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Saga New Stories Index: June 2008

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by lazykbys_left, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    Hello, and welcome to the 2008 June New Stories Index for the Saga Board!

    My name is lazykbys_left and and I'll be hosting this index until they pry my cold, dead fingers away from it. :D

    This index will be updated daily with new fan fiction stories from this board for the current month. At the end of the month, this thread will be added to the master list along with those from the Before the Saga and Beyond the Saga boards.

    New stories will be added to this list as I find them. Hopefully I won't miss any, but you're welcome to send me the info for your fic via private message. Also, it would help a lot if you would put the following information into the first post of your fic.:


    Below is a list of common terms and abbreviations that will be helpful for readers searching this index using the find functions in their browsers:

    H/L - Han/Leia
    L/M - Luke/Mara
    Ani/Ami, A/P, or A/A - Anakin and Amidala (Padmé)
    Obidala - Obi-Wan/Amidala
    EU - Expanded Universe (all of the books)
    JQ - The Jedi Quest books about Anakin Skywalker's youth before AotC.
    PT - Episodes 1-3, the prequel trilogy
    OT - Episodes 4-6, the original trilogy
    TPM - The Phantom Menace
    AotC - Attack of the Clones
    RotS- Revenge of the Sith
    ANH - A New Hope
    ESB - The Empire Strikes Back
    RotJ - Return of the Jedi
    inter-trilogy or IT - between the two trilogies
    AU - alternate universe
    OC - original (author-originated) characters
    GFFA - Galaxy Far, Far Away
    Obi-torture - Obi-Wan gets hurt and comforted
    H/C - hurt/comfort
    vignette - a one-post story, especially a single scene
    squad fic - fighter squadron stories
    humor - lots of silliness
    angst - anguish, torment, fear, anxiety
    crossover or x-over - mixing Star Wars with another movie, tv series or book
    round robin or RR - multi-author story inviting more people to join in (also called an add-on)
    song fic - a story based on the lyrics of a song

    J/J - Jaina/Jag
    J/TK - Jacen/Tenel Ka
    K/J - Kyp/Jaina
    A/T - Anakin (Solo)/Tahiri
    S/S - The Skywalker and Solo families
    JA - The Jedi Apprentice books about Obi-Wan's youth before TPM
    NJO - The New Jedi Order books, 25 years post RotJ
    post-RotJ - takes place after the movies
    pre-TPM - takes place before the movies

    The function of this thread is simply to list new fan fiction stories. If you need help in finding fics, please visit the Looking for fics? thread in Fan Fiction Resource. There's also a thing called the Link Machine which searches for words in the thread title.

    If you have any questions about this index, feel free to send me a PM - but please keep in mind that I live in Japan and it might take a few hours for me to respond.

    If you have any questions concerning the fan fiction boards in general, you can contact any of our friendly moderators:

  2. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 1, 2008

    Title: Second Kiss
    Author(s): Klimt_Of_Tornesdal
    Timeframe: ESB
    Characters: Han/Leia
    Genre: mush
    Summary: Everyone knows the story of Han and Leia's first kiss. But how many know about the second...? [face_shhh]
    Notes: It's about that time again! [face_dancing] It's Monday Mush Mania challenge time, and here is my ever-so-humble attempt.
  3. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 2, 2008

    Title: Steps
    Author(s): Alexis_Wingstar
    Beta: The Musical Jedi (thank you [:D] )
    Timeframe: between TPM and AotC
    Characters: Cliegg, Shmi, Owen, Threepio
    Genre: mush
    Summary: Cliegg is away, attending a moisture farmer convention. Owen is late getting back from getting supplies in Anchorhead, and has not called to say what is going on. Shmi is deeply concerned.
    Notes: This is in response to the MMM challenge to write a mush story in which two people have a fight (argument, not a sluggfest or blow-'em-to-smithereens fight) which is resolved with a kiss.

    Title: Undue Circumstances
    Author(s): KELIA
    Timeframe: pre-RotS
    Characters: Anakin/Padmé, Palpatine, Obi-Wan
    Genre: suspense, drama, AU?
    Summary: Padmé has been arrested and convicted for Senator Organa's murder.
    Notes: This story replaces the events of ROTS. I'll be updating every other week, however, if you'd like a PM, just say the word. :D

    Title: Promises
    Author(s): VaderLVR64
    Timeframe: pre-ANH
    Characters: Owen, Beru, and Luke
    Genre: AU, vignette
    Summary: Beru, facing death, insists that Luke be told the truth of his heritage.
    Notes: I really wanted to write something for the MMM Challenge, but my must did not cooperate. Until this morning. :p Such is life. Anyway, I wrote this in about thirty minutes and didn?t have time to rework or do anything beyond the most basic editing. Please excuse my mess. :D

    Title: Not ready to remember
    Author(s): Earlybird-obi-wan
    Timeframe: JQ
    Characters: Obi-Wan, Siri, Anakin
    Genre: mush
    Summary: Obi-Wan and Siri after Jedi Quest path to truth. Returning home.
    Notes: Sequel to Temple of doom. Prequel to Remember. Written for the Monday Mush Mania and First Sentence challenges.

