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Beyond - Legends Living with a Nightsister (Dear Diary Challenge)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Mira Grau , Jan 7, 2021.

  1. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Title: Living with a Nightsister
    Author: Anedon
    Characters: Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka Djo, Nyssa Nightstar(OC), Carina Caresh(OC)
    Genre: Drama, Adventure, Romance
    Timeline: Legends AU, 35 ABY
    Summary: When spring returns to Dathomir Nyssa is tasked with takeing a haughty former Nightsister under her wing.

    Author's Note:
    This story is an offshoot of my AU story: The Courtship of Jacen Solo and takes place in the same AU universe in which Dathomir remained, almost, completly isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

    Thanks to @Adalia-Durron for her help and support. :)


    My mother suggested me doing this diary as a help with my new responsibilities, as a place to leave my thoughts and to maybe learn from. She did something like that herself back in the day, and while my situations now is literally the opposite of hers she got me to at least give it a try. Nyssa Nightstar is listening to her mother, if that isn´t a reason to start a diary I really don´t know what would count.

    Maybe I´m truly becoming responsible now that I hang out with people like Tenel Ka and her new boyfriend. Still can´t believe how much my life changed since last autumn. There is a small part of mine who wishes things would be back as they used to be, that I had just thrown my spear between Jacen´s ribs when he first came here. No I can´t say that, he is my friend now as insane that would have been to me back that evening.

    Jealousy is still there tough, not gonna lie. And it goes in both directions, kinda silly that my first crush is living together with the first male I ever found interesting. Maybe the universe just hates me. Maybe I´ll someday find someone, but enough of showering myself in self pity.

    I´m now friends with Tenel Ka!

    Even helped saving her life. She, Jacen and myself spend half of the winter out there, working well as a team. Tracking Nightsisters and finding out more about their allies. Still not sure how Jacen managed to get those information's out of Garrowyn but they were always accurate and we could severally weaken our enemies.

    Seems the only battle I truly lost last year was the one against Jacen in the ring. Probably should have known better, got me an entire week of wearing that cursed Nightsister outfit amongst the tribe. But where the older warriors would have mocked me before this time they laughed with me.

    Seems meeting Jacen did have had its benefits after all, while he is unquestionable the main hero of that night, my own name is mentioned right after, before even Teneniel and Tenel Ka.

    The other warriors now respect me, me Nyssa Nightstar who, when we were kids, would sometimes leave tied to a tree during playtime because of how annoyed they were with me. Not that I wasn´t annoying sometimes, maybe it's the Nightsister blood from my mother. Speaking of the Nightsisters, they are the reason I´m writing this, or more precisely one of them in particular.

    The captives have spend the winter in the dungeon now and with many their heath has cooled down considerably. Now that spring is coming we will give them a chance to make up for the damage they caused by having them work for the clan. If they prove themselves trustworthy we will allow them more freedoms and eventually, probably in a few years allow them to join our clan.

    Same thing as with my own mother after her coven got defeated. She served the others witches for two years before earning herself a place in the clan.

    They´ve been working the fields for us for a few days now, where the women in particular really struggle as they have spent their entire lives as warriors.
    What surprises me tough is how so far is that none of them tried to flee, they seem honestly eager to work for us. Or maybe they are just glad to get out of the dungeon for the day. Some of them are quite haughty tough, constantly demanding more food, more rest during work. When Jacen is at the fields they even get it, he is just too good for this world.

    Tough speaking of haughty, one of our captives caught my eye tough. Her name is Carina, and I first met her during the hours of guarding our captives. Well that´s not entirely true, first I met her when she tackled me to the ground in the aftermath of the battle, when Jacen knocked her out and I later 'borrowed' her clothes to infiltrate their camp.

    But I´m not sure if that counts as a proper meeting. She is something of an outsider amongst the other captives, and has gotten into fights with them more than once now. She claims to be a matriarchs daughter and often demands a special treatment.

    And of course it's her the tribe wants me to take under my wing. Maybe because we are both outsiders or maybe because I´m related to her clan via my mother.

    Several witches will take one of them in, in the coming days and so I shall provide oversight and guidance to Carina. Still can´t believe I actually agreed to that, well at least I´ll get myself a servant out of it for the coming days.

