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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Hiram Drayson

    The affair with the Rouser family continued. He had hoped that Carlos wouldn't get caught up in the Peace Brigade, but here he was, and he'd dragged Feyna and Pascale and Madelyn and who knew who else into it.

    Cursing the man, Hiram was under pressure by Galactic Alliance Intelligence to get this dealt with. The Chief of State, Cal Omas himself, had apparently reached out to Director Kalenda. Wincing, Hiram knew how bad it was when politicians were involved in Intel work. Aboard his Starhawk holding over Chandrila, he was exceedingly aware that taking an encrypted call would get him heat.

    But he made sure it was encrypted anyway.

    "Please tell me that you have Carlos in custody," Hiram said without aplomb. He banished any weariness from his voice for the moment; he didn't want Feyna to worry. He went with what Feyna did know. "I've a Moff breathing down my neck for what happened, for one..."

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus

    Madelyn looked at Eleanor at the mention of Ziost, saw the look of worry on her daughters face. She had never been a Sith like Madelyn had. Didn't understand the darkness. But she felt drawn to it, despite the planet and its history. She didn't want to go...

    "Mama. Auntie Feyna needs an answer." Eleanor tugged on her arm and Madelyn pressed the comm.

    "Sorry. I was...the force was warning me. But it's a little too late-" Madelyn noted the tractor beam."Stay safe. We'll find you when we can." Madelyn said quietly and turned to Paz. "This place isn't safe. It feels off Paz and it's not just the darkness."

    "Its cold." Eleanor added, and she wrapped her arms around herself.

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    OOC: A quickie combo with @JediMasterAnne and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Pascale Rouser, Feyna Rouser, Hiram Drayson
    Location: Fortuna, Hutt Space

    Feyna wasn't sure how long they had before the Hutts actually started paying attention to them, so she didn't waste time. "Got him. Found Pascale"--more accurately, he'd found them--"and Nola. Pascale's got the Glove locked up and Carlos is presently incapacitated. Tell us where you'd like to put him, and we'll bring him."

    Pascale simply nodded, Feyna had pretty much said all that needed to be said. And they had to be quick to move before the Hutts locked on.

    "The Glove resurfaces," Hiram murmured. "We need to secure it, with the other artefacts. Can you drop off Carlos, and, Nola, was it?" A daughter. He wondered as to that. A half-sister to Feyna?

    There was a chime; a Hutt cruiser was on its way, curving around the planet - eight hundred metres of warship, sensors telling them that it was heavily armed and armoured.

    Hiram heard the warning across his comms. "Or do you need direct coordinates for the storehouse?"

    His voice was tight; worried.

    "I think we could use a refresher on the coordinates, yes," Feyna replied. She couldn't remember where Hiram had moved everything, after relocating the storehouse from Oovo. "But Nola doesn't want to stay with Carlos, she's got plans to head off once he's securely in custody and the Glove locked away.

    "I think we've all had our fill of him."

    "I quite agree" Pascale responded "I would like to get rid of this waste of space as soon as possible".

    "And the Hutts are now getting interested. As soon as you send us the coordinates, we'll be heading straight your way".

    Hiram pursed his lips. "Make sure you go the long way."

    The coordinates flickered through.

    The Diab system.

    Wild Space.

    Wild Space? This was really looking like a bad idea now. They were way over the other side, thankfully Fortuna had been refuelled.

    "On our way" Pascale said entering the coordinates. It was going to take several jumps for this. So much for alone time….and Carlos would be aboard still.

    He hovered his hand over the hyperdrive lever looking at his wife. What was she thinking about all this?

    Feyna's lips pursed, but there wasn't time for a debate about it; they needed to hop out of here before that Hutt ship caught up to them. "Let Madelyn and Paz know, if you hear from them," she told Drayson. "We got separated at Denon and they don't know where we are.

    "We'll see you there."

    Pascale cut the comm line "I hope they can reach us safely. Who knows what lurks in the depths of Wild Space" he said to Feyna pulling the hyperdrive lever.

