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Discussion in 'Star Wars: New Films - No Spoilers Allowed' started by A Chorus of Disapproval , Jun 18, 2018.

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  1. A Chorus of Disapproval

    A Chorus of Disapproval Head Admin & TV Screaming Service star 10 Staff Member Administrator

    Aug 19, 2003
    If you've even stepped a toe into New Films you've probably noticed how much it's turned into a hive of scum and villainy. We have two sides that are at each others throats on a daily basis. It was bad after the release of TFA and has only gotten worse since the release of TLJ. Some of it's due to emotions running high after a Saga release but the majority of it is just toxic users who simply want to scream at each other and make everyone miserable. We have the users who feel personally decimated by these films and feel everyone needs to know how much these films have personally assaulted them. If anyone is unfamiliar with this style of posting, there is a style of posting dedicated to literally and relentlessly decrying the treatment of Luke since the first rumors of his cameo in TFA surfaced. There's simply no way to have an actual conversation with such members. There's no discussable content to their posts. It's simply reiterating the same rants over and over and over. "TPTB ruined Luke's legacy. They hate him and wanted to ruin his life and accomplishments. Nothing they can do in IX will fix it. The franchise is dead to me." They can't be reasoned or bargained with. They just want to watch the forums burn. :p

    On the other side we have users who absolutely refuse to listen to any criticism of the films. The "these films are perfect and if you don't think so you're a blind idiot" type. They go far beyond simply being positive about the film. It's as if they are on a holy crusade to destroy the heathens that dare besmirch the ST. Then you have folks in the middle who just want to discuss the damn films.

    We've tried many things to alleviate some of the problems. The Sanctuary was a temporary measure to allow those who wanted to rant about TLJ a place to do so without the other side being able to swoop in and ruin their "fun." We've even created a couple new social threads in the hope that if the users got to know each other more they'd be less inclined to be so nasty to one another. That's another big problem we have. Just the amount of venom aimed not just at the movies but also at users from other users. And at the filmmakers, characters, actors, etc. Basically everyone and everything. And it's both sides doing it.

    So obviously it's beyond the point where we have anymore patience for this type of behavior. The harassment of Kelly Marie Tran was really the last straw. We'd hate these forums to be associated with that type of behavior. Obviously we can't fix the entire fandom but there's no reason why we can't make our little corner of it more enjoyable for our users. We'd like to take a hard stance on these extreme elements. If you can't discuss the films in a reasonable manner then go get yourself a blog to rant on. There's also no reason why users can't be civil to one another and make a point without being a complete jerk about it. We're open to any suggestions or thoughts from any of you too. We need to get a handle on this because we're starting to lose the sane users among us over it.

    This is going to return to being a DISCUSSION forum. Not a blog. Not the comments section of YouTube. Not your personal social media commentary soapbox. Discussion. That means that the days of an endless barrage of "Here is your daily reminder that TLJ sux and I hate everything about all of this and nothing anyone says will ever change my mind!!!! I'll remind you again in my next post!!!!" are over. Equally as over is our tolerance for "The films are perfect and there is nothing to discuss because there is absolutely nothing that could possibly be questioned or reconsidered about any of these superduperamazeballs films and anyone who does not see their perfect genius is a visionless plebeian" counterpoints.

    Read. Consider. Reply. Repeat.

    Or start a blog somewhere else. We'll help you get started. By banning you from here.

    We want everyone to stay and be involved. But we are no longer going to allow our forums to be a soundclash between 2 sides trying to outscream each other while everyone else in the middle is attempting to simply use the forums as intended.

    Talk to each other. Not at each other. More importantly, actually listen. Or be gone.
    This community will begin treating each other better or this community will have a lower population. Stop being terrible people toward the other people here.

    Love, the staff.
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