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Before - Legends [Moving Challenge] One Planet, One People – JA #6, Obi/Qui/Nield (one-shot)

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    Title: One Planet, One People
    Timeframe: End of JA #6
    Characters: Nield, Wehutti, Gueni, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon
    Summary: After the peace treaty ending the hostilities on Melida/Daan is signed, Nield, Wehutti, and Gueni announce it to the public.
    Author's Notes: For the "We're Moving" Challenge. I'm a rookie at this stuff, so concrit is welcome (I'll probably look back on this and cringe a few years from now).
    Disclaimer: Star Wars is, of course, the property of Lucasfilm, and no profit is being made from this fan fiction. The book on which this is based was created by Jude Watson.

    Nield watched as citizens young and old streamed into the plaza. The distrust between the two age groups was instantly obvious, as the Elders gathered on Nield's left and the Young on his right, with a couple dozen meters of empty space between them. An Elder began shouting at the Young, but Qui-Gon stepped in and calmed her down before the situation could escalate.

    When all were present, the governor began. "Citizens of Melida/Daan, both Young and Elders, I come before you today for the last time as governor. Four weeks ago, the Young set out to bring peace to this planet. Although we achieved our goal, it was temporary at best. Now, with the help of the Jedi, we have a new peace, one that I hope will be permanent. Wehutti, representing the Melida Elders, Gueni, representing the Daan Elders, and I, representing the Young, have today signed a peace treaty to end the fighting once and for all."

    A cheer went up from the assembled, louder on the Young side than on the Elders'; many of the latter looked suspicious. Nield took a step back and waited for the crowd to quiet down. When they did, he continued. "From this point forward, the Young, the Melida, and the Daan will all share power." Nield looked directly at the gathered Elders. "I see the suspicion on your faces, Elders. That is why Wehutti and Gueni are also here to speak as well. At this time, I would like to turn the podium over to Gueni."

    Gueni walked to the front of the makeshift stage, offering Nield a handshake as they passed each other. Upon reaching the podium, he took a few breaths to gather his thoughts before speaking. "Citizens, and especially my fellow Daan Elders, what this young man said is not a trick. It took a war against our own children and the intervention of two Jedi to make me realize the horrors of what the centuries of fighting have done to this planet. We have already wiped out almost an entire generation of citizens. Our own children were, for a long time, forced to fight for us before they were old enough to do so. We can't continue this way.

    "The Young had the right idea when they tried to bring peace to Melida/Daan, but any peace effort was doomed to fail without the support of all factions. A planet divided against itself cannot stand. Now we have a stronger peace, one based on agreement and compromise between the Melida, Daan, and Young. I urge all of you to embrace this agreement and begin a new era on this planet." Many of those gathered in the plaza applauded at this. When they quieted, the Daan leader finished. "I would now like to welcome Wehutti to the podium."

    Wehutti stood and made his way to the front, shaking hands with Gueni as he passed him. He looked out over the assembled, making eye contact with people from all factions, then began. "Citizens, Young, Daan, and especially Melida, the two speakers before me speak the truth. We cannot continue the fighting. How many more lives must be lost before we realize that this path will only lead us to ruin? Many of you have lost relatives to the fighting, family members that will never be seen again because of petty disagreements."

    The Melida leader began to shed tears as he prepared for his next statement. "I, myself, lost my only daughter just last week. Cerasi was willing to do anything to bring peace to this planet, even..." He became overcome with emotion, and both Nield and Gueni came forward to help him. As he felt the comforting touch of their hands on his shoulders, he somehow found the strength to continue through the tears. "...even lay down her life, if that's what it took. And although she will never know it, it was her words, from beyond the grave, that ended what will hopefully be the last battle ever fought on Melida/Daan. Let's honor her last request and end this pointless fighting once and for all."

    Wehutti took a step back, and suddenly was overcome with tears again. He accepted Gueni's help in making his way back to his seat as Nield took the podium again.

    Obi-Wan watched from the back corner of the platform as Nield cleared his throat and spoke. "Beginning today, citizens, a triumvirate will be formed to lead this planet. Initially this will consist of myself, Wehutti, and Gueni, but we will open all three seats to free elections as soon as we can." Nield went into more detail on what would happen next, such as disarmament, before turning to Obi-Wan. "Although he is not one of us and will soon be leaving this planet to return to Coruscant, he was largely responsible for helping to bring us to this point, and so I would like to ask Obi-Wan Kenobi to say a few words."

    The former Padawan nodded at Nield as he took the podium. He had not wanted to speak, but Nield had convinced him to at least say something. Obi-Wan looked at the crowd and drew a deep breath. "Although I will now be returning to the Jedi, I hope that each and every one of you, regardless of your age or tribe, can put your differences aside and live among each other as one people. The people of this planet have hopefully learned many lessons over the past few weeks. I urge you to not forget those lessons. Work out your problems peacefully, and know that if you ever feel that war may break out once again, you can always contact the Jedi Temple for a keeper of the peace."

    Obi-Wan stepped back, and was surprised when Nield pointed at Qui-Gon and motioned for him to come up to the podium. The Jedi Master wormed his way through the crowd and climbed up onto the stage to speak. "My former apprentice is right. There is no need for fighting. You need to find nonviolent solutions to your problems. Although I helped in negotiating the treaty, and Obi-Wan here assisted you in getting to the point of being willing to discuss a treaty, our role is over. It is up to you, the citizens of this planet, whether young or old, Melida or Daan, to create a new beginning for your society. While it may be a rough process, you must never forget the lessons you have learned. If ever you have a problem that you cannot work out yourself, if you have exhausted all possible avenues to resolve the issue, and if that issue threatens to bring war back to this planet, the Jedi will be happy to send a peacekeeper to mediate the dispute. Know that you have our support in that regard."

    Qui-Gon stepped back, and Nield took the podium again. "Finally, I would like to unveil our new flag, agreed on Wehutti, Nield, and myself." He motioned to the back of the platform, where Wehutti and Gueni removed the veil, revealing the new flag. On a white background was the galactic peace symbol, an upside down High Galactic letter "Y" inside a circle, dividing the circle into three parts, in blue. In the bottom section was the logo of the Young, while the Melida and Daan logos were positioned in the left and right sections of the circle respectively. Written around the edge of the circle in Aurebesh was "ONE PLANET" above it and "ONE PEOPLE" below it. Obi-Wan applauded with the crowd; he had helped design the flag and thought it was a perfect symbol of the new peace.

    Wehutti and Gueni took up positions on each side of Nield, while Obi-Wan and his former Master stood behind and to either side of them as Nield concluded the treaty announcement. "Ladies and gentlebeings, boys and girls, this is a new beginning for this planet. We will no longer be divided by age or tribe. We will go forward from this point as one unified people. Let's hear it for PEACE!"

    Everyone in the crowd, whether Young, Melida, or Daan, took up the cry. "PEACE! PEACE! PEACE!" As the chant continued, Obi-Wan thought about his own life. He, too, would soon be getting a new beginning. Hopefully the Council would be willing to take him back, and he would become a Jedi again. Right now, though, he relaxed as the citizens of Melida/Daan embraced the peace. It was indeed a new beginning for the people of the planet. Obi-Wan only hoped it would last.
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