    Title: The Shortest Straw
    Author(s): lazykbys
    Timeframe: IT
    Characters: OCs
    Genre: action, drama, character deaths
    Summary: The Lady Solstice is attacked by pirates. Their troubles are just starting.
    Notes: Based very loosely on the Writer With the Force (a.k.a., Fanfic Survivor Challenge). Each OC has a corresponding participant, but that's about it. Really. :D

    Title: Anakin Skywalker
    Author(s): Leia (me, a.k.a. alderaanprincess)
    Timeframe: the end of RotS
    Characters: Vader with a little Palpatine
    Genre: angst, songfic (Untitled by Simple Plan);
    Summary: What Vader remembers of Ani.
    Notes: Only the first and last paragraphs/sections are the present time, the rest is memories.
    Indexer's Puzzlement: Is the song actually called Untitled?

    Title: Shards of the Heart Part One: When Worlds Collide
    Author(s): Darth_Leia_6669
    Timeframe: Part one set 2 years prior to AOTC
  4. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 7, 2008

    . . . or the 7th, either. Too busy finding fics to nominate for the Awards? :D

    - lazy
  5. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 8, 2008

    Title: Imperial Space
    Author(s): Raoul_Duke
    Timeframe: ???
    Characters: main OT/PT cast with EU characters
    Genre: humor
    Summary: Life in the cubicle.
    Notes: Mike Judge deserves over 9000% of the credit since he wrote the whole thing and I only modified it. But its lulzy and I thought I'd share.
    Indexer's Note: Written in script format.

    Title: The Forgotten Past
    Author(s): Me! [face_batting] (a.k.a., Anduli_Vader)
    Timeframe: post-ESB
    Characters: Luke, Vader, Leia, Palpatine, and OCs
    Genre: AU, drama, angst
    Summary: Mon Mothma betrays Luke to a trial and death for an action of the past.
    Notes: !Warning! Tiny torture scenes and definately teary later on.
  6. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 9, 2008

    Title: Rise of the Sith
    Author(s): JediStretch
    Timeframe: RotS
    Characters: Sidious, Vader
    Summary: The final days before Sidious revealed himself and became emperor. What was going on in his head?
    Notes: This is a story that came to mind while watching ROTS.
  7. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    Sorry about the delay, folks. My job has been crazy this week.

    - lazy

    [color=darkblue][b]New Saga Stories for June 10, 2008[/b][/color]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Healing[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: Earlybird-obi-wan
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: JQ
    [b]Characters[/b]: Obi-Wan, Siri, Anakin, Ferus, OCs
    [b]Genre[/b]: multi-post, H/C, mush, SiriWan
    [b]Summary[/b]: Obi-Wan and Siri catch up on each others lives. Siri needs some healing after her time as Zora and Obi-Wan is coping with the aftermath from his adventure on Coruscant.
    [b]Notes[/b]: Written for the [link=]First Sentence Challenge[/link]. Follows [link=]Temple of doom[/link], [link=]Not ready to remember (MMM and first sentence)[/link], and [link=]Remember[/link].

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Patience - It's Not Just For Padawans[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: p_stotts
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: somewhere between TPM and AotC. Anakin is around 16 or 17
    [b]Characters[/b]: Obi-Wan, Anakin, and a bunch of Amazon women
    [b]Genre[/b]: humor (at least I hope so)
    [b]Summary[/b]: What happens when a sexually frustrated Obi-Wan encounters a PG fanfic author? Read on and find out.

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Escape from Order 66[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: bobafett15
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: RotS
    [b]Characters[/b]: OCs
    [b]Notes[/b]: Here's my first fic, and soon to b 1 of many more, if all goes well. Here it is
    [b]p.s[/b]: if u post, c if u can find contact info for a lucas arts writer, post it. please, its my dream. MTFBWU
    [b]Indexer's Note[/b]: The only netspeak is in the author's notes. There are no line breaks between paragraphs.


