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Library [Library Thread] Intervention: Allegiance (Game Coming Soon!!!)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Bravo, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001


    (A storytelling style OT starfighter game)

    Thank you for choosing [i]Intervention: Allegiance[/i]! [face_happy] The below information contained within this thread is part of our [i]Library Thread[/i]. Within this thread, you will be able to find extensive information on both [i]Intervention: Allegiance[/i] (COMING SOON!!!) and our current game, [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link] (click on "page 2," 25 posts per page setting).

    From all the players and staff of [i]Intervention: Allegiance[/i] and [i]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)[/i], we hope that you enjoy the exciting sequel to one of the longest running RPF games and award winning [i]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)[/i]! [face_grin]


    [b]General Information:[/b]

    -Game Thread: COMING SOON!!!

    -Current Game Thread: [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link]

    -Discussion Thread: [link=]Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG discussion thread)[/link]

    -Library Thread: [link=][Library Thread] Intervention (Under HEAVY reconstruction for our upcoming sequel game)[/link]

    -Wiki Library: [link=]Intervention RPG[/link]

    -[i]Game Master(s):[/i] Bravo, Mitth_Fisto, Sith-I-5, Coffee_Ninja

    -[i]Support Staff:[/i] N/A

    -Game Start Date: TBD

    -Game End Date: N/A

    -Game Genre: [i]The Mission Impossible RPG[/i] / [i]The Fan Fiction RPG[/i] (info: [link=]How to make and run a RPG (New Gamemasters START HERE!)[/link]

    -Timeline (Era): Galactic Civil War, 2 years A.B.Y. (After Battle of Yavin) / Several months before Battle of Hoth

    -Game Mode: Within Official [i]Star Wars[/i] Canon events (not AU, except when stated by a Game Master(s))

    -Current Player Count: N/A

    -Player Recruitment: Open (Taking new players)

    -[i][u]Game Awards:[/u][/i] N/A


    [i]Posts:[/i] 25 posts were "page"

    [i][OPENING POST][/i]
    [i]Posts:[/i] 1

    - General Information
    - Index
    - Active Players (and Extended Leave)
    - Rules
    - Special thanks to [i]CPL_Macja[/i]

    [i]Posts:[/i] 1

    [color=red][SECTION 1---Dramatis Personae][/color]
    [i]Posts:[/i] 1

    - Dramatis Personae
    - Current Roster

    [color=blue][SECTION 2---"The Story"][/color]
    [i]Posts:[/i] 3

    - Introduction Story

    - Game Chapters

    - Current Game Summary

    [color=blue][SECTION 3---The Characters][/color]
    [i]Posts:[/i] 2

    - Characters RPed by the players and staff
    - Storyline characters (not played by players; staff only)

    [color=blue]][SECTOION 4---Force Ranking System][/color]

    [color=blue][SECTION 3---Game Chapters][/color]

    - Game Chapters

    [color=red][SECTION 4---Game Glossary][/color]

    - Organizations
    - Locations
    - Characters
    - Vehicles (Star ships, starfighters, ground vehicles, etc.)
    - Key Terms (Miscellaneous)

    [color=blue][SECTION 5---The Ships][/color]

    - [i]Johnny Boy[/i]
    - [i]Gorlech[/i]

    [color=red][SECTION 6---Character Sheets][/color]

    - Active Players
    - Extended Leave

    [color=blue][SECTION 7---Staff][/color]

    - Staff (Duties)

    [color=red][SECTION 8---Storyline Posts][/color]

    - 1 through 3
    - 4 through 8
    - 9 through 11

    [color=blue][Section 10---Work Cited/Special Thanks][/color]

    - Works Cited
    - Special Thanks

    [b]ACTIVE PLAYERS (and Extended Leave)[/b]




    1) No God-moding

    2) All major character storylines (storylines that would change the direction of>
  2. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    Intervention: Allegiance (COMING SOON!!!), [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link] and their affiliated threads ([link=][Library Thread] STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)[/link], [link=]Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG discussion thread)[/link]) is founded on the basis and principles of The Holy Bible and the practices and theology found within Christian theology related to The Holy Bible.

    As a game, Intervention DOES NOT force, convince, threaten, pressure, bribe, sell, or in any other way take away the freedom of an individual to make their own religious or non-religious choices. As a game, Intervention is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, and welcoming role playing environment to all who play and or read the game's posts, without infringing upon a individual's rights to choose or not choose a religious, political, or cultural stance.

    While Intervention's storyline and various plots may support, make references to, and follow The Holy Bible and Christian theology, no player or staff member in Intervention is required to, convinced to agree to, have to support, or endorse The Holy Bible and or Christian theology.
  3. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Updated: 12-28-2011
    Ranks: Ranks based off of [link=]STAR WARS: Military Organisation[/link] ("Navy" ranks for Command Staff and "Navy" / "Flying" for starfighter pilots)

    Command Staff
    Note: Game Master(s) controlled characters

    Captain: Rick Taller ([link=]human[/link], male, 54 years of age) Bravo
    Commander: Terrel Vacks ([link=]human[/link], male, 53 years of age) All Staff
    Lieutenant Commander: Chris Street ([link=]Chiss[/link], male, 53 years of age) Mitth_Fisto
    Captain's Personal Assistance: Dak ([link=]M-3PO military protocol droid[/link]) All Staff
    Jedi Liaison: Jedi Knight Kasumi ([link=]human[/link], female, 33 years of age) Coffee_Ninja

