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Beyond - Legends Rebel Friendships Last a Lifetime

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    Title: Rebel Friendships Last a Lifetime
    Author: Anedon @Adalia-Durron
    Characters: Ethan, Ilona Malek, Amber&Adalia Tehanis
    Genre: Friendship
    Summary: Ethan and Amber meet 10 years after the battle of Endor

    Notes: This story is another collaboration between myself and Adalia Durron. We actually wrote it quite some time ago but then forgot about it.


    Ten years, ten standard Coruscanti years since the Rebellion had ended. Since the Empire had fallen and since she'd seen her wingmate. Amber Tehanis-Chrischa sat quietly in the cafe on the Promenade level of Coruscant near to a shopping district. Holding her hot chocolate she hoped he'd turn up, the invitation had been such short notice when she'd heard he was on the same world at her. She wondered if he'd changed much, how much had he changed. Chances were he'd forgotten her and wouldn't come. So much had changed.

    Ethan was a bit nervous as he made his way to the cafe. It had been ten years since the battle of Endor, ten years since he had left the rebellion and the friends he had made there behind. Much had happened in all these years and instead of the retirement he had dreamed of he was now a Senator and his calendar was filled with appointments, so many he barely had any time to stay in contact with old friends but today Amber message had lead to him cancel an appointment with the senator of Sluis Van as he had decided to visit his old friend instead, it had been far too long since they had last seen each other. When entered the cafe his eyes skimmed over the guests trying to find his old wing mate.

    She sipped her hot chocolate before glancing at her chrono. She knew he was important these day, knew he probably didn't have much time for the past anymore. She'd wait another 30 minutes, or maybe an hour.

    "Amber?" he asked as he spotted her, sitting at one of the tables in the back of the cafe, checking her chrono. The ten years had been good to her he had to admit, probably better than for him.

    She turned and grinned before jumping up and throwing her arms around his neck. "Ethan!! I'm so glad you came!!"

    Ethan returned the hug and smiled. "Of course I would, always got time for my old friends."

    "Do you have time for a Caffe? A piece of cake?" She asked eagerly, she wanted to hear all about how he got to where he was now.

    "Got the entire day, told the Senator of Sluis that I'm meeting an old friend from the Rebellion today, these young politicians are in awe of people like us." he explained. "Would take a tea, and why not a cake as well, this time hopefully not on the kitchen floor." Ethan gave her a twinkle.

    Amber indicated to the serving droid. "Yeah, I must admit, my son actually used me for 'show and tell' a few months back, that was embarrassing! So, how have you been?"

    "Imagine that show and tell lesson but pretty much every day since I left Endor. Got back to Eriadu and joined the struggle to drive the Imperials of. Tough that would have been it, I could retire. But it was only the beginning. The nobles on my world wanted someone to talk to the rebellion in their name, thought someone who had fought on Endor and Hoth could get better trade deals. So I became first an ambassador then senator and my life became much more exhausting. But there are good things as well." He said with a smile as he raised his hand to show her his wedding band.

    She reached out and grabbed his hand affectionately. “Tanja?” She questioned, remembering how much he’d wanted to leave the Black Sheep to be with her, the one love of his life.

    "Yeah, when I met her again it was as if we had never split, got married while war was still going, had a daughter shortly afterwards." He explained before taking out his datapad to show his friend a picture of a black haired eight year old girl.

    Amber gazed at the image, “She’s adorable! What’s her name?” she asked looking back to him. At 60 standard years, he looked good, and to be a father at his age must be a challenge.

    "Ilona, after my mother. She is a good kid, maybe a little bit serious. She will soon get a sibling tough, maybe that will help." The doctors had told him and Tanja how unlikely it was to conceive another child at their age so both had been surprised to find out about Tanya's second pregnancy.

    “Another?! Like soon? That’s so wonderful! Congratulations! Really!” She glanced up as the droid delivered his tea and two large pieces of Bakuran Chocolate and Namana cake. She looked at it. “Oh, this looks delicious, the baking takes the affect of the fruit from it, leaving the citrus taste.”

