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Saga Miracle **Updated 4/24 [Obi-Wan - PostRotS AU]

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by serendipityaey, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Title: Miracle
    Author: Ashley
    Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Aala Naberrie [OC]
    Genre: Romance, Fluff, Family
    Era: Post RotS [AU]
    Summary: Sometimes big steps can start with little leaps of faith. Obi-Wan and Aala deal with the continued ups and downs of raising a Force-sensitive daughter in less than ideal times. A little sweet and fluffy, with a touch of angst and humor. Obi-Wan & OCs. Post-RotS AU continued from 'Fallen'.

    This will be a series of vignettes, all at different times throughout Miracle's life. The first starts when she's a bit older, but the next will jump back to when she's a baby and their will be some coming up where she's much older as well, hopefully it's all fun, and not confusing :) I will post every two weeks for awhile!

    Disclaimer: Star Wars is the property of George Lucas. This story is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement of rights is intended and no money is made.

    AN: Miracle Naberrie is entirely Jade-Max's wonderful creation (with a little bit of help from some Kaminoans, a few strands of Aala's hair and some of Obi-Wan's dna), and Mundali and Kali, which are mentioned, are laloga's. All are borrowed with consent. This is very AU, and I've imagined a Galaxy where things aren't quite as bad. The Empire is there, but perhaps Anakin turned back before he perished, Obi-Wan is still watching over Luke but not in 'exile' and Palpatine doesn't have quite as much power or support as the story we know.

    Miracle is introduced in Jade-Max's story Little Miracles - of which I highly recommend :) Found here: Little Miracles And the full name was her idea, as well, but didn't fit in her original story. Many thanks to both Jade-Max and laloga for offering feedback ahead of time!

    *Ending was *fixed* as per Jade-Max's suggestion


    Days Like This
    This is the part of me
    That you're never gonna ever take away from me, no
    Throw your sticks and stones
    Throw your bombs and your blows
    But you're not gonna break my soul


    "Miracle Padme Kenobi Naberrie! Come here, this instant!"

    Oh this was bad... Really bad.

    What had she done now?

    Hmmm...Earlier that afternoon before her mom came home, she'd practiced using the Force by rearranging the furniture but she'd put everything back exactly where it was supposed to go. There was no way mom could know that...

    Oh yeah... And she'd played with some of her makeup last night... But she couldn't have found about that either, she hardly ever used it herself!

    She'd even remembered to leave a note every time she'd gone to Aunt Sola's for the afternoon. Although... one of those times she'd really gone to the park with friends - but she didn't want her mom to worry.

    And she hadn't even done any neat Force tricks outside in ages!

    So what was it? Miracle felt frustration rise up inside her for a moment and the argument slipped past the seven year old's lips before she could stop herself, an automatic response. "Mom!" She shouted from her room. "That's not even really my name!"

    Darn. And now she'd be in trouble for talking back, as well as whatever else her mother was upset about.

    Whatever it was, she figured she better go and go fast, so she skipped down the hall and bounded around the corner to find her mother standing in their sitting room, hands on hips, and that look on her face like she was really really upset.

    And it was then she noticed that her mother was holding her journal, and it was open. Had she read it?

    But Mira realized she must've left it out this morning and her face fell. Aala had told her she could put whatever she wanted in it, but Mira knew she was supposed to keep it in her room at all times and locked up when she wasn't using it.

    "Oh Mir," Aala sighed. "Sweetheart, come here." Aala sat on the couch and held out her arms toward her only daughter.

    Miracle, her feet dragging a little, came to sit next to her mother and Aala cuddled her close to her side. "We've talked about your name before..." she said quietly. "It's not your legal name, but it's who you are."

    Mira nodded and Aala gave her a little squeeze. "But if you don't want me to call you that -"

    "No, it's okay," Mira kicked her feet against the couch. "I just don't want to be in trouble."

    "You're not in trouble, sweetheart, I just lost my temper because I'm worried." At this, Aala lifted the journal, already flipped open to a page with a picture drawn across it.

    "Is this you and your father?" Aala asked gently. The picture was clear - a tall figure with a beard, and a smaller figure, light brown hair streaming behind her, both with lightsabers.

    "Yes," Mira answered, her voice soft and her face tilted down. "Did you read it?" she asked plaintively.

    "No, I didn't. If I have any concerns - about your well-being - I might have to look at it, you know. I've told you that. But otherwise it's just for you."

    Mira thought about it for a moment. It seemed fair, so she nodded.

    "You have to keep it in your room, though. I know it's hard for you to understand, but it's not safe for anyone else to see this, Mir. My boss is on his way over, and if I hadn't noticed this was sitting out - If he saw it -"

    "Professor Sarden?" Mira interrupted. "I don't like him. He's mean looking and he has a funny mustache."

    Aala smiled. "In any case, you have to be more careful. I'm sorry I lost my temper, though."
    "It's okay. Why is he coming here, anyway?"

    "We have a meeting in awhile. And I suppose he likes to check up on me... Don't worry about it, okay? Why don't you just play in your room for awhile? Or better yet, I'll call Aunt Sola and you can play over there for a bit."

    "Okay," Mira smiled. "And Daddy is coming tomorrow?"

    "Late tomorrow," Aala corrected.


    "Yes, darling?"

    "Do you have time to tell me about my name again?"

    "Always," Aala smiled, hugging her close. "'Miracle'," she started, "because you're my sweet little miracle. 'Padme' after your aunt, because you have her tenacity and her kindness. 'Kenobi' because you are your father's daughter through and through. You have his good humor and his good heart. And 'Naberrie' because you have our loyalty and strength of character."

    Aala leaned forward, to kiss the top of her head. "And no matter what, Mira, no one can ever take those things away from you."


    He came in late that evening.

    Moonlight washed across the azure colored comforter in streaks of white light from the Nubian moons. In the warm months, Aala liked to keep her window open, for the back of the house was completely secured by a high wall, and she always kept her bedroom door open, unless Ben was there, in case Mir had a nightmare. The result was a pleasant cool breeze that drifted through her room at night, carrying the scent of Ryoo and Rominaria flower from the yard.

    Pleasant as it was, it was always better if he was there and she was woken from a light sleep sometime in the middle of the night by the sound of the door closing and the rustle of his clothes as he began to undress.

    "Ben?" she whispered, turning toward him.

    "Yes, darling."

    "Did you check on Mira?"

    "Sound asleep, and all tucked in."

    "Mmm," she murmured as he settled in bed behind her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pressing her back to his chest.

