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Beyond - Legends "Leave Out All The Rest" (Kyp, Jaina, Solos - AU FotJ)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Dantana Skywalker, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Posted this on the temp boards, the first chapter anyway. Figured I might as well put it up here.

    Title: Leave Out All The Rest
    Author: DantanaSkywalker
    Rating: PG-13
    Timeframe: AU, FOTJ
    Characters: Jaina Solo, Kyp Durron, others
    Genre: adventure, suspense, angst, romance
    Summary: Alternate Universe. The Empire has arrested Kyp Durron for war crimes, and it's up to Jaina Solo to save him. She meets with some very unexpected help along the way.
    Author Notes: I'm just playing in the world, I don't own it. Nothing's used with permission and anything weird is entirely the fault of my brain.

    I dreamed I was missing
    You were so scared
    But no one would listen
    'Cause no one else cared

    After my dreaming
    I woke with this fear
    What am I leaving
    When I'm done here?

    -- Linkin Park, "Leave Out All The Rest"


    He woke to a murky world, everything filtered through the haze of bacta. He'd been in a tank often enough to instantly recognise one. He just didn't know why he was in one.

    Instinctively, he tried to reach out with the Force, to locate friends or family, but couldn't. There was a bubble around him. That meant ysalamiri, which told him that however he'd gotten here, it wasn't for his good.

    Good thing he'd been trained in Force-less hand-to-hand combat. He grabbed hold of the cables suspending him in the healing fluid, and tried to haul himself up. His arms shook from the effort. He'd apparently been suspended, weightless, for some time, long enough for his muscles to weaken.

    Still, he managed to haul himself out of the tank. He fell to the floor, gasping and soaked, clothed only in a rather embarrassing set of underwear. Alarms began to go off as he hit the tiles.

    "Patient 1138X has escaped," a droid voice said. "Patient 1138X has escaped."

    "Must be me," he said to himself. His throat was dry, his voice raspy from disuse. He got shakily to his feet, knowing he had only moments before someone came for him.

    There were ysalamiri lined up along one wall, three of them. He felt bad about it, but he needed the Force. With unsteady hands, he snapped the necks of all three, and the Force came flooding back to him. He drew on it like oxygen, felt it fill his weak and tired limbs as the door opened.

    Four guards rushed in, all of them with blue skin and red eyes. Chiss, he realised. But why? It didn't matter at the moment. They weren't prepared for the ysalamiri to be dead, and their grips on their weapons weren't what they should have been.

    He tore the weapons from them, used one to shoot the guards. Again, a feeling of remorse, but he needed out of here, and they were trying to stop him.

    What he really needed, he decided, were clothes and a lightsaber. And then, answers. He studied the bodies lying on the floor and picked the one closest to his size.

    Then, Jacen Solo dressed and went to get those answers.

    --Chapter One--

    "She did what?!"

    Luke Skywalker winced and rubbed his temple. He had a massive headache and a bruise above one eye. His niece's shriek hadn't done anything to help either one.

    "Dalla imprisoned Kyp. When I tried to stop them, one of them hit me in the head with the butt of a blaster rifle," he explained again. "I didn't even see it coming."

    "Where did they take him?" Jaina Solo asked. She knelt beside her uncle, who was reclining on the sofa in his office.

    "She said that the Empire had requested he stand trial for his war crimes," Luke told her slowly. "Actually, the request came from, uh . . ."

    Jaina's brown eyes narrowed. "Jag. It came from Jag, didn't it?"

    Silently, her uncle nodded.

    She stood and stalked over to the window, fuming. Sure, she'd had her problems with Kyp over the years, pushing him away more the closer she got to Jag. But once he'd been her best friend, and he didn't deserve this!

    "Will you be okay, Uncle Luke?" she asked. "I need to go talk to that poodoo-head boyfriend of mine."

    "I'll be fine. Go, talk to him. See if you can change his mind."

    "Oh, I'll change something all right."


    Jagged Fel, leader of the Imperial Remnant, wasn't surprised when the door to his office opened and an enraged Jaina Solo entered. In fact, he'd been expecting her for at least an hour.

    "Jaina," he began. "I can explain-"

    He flew out of his chair and slammed into a wall.