    "Yeah, a few weeks from now, Tanja and I are very excited," there was also something else he wanted to ask her about in this regard but that could wait. "It is indeed," he agreed on Ambers compliment. "Speaking which," Ethan said with a smile as he pulled out a small flask of Namana juice and placed it on the table. "These are from your orchard aren't they?"

    She looked at the flask and smiled. “Don’t tell me you’re hook on it!” She asked with amusement.

    "No, but I tend to allow myself a sip now and then. Helps me to relax." He made a pause for a moment. "How've you been doing?"

    Amber sat back slightly with a serine smile. “I’m good, really good. I was told I couldn’t have children and my boy, Jayden, is ten very soon. He was the most wonderful surprise, although I nearly died so there won’t be anymore.”

    "Glad to hear you are doing well," Ethan noticed Amber made no mention of her partner but chose to not press her on the matter. "Do you still live on Bakura?"

    "Of course, the family estate is still the biggest and the best........" She paused...."Adding the Bakuran Royal Crest to labels probably helped that." she felt a flush to her cheeks, she'd never shared this with any of the Sheep before.

    "The Royal crest," Ethan raised an eyebrow. "So I'm not the only one who was raised to nobility?"

    She shrugged slightly. "Well I married well." She wanted to blurt it out, but didn't want to brag, so she left it and hoped he'd question it further.

    "So you didn't marry him? But someone else?" Ethan asked, not mentioning any names as they both knew who "him" was.

    She smiled, he asked. "It's a bit of a story........." she picked at her cake and ate a little. "But not for today."

    She made a pause before sipping her cooled chocolate. "So, do you spend a lot of time on Coruscant?"

    "Quite a lot yeah," Ethan said his voice showing a bit of sadness. "Wish it wasn't as much but that's what being a senator is all about I guess, just that I'm also the head of the Malek household so I have to be on Eriadu quite often, it's a constant back and forth."

    She nodded. “Do you fly yourself or have you gotten lazy in your old age?” She asked with a good deal of amusement and torment.

    Ethan smiled understandingly. "Mostly letting others fly these days, reflexes and eyesight aren't what they once were."

    Amber screwed up her nose. “I think you underestimate yourself; you have ingrained instincts that some of the younger pilots out there would kill for!” She reached out and took his hand. “In fact, I might be able to swing a bit of fun for us this afternoon if you are interested?”

    "Thanks for saying that," Ethan replied, placing his other hand and the one Amber had taken. "Sure," he replied to her offer, "As I said got all day."

    "I have a cousin, she's a pilot, and I am pretty sure she can get us Sim Time, for old times' sake. What do you think?" she asked eagerly.

    "Sounds interesting, haven't been in a simulator for ages," he admitted. "Maybe I could bring my daughter as well?" Ilona had a great love for flying.

    “Sure! Bring her, I half wish Jayden was here, they might get on just fine. Just let me make a call, I need to see if I can set it up.” Amber was excited, part of her wanted to show her cousin what she could do, and part wanted to recall the feeling of flying with the best wing she’d ever had.

    "Okay, will do mine as well then," Ethan replied with a smile a he took out his comlink. He felt excited to fly with Amber again and also have Ilona meet one of his old friends.

    It'd taken only a few moments to make the call, Amber had already given her cousin the heads up so she was expected. "We're a go! She is expecting us within the next hour, says they're quiet this afternoon."

    "Great!" Ethan said with a smile. "Ilona's excited to come," Tanja had excused herself due to being in the later stages of her pregnancy.
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    What a wonderful easy catching up :) And that cake sounds yummy.
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    Amber looked up at the simulators, it'd been too many years and they clearly were much more modern than in the past. She glanced around to the control station above the room and got a 'thumbs up' from her cousin, Adalia. The two women were very similar in appearance, although Amber was older by over six years. She turned to Ethan, "This is so much different to what we did in our day!"