    "She'll be so happy to see you," Aala sighed.

    Ben pressed a soft kiss to Aala's shoulder. "And I her. Did you tell her I was coming?"

    "I said you would be here late tomorrow, just in case you were delayed. She'll have enough disappointment in life... I can't bear for her to have any in you."

    "You don't give her enough credit, love." Ben chided, but his tone was good-natured. "I've spoken to her at great length about why I can't always be here."

    "I know, I just want to protect her."

    "It's perfectly natural," he told her in a soft voice. "And you're an amazing mother."
    Aala laughed quietly, and turned in his arms to brush her lips against his. "Thank you. And you're an amazing father."

    He smiled, his eyes shining with mirth. "Now that we've gotten our congratulations out of the way..."
    She laughed again, settling back into his embrace. "How's your sandy paradise?"

    "Hot. And Sandy."

    Aala chuckled. "And Luke?"

    "He's doing very well." Ben paused. "I was there for a good stretch of time - but Owen is still reticent... he doesn't want me around at all."

    "It will be okay, Ben." Aala tried to sound reassuring, though she wondered if it was perhaps easier for Luke to not have to deal with the pressure of it all, for now. "I know it's hard, but Luke is lucky they love him so much. When the time is right..."

    "Indeed," he agreed. Taking in a deep breath, he nuzzled her neck and pulled her a little closer, as she gave a tired yawn.

    "Are you working tomorrow?" he asked, his hand rubbing slow circles over her hip.

    She was quiet a moment before she answered. "I quit today."

    "Aala -" Ben pulled back to look at her. "I thought you loved teaching?"

    "I do... but there's so much..." Her sentence was cut off by another yawn and Ben leaned forward to kiss her bare shoulder again.

    "Sleep," he told her, "we'll talk about it tomorrow. I love you."

    "I love you, too," she murmured.

    And though there was so much uncertainty in the galaxy, they fell asleep easily, secure in their little home and content in each other's arms.


    "I don't like him," Aala admitted the next morning. "I can't work for him anymore."

    It was early, the bright morning sun starting its rise above the horizon, sending streams of clear yellow light into their home.

    They'd been up very early that morning, when the dark indigo sky was only just beginning to lighten, taking advantage of the peace and solitude to have a proper reunion. Things always seemed better with him home, but there was still something Aala needed to resolve. They sat together now at the kitchen table, her with a mug of caf and him a cup of tea.

    "What happened?" Ben asked, knowing her well enough to get straight to the heart of the matter.
    Aala gave a deep sigh as she looked out the window. "About a month ago, he gave me a mandatory syllabus for my government classes. Including a detailed and false account of the Jedi 'uprising', 'betrayal' and 'rebellion.'"

    She forced herself to meet his sympathetic gaze even though she was disgusted with herself for not taking more of a stand. For not shouting from the rooftops that it was all a lie.

    "I taught it. I taught it all for a month. I couldn't quit when he gave me the syllabus because I was terrified he would find out. That he would find out about Mir."

    "Oh, Aala." Ben covered her hand with his own, gripping it tightly. "It's alright."

    She let out a long, slow breath. "I know Palpatine has been losing power since his last apprentice was killed. But it seems like the more the Rebellion gains momentum, the more he tightens his grip. I fear things will get much worse, before they get better."

    "I know the feeling," Ben admitted and he took a long drink of his tea.

    "It seems so dangerous now... when Inquisitor Malorum came..." Aala swallowed thickly as she thought about the painful memory. "She was still so little, and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Thank the Force for Ferus and Gregar. If something had happened to her..." Aala stared down into her caf, running her finger along the rim of the mug. "And now, in the schools, the Senate, everything, everyone is being watched."

    Taking a deep breath, she met his gaze again. He was watching her carefully, waiting she knew, for her to get to her point. He knew her so well.

    "I've been thinking..." she glanced up at him, to gauge his reaction. "About taking her to Mundali."
    "Mundali?" he asked, surprise coloring his tone.

    "It's safer than here," she said, "and it's easier for you to get there than it is to Naboo."

    He cast her a warm smile at the thought, and she couldn't help imagining how nice it would be to see it even more often than she did now.

    "And Mir deserves a chance to be trained, really trained. She wants it so badly and she hardly even knows what it means." This was what mattered most to Aala - giving her daughter every opportunity, in the best way possible, but it was hard for her to put into words.

    Though in his understanding way, Ben stayed quiet, letting her explain, letting her voice her fears.
    "In the back of my mind, I used to think it was a little cruel to take children to the Temple so young, before they could decide for themselves. A necessary evil perhaps, but still..."

    Aala shook her head, and Ben squeezed her hand again, encouraging her.

    "I didn't understand, I didn't know. But now that I've seen it through her eyes - it's so much more than that. It's something inside that calls her and I see - even if they had been able to decide, the outcome would've been the same. Every child would've chosen the chance to become a Jedi, no matter what."

    He smiled, his expression soft, and he rubbed his thumb across her knuckles. "If it's what you want, Aala, I see no reason why not. Safety is never guaranteed you know..."

    "I know, but I've put a lot of thought into it. And it won't hurt to be a little closer to you. You're not getting any younger, Daddy." She grinned at him. "And neither am I."

    He chuckled, and she took a long sip of her caf. "I'd like to see Kali again, you don't think she'll mind, do you?"

    "Of course not," Ben answered. "We're family, Aala. We have to help each other, and I'm sure she'll appreciate another pair of capable hands."

    Aala sighed and gave him a small smile. "It will be nice to have someone to talk to - I have no idea what to do with a Force-sensitive child, you know. It was hard enough when she was little. Sola's been so great, but she can't help there. You know I came home early yesterday, and she had the couch floating in the air? I almost screamed, I was so startled. I didn't even know what to say, so I just pretended I never saw it. I don't even want to think about having a Force-sensitive teenager."

    Ben chuckled. "It's not easy, and I had the entire temple to help with Anakin. Honestly, I don't want to think of Mira as a teenager at all, but we'll figure it out. As I said last night, you've done an amazing job, as I knew you would."

    Aala sighed and they shared a smile. "Sometimes she reminds me so much of Padme... and other times..." she trailed off with a wry expression. "She definitely has my wild independent streak. Still - she has such a difficult road ahead of her. I think this is the right thing to do."
    Ben nodded. "Mundali it is -"

    Cut off, the end of his sentence was lost to the pattering of little feet in the hallway and Aala had to bite her lip against the swell of emotion she felt at the look of utter joy in his eyes. As one, they turned toward the direction of the hall just in time to see a blur of green pajamas and a stream of chestnut hair come through the archway.

