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Beyond - Legends New fan fiction, Brotherhood of Justice background.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by BSlykeSWFan, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. BSlykeSWFan

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    Sep 6, 2012
    It’s been 3,000 years since the fall of the Empire. But even after the Rebel Alliance rid the Galaxy of terror, and the Jedi Order restored. Evil still existed. The galaxy survived a multi galactic war, multiple civil wars, and many other threats and terrors that shook and destroyed the piece. But always, somehow, the light prevailed. Good rose above evil. Love defeated hate, just like the way it should.

    But after many failed goverments and many serious threats over thousands of years. The people of the galaxy were calling for a change. And 2,955 A.B.Y they got change, at least they thought they would. A new government force was introduced and welcomed, The Galactic Federation of Peace. The GPE supposedly stood for equality and peace. They said they would lower taxes and give more personal rights back to the citizens. They said the Senate would be reformed with people who had the best intentions for bettering the galaxy. They conjoined with The Jedi Order to increase peace… But they lied.

    The GPE did not bring equality, they did not bring peace. Taxes were raised and more freedoms were stripped from the clutches of the innocent. And they formed a power thirsty army by involving the Jedi Order completely in the government. They created a seemingly unstoppable force…

    But for many, enough is enough. For many the time for a real change has come. And with the start of a movement called the Brotherhood of Justice, they just might get the change they called for… They just might have a chance to restore the freedom they strife for and deserve…
  2. BSlykeSWFan

    BSlykeSWFan Jedi Youngling

    Sep 6, 2012
    Sorry guys when I copied and pasted this, the format got messed up. But when I post the Prologue it will be correct format :)
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    Sep 6, 2012

    Planet Nuukri, Market Place:

    A large crowd of mixed species gathered in a circle in the market place of the outer rim planet Nuukri. The source of their interest middle aged human Jedi Knight named Jannon Krit, punishing an elderly citizen for supposedly disrespecting the Galactic Federation of Peace (or the GFP). By bumping into him, and trying to start a fight. Jannon kicked the man in the old man in the stomach, and he fell to the ground coughing. Jannon smiled then put his boot ontop of the man’s back and pinned him to the dirt.

    “You sure are pathetic… the fact that you would even consider picking a fight with me. I’m a Jedi Knight, a keeper of the piece, a member of the GFP.” Jannon scowled.

    “I’m sorry sir I meant nothing by it, please do not hurt me.” The old man managed to speak regardless of coughing grossly between every other word.

    “It’s sad to see people like you, citizens with no respect to the people who are keeping them alive. Age has not brought you wisdom, only foolishness.”

    “Again sir I’m sorry, please I beg you not to hurt me.” Tears began to roll down the man’s eyes.

    Jannon leaned in close to the elderly man’s face and grunted in disgust, “Stop begging, it only angers me more!” Jannon then grabbed his victim’s collar and raised him into the air. “How about we let the people decide. What do you say, shall I let him live, or shall I strike him down right here and right now.”

    The crowd yelled in terror, “Let him live.” And many other pleas for the man’s live echoed through the busy market place.

    “Death it is.” Jannon got a sinister grin across his face as he unclipped his lightsaber from his belt. Obviously he was about to kill the man, despite that the people had voted against it. But before he ignited his weapon a voice manifested itself behind him.

    “Drop the man!” The voice was loud, and showed strength.

    Jannon while still holding the man off the ground turned his head to face the man who was standing behind him wearing a black cloak, concealing his face from being shown. “What?”

    “I said drop the man now.” The cloaked man spoke quieter this time, but it stilled was filled with power.

    “As you wish, hero.” Jannon let go of the old man, who scurried off into the crowd. “But now I must deal with you… state your name.”

    “My name should not be of concern to you. You should be more worried about what is about to happen to you because of your actions.”

    “Are you threatening me?” Jannon began to step toward the man.

    The man raised his head slightly and the lower part of his face was now visible, he wore a slight grin across his mouth. “No threats, just promises.” And in one swift motion the man flung off his cloak, raised a lightsaber, ignited it, and stabbed Jannon Krit in the chest. The crowd gasped, which sounded like fear, but then cheers of approval rang out.

    The man’s face now visible by the crowd… He had black hair that rested just past his ears. His eyes were black as the night sky and the scar on his right cheek added to the ominous feel that he already expressed.

    “My name is Max Solo. Distant descendant of the famous Solo Clan… Heroes from a time past. What I did here today is a statement to the galaxy. Since the dawn of time the Jedi have been peace keepers, and have worked hand in hand with the many forms of goverments that have dominated the galaxy throughout history. But since the GFP was established nearly fifty years ago, promoting their agenda of equality and piece, what have we got? Not piece, not equality. No we got higher taxes on imports, discrimination in the Senate. And the Jedi were given more power, power that they are busing! The Jedi are no longer keepers of the piece. They are merely ruthless tax collectors and mercenaries for the GFP. Not to mention that the Supreme Chancellor is also the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.”

    “Well enough is enough, things are out of hand. The Jedi should not have the power that they possess currently, because the more they receive the less freedom we as citizens have. So I’m calling out for your help! Our message has already been spread in other parts of the galaxy. Many have heard our cry for justice, and many are joining us. Not only do we have a vast amount of force sensitives on our side, we also have normal citizens just like you. We do not discriminate! We will restore the equality and piece that the GFP failed to instate. We will get the galaxy back on the right track. We are the Brotherhood of Justice. And I’m asking you to run through the streets of Nuukri and speak this message! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell the whole galaxy! Death to the GFP! Death to the Jedi!”

    The crowd erupted in cheers. And they dispersed like a rabid pack of Banthas. When they had disbanded the circle that was formed moments ago, a young teenage girl wearing a similar cloak that Max had was before he removed it was standing a few feet away from Solo. The girl had very pretty features, her hair blonde, and her eyes a beautiful green with the slightest yellow tint. She stepped up to Solo.

    “You always manage to fill the people with so much hope.” She spoke while chuckling.

    “Not hope my Padawan, the truth. Our numbers our growing and our cause is great.” Max rubbed the small amount of facial hair that he had on his chin.

    “Death to the Jedi.” The girl saluted.

    “Death to the Jedi.” Solo returned the salute. The girl named Mya Skywalker responded to her Masters salute with a smile.

    The revolution had begun…
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  4. imperial_Warlord5

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    Dec 8, 2005
    interesting start i look forward to more, just one thing:
    promoting their agenda of equality and piece, what have we got? Not piece
    its peace not piece
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    Sep 6, 2012
    I'm actually not pursuing this story in more... As I couldnt fletch out a good enough plan for it, however I'm starting another one.
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    Jun 14, 2005
    Now that is a pity, because it was a jolly good beginning!