    "Yeah," Ethan said, amazed by the choices in front of him. "Though the option of being able to choose between so many ships is pretty neat." He was unsure which one to take, an X-Wing would be classic, or rather his trusty old Z95 headhunter he had used during the his time as a mercenary, tough the ship that drew him in the most was the Eriaduan Valkyrie which he had used both during his first combat missions as well as his last after he had returned to his homeworld.

    Ilona stared at Amber her eyes widened a bit, she had heard many stories about her father’s old wing mate and was amazed to now meet her in person. There were so many questions in her head but she was too polite to ask.

    "Ok, you're set to go." A younger woman exited a set of internal stairs. "You choose what you want to fly." She stopped beside Amber and grinned.

    Amber turned to Ethan. "Ethan Malek, this is my cousin Adalia Tehanis."

    The young woman extended her hand. "A Senator I believe, pleased to meet you Sir." She said warmly.

    Ethan shook the offered hand. "A pleasure to meet you. Just leave the sir, not really into these formalities."

    Adalia nodded. "No Sir, got it. How long since you did this?"

    Ethan smiled, "politics in general around ten years. Been a senator for six."

    Adalia gave a sage node. "Might be a little more complicated than it was back then, but from what I understand you were a Rebel, so you will adjust." she winked.

    "Most of us did, I guess. My old plane captain is now a famous author," Ethan said with a chuckle.

    "Author? I hope I end up somewhere better than that." She laughed "I think I'd like the path General Antilles has taken."

    "Wouldn’t be my life either, but he does alright for himself," more than that actually Alec's books where very popular as they showed a more common soldiers perspective of the rebellion and where also very well written.

    "Is she your sister?" Ilona blurted out, the younger woman looked almost identical to her father’s wing mate, just her hair was a bit darker.

    Amber bent down to Ilona. "No honey, she's my cousin, we share a grandmother who looked like us." she explained. "Do you want a brother or a sister?"

    "I'm getting one!" Ilona said with a big smile. "Mum says it’s going to be a boy."

    Amber's eyes were wide. "She knows! That's wonderful! Are you excited? I have a son your age you know."

    "I am! Its sometimes a bit lonely being a Senators daughter." Ilona replied.

    "You'd best take care of him when he comes, he's so lucky to have a big sister like you!" Amber ruffled the girl’s dark hair affectionately.

    "I will," Ilona said seriously. "I hope he will like me," she then admitted a bit more quiet.

    Amber straightened up and listened.

    "So, staying in the military? There was a time when I believed that would be my fate as well, glad not to be a part of it anymore though, been to enough battles and seen enough death. My wife is the one keeping the military tradition going in the family." Ethan said.

    Adalia smiled. "I think this is my life now, doubt I was ever designed to be domesticated." She glanced at Amber. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, just not in my DNA I think." She looked down to the little girl. "Would you like to come up and watch this from the control room?"

    Amber gave Ilona a quick nod. "You can trust her." She winked.

    "Well never be too sure on things like that I guess." Ethan said with a smile, "maybe the day will come for you as well sometime."

    "Sure!" Ilona said excitedly and stepped next to Adalia and taking her hand.

    The young woman smiled down at the girl. “Come on kid, let’s go”. Adalia led the girl up the stairs calling over her shoulder. "Show me what you got cousin!"

    Amber turned to Ethan. “Time to go Vet.”

    When they reached the control room Ilona eagerly began to explore and read the descriptions on the various control panels.

    "As you say Vixen," Ethan agreed with a smile. "Lets us see how much we remember."
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    Marvelous seeing a young Ilona. :D I am so happy she is looking forward to having a new arrival LOL
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    Thanks @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Story was defenetly intened to be some kind of interquel between the Black Sheep and the Last Stand RPG. Glad you like Ilona as a kid.