    "Daddy!" Mira squealed as she jumped into his arms. He stood to take the full force of the little 7 year old torpedo, and scooped her into a tight embrace.

    After a long, long hug, Mira pulled back pressing her little hands to his bearded cheeks, her blue eyes sparkling. "You're early!" she exclaimed happily.

    "I couldn't wait to see you, my darling," he said as he gave her a loving smile and a lingering kiss on her temple.

    Aala smiled and bit her lip again to fight the sting of tears. Likely, Mira had woken and recognized the deep timbre of her father's voice from her bedroom.

    Aala adamantly believed in parenting with full honesty, but in this matter alone, she couldn't help herself. Mira, she was certain, would have more than enough opportunity to practice dealing with disappointment, but her daddy... her daddy was her hero, and Aala would do anything to keep it that way.


    AN: Please leave feedback, it's always welcome! Thanks for reading :D ~Ashley

    Disclaimer: Star Wars is the property of George Lucas. This story is for entertainment purposes only. No infringement of rights is intended and no money is made. Lyrics are from Katy Perry's 'Part of Me'
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    All together now: Ahhhhhhh. [face_love]
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    Jul 28, 2011
    So happy to read this again! I love Obi and Aala as parents, trying to figure everything out; raising a Force-sensitive daughter cannot possibly be easy!

    Mir's POV at the intro is a brilliant way to lead us into this story. I love her voice, her cleverness and edge of mischievousness that feels like the perfect combination of Obi and Aala. :)

    Mundali! Yes! :D I'd dearly love to see the family head out that way...

    Love this story! [face_love]
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    Ash, What a deliciously marvelous sseries this is! I agree with everything laloga said about Mira's POv and about Aala and Obi as parents. :D I also love your toned down Empire LOL - it feels right too, not as intensely dark and sithy but oppressive, and the Rebellion able to flourish a bit more though of course they have to be clandestine. But it's nice that Jedi wannabees can still train in out of the way places. :) And since this is a sequel of sorts to Fear You Won't Fall, I don't have to worry about a sad ending. ;) @};-
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    I adore where you've taken the Miracle angle - but you know that; even so, I have to say it again.

    You grabbed the idea and ran with it and are producing some of the most intense, heart-felt family fanfiction I've read; it's too adorable for words!

    The way you write Obi-Wan makes him feel natural; I can picture and 'hear' what he's saying as it happens. I became a fan of Aala through you other works, but what you've decided to do with her through feels super natural. Almost like you know what it's like, eh? ;)

    Miracle, though... this older [but still child] Mira is totally a combination of her parents and totally a child. She's obviously well loved and well looked after; she's totally her father's daughter, but at the same time like a mini Aala. It's adorable and mind blowing just how good you're able to capture the family feel in the stories with a couple you made so decidedly a strict couple through your other work.

    Fantastic stuff; makes me grin every time I read about her!
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    Oh, how I've missed Obi-Wan and Aala. And now they have their little Miracle. Love it.
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    Jan 24, 2004
    Valairy Scot - I think that was my favorite part, and it was a late addition :) Obi has so much love to give, it's such a joy to write him with a daughter. Thank you so much for the comment! Glad you enjoyed!

    laloga - It was fun to imagine Mira as this little combination of Aala and Obi and something all her own. I adore writing them as parents [face_love] and I'm really hoping/planning on them getting to Mundali soon! So much to write... thanks for the review!

    Jade_eyes - no sad endings here... sad moments maybe, things will not be all easy, but I have faith in Obi and Aala, they love each other, and love prevails :D I'm so glad you liked it! Thank you for reading and leaving me a comment [:D]

    Jade_Max - Thank you so much, and I can never thank you enough for starting this for me. I am so happy you like it, and hope you continue too. It means so much to me, so a million hugs and gugs [face_love]

    ZaraValinor - Yay! I'm happy you liked it! Your comments always mean a lot, I'm really glad you read this and it means a lot to me that you like Obi and Aala. I have so much planned for them and Miracle... more stories coming! :D

    Another post at the end of the week! I'd be happy to pm or tag, just let me know.
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    So sweet, I'm loving that Obi-Wan has Aala and they are together, I expect some danger and tears and angst along the way, but in the end Obi-Wan will prevail.
    He is our hero and hero's get put through the wringer. Thanks for the pm.
  9. serendipityaey

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    Gkilkenny - I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for the comment! Things aren't always easy for Obi, or Aala, but they prevail, and love prevails, because they have faith and patience I think :)

    Chapter 2, back in time to Aala with a baby Miracle...

    Need You Now

    Everything was shattering to pieces around her. One foot in her daughter's bedroom and one foot out the door, she pressed her cheek to the door frame, unable to leave. But it was coming - she'd only just gotten Miracle to sleep, and the tears she felt welling up inside of her - Aala knew, how quick they would turn to sobs, and how selfish it would be to wake the sleeping baby now. But she couldn't bring herself to leave her daughter's room.

    It was too much. To love someone this much. To have someone depend on her alone for everything - nourishment, care, love, protection...

    She couldn't protect her, she knew now. Inquisitor Malorum had come in search of damming evidence, and meant to leave nothing in his wake. If not for Ferus and Gregar, their quick and brave actions...

    Aala couldn't bear to think of the possibilities, but she couldn't help herself either, fear taking over her heart. The pain little Mir would feel, the terror if she had been taken...

    The cry of despair escaped before she could stop herself, echoing in the empty hall and she threw her arm across her mouth to try to catch the sound. It was muffled, but barely and in a flurry of movement Aala hit the sensor to make the door slide closed and fell to the floor.

    Obi-Wan. Where was Obi-Wan? Why was he not here? She needed him now.

    Another sob was torn from her throat as she imagined the worst. Something happened; he's dead. He doesn't care. He doesn't want you; he doesn't want Mir...

    She was tired, she was exhausted. She hadn't slept in days. But how could she sleep again? If one person could come this close...

    Malorum had come in search of Skywalker's child, but what if he had discovered Kenobi's instead...

    The sobbing was a torrent now, unstoppable; tears streaming down her face, she did nothing but let them take over. With no windows, the hall was dark - lit only by a faded shaft of moonlight that came from the window in the sitting room - and empty, save for her.

    Almost choking, her throat felt swollen as she cried and her head was starting to pound so she let herself slump to the floor, her arms curled under her as a pillow.

