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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Zibrahimovic810, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Zibrahimovic810

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    Jun 28, 2009
    Before the Force Wars of Tython, The Force was an enigmatic concept that scared many and provided a platform for groups to seize power. Now, the wars are in full bloom, and no one is safe. Lost to history, there was a third party that fought both the Ashlans and the Bogans; the followers of Iagon. Iagon was a side of The Force, now long forgotten, that was centered around the teachings of both Ashlan and Bogan. Followers of Iagon were known to have been greatly disliked, and that is probably why they have never been noted. On Tython, the followers of Iagon are attempting to keep the peace, even if it means destroying the Ashlans and Bogans forever.

    You are a follower of one of the three sects of The Force, and are fighting to further your cause during the Wars of Tython.


    -Ashlans: Followers of what would soon become known as the Light side of The Force, as well as found the Jedi Order

    -Bogans: Followers of what would soon become the Dark side of The Force.

    -Iagons: Followers of Iagon, that believe in The Force as a whole.


    -Alter Environment: Manipulate nature

    -Animal Friendship: Tame animals for use as mounts

    -Battlemind: Heighten senses during a battle

    -Combustion: Cause objects to explode

    -Cure Disease: Variant of Force Healing

    -Cure Poison: Variant of Force Healing

    -Dissipate Energy: Variant of Force Absorb

    -Droid Disable: Cause droids to short-circut

    -Electric Judgment: Variant of Force Lightning, usually green or yellow instead of blue

    -Force Absorb: Absorb energy from other objects, Force powers, or energy weapons

    -Force Armor: Defensive wall of The Force surrounds user

    -Force Blinding: Flash of light that blinds target temporarily

    -Force Enlightenment: Enhance abilities

    -Force Healing: Accelerate natural healing process

    -Force Light: Weakens Bogan powers with bright light

    -Force Meld: Combination of one or more consciousnesses in battle

    -Force Persuasion: Variation of Mind Trick

    -Force Projection: Variation of Mind Trick

    -Force Protection: Variation of Force Armor

    -Force Stun: Deadens senses of target

    -Force Stasis: Variation of Force Stun

    -Force Valor: Increases speed and agility of user and close allies

    -Hibernation Trance: Self-induced hibernation used for survival

    -Malacia: Dizziness and nausea in target

    -Mind trick: Manipulation of thought, speech, action, or sight

    -Morichro: Extreme application of Hibernation Trance, also usable on others

    -Plant Surge: Control of plant life

    -Protection Bubble: Variation of Force Protection

    -Ray: Deflection of blaster bolts with The Force

    -Revitalize: Re-energizing of any animate organism

    -Sever Force: Cutting an organism off from The Force completely

    -Shatterpoint: Breaking objects through fault lines in The Force

    -Wall Of Light: Extreme application of Force Light, needs multiple users

    -Drain Life: Removal of little to all of the energy in a target

    -Deadly Sight: Gaze that causes enemy to smoke and burn, evidently fatal

    -Force Corrupt: Variation of Mind Trick

    -Force Lightning: Lightning fired from one or more hands

    -Force Choke: Crushing a target?s windpipe

    -Force Grip: Lifting a target into the air, can also crush internal organs

    -Force Crush: Target implodes from being crushed

    -Force Destruction: Throws massive energy field in any direction

    -Force Plague: Afflicts target with fast-acting plague until focus is lost

    -Force Insanity: Variant of Mind Trick

    -Force Scream: Shout that carries a Force charge that can act as a physical blow

    -Force Rage: Converts fear into anger to gain
  2. Blaise_Marik

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    Apr 28, 2002
    -Character Name:
    -Age: 35
    -Species & Homeworld: Human (unknown)
    -Appearance: standing 5'7", 180lbs, he wears flowing black robes and walks with a slight limps when he springs to action.
    -Lightsabers: None
    -Saber Style: N/A
    -Force Powers:Quey'tek, Force Absorb, Morichro
    -Gear:Survival bag with basic gear, data pad, Wooden staff
    -Personality: a gruff man secretive, Slow in speech, quiet rarely saying much, yet educated and thoughtful.
    -History: He comes from out of nowhere. Found my a group of explorers near the ruins of a monastery on an uninhabited outer rim world. He seeks to understand that power which is inside him. The Iagon have taken him in and are helping him develop a way to harness and control it.
  3. jedipassion

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    Sep 9, 2007
    is this still going?
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