    Amber sat comfortably in the Simulator, they were so much more advanced than the ones she’d not only trained in but had run missions in, then again back then the Alliance had little in the way of assets. Slipping her helmet on she strapped down and opened her comm to the control centre. “Choice made Control; Vixen is set.” She reported as she brought the Specs of a traditional XJ X Wing up.

    “I beg your pardon cousin? Pretty sure you handed that one to me when you retired!” Adalia came with a good deal of amusement and torment.

    “I did, and I have, but for today, I take it back.” Amber responded.

    "When I grow up I want to be a pilot as well," Ilona told Adalia. "Get a callsign."

    Ethan was switching between the different ship types, unsure which one to choose. He had ruled out the Z95 as the X-Wing did everything it did better, but the others? Amber wanted them to return to the past so an X-Wing? But he was more proficient with the Valkyrie, or something else entirely? Like one of the heavy modified TIEs?

    Amber sat for a minute, but her impatience kicked in. “Come on Vet…… ain’t that old!” She teased.

    Adalia grinned at the girl. “Most times you’re given a callsign by someone else, like I got mine. It was a gift.” Adalia looked down to the simulators, “I’m loaning it back today.”

    "Hope I get a cool one," Ilona said. Then she leaned forward. "Dad can't you make a choice? The Valkyrie is obviously better!"

    "Have to follow my higher ups," Ethan told Amber with a grin as he selected the Valkyrie. "Veteran is ready as well."

    Amber laughed. “Home ground advantage I see!”

    "You could have taken a Bakkuran one as well," Ethan said chuckling.

    "Go with what I know" Amber quipped, "Lets do this!"

    "Yeah, ready for whatever comes," Ethan replied.

    Above Ilona turned towards Adalia, "so what do we do now?"

    Adalia leaned forward and pushed a few buttons and raised her eyebrows. "We watch and see if you Daddy and my cousin still have what made them heroes years ago."

    The view port activated and star lines appeared. "Oh, ok, hyperspace." She muttered just as the craft reverted. She scanned her console. "Yavin!?!!?: You Put us at Yavin!?!?" she asked in disbelief to her cousin.

    "Show me what you got 'Vixen'." Adalia responded.

    For a moment Ethan began to shiver, he knew this place. He had never been there himself but he had seem it numerous times in holos. Yarvin, where the rebellion had won its first great victory, where the man he had once admired like no other had died. For a moment Ethan could see Tarkin in his mind, his sharp features and strict gaze. He shook his head, tried his best to block out the memory of his former mentor and concentrate on what was ahead.

    "I'm sure they are," Ilona proclaimed above. She had heard the stories of her fathers adventures so many times.

    Amber frowned. She knew this scenario would be tough for Ethan. "You don't want this one, just say so Vet." She said "You say the word and it's gone."

    Adalia over heard this and frowned. It had not occurred to her there might be things either pilot did not want to relive.

    "Would prefer so, yes." Ethan admitted, this fun afternoon was turning into a trip into the past, but not the times he would think back fondly but those who sometimes still caused him nightmares.

    "What is going on?" Ilona asked Adalia next to her. "Why is my dad so uncomfortable?"

    "Addie, Change it, and try nothing from the Rebellion, give us something fresh." Amber almost ordered, she had no right nor rank to give orders but her protective streak was revealing itself.
    "Its ok Ilona, I made a mistake, I'll fix it." She ran through the programs, "How about this?" She asked over the comm as the craft both made hyperspace jumps and came out in a training simulation. "Here you will encounter foe you need to dispatch while making sure you run the gate system." She explained. "Its a new program."

    Amber eyed the field before her, a series of what looked liked frames in a bright yellow seated on platforms. "The boxes are the gates I take it?"

    "Yes, you must go through each one but remove the threats as you go." Adalia explained.

    "Vet? Better?"

    "Much better, thanks. Ethan said as felt how he got calmer again. He almost felt a bit ashamed for his weakness before, but told himself there was nothing to be ashamed of. He had heard Ilona's question above and he knew that one day he would have to answer it, tell his daughter more about the time before he had joined the rebellion.

