure of the first listed Resurgent. The requested Sun Guard target was the ships engines, opposite the Echani assault. Their intention was clear, split the ships shielding coverage to weaken it in other places.

    Twisuns Praetor Chanda Gossen’s keen eye caught wind of the “dancing” fighters with her visual scanning from the viewport of the Crimson Dagger’s command bridge.

    “Well that’s clever," she smirked, referring to the fact that both Echani and the Sun Guard employ the Echani martial arts. The two cultures do have some differences in techniques, but when it comes to using them to communicate with the precognitive abilities a practitioner learns through mastery of the art, those differences are nothing more than what might be likened to a different dialect of the same language.

    “Very well then. All ships keep the main priority on current targets, but allocate a reasonable portion of all batteries to fire upon that listed Resurgent’s engines. But let's have half of our Wraiths and Serpentarii ghost too.”

    50 of the Wraith-class Corvettes and Serpentarius-class Electronics Warfare Vessels spread out throughout the system made use of their stealth systems, vanishing from all scopes, and began making hit and run sneak attacks on random small targets. Groups of Starfighters, various ships from the Eternal Fleet, small cruisers, frigates, corvettes, gunships and transports were all suitable targets for these spectres.

    Thus chaos erupted in orbit of one of the most tumultuous planets in Galactic history. But where the odds could have lay against the forces of hope versus tyranny, fate had granted a chance boon. For while separated by generations, cultural divergences, and even a mutual animosity, the two forces who rose up, to stand in defiance of a military disarmament, to refuse to clip their claws and file their teeth. Were born of the same star. Thus through this cosmic fluk, or will of the Force could they coordinate in a way no other group could, where the subtle sway of a wing, or shift of a fighter group's course could denote the path of battle.

    For this brief moment, after thousands of years of separation, the peoples of the Six Sisters were united in a single purpose, and that spelt ruin for their foes.


    • Strike-class medium cruisers and Carrack-class light cruisers in the Sun Guard fleet were captured from raids on the Imperial remnant in the years following the Battle of Endor and leading up to the expedition to Wild Space

    • Yes, if you're thinking of Sith cruisers from KOTOR at the mention of the Interdictor-class, you're exactly right. These ones were originally part of the fleet accompanying the Carbonite Sith Army led by Darth Moksha as he lay in wait in Wild Space for the perfect moment to invade, and then subsequently captured by the Sun Guard when Moksha's seemingly perfect plan was thrown awry by the Sun Guard's expansionary expedition to Wild Space. These vessels have since been refitted with recent Sun Guard technology and adorned with Sun Guard insignia.
    IC: Leonias Colcha
    Korriban, Valley of the Dark Lords

    That hurt. Both physically, and as a blow to Leonias' pride. It had seemed he had vastly underestimated the sheer magnitude of the power that Wyyrlok was drawing upon, and he paid the price for his hubris.

    Though, as he rose to his feet once more to face his challenger, it had seemed that hubris might soon belong to his foe. Looking up as he dusted himself off, he could not only see the crimson red silhouette of his own flagship, but hundreds more silhouettes jump into view all over the horizon. Then he felt the presence of several Force Using Sun Guard, their number scattered across various Sun Guard ships present in orbit.

    He re-ignited his saber pikes, and glared at the Sith Lord.

    "Do you know any other tricks?"

    He looked over to Eleanor, who was struggling to maintain her footing, and he reached out to her with the Force.

    "Meld with me and follow my lead."

    "Well?" Leonias asked with a grin. It was a fake smile, of course, because he was starting to get frustrated and getting knocked around like this repeatedly was starting to hurt, but if his opponent couldn't detect him with the Force, perhaps the Chagrian also couldn't read his emotional state either. It was worth a try, and if his deception worked it could be used to gain the upper hand, "Is that lightsaber just supposed to just sit there and look cool, or do you actually use weapons when you pull them out?"

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    IC: Kylo Ren

    He had brought the First Order fleet to Korriban to smash the Eternal Fleet, but had instead became embroiled in a violent engagement with the joint forces of the Echani and Thyrsians. The GEMINI droids were sluggish foes, and Kylo Ren suspected he had the Echani to thank for that, but the advantage gained there was offset by the vicious and inventive battlelines being drawn by the Imperial-esque ships that opposed him.