    Made some plans on how to treat her already, as Jacen suggested I will allow her to sleep in my hut, not send her back to the dungeon each night, to hopefully build a connection. Will also allow her to wear the casual clothing for young witches, a short skirt and cropped top so she can feel as part of the clan. No armor of course tough, she will have to earn that.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    Nice start.
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    Jun 3, 2003
    Excellent start. ;)
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  4. Mira Grau

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    May 11, 2016
    Awww, thanks to both of you guys. Hope you continue enjoying it as we go along. :)


    Honestly I'm not sure what to make of Carina, in one moment she is an extremely haughty spoiled brat, but then in the next a broken, fearful child. Had our first day together and it didn't start out very well.

    She apparently considered my gestures of kindness a weakness and started to make further demands, refusing to do any work for me. Got enraged by that by that, not gonna lie, I tried to reach out to her and so she thanked me. Grabbed her, shook her and yelled at her and she cowered down, fearful and began to cry. Made me almost feel bad for her again but at least it got her to do her work.

    A part of mine enjoyed watching her doing my everyday chores for me but... stars, I just began to feel bad for her. Asking myself if it was right too just keep her as a slave, by threatening her.

    Is that the way I want to be? Certainly not what my parents taught me. Mom and dad met as equals, during the time she was still a servant to Teneniel. And so their relationship was always more equal as well.

    I know I have a foul mouth, but I guess Jacen is right when he said my heart is soft. Maybe that's why he and Tenel Ka asked me to take Carina in.

    So eventually I began to help her, me Nyssa Nightstar going out of her way to help out her servant.

    Working together, felt better than overseeing her work, even if I did notice how she instantly tried to take advantage of me again. Was strict with her on that, and she accepted it. Felt how she is afraid of me, didn't make me happy either.

    So eventually I had enough and told her to sit down with me so we could talk things out. We need to find a common ground if we want this to work. Took us quite a while to get there tough, but eventually I made it clear to her that I would show her kindness and allow her freedoms, if she showed me loyalty and hard work instead. She first seemed hesitant, either thinking about how turn this into an advantage for herself or also worrying how I could abuse our arrangement. I suspect this is part of her upbringing, living with Nightsisters probably teaches you nothing but looking out for yourselves.

    Rest of the day, it went better, felt how her fear began to lessen again but this time she didn't try to take advantage of me again. So I guess it's a first step. Ate dinner together in silence as she didn't seem interested in my attempts at starting a conversation and I didn't want to force her.

    When we went to sleep I decided to better be safe than sorry and tie her hands up, so she won't attack me in my sleep. She accepted it and so I was gentle in doing so. Now about to head to bed myself, worried what tomorrow might bring, Carina and I definitely had a bad start but maybe we can make this work.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Wow, the universe seen through the eyes of a Night Sister. Since I regard myself as a true "Harzer Brockenhexe"... ... I hope that I can keep on reading this!

    Not that I have much to do apart from my work at a kindergarten, shopping once a week, meeting dear friends online & watching DVDs with my husband.

    So, please keep me tagged/ informed.

    The Nightsisters fascinated me ever since I read about them first in a certain legend book.
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    May 11, 2016
    Thanks, @AzureAngel2
    Living not far from the Harz myself the whole witch thing defenetly reminds me of my home regions as well. Really want to experience a Walpurgisnacht there someday, kinda hoping to find a place where it hasn´t turned into just normal festival, but rather a more traditional one.