    "Okay," Ilona said, glad to see her father was smiling again. But the question remained in her mind. "What are those threats you were talking about?"

    "Okay," Ilona said, glad to see her father was smiling again. But the question remained in her mind. "What are those threats you were talking about?"

    Adalia careful worded her answer. “Just things your daddy doesn’t want to do again, nothing important.” She set the mission in motion before opening to comm them both. "You're both a go."

    "Why doesn´t he want..." Ilona said, before stopping herself, as she felt she shouldn´t continue asking on this.

    "Okay," Ethan replied before throwing a look at Amber´s X-Wing next to him, "Ladies first I would say."

    Amber smiled, this looked fun and she accelerated toward the first ‘gate’, they seemed straightforward enough, she easily passed through it. “Come on, this is easy Vet.” She declared.

    Ethan kept his Vakyrie above Amber's ship as they approached the first gate. "Can't be this easy," he told her. "Something is ahead."

    “Oh, I’m sure we’re being lulled into a false sense of security.” She laughed as she lined up the second gate, something came up on her screen. “We have incoming”

    "Seeing as well," Ethan said as he began to aim his guns. "Vulture Droids? Guess we start easy."

    “I guess.” She passed through the second gate and took aim, taking out two of the incoming vulture droids. “Rest are yours.” She looked to the next gate, it was on its side, she’d have to turn 45 degrees. “Heads up on gate 3, It’s turned”

    "Sure thing," Ethan said as he methodically fired at the Vultures and saw them turn into flashes of light as they exploded. Turning his ship to the side as well he regretted his choice a bit. The Valkyrie had stronger weapons, armor and shields than an X-Wing but was also much less maneuverable.

    As she approached the fourth gate, she noted it was upside down and closer to the third. “OK, this one’s 180 and turn fast…” as she said that the platform began to fire on her. “Taking fire!!” She flicked her shields forward.

    Ethan redistributed some of the energy from the guns to the shields, his ship was a bit too slow to effectively dodge the projectiles so his best hope was make it through on his shields, while also returning the fire. "I´ll try to make myself their main target," he returned over com.

    "I don't think they are designed to kill, not yet." she responded noting her shields weren't suffering much. "Just double front"

    "More is certainly to come," Ethan agreed as he saw the next gate, seemed a bit easier, but that only helped grow his suspicions.

    Amber angled again, they’d done a full 360 turn after this and once again, incoming fire. “This is a bit heavier, watch the shields.” She reported.

    "On it," Ethan replied. This was indeed heavier and reminded him of the assaults they had flown against CIS command ships during the Clone Wars.

    Amber pulled up from the gate and her droid screeched. “Rear Fire, taking Rear fire.” She flicked shields 50/50 only to see the next gate had a lazy roll happening. “Next gate is a challenge.”

    "Seeing it," Ethan said between his teeth as he frantically distributed as much energy to the engines as he could so he could do the roll. "This is when you realize how useful and Astromech is" He added, as part of the Eriaduan philosophy to never be dependent on anyone their ships didn't use droid support and instead had the pilots do this themselves.

    Amber bit her lip and attempted to match the gates roll to port, she could feel the sweat starting to from, she was not used to this anymore. Her husband would be laughing at her right now. As she got closer the gate began to fire, this time is was harder and the shields were taking a beating. “Taking heavy fire.” She bit out as she passed through the gate, seconds later a TIE Fighter appeared in front of her. “Incoming TIE!!”

    "I'm getting to old for this," Ethan muttered. He had barely managed the roll and with these new salvos coming in he felt that only his stronger shields kept him alive, if he had chosen an X-Wing that might have been the end. "Opening fire," he said as he blasted three TIE's apart.

    “No you’re not, you all over me!!” She snapped back. “Next gates rolling the other way, and more incoming.”

