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Beyond - Legends Lessons in Discovery (Luke and Jacen)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Revanfan1, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Chapter 1

    23 ABY

    Fourteen-year-old Jacen Solo spun his arms in wide arcs, letting the Force guide his green blade through the motions of Soresu. He leapt through the air, spun his lightsaber around behind his back, passing it to his other hand as he did, and came around with the tip pointed forward, spearing through his imaginary foe.

    "Very good," Luke Skywalker said. "You're a natural."

    Jacen lowered his lightsaber and grinned up at his uncle. The Jedi Master put his hand on Jacen's shoulder and guided him off the training room's elevated glass floor. Jacen shut off his green blade and clipped the lightsaber to his belt.

    "Your style is very close to the way Obi-Wan Kenobi fought," Luke said.

    "Thanks," Jacen replied. Obi-Wan had been a great Jedi Master; it was Jacen's dream to be a fraction of that. "I've been studying the holorecordings Master Tionne has found of Obi-Wan."

    Luke scratched his chin. "Have you? Come with me; there's something I want to show you."

    Jacen started to follow Luke out of the training room, but stopped in his tracks and frowned.

    "Wait," he said. "I told Jaina I'd meet her here. How will she know where we're going?"

    "We won't be gone long," Luke said. "Jaina can entertain herself for a few minutes." He grinned. "It'll be good for her."

    Jacen laughed, nodded, and continued walking. Luke led Jacen to his quarters. Inside, he moved to his HoloNet terminal and sat down. Jacen stood behind his uncle and peered over his shoulder. Luke accessed a file and activated it.

    "Before I show you this," Luke said, "this is something Yoda told me about when I was training with him on Dagobah. I only recently found the records; the Emperor did his best to stamp them out."

    Jacen nodded. "So, what is it?"

    "Here, watch."

    He played the file. The shimmering blue holo-image appeared; it was a field of grass intermingled with snow at random intervals. A few seconds later, a brown boot entered the picture, followed by another one. Jacen realized the camera, whatever it was, was lying at an angle on the ground.

    A figure in tan clothes, a brown bandolier crossing his chest, became visible as the boots continued forward. The figure had a lightsaber hilt, unlit, in its hand. The face appeared, revealing the shoulder-length hair of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan looked around and clenched his fist on the lightsaber hilt for a moment. His jaw tensed; it was obvious that he sensed trouble. Then, suddenly, Kenobi's lightsaber was ignited and he was in motion. The lightsaber appeared as a continuous circle around Kenobi, blocking blaster bolts away from him and back at the shooters, who were off-camera. A moment later one of the shooters came into view–it was a rusty tan droid with a black rifle.

    "Battle droids," Jacen observed. "Jaina would know more about that than I would."

    Luke nodded. "Watch."

    Kenobi finished off the battle droids swiftly and stood there, his lightsaber pointed at the ground. Then, frowning, he knelt and picked up the camera, holding it at eye level. Kenobi rolled his eyes.

    "Anakin. Always leaving your things lying around."

    The recording ended then, and Jacen stood back.

    "What was that?" Jacen asked.

    "That," Luke said, "was Obi-Wan on a training exercise, just before the Clone Wars. Yoda told me that after this he and Anakin went on a mission that only a few members of the Jedi Order even knew about."

    "What was it?" Jacen asked.

    Luke shrugged. "I don't know. Yoda wouldn't even tell me. But I'd like to find out...what do you say?"

    "You mean, me and you?" Jacen asked, eyes wide.

    Luke nodded. "Yes, Jacen. I think you're ready."

    Jacen beamed. "Yes, absolutely! Let me pack and I'll be ready."

    He turned and exited Luke's room, pumping his fist in silent triumph.
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  2. Carlos Danger

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    Jul 25, 2013
    Interesting start. I liked Jacen as a character before he got all Sithy.
  3. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Good for Luke to give him an assignment without Jaina. In the EU for a long time it seemed as if Jacen was just an extension of Jaina.