    "I hate to sound negative, cheri but I have a bad feeling about this…."

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Hiram Drayson

    He closed the channel to Feyna, Pascale, Carlos and Nola, and felt... disquiet.

    Something was afoot.

    Darksiders; the Imperial Agent known as White Eyes, missing for years; Mas Amedda; the long missing Glove of Darth Vader; the Hutts...

    Was there some shadow current he was not seeing?

    Hiram thought of the many mysteries that had piled up since the Dark Empire War...

    Who was the collector that had been killed for the Scepter of Ragnos?

    Who was the murderer of Flint, the former Sith Lord of Belderone?

    Who taught Carnor Jax to the status of Dark Lord?

    Who conspired to kill three Jedi in the Tapani Sector and steal the Holocron of Adas?

    Who did Luke and Lando pursue around Wild Space just before the war?

    Who assembled the motley fleet of warships that defeated the Yuuzhan Vong at Esfandia, Commenor, Ord Mantell, Gyndine and Tholatin in the last months of the war?

    Who damaged Fondor to the end of the Galactic Civil War?

    What Sith abounded in Remnant space as late as a few weeks ago?

    What happened to the Empire of the Hand in the Unknown Regions, and most of the Fel children?

    What of the rumours of the so-called Knights of Ren, raiding those self-same Unknowns?

    What of the ten Imperial Star Destroyers that fled the Battle of Jakku all those decades ago?

    He wasn't happy about it; it screamed of a great and impossible conspiracy in the shadows.

    And so, Hiram opened a channel to Madelyn, Eleanor and Paz.

    "Where are you?"

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    IC: Nola

    Diab system


    A seven thousand year old prison was perhaps not what Feyna and Carlos had expected to find.

    But here they were, at the very edge of the Knowns, between them and the Unknowns - the Twilight of Civilisation.

    Wild Space.

    There were no life signs; only energy signatures which were presumably droids, operating the ancient prison.

    Nola's eyes were wide.

    "This is insane. What even is this place?"

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Short combo with Sinre and AgentViper007

    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser, and Nola

    Aboard Fortuna, arriving at Diab

    Well this did look foreboding…..

    "I concur with Nola, this prison is not exactly the place I would envision holding artefacts, especially a place the Galactic Alliance would use. Seems more fitting though to put Carlos away" Pascale remarked as he brought the Fortuna in.

    "Nobody here to greet us who is flesh and blood either" he looked to his wife to see what she thought.

    Feyna took in the prison, also feeling unsure, but this was where Drayson had told them to come.

    "I suppose droids were safer--less risk they'll try to take the artifacts themselves," she mused aloud, though obviously she didn't know the actual reason for that staffing decision. "Hopefully Drayson will be on his way, or perhaps called ahead for us...

    "We should see what we've got on board in terms of restraints," she added. As far as she knew Carlos was still unconscious, but, "He'll put up a fight if he wakes up, I'm sure."

    Pascale nodded. The long journey plus the events of what had happened had made him more tired. His wife probably felt the same as she had gone on a quest to find him before getting involved in a battle.

    "No doubt he will cheri. Three against one are better odds but with him being so obssessed with this glove he eill do anything to get it"

    He thought about restraints, he was not a bounty hunter or police ship and so did not carry cuffs. "I might have some cable ties in one of the lockers, I used to use them to tie down the bigger artefacts aboard in case I had rough flights out. They might do".

    "If this is a prison, hopefully the droids will do the rest. And finally he will be gone and Nola can get to safety. And then we can go home…."

    Nola nodded. "I'll get him up and out."

    She headed off, leaving them to a brief aside as a couple.

    A pair of droids began to arriving, clomping forward, automatically activated.

    They were YVH-1 battle droids; very modern Vong-killers.

    Seemingly Drayson had upgraded the droids, which was good.

    Their adventure seemed, finally, to be at an end.

    Pascale gave a nod to Nola but should anything happen, he was ready to assist, thankfully he still had the lightsabers in his pockets.