    "So its not getting too boring?" Ethan asked but a grin grew on his face as his old instincts awoke and his reactions became faster. "Will try to get their fire concentrated on me."

    “Kriff no!” Amber laughed. “And I don’t think that’s gonna work, it’s test.” She flicked shields double front and her laser to quad as she took aim. “Just pick up my scraps” She tormented as she opened fire and one TIE went immediately, causing her to blast through its debris. She took aim and easily took out the next one. “Then again, might not leave you anything!” The next gate loomed and it was a double. One on the port side of the platform, the other on the starboard. “Sharp turn ahead.”

    Ethan took out another TIE before preparing for the sharp turn, a risky maneuver with a ship like his, but there was a reason he had been one of the best pilots in the ORSF, a reason why Tarkin´s gaze had fallen upon him. Remembering his old instincts Ethan was able to perform the turn flawlessly. "I remember those from training," he told Amber as they got a moment to breath.

    “How long has it been since then?!” she asked teasingly. “Back the other way” she reported she darted starboard and turned hard to port for the second gate. Yes, the sweat was there for sure now. “TIE Bombers coming in and the next gate is upside down!” She opened fire, “Watch my Six!”

    "A few millennia?" Ethan said jokingly. "Feels like it at least." Bombers where an easier target than regular TIEs as they where much slower, tough they had some shielding making it not too easy. "Been watching your six since before the day you where born."

    “That’s not creepy at all!” Amber laughed back. “Three gates, too starboard, one port and …”She scanned her screen “Oh, this is fun. N1’s three N1’s incoming! Dinosaurs!” She laughed, “S’spose they could be ARC’s “

    "Almost as old as I am then," Ethan replied. "But mine is even older." The Valkyrie was regularly updated and modified but the general design hadn´t changed since its creation over a thousand years ago.

    “Do things get that old?” She wrestled her controls as she fired on the incoming yellow craft. They were too old and too easy and gone before she reached the gates and rolled sharply 180 degrees. “There’s not up in Space!” she quipped.

    "It's a peaceful planet, what did you expect? That they produce Star Fighters so good a ten year old can take down capital ships with them?" Ethan said, half joking, half referencing to a story he had heard ages ago during the Clone Wars.

    The next gate had five, alternating side to side followed by a second platform with the same underneath, and it was firing on them. "Head up Vet, its getting complicated!"

    "I`m seeing it. Who imagines things like this?" Ethan answered while thinking back to the space races he had watched and participated in during his time as a mercenary.

    “Bet you it’s Antilles work!” she gasped as she yanked her controls left to right before diving, inverting and repeating the moves. “Now I’m getting too old for this!”

    "Should see the race tracks on Nar Shaddar, pod racing is a joke compared to that." Ethan said, as the rush of adrenalin through his veins became stronger and stronger. He hadn´t felt alive like this for far too long.

    "Show me sometime!" She emerged from the last gate only to find proximity alarms going off. "Another, hidden....stay down here, incoming Defenders!" It was all coming back to her, like it'd only been days not years. This was where Amber felt most comfortable.

    "Not sure I can go there as a senator, I´m now respectable," Ethan replied as he scanned over the Defenders. Back in the days of the Black Sheep he had always wanted to use an Eriaduan Valkyrie against them. And now he wasn´t disappointed as he higher firepower rendered the shields of the defenders into little more than a nuisance.

    Amber allowed him to take the Defenders out, she sensed his thrill, his energy, his life. He was more alive now than he’d been during the Rebellion. He had all he wanted in life and was able to fly like he used to knowing he’d live to tell about it. She backed off a little letting him take the lead. “On your six Lead.” She told him. “My scans say we’re near the end.”

    "Then there is probably a big one ahead," Ethan suspected. Half he expected that a Star Destroyer would await them beyond the next gate but what was ahead was even worse. "Is that... us?" He could see the shapes of several X,Y and A wings in the distance closing in on them. And the paintjob was well used to him: The Black Sheep. Do they have a simulation of us in this?

