Rogue One [Official Info] Alan Tudyk (K-2SO) in Rogue One

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  1. Jedimarine

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    Feb 13, 2001
    While I like K-2, I worry too much of him would be a mistake. While Cassian relied on his abilities, you still got a cool, professional demeanor from Cassian when dealing with the droid.

    If they are in the series together, and more over, STAY together for most of it, you start allowing for more interpersonal time, which writers, being human, will expound into more meaningful relationship space.

    While it may lead to good tv, it could cut the legs off of the original depiction in Rogue One. If by the end of the streaming show Cassian calls K-2 his best friend, and then you're suppose to chronologically flow into Rogue One, you could be confused a bit.

    But then, non-sequential story-telling is full of such pitfalls...someone should really tell people who make Star Wars content this fact someday.
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    Yes, I too love K-2SO. You are right @Jedimarine, any appearance by him would have maintain his sneer sarcasm against Cassian's irritated straight man act, which is such a funny dynamic in Rogue One.
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