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Beyond - Legends Lens and the Master of Americana (OC's, Ben/Jysella) Updated 7/27/13!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by brodiew, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Author note: It's been a long time since I've written Star Wars, much less my OC Lens Eli. I had a spark of inspiration recently looking at my 2012 Norman Rockwell calendar. I've decided to write an EU drabble or vignette based on all twelve painting included in this year's calendar. I also plan to do them in order, which has already proven challenging. Without further ado, here are Lens Eli and Ben Skywalker in...

    "Movie Starlet and Reporters"

    Lens Eli had never seen holo star Kyllo Aloyan in person. He may never have had the opportunity if his friend Ben Skywalker hadn't invited him on this rare public relations appearance by his father. The Jedi Grandmaster had chosen to attend the premier of the film The Empire's Upper Hand in order to lend his support to its success. Though the title was awful, the production was one of the best ever filmed of young Luke Skywalker's exploits against the Empire. Given its attention to historical detail, terrific action, and astral special effects, the film was bound to give the Jedi a boost in the eyes of the galactic masses.

    None of this was news to Lens who was an avid fan of the actress portraying Princess Leia. Though a natural blonde, Kyllo had dyed her hair for the role and, when in costume, gave striking resemblance to actual Princess of Alderaan.

    Now, the actress was only meters away from him as holo reporters surrounded her, peppering her with questions.

    "Miss Aloyan!" exclaimed one reporter. "Has Princess Leia commented on your performance?"

    Another one shoved a microphone in her face asking: "What kind of training regimen were you on to prepare for the role?"

    A third, close enough where shouting was unnecessary, said: "What is your favorite scene from the film?"

    Kyllo, who seemed oblivious to the barrage of questions, was staring into the crowd. As her gaze swept the crowd, which was cordoned off from the red carpet, Lens was sure her eyes met his. To make matters worse, she began walking his way. It was only a few meters. His hands started to sweat. His tongue seemed to swell in size. He could feel the wave of heat rising from his neck and topping off at the crown of his head. She was so close. A broad, radiant smile emerged in slow motion as Lens could feel his eyes widen in awe as reach out her hand.

    Suddenly, he felt a push from his left and was nearly knocked off balance as Kyllo passed by to take the hand of none other than Luke Skywalker. Regaining his composure, Lens looked to Ben who was standing next to his father, and glared daggers. Ben flashed his eyes and motioned Lens to come to his side if he truly wanted to meet Kyllo Aloyan.

    "Smooth, Lens," Ben whispered. "Real smooth."

    "Stow it, Ben," Lens replied through a flimsy smile. "She's my weakness."

    "Weak in the knees is more like it," Ben retorted in near silence. "I'm surprised you kept your feet."

    "I know where my boot is likely be, next opportunity, if you ruin this chance."


    As though it were down a long corridor in the bowels of the Jedi Temple, Lens heard Kyllo say: "Nice to meet you, Ben. I hope you enjoy the film. I'm sure you are already aware, but your father is real hero."

    Lens turned only slightly to see her shake Ben's hand. The younger Skywalker smiled graciously and assured her he would enjoy the film. His father was also a good judge of what was entertaining.

    Kyllo laughed at that and was, suddenly, in front of Lens.

    "And who is this nice looking young man?" Kyllo said, turning to Luke for and introduction. The truth was Aloyan was only three years older than Ben and four years older than Lens.

    The heat, formerly in his neck, was gone, replaced with a cold sweat. His knees locked and his breath came in short spasmodic spurts. "…Lens Eli."

    Lens saw her tilt her head as she regarded him with concern. "Is he ok, Luke?" Aloyan asked.

    Lens felt Ben's arm come around his shoulder and the Force holding him vertical. "He hasn't been feeling well all day, Miss Aloyan, but he didn't want to miss this opportunity to meet you," Ben added hastily.

    "Hi," was all the star struck, love sick apprentice could manage. He raised a hand to wave in a tragically comic gesture.

    "Nice to meet you as well, Lens," Kyllo said, politely, as she turned to make her way back to pack of reporters.

    It was her turn to gracious.