    Amber enlarged the screen image. “STANG!! That’s the Sheep!! We can’t…….can we?” She knew it was a simulation, but it just felt wrong. Could she shoot at her old squadron mates? “Who made this nightmare?”

    Ethan still couldn't believe it, Alec had written a book about them, but this. "Maybe it's Max's idea? She's good with programming stuff like this." If their opponents where simulations of themselves and the other members of the squad, did they even stood a chance? Ethan knew that a program could never beat a real person one on one but they were outnumbered.

    “She retired a long time ago, somewhere!” They had incoming fire. “Say the word and we don’t do this!” she jinked her ship to avoid fire.

    "Why not try it, at least, older is better after all." Ethan said. There was at least one ship he wanted to blast apart before they fell. Scanning for Taab he saw Ianna's Y-Wing come closer to him but decided to go for his prime target first so he fired only a un-aimed salvo in her direction to keep her of his back.

    Amber wasn’t sure, till she saw the Valkyria, Cassells ship bringing up the rear. An almost sinister smile crossed her face. “Oh I know who does the targeting on that ship!” She accelerated, she wanted this, badly. “The Valkyria is Mine.”
    She groweled.

    "Will try to hold the rest of your back for as long as I can," Ethan responded, he had found Taab and with two quick salvos blasted the Mandalorian's ship apart. But the retaliation fire was coming in quick. Ethan wasn't surprised to notice Lou and Kayn as the first to engage, having once again broke formation. Doubling the energy to his shields he charged back at the simulated self's of his former squadron.

    Amber dived toward the craft, its shields absorbing her fire as her own craft was taking heavy fire from it in return. "No you don't ...." she muttered barrel rolling to avoid fire. "I know your weaknesses." She allowed a sinister smile as she suddenly slowed the ship and dove sharply before coming up again just behind the ship. Bringing herself around 180 degrees and rolling over to expose her ships underbelly to the larger crafts belly. She matched speed and dropped her protons, she was just under the shields and the torpedoes ripped into the ship's hull. "BULLS EYE!!" She cried.

    Kayns ship exploded and some of its burning wreckage collided with Lou's damaging her craft enough for Ethan to close in and destroy it as well. "Got three down. But shields are falling, don't think I can take much more," he told Amber over com as another familiar Star Fighter came closer, actually a pair of them. "Well hello to ourselves seeking revenge for our fallen friends."

    “Ourselves?” She asked pulling hard away from the now exploding Corellian ship. “Cassells gonna kill me!” she laughed. “You mean like you and me?”

    "Yeah," Ethan replied while trying his best to dodge. "Though I will say I'm a bit disappointed at my own aim in that case."

    Amber laughed. “Now or then?” She angled toward him and her scanners picked up an X Wing that was pinging as hers. She smiled as she watched the ship dart and move effortlessly between. “I was better back then!” she exclaimed as she watched her ‘other self’ dispatch a TIE fighter. “I wonder how they see us?” She wondered out loud just as her proximity alarms went off. She’d been targeted and it was too late as she witnessed two torpedoes coming at her. “Awe Crap!” She groaned as her screens flashed and went dark.

    "If that was truly me, I know the Valkyrie and know its weaknesses so I could fight accordingly," Ethan said still dodging. Curiosity was overcoming him and so he opened a com channel to the other Amber, interested if she would react.

    Amber was still listening and sat back with a grin. "This should be interesting." She muttered.

    "Whada ya need Vet?" the fake Amber asked hurriedly in what sounded like a higher than the real Amber's voice.

    "Terminate these two," fake Ethan said. His voice was cold, utterly serious, more like a robot than a human.

    "Seems they really go for the Eriaduan stereotype," Ethan said, trying to stop himself from chuckling.

    Amber chuckled. "And I sound about 12." She said quietly.

    "You got it!" The fake Amber said.