    Please alert me when you update.
  4. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Lady_Misty, I'm alerting you! :p

    Chapter 2

    Jacen pulled his utility belt out of his closet and strapped it around his waist. He checked off the items he had: glowrod, seven-meter length of cord, comlink, and night-vision goggles. He picked his lightsaber up from off his training belt and strapped it to his new belt. Then he knelt, slid his duffel bag from under his bed, and began packing it.


    "No, you can't come," Jacen told his crystal snake.

    He looked over at it and frowned. Who would feed his pets while he was gone? Maybe he should take one or two. Surely Uncle Luke would No, he could ask Tenel Ka to do it for him; she seemed to enjoy his pets. At least, he thought she did. Girls confused him.

    "All right, be nice to Tenel Ka while I'm gone," he said to the room at large.

    He finished stuffing his clothes–utilities, formal robes, and a few everyday plainclothes–and his other supplies–ultrasound cleaner, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Then he exited his room, giving his animals one last, jaunty salute. Then he was off.

    He met Luke at the landing pad, at his Aunt Mara's Jade Sabre, and walked up to the ship. Luke had changed from his formal Jedi robes into his usual black jumpsuit and tunic. He had his lightsaber strapped to his belt and a blaster pistol at his hip.

    "My gear's already aboard," Luke said. "Stow yours and let's go."

    "Is Aunt Mara coming?" Jacen asked.

    Luke shook his head. "She wanted to stay with Jaina."

    Jacen grinned. "You didn't tell her?"

    Luke looked uncomfortable. "Of course I told her." Then, more softly, "Because if I didn't she never would've let me take the ship."

    Jacen laughed. "Seriously?"

    Luke glared at Jacen. "We share everything...except this ship. She doesn't let anyone touch it except Karrde and Lando. And that's only so they can give it maintenance."

    "I thought you gave her that ship."

    Luke scratched the back of his head. "I...did."

    "In fact, didn't you practically build that ship?"

    There were a few seconds of awkward silence. Then Luke heaved a sigh.

    "Get on board."

    "Yes, Uncle Luke."

    * * *

    Jaina and Tenel Ka were chatting as they walked down the hall, Jaina speaking of ship mechanics and Tenel Ka speaking of lightsaber training and neither of them actually getting anywhere in the conversation. Jaina sighed internally. I wish I were talking to Zekk. He has the same interests I do.

    "So..." Jaina said. "Here we are."

    She stopped at the door to the training room and listened. She couldn't hear Jacen inside, but he'd promised to meet her here. Maybe he was meditating or something; he did that a lot. She opened the door and walked in, unclipping her lightsaber from her belt. She frowned. Jacen wasn't inside; not on the floor, or the raised glass training arena, or underneath the glass.

    "Where is he?" she asked. "He said he'd be here and he never goes back on his word."

    Tenel Ka frowned. "Perhaps Jacen has gotten distracted by his animals again."

    Jaina shook her head. "Even when he's lost in the world of animals he calls a bedroom, he always remembers times he's promised people he'd meet them. Especially me."

    "Well, you have a twin bond. Can't you tell where he is?"

    Jaina frowned. "Feels like...the hangar. No, now he's on the Academy rooftop. Now he's above it. Now he's..." she sighed. "He left Yavin IV."

    "That is unlike Jacen."

    Jaina nodded. "I know. It must be something important. you want to practice?"

    Tenel Ka bowed formally. "I would be honored."

    * * *

    Jacen sat back in the Jade Sabre's copilot seat. He'd never been the expert pilot Jaina was or the technical genius Anakin was, but he did love being in this ship. There was something exotic about it, something that provided a little thrill going into space that most other ships didn't provide.

    "Stang," Jacen suddenly muttered.

    Luke frowned and looked over at him. "What's wrong, Jacen?"

    "I forgot to tell Jaina I was leaving."