    Moments later…

    Lens was sitting on a duracrete bench just off the red carpet, with his head in his hands.
    "Kill me now, Ben," mumbled Lens. "Take your lightsaber and take my head. You'll be doing me a favor."

    "As much as I'd like to my Dad says no. He mentioned something about the pain of humiliation and what doesn't kill you will make you stronger."

    Lens looked up, stricken. "You mean he doesn't want to kill me either?"

    "Apparently not," Ben said, mock disappointment curling on his lips. "It would have been nice to see him dressing down someone other than me for a change."

    "The day isn't over yet," Lens said, sitting up straight with a new look of determination.

    "I know that look," Ben warned. "It's bad enough you making of fool of yourself without even trying, but I promise you, Lens, if you make this worse by putting your mind to it, I will take your head."

    Lens grinned mischievously. "I do believe you would, My Friend. Think nothing of it."
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Great read and love to see Lens again
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    May 31, 2002
    I've missed Ben and Lens. I'm looking forward to more.
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Nicely written.
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    Brodie! [:D]

    Loved this... great use of the painting!

    Poor Lens, it's so hard to meet someone you admire so much! :)

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    Oct 11, 2005
    earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you for reading earlybird. I've been been in a months long deep dark hole of dwb. I'm glad there are still people who remember and like seeing Lens again.

    ZaraValinor: And they have missed you, Zara! Thank you for taking the time to read and review. I've been out of the game for quite a while.

    Jedi_Lover: Thank you, Jedi_Lover. I appreciate your comment.

    mavjade! [:D] right back at ya! Lens talks a big game, and sometimes he can back it up, just in the presence of his big screen crush.

    'Grandpa's Little Ballerina'
    wiki/painting_243718/Norman-Rockwell/Grandpa's-Lit tle-Ballerina%0A

    Kam Solusar was not old by most standards, but he was getting on in years and was not as active as he used to be. This surprised him as he had never left the Jedi Academy after transferring the mantle of responsibility to his adoptive son, Lens, and his wife Kayla. He was surrounded by children every day, some of which added to his consternation and others who made his very soul sing.

    One such inspirational child was his granddaughter, Cypress Eli. The little girl loved how her 'Jappa' would tell her stories. Most of his stories were only slightly exaggerated versions of her father's exploits as an initiate. She would laugh and squeal at the antics of the young Jedi who could never stay out of trouble. Lens had tried to discourage him from telling such stories stating that it would only encourage her to attempt similar acts.

    Kam's response had been an immensely satisfied, "Good."

    When the little one was ready for another tale, their ritual dance would begin. To others witnessing the interaction, it was simply a little girl shyly approaching her Jappa for a sweet treat. But for Kam and Cypress, it was love in action.
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    May 31, 2002
    So sweet. Ah, I love Kam.
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    Very sweet!
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    Very nice
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    Lovely to see Lens having a sweet daughter
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    Oct 11, 2005
    Zara Valinor: Thanks for reading, Zara. It was short, but sweet. :)

    Jedi_Lover: Thank you for coming back, Jedi_Lover. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    newdawn12: Welcome, newdawn12. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

    earlybird-obi-wan: Hello earlybird! Thanks, again. I like little Cypress, too.


    It was a fact well known among Jedi initiates that Master Streen's Survey of the History of Coruscant was the most difficult class in the Academy. Some said it was hard because it was mind numbingly boring. Others, that there was too much information to possibly retain for exam. Still others said that the oldest Jedi Master in the Order had an ax to grind with the younger generation in general. Such rumors persisted because the grizzled 'Old Streen' never addressed them.

    "I don't think he likes kids," said Lens, from the bottom bunk, leaning against the wall. "He's not very approachable and can be gruff in his responses…when he decides to do more than grunt."

    "Maybe, he doesn't like you, Lens," said Jysella Horn, sitting next to Ben on the floor of the dormitory room. She smiled with sickly sweet sarcasm, which was the cornerstone of her relationship with Ben's best friend.

    "I don't see how that's possible," the blonde initiate said, beaming with pride. "I'm the only one who tries to make the class interesting."

    Ben frowned, continuing to stare at the data pad resting in his lap. "Even your best effort isn't enough to make centuries of senatorial gridlock appealing."