    Guardian Squadron

    Johnny Boy (heavily modified [link=]Marauder-class corvette[/link])
    Captain: Rick Taller Bravo
    Lieutenant Commander: Chris Street Mitth_Fisto
    Hanger Chief: Sydney Ayres ([link=]human[/link], male, 56 years of age) Liam_Vehn
    Chief Medical Officer: Russel Cook ([link=]human[/link], male, 62 years of age) NPC
    Chief Engineer: Tim Williams ([link=]human[/link], male, 64 years of age) NPC
    Chef: Mary Star ([link=]human[/link], female, 50's(?) years of age) NPC
    Mercs' Historical Officer: Nick Skysand ([link=]human[/link], male, 16 years of age) Bravo
    Support Craft: N/A

    One Flight
    Merc One / Squadron Leader: Captain Havah Jeth ([link=]Arkanian[/link], male, 35 years of age); [link=]CloakShape fighter[/link] Mitth_Fisto

    Merc Two: Flying Officer Kasumi ([link=]human[/link], female, 33 years of age); [link=]T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter[/link] Coffee_Ninja

    Merc Three: Pilot Officer Aurora Cradmoon ([link=]Human[/link], female, 25 years of age); [link=]T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter[/link] spycoder9

    Merc Four: OPEN

    Two Flight
    Merc Five: Commander Jason Lasso ([link=]human[/link], male, 26 years of age); [link=]T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter[/link] Bravo

    Merc Six: Flying Officer Officer Fress Colias (Alias Kasha Sherland) ([link=]human[/link], female, 34 years of age); [link=]T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter[/link] JediFalcon

    Merc Seven: Flight Lieutenant Winterkill ([link=]Nagai[/link], male, 24 years of age); [link=]T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter[/link] greyjedi125

    Merc Eight: Pilot Officer Josch Decinchi ([link=]Erphae[/link], male, 122 years old); [link=
  4. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    "The Story"
    Introduction Story

  5. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    "The Story"
    Game Chapters
    Updated: N/A

    [b]CHAPTER ONE[/b]
    Dates: COMING SOON!!!

    See "Introduction Story".>
  6. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    "The Story"
    Current Game Summary
    Updated: N/A

  7. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    The Characters

    [b]Havah Jeth[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Captain
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Arkanian[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 33

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Mitth_Fisto[/color]

    [i]Rank:[/i] Flight Lieutenant
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Nagai[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 22

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]greyjedi125[/color]

    [b]Jason Lasso:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Commander
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Human[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 24
    [i]Photo:[/i] (Yes, it's me!)

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Bravo[/color]

    [i]Rank:[/i] Flight Lieutenant
    [i]Species:[/i] Elf
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] Unknown

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Sith-I-5[/color]

    [b]Fress Colias:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Flying Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Human[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Female
    [i]Age:[/i] 32


    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]JediFalcon[/color]

    [i]Rank:[/i] Flying Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Human[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Female
    [i]Age:[/i] 31
    [i]Photo:[/i] N/A

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Coffee_Ninja[/color]

    [b]Sage Oss:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Pilot Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] Wolatarian
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 28
    [i]Photo:[/i] N/A

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]GenOochy[/color]

    [b]Aurora Cradmoon:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Pilot Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Human[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Female
    [i]Age:[/i] 23

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]spycoder9[/color]

    [b]Tali Tarpals:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Pilot Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Gungan[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Female
    [i]Age:[/i] 20

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Republic_Anvil[/color]

    [b]Josch Decinchi:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Pilot Officer
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Erphae[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 122

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]CPL_Macja[/color]

    [b]Sydney Ayres:[/b]
    [i]Rank:[/i] Hanger Chief
    [i]Species:[/i] [link=]Human[/link]
    [i]Gender:[/i] Male
    [i]Age:[/i] 54

    [i]Rped by:[/i] [color=blue]Liam_Vehn[/color]
  8. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Force Ranking System (aka Force Abilities Chart)
    Updated: 02-19-2012

    Note: This system is not completed yet and therefore cannot be used in either STAR WARS: INTERVENTION or Intervention: Allegiance at the moment.

    [Taken and edited from "Levels," see below] In terms of [i]Intervention[/i], we are [b]NOT[/b] a Jedi vs. Sith game; we are only using Jedi titles (Padawan, Knight, Master) as a reference to our game's use of the Force and the staff's ability to maintain control and to avoid god-modding. In light of that information, [i]Intervention[/i] is not activity seeking to promote a "leveling" system for players to become Knights and Masters in an Original Trilogy environment where Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Obi-Wan were seen (from the movies) as the only surviving Jedi after Order 66. In short, we are respecting the creativity of the movies that George Lucas created and respecting those boundaries he established in the movies and will not have a host of fully trained Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters running around a post Order 66 and Galactic Empire controlled [i]Star Wars Galaxy[/i].

    [i]References:[/i] Information for the below Force Ranking System was gathered from the [i]STAR WARS[/i] movies (the six original movies, including DVD releases, Episode One, [i]The Phantom Menace[/i] through to Episode Six, [i]Return of the Jedi[/i]), [u]Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force[/u] (book), and [u]Wookieepedia[/u] (website).


    [b]DECLARATION OF [color=limegreen]The Force[/color][/b]
    [i]Updated:[/i] 12-17-2011

    "The Force" is to be used in [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link], [i]Intervention: Allegiance[/i] (COMING SOON!!!), and their affiliated threads of [link=][Library Thread] STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)[/link] and [link=]Rocketjock Eatery (A Star Wars: Intervention OOC/OOG social thread)[/link] in a manner and direction that reflects [b]George Lucas[/b]'s [i]STAR WARS[/i] vision, from (the six original movies, including DVD release) Episode One, [i]The Phantom Menace[/i] through to Episode Six, [i]Return of the Jedi[/i].

