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Library NAMMA Corp. - Library Thread for Enter the Dragon

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Master Vo, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. Master Vo

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    Mar 19, 2017
    NAMMA Corporation
    Library Thread for Enter the Dragon

    Below is a compendium of information regarding the game Enter the Dragon. It details the various traits that the Gifted posses, and how they came to be.

    At the beginning of the game, due to the scarcity of the Gifted and the short time they have been on earth (40 years), the information here will be sparse, as very little is known about the Gifted to the general public. However, as the game unfolds, more information shall be revealed.
    Abilities of the Gifted

    Superhuman Strength: The Superhuman Strength that the Gifted, both New Age and Old Age, is what separates them from the normal human. From a young age, the Gifted will demonstrate immense power, being able to stop a car travelling at approx. 60 mph with their barehands if they keep their bodies in decent shape. Through extreme and continuous training, a Gifted may be able to stop cars travelling at speeds of 100+ mph. In exceptionally rare cases, Old Age Gifted gain more power with age, possessing strength that exceeds that of any gifted.

    Ki: Ki, an energy that lives through all things, but can be harnessed into powerful attacks by those who posses the gift. These attacks typically come in the form of projectiles and strikes engulfed in energy, and are only accessible through martial arts and some forms of exercise.

    Ki requires more discipline to use than the strength, speed, and endurance the Gifted have. It has three (technically four) levels of proficiency.

    Ki Proficiencies
    None: Gifted who do not take the time to learn any form of Martial Arts and pursue other forms of fulfillment in life typically have no proficiency in Ki, as they have never unlocked it's abilities through exercise or martial arts.

    Low: Typically manifests itself in young Gifted and will remain so unless the user specifically trains to better themselves at their Ki abilities. Low Ki proficiency will give the user small boosts of energy, and have occasionally physically displayed some kind of reaction when used, such as small crackles of energy around the body.

    Medium: With further training, Gifted will be able to unlock Medium Ki Proficiency, which allows the user to strike using manifested Ki energy. Such examples would be kicks and punches engulfed in Ki energy. This is the most common form of Ki proficiency in the NA MMA tournament hosted in 1987.

    High: The highest documented level of Ki proficiency. Gifted who have obtained this level of Ki proficiency will be able to launch powerful blasts of Ki energy forth, developing capable projectile techniques. Ki proficiency does not stop here, but due to the age of most Gifted and the fighters in the tournament, there is no documented evidence of higher ki proficiency.

    Ki Manifestations:
    Ki will typically manifest itself in a neutral element, appearing as blue energy if used as an attack or projectile, but it has been known to manifest itself in distinct elemental forms unique to several users. Note that if a Gifted learns to produce Ki in a specific elemental form, they know only how to manifest Ki as that element, along with neutral energy. Below is a list of Ki manifestations.

    Neutral (blue)
    Darkness (red-black)

    NAMMA Corporation

    NAMMA Corporation, standing for New Age Mixed Martial Arts, New Age denoting the exclusivity of Gifted fighters, who are all New Age. It sprung up five years ago with an enormous pile of wealth, and founded the NA MMA league. It now has launched the first Grand Tournament, gathering together New Age Gifted from around the world to compete.

    Little is known about NAMMA Corp., though the tournament is sure to reveal more of this strange organization.

    New Age and Old Age

    With the advent of the Gifted in 1947, the world would change forever. Only a few sprung up during this time, and remained fairly unknown until 1955, with documentation of the Gifted being practically non-existent. Then, the New Age Gifted, children with the gift born after 1955, began to appear. These New Age gifted are what exhibit the traits commonly associated with the Gifted. Only 0.01 percent of the world population are documented gifted, leading to about 500,000, spread far across the globe. These New Age Gifted typically become Martial Artists or follow some similar path, and this led to the creation of New Age Mixed Martial Arts. All Gifted are banned from human sporting events, such as the Olympics.

    Power Structure

    [This is due to be filled in with NPCs and PCs when the tournament begins, and updated throughout the course of the game]

    Dramatis Personae

    Kujo Takahashi - Played by @Shadowsun

    Ash Armitage - Played by @greyjedi125

    Jonathan Giovanna - Played by @Narancia

    Keara Alais - Played by @darthbernael

    Notable NPCs

    Ryuji Nishikiyama - President of NAMMA Corporation

    Yaju - A towering Japanese fighter who is scheduled to fight Jonathan

    James Crowley - An American fighter who is scheduled to fight Kujo, but absent at the Matching Hall during the first matchups.