    "Interesting" he remarked on the droids "At least Drayson's got some heavy duty droids here" he said bringing the ship in to land, shutting down the engines and opening the ramp.

    He then turned his chair around to face her "Are you alright? With everything that has happened…we just seem to not have had time to recover and take it all in".

    Feyna sighed. "I'll be all right," she said. "I can't say I'm not disappointed in how it all turned out. We got way more than we bargained for, in a bad way. And we didn't gain much, for all that trouble." She didn't want Carlos in her life--he didn't seem concerned with wanting her in his, either--and Nola didn't want to stick around.

    "He hurt you and took you captive, stole our wouldn't surprise me now if he really did everything Vadde accused him of, the refugee ship and all of it." Her shoulders slumped. "It doesn't feel like it was worth it, and part of me wishes we hadn't come at all."

    Pascale came forwards out of his seat, bent down and scooped Feyna into his arms.

    "We both knew it wasn't going to be easy, cheri. Don't blame yourself for what happened. It is a shame your father has turned out the way he has and you deserved to be reunited with your long lost family. You deserve nothing but happiness".

    "Carlos is in the right place now and he won't hurt you or us anymore. You have a family that loves you. Nola will still be around too. You will never be alone again, not as long as we are all around you".

    He kissed her "I'm alive and well and we found each other again, that's what counts. We can move on from this episode. And maybe perhaps when we get home we can finally perhaps after all these years think about starting our own family".

    He kissed her again "I love you Feyna. I will always be there for you, through all the challenges we face."

    Feyna kissed him back, managing a smile. "I love you, too.

    "It will be nice to get home and start focusing on the future. Put this whole mess behind us."

    She didn't feel certain that there wouldn't be more Carlos-related issues in the future, but hopefully with him in prison, his ability to cause drama would be significantly reduced.

    Pascale released her, he could tell that Feyna was still feeling down. He hoped maybe once Carlos was off and Nola was sorted he could help in some way.

    "Let's see if Nola has had any success in removing Carlos" he said, moving off to head towards the ramp.

    "With any luck, he's still unconscious and the droids can just haul him off to a cell," Feyna remarked, taking Pascale's hand and walking with him to the ramp.

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett

    "Were okay." Madelyn answered, although the force was telling her otherwise. "Were in what you would consider Sith Space?" She shook her head, clouded.

    "Mama?" Eleanor looked at her father. "Something's wrong with the force here Buir." She explained.

    "I was worried you'd jumped randomly."

    Paz spoke up. "We had to get away from a Star Destroyer," he replied to Drayson. "We didn't catch the coordinates that Feyna and Pascale sent." He looked down at the icy world beneath them.

    "We're above Ziost."

    Drayson sounded baffled. "Why Ziost?"

    "Carlos hid here, I found out, at least for a time, it was the last coordinates I had in the system," he sounded defensive, glanced to Madelyn and Eleanor. "Sorry."

    The world began to whisper to Eleanor.

    Need ship? Need heart? Need blood? Need power?

    "We're okay!" Eleanor piped up. "Nothing we can't handle!" She said confidentially.

    Madelyn put a hand on her head and sat down as the words spoke to her. Was it one voice or many? This is almost painful. Should we go to the surface and find out?

    "Mom." Eleanor's voice snapped her out of her thoughts and she looked up.

    "This world is dangerous."

    Paz hesitated as Eleanor spoke. "So, we get going, no?"

    Drayson nodded. "I can send you coordinates for the Ghost Prison, where I've been storing the artefacts since Oovo IV was burned to the ground. Carlos had the so-called Glove of Darth Vader, and so I had Pascale and Feyna take him there for imprisonment. Nola, Carlos' daughter, is with them, too."

    Ghost. Prison. Ghost, Prison. Ghost Prison.

    A curiosity from the spirits.

    Madelyn frowned a little. "I think that would be alright." She was curious now too, like she was supposed to go there. "Anything we need to watch out for?"