    In relation to that [i]STAR WARS[/i] vision, [i]Intervention[/i] (blanket title for all threads related to the game threads and their affiliated threads) will rely on the six original [i]STAR WARS[/i] movies (Episode One through Episode Six) first and foremost and the [link=]Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force[/link] as the primary sources of information regarding "The Force".

    Other [link=]Lucasfilm Ltd.[/link], [link=]LucasBooks[/link], and [link=]LucasArts[/link] licensed [i]STAR WARS[/i] material, primarily other [link=]Essential Guide(s)[/link] and related [link=]Expanded Universe[/link] material that is considered applicable to "The Force" of George Lucas' [i]STAR WARS[/i] vision in the six original movies (including [link=]Star Wars: The Force Unleashed[/link] and [link=]Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II[/link]), can be used as secondary information gathering sources.

    [link=]Wookieepedia[/link] may be used for information gathering on "The Force," but where such information conflicts with the six original movies, the movies first and foremost and then [link=]Jedi vs. Sith: The Essent>
  9. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
  10. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
  11. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

  12. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

  13. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    - Banger - BD-3000 Luxury Droid Prototype, Masculine Programming (age 31); IC character controlled by NickLitYouAFlame, active from 06/19/2009 to 07/01/2009. The character, Banger, was contacted by the Johnny Boy after exiting hyperspace in his starfighter over the Planet of Watava during the Battle at Headquarters Base. After a brief exchange of communication between the Johnny Boy and Banger, communication was lost with Banger. Banger's fate is unknown during the Battle at Headquarters Base. According to the character's character sheet, Banger flew a Ixiyen-class fast attack craft. Character sheet can be found at [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link], posted on 06/19/2009.

    - Crawford, Hal - Human, male (age 32); IC character controlled by bterrik, active from 06/29/2009 to 07/24/2009 and 06/06/2010 to 07/28/2010. The character, Hal Crawford, joined the Mercs during the Battle at Headquarters Base. During the battle, Hal was had a brilliant idea to defeat the heavily armored "Bear" enemy bombers, which could take two proton torpedoes and keep flying! Using his Y-Wing's ion cannons, Hal short-circuited the bombers' older electrical systems that created sparks in the Bears' older style fuel tanks and the bombers exploded in brilliant display.

    Hal's last known location was the Aces' Bar on Port Haven several days after the Battle at Headquarters Base. Although the circumstances to his disappearance remained a mystery for some time, he would reappear some time later after the Events at Asteroid One; his disappearance was contributed to his desire to get vengance against those who killed his fiancé. With his vengeance now complete, Hal would join the Mercs once again for battle in the battle over Desert Planet 22-52A. Hal, like in the Battle at Headquarters Base, would once again prove tactically important for the success of the mission as he would deal a critical blow to the Imperial-I-class Star Destroyer Terminator, upon orders from Squadron Leader Havah Jeth. The order from Havah and expert delivery from Hal Crawford would force the Star Destroyer to retreat from the field of battle. Unfortunately, Hal was last seen going inside the Star Destroyer to do his assigned orders. He was never seen again. His fate is unknown and is listed as MIA during the battle.

    According to the character's character sheet, Hal Crawford flew a BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighter. Character sheet can be found at [link=]STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)---Always taking new players![/link], posted on 06/29/2009.

    - Jeth, Havah - Arkanian, male (age 33); IC character controlled by Mitth_Fisto, active from 06/16/2009 to present. The character, Havah Jeth, is The Mercs' current Squadron Leader; Havah was promoted to Acting Squadron Leader during the Battle at Headquarters Base after then Squadron Leader Janice Toller was killed in action 1 year before the Battle of Yavin. Since his promotion to Acting Squadron Leader through circumstance and later full promotion to Squadron Leader through skill, Havah Jeth has proven himself as a level headed and creative Squadron Leader who remains calm and in control during battle, despite the circumstances around him. He has seen combat in various campaigns with the Mercs since Headquarters Base, including The Octagon Battle 3 days later, The Debris Field, Events at Asteroid One, and Desert Planet 22-52A.

    Havah Jeth has certain ground combat skills that include stealth, which Winterkill shares some of the same abilities; because of these shared abilities, Havah Jeth and Winterkill have developed a ve
  14. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    VEHICLES (Star ships, starfighters, ground vehicles, etc.)

  15. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    - Johnny Boy - The name of The Mercs' home capital ship, a heavily modified and upgraded Marauder-Class Corvette. See [SECTION 5]...8) The Johnny Boy for more info; link here: [link=][Library Thread] STAR WARS: INTERVENTION (A story-telling style OT starfighter game)[/link].

    - Mercs - The unofficial, but more commonly used, name of The Mercs.

    - Mercs, The - The official name of The Mercs.