    * * *

    Jaina rolled in the air, clearing Tenel Ka's turquoise blade by a couple of centimeters. She landed gracefully and brought up her amethyst blade in a precision block. Tenel Ka grinned and pulled her blade back before bringing it back around in a lateral strike at Jaina's neck. Jaina rolled under the blade and stabbed her lightsaber up at Tenel Ka's waist. The warrior princess spun aside and landed with her feet shoulder-length apart, her one arm holding her lightsaber horizontally across her chest.

    "You've been practicing," Jaina observed.

    "So have you," Tenel Ka replied.

    They moved into it quickly, then, letting the Force guide them. Even with only one arm, Tenel Ka was easily a match for Jaina. They danced across the raised glass platform, their blades never touching skin.

    "Your brother perplexes me," Tenel Ka observed as they fought.

    Jaina blocked a blow and riposted. "How so?"

    "His demeanor is totally at odds with his determination. Most of the time he is care-free, enjoying the world and even being almost flippant. Yet in times of crisis, he is one of the most serious people I know." She paused to Force-leap over Jaina's head and land behind her. "This is a contradiction."

    Jaina nodded and lowered her lightsaber. "It's just who he is. He doesn't like to be serious, but he seriously gets upset when someone tries to hurt something he likes–family, friends, animals, the Jedi. He hides it behind his wit, I guess."

    "I applaud him for being able to do so," Tenel Ka replied.

    Just then, the training room door slid open. Lowbacca, Zekk, Anakin, and Tahiri entered, chatting quietly amongst themselves. They paused when they saw Jaina and Tenel Ka.

    "What's going on?" Tahiri–always the first to speak in any situation–asked.

    "We are practicing," Tenel Ka announced.

    "With no adult supervision?" Zekk asked in surprise.

    "Don't be a bantha, Zekk," Tahiri said. "They're fourteen years old. They're responsible."

    Zekk furrowed his brow. "You're only twelve, Tahiri. Do you even know what could happen if they accidentally cut off a body part with–oh. Sorry, Tenel Ka."

    Tenel Ka waved the comment away. "No matter. The truth is, Jaina and I did not even realize there was not a Jedi Master present. At least, I didn't."

    "Me, either," Jaina agreed. "Actually, I was too busy noticing that Jacen wasn't here."

    The door opened again, suddenly, allowing Mara Jade Skywalker and Kyle Katarn to enter. Mara glanced around.

    "What's going on?"

    "Jaina and Tenel Ka were practicing with their lightsabers," Tahiri announced cheerily.

    Mara glanced at them. "Girls, you know there is supposed to be a Jedi Master in the training room at all times if you're using your actual lightsabers instead of training blades."

    "Sorry, Aunt Mara," Jaina said. "We didn't think about it."

    Mara nodded. "Well, don't let it happen again." She brightened. "But we're here now. Master Katarn and I would be glad to watch you train...right, Master Katarn?"

    Katarn winced. "Mara. I've told you, call me Kyle. That goes for all you kids."

    The young Jedi nodded solemnly. "Okay, Kyle."

    "Now get to work. Partner up!"
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    By the sounds of it Luke might need his own ship besides an X-Wing fighter. :p

    I'm surprised that Mara or Kyle didn't order them to do laps around the training room. But maybe Mara is excited about working with Jaina.

    Speaking of not telling Jaina Jacen didn't ask Tenel Ka to look after his animals.

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    Oops! :eek:

    I'll make a note of that. :p
  7. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Well he WAS rushed out the door. Maybe a holocall will do the trick.

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  8. JediMaster_Jen

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    Jun 3, 2002
    Well, Tahiri is a tattle-tail isn't she? :p Very nice beginning. :)
  9. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Thanks for the kind comments!

    Chapter 3

    Jacen and Luke were three hours into their hyperspace journey, and Jacen was beginning to get distracted. Luke was outlining his plan for how they'd find where Kenobi and Skywalker had gone on their top-secret mission, and Jacen knew he should have been listening intently, but he knew something was wrong. He'd forgotten something; something besides telling Jaina where he was going.