    "No," Jaina said, "I really don't think you can. Your people attacked my uncle and arrested a Jedi Master on your orders."

    "It wasn't my orders," her boyfriend protested. "All I did was put the idea forth as an alternative to Dalla exiling Skywalker."

    Jaina released her hold on him and he dropped to the floor. "Oh, be realistic, Jag. You know Dalla hates Kyp with a passion. Of course she was going to go for that option. Where are they sending him?"

    He sighed. "My guess is that they're going to Bastion."

    She stalked to the still-open door. There, she turned and pointed at him.

    "I've put up with a lot of crap from you over the years, Fel. But this is the end of it. We're through."

    The door closed behind her. Jag sank down in his chair and put his head in his hands.

    "I know," he whispered to the departed Jaina. "I know."


    It was times like these when Jaina really wished that her aunt Mara was still alive. Mara might not have liked Kyp, but she'd be enraged that the Empire had hurt Luke and that they'd taken one of the Council prisoner, no matter who it was.

    But her aunt had been dead for nearly two years, slain by Jaina's own twin who had fallen to the Dark Side and declared himself Darth Caedus. It still hurt to think about. Jaina had, as Sword of the Jedi, been forced to kill her sibling.

    Now, as Sword, she was going to bring back one Kyp Durron and make the Empire pay for their idiocy.

    Luke had let her take the Jade Shadow. He hadn't wanted her to go by herself, but there really hadn't been anyone else available. Kenth Hamner had volunteered, but he was needed on the Council to temporarily fill Kyp's spot. With Dalla rallying against the Jedi, they needed a full Council.

    Jaina, though, was more than capable of doing this herself. After all, she'd taken down a Sith Lord by herself. She had Mandalorian training, and from her years involved with Jag, she knew Imperial space pretty well.

    Unless Jag warned them, they wouldn't see her coming.

    The Jade Shadow had just entered hyperspace when Jaina felt it: a faint flicker in the Force, a ghost of a familiar presence. It reminded her of Jacen. It was gone almost instantly. Jaina sighed; naturally she'd be thinking of Jacen right now. It had been the Jedi's supposed inability to deal with Jacen's slide to the Dark Side and take over of the Galactic Alliance that had led to Dalla, the new Chief of State, punishing the Jedi by taking Kyp captive.

    She shook her head. Kyp. It was Kyp she needed to concentrate on. Force, she felt so guilty! She'd encouraged a romance with Jag Fel, and then he'd turned around and done this. Uncle Luke told her that Kyp hadn't put up a fight when the soldiers had come for him; it was Master Skywalker who had tried to stop them.

    Kyp was . . . Incredible, really. He'd been there for her during the hardest times of her life. When she'd lost Anakin and slipped to the Dark Side, when she'd thought she'd lost Jacen. Even when she really had lost Jacen, when she'd had to kill her brother, it was Kyp who had been there, coming to talk to her in the infirmary for hours, in the middle of the night when no one else was around. After all these years, it still felt like Kyp knew the inner workings of her mind.

    How could she have let this happen? The Empire was going to kill him, one of the best men she'd ever known. Even if she didn't have romantic feelings for him, even if the chance of that had passed long ago, she still owed it to him to not let them kill him. He'd saved her once; now it was her turn to save him.


    He'd gone peacefully when they'd come for him. Luke had tried to fight for him, which meant more to Kyp than nearly anything else ever. But in the end, he'd let them take him.

    Maybe it was justice that it had finally happened now. He'd helped rebuild the Jedi, he'd kept the Sword from going off the deep end. Now he could pay for the crimes he'd committed so long ago. It didn't really matter if he'd been under the influence of a Sith Lord at the time. He'd still let Exar Kun in, and he'd still been conscious, in some way, of the things he'd done. So Kyp was, if not thrilled, at least resigned to his fate.

    He just wish he'd gotten to tell Jaina how he really felt before this. It wouldn't have changed things, he knew, but he'd never got to tell her. He'd spent years convincing himself that he wasn't in love with her, and here he was, in a small cell on an Imperial ship, finally facing the truth that yes, he was completely and helplessly in love with Jaina Solo and always had been.