    Yuri Morimoto - Guide assigned to Kujo Takahashi

    Arthur Kingsman - Guide assigned to Jonathan Giovanna

    Tomura Akiyama - Guide assigned to Ash Armitage

    Jacques Tokugawa - Guide assigned to Keara Alais


    NAMMA Tournament HQ - Main base of operations for fighters and NAMMA Corporation during the tournament.
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  2. Shadowsun

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    Jun 26, 2017
    GM Approved

    Name: Kujo Takahashi
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Japanese

    5' 11"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Ki Proficiency: High
    Ki Element: Neutral
    Style: Muay Thai. Kujo utilizes a number of techniques, combining Ki with his knowledge of Muay Thai to great effect. Kujo focuses on swift, fast motions to tire his opponent. As Ki is still relatively new to the world this modified style is still very experimental and as such Kujo is sure not to reveal the full range of his moves too soon.

    Bio: From a young age Kujo Takahashi loved to fight. He would frequently get into brawls with the kids at his school. His father getting wind of this oddly decided not to scold the boy. Even at such a young age, it was noted that Kujo was stronger and swifter than the other children, his abilities being recognized by his father as something to be developed. Thus he was taught Muay Thai as an outlet to prevent him from picking further fights. His progress would move swiftly, his teacher amazed at how quickly Kujo was developing both physically and in skill.

    However, it could not all last. Once it was discovered that Kujo was one of the 'gifted' he was barred from competing in any events, thus his main outlet was taken away from him. This frustration was only further compounded when his parents divorced halfway through his time at high school.

    As a result, the well-meaning but angsty teen would fall back into his old habits become a high school delinquent that liked nothing better than to drink and fight. This cycle of behavior would continue, dissatisfied with how weak everyone was around him. Kujo would practice his Ki techniques alone. Despite his failing grades, he has a shrewd mind able to incorporate his newfound powers into his fighting style. Still, no one was worthy to use them on. After all, they would likely die if he tried to use them in an actual fight.

    Once he found out about the tournament for the gifted he was ecstatic. Finally, he would be able to fight equals and test the true extent of his power.
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  3. Narancia

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    Oct 24, 2020
    GM Approved

    Name: Johnathan Giovanna
    Age: 25
    Nationality: Britain
    Height: 6'6
    Weight: 300lbs
    Johnathan has traveled the world and incorporated a hybrid version of Boxing from some of the best boxing champions in history. One such boxer includes Mamorou Takamura, who at one time held world championship belts for 6 different weight classes. Johnathan mainly utilizes three different boxing styles;

    Orthodox Style
    (Orthodox Stance)​
    Orthodox Boxing Styles are methods of fighting in the ring that nearly all boxers apply. They are In-Fighting, Out-Boxing, and Hybrid boxing.

    Hitman Style

    (Hitman stance)​

    This stance has the user's left arm hanging near the waist while the right arm is closely drawn to the chest area. The low position of the left arm allows it to execute jabs faster. Johnathan Giovanna combines this style with the Flicker Jab to form a very efficient advantage against most boxers.

    However, the stance leaves the left side open. Johnathan relies primarily on his reach to keep in-fighters outside of this range and uses an Elbow Block to cover his exposed left.

    Brawling Style:
    (Brawler Stance)​

    A brawler is a fighter who generally lacks finesse and footwork in the ring but makes up for it through sheer punching power. Many brawlers tend to lack mobility, preferring a less mobile, more stable platform and have difficulty pursuing fighters who are fast on their feet. They may also have a tendency to ignore combination punching in favour of continuous beat-downs with one hand and by throwing slower, more powerful single punches (such as hooks and uppercuts). Their slowness and predictable punching pattern (single punches with obvious leads) often leaves them open to counter punches, so successful brawlers must be able to absorb substantial amounts of punishment.

    Brawlers tend to be more predictable and easy to hit but usually fare well enough against other fighting styles because they train to take punches very well. They often have a higher chance than other fighting styles to score a knockout against their opponents because they focus on landing big, powerful hits, instead of smaller, faster attacks. Often at times they place focus on training on their upper body instead of their entire body, to increase power and endurance. They also aim to intimidate their opponents because of their power, stature and ability to take a punch. A brawler's most important assets are power and chin (the ability to absorb punishment while remaining able to continue boxing).

    Ki level: Medium
    Ki type: Light elemental
    Ki Mechanics: Johnathan has been trained in the way of Hamon or the ripple.