    The Resurgent-class was larger than all of them, but by no means superior, and the Mandator IV design was proving again and again to be fatally flawed, with the exposed reactor dome on the upper hull requiring more and more First Order starfighter cover. The heavy cruiser designs, the Maxima-class was a decent enough brawler, but not in comparison to these Duellator-class Star Destroyers, and that rounded out his fleet - it didn't have a great deal of utility outside of the battlecruisers at the heart of its formations. The Imperial II-class designs he had from the Moffs were hardly a competent force, and many of the Centrist worlds offered even older Imperial I-class ships and even pointless Victory-class vessels. He was sure he spied a Tector-class in the middle of the fray, one of four such ships built, and he was certain there was a Venator-class firing at First Order ships.

    Kylo Ren regarded the blazing eyes of Hux as he attempted to keep track of everything on the feed, the Finalizer in the thick of the fray. The reserve forces commanded by Pryde were keeping them in the engagement, but as another Mandator IV erupted into flame, Kylo Ren was considering this engagement to be expensive for the lack of assets he was gaining from it all.

    Matters were coming to a head, and to an end.

    And all he cared about was Eleanor.

    And his sister.

    And his brother.

    He could sense them all.

    The man opened a channel from his TIE Silencer.

    "Pryde Hux, I don't care which, talk down the commanders of the two flagships," he growled, and comms searched for Vincent and the Praetor or Vice Admiral.

    Allegiant-General Pryde wanted to parley, at his Supreme Leader's behest.

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    IC: Darth Wyyrlok I

    Korriban surface

    The Jedi were coming.

    He could sense it.

    His blades sung out, regarding Leonias and Eleanor, who had stubbornly proven difficult to kill.

    He had power, and all of it.

    The GEMINI droids would kill all of them - the Echani, the others, Kylo Ren and his First Order -

    If they just died.

    Darth Wyyrlok growled.

    It was time to finish this.

    And then he looked up the crest of the hill.

    Sitting there, hugging her legs as she rocked, was Jaina Solo Fel.

    He grew more vexed, more maddened.

    A tug in the Force, and the TIE Silencer of Ben Solo landed at the other end of the Valley, closer to the Cloister of XoXaan.

    Even moreso.

    In the middle of it all, Wyyrlok almost forgot about Eleanor and Leonias, giving them their moment to meld... and to strike.

    Through some terrible resonance between her and her bloodline, she felt the bleating pain of the GEMINI droids, all enslaved to the Chagrian before her. They were being tortured by the commands of the Eternal Throne, personified in Darth Wyyrlok. Vincent Mikaru in orbit would feel it to, but to a lesser extent, for Eleanor had been experimented upon to be closer to the bloodlines of the Outlander than he was naturally so.

    The Eternal Fleet droids were about to cut through the jamming that Vincent had mastered, and with their numbers, they would cut hard at the First Order, Echani and Sun Guard fleets.

    She didn't have much time.

    Kylo Ren looked at his sister, a whole valley away, and the Chagrian and Eleanor and the Sun Guard in the middle of the tombs.

    Kylo Ren and Jaina Solo were distant from the confrontation in the centre of the valley.

    Their confrontation would come after the one below.

    Either confrontation could change the fate of the galaxy.

    The Darkness grew deeper, and stronger, as the Chaos of Total War threatened to consume the entire galaxy...

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    IC: Jaina Solo-Fel


    Yes, look up here at the insane woman.

    She smiled.

    Jaina looked directly at Darth Wyyrlok as she slowly stood and gave a small wave. The kind she’d seen her Princess mother give to fans Jaina’s whole life, fingers together and a slow side to side.

    She turned and ducked into a crevice in the rocky canyon wall, it was a natural trail that would split the distance to where Wyyrlok had been standing. Jaina could see the opening in the rock ahead, so she paused and called her lightsaber to her hand. She knew her attack wouldn’t surprise the Sith, so she had to count on the unexpected method of attack to work in her favor.

    Crouching down, and taking a moment to clear her mind, Jaina took slow, deep breaths as she pushed aside thoughts of her family. Only thoughts of Jag gave her the strength to get on with what she needed to do. He was the one person who she knew she could always depend on.