    There was an ysalamiri by the door, one that kept him from using the Force on the locks, but here, where he leaned on his bunk, he had access to the Force. He considered reaching out to Jaina, letting her know . . . what? What could he possibly convey through the Force that she would understand at this late date?

    A small slot in the bottom of the door opened and a tray was pushed through. It held bland but nourishing food, and Kyp ate it slowly. He'd had worse, much worse. At least they were feeding him.

    He was finishing the bread roll when he felt the odd surge in the Force, just a faint pulse that brushed over him and then was gone.

    What, he wondered, had that been?


    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, oblivious to the drama unfolding around them, Leia Solo was helping her granddaughter braid her red hair when she felt the touch. She paused, her fingers caught in soft, coppery strands, and sucked in a breath.

    Seated before her, Allana said, "That felt like Daddy."

    But Jacen was dead.

    What was going on?


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    Jan 25, 2006
    Ooooh--exciting start and great cliffie. I'm interested--please PM with updates?
  3. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Thanks, and sure, I'll let you know when I update.
  4. Dantana Skywalker

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    --Chapter Two--

    Travel by herself through hyperspace was boring. Jaina tried meditating, but her anger at Jag intruded and she wasn't able to clear her mind. So she paced the ship, trained against a small drone to keep herself sharp with the lightsaber, and tinkered with the ship's computer.

    She sighed heavily and leaned her head against the bulkhead, wondering how, exactly, she was going to break Kyp out of Imperial custody. Granted, she had to find him first, but that wasn't really the hard part. She had a general idea of where they were taking him, and when she got closer, she'd be able to sense him through the Force. Jaina hoped, anyway. There was a chance he would block her out. Kyp tended to do that when he didn't want to bother her.

    Bother me, she begged him silently. Let me know you're okay.

    Tossing the hydrospanner aside, Jaina got to her feet and navigated the short distance to the cockpit. Transmissions while in hyperspace were expensive, but she figured that if Luke hadn't already told her parents what had happened, maybe she should.

    Her father answered the call, looking a little weary and worn. Jaina hadn't really noticed until now what losing Jacen had done to her father, how it had aged him. His hair was mostly grey now, and there were deep furrows by his eyes and across his forehead. Han looked . . . old.

    "Hey, Dad," she said.

    "Jaina," he said, and his voice told her even before he continued, "I just talked to Luke. He says you're going after Kyp?"

    She nodded. "Yeah. He saved me. I'm gonna repay the favour."

    "Good girl. And please tell me you punched that pile of Hutt slime you were dating."

    Jaina snorted a laugh. "No, but I threw him into a wall. Funny how that seems to keep happening."

    Han chuckled, but his face was still etched with worry. "Let me know if you need help. I know I'm gettin' up there in years, but I can still kick Imperial behind if I need to."

    She smiled. "Just keep an eye on Mom and A- Amelia."

    "Will do."

    Jaina had to cut the transmission short, and she leaned back in the pilot's chair. Amelia. She had to keep reminding herself that the girl was being called Amelia. Her parents were apparently operating under the self-delusion that Jaina didn't realise the girl was Tenel Ka's daughter, Allana, nor that Jaina's deceased brother, Jacen, was her father. Since her niece's safety depended on the deception, she hadn't pushed the issue.

    It still baffled her, a little, that Jacen had managed to father a child, and Jaina was still single. What was wrong with her that she hadn't found anything similar?

    No, that wasn't true. She'd loved Jag. She still hurt at the thought of his betrayal, and that wasn't likely to stop anytime soon. Jaina scrubbed at her eyes with the heels of both hands. Force, how had it all come to this?

    Think of Kyp, she reminded herself. He needs you to focus. Don't think about that son of a Gundark you almost married.

    Wouldn't that have been a disaster?

    She checked her navigation coordinates and decided to try for some sleep.


    His feet hurt.

    Jacen stopped to rest behind an outcropping and sat on the dusty ground; he figured from stories told by his aunt and uncle that he was on Nirauan, since the environment seemed to make sense. And it was in Chiss control, after all.

    He didn't know how long he'd been in the bacta tank, but it was long enough that his muscles weren't up to par. During his travels after the Vong invasion, he'd gained a lot of endurance and stamina. That was gone now, and his feet were blistering after only an hour.