    She cried and sobbed, and as her energy drained, so did her stress, little by little, her body giving in, letting go. She wanted to plead, to cry for him to come, to appear, something, but she couldn't.

    And when there were no more tears, her eyes feeling raw and scratchy, Aala forced herself to take long, deep breaths.

    She would be strong, she would do this because she had to, because right now there was no one else, and she would find a way to pick herself up. But not tonight.

    For how long, she had no idea but she laid there on the floor, her knees drawn up to her chest, her head resting on her hands and she stared at the square of moonlight on the floor, just out of reach.

    Eventually, finally, she fell asleep and that's where he found her, on the floor outside Miracle's room, early the next morning.

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    Oh, Ashley that was lovely and heart-tugging and vivid. Squee!!! I love this series! [face_dancing] [:D]
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    I think she reached the end of her rope (understandably). She'll probably start out angry at Obi-Wan before crying into his arms next, also perfectly understandable.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    Sigh. Love this, so so so much. Poor Aala...I cannot imagine having to raise a child like this, with one's partner being absent much of the time, not to mention the very fact that any Force-sensitives are being hunted down across the galaxy. She's got such a heavy burden on her shoulders. I feel for her; this moment is so powerful, her loneliness and sorrow are tangible.

    And then she finds her inner strength once more and finds a way to keep going, no matter what. This is one of the many things that I love about Aala: her unwavering resolve and strength. I love that she's no Jedi, no powerful warrior, but a very "normal" woman, but the depths of her character are massive. Wonderful job with her, and with this story overall. [face_love]
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    Valairy First she'll be angry, then she'll cry in his arms and then she'll show him how glad she is he's back [face_laugh] laloga that is one lovely, insightful review. When you describe her that way, it just proves why and that Obi-Wan deserves her [face_love] (Luke deserves a lady like that too, and found one, now why did they have to ... ) :p :rolleyes: That's another rant entirely [face_laugh]


    to Ashley with a [face_batting] Do we get a peek at next morning? [face_laugh]
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    Memories can be so horrible and especially in your dreams. Oh hurry up next morning and hold Aala in his arms and wipe away the pain.
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    May 31, 2002
    So heart wrenching. I could imagine so many different families feeling this way. Afraid that there children would be found Force-sensitive.
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    Luke definitely deserves that too! To grow old with someone who loves him [face_love]

    As for the next morning [face_thinking] I didn't have anything planned that far... but I could whip something up... [face_batting]
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    Jan 25, 2006
    You write Aala's anguish about her little one so beautifully, and I loved the little loving interactions between Obi-Wan and Aala while Mira sleeps. Sweet, lovely story--I wouldn't mind a bat call when you update! :)
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    Jade_eyes Thank you for the review! Wow, I'm so happy you're enjoying this so much [face_love][:D] It means a lot to me! And thank you very much for the suggestion, I love hearing what everyone wants to see, and while I did have a 'make-up' written, I didn't have a *make-up*. But now I do ;)

    Valairy Scot Thank you! [face_love] Aala went through a lot all with baby Mira in her arms, and a mix of emotions are flurrying through her. Luckily, Obi has a good strong shoulder to cry on. Thanks for the comment, it means a lot to me!

    laloga Indeed, you put it so beautifully, and I really appreciate it [:D] Thank you so much. Aala has a great strength inside to draw from, and it's good because she's going to need it. Obi-Wan isn't there physically, but he is in his heart and besides this horrible moment, that's enough for Aala [face_love]

    Gkilkenny Thank you for the comments! @};- Obi-Wan has hurried to get to Aala's side [face_love]

    ZaraValinor Thanks for reading! It's a frightening time in the galaxy, but we all have hope that love will prevail. Thank you so much for the review :D

    Luna_Nightshade I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the comments. I'd be happy to send a message :) The idea of your little one feeling pain or terror in any way is so unfathomable, and Aala came so close to it. Except for Padme, she hasn't had a lot of experience feeling this deeply for someone. Of course she cares for Obi-Wan but he can more than take care of himself. I think the idea that she was so responsible for this little one she loves more than anything would be a challenge for her to come to terms with. A challenge she would rise to, but still a struggle for her. Thank you again for the review! @};-