    "...and from what we know of that time Obi-Wan and Anakin had been on Korriban just before this, fighting a man called Granta Omega. From there, they returned to the Jedi Temple and that's the last we know. However, if we check the Jedi Temple's logs, which were never deleted due to an oversight by the Imperial directors, we might be able to determine where Obi-Wan went between Korriban and Ansion."

    Jacen frowned and licked his lips.

    "That's great, Uncle Luke. But..."


    "I think I forgot something."

    "Besides telling Jaina goodbye?"


    Luke scratched the back of his head, considering for a moment. Jacen reached up and brushed his hair out of his eyes, frustrated. What could it be?

    "Oh!" he exclaimed. "My animals! I forgot to ask Tenel Ka to feed them!"

    Luke smiled. "Oh. Well, that's easily rectified. When we get to Coruscant we can send her a message."

    Jacen nodded. "All right. Now, you were saying?"

    * * *

    Mara Jade Skywalker watched as Jaina and Tenel Ka, Tahiri and Anakin, and Lowbacca and Zekk sparred. They were all coming along fabulously, but they all had areas where they needed improvement. Tahiri, for example, had trouble focusing on the fight, and Zekk held back too much, afraid of harnessing the Force.

    "Step it up," Kyle called. "Come on, guys, I know you can do better than this."

    Mara stepped up beside him and pulled her lightsaber off her belt.

    "Let's show them how it's done, Kyle," she said.

    Kyle nodded and pulled his own lightsaber from his belt. They snapped their blue blades to life in unison, drawing the young Jedi's attention. Tahiri shut off her lightsaber and sat down, kicking her legs like a content child–which, Mara supposed, she was.

    Kyle made the first move, stabbing over Mara's left shoulder. Mara moved to the right, avoiding the blow, and slashed downward on Kyle's blade. The blue lightsabers clashed, sending white sparks flying in all directions. Mara roundhouse kicked, and Kyle ducked under her leg. As soon as it cleared his head, he stood and slashed at Mara's waist. She blocked.

    Then the fight began in earnest.

    * * *

    Jacen looked up at the ruins of the Jedi Temple in awe. There was so much history here, so much sadness and despair he could sense in the Force. Even to this day, black scorch marks smeared the walls and furrows were cut in the ground from the blades of Jedi fighting to survive.

    "Amazing," he said.

    Luke nodded. "It is. So far, only myself, Tionne, and a few other Jedi have gone inside to check the archives. We haven't visited the hangar yet."

    "But that's our destination?"

    Luke nodded. "Let's go."

    They entered the Temple and Jacen was struck by how very dark it was. The lights must have burnt out decades ago, with no maintenance workers to service them. Jaina would've known what to do about that.

    Before he went any farther, Jacen pulled out his comlink and sent a message to Tenel Ka, asking her to feed his animals. Then, eagerly, he followed Luke inside. They entered the Grand Hall and Jacen's jaw dropped. It was all so big. It took them five minutes to cross the hall to an elevator that could take them to the hangar.

    When they reached the hangar, Jacen shuddered at the sight of multiple crashed Eta-3 interceptors. The Jedi had tried to escape...and failed. Unconsciously, Jacen moved his hand down to his lightsaber hilt. Luke moved over to a computer console and activated it.

    "It still works," Luke said in wonder.

    Jacen nodded. "Amazing."

    It didn't take Luke long to find the date he was looking for; all he had to do was go to the portions of the record immediately pre-Clone Wars. He searched for some time, finding the record for Kenobi's trip to Korriban and then going forward from there. When he finally found what he was looking for, he nodded.

    "Well, this is interesting," Luke said.

    "What?" Jacen asked, peering at the console.

    "They went into Wild Space," Luke said. "To a planet called Yalara."

    "Why's that interesting?"

    "I sent Jaden Korr, a Jedi Knight, to Yalara years ago, during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis." Luke frowned. "I always assumed the Empire was there for the cloaking device used to hide the planet. And maybe they were, but..."

    "But if the planet was cloaked, how did Kenobi know about it?" Jacen finished.

    Luke nodded. "Exactly." He clapped Jacen on the shoulder. "Come on. Let's get back to the Sabre. We've got a long trip in front of us."