    Suddenly without hesitation Jaina unleashed her fury to fuel her sprint and to launch herself out of the side of the canyon. Her violet blade came to life as she fell head first intending to deliver a vicious headbutt that Beviin would be proud of. It wasn’t about hate, it was simply having a target and eliminating it.

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    Vincent Mikaru
    Here and There

    DOMINION had been a long running project. It started as a stock program, a system that would automatically search out and connect to any and all available exchange systems upon entering a system. Established a firewalled connection to them all, aggregate their data, and present it to Vincent as a means of establishing what and who to invest in. But like many benign things, it took a turn towards the aggressive.

    As Vincent became more invested in Mikaru Security Solutions, taking hard to his role as the company's face and CEO he desired more data. Eventually the system was overhauled, whenever in range of a hypernet beacon or one of MSS’s own subspace relays it would establish a connection, aggregate the data, and transfer it to Vincent’s personal computers, or even his implants. Then came Callista.

    The AI was not simply inside an HRD, or a ship. She herself upon activation attached to the program and distributed herself across the entire MSS network. This was initially a cause for alarm, but that quickly diminished as she began taking over the means in which Vincent received the data. It was faster, more precise, more applicable. Every bit of information was sifted through, the unnecessary disposed of. Then came the idea.

    If Callista could distribute herself across MSS’ network, what about those of opposing forces? It started with a field test. A pirate band was raiding a shipping lane in the outer rim and MSS was paid to patrol it. The Pirate ships dropped out of Hyperspace onto a freighter, one equipped with high end transmitters. The AI flipped on her systems, flooding the non MSS communications with packets of information on mass. Data overloaded systems, viruses embedded inside were used to cause targeting errors. Ships fired on each other. It was mass chaos. It was also a failure. The ships fired indiscriminately, including on the friendly targets. While the system worked, it was unrefined.

    Here however, now, it was perfect. Friendly forces were more than able to take the hits, and there were other enemy forces to sow chaos with. But it was different. The hastily cobbled together connections with the Gemini unit let the system tap directly into the same control schema the Eternal Throne used. It was not as powerful, but it didn’t need to be. What it did need, was a biological connection. That was Vincent.

    Through the Gemini Droid Vincent learned he bore a genetic marker that would allow him to control the Eternal Throne. Then through it the fleet, but that throne was beyond his reach for the time he had. So Dominion was utilized, having been built into the Aphelion for its original purpose, stock trading. But Vincent needed to be directly connected to the system. And while there were safeties in place, and Callista acting as a buffer, it was still almost overwhelming.

    It felt like a bomb of static going off in his mind at first. Data and flashes. He could, from moment to moment, see the battle going on up in space. The chaos being rought by both the Echani Forces and the Sun Guard. He could feel the confused processes of the Eternal Fleet as it failed to recognize friend from foe. He heard not through his ears but his mind intercepted communications from Ren and Hux. His ship reacted in a physical manner to his disgust with Ren as the cruiser's dorsal weaponry momentarily targeted the man-child’s fighter, despite him being well out of range.

    But Ren was not the Echani’s primary concern. Here in this place where he was simultaneously one with the physical, the digital, and the ethereal, he felt a presence. Rage and boiling fury that made even Kylo Ren seem calm. The Sith Lord on the planet’s surface was the real threat. Vincent knew that. He could not fight him on the ground, but he could fight him all the same. So he focused, he pushed the static out of his mind, letting the AI’s do their part, through him.

    Instead he focused all his will towards the malice he felt on the surface. Pointing his will like a dagger and flinging it through the Force towards Wyyrlock. He didn’t need to win. He didn’t need to even truly fight. He could play cat and mouse with the Sith long enough for Leonia, Eleanor, and the others he felt to strike him down. For while he might find that release from the physical worthwhile to gain more power, the Echani would be ready.

    He after all had experience, it was in his blood.

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    IC: Norin Durame
    Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessel Nomad Son, Skies of Korriban

    Hiding under a thick cloud cover and watching events unfold down below, the Nomad Son wasn’t expecting company. Yeah sure, the ship could have joined the fray up in orbit, but Norin felt that he would be more useful staying within close proximity of Leonias, making the ship available should it be needed for a quick pick up.

