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Before - Legends Reign of Darkness: The Lost Sith

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NightWatcher91, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. NightWatcher91

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Star Wars​
    Reign Of Darkness​
    Episode 1​
    The Lost Sith​
    It is a time of peace for the Galaxy. An era of prosperity has arrived led by the efforts of the Republic alongside of the Jedi Order. The once mighty Sith Empire has not been seen for decades.

    Chancellor Val Omar of Alderaan takes this oppertunity to rebuild from the endless war. Unaware of the shadows moving.

    In this time of peace no one suspects the events unfolding at the edge of the Galaxy. Rumors of a powerful vault have caused a hunt to unfold....​
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    Jun 7, 2014
    Edge of the known Galaxy –

    Most of those who dug into the ruins had been told they would be searching for treasure. A treasure in which was so ancient that they would never have to work another day in their lives. That they could provide for their families, and live the life of luxury in which they had always envied. Many of them had been too drunk to think it over long enough before they had signed their lives away for the hunt. Instead they had signed their name, and followed the employer out to where a ship would be waiting. It had seemed most had been recruited from cantinas, or even the prisons from what had been passed around.

    Others had been approached in markets, or places which were not out in the open. Again none of them had thought to ask questions, or to look into who they had signed up to work for. In fact the recruiters did not even give a name for the corporation, or the boss in which had wanted to search the ruins. What delusions of grandeur the many foolish ones had were then shattered once they stepped aboard the transports. Armed soldiers awaited inside forcing them to sit down. Some had reacted to what they saw, and were then beaten down.

    Those who thought themselves brave enough even attempted to escape the ship, but were then shot down. Once they had all been corralled they had collars placed upon their ankles. They kept tract of them at all times, and made sure they were working. From there they became slaves working for weeks in the midst of the ruins. Guards watched them at all times. Storms waged on all hours without stopping once.

    Rain soaked the ground making it impossible for them to dig at times. That did not stop the guards from beating them, and forcing them to work on. Still some sought their freedom, and attempted to escape one night. The guards merely let them go as their screams followed. Beasts in the shadows always stayed at the edge of the camp waiting for anyone to step forward. More slaves were brought in, but this time they were followed by Mandalorians. Their presence only added more fear to those who tried to just stay alive. Recently a woman stood atop a platform with the head Mandalorian next to her.

    The Mandalorian was never seen without its helmet, and many wondered if it was a male or female. The woman wore a dark red cloak which shielded her from the rain. She never left the platform, and often was seen speaking to one of the guards along with the Mandalorian. Yet today when the workers were sent out to continue their digging she was walking amongst them. Surrounded by Mandalorians and guards who took their chances of beating those daring enough to look at her. Her skin was a grayish color, and red tattoos were on her face. Pitch black hair fell to her shoulders. Some whom saw her eyes shivered as they matched the color of the Mandalorians.

    “I want my payment for my crew.” The head Mandalorian growled as he shoved a worker face first into the mud. Others darted away from them as they walked towards a cave that had recently been dug. So far nothing of any interest had been found resulting in a round of death for those unfortunate to be chosen. “It’s been days and your lot here hasn’t found anything worth our time.”

    “Lady Etisa has paid your kind well more than your worth scum.” The guard who always was with the woman shot back. A deep laugh came from the Mandalorian as he patted the guard on the back almost knocking him to the ground.

    “Best keep your dear Captain on a leash. Wouldn’t want him to end up like his other highly trained soldiers from last night would we?” Lady Etisa raised her hand to silence the both of them.

    “Captain Zazia will be sure to work out an agreement with you Xel.” Lady Etisa spoke elegantly. She carried herself with a dignity that made it clear she was high above those around her.

    “Besides my waiting is at an end today. It has been found.” Stepping into the cave the workers all quickly moved away as the three moved to where a few guards stood. They had surrounded a circular object on the ground. Broken tools lay next to it clearly having been what had found it. Hushed tones fell upon them as Lady Etisa went to inspect it.

    “You’ve been having us bring people to dig for that?” Xel Hansol mocked clearly not impressed as Lady Etisa was. Zazia almost spoke up, but saw his mistress did not seem to care what the Mandalorian thought. Turning to one of the guards she motioned for them to bring her three of the workers. She seemed to not want to touch the object.

    “For thousands of years my family has been told of an ancient power which was hidden from the Galaxy. A great wealth of knowledge which fools had deemed none could have.” Lady Etisa began as she grabbed the hand of one of the workers. The man didn’t dare fight back as she gave him a small smile. For a moment she studied it as she placed it upon the object.

    “Hunting old fairy tales always goes well.” Xel muttered as the worker began to scream in pain. Many stepped back as Lady Etisa only continued to smile. In fact her smile grew even more as the man before their eyes turned into a statue. A ring slowly appeared on the outer part of the circular pad.

    “My family believed this fairy tale Mandalorian.” Lady Etisa motioned for the other workers to now be brought to her. One tried to break free, but merely got smacked with a blaster. “In fact there are many of these vaults hidden across the Galaxy. Generations of my family worked to find them only resulting in death, and being mocked.” Quickly the other workers became statues as the object now began to emit a sound. The cave shook violently as the object rose into the air slowly. Turning it emitted a creature the likes in which none of them had seen before. It seemed to study them all as it spoke a dialect none could understand. Xal felt uneasy as Lady Etisa bowed to the image. Silence followed from the image as it pointed to a wall in the cave which slowly rose to reveal a dark passage.

    “Subjects remain in stasis as ordered…..” It spoke cutting in and out. That news made Lady Etisa look nervous clearly not sure what it was talking about. Lights began to power up showing the passage led to a lone lift. The object led them towards it as Lady Etisa motioned for only for Zazia and Xal to follow her.

    “Milady perhaps we should bring more with us?” Zazia asked clearly uncomfortable with their situation. Lady Etisa ignored him as she kept pace with the object. None of them dared to touch the walls which almost looked elegant. The doors of the lift opened for them all to enter.

    “Duration of stasis has been 1,347 years, seven hours, and twenty minutes.” Slowly they began to descend as none of them spoke. The alien seemed to study them all. Almost as if testing to see their reactions.

    “Directive 492 implemented by order of the Ancients. Are you a follower of Lord Revan?” It asked causing for Lady Etisa to look almost gleeful at that question. Xal had not heard of a Lord Revan before, but he assumed he was some sort of force user. Only the force users had odd names such as that.

    “Yes indeed. Lord Revan sent me to this vault.” The lift came to a stop as a door rose revealing a massive room. It was dimly lit, but slowly lights turned on as they continued to follow the alien.

    “That is good power supply is at two percent. Subjects would last four days without power.” Slowly something rose in the center of the room emitting smoke all around them. Xal gripped his blaster rifle as two massive tubes appeared. A dark blue liquid filled both of them as Lady Etisa went forward to look at them.

    “This is beyond anything I had imagined…..the power is incredible.”