    [color=darkblue][b]New Saga Stories for June 11, 2008[/b][/color]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]To Count the Stars[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: UnderCoverJedi
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: TPM
    [b]Characters[/b]: Qui-Gon, Shmi
    [b]Genre[/b]: vignette
    [b]Summary[/b]: Shmi and Qui-Gon talk about the past and the future.
    [b]Notes[/b]: Written for the [link=]Prequel Rewrite Challenge[/link].

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]My Once and Constant Savior[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: LASOS
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: OT
    [b]Characters[/b]: Han, Leia
    [b]Genre[/b]: AU
    [b]Notes[/b]: So this was an idea that I got while listening to Dane Cook of all things-if anyone knows the joke, it's the one where he says he's going to "Tarantino" it, meaning he's telling the end of the joke first and then telling the events leading up to it. So that's what we're doing here. The story spans the OT and I've planned it to become pretty AU towards the end, but nothing that we see on screen will be affected. It's mostly H/L but there are other things thrown in to the mix. Oh, and if you've read anything else I've done, you know I like to do this: "You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought." That's what she said.
    [b]Disclaimer[/b]: Star Wars is not mine. Dane Cook's idea is not mine, neither is Quentin Tarantino's. Neither are the songs that I use. So there.


    [color=darkblue][b]New Saga Stories for June 12, 2008[/b][/color]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Anakin's nemesis[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: Earlybird-obi-wan
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: RotS
    [b]Characters[/b]: Darth Plagueis, Darth Sidious, Anakin
    [b]Genre[/b]: vignette, [link=]Ultimate Hairband Challenge[/link], songfic ([i]Queen of the Reich[/i] by Queensryche)
    [b]Summary[/b]: Darth Plagueis muses during the events of ROTS.
  8. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 15, 2008

    Title: An affair to remember:
    Author(s): powerfulforce
    Timeframe: 4 years post-RotS
    Characters: Padme, Palo, Obi-Wan, Sabe
    Genre: AU, Avatar crossover
    Summary: In this Padme survived the force choke and has been in a coma for the past four years, but she awakens with amnesia, must reclaim her life as well as a love that was lost long ago.
    Notes: This is a companion piece to another story which I will post shortly.

    [color=darkblue][b]New Saga Stories for June 16, 2008[/b][/color]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Far Away Coast[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: Zelda_Death
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: 0 ~ 3 ABY
    [b]Characters[/b]: Han Solo, mostly
    [b]Genre[/b]: songfic, AU, one-post story (two of those I swore I'd never write!)
    [b]Keywords[/b]: Han, AU, Empire, slavery
    [b]Summary[/b]: Han, when captured by notorious pirate Crimson Jack, does not escape. Instead, he is sold to the Empire, who enslaves him and forces him to fight against the Rebels. Although Han has not cared for the Rebellion in the past, he is definitely growing to hate the Empire.
    [b]Notes[/b]: Lyrics are from the song 'Far Away Coast' by Dropkick Murphys, with a couple words changed to fit the Star Wars universe. Not sure how good at writing Han I'm gonna be, considering I've only read one book that had him in it. Ah well, it's a challenge.
  9. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 17, 2008

    Title: Warriors of the Force
    Author(s): VaderLVR-Gina (a.k.a., VaderLVR64 & Gina)
    Timeframe: pre-ANH
    Characters: (to be announced)
    Genre: AU
    Summary: The galaxy is in chaos and only a few are left to fight for the Light.
    Notes: Thank you, JediNemesis, for the plot bunny. We have tried to do it justice! This is a rewrite for us. We sort of ran out of steam the first time around and decided that we could do this better. it is. :p
    Note from the First Attempt: This is somewhat of a cross-over story between SW and Gladiator. Let the games begin!
    Compulsive Linker's Note: For those who can't wait for updates or are terminally curious about the "first time around": Warriors of the Force.

    Title: Mister_Master's Drabbles
    Author(s): Mister_Master
    Timeframe: Saga
    Characters: various OCs
    Genre: various
    Notes: A late response to the The UDC: So Nice, We'll Do It Twice!! drabble challenge.
  10. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 18, 2008

    Title: Brother
    Author(s): Serena Kenobi
    Timeframe: ANH
    Characters: Vader, Obi-Wan
    Genre: slight AU, drama, angst, action
    Summary: Obi-Wan and Vader duel on the Death Star for the last time, and Vader has a few things to say to his old master.