    Need You Now 2
    I just need you now
    He found her just before dawn, curled up on the floor in front of Miracle's room.​
    For one moment, Obi-Wan was frozen with muted shock and he stood, his hand at his jaw, overcome by her lingering grief even as she slept. But as was his custom, he pushed it aside; Aala needed him now.​
    Bending down into a crouch, he reached out and swept her hair away from her face with a feather light touch. Her cheeks were pink, her eyes bruised and still a little puffy - she'd been crying, probably for quite a while and hadn't slept for a very long time. He sighed softly and laid his hand against her temple as he closed his eyes, doing what he could to help her relax further into a deep, peaceful sleep.​
    He would shoulder all her pain for her if he could, but it was not possible.​
    With the knowledge that Aala was at least safe, he turned his focus inward and sought his daughter's presence in the Force. Instantly he recognized it and a familiar, soothing wave came upon him as he grasped it gently, just as he would her little hand. It had been almost three months since he had felt this - and now he had to admit he couldn't quite understand how he could have done with staying away so long, except that nothing had gone to plan from the moment he had left.​
    As much as he ached to see her, for now the five month old was in a sound sleep and unaware of her mother's suffering, and for that he was grateful. Little Mir could wait a moment.​
    So he reassured himself one more time that Aala was in a deep sleep before he carefully scooped her into his arms. Pressing her close to his chest, he carried her to the other end of the hall to their bedroom and laid her gently on the bed after pulling the covers back with the Force. And for a minute, he stood beside the bed watching her sleep, his hand back at his stubbled jaw. He hadn't kept a beard in quite some time, in an effort at not looking too like his wanted posters, but it still felt odd to him, another reminder of how things were different.​
    She'd obviously been very upset, that was clear in the Force when he'd come upon her in the hallway. But he'd made a decision... to go to Acherin instead of coming to Naboo. And he could not change it, he could only hope she would forgive him in time.​
    The fact was that when Ferus Olin had discovered Malorum's plans, Ferus himself had been closer to Naboo, and Obi-Wan would not have been able to make it in time.​
    And there had been more as well - Ferus had also discovered that Palpatine's newest apprentice was headed to an asteroid near Acherin to ambush a retreat that had been formed for those hiding from the Empire, including surviving Jedi - and with Ferus on his way to Naboo, Obi-Wan felt he had no choice but to go to their aid.​
    Had he made the wrong decision? Honestly, he hadn't stopped to question it until this very moment. The outcome, objectively... was ideal. But he had a feeling Aala would not necessarily see it that way, and the thought she had faced such heartache alone was as difficult for him to set aside as the fear that anything could ever happen to Mir. Obi-Wan knew, though, that while he had The Force and years of training to help him cope, Aala did not.​
    That Malorum had not found Aala and Mira, had not hurt anyone before Ferus took care of him - Obi-Wan had faith that this outcome had been the will of the Force from the beginning, but he knew the hiding, the waiting, the fear of the unknown, must've been harrowing for her. So he would do whatever she needed to support her until she felt better.​
    His beautiful Aala... As he'd laid her down, she had immediately turned to curl up on her side again. Her blond tresses were mussed, falling out of the pins that held them up and framing her face on the pillow, her lips parted slightly in sleep in the dark room. He hoped she would be able to get as much rest as she could. He imagined she would have a few things to say to him when she woke up.​
    For the time being, however she was safe and sound, and he wanted to see his baby girl, so he quietly left the bedroom to make his way back down the hall to Miracle's room; the room they had made up for her just before Obi-Wan had left.​
    Without making a sound he opened the door, stepping lightly until he was next to her crib. Bending slightly over the baby's bed, he cocked his head, taking in every detail of the form of his sleeping daughter.​
    Downy light brown hair covered her head, longer than the last time he'd seen her and curling at the ends, just below her ears. With her eyes closed, her long dark lashes made a stark contrast to her porcelain skin. He swept his fingers across her forehead, and her cheek, soft and delicate. She was on her tummy, head turned toward him, and wearing a warm jumper that covered her from her neck down to her toes. Unable to help himself, he rubbed her back with gentle, slow motions, taking comfort in the rise and fall of each breath, a physical reassurance despite her vibrant presence in the Force.​
    It was not something he ever would have took stock in before, but he couldn't help cherishing each second of Mir's precious little life. This was what it meant to him to be a father - embracing each detail, each moment. At times it felt the very opposite of being a Jedi, and yet his training had prepared him for fatherhood in many ways. The patience needed, the compassion, they were all things he knew well. It was natural for him to put the needs of someone else above his own.​
    But still, he served the Force. Could he separate that from protecting Miracle? He wanted to believe he would always find a way to do both, as he had in this instance. It was not easy to divide his attention but these times were uncertain, and it was more than worth it, even if he hadn't quite yet figured out the balance between what he thought was right and what Aala felt she needed.​
    Whatever their differences, they loved each other and they loved Mira. Anakin's love for Padme, for his children, had given him the strength to turn from dark side and this love gave Obi-Wan strength as well. This cannot be wrong, he thought as he watched her sleep. The Force and his heart had led him to the decision to bring her into the galaxy and he had trust that it was truly the way things should be.​
    Not wanting to take the chance of disturbing her slumber, he lifted his hand then, reveling in the presence and sight of his peacefully sleeping daughter one more time before he left for the sitting room.​
    With nothing else to do, he collapsed on the couch, laying his head against the back. Now that he thought of it, he'd had very little sleep himself, only catching a few moments rest in the bucket seat of his ship on the way here.​
    After flying across the galaxy and back in his cramped shuttle, fighting dark side Force-using Inquisitors and rescuing friends and fellow Jedi from impossible situations, the peace and quiet and comfort of home was overwhelmingly beautiful, and he let himself begin to relax.​
    He must've dozed off because the next thing he knew, the sun was high in the sky and the sound of the front door opening woke him up. For a minute, he was on edge, ready to draw his saber, but just as quickly he realized it was Sola, a fraction of a second before she came into the room.​
    Her expression was laced with deep concern, but her relief was clear as she took him in.​
    "Hello," he said, standing to greet her.​
    "I'm glad to see you home safe, Ben." Sola took a step toward him, giving him a quick embrace. He nodded, it seemed silly and unnecessary to say the same. "Are they sleeping?" she asked, nodding her head toward the hallway.​
    But before he could answer the sound of Mira crying came from the direction of her bedroom. "I'll be right back." He gave Sola a half smile.​
    Despite that it was mid morning, the room was darkened by heavy shades. Miracle was fussing and squirming in her bed, wide awake, but she quieted the moment Obi-Wan picked her up.​
    He cradled her in his arms, as he met her Force-signature with his own, hoping that even if he went months without seeing her, this she would always recognize. It was ever-present, clear and vital.​
    Though she had little concept of controlling it yet, he could feel her reaching back, her presence brushing against his. It was tentative and a bit clumsy like a toddler taking her first steps, but it was wonderful even though there was no way for her to know how to utilize it.​
    So instead, she studied him carefully. Two pairs of blue eyes that were the same color met and held; she stared, gazing at him with wide-eyes.​
    "My little Miracle," Obi-Wan murmured, pitching his voice to a softer, soothing sound, as he rocked her gently. "My darling, I've missed you so much. I thought of you every minute. Did you miss your Daddy?" He shifted his right hand to stroke her soft cheek, and she smiled then, maybe deciding she remembered him - his voice, his face, his smell or whatever she saw in his eyes - even if she didn't quite realize, or maybe she had just decided she liked him.​
    He tapped his finger on her little nose and she cooed, giving him a wide grin and revealing two tiny white nubs pushing through her bottom gums and then began to babble as he smiled back at her.​
    "Are you hungry, Mir?" he asked softly, but he felt a momentary flare of uncertainty - did she still have formula? How much did she need? And did Aala keep it in the same place? But waking Mommy was not an option, so he told himself he'd have to figure it out.​
    When he came back to the living area though, holding Mira, he turned to the kitchen to find Sola already warming up a bottle. As she finished, she handed it to him with a gentle smile. "She's usually voracious after her morning nap."​
    "Thank you," Obi-Wan said, accepting the bottle.​