    Norin reached a cybernetic hand to stroke the metallic frame of what once was a cybernetic black nexu, all but dead now, organic tissue and organs all replaced with droid parts. On the other side of the “Nexu”, who Norin affectionately named Captain Fluffles, was an astromech droid serving as the co-pilot.

    You see, Norin loves droids. He loves droids so much he wishes he could be one. It’s why he got himself those cybernetics all those years ago. If he could fully cast off his organic shell, and metamorphosize into a droid, he absolutely would.

    He obviously would have preferred an all droid crew, the Sun Guard insisted on having an organic onboard. Not even a cyborg like Norin, but just plain organic. They told him that Twisuns Legate Aurimus was a Force User, and knew abilities that would be useful to the ship’s mission.

    Now, mind you, they were, and that irritated Norin even further, but he still refused to believe that a droid wouldn’t do just as good of a job. Something he wasn’t too shy to talk about, much to the offense of Legate Aurimus. Though to be fair, there was no offense intended on Norin’s part. He thought Aurimus was perfectly capable and pleasant, but he just liked droids better and he was an old man stuck in his ways.

    “Sir,” Aurimus began, looking up towards Norin, who was seated in the pilot’s seat, approaching from the walkway into the cockpit, “I can sense something else up here with us. A Force presence.”

    Norin grumbled. “Very well, where is it?”

    “Behind that cloud,” Aurimus replied, pointing the way.

    Norin grabbed hold of the controls and the Son crested forwards through the cloud, revealing a fighter hiding in the same way they were.

    The fighter, being a Twin Suns Engineering Spec Ops Solar Dragon-class Interceptor emblazoned with the Colcha family seal.

    “Well it’s no wonder I could sense something, that’s the Supreme Sun Guardian’s fighter. The ship itself is alive with the Force.”

    “You reckon Leonias is inside?”

    “No. The Supreme Sun Guardian would not run and hide while a battle is going on. It’s likely that Beacon is up here doing exactly what we are. Keeping the engine running.”

    Be-deeep-twizzzzzzzt! Chirped the droid.

    “What’s that Beta?” asked Norin with a smile, “Is Beacon trying to contact us? Alright, put her through then.”

    Nomad Son, this is Beacon. Leonias is currently engaged in combat with a Sith Lord down below. From what I could glimpse from our connection is that he is being empowered by a fleet of ships, all automated in some way or another. Droids are your specialty, are they not, Thychani Commander?

    “They are. What sort of funny business are you thinking of now?”

    I’d rather not share those specifics over a comm channel. Allow me to dock so I can communicate more securely, through the Nomad Son’s intercom.

    Norin gestured towards Aurimus, as if hinting that he wanted him to prepare the umbilical for docking.

    Within a few short moments, the sleek, slender fighter swooped in and docked with the ventral umbilical of the Serpentarius-class Electronic Warfare Vessel.

    As the ship docked, an almost spirit-like projection appeared on the holoprojector in the cockpit, bearing the visage of a Fosh in Jedi robes, glowing silver white.

    Norin blinked his bright green cybernetic eyes in disbelief at what he saw. It’s not like this is new to him though, he’s docked with the Silver Beacon before and gone through this same routine, on two different Nomad Sons. It’s just that… you can never really get over being non-Force Sensitive and seeing what is essentially a Holocron Gatekeeper pop out of your ship’s holoprojector.

    “Now where were we?” Beacon asked.

    “I believe you were going to tell me what your plan was,” Norin answered.

    “Right. Like I said, droids. These ships run on them. I’m thinking that you can possibly launch a probe carrying a virus to shut them down.”

    “Shut them down, no. Cripple, yes. Though I wish I could take control of all of them cause I don’t want to hurt them. I can maybe take one or two, but I have to do it on--”

    “Norin, get to the point.”

    “Ah yes. I can do it. But it’s only gonna cripple them. Reduced reactor power generation rates, scrambled targeting sensors. All that fun stuff.”

    Norin’s cybernetic eyes blinked for a moment.

    “There we go. Probe all loaded.”

    The Force fueled hologram nodded.

    “I shall be off then, back to performing my silent vigil, awaiting the Supreme Sun Guardian’s command.”

    The image faded, and then the fighter detached from the umbilical. As it retracted, the Nomad Son took off, presumably to carry out its newly acquired mission.

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