    - MERC Fighter-Interceptor Squadron - MERC Fighter-Interceptor Squadron; The official name and call-sign of the Mercs' starfighter squadron.
  16. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Johnny Boy
    [link=]Marauder-Class Corvette[/link]

    ---Name: Johnny Boy
    ---Class: Marauder-Class Corvette
    ---Hyperdrive Class: Class One (modified from Class Two)
    ---Weapon(s): 8 double turbolasers, four quad laser cannons, two forward ion cannons, three tractor beam projectors
    ---Shields: Heavy, with redundant shields
    ---Sublight Speed: Slightly faster then a Victory-Class Star Destroyer
    ---Crew: 60 (Not including pilots)
    ---Passenger(s): None, although can hold up 20
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 300 metric tons
    ---Interior Description: The Johnny Boy has been heavily modified on the inside: most of the troop barracks, along with a large part of the crew quarters with the reduced crew, have been removed and other departments and quarters in the ship have been moved around and reconfigured to utilize the open space created by the removal of the troop barracks and unused crew quarters. Such additions have included a larger power generator, a separate power generator for the shields (which saves more power to the main generator which aids with the power for the extra weapons), redundant shields, retractable weapons, a larger hanger, and extra living space for the crew and pilots to relax. Such 'living space' have included a larger mess hall, an extra Living Area and Game Room (game tables, couches and lazy boy chairs, snack bar, and regular tables all in a carpeted room), gym, more personalized quarters for the crew in general, and a tactical planning and briefing room (collectively known as the "Briefing Room").
    ---Other Details: The Johnny Boy operates with a greatly reduced crew, although still maintains a higher crew number then the minimum crew count. With less crew comes more technology to help assist everyone aboard the vessel. The ship carries a full squadron of 12 starfighters, 1 Lambda-Class Shuttle, a various arrangement of speeder bikes and Swoop Bikes for ground operations, and one Gian Speeder.

    The Johnny Boy maintains a brown and rusted look with blaster scoring everywhere along the vessel; with the weapons retracted and the outward appearance of the Johnny Boy, the hope is that many customs and military agents will overlook the vessel. No outward signs or titles mark the vessel for identification.

    The vessel carries military-grade sensors, armor, communications, and sensors, while also having sensor-shielded hidden smuggling compartments and sensor-shielded retracted weapon compartments.

    [b][u]Detailed Interior Description:[/u][/b]

    The following is the "locations" of the [i]Johnny Boy[/i]. For purposes of this game and the [i]Johnny Boy[/i], the following locations are:

    [u]Bow Section (or forward part of the starship):[/u] For the [i]Johnny Boy[/i], the bow of the ship is the forward "wedge" of the starship. This includes the Bridge Section, Forward Bow, Starboard Aft Bow, and Port Aft Bow.
    [i]Note:[/i] The "Bridge Section" houses the bridge; its the section on-top of the bow that houses the bridge. The Hanger Bay runs under the Bridge Section.

    [u]Middle Section:[/u] The middle section is the long rectangular section that runs from the wedge shaped bow to the aft section.

    [u]Aft Section:[/u] The aft section is the bulky section with the two wings.

    [color=blue]Note:[/color] The "second level" of the ship is the bottom level that houses the majority of the maintenance rooms, work rooms, equipment rooms, supply rooms, armory, and droid recharge stations. It runs the length of the middle section of the ship and is under all the following sections described below. The "Bridge Section" is not considered a third level, however in technicality, it could be, since a flight of stairs connects the Bridge Section to the Middle Section.

    [b][u][color=red]Bridge Section:[/color][/u][/b]

    [i]Location:[/i] Bridge Section/top bow

    The bridge, starting from rear bow going forward to the forward bow, is as follows:

    Heavy triple>
  17. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    [link=]GR-75 medium transport[/link]
    EDIT: Edited on 04/01/2011 at DREAMSTAR's request through Helljumper1178 via PM.

    ---Name: Gorlech
    ---Class: Action 5 rebel transport
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 4
    ---Weapon(s): 4 cannon turrets, twin fire link laser. A retractable twin NK-5 Ion Cannon
    ---Shields: rating 240 SPD
    ---Sublight Speed: 700 G
    ---Crew: 6 crew, 1 gunner, (ship slaved crew 2)
    ---Passenger(s): 40
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 12,000 metric tons
    ---Interior Description: will provide if applicable
    ---Other Details: enclosed cargo bay with bay doors. Internal reinforced combat plating. A secondary energy reservoir.

    [u][b]Detailed Interior Description:[/b][/u]

    [quote=DREAMSTAR]OOC: This is a visual layout of the Gorlech, as requested by [b]Bravo[/b] and [b]GreyJedi[/b]

    Gorlech Ship Interior:
    GR-75 Transport

    Command Pod/Bridge:
    The Command Pod also contains the shield generator and life support, in addition to acting as it's own escape pod in case of emergencies. Coming from the Command Pod, there are stairs leading down to the [b]Upper Deck[/b].

    Stairs from Command Pod and Access Hallway Leading to Turbolift:
    [image=] [image=]
    Continuing down the hall, you will come to the Crew Quarters, six rooms (three on each side of the hall), and at the very end of the hall, you will find the Turret Room. From the Turret Room you have manuel control of the [i]Gorlech's[/i] weapons systems. If you continue back down the hall and take the Turbo Lift down, you will be on the Main Deck standing in the Tech Bay.

    Tech Bay/Aft Storage:

    Continuation Coming Soon...[/quote]

    [quote=DREAMSTAR]The Gorlech Ship Interior Continued:

    The Tech Bay is where you will find [b]Ingrid[/b] 90% of the time, if there's not a problem with the [i]Gorlech[/i]. Here she does most of her "tinkering".

    Entrance to Lounge:
    From here there are an additional eight rooms for passengers. Continuing on, you'll reach the ship's Galley. This room has an open feel with a centralized table and chairs. The place is well lit with a small kitchenette in one corner. In the other corner several large comfortable chairs sit grouped around a small gaming table. Next you will come to the Observation Deck. This room carries the large pivoting cargo crane in its center, used for loading and unloading cargo, as well as huge windows, giving the viewer an excellent, picturesque view of space.