    "There were wars," Lens tried. "There has to be something in interest in centuries of intelligent beings killing each other."

    "They couldn't have been that intelligent if they were slaughtering each other year after year," Jysella added pointedly.

    Lens decided not to take the bait which was against his ardent desire to engage Jysella in argument. "So what do we do about the exam?"

    "Study," Ben said dully.

    Lens tossed his datapad on to the bed and scooted to the edge. With his elbows on his legs and his face cupped in his hands, he said: "You mean stare at the same blocks of agonizing text until our eyes glaze over and we start drooling from lack of brain stimulation. I can't take it anymore!"

    "Arguing with Jys, again, are you?" said the melodic voice of his girlfriend Kayla. She leaned against the door frame as if appearing out of thin air.

    He smiled at the sight of her, but frowned in his response. "Not exactly. But studying for Old Streen's exam seems just as pointless."

    "Only because you are destined to fail in both exercises," Jysella retorted.

    Lens ignored her and stood, clapping his hands loudly. "Café break! Who's with me?"

    "Might as well," Ben replied. "This is getting us nowhere."

    The four Jedi initiates filed out of the room looking forward to prospect of caf or whatever snack awaited them in the commissary.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Caf is much more interesting than boring history lessons. Jedi students are no different from others:p
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    I remember trying to memorize boring history facts. I was bad at it. I needed to pass the final with at least a B to pass the class, so I was assigned a tutor who told me to meet him at the library with my text books. I show up and he looks at my text books and says, "They're still wrapped in the plastic from when you bought them." I looked at him like he was an idiot. "Of course, this way I can resell them at a higher price."

    The tutor immediately discovered my problem with history...I never read it.

    Nicely written. It brought back memories of school.
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    earlybird-obi-wan: You said it, earlybird! Though I love history, sometimes you just need a break.

    Jedi_Lover: That's funny, Jedi_Lover. Thanks for coming back and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

    Two Girls Looking At Movie Stars Photo

    It was after lights out in the girls section of the initiates wing of the Jedi Temple. Roommates Kayla Bix and Jysella Horn are having trouble getting to sleep.

    "Do you ever think what would happen if you and Ben broke up?" asked Kayla, seriously.

    Jysella huffed in the darkness, responding: "No, why would I think about that?"

    "I don't know," Kayla replied, uncertainly. "I guess because I sometimes wonder what would happen if I didn't have Lens."

    "There's a difference, you know," Jysella said, to turning to face the other girl in the bed opposite her. "Breaking up with him is something I've never considered. But, yeah, I worry about him being hurt, or Force forbid, killed. I don't dwell on it, but I'd be lying if I said it never crossed my mind."

    "You're right, of course," Kayla replied. "About the difference. I guess my original question is something bouncing around in my head. I love Lens, but he makes me so mad sometimes.

    Kayla finally turned on her side and looked at Jysella. "Know what I mean?"

    "Boyfriends do that," Jysella answered, knowingly. "It's the 'boy' part of them. But, with Lens, I can see how it would be an uphill battle."

    "I wonder if the two of you will ever get along," Kayla said, not fully expecting an answer.

    "We get along just fine as long as long as he doesn't get in my way."

    Kayla fell silent. After a moment, she reached over to the bedside table and activated a holo of Lens. He was smiling in his dashing, corny, confident way.

    Her reverie was broken by Jysella's matter of fact tone. "No mooning over boys in this room; especially, boys who've been behaving badly."
    "I know," Kayla sighed. "But I don't want to stay mad at him."

    Jysella swung her legs around, placing her feet on the floor. Activating the lamp, which drowned out Lens holo, she said: "We have to get out here. I can't have my strong, independent roomy reduced to sappy platitudes and longing stares at blue light. I know you, Kayla. This isn't you. I know you love Lens, despite the benefit of my wisdom, but this...

    Jysella gestured toward her friend.

    "Has got to stop."

    Kayla frowned. "I see that crazed look in your eyes. It never ends well.

    The dark haired initiate furrowed her eyebrows and was momentarily frozen in time.

    "What?" Kayla asked noticing her friend's paralysis.

