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Before - Legends "Let's go Son!" Yoda padawan vignette winner of the Yoda Fanclub writing contest

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Lea-El, May 29, 2013.

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    Title:"Let's go son!"
    Author: Lea-El
    Authors note: Vignette includes name of Sistro and Frank T. with their permission of course.

    Let's go son!

    'Under cover missions, I love and hate them. There is always excitement but more often days and days of boredom. Then there is the problem of explaining Yoda. He gets insulted if we call him a pet but even in a galaxy of strange creatures he's hard to explain.

    Busboy didn't work in the cantina, all the floating glasses confused and aggravated the patrons.

    The judge at races didn't work he kept announcing the results before the winner crossed the finish line.

    Cook didn't work because...(Burp) ...just the thought upsets my stomach.

    Musician, his nails damaged the strings or keys before the song was over.

    Porter he drug the peoples clothes down the hall floor.

    This time maybe...'

    “Father. Look alright, do I” Padawan Yoda asked.

    The shop clerk looked puzzled again.

    “Don't ever get drunk on AVGfour. You wake up married to some strange women and their divorce laws are deadly.”

    The clerk raised one eyebrow and quickly made an excuse to leave.

    “Yes Yoda it looks... appropriate for the mission. Now collect your things and lets pay and get out of here before the clerk calls the PTR guards.”


    Two day travel on a lumbering animal through jungles, swamps and now up mountains. 'Why couldn't we just fly here it would be so much easier on my bum?' He thought.

    “Master, recommended the council did that attention as foreigner it would draw.” Yoda startled him.

    “I've told you not to read my mind with out my permission.” Master Sistro warned his Padawan.

    As they rounded the rock formation they saw the compound in question.

    “Here we are, remember we are on a fact finding mission only. No lightsabers! No Jedi platitudes.

    “Learn these how will I if recite them, I don't.”

    “Just not on missions.”

    Just then the PTR guards surrounded them. “We are to escort you to the boss. You have been vouched for but you are to keep your hands where we can see them. Any sudden movements and it will be your last.”

    “We will obey all your commands.” He said more to Yoda than to the guards.

    The passages to the bosses lair was low and cramped, only Yoda moved with ease. The last door opened up into a large room, spacious, bright and occupied by several women dancing to a slow flute melody and one older man in a green suit.

    “I understand you are looking for the maker of synthetic red crystals. You found me.” He laughed maniacally.

    “Only two groups are interested in them and I somehow don't think you are Sith.”

    Red lightsabers lite up the room, all the dancers were trained to use them, well.

    Before he could warn his Padawan Yoda flew into the air twirling, striking and bouncing off walls. furniture and a big red headed guard. “Master”

    'I would have never believed this my new Padawan.' He thought. He caught the thumb lever on his lightsaber and the fight was on.

    The room was filling up with more men and women with red lightsabers from the way they came in.
    Several men came out of a door behind the Boss's desk and with it a breath of fresh air.

    “Yoda!” He called and ran in that direction, as soon as he saw daylight he activated the locator beacon.

    The fight continued down the hall and on to the roof but he and Yoda managed to get back to back to fight them off for what seemed like forever.

    A small silver ship came out of the clouds with the ramp open and Master Frank standing on the side holding the hinge. “Now!”

    Master Sistro and Yoda Force jumped and landed on it. The ramp started closing as soon as they touched down and the ship disappeared into the clouds, then into space where a larger ship awaited.

    Master Sistro turned to Frank, “We need to contact the Council. We have a whole new war on our hands.”

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    Funny and adventurous
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    This was fun!
    I love seeing Yoda as a padawan, and how they struggle to give him an undercover identity!

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