    (The Ripple in action)

    The Ripple is an ancient Chinese martial art form that relies on two things, the sun, and the ability for the user to breathe. As to use the ripple is to utilize and absorb the power of the sun to strikeout against any abominations of nature, such as those with corrupted souls or the undead.

    The ripple can be helpful outside of these circumstances and can enhance the capabilities of seemingly useless objects by having their energies transferred onto them. Bubbles can be turned into razors, and strands of hairs can be used to block bullets.

    However, a weakness is that Johnathan must breathe a specific way to utilize this power, meaning if that breathing is disrupted, then his connection to the technique is lost.

    Another weakness is that the power is circumstantial; the boost gained from using this power depends on many factors, such as the time of day and if the user is indoors and outdoors.

    If the circumstances are perfect (i.e., Very sunny and the user is outdoors.)

    The ripple can enhance the user's strength to the point where they can break steel with their bare hands. However, if it's nighttime, then there are not many benefits it can provide aside from its versatility.

    If an opponent is hit by a user of the ripple, then they will feel dizzy and a burning sensation (the severity varies depending on the conditions above.)

    Johnathan Giovanna is the son of a wealthy aristocrat named George Giovanna who is currently terminally ill with tuberculosis, however, despite Johnathan being George's only son, George refuses to name Johnathan as his heir as he feels that Johnathan is too immature and too entitled. This revelation broke Johnathan's heart and he runs away from his estate and spent 10 years wandering the world as a destitute traveler, only spending money on traveling to different countries via boat travel.

    During this time Johnathan learned the technique of the ripple and the various boxing styles from his retired mentor Mamoru Takamura

    (Takamura during his prime)​
    After learning everything from Takamura, Johnathan ventured out into the world again seeking a new experience, however, the news would come by fast as he heard of a tournament where only the strongest could thrive, even death was a possibility. Johnathan saw this as an opportunity to prove once in for all that he was the opposite of the man that his father thought him to be.
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    Apr 29, 2002

    Name: Real name unknown/ Ash Armitage ( alias )

    Age: Probably 19

    Nationality: European

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Height: 5’ 10”

    Weight: 205 lbs.

    Style: Ash has trained from childhood in Hun Gar Kung Fu ( Tiger Crane ), Ninjutsu/ ninpo, Aikido and Judo.

    Ki Proficiency: High Level Proficiency / Tri-Harmony Qigong Technique.

    Ki Element: Neutral Ki and Lightning Ki.

    Bio: Even in his earliest memories, Ash recalls only his handler, the dark monks and endless rigorous training in martial arts. There were others like him, who did not look like the monks, but he seldom saw them. His formal education also came from the secretive group whom he would later know to be the Kalimatra. It wasn’t clear if they were allies or enemies of the White Lotus Society as their relationship seemed to change time and again.

    To refine his fighting skills, Ash was made to participate in many secret fighting pits and underground Vale Tudo tournaments all over the world. Unsurprisingly, he excelled as he possessed a fierce focus and desire to best all his opponents.

    In due time, Ash realized that he was being trained to become a young assassin, specifically one who was sent against targets all over Europe and the Americas.

    This was his life, as he knew no other way of living.

    During his continued training, it was discovered that Ash was ‘Gifted’. A fact that not only intensified his training, but also saw him under the tutelage of a new instructor, who revolutionized his fighting prowess and understanding of Ki; the least being how to properly balance his energy between mind, body and spirit. Ash was taught to literally ‘see’ how Ki flowed in all living things. How to heal, how to block the flow, how to disrupt it, and ultimately how to kill. He was even promised to learn secret and advanced techniques as he grew stronger.

    In essence, the young ‘Gifted’ star was ascendant. Having learned how to augment his speed, his strength, and his vitality, as well as a plethora of offensive and defensive Ki techniques, Ash was able to quickly gain a near perfect mission ratio, as well as a deadly moniker: Black Ash.

    He had become the pride of the Kalimatra and the envy of other secret organizations.

    And so Ash’s reputation continued to grow, until one fateful day.

    Ash had been given a high level target to terminate. The Op should have proceeded smoothly, however, Ash was ambushed by a veritable army. His target came out to gloat, even to the point of identifying him. Though wounded, Ash was able to exploit an opening in the ranks and attacked the target, delivering a fatal blow, which the target regenerated before his eyes.

    If it weren’t for him unleashing his Lightning Storm attack, he would have never escaped with his life.

    Reaching the secret base where he trained took far longer that expected, given his condition, however, when he finally reached it everyone had been slaughtered.

    It had all been an elaborate trap. But a trap set by who?