    Title: Anakin No!
    Author(s): Ocelotl_Nesto
    Timeframe: AotC
    Characters: Canon characters from Ep II may be included
    Genre: AU
    Summary: What if Anakin had listened to a voice he heard shortly after his mother died?
    Notes: George owns it-- Just another plot bunny that got loose.
    Indexer's Note: Cannon go boom.

    Title: Right Here Waiting
    Author(s): AnakinsFavorite
    Timeframe: RotS
    Characters: Padmé, references to Anakin/Vader
    Genre: songfic
    Summary: As she lays dying, Padmé Skywalker thinks back on the man she's loved... and hated. Her thoughts are both loving and bitter towards him as she struggles with the fact that she has loved someone so good yet so evil.
    Notes: I haven't written fanfic in months because DRL has kept me busy... and I haven't been in the mood to write. Lately, I've had some things happen to me that lead me to want to write again. It wasn't until I heard this song that I sat down to put words onto paper. I would like to dedicate this fanfic to a person who is very special to me (and, no, the contents of this vig are in no way associated to this person- I just took the inspiration and went with it). Just as your face appears into my mind whenever I hear this song, I shall be thinking of you, as always! @};-
    Disclaimer: I, of course, do not own Star Wars. If I were George Lucas, I would be out making another movie instead of writing depressing sonfics because I'm bored. I also do not own the talented Richard Marx's song, "Right Here Waiting."

    Title: Won't be saved
    Author(s): zonzo
    Timeframe: various
    Characters: various
    Genre: poems
  11. lazykbys_left

    lazykbys_left Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 17, 2005
    New Saga Stories for June 19, 2008

    Title: Recharge
    Author(s): VaderLVR64
    Timeframe: post-RotS
    Characters: Anakin and Padmé
    Genre: AU vignette
    Summary: In which raising the twins is only slightly less than Padmé can handle.
    Notes: Response to the First Sentence Challenge

    Title: Can't Breathe
    Author(s): Takianna
    Timeframe: End of RotS
    Characters: Padme
    Genre: drama
    Summary: The irony of a set of words

    Title: Light
    Author(s): Takianna
    Timeframe: between TPM and AotC
    Characters: Obi-wan and Anakin
    Genre: Drama, for the New First Sentence Challenge
    Keywords: light
    Summary: Sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us.

    Title: Protégé
    Author(s): Persephone_Kore and Dreagoddess
    Timeframe: Starting in TPM
    Characters: Anakin, Dooku, others
    Genre: general, AU
    Keywords: Dooku, Anakin, training
    Summary: Master Dooku steps in to offer to train Anakin Skywalker

    Title: A Jedi with Issues
    Author(s): angry_bendu1
    Timeframe: probably pre-AotC
    Characters: Jesika (OC)
    Genre: vignette, introspection
    Summary: A young Jedi in training vents her feelings into her datapad.
    Notes: Hey, this is my first short fic on this site, just wanted to figure out how all this is done. I was a little shell shocked when I first got here. [face_blush] Please let me know if you like it or hate it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! [:D] I stole the first line from the First Sentence Challenge Thread.

    Title: Of Jedi and Disputes
    Author(s): Amrita Glittersong
    Timeframe: a few years after TPM
    Characters: Obi-Wan, Anakin, OCs, random canon Jedi
    Genre: humor
    Summary: Some Jedi need to learn to get along with each other...
    Notes: The idea of Jedi needing to take a class on getting along has been in my head awhile. This fic spiraled from that into some horrible mass of sillyness and hopefully funniness as well. :p

    [color=darkblue][b]New Saga Stories for June 20, 2008[/b][/color]

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Oolek the Janitor[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: thesporkbewithyou
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: a few hours after ANH
    [b]Characters[/b]: Oolek (OC)
    [b]Genre[/b]: general
    [b]Summary[/b]: Oolek cleans up after the awards ceremony.
    [b]Notes[/b]: So, this is my first story post in a while, and it was semi inspired by the awards. Nothing much more to say other than I hope you enjoy this.

    [b]Title[/b]: [link=]Pirate[/link]
    [b]Author(s)[/b]: Earlybird-obi-wan
    [b]Timeframe[/b]: JQ
    [b]Characters[/b]: Adi Gallia, Siri, Ferus, Obi-Wan, Yoda
    [b]Genre[/b]: vignette
    [b]Summary[/b]: Adi Gallia has to deal with her former Padawan Siri Tachi after her return from her mission as a pirate.
    [b]Notes[/b]: A prequel to [link=]Healing[/link]; a sequel to [link=]Temple of doom[/link]. Written for the [link=]June Vignette Challenge[/link].
    [b]Disclaimer[/b]: Star Wars is G.L.'s


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