    * * *

    Mara and Kyle stopped many long minutes later. Mara's hair was matted with sweat and she grinned at Kyle as she deactivated her lightsaber. He shut off his own blade and nodded, wiping sweat off his forehead.

    "And that, kids, is how you duel," Mara said.

    Jaina whistled. "That was impressive, Aunt Mara."

    "Thanks, Jaina. Luke's even better, though."

    "Speaking of which, where is he?"

    Tenel Ka piped up. "I just got a message from Jacen. He and Master Skywalker are on Coruscant."

    Jaina frowned. "Coruscant? I wonder why he didn't tell me."

    Anakin stood up and adjusted his belt. "Well, I'm hungry," he announced, and walked off without another word.

    "Hey, wait!" Tahiri exclaimed, running to catch up to her friend.

    Mara smiled and gestured for the other kids to follow. She and Kyle came last.

    "I wonder what Luke's doing on Coruscant," Kyle said.

    "He told me something about going on a historical fact-finding mission for Tionne, but wouldn't say much else," Mara replied. "He just said he needed to borrow the Jade Sabre."

    Kyle shrugged. "I'm sure it's something important, then. But why'd he take Jacen with him?"

    "You got me there," Mara replied.
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  10. Lady_Misty

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    Mar 21, 2007
    Must be different being in the Jedi Temple where so many were killed. :(

    But now they have a destination.

    That is a good question why did Luke take Jacen. But I am sure we will learn in time.

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  11. JediMaster_Jen

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    I agree, why did Luke take Jacen with him?[face_thinking] Can't wait to find that out.
  12. Revanfan1

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    Chapter 4

    The Jade Sabre came out of hyperspace over Yalara and Jacen was looking at a green sphere that resembled Yavin IV but was far larger. It reminded him of the first time he'd gone to attend the Jedi Academy–having lived on Coruscant for so long, the jungle world had seemed so alive in comparison to the city-world.

    "When the Ragnos crisis ended," Luke said, "the New Republic sent a team here to occupy the dam where the cloaking device used to be. Better that than to risk the Empire coming back and salvaging something."

    Jacen frowned. "So will we land at that station?"

    Luke nodded. "Yes."

    "How will we know where to start our search?"

    Luke considered. "We'll know."

    Jacen knew his uncle relied on the Force more than some would like, but Jacen just went with it. He knew the Force wouldn't lead them astray, and Luke was strongly connected to it. Whatever happened, Jacen was ready for everything.

    "Attention, approaching ship," said an alien voice. "State your business."

    "That's not the New Republic outpost," Luke said in surprise. "But that doesn't make sense. The Yalarans are supposed to be extinct."

    Okay, Jacen amended, maybe not everything.

    * * *

    The students finished their meals, so Mara and Kyle sent them to the library. Then they went their separate ways, Mara to check on the other classes and Kyle presumably to resume his training–the man never stopped moving.

    Mara finished her errands and was walking through the hangar to get to the library when an alarm blared, signaling that the doors were opening. Mara paused for a moment and reached out with the Force, and winced when she recognized the signatures of the pilots landing. She changed direction and went to meet them.

    Fourteen ships set down–two new XJ X-Wings, three older X-Wing models, two Z-95 Headhunters, and a smattering of A- and B-Wings–and the lead X-Wing popped his canopy and jumped out. Pulling his helmet off and shaking out his dark hair, thirty-year old Kyp Durron saw Mara and grinned at her.

    "Master Jade Skywalker," he said, "it is an honor to have you greet the Dozen-and-Two Avengers."

    "Kyp Durron," she said with a sigh. "Where have you been?"

    "Shooting down pirates and smugglers on the Outer Rim," Kyp replied with a grin.

    "That's not a Jedi's responsibility, Kyp," Mara said wearily.

    She never got through to him and neither did Luke. Kyp meant well–he was trying to atone for the bad he'd done while under the influence of the spirit of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun–and when Kyp was set on doing something, very few could change his mind.