    Last on the [b]Main Deck[/b] is the Communications Array, found just forward of the Observation Deck.

    Going down the Turbolift to the bottom level, or [b]Cargo Deck[/b], you have access to two rooms. One is the Engine Room, and the second is the large Cargo Bay that spans almost the entire belly of the ship.

    Engine Room:

    Cargo Bay:

    Along it's length there are approximately six docking collars, accessed through corridors on either side of the massive hangar bay. This pictures show approximately one third of it's entire length.

    I hope this is satisfactory to all crew who will be playing on board the [i]Gorlech[/i], if you have any questions, please ask.

    [b]Tag: Any GM[/b][/quote]>
  18. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    Active Players



    Date Joined: 06/16/2009

    Name: Havah Jeth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Species: Arkanian
    Homeworld: Arkania
    Affiliation: The Mercs

    ---Traits: Havah prefers the direct, sneaky approach to missions, and is reluctant to sit back when he thinks danger is an acceptable risk to complete a mission or save a comrade. He keeps his head, if not his cool, at all times, and is generally perceived as protective.
    ---Likes: When everything ends well, women, the occasional glass of Abrax cognac or shot of accarrgm wine, fine tuning his ship, and combat sparring
    ---Dislikes: Boring missions & scenarios, weak drinks, when mechanics screw up his ship, failing an obligation, and going in blind on any mission
    ---Habits: Will play a flute when bored and fiddling with his armor/weapons

    ---Skin Color: Caucasian (Albino Pale)
    ---Hair Color: White
    ---Eye Color: White
    ---Clothing: Tan Chitin Armor with no insignias, with concealed vibro-dagger gauntlets and utility belt.
    ---Other Attributes: Somewhat broad, with decently rugged looks
    ---Other Details: Straight hair down to his shoulders, usually keeps helmet hooked at his side when not in combat situations, and has five fingers on right hand.

    Weapons: Westar-34 Blaster Pistol (Jango Fett?s blaster type) and spare cartridges, Stokhli Spray Stick, 1x Cryoban Grenade, and the concealed gauntlet vibro-daggers.

    ---Name: Spook (Merc 5)
    ---Class: Customized CloakShape Fighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.7
    ---Weapon(s): 2x Medium Forward-mounted laser cannons, 1x Concussion/1xProton Torpedo launcher (4 concussion missiles and 4 torpedoes)
    ---Shields: Light
    ---Sublight Speed: 1000 km/h to 3500 km/h (Shields on)
    ---Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Otoga-222-series repair droid wirelessly connected to ships computer
    ---Passenger(s): None
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 30 kg
    ---Interior Description: The Spook has been modified to work as a single man and droid fighter from its previous one man status, and as such the positions which would have distracted him such as power flow control and in flight minor repairs are taken care of by his Otoga-222 droid ?Pick?. The power generator has been upgraded to allow for its light deflector shields, engines, and weapons to be used at the same time without serious detriment to either systems. The more common upgrades of a maneuvering fin, hyperdrive sled, and advanced targeting computer with sensor suite.
    ---Other Details: He rarely allows other droids or people to work on his ship without them being supervised by either himself or Pick at all times. The paint job on the Spook has been intentionally left a mottled tan with cream and rust colored blotches with the exception of white paint at around the missile tubes, giving it an old worn-out look.

    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None

    ---Personal History: Havah grew up as one of seven children, son of Kir, a scientist who works on the main board of the Arkanian Dominion. As this took most of their father?s time they were left to their mother, when she was available, and more often than not to servants to be raised. Some of the servants were of course qualified bodyguards and pilots incase they had to be moved suddenly, and from these he learned many techniques on how to fight and pilot at a young age as they would often use these lessons and training sessions as a way to keep the children busy and out of trouble. As a result, Havah became an adept pilot and fighter at a young age, and as he grew older his skills, with the continued and varied tutelage of the guards and servants, improved. Although he was more of one to break then fix items he had had to learn a good bit about repairing items as even though his parents didn?t mind replacing things, a>
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    Sep 10, 2001
    Extended Leave