    Things are improving, slowly but they are. Carina didn't try to attack me nor to flee during her first night in my house, in fact when I gave her a second fur blanket she thanked me politely. Seems that she has now accepted that staying with me is the best course of action for her and thus she took it as her fate. Next day I brought her to work at the fields to follow a piece of advice Jacen had given me. She really is clumsy when it comes to work like this but I would probably be just as bad if I were in her place, I know my mother certainly was. There is a certain cuteness to her attempts tough, not gonna lie, especially now when she is actually giving it an honest try. Shared a meal together during noon and even chatted a bit. Same thing the following day, and the day after, with our breaks growing longer and our talk becoming more friendly. Allowed me to finally learn a bit more about her. She and I actually share some similar interests, as we talked about weird stories and gossip from our clans. Turns out she is indeed a matriarchs daughter of the Great Canyon Clan to be precise. They are a weird clan, the same my mother hails from, they treat their males better than most other clans. Our clan fought them several times in the past and for that reason they joined up with the Nightsisters and their outsider. Carina actually got a glimpse of this mysterious woman when she was listening in on her mother one day, her relay what she knew of her to Jacen, who seemed to be shocked and confused at the same time. Apparently our enemy resembles someone he knows from out there, but not someone he expected. As a reward for telling me about it, I decided to take the next day of work with her and we went swimming together. Was at first worried, she might try to escape but she stayed with me. Couldn't help but stare at her a few times. She is not very muscular for a Dathomirian woman, but very pretty, with her blonde hair, a rarity on our world. Also noticed how she looked at me more than once. After we went swimming we stayed in the sun together, and made fun of some of the other witches who had been watching the captives. We mocked our tribal garb a bit as well, given how simple and plain it is. She as it turns out is quite skilled with things like this, which might explain why she considers working in the fields as beneath her. Offered her that if she could make me a pretty outfit I would ensure she could make on for herself as well to wear. She was very delighted. Had a great time us really just two young women talking and laughing together. Decided we should take days like this more often from now on. Glad she and I now get along, Carina is decently more than just a haughty brat as I first thought. Not sure if I would call her a friend outright but I definitely begun to grow fond of this Nightsister Tailor and wonder how I could have ever considered treating her as a servant. Jacen is right, my heart is soft, but I guess that's might not be such a bad thing after all.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Glad she and I now get along, Carina is decently more than just a haughty brat as I first thought.

    First impressions can be wrong. / Der erste Eindruck kann täuschen. ;);)

    Great update! And nice insert from Jacen.

    As for Walpurgis celebrations in the Harz Mountains, that will be difficult unless you know "people of the old way". See, that region lives mainly from tourism. So they of course exploit the whole pagan high feast. But I can recommend Werningerode Castle, Thale, the "Umzug" in Braunlage and Goslar, unless older citizens strongly object and the town council drops the entire celebrations.
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    May 11, 2016
    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it @AzureAngel2 :)
    Sounds intresting, might look deeper into where to experience the event then once covid is over I guess at least.


    Working with Carina on my new outfit. Honestly its harder than expected I'm probably just as clumsy as she was with field work. Not sending her out there anymore, used to for a while after she had begun her work but I feel it's best to let her do what she can. Our tribe never had a tailor like her, our clothing being just simple and functional. What she is making for me, think it will impress quite a few people. Carina joked that when it comes to this she is the mistress and I´m the servant, and I guess there is some truth in that. But I feel she is more than just a servant by now, there is still something left of her haughty attitude and sometimes I say something that ticks her off, but most of the time now we are laughing together and talking like friends. Guess it might have something to do with both of us being outsiders in our tribes that we get along so well. Have also begun to teach her how to fight, so far she had barely any idea of actual combat. I know it might be risky to teach someone who has been an enemy just a few months ago things like that, but I feel it's mostly me trying to reassess some strength, to show her something I'm much better than her for all the hours I humiliate myself in trying to learn tailoring.
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    May 11, 2016