    "We've - Aala has started letting her try some puréed fruit once or twice a day, but she still mostly drinks formula."​
    "Good to know," Obi nodded, then paused for a second. "I - "​
    "You don't have to say anything," Sola interrupted in a gentle voice. "I'm - I've never seen Aala happier."​
    That was all that mattered. So he nodded again and turned back to the common room.​
    Sola sat with Obi-Wan as he fed Miracle and they chatted quietly, Sola talking about how natural Aala was with Miracle, how much she enjoyed being a mother. He felt huge waves of relief that Aala had been doing so well. It did not escape him that he had virtually dropped a newborn into her lap and then left after only a few weeks. He knew his Aala; she had more mettle than anyone he'd ever met, but still, concern was inevitable. Sola's words were reassuring, and it was clear that she'd been here to help.​
    "Aala was amazing," Sola spoke up after a few moments of quiet. "I was here when Ferus arrived and I know she wasn't sure what to do, but she didn't panic. I could see how scared she was, but she held together."​
    "She has a remarkable ability to think on her feet under pressure," Obi-Wan commented. "She was invaluable as a Republic Agent. I'm only sorry she had to face this without me."​
    "But she wasn't alone," Sola smiled. "She called Gregar Typho at once. He's a good friend. And he stayed with her, found a safe place for them to hide. I offered to go with her, but we decided it was best if I stayed at home in case he came around asking questions."​
    They both knew to whom she was referring.​
    "Did he?" Obi-Wan asked, reticent.​
    "Yes," Sola answered. "But I took a bit of drama at University," she gave a wry smile. "I just played dumb. I have a feeling his opinion on women in general isn't very high anyway. And it gave Ferus the opportunity to track him."​
    "It went as well as could be hoped, then."​
    "Yes, I - I was worried about her... Being alone last night... Have you talked to her?" Sola asked.​
    "No, I arrived just before dawn and she was sound asleep. No doubt exhausted."​
    She nodded. "You look exhausted yourself."​
    He sighed rubbing Mira's back as she finished her bottle. "I can't recall the last time I saw a bed," he admitted. Then he shifted Mira so she was sitting on his lap and she gave him a toothy grin, babbling and waving her arms in the air, ready to play. He wanted nothing more, but he wasn't sure where he would find the energy to make it until her next nap, if she even took another one. So for the time being he let her grasp and tug on his finger and tickled her tummy while he bounced her lightly on his knee.​
    Sola watched them for a few minutes before she spoke up again. "I can take her, to my home, Ben. Just for awhile. She's wide awake and you look like you're about to fall over."​
    He frowned, but it melted away quickly as Miracle giggled at him. Still, he'd only just arrived...​
    "You and Aala will want to talk when she wakes, as well," Sola added.​
    It was not like Aala to get upset with him, but this was a unique situation. Obi-Wan grimaced, and Mira giggled again.​
    But Sola seemed to sense what he was thinking. "Aala was scared and upset, Ben, but we're all okay now and I know she believes in what you're doing. She understands. Things will seem better once you have some time together."​
    It was true they needed to talk, if only to let Aala vent, and they both needed the rest. It was foolish to refuse help when it was offered and he had no intention of leaving again for a very long time. He would have days and days devoted to Miracle, one afternoon would not be so bad. "You're right, of course," he conceded quietly.​
    So he cuddled Mira for a few more moments while Sola gathered some things together and then he changed Miracle, and Sola left with her for the afternoon. He couldn't see risking the chance of disturbing Aala, so he grabbed a quilt from the closet and promptly fell asleep on the couch.​
    He was woken hours later, with a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, by a string of curse words he'd only heard Aala use once or twice in the entire time he'd known her.​
    Light fell across her face from the window in the bedroom. Sighing softly, Aala tugged on the comforter to pull it over her head and pressed her face to her pillow, nestling deeper into the soft bedding. In the back of her sleep-hazed mind she had an idle thought that it was odd the sun from the window was waking her up in the middle of the night - and then the past week's events caught up with her all at once.​
    "Mir!" She gasped, throwing back the covers and springing out of bed. Before she even stopped to think, Aala was out the door and racing toward Miracle's room, a feeling of dread building in her chest. Something felt wrong.​
    The bedroom door was open and she could see immediately that Mira was not in her crib, but before she could react someone was grabbing her from behind.​
    Somehow, in her heart she knew it was Obi-Wan, so her struggle was half-hearted, but she felt beyond her breaking point, so she cursed again for good measure out of stress-induced frustration. As she turned, she noticed his mouth draw in a tight line as he held onto her upper arms, and she fought the instinct to push at him.​
    "Miracle," she cried, unable to help herself, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. She couldn't think of anything except making sure Mira was safe.​
    "Sola has her, Aala. She's fine."​
    The look in his eye was intense - concerned and commanding, but loving, so him, and she couldn't break away. "But - "​
    "You were exhausted, darling, you needed to sleep. Sola offered to help for the afternoon. I'm sorry, I thought I would be able to sense you waking. I must have been more tired than I thought."​
    Whether because of his words, or the look in his eyes or by his sheer will - she forced herself to calm down, taking a few deep breaths. As her heart began to slow, she sagged against him, giving in to relief and falling into his arms. "You're here," she murmured against his shoulder.​
    "I'm here," he sighed. She felt him shift, one arm tight around her shoulders and the other hand raising to stroke her hair.​
    "I was so scared," she whispered, "but I... Mira..."​
    Where had he been? Why hadn't he come? The questions rose unbidden to her mind but she couldn't bring herself to voice them, afraid of the answer.​
    "I know." He pulled back to force her to look at him. "Come," he said, and took her hand to guide her to their bedroom. Hardly noticing, she followed, almost leaning on him, and he sat her on the bed.​
    "I need you to know," he started, catching her chin in his fingers and then wiping the tears from her cheeks, "I came as soon as I could."​
    "But you weren't here," she whispered. "We needed you."​
    Her relief at seeing him had fizzled quickly, doubt and left-over fear rising again in its wake. "You should've been here."​
    A heavy sigh escaped as Obi-Wan scrubbed at his face. "I want to be here Aala, as much as I can. But I made a vow to watch over Luke as well, I promised Anakin."​
    Frowning, Aala bit the inside of her lip as she stared across the room at the wall. "Luke is safe."​
    "At the moment. So is Mir."​
    How can he be so calm? How can he not understand what it feels like?
    "But you weren't with Mir, or Luke." Aala's voice rose with each syllable, a flare of anger she couldn't contain heating her words. "You were off being the hero."​
    "I was fighting, for them. For you." His tone turned gruff and Aala felt an irrational surge of satisfaction; perhaps he cared after all.​
    "The war is not over, " he continued, "and each victory is more crucial than ever before. I'm doing everything I can, and I will continue to do so."​
    Arms crossed tightly over her chest, she listened but she had no reply.​
    "It wasn't a flippant decision, Aala. I have faith in the Force. I wish you had some faith in me."​
    She did, of course, but the weight of the past week still rested heavily on her shoulders. She let out a long breath then, her stiff defensive posture crumbling away, and she rubbed at her forehead realizing just how exhausted she still felt.​
    When he spoke again, his voice was soft. "I'll explain as best as I can, Aala, but I hope you know how much I love you, how much I love Miracle. That will never fade, that will never be less important than anything else."​
    She knew this was true in her heart, but she wasn't sure what to say, or if she could say anything at all right now without getting more upset, so she only nodded.​
    "How do you feel?" he asked after a moment.​
    "Tired." She didn't want to talk anymore, she couldn't right now.​
    "You should rest a little longer, " he told her as he stood up to help arrange the blankets for her.​
    Sighing to herself, she could not deny how badly she wanted to curl up in bed and forget everything that had happened, at least for awhile longer, so she laid down letting him pull the covers around her.​
    "Are you alright? Alone?" he asked. His voice was even, but there was an undercurrent of uncertainty.​
    Aala forced herself to look straight into his stormy grey-blue eyes and not be affected. She loved him, more than anything, but she just wasn't ready to let herself forgive him just yet. "You should be with your daughter."​
    Obi-Wan winced, but he hid it quickly and nodded once. "I'll go to Sola's. I'll bring her home in awhile."​
    Aala closed her eyes as he turned away. She honestly hadn't meant to hurt him, but she couldn't change what she was feeling or take it back. And even though she wished things were settled, she couldn't stop herself from immediately drifting off as soon as she heard him leave.​
    A few more hours, just a few more and then they could figure out this tangled mess.​