    Date Joined: 03/27/2011

    [B]Name:[/b] Zixellia ?Zixie? Tyvynn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Species: Devaronian
    Homeworld: Devaron
    Affiliation: The Mercs
    ---Traits: Curious, observant, adventurous, and stubborn.
    ---Likes: Flying, fighting, dejarik, getting paid, and animals.
    ---Dislikes: Accidents that can be prevented, being out argued, being told she?d make a better politician than a fighter or a pilot, other people touching her ship, and rodents.
    ---Habits: Triple checks coordinates before any hyperspace travel. She tends to convince people that her viewpoint is the correct one and that they thought of it first, due to her diplomatic upbringing. Determining the identity of any male Devaronian she comes across. Drumming her nails on the nearest surface when bored or anxious.
    ---Skin Color: Pink
    ---Hair/Fur Color: Torti Brown
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    -?Height: 1.8 m (5Ft9in.)
    ?-Clothing: Flight helmet and black/brown camouflage print padded flight suit that zips over her regular attire. Her regular attire consists of cargo pants, fur tight long-sleeved/short-sleeved/tank shirt (dependent on weather), hip hugging holster slung diagonally beneath her utility belt, combat boots with concealed holsters - one containing a knife and the other a hold-out blaster pistol, and a blast vest she dons on dangerous missions.
    ---Other Attributes: Her left foot is white fur from the ankle down while the rest of her is torti brown (similar in coloring to a tortishell cat).
    ---Other Details: She has a keen sense of hearing. She never goes anywhere without her long-range comlink enhanced with a pocket scrambler.
    [B]Weapons:[/b] Hold-out blaster pistol, throwing knives, and blaster pistol.
    ---Name: Gackle
    ?Model: Modified CloakShape fighter
    ?Manufacturer: Curich Engineering
    ---Class: Starfighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 1.5
    ---Weapon(s): Light laser cannons - 2, Concussion missile launchers -2 (with 8 missiles each)
    ---Shields: deflector
    ---Sublight Speed: 1,400 - 2,000 km/h (shields on) 2,900 km/h (shields off)
    ---Crew: 1 pilot
    ---Passenger(s): 1-2
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 40kg
    ---Interior Description: Stowed next to one of the passenger seats is the portable computer she uses to gather information on targets or diagnose her ship problems. In the other chair, she has strapped in a took kit - that includes all the basic tools needed for repairing her ship, plus a few more specialty tools she has found useful over the years. Also stowed in the passenger area: field kit, medical kit, two pairs of binder cuffs, a security kit, and a few other personal/professional items Zixie has acquired over the years.
    ?Modifications: Self-powered hyperdrive sled, Curich Engineering rear wing and stabilizer conversion kit, upgraded power generator, deflector shields, upgraded engines, power recharger hooked into the ship?s power supply.
    ---Other Details: The ship had a horrendous, bright pink paint job when she bought it. The pink has since been toned down with a pink & purple camouflage pattern. It bears the silhouette of two gackle bats (native to Devron) painted on its hull.
    [b]The Force[/b]
    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Personal History: I spent the first 16 years of my life raised by my mother. My father left the day I was born. I was attended the finest Academy Devron had to offer and excelled in my studies, not because I enjoyed it, but because it made my mother happy and I knew that I would not be able to make her happy forever. Throughout my childhood, I received many letters from my father, in addition to the wealth he sent home from his adventures. He told of places I could hardly imagine, and excitement that I could only dream of. His stories had me hooked. My best friend had great political aspirations and I still recall the shock on her face, when at the age of 7, I told her I wanted to go explore the galaxy. She was horrified and threatene>
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    ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS, GAME MASTERS, AND SUPPORT STAFF: All player disputes or problems, IC, OOC/OOG, or over Private Message, that violates the [link=]Sexual Harassment Policy[/link], [link=]Rules of the Jedi Council Forums[/link], or [link=]Terms of Service[/link], MUST be reported to the "Game Master" (Bravo) via Private Message, who will then forward it to the "Co-Game Master" (greyjedi125), "Assistant Game Master" (Mitth_Fisto), and a "RPF Manager". If the "Game Master" (Bravo) is not available, does not respond within 24 hours, or you feel the situation warrants a "RPF Manager"'s attention immediately, please forward any player disputes or problems that violate the above mentioned "Sexual Harassment Policy", "Rules of the Jedi Council Forums", or "Terms of Service" to a "RPF Manager" ASAP. Thank you.

    Game Masters:

    - Bravo (Game Master)
    - greyjedi125 (Co-Game Master)
    - Mitth_Fisto (Assistant Game Master)
    - Sith-I-5 (Assistant Game Master)

    Support Staff:

    - N/A

    [u]GAME MASTERS[/u]

    [b]Game Master:[/b] Bravo (Start Date: 06/11/2009 to present)

    1) [Primary Duty] Overall game management

    2) [Primary Duty] Overall management of Mercs, Imperials, Rebels, and all other forces in game

    3) [Primary Duty] Overall storyline development and approval for player ideas for the storyline

    4) [Primary Duty] Overall control of all "Staff" in the game, whether Co-Game Master, Assistant Game Master, or Support Staff

    5) [Primary Duty] Access to approve character ideas, storylines, and plots for IC use in game (that would affect the whole game)

    6) [Primary Duty] Control and management of all Game Master(s) controlled characters ([u]not[/u] for Sodalis)

    7) [Primary Duty] Character Sheet approval

    8) [Primary Duty] "Two Flight" command and storyline development for "Two Flight"

    9) [Primary Duty] IC a "Game Master Controlled character" ([b]Captain Rick Taller[/b]) in addition to your own IC character

    10) Obey and follow the [link=]Harassment Policy[/link], [link=]Rules of the JC[/link], and the [link=]TOS[/link].

    11) All player disputes or problems, IC, OOC/OOG, or over Private Message, that violates the [link=]Sexual Harassment Policy[/link], [link=]Rules of the Jedi Council Forums[/link], or [link=]Terms of Service[/link], [b]MUST[/b] be reported to the "Game Master" (Bravo) via Private Message, who will then forward it to the "Co-Game Master" (greyjedi125), "Assistant Game Master" (Mitth_Fisto), and a "RPF Manager". If the "Game Master" (Bravo) is not available, does not respond within 24 hours, or you feel the situation warrants a "RPF Manager"'s attention immediately, please forward any player disputes or problems that violate the above mentioned "Sexual Harassment Policy", "Rules of the Jedi Council Forums", or "Terms of Service" to a "RPF Manager" ASAP.

    12) Must be committed to at least checking the game twice a week and fulfilling required duties, exceptions being real life issues ([i]Intervention[/i] is committed to a "family first" policy...your real life family ALWAYS comes first, the game comes second). [color=red]Excuses of "I have another game" or "I'm lazy" will not be tolerated for not fulfilling required responsibilities.[/color]


    [b]Co-Game Master:[/b] greyjedi125 (Start Date: 06/11/2009 to present)

    1) [Primary Duty] Direct Co-Game Master and second in charge of the game [color=red](Has the authority to do all "Game Master" d>
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    Storyline Posts (1 through 3)

    Storyline Post One
    Date Posted: 6/11/09 3:52pm

    Planet of Watava, 3961 B.B.Y.