    "Then whose is it?" Kyp challenged. "The CorpSec Authority? They're not doing much. The New Republic? Their senators are too busy arguing over the color of paint on the walls of the Senate Hall."

    Mara sighed. "I'm not in the mood to argue, Kyp. Just stop dragging the other Jedi into your squad. Luke tolerates you taking Miko along because he's your apprentice. But if you snare any others he might get annoyed." Before he could reply, she said, "Goodbye, Kyp. I'm going to check up on the children."

    She heard Kyp sigh behind her and she almost turned around and apologized. The man really did mean well, but he quite simply was doing it wrong. She didn't know how she could convince him of that and she knew better had tried. But he had to hear it from someone and if she apologized he'd never back down. Resolutely, she marched toward the library.
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  13. SiouxFan

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Good stuff...I love seeing 'normal' Jacen again!

    In full disclosure, I've always agreed with Kyp with his stance at the beginning of the Vong War...since the real authorities weren't doing anything, does it not then fall to the Jedi to fight piracy and slavery?
  14. JediMaster_Jen

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    I like this Jacen. :) I don't think Mara, or anyone else for that matter, can convince Kyp that he's doing anything wrong. He's a lot like Anakin in that he does all the wrong things for a lot of the right reasons.

    Great work. =D=
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  15. Revanfan1

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    Thanks, guys!

    Chapter 5

    Jacen frowned at the comlink. How is a dead species contacting us?

    "Um...who is this?" Luke asked.

    "This is the Yalaran Prime Minister Yar-Daph. You are a Jedi?"

    Luke licked his lips. "Yes, I am. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker."

    "Skywalker..." the Yalaran said. "Please, land immediately at these coordinates."

    Jacen wondered what was going on here. If the Yalarans were supposed to be extinct, how were they giving Luke a landing permit, and why did they seem to know the name Skywalker?

    "We're on our way," Luke said.

    * * *

    Jacen stepped out of the ship and adjusted the angle of the lightsaber on his belt to make it more prominent. Three aliens, one in elaborate robes and the other two in dark armor with long rod-like weapons with barrels at the end, stepped forward. They were vaguely human, but with bumpy chins, bluish-green skin, and silver eyes.

    "You are the Sky-Walker?" the one in the robes asked.

    Luke nodded. "I am."

    "I am Deputy Minister Tul-Renn," the alien said. "The Prime Minister is eager to greet you."

    "And I'm eager to speak to him," Luke replied.

    The Deputy Minister looked down at Jacen. "This boy...your son?"

    "Nephew," Luke replied. "And apprentice."

    "He is young to be carrying such a weapon."

    "Hey!" Jacen snapped. "Uncle Luke thinks I'm old enough."

    "You would do well to keep your apprentice silent, Sky-Walker," the alien said, returning his gaze to Luke. "Children here are expected to be obedient...and silent."

    Luke frowned first at Jacen, and then at the alien. "Jacen is quite obedient, and he will do as he is asked. But he is my apprentice and I value his input." He turned to Jacen. "But please, Jacen, try not to be so easily insulted."

    "Sorry, Uncle Luke."

    The Deputy Minister led them into an underground tunnel, lit by torches that gave off an oddly greenish light. Jacen shivered a little. It kind of gave him the creeps, the green fire. But Luke didn't seem bothered. Or at least, he didn't show it. When they finally reached the Prime Minister's office, the guards outside, also carrying the strange pole-weapons, stepped aside for the Deputy Minister. The Deputy's bodyguards remained outside, letting Luke and Jacen inside.

    "Greetings," said Prime Minister Yar-Daph. "Welcome to Yalara."

    Luke nodded. "A pleasure to meet you, Prime Minister. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Apprentice Jacen Solo."

    "Your name," Yar-Daph said, "Skywalker. It is common amongst your people?"

    "Among humans?" Luke asked. "It's uncommon, but not unheard of outside my family."

    "Not humans," Tul-Renn interrupted. "Jedi."

    Jacen's eyes widened. They couldn't mean...