    She slept soundly with the knowledge that the two things she loved most were home on Naboo and safe, and then she took a long hot shower and had a small dinner. The difference in her perspective was immeasurable. Though she still wanted to hear what he had to say, she knew they would figure it out together.​
    Obi-Wan came in with Miracle just before dusk and Aala met them at the door. Scooping Mira from Obi-Wan's arms, Aala couldn't help but return her gurgling smile. "My sweet baby girl," Aala cooed. "I missed you so much."​
    Mira babbled in reply, patting her hands on her mother's cheeks and mouth as she carried on.​
    "Is that true?" Aala grinned, playing along. "Did you have fun playing with Daddy?"​
    In her baby talk, Mira seemed to reply, and Aala blew a raspberry on her cheek, making her laugh.​
    As Aala settled Mira sitting in her arms, she couldn't help but meet Obi-Wan's eyes and they shared a warm smile. Her heart swelled, one look from him communicating what she most needed to know and with a clear mind, his love was undeniable.​
    Together they took Mira to her room and the three of them played together, sitting on the plush floor. Mira crawled and scooted about while Obi-Wan and Aala took turns catching her attention with baby toys and stuffed animals.​
    Obi-Wan offered Mira a set of brightly colored, textured rings which she happily accepted and put in her mouth, trading one for another and so on. She waved them in the air, watching them rattle against each other, and then brought them back to her mouth to chew and as she almost dropped them, Obi-Wan reached out to help her handle the jumble. Steadied, Mira stuffed another ring between her gums and Obi-Wan pulled his hand away, covered now in baby drool.​
    "Oh dear," he drawled.​
    Aala laughed at the look on his face and tossed him a cloth. "It's the teething," she said. "Her top two teeth are about to come in, I think."​
    Obi-Wan cast her a wry smile and wiped his hand, then used a corner to dab at Mira's chin. "Has she been in much pain?" he asked.​
    "She does pretty well, most of the time," Aala answered, brushing her hand across Mira's hair.​
    Happy as she should be, Mira laughed and played, crawling back and forth between her parents. Eventually, she settled on Obi-Wan's lap, and Aala grabbed a holo book for him to read to her. "I'll make a bottle," she told him, "and we can put her to bed."​
    Going to the kitchen, Aala mixed and warmed the formula and then they changed her into fuzzy pajamas. Cradling Mira in his arms, Obi-Wan sat in the chair in her bedroom and gave Mira her bottle while Aala watched with a keen sense of relief that everything suddenly felt so normal, so simple.​
    It didn't escape her, the look in his eyes as he gazed down on Mira or the fact that Mira wouldn't look away from him either. When she was finished with the bottle, they both kissed her goodnight and put her to bed.​
    As they came back to the living room, Aala asked Obi-Wan, her voice quiet but encouraging, if he'd like a cup of tea before bed and he agreed, so she went about heating the water while he sat at the table.​
    Silence hung heavy in the air between them, but Aala was not quite ready to talk - she remembered the biting words she'd said to him that afternoon before he left and she was determined to purge every ounce of stress from her body before he gave his explanation; it was only fair.​
    It might've been awkward, alone now in the cozy kitchen, but he waited patiently for her to work out whatever she needed and Aala was grateful for that. So as soon as they finished, she took a breath and cast him a soft smile.​
    In her experience, good talks were best had in bed. So, taking her cue without hesitation, he followed her lead, close behind as she headed for the bedroom.​
    They changed and settled in bed together, facing each other on their sides. A lamp on the bedside table set a dim golden glow to the room. Waiting, he watched her patiently and she took a moment to study his handsome features, gaze into his eyes, from so close again. He must have seen something in her own because he reached out for her then.​
    "Aala," he said, his voice lilting on her name.​
    She sighed, a deep sigh of giving in to her emotions; accepting them and letting them go. "I haven't had time to even process what happened, it was all a blur," she murmured. "Everything was fine, normal, and then Ferus Olin showed up out of the blue telling me we had to hide Mira." Aala took another breath. "I never imagined I could be so scared," she whispered. "What happened?"​
    "I'm so sorry, love." Obi-Wan pulled her tight then, pressing her cheek to his chest and dropping a light kiss on the top of her head. Unable to help herself, she sunk into the warmth of his touch, but she pulled back again after a moment to look him in the eye, anxious for her answer.​
    "I was on Tatooine for more than a month," he started, his hand still smoothing affectionately over her hair. "And then I was on Mundali, and we heard a rumor that Ferus Olin was still alive, but that he needed help, so I caught a ride to Bellassa. It was... chaotic and dangerous. Inquisitor Malorum had locked down the city and was terrorizing everyone in search of Ferus, who was injured and in hiding. We managed to escape the planet in one piece only to immediately hear of other Jedi who needed rescue - but we also found out that Malorum was investigating Padme's death so I went to Polis Massa to make sure the records were destroyed and Ferus went to Coruscant."​
    Aala nodded, but the thought of Obi-Wan in so much danger all over the galaxy was unsettling. He must have seen it in her expression because he hugged her again, pressing his lips to her temple. "This is our best chance - to find others who are strong enough to fight, to keep hope alive."​
    Aala nodded again, "I know."​
    Obi-Wan continued and she let the sound of his voice, his soft accent, help soothe her. "On Coruscant, Ferus came across Malorum's path again and discovered he was heading to Naboo but he'd also seen that Malorum had found a group of surviving Jedi that were gathering on an asteroid near Acherin and Palpatine was sending his new apprentice to ambush them. Ferus was much closer to Naboo than I was - I might not have made it in time and I couldn't risk sending a message. As long as you were hidden - Malorum had no reason to suspect Mira. But that meant that I - I had to go to Acherin. I was close and a fight was inevitable. Ferus had tapped into the Force again but he was a long time out of practice. It was the practical decision for me to confront the apprentice and him Malorum, and I felt it was right in the Force."​
    "I hardly know Ferus, Obi-Wan. I didn't know what to think... If I could trust him..."​
    "I know it must've been hard, Aala, but you did everything right. You called Typho for help; Malorum never found out about Mira and Ferus defeated him, he's gone. You have amazing instincts, never doubt them."​
    Aala took a deep breath and met his eyes again - she'd been staring at the collar of his tunic for the past few minutes and fiddling with it while he told his story.​
    "I can't promise nothing like this will ever happen again, but Aala you must know, Mira is more important to me than anything else and I will do everything I can to ensure her safety. Mira, Luke and Leia, Milo - they are the future. But more than that - it was my decision to bring her into this world - I love her and I love you and I always will."​
    She felt a little silly, these were things she knew, of course, but it felt so comforting to hear him say it anyway. Giving a soft murmur of approval, she snuggled into his embrace. That was good enough for her.​
    It was a few peaceful moments before she spoke up again. "How long are you staying?" she asked, her voice quiet.​
    "I'm not even going to think about it for weeks. I missed you both, more than I can say." He paused. "I will find a balance, Aala. I will make you happy."​
    "I am happy, Obi-Wan. I'm just... tired," she laughed quietly. "And as for balance..." She gave an exaggerated sigh. "That is a never ending effort. Just when I think I have it figured out, everything changes and I feel like I'm starting all over. As soon as Mir was down to only needing one bottle at night, she started teething and we were up at all hours again."​
    He smiled gently. "We'll find a way. Though now that you mention it, we should sleep while it's quiet." Reaching back, he turned off the lamp and after a soft kiss, she relaxed in the comfort of his arms.​
    It was not two minutes before the faint sound of Mira beginning to fuss could be heard from the other room.​
    Aala turned, untangling herself from his embrace and settled on her other side. "It's totally your turn," she mumbled into her pillow. "For the next month."​
    He swept his hand affectionately across her shoulder and Aala smiled to herself as he rose from the bed. She didn't need to see his face to know that he didn't mind in the least.​