    Granted, the borrowed boots likely had something to do with it, but still.

    It bothered Jacen that he couldn't remember how he'd come to be in Chiss imprisonment. The last thing he really remembered clearly was Jaina getting angry with him for endangering that stupid boyfriend of hers. Something about . . . Killiks? His head hurt, and his memory was fuzzy in large patches.

    Tenel Ka. Was Tenel Ka alright? And what about the baby?

    Jacen's breathing hitched. His baby. His little girl. How long had he been gone? What had he missed?

    And Jaina. His twin. He'd done so much that he now regretted, opening a rift between them that should never have existed. When he got back, he hoped that she'd forgive him for using her to get the Chiss into the war prematurely.

    He dug around in the bag of vacuum-packed meals he'd stolen from the medical facility. He hadn't managed to find his lightsaber, didn't know where it would have been kept, or if the Chiss even had it. since he didn't remember the circumstances of his capture, anything was possible. He'd dressed and escaped. There had been remarkably few guards after the ones he'd regrettably killed in the infirmary.

    Deciding he'd rested long enough, Jacen stood and stretched. His disused muscles protested. Opening to the Force felt sluggish and a little unfamiliar, but it eased some of the aches.

    Pushing out with his mind, he searched for his family, any touch of them he could get. He was stupidly rusty at it. What should have been second-nature felt like trying to sculpt with mittens on.

    He caught a flicker of something, someone, out in the ether of the universe. Concentrating a little too hard, Jacen fumbled for the fellow Jedi and was surprised to realise it was his twin. But she felt . . . hard, and sad. Not the Jaina he'd known.

    What had happened when he was gone?


    Jaina jerked from a restless sleep, with her brother's voice echoing in her head. It had been a while since she'd stopped having those phantom brushes in her mind, like the sensations Luke still had from his severed hand. In the case of missing limbs, they were misfirings in the brain.

    So what was this sudden ghost of Jacen doing in her brain? Why had her brother been on her mind so much since she'd left Coruscant?

    Still in her tank and sleep-pants, Jaina swung her legs out of bed and bolted for the cockpit. She'd dreamt of Nirauan, of Jacen there. Why would he be there, in her dreams? Dreams were strange things, she knew, but it was a really odd place for her subconscious to choose.

    Jaina felt a tingle up her spine, one she'd learned long ago not to ignore. The Force was telling her something, using Jacen as a tool. While she'd long ago given up on trying to figure out why her twin had turned to the Dark Side . . . part of her still wondered. Was there something on Nirauan that she needed to see, to discover?

    "No," she muttered. "I need to get to Kyp. They've got a headstart on me."

    She couldn't afford a detour.

    Could she?

    Before she'd even realised she was doing it, she'd brought the ship out of hyperspace and was reconfiguring the coordinates.

    Kyp could hold his own for a bit, she supposed. They weren't likely to hold his trial and kill him immediately upon arrival. If she knew the Empire, they would want to draw it out and torture him as much as possible.

    She snorted and punched the controls to make the jump to hyperspace. No one, she knew, could torture Kyp Durron as much as the man himself.


    The guards didn't like him much. Kyp couldn't blame them, given his history. He'd become much more philosophical about it over the years, especially since he'd ever so briefly trained Jaina Solo.

    Still, it didn't make the taunts easier to ignore. They stood outside the cramped "cell" he'd been allocated and tossed insults at him. One of the geniuses had put two and two together and got seven, and said something nasty about Jaina, Jag, and the leader of the Empire getting him out of the way.

    Actually, that might have something to do with his current predicament, after all. Jag had never quite got over Kyp liking his girl, even if they'd agreed to ignore it and work together.

    The current meathead at the door said something not-so-nice about Jaina, and Kyp's hands clenched into fists. Still, he stayed where he was on the hard mattress and concentrated on breathing in and out. They wanted to get him riled, and he'd made the mistake of showing anger on his face with the first one. Now they all had something to say about their leader's girlfriend.

    "Doesn't bode well for Jaina's tenure as Grand Moff's wife," he muttered under his breath. "Jag's own underlings don't want a Jedi in their leader's bed."

