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Moderation Guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by rhonderoo, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. rhonderoo

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    Aug 7, 2002
    Thanks to Vertical. [​IMG]

    Guiding principle: To provide a fun, 'clean' environment for Star Wars fans to come together and discuss the various aspects and elements of the Star Wars Universe.

    The moderator's role in this principle:

    1) General Presence - As a moderator, you are expected to not only enforce the rules, but to also follow them, and be 'role models' of good forum etiquette and behavior. Moderators should be polite, helpful, and considerate of Jedi Council Members. Whether participating in the forums or acting in an administrative capacity, moderators should always remain professional and polite in their actions and comments.

    You were invited to be a member of the Moderating Team because you have demonstrated an excellent grasp of and respect for the forum's rules, have sufficient experience with the ins and outs of the forums, spend an above average amount of time in the forums, and have shown the personal qualities that are desired in JC Moderators - friendliness, approachability, and a desire to help the members of the forums enjoy their time here. You should strive to keep these qualities as a Moderator.

    2) Policy discussion - Moderators should regularly participate in discussion of board policy, whether it's ironing out a new policy, or revisiting and old one. Your experience on the boards is invaluable in these discussions, and is relied upon (this applies to all relevent forums - Communications, Mod Squad... ).

    Discussions in the Mod Squad forum are held in confidence (meaning, it's a private forum, so discussions and things said within the confines of the Mod Squad should remain within the circle of the moderating team), and moderators are expected to respect that confidence. This is not, however, an open invitation to say things you couldn't/wouldn't say in a public forum. While the security of this forum is important, moderators should always present their thoughts and opinions respectfully, with regards to each other and to members of the forums, as though the forums were open for viewing.

    Bottom line: Your actions here (and on other public SW sites) reflect on the site, and, as such, they should always be made with the best interests of TFN and the JC forums in mind. Keep the forums clean, keep the forums fun, and be good 'role models' of behavior and respect for all of the members and their opinions.

    Also, due to the competitive nature of a news and information site, work on competing websites and forums cannot be allowed without prior agreement from either Josh or Philip.
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