    Sitting in her darkened cockpit she couldn't see what was happening, she hoped Ethan was about to take them both down.

    Ethan dodged another salvo, before taking aim, remembering his old weakness of always going to the left before he fired. Predictably his fake counterpart made the mistake the original would have made as well, right into Ethan's second salvo. And the X-Wing exploded. They really have to update this guy, Ethan thought with a dark grin as he turned his Wing around to help Amber with her clone. He scanned the darkness of the void, for his friend, where was she? When he saw the wreckage his heart sank for a moment. "Guess then its upon me then to avenge you," he said before fixating the fake Amber again, she survived longer than he had expected but he knew Vixen's dodging skills and eventually was able to predict where she would go. For a second a very childish scream filled his com as her fighter went down. Though it was his last triumph was only seconds later Ianna's Y-Wing returned and this time Ethan's slow fighter was unable to doge her attacks in time and was blown apart.

    Amber was laughing as he Simulator cockpit opened. “You let a Y Wing get you!” She stated looking across to him.

    "Better taken down by Ianna than by our own miserable twins," Ethan replied with a grin, as he climbed out of the simulator.

    Jumping to the floor Amber turned and grinned. “Clearly you’ve still got it!”

    "Old wolves bite the hardest," Ethan responded. "Wonder who put the Sheep into that simulation."

    "I did!" Amber turned as her cousin Adalia came out holding Ilona's hand. "You told me so many stories Amber, I just had to put them in there, and they are up there when it comes to challenges. Most rookies have no idea how to handle them." She grinned.

    Amber put her hands on her hips. "I sound like a 12 year old!" She laughed.

    Ethan raised an eyebrow, but his smile remained as he turned back to Amber, "just what kind of stories did you tell about me considering the caricature your cousin turned me into."

    Ilona grinned from ear to ear, "told you my dad can fly."

    Adalia looked down at the girl. "You certainly did, and you were right!" she turned back to Ethan. "I made the suggestions and someone else wrote the program, I'm not that clever. So I guess they took liberties with the personalities. Did they get the flying right?"

    Amber nodded. "Yeah, that was me, not now but then it was me."

    "Made the same mistakes I made," Ethan said, "in more than one way." He gave Amber a twinkle. Even in his darkest days he had been as cold as the simulation but it was still a chilling reminder of the days when he had served under the Empire.

    Ilona crossed her arms in front of her chest as she once again didn't understood what her father was referring to. What was it with the grownups and their secrets?

    Amber approached Ethan placing her hand on his arm. “That was fun, and made my day…no, month possibly year. Wait till I tell my family what we did, they will be so jealous.”

    Adalia rolled her eyes. “You gave all that up for him and Jayden. You could have been an instructor here you know? Instead you gave it all away and handed your callsign to me.” She shook her head. “That won’t happen to me, no man's gonna ruin my career.” She looked down the girl. “Give your Dad a hug, he’s earned it.”

    "You give nothing away when you have a family," Ethan said. "Its the greatest thing you can achieve, and I'm glad and thankful I was able to do it."

    Ilona stepped forward and hugged her dad, "you are flying so well. Can you teach me?"

    "I will," Ethan said running his hand through her short black hair. He noticed how upset she was about his secretiveness. Maybe it was time he told her more, maybe tonight when Tanja had finished her meeting they could talk to their daughter about it together.

    “I’ll let those made to be parents do that job.” Adalia said glancing at her chrono. “Our time is up here and I need to get back to work.” She closed the gap and put her arms about Amber's neck kissing her cheek. “So good to see you Cous….really is. Give that big hunk of yours a hug for me. I’ll try and pop past Bakura on my next leave.”

    Amber hugged her back. “He hates when you’re there, you know that! Thank you for this.”

    "Only because we make trouble together!" Adalia quipped. “No problems, clear skies on the way home.” Adalia winked and turned to Ethan and Ilona. “So pleased to meet you Senator Malek, and you too Ilona! I hope one day we get to fly together!”
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