    Sparks flew around in the cockpit, warning alarms still blinking; a strong smell of acid smoke filled the small interior. Coughing, Isic looked around, finally coming to after the tumbling fall from space to the wood-covered planet below. The last thing he remembered was dropping through the planet?s atmosphere, a trail of smoke from his engines; after his starfighter?s fiery entry into the planet?s atmosphere, a series of laser blasts from an enemy starfighter on his tail all but destroyed any control the young pilot had, sending his already damaged fighter into a deadly spiral towards the ground below. His spin was too fast for a safe ejection and even if he could eject, he couldn?t with the system being fried. He was sure this would be his last seconds as he crashed through woods? upper canopy.

    He didn?t understand how he was alive, but he didn?t care at the moment; if he didn?t hurry and get out of the cockpit, he wouldn?t have any more time to think about how he survived anyways. The acid smoke was filling the cockpit and soon he would be dead from a lack of oxygen.

    He tried to push the canopy open and it didn?t move. With frustration, he started to push harder and harder, soon resorting to screaming at certain death as he pounded at the canopy with oxygen rapidly disappearing in the cockpit. Soon, he heard a click and suddenly he felt a rush of air into the canopy. Satisfied that the canopy was now open, he pushed it open and crawled out coughing, not knowing how bad he was injured. He fell to the ground in a crumpled mess of pilot uniform and human body. Isic ripped his helmet off and dropped it by the crumpled starfighter; he took a look at his starfighter, a mere mangled mess of metal and wires, the nose of the starfighter all smashed backwards into the ground, while nothing but a shattered mess of burning debris marked what was left of the aft of the fighter; the cockpit was the only part of the fighter that wasn?t smashed. He was lucky, very lucky.

    But he couldn?t stop now, starfighter or no starfighter. If ?The Beasts? got hold of what he carried---he glanced into his jumpsuit?s pocket to see the solid red gem still there---then ?The Mandalorian Wars? would be little more then child?s play compared to the coming darkness. Isic doubted even if the famous Jedi Revan and Malak could push back the coming darkness as they had pushed back the Mandalorian invasion thus far. This red gem had already coast the destruction of so much.

    The pilot looked up through the green wood canopy, watching as his people?s last naval fleet struggled against The Beasts, their larger black vessels surrounding the much smaller fleet of silver-looking vessels. It was, for that moment, as if all sound stopped and all he saw was the space battle in low orbit above the planet, laser beams flying back and forth in all directions, small ion trails marking where starfighters danced a deadly dance around the capital ships. Suddenly, however, the largest of the silver lined vessels erupted with multiple small explosions all around her and then suddenly exploded, sending fiery debris everywhere.

    Isic?s own scream of despair broke the silence, birds of the native planet rising in flight. The young pilot looked down at his gloved hands and muttered, ?All hope is lost. The Queen is dead...what hope do we I have...does the galaxy have...??

    He looked back towards the sky, his vision blurred with tears. The battle quickly started to drop towards the planet as it seemed everyone was coming towards...him. No, he thought, The Beasts must have learned that the Queen had given him the red gem to escape with and, he looked back at his starfighter, they were all coming towards the smoke rising from his crashed starfighter.

    So much had already been lost and now the Queen was dead and their greatest military vessel now nothing more then debri
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    Storyline Posts (4 through 8)

    Storyline Post Four
    Date Posted: 7/26/09 12:00am

    Public Government Palace, Republic of Watava, 1 B.B.Y.

    Investigator Hilick Soal really hated this. It looked bad, very bad. Emperor Palpatine had told him that much and Soal felt anger burn deep within him for letting his Emperor down. If not for his loyalty to the Emperor and the New Order, the Investigator would have been replaced by now...and being replaced usually meant being dead in Imperial terms.

    But the Emperor realized that it wasn't Soal that had let the Marauder-Class Corvette escape, but Admiral Wat of the Imperial Assault Fleet, who had arrived before Hilick Soal's Royal Red Squadron. That was why Admiral Wat, and not Hilick Soal, lay on the ground at the Investigator's feet, a blaster bolt in his head by Soal's blaster pistol.

    Failure in the Empire, espcially when the Emperor himself had an interest in things, was not allowed.

    As he sat back down on the king's throne, looking at the display of holo imagines and news in front of him from a holoprojector built into the floor, two white armored Imperial Stormtroopers dragged the Admiral's dead body out of Hilick's sight. No doubt the Emperor was being informed of the Investigator's actions by his Imperial Royal Guardsmen, one of whom stood to the left and behind of Hilick.

    And no doubt the Emperor was pleased with his loyalty. There was no hesitation on the Investigator's part to do the Emperor's command and release the Admiral of his command which, Hilick knew, would gain him favor again with the Emperor.

    Information had been attained by Commander Top on the details of this Marauder-Class Corvette through the interrogation of one of the Watava soldiers who had reported the government had a mercenary team here on planet---which was new news to the Investigator, which meant more Watava government officials would have to pay for their lack of loyalty to the Empire---and that one of their members, a teenage boy the soldier had said, was bragging about searching outside the airfield for some items.

    Given what the specialized equipped the Storm Commandos had used told them about the Red Rock's travels from that hole, it would indeed put the Red Rock inside the airfield's buildings.