    He ran a hand through his shaggy, dark curls. Kyp had to lift both hands to do it; they'd put stun cuffs on him, and any sudden movements resulted in jolts of pain up his arms. He could use the Force, but it didn't do him much good when he could barely move.

    Besides, part of him was curious to see what they were going to do when they got to Bastion. Then again, part of him had always been a little masochistic, hadn't it?

    He closed his eyes, leaned his head against the wall, and tried to shut out the voices at the door.


    Han watched from the door as Leia tucked their granddaughter into bed. He waited until she'd shut the door before pulling his wife into the rec area.

    "I just got a couple holonet calls," he said. "One from Luke, one from Jaina."

    Leia frowned and pushed at a stray lock of dark hair, one sprinkled with silver streaks. "What's wrong?"

    "Jag asked Daala for Kyp's extradition, and she granted it. When Luke tried to stop them from taking Kyp, they knocked him out. Jaina's gone after them to get him back."

    His wife merely arched a brow. Given everything they'd been through together, this was relatively small tubers. "By herself?"


    "Well, that should take care of half the Imperial fleet," she said dryly. "Did she want us to assist?"

    "Nah." Han slumped into a seat and stretched his legs out under the djarik table. "But I told her to let us know if she needed anything."

    Leia hesitated a moment, then sat beside him. "When the kids got involved with that Killik mess," she began, and stopped. "When I shot Jag out of the air. You told him that you preferred Kyp."

    Her husband nodded, wondering where she was going with this.

    "Do you still prefer that?"

    Han ran a hand over his salt-and-pepper hair. "Princess, Kyp may be a pain sometimes, but he went to Hell and back for our little girl. And her boyfriend just sold him up the Kessel run for points with Luke. Which one's the better option, you think?"

    Leia shook her head and heaved a sigh. "You have a point."

    Then he smirked. "'Sides, I don't think Jaina would have thrown Jag into a wall and taken off with the Jade Shadow on her own to rescue Kyp if there wasn't somethin' there, you know?"

    She had reservations about Kyp, to this day, but Han knew Jaina better than she did, always had. And he knew Kyp. She'd hoped that Jaina could find something like her parents' marriage with Jag, but she had to admit to herself that what Jag had done? Durron would never have entertained the idea. He'd revolt against Daala before selling out Jagged, even if the man was in his way.

    And he'd been there for Luke after Mara's death. She couldn't begrudge the man so much, not after the way he'd supported her brother in his time of grief.

    "Maybe," was all she said.
  5. bellum stellarum

    bellum stellarum Jedi Master

    Sep 5, 2012
    Oh, it keeps getting better. So Jacen has been replaced with a - clone? - quite a few years back? I'm looking forward to how Jaina will react, when she finds out, should be quite a surprise.

    Now off to read your other posts!
  6. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    That's the general idea behind it, yeah. But the question is, is this Jacen the clone, or was Caedus? [face_thinking]
  7. bellum stellarum

    bellum stellarum Jedi Master

    Sep 5, 2012
    Uh - hadn't thought along that line yet. Somehow I don't like that idea, don't know why.
  8. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Which idea, specifically?
  9. bellum stellarum

    bellum stellarum Jedi Master

    Sep 5, 2012
    The idea, that it's a clone that wakes up on Nirauan, not the real Jacen. Don't know why exactly, but maybe it's that a clone could also turn into a Sith or something.

    Don't worry - I'm probably overthinking things. :)
  10. Luna_Nightshade

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Very interested to find out what the actual story is with Jacen, and how Jaina is going to spring Kyp all on her own. Love Han's nonchalance about the whole thing. Small tubers is right!
  11. Kingsdaughter613

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    Feb 26, 2013
    I can't wait to see more! Personally I think it would be VERY interesting if the Niruan Jacen was a clone... It would be a great plot twist. Jacen being replaced by a clone who falls has just been done so often... I can't wait to see more of this story. Poor Kyp... But I can't help the feeling that he's going to be rather resistant to attempts to free him. It appears he feels he deserves this which means Jaina will have to convince him that, no, he doesn't...
  12. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Welcome back, I was hoping to see this again, as it's really a great start. As opposed to everyone else, I think the clone Jacen turning into Caedus makes more sense; the REAL Jacen wouldn't have been so dumb as to turn Sith for the sake of ONE vision. And really, most of the Jacen replaced by a clone stories just sort of.....