    Jysella shook her head as if to cast off an unwelcome thought. "Ben says that to Lens."

    Kayla smiled; her mood lightened by her friend's discomfort.

    "Perhaps the two of you have more in common that you think?" Kayla said.

    "I'll try not to," Jysella retorted.


    "Think about it."
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    Nov 1, 2004
    [face_laugh] So true! I live with three boys and they drive me nuts sometimes. The only other female in the house is my cat Nibbles and she is not overly fond of them either.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    boys or males in general sure can drive anyone nuts
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    Great idea for a challenge! Fun stories, love the banter!
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    Ack! I've gotten behind! Sorry!

    These are great; they really go with the image!
    I loved them all but I really enjoyed Cramming! I remember feeling like that and glad I don't have to deal with any more!

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    Jedi_Lover: Thanks, Jedi_Lover. Boys will be boys. I've got two of my own, 5 and 6 (7 next month).

    earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks for sticking with me, earlybird. I appreciate it.

    Tarsier: I never thought of that. I may have to propose it. Thanks, Tarsier.

    mavjade: It's nice to have you back, mav. I'm glad you liked Cramming. I like it a lot myself.

    Knuckles Down

    Jedi initiate Kayla Bix kneeled in a secluded pathway in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. Before her was a crudely drawn line, one which if seen by a Knight or Master, would cause her and her friends no end of grief. The line was the place from which she would make her most delicate play. She was confident in her growing Force abilities and eager to make the shot which would dethrone Ben Skywalker as the marble champion. Standing over her, just behind and to the left, was fellow initiate Lens Eli. Though he was Ben’s best friend, he was also sweet on her, which was why he looked on with a neutrally expectant expression. Ben, on the other hand, knelt to the left of Lens. His young brow furrowed in consternation as he stared at the marble on the pavement in front of her.

    “No Force funny business,” Kayla said, with a sidelong glance at Ben.

    “Don’t you worry about that,” Ben replied, a hint of frustrated edge in his voice. “I wouldn’t do it anyway. Just make your shot.”

    “Testy,” Kayla said, squaring her shoulders and preparing to use the Force to make the precise shot to knock Ben’s marble out of play and yet keep her marble closest to the objective marker. Narrowing her eyes in concentration, she winked the right one, purely as an affectation, and the marble shot forward. Six meters distant, the marble hit Ben’s with enough impact to push it out of bounds. Kayla’s marble rolled only a few centimeters more resting a hare’s breath from the marker.

    “Nice shot, Kayla!” Lens exclaimed marveling at the near perfection of her play. “One in a million!”

    Kayla shot to her feet in victory, one arm pumping the air above.

    “Thank you, Lens,” she replied, proudly. “I wasn't sure I could do it.”

    Turning to Ben, who frustration has morphed into outright dejection, she extended her hand in friendship. It would not be right for a Jedi to gloat, though the feeling was being barely contained within her.

    Ben stood and took her hand, shaking it curtly. “Lucky.”

    Kayla fumed at casual dismissal of her skill. “Luck had nothing to do with it, Ben Skywalker, and you know it!
    Turning to Lens, she said: “Right?”

    Lens hesitated a moment too long, causing Kayla to utter a guttural growl of frustration before storming out of the room.

    Lens turned to Ben whining: “What’d you do that for?”

    “What?” Ben replied, incredulous.

    “You made her leave!” Lens exclaimed.

    Ben shook his head, still frustrated about his loss. “You made her leave. I just made her mad.”

    “Links in a chain, Ben,” Lens said. “I wouldn't have faltered if you wouldn't have instigated. She is so gracef-I mean she was a graceful winner. You were a sore loser.”

    Ben rolled his eyes. “It’s not likes she’s your girlfriend, Lens. What do you care?”

    Lens stepped into Ben’s personal space and whispered: “What if I want her to be my girlfriend. Did you think of that?”

    “Nope,” replied Ben, looking nonplussed. “Never crossed my mind.”
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    Jul 31, 2005
    Nice! I especially like the way you set-up the scene in the first paragraph to mirror the image exactly, while adding meaning to the expressions.
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    kids at play with marbles just like school[face_laugh]