    "No," Luke said. "There was only one other Jedi with the name. Anakin Skywalker. My father."

    Yar-Daph nodded. "I thought as much. Welcome, son of Skywalker. We've been expecting you."
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  16. Lady_Misty

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    Mara is right that someone else needs to tell Kyp to knock it off. But he does have a point that no one, or very few, people are doing anything about the pirates. But if he does it then no one will say that THEY need to step up to the plate and take over.

    The last chapter is strange and might be disconcerting.

    Could you tag me every time you update?
  17. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    Sure, I'll make sure to do that.
  18. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013

    Chapter 6

    Luke looked pretty disturbed, and Jacen had to admit that this was pretty weird. He had a sudden urge to run back to the ship and fly back to Yavin IV and forget this whole thing had ever happened. With a tingling sensation on the back of his neck, he put his hand cautiously on his lightsaber hilt.

    Yar-Daph made a placating gesture. "Please, please. Hear me out."

    Luke frowned, but nodded and took a seat across from the Prime Minister. Jacen stood at his right, a bodyguard position where he could free his lightsaber from his belt without slashing Luke's arm off. And he fully expected to have to do that. He wasn't sure why, but that tingling on the back of his neck wasn't going away.

    Probably because of Tul-Renn, he thought. That guy is majorly creepy.

    "When I was but a child," Yar-Daph began, "my father was the Prime Minister. The Jedi Ken-Obi and Sky-Walker came to our planet on a special mission from the Jedi Council. We knew they were Jedi because of the cloaking device left by the other Jedi Master, ages ago."

    "Please, continue," Luke said.

    "Ken-Obi and Sky-Walker described a unique place on our planet, a 'Force Rift' that they felt could have been a danger to us."

    "Really?" Luke's eyebrows quirked. "A Force Rift?"

    "Perhaps I chose the wrong word," Yar-Daph corrected. "Perhaps a better choice would have been Nexus."

    That got Luke's attention. And Jacen's.

    "Where is this nexus?" Luke asked.

    " not know," Yar-Daph said. "My father...he died before he could divulge the information to me. He promised to tell me upon my ascension to Prime Minister. But he was killed by the gray-skinned killers."

    "Noghri," Luke surmised.

    Yar-Daph nodded. "When the other Jedi, the Ja-Den Korr, came, we had thought he was you. The Noghri had attempted to wipe us out, and we feared to come out of hiding lest the Jedi's appearance be a trick. When he did not identify himself to us, we feared he was one of the others the Ken-Obi described, the Seeth."

    "Sith," Luke corrected.

    "Ah," Yar-Daph said. "Yes. Sith."

    "There were Sith here, actually. The Disciples of Ragnos. That is who Jaden Korr came to stop."

    "Ah. So he destroyed our cloaking device. Why?"

    "Because the Disciples of Ragnos, the Sith, wanted to use it for their own purposes."

    Yar-Daph lowered his head wearily. "Well. The time to hide from the galaxy was coming to an end, anyhow."

    "I am surprised the Disciples did not sense the nexus," Luke said. "Nor did Jaden Korr."

    "Because," Yar-Daph said, "the Ken-Obi made sure that it could not be sensed."


    "We do not know," Yar-Daph said. "We were hoping you would help us."

    Jacen waited for Luke's response.

    "Well," Luke said. "How can we decline?"
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    Mar 21, 2007
    Lots of twists and turns it looks like.

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Interesting...perhaps Kenobi knew more about Force Stealth then we thought! I'm a bit confused about Jaden Korr, though. Isn't he Jaina and Jacen's age? Or am I just mis-remembering?
  21. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    In JA, Jaden would've been about thirteen. But JA took place quite a while before the YJK series. Also, Lady_Misty.

    Chapter 7


    Rain splashed against the rooftop of the temporary quarters that Jacen and Luke had been assigned. Jacen awoke to that sound and knew it was a very comforting sound. He smiled, rolled out of bed, and stretched. He grabbed his utility jacket off the chair beside his bed and buttoned it up. Luke wasn't in his bed, and his clothes were missing.