    AN: Many thanks to laloga as always for helping me with this, and giving some great suggestions and again to Jade-Max for the original idea, I've had so much fun :D Lyrics are from Need You Know by Lady Antebellum. More coming soon! Please let me know what you think! ~Ashley
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    Ashley and laloga @};- Wonderful dialogue and thoughts from both =D= and terrific pacing - not hurried at all but not brooding/sulking, etc. They value their time together and each other too much for those kind of games :p :) It was also good that Aala gave herself time to absorb and calm down before having a clear mind and honest talk - always an excellent idea.

    Obi-Wan's a true darling and the perfect daddy! It just adds to the hotness factor LOL

    [:D] [face_love]
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    It's moments like this, unseen by anyone, that show the measure of the man. Obi-Wan IS "da man."

    I just love how you show the struggle of each - to balance what they do against whom they wish to be with. I'm not a mother, only a cat-mom, but your writing is so compelling that I almost feel what is must be like to be a mother at such a time; a time when you only want to draw your family close and hunker down within the emotional safety net of loved ones and shut the world away when the reality is you can't. Even in a less dangerous galaxy, a parent would have a job, might have to travel on business - no danger, but away.

    I'm glad you didn't take the easy emotional out - Aala was hurt, scared, upset. Angry. Human. And Obi-Wan was a bit, as well, though with his training, it barely touched the radar. They had to work through this, but because of the love, they could and did.

    Aw, Miracle is a lucky little lady to have these parents.
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    I loved this part too, "It's totally your turn. For the next month."
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    Love this chapter! I can't imagine how difficult it would be for Aala to be in this position; raising a child is difficult enough, but one like Mira, who's Force-sensitive and whose father is one of the most notorious Jedi around makes it even harder. And doing so without Mir's father being around when she needs him...sigh. Poor thing.

    Since we saw Aala's POV last time, I love how you present Obi-Wan's situation, here. He's got so much on his plate, but he's trying so hard to find that balance between his family and his duty as a Jedi. It was clear that he was pained to have to make the choice to not come to Naboo, but I did love that he stuck to his conviction that it was the only thing he could have done, and his faith that things worked out for the best.

    This was wonderful:

    I agree, wholeheartedly. Obi-Wan's background as a Jedi makes him a wonderful father, but I also think a large part of it is because of who he is as a man. He has that selflessness within him that would - I think - be present no matter what his "title" was.

    Loved how you described baby Mir! [face_love] So adorable! I could picture her so perfectly...just wonderful!

    This is why Aala and Obi-Wan work so well together: they both understand and acknowledge that there will be hardship between them, that not everything will always be happy and sweet, that there will be times when they don't agree, but they don't let those things place a rift between them. Rather, they allow each other room to breathe, to think and collect their thoughts, knowing and trusting that they will always return to one another. Loved the symbolism of them returning to bed - no, not for that, ha ha :p - because it's such a basic yet pivotal part of any long-term relationship, that of sharing the place where you sleep. To me, it's the ultimate sign of trust and love to want to fall asleep beside someone and wake up with them again.

    It speaks volumes for the level of trust and commitment that Obi-Wan and Aala feel for one another to do this, to postpone their talk until they are both comfortable and MIr is taken care of. This is one of the many reasons I love this pairing. [face_love]

    Amazing update. :)
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    Hey everyone! I meant to do this before I went on vacation but I was way too busy! Thank you so much for the replies, and if you haven't yet, please, please let me know what you think! It might inspire me to write faster ;)

    I will try to have an update in a few days :)
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    More Miracle! =D= More Miracle! =D= More Miracle! =D=

    Love this story. [face_love]
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    Yes, Ash. I squee just thinking of an update [face_laugh] [face_love]
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