    So, with a lead now, Hilick had devoted all his time to researching up any and all mercenary groups who owned or operated a Marauder-Class Corvette. Acourse working on Watava, the mercenary group would not had used their official name, as was evidence when Hilick Soal had done any research into the name of the mercenary group on official Watava government paperwork. His searches came up with nothing. He had dispatched his Observation (Observ) personnel to go through each and every soldier, sailor, pilot, technician, and government official to find out the mercenary group's true name.

    Most of the reports coming back to him were of a group called The Mercs. Such a search into Imperial records and news feeds took him as far back to the Clone Wars records. Now displayed before him on various separate hologram screens were each and every Merc member, they're last known residence before joining the Mercs, last job, and criminal record if they had one, as well as Imperial records on how long they had been with The Mercs, and---what gave Hilick Soal the wild card in this game---was all of their immediate and close family members and where they lived and what they did for a living.

    If The Mercs were reluctant to show their heads, then using their own families as bait was usually worked in most cases the Investigator had found out over the years.

    Other articles of information kept coming up as he moved from member information to history of The Mercs, which started right after the Clone Wars, to everything from close contacts and allies to their known missions against non-Imperial and Imperial targets.

    As all the other holo screens faded away and only one remained, enlarging to a size that took up
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    Storyline Posts (9 through 12)

    Storyline Post Nine
    Date Posted: 5/8 3:10am

    Apartment, Coruscant, 22 years A.B.Y.

    Jag came busting through into his father's study, his eyes alert with excitement, his hands skillfully managing a toy starfighter in each hand---a X-Wing in one hand and a TIE Fighter in another. His mouth came gushing forward with noises that the young 9 year-old human child thought was appropriate for each type of starfighter.

    The 37 years old Nick Skysand looked up from his desk and smiled warmly at his child. Back in the days of The Mercs, Nick Skysand was a young 14 year-old that was average height and build for a human teenager of his age and had shaggy blond hair and brown eyes. His son, Jag, looked like Nick had been when he nine years old, although Jag also inherited his mother's features of green eyes and a athletic ability that Nick never really had as a youth.

    Speaking of Jag's mother, April came blasting through the door almost just as quickly as Jag had entered it, her brown hair loose around her shoulders. Her cooking apron was freshly dirtied with baking mix as she quickly snatched up the runaway Jag as he fought the evil Galactic Empire TIE Fighter with the heroic Rebel Alliance X-Wing.

    April looked at Nick and smiled. "I'm so sorry honey! I know you're so busy with your university work today. I was trying to keep an eye on him while cooking some cookies, but he slipped away."

    "Look dad!" Jag exclaimed in wide-eyed excitement as he allowed his mother to hold him, "The X-Wing won the day again! Yeepie!!!"

    Nick chuckled with a love that only a parent could have for a child and shared a quick look with his wife, April, who smiled back at him with a smile of approval of their son. "It sure looks like it, Jag, doesn't it! You keep fighting those evil Imperials! But listen to your mother now, okay?"

    Jag's face suddenly turned sour at mention of having to listen to 'mother'. "But dad! I want to hear another one of your stories!"

    "Jag, sweetie, its Saturday," His mother said, "And you know your father is busy with his work studies on Saturdays."

    "But mom!" Jag pleaded.

    "Jag, enough is enough. You know the rules about Saturday." April replied in a more 'motherly' tone then before.

    Jag bobbled his head in complete defeat as he looked at the ground and mumbled out-loud, "Don't bother dad between 9am and 4pm on Saturdays. I know, I know."

    Nick looked at his downcast son, his studies spilled about his wood work desk, then at his chrono on his wrist. With a sweet smile understanding that although it was only one o'clock in the afternoon, time with his wife and soon were timeless. Holding up a hand held, Nick got up and over-dramatically stretched with a yawn, giving his wife a knowing smile that she responded to with a loving smile of joy at her husband's yet-to-be-said choice that she knew he was about to make.

    "I think my studies can wait until next week," Nick said, watching his child's head turn up towards him and April, a smile growing on his face, "I think your mother could sure use some strong men like us Jag to help her get that cookiee mix ready for the next round. What do you say?"

    Jag's face was brighter then when he first entered his father's study, "Can you tell one of you're stories too?!"

    "I think us two big men can swap some stories back and forth in the kitchen without your mother getting too mad at us."

    April shook her head, releasing Jag, and she smirked at both her son and husband, "I'll just watch the latest galactic holo news while you two tell stories of starfighters!"

    Jag jumped in joy, all but racing over to his dad behind the desk and dragging him by the hand to the kitchen, the two toy starfighters in one hand now. "Come on dad, hurry!" Jag pleaded, April giving her husband a quick kiss on the cheek as he passed by her, seeming to be dragged away by a rancor.


    Twenty minutes later

    Apartment, Coruscant, 22 years A.B.Y.

    " that's
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    Intervention's Game Development and Progress Timeline

    COMING SOON!!!!!! :D
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    Note: These are the KNOWN (best to my knowledge) works cited for the game.

    Star Wars

    Star Wars Expanded Universe

    STAR WARS The New (and old) Essential Guide(s)

    Ace Combat series on the PlayStation2 and Xbox360:

    Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies (PlayStation 2)
    Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War (PlayStation 2)
    Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War (PlayStation 2)
    Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation (Xbox 360)


    Jedi Outcasts series of games (here at the JC boards)

    Soldier (movie, 1998)

    The character Nick Skysand was made with the following works cited:

    Star Trek Voyager

    New Jedi Order series of books

    Jedi Outcasts series of games (here at the JC boards)
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