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Beyond - Legends Maligno (Jeriko Kahn Series, mostly OC's)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by The_Nerf_Herder, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. The_Nerf_Herder

    The_Nerf_Herder Jedi Youngling

    Sep 8, 2012
    Don’t worry everyone I’m still continuing my story, “The Rise of the Jedi.” I actually have a lot of that typed out so I will be posting it as I have time. However after seeing the new James Bond film, “Skyfall,” a week ago, I thought it would be interesting to see a James Bond o_O type character in the Star Wars universe. So I have been forming this story idea for a week now! So I will go on no longer! :D:D:D

    Title: Maligna (Jeriko Kahn Series)

    Author: Me!!!

    Timeline: 45 years after ROTJ (AU, forget what all went on in the EU)

    Genre: Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery

    Dramatic Persona: OC’s mostly, maybe a few appearances of existing characters.

    After the assignation of a well-known Galactic Alliance Governor of Nar-Shaddaa, GA Intelligence is on the case. And charming Agent Jeriko Kahn goes into the field of mystery to find who is behind this assignation, and put an end to the madness.
  2. The_Nerf_Herder

    The_Nerf_Herder Jedi Youngling

    Sep 8, 2012
    The busy space-lanes of Coruscant were calm until two speeders busted into the fast-lane. A T-77 Airspeeder in quick pursuit of a Koro-2 Exodrive. The sleek blue T-77, pressed forward approaching the yellow fork nosed Koro-2. The two speeders navigated fast through the lane, dodging on-coming traffic flawlessly. Dropping low, gaining altitude, banking left and banking right. Everything to escape collision, and it worked.

    Piloting the T-77 was a handsome human man, appearing to be around thirty years old. His short black hair spiked slightly in the front, and his dark green eyes focused intently on the Koro-2. He watched as his target dropped into a lower space lane, where traffic was moving slower. Thinking quickly the man sped forward, but had to swerve to the right slightly to avoid a fancy looking speeder. The man then glanced down out the side of his viewport. Down below was the slow-lane, and he could see the Koro-2. So he sped even further, getting in front and above his enemy. Then he pulled down on the controls.

    His speeder dropped from fast-lane and into the one below. He was directly in front of the Koro-2 now. The yellow speeder began to bump the rounded rear end of the T-77, as the two crafts approached a tunnel structure, ontop of a tall skyscraper. The green tinted lights of the tunnel distorted the color of all the speeders inside.

    Fearing that his engines were taking too much damage the pilot of the T-77 banked right, decelerated slightly and was now beside the Koro-2. The black haired man could now see the identity of the pilot in the Koro-2. It was a male Gungan of the Otolla race. With his yellow skinned long bill, he smirked at the T-77 pilot. As the two speeders neared the end of the tunnel they began to bump each other. With each connection, the strength of contact increased. But as they exited, the Gungan dropped his speeder quickly, far below all the space lanes.

    The T-77 pilot wasted no time to follow his counterpart. The two speeders were now on speeding above the ground level of Coruscant, passing over shocked citizens who ducked for cover. They maneuvered through a few tall structures, and swerved past a neon lighted club. The two speeders were now closing in on a long stretch of walkway place between a block of shops and clubs, and the Koro-2 began to descend toward the path.

    The scared walkers dove for cover as the Koro-2 made contact with the durasteel walkway, shooting sparks in all directions. Directly behind came the T-77, sliding out of control. The cockpit of the Koro-2 busted open as the speeder slowed down, and the Gungan jumped out, sliding on his back for a few feet before rising to his feet and running off. The black haired man saw the Koro-2 come to a halt; he had to act fast because his speeder would soon crash into the other.

    He glanced down at his control panel. The multiple different levers and lights, all having different functions. He pressed a red button that slid his cockpit open, and quickly unhooked his fasten belt. The man stood up in his seat, trying to gain his balance. The T-77 was now a meter away from the Koro-2. The man waited till his speeder was a few inches away from contact and then he leaped out of the cockpit. Soaring through the air in a diving motion as the two speeders below him collided. The man came falling toward the ground, moving into a summersault position, coming up on his feet.

    The man stopped for a second, peering into the sea of citizen that strolled through the walkway. Admist all the different species he could see the Gungan, pushing through the crowd. The black haired man took off, moving as fast as he could. He reached down to the holster on his utility built and pulled out his DL-22 blaster. The man continued chasing the Gungan past the bright neon light signs, of the many clubs that lined the walkway. He kept a close eye on the creature, making sure not to lose sight of him.

    Eventually the Gungan turned the corner into a darkened alleyway. The black haired man ran swiftly up to the edge of the alleyway and could barely see the Gungan bolting down the damp street. He went after the creature and after about five meters the Gungan came to a dead end, a tall stone wall.

    The black haired man fired a shot at the Gungan, who rolled forward toward his attacker. Coming up inches away from the man, the Gungan swung his arm at the blaster, knocking it out of the man’s hand. The black haired man retaliated immediately by throwing a punch at the Gungan which met the creature’s lips. The two then broke out into a chorus of punches, every other one connecting, the other’s being blocked.

    The Gungan however took control of the fight when he used his powerful leg strength knock his opponent down to the ground with a kick to the teeth. The Gungan then reached down and grabbed the blaster he had previously swatted away. He pointed it at the black haired man.
    “Don’t you move!” The Gungan shouted as he began to back out of the alleyway. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you!” The creature then ran off.

    The black haired man stood up, stretching his back and rubbing his chin in pain. That kick was hard and really offered a beating. He reached up to a miniature comm device in his ear, and pressed the transmitter on.

    “Agent Kahn, did you terminate the target?” A concerned male voice muffled through the device.

    “Negative Director.” The black haired man, Jeriko Kahn sighed, “negative…”

    *** cue suspenseful music ***
  3. anakinfansince1983

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    Mar 4, 2011
    A Gungan villain? Interesting. I like the idea of a Bond-like character as well.

    Would "don't you move!" be "doncha yousa movin" in Gungan?
  4. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    :cool: ;) Doesn't hurt that he looks like Kyp Durron =P~ LOL

    I know he will have a love interest ;)

    I used to watch "Get Smart" [face_laugh] which is more of a spy spoof and also I enjoyed Mission Impossible so I'll definitely enjoy the espionage-ish aspects. Intrigued by a Gungan villain. Seems a contradiction in terms [face_laugh] after Jar-Jar LOL :p

    I am glad this will be a crime/mystery blend =D= Don't get me started on Criminal Minds -- mega delight for such a cool blend of action and psych profiling [face_dancing] And Morgan ... :* I would like a tag when you update again. [face_batting]