    Ash disappeared after the incident and laid low for sometime, emerging only to participate in random tournaments, here and there. However, upon learning of the ‘Greatest Tournament the World Would See’, hosted by the mysterious NAMMA Corporation, Ash finds himself both intrigued and invested. Perhaps, there he would meet worthy challengers, but more importantly, ( though it was a long shot ), discover clues as to who was behind the massacre of the Kalimatra and why?
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    OOC: GM Approved CS
    Name: Keara Alais
    Age: 18
    Nationality: originally French, now American


    Height: 1m69cm, 5’6.5”
    Weight: 83kg, 183lbs, but who asks a lady her weight?

    Style: Krav Maga, Savate
    Ki Proficiency: High
    Ki Element: Neutral, Lightning


    Keara and her family emigrated to the United States as soon as her parents found out that she was one of the Gifted. They knew that many nations were attempting to integrate their Gifted into military or espionage programs but they hoped that, in the larger and more spread out America, they could hide her better. They had both been in the French military but when they came to the US they gave that up to raise her on a farm, on land that they had purchased in Montana.

    They used much of their money to purchase systems so that they could homeschool her to further distance her from the registration programs and other programs that forced Gifted into a specific niche. Even as they taught her they also taught her the martial arts that they had learned while they were in the service, knowing she would need them, when other Gifted found out about her and would challenge her.

    By the time she’d been registered as a high school graduate and was working on her college degree was when the Gifted registry finally caught up to her. One day the family came home to the farm to find black SUVs waiting, men in suits on their porch. Unbeknownst to her parents it was Keara that had notified the government. She was tired of hiding who she was and wanted to join society.

    When she transferred to a college, she began to hear rumors, among the other Gifted in the programs they followed, that the US government had an Agency that had several Gifted working for them. With that new knowledge she applied herself in the fields of political science and international relations, while at the same time registering in the ROTC program of the college. In those fields she excelled, especially the military program as her parents had already taught her all the things the program was trying to teach.

    And then, one day, at the end of the school year, she returned to her dorm and found a plain envelope on her bunk, no address on it. Opening it, she discovered it was an invitation to a tournament for the New Aged Gifted, in Japan. The flight tickets, hotel arrangements, and other travel was tucked into a smaller envelope with a simple note that said, ‘Do well and we will be in contact.’ She contacted her parents and explained that she was not going to be home for the summer as she waited at the gate for the flight. Her biggest adventure was about to begin.
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    Character Sheet


    Name: Dōryoku Osutin
    Age: 29
    Nationality: Japanese
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 272 lbs.
    Style: Do Behave itto-ryu
    Ki Proficiency: Medium
    Ki Element: Earth & Darkness

    Bio: The words often used to describe Osutin by those who know him would be: “You just don’t want to know.”

    The words often used to describe Osutin by those who know of him would be: “A force of nature that has yet to be calmed.”

    The words often used by Osutin to others regarding their views of him: “Just behave.”

    You see, awakening to his Gifted powers at a very early age, Osutin had it all go to his head. Between that and perhaps overuse of them (or at least that’s what some claim), they did more than just ‘go to’ his head. It completely addled any form of logical sense in that mind of his! …..And morals.

    As soon as he knew he was far, far stronger than anyone around…and he knew quite quickly…all he cared about was finding someone like him who could give him a good fight! He didn’t find anyone, so he eventually ran away from home as a young teen and found ways of touring the world, searching. The longer he went without finding anyone, the more warped he became. The more he took to Darwinism in an extreme sense. Really, it just starting morphing into nihilism if we’re honest.

    All things live to die. End story. No arguing. All he cares about is fighting…and killing. If you can’t stand up to him, you don’t deserve to live. If you can deserve stand up to him and fight back, then that means you need to kill him. Simple as that.

    Survival of the fittest; oldest and most immutable rule in the universe in his twisted mind.

    And he’s been fighting nonstop now for years. He’s even finally ran into at least a few fellow Gifted, but they were….disappointing.(Also now quite dead.)

    But it doesn’t stop there, his quirks and mannerisms after dealing with many of the wrong ends of society are left him acting and saying very strange things. Taking things ways they are not meant to be taken, making light of that which should not be taken lightly, caring not for that which one should always care for.

    And then NAMMA came and announced the Tournament. A place where only the strongest in the world come to and……fight!

    If there was ever a dinner bell tailor made for Dōryoku Osutin, this was it. And it was just rung.

    He’s answered the call, baby.

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    I see what happened......... [face_shame_on_you]


    Welcome to the game. [face_tee_hee] :-B