    Frowning, Jacen picked up his lightsaber from his dresser and walked out of the room and into the big center room. Several Yalarans–bodyguards, dignitaries, and aides–were gathered there, but there was no sign of Luke.

    "Excuse me, has anyone seen my uncle?" Jacen asked.

    One of the Yevethans raised a gray-blue finger and gestured at the awning door. Jacen nodded his thanks and walked outside. On the awning, Luke was doing his exercises. In the rain. And he didn't look wet at all. He saw Jacen, smiled, and stopped moving. Only then did raindrops begin to patter on his black shirt.

    "How'd you do that?" Jacen asked in surprise.

    "A technique I learned a long time ago," Luke said. "Walking between raindrops is theoretically impossible...but if you use the Force to enhance your speed and radiate a little heat so the rain bends away from you, you can do it."

    "I want to learn," Jacen said with a grin.

    "Someday," Luke agreed. "Someday." He clasped his hand on Jacen's shoulder. "Come on, buddy; let's get breakfast."

    After they'd eaten, Luke led Jacen outside into the courtyard. Jacen grinned and stretched, letting the rain wash over his uniform. It felt great; Jacen had experienced rain on Yavin IV, but it happened oh so infrequently on Coruscant.

    "So, where to, Uncle?" Jacen asked.

    Luke had a youthful grin on his face. "You saw that waterfall when we landed?"

    Jacen nodded. "The one by the dam across the river? Yeah."

    "We're going to the bottom."

    "You mean, we're taking a lift down?"

    "No." Luke's grin broadened. "We're going to jump over."
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    There will be time to learn how to stay dry in a rainstorm later Jacen.

    Jumping could be the best way to discover the truth.

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    Yep, I was mis-remembering! Thanks!

    I suddenly have the scene from 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' playing in my head: "The fall will probably kill you"--Butch Cassidy to Sundance.

    I trust Luke will clue us in as to WHY he's jumping off of a waterfall?!!
  24. Revanfan1

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    But of course! Lady_Misty

    Chapter 8

    It was night-time at the Jedi Academy. The younger class had already gone to bed, and the teenaged students were allowed an extra hour to do whatever they wanted, whether studies, downtime, or chores.

    Tenel Ka moved through Jacen's bedroom gracefully, feeding and watering each of his pets with the specific food and water rations he'd set out. She took extra care of his crystal snake, his favorite pet. When she had accomplished her task, she turned to leave the room, but she paused at the door, looking back inside.

    "Where did you go, Jacen?" she wondered.

    She did not feel like returning to her quarters so she shut Jacen's door and walked quietly over to his bed. She curled up and was soon fast asleep, the soothing, soft sounds of the animals around her slowly helping her rest.

    * * *

    "Remind me why we're jumping, Uncle Luke!" Jacen shouted over the roar of the waterfall.

    Luke had pulled on a gray backpack full of all the supplies they'd need for their venture into the unknown jungles of Yalara. Jacen had taken the precaution of charging both his lightsaber and blaster, and he also had a survival knife in his boot.

    "Because," Luke said with a grin, "it's time to teach you how to levitate!"

    Jacen frowned. "What?"

    Luke grabbed Jacen's shoulder and shoved him off the waterfall.

    "Whoooo-aaaaaahhhhggggg!" Jacen exclaimed.

    Above him, the black and blonde blur of Luke Skywalker leapt off the waterfall after him. Jacen turned and saw the river below rapidly rising to meet him.


    But suddenly Jacen felt himself slowing and he looked up to see Luke, hand extended, catching Jacen with the Force. Jacen's eyes widened as he realized what Luke was doing, and so he nudged Luke with the Force and took control of his own fall. The two of them landed in the water, if not softly then at least not at breakneck speeds, and swam to land.
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    I loved the Tenel Ka scene! But didn't Jacen tell her where he was going? ***checks back***

    Whoa...quite the long fall if he had time to process all of that! To be fair, I agree with Jacen earlier...why not just take the lift?
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