    I brought it up on the temp boards, but I just don't get the whole Jaina/Kyp thing. But, hey, it's your story!
  13. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    There are so many clones in Star Wars, why not a Jacen clone and unscrew up the EU. Hell let's throw in an Anakin Solo, Mara and Chewie clone while we are at it. Then we can just forget LOTF and FOTJ and pretend it never happened. Force, how I wish that were possible.[face_praying]

    Nice story! This is getting interesting!
    SiouxFan likes this.
  14. Kingsdaughter613

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    Feb 26, 2013
    Agreed about forgetting everything post 25 AY. Sadly we can't... But the Jacen who fell was a clone thing is so old - and if Star by Star and his capture happened his fall was inevitable. Thank you Luke for not giving the people who need counseling counseling... AGAIN. You'd think he'd have learned already... Come to think of it, has the Jedi Order ever heard of PTSD? Survivor's Guilt? Stockholm's Syndrome? Trauma in general?????? No wonder so many Jedi fall during wars. The worst thing for the Order is fighting a war... but they keep doing it. The only real way to say a clone fell is if the clone replaced Jacen before Star by Star. Or to have the real Jacen be walking a very fine line, just as he was before being replaced. This time the Order knows what to look out for though...

    Personally I'm half hoping DelRey runs with this idea. Sending Kyp to the Empire would offer the perfect opportunity for a courtroom drama. If done right it could even explain the Imperial Knights. Of course I'm still trying to figure out how someone who spent 11 years next door to Abeloth wasn't effected by her... Vapin' plotholes.
  15. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Look. I'll write this story how it works best. I don't care what's been overdone or what hasn't. It's my story, and if you don't like where I take it, you don't have to read it. End of story.
  16. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    This is the first time I have seen a story where Jacen is cloned so I don't agree that
    And the great thing about fanfiction is trying to unscrew the EU. I can't believe what they did to my favorite characters. I think this is a great storyline.
    SiouxFan likes this.
  17. Kingsdaughter613

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    Feb 26, 2013
    Hey, I was just giving my opinion. I liked the twist that you said and thought it would be awesome to see. Either way I love your stories. Of COURSE I'm going to read this. So far everything else you've written has been awesome and I'm sure this will be too.
  18. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    In a move that I'm sure will cause JL to faint, I find myself agreeing with her. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two other 'Jacen's been cloned' stories, and they are both over on FF.N. I don't recall any here, and trust me when I say this, I've read pretty much ALL the Jacen stories there are.
  19. Kingsdaughter613

    Kingsdaughter613 Jedi Knight

    Feb 26, 2013
    I'm still allowed to have my opinion... and I still really love Dantana's stuff. I can't wait for the next chapter and I'm sure I'll love the story no matter what she does.
  20. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    ^^In no way am I implying that you don't; and please don't think that I meant to gang up on you. We're just not sure what you mean by the 'Jacen who fell is a clone thing is so old'. Again, I count two others--three if you count Dantana's previous start to this one. There's also a 'Leia flow-walks back to save Jacen' story over on FF.N, so I could count that as four, I suppose.

    BTW, I fully agree with the rest of your previous comment. The Jedi pretty much left Jacen out to dry, IMO.
  21. Kingsdaughter613

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    Feb 26, 2013
    I read a few back when the series was first written. The ones I read were terrible and most were never finished, which kind of turned me off the concept... By old I mean the concept has been around for a while. Dantana is too good a writer for her to do it badly... but it still isn't my favorite plot device. And the twist she came up with sounds really interesting. Of course being a clone doesn't make him any less a person, whether the clone became Caedus or the newly awakened Jacen is the clone. Jaden Korr is currently living in his clone's body - and may actually be one himself! Then there was the whole Community... Jango's clones were people too.
  22. Dantana Skywalker

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    Sorry for snapping yesterday. I have been having a rough few weeks, as most of you know, and my patience isn't what it could be.
  23. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    No worries. What kind of bribe do you need to get an update for this story?
  24. Kingsdaughter613

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    Feb 26, 2013
    Hope life gets better. It's always tough when things get crazy. Hope you update soon though!