    Visited my parents today, while wearing the new outfit for the first time. It's a sleeveless leather corset that is covered with several beautiful dark green embroideries displaying leaves and vines of the Dathomirian forest. Shows a bit more cleavage than our usual tribal clothing but as a single woman I don´t mind that. Carina also got me a fitting skirt and a dark green cloak to compliment the outfit. Had quite a few looks on me as we made our way through the village and several sisters requesting a similar outfit. Maybe Carina and I can turn this into a business, but I assured my new personal gold mine that, as promised, the next outfit she makes will be hers. Her meeting my parents was... interesting. Makes me wonder if my decision to not introduce her to them right away was the correct one. Mom's from the same tribe as her and has been in the same situation when she was a child so the two instantly formed a connection, they definitely dominated the talk during dinner. Well outside my little brother constantly interrupting them with questions, I´ve told Terec more than once now that this behavior can get him into a lot of trouble, but never listens to me. Worse I feel Allaya makes it worse, as she is treating boys as equals wherever she goes, especially the ones around her age, like my brother. Thankfully Carina didn´t seem to mind. Her, and moms, tribe used to treat men better than most Dathomirian clans, women are still in charge of course but men are given more leeway and freedoms. Thing that is also a reason why Terec is what he is, mom was kinder to him, and dad of course, than most witches in the tribe would have. While she talked to Carina me and dad had a bit to talk in private. He said he was proud of me for what I was doing and even suggested I could consider buying one or two capable male slaves to help me and Carina with our tailoring, not sure about that, maybe it's something I can consider in the future. He also asked me if I had a crush on Carina and I said yes. Could never lie to my parents, even when lying to myself. Well guess it's out now, thankfully Carina didn´t hear it. But it is true, she has grown on me, in more ways than one. I guess if she was another witch I could ask her out, had a few brief relationships with my sisters over the years. But Carina is my servant, my responsibility and contrary to what my dirty mouth sometimes claims I want a lover to be equal to me, like my parents where and still are. Like Jacen and Tenel Ka have become.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Wow, two updates, so quickly following each other.

    Jetzt aber mal langsam mit den jungen Pferden!

    Before you make another one, I better come up with an answer.

    Chapter 4: There is something odd about Carina... [face_thinking]

    Chapter 5: Oh, love is involved. Now things really get interesting!

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    May 11, 2016
    Well, reason for it is that I need two entires every months and so had to post them pretty much back to back, will try my best to spread them out from now on.

    Thanks, glad you enjoy it. :)


    Turns out my dear friends Jacen and Tenel Ka had an ulterior motive when they asked me to take care of Carina. I suspected some of it before, as she is from the same tribe as my mother, but now it turns out they thought even further. Been a week since I introduced Carina to my parents and we spend most of the time since then to work on her outfit. It's similar to mine but with a red cloak. Feeling I'm slowly getting better with the tailoring but it's a long way, almost as long as trying to teach Carina how to fight properly. Visited Jacen and Tenel Ka tonight. Really had me jealous, not just because I had a crush on both of them in the past, but also just seeing their relationship, how heavily in love they are with each other. Guess some people have all the luck in the world. After dinner Jacen talked to Carina while Tenel Ka took me aside and told me what they had been thinking about. The Night Sisters have been quiet lately, since our skirmishes during the winter the witches had barely seen anything of them anymore. Which is where me and Carina come into play, they want us to return to her tribe, to claim that I freed Carina and we escaped the Singing Mountain Clan together. They want us to be spies.
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    May 11, 2016

    Talked to Carina about Jacen and Tenel Ka`s plan today, she was naturally hesitant but eventually agreed to do this. Not sure if I can trust her though. We have become friends in the last few weeks but can I rely on her not betraying me to her own tribe? It's a huge risk and could cost me my life. But we need more information on our enemies, our entire tribe could depend on it. Was really unsure if I should accept this. Until Carina suggested us pretending to have fallen in love with each other and that being the reason I helped her escape. Great, I thought, now I have to pretend having fallen for the girl I actually fell for. Wasn´t going to do that, so I told her the truth. She was very cute when she blushed. Think she might share some of my feelings after all. But instead she said it would probably help our cover. Wow that´s reassuring. Don´t want to press the issue though, my father told me to take it slowly with things like that. We still have some time before heading, out to prepare for it. Spoken with Jacen later today, he said he sensed Carina in the force and felt a genuine desire to help us. On the one hand that relieved me but on the other I wasn´t too happy he was looking through her mind, yeah we are at war and all but something like that doesn´t feel right to me.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    We had a lot of internet trouble at home recently, that also caused difficulties for the digital TV and our telephone. To do home office like my husband or to put a fanfiction on the boards has proved difficult.

    So I am giving you feedback via my mobile data, gern geschehen weil ich gehe über die Feiertage eh nicht vor die Tür bei den Inzidenzzahlen, which is difficult with a tiny mobile phone screen.

    Well, as for the latest developments in this text, trust in a new friend is always difficult. The past five years a lot of new acquaintances of mine turned out to be a desaster. And since Covid-19, I also needed to sort out my oldest friendships.

    Therefore I can totally understand the trust issues that your main character has.

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