    It's an automated facility, so no, you shouldn't have anything to worry about," Hiram said, absently. "Just make sure you're not tailed. We can't afford for this mastermind, the so-called White Eyes, to find where the New Republic is hiding Sith artefacts."

    Take us.

    We're Ghosts too.

    Ghosts for a Ghost Prison.

    Prison for a Prisoner.

    Madelyn frowned a little. "I think that would be alright." She was curious now too, like she was supposed to go there. "Anything we need to watch out for?"

    Carlos hid here. He made plans. Schemes. His daughter and he; a con. Carlos the villain; Nola the victim. All to reveal the Sith legacy to the one they call White Eyes. You'll need our power. Our teeth. Our claws.

    A chuckle.

    "Carlos was getting information on White Eyes. About the Sith legacy." Madelyn was breathing heavily, a wave of information at her age took more out of her then she would like through the force. "There's ghosts here. Lots of them."

    Who's you're Master then? Why do you want to help so much?

    We are masterless and free.

    A laugh.

    White Eyes is not our Master; we are rivals, through and through.

    "Sounds like, yes," Drayson replied, and then hesitated. "Ghosts? Sith spirits, perhaps. You need to leave, Madelyn. Now."

    A red spectre, visible only to Madelyn and Eleanor, rose up in the cockpit behind them.

    "Mom what is that?" Eleanor's voice rose amd she ran behind her mother as the red spectre formed.

    Madelyn shifted, and back up; putting a hand on her lightsaber hilt. "Yeah, I think it would be a good time to leave-"

    Paz looked behind, didn't see anything, but that was only worse.

    "We're going."

    He pulled back the levers -

    And the spirit vanished with a howl -

    Madelyn reached out to steady Eleanor as the ship lurched-

    "Go Paz; quickly!"

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    Flashback Combo w/ @Sinrebirth Part One

    IC: Cere


    It was another day in the Temple.

    The Separatists were continuing to cause grief in their desire to leave the Republic, in league with the corporations and undoubtedly the Sith. Cere tried not to overly think about it; she was merely going to places where there was a need for help, and Trilla was with her.

    But she still remembered those strange Zeffo markings, and wondered as to their place in the stories they knew of the past - about the Rakata, Xim the Despot, and other pre-Republic nations. The Jedi had originated in that era, on Tython, before the Prime Jedi defined their place in the galaxy...

    Fantastical history, but many of those events underpinned the struggles the Order faced today.

    So absorbed in her own thoughts, and indeed Trilla was much the same, they nearly bumped wholesale into -

    Madelyn jumped back as the Jedi nearly collided into her, and dropped the book ahe was holding with a bang on the Temple floor. The History of the Mandalorian Wars. She startled at bit at the woman and the Padawan standing there, and tried to form her words to apologise.

    "S-sorry Master." Madelyn said slowly. She was getting better at basic, but still desperately wanted to talk in Mando'a. It was hard to push past it. She swallowed, wondering if they were mad. But it felt like they were absorbed in their thoughts too-

    Trilla looked up as Cere bumped into the youngling, and then down at the book.

    Cere apologised. "I was elsewhere, entirely my fault." Trilla reached down to pick up the book. An actual hardcopy book. It looked old. "Master Nu let you take this out of the library?" Cere said, beetling her brow.

    Madelyn nodded shyly, and glanced at Trilla as she picked up the book before she ducked her head at Cere's words. Was it really that strange? She looked back up at them and nodded. "Yes. Because I'm respectful-" Madelyn scrunched her face and sounded out the word-" with books." She smiled at them.

    Trilla smile as she passed it back. "You're funny."

    "Trilla," Cere admonished. "Clearly Basic isn't her first language. Correct, young one?"

    She did smile, to ease Madelyn's anxieties.

    Madelyn took the book and clutched it to her chest. She was aware she still had am accent, and tried not to be embarrased,
    "I was born on Mandalore." She admitted. "Master." Madelyn added, and looked nervous. Not too many people liked Mandalorians, and some of the other students had made fun of her for it.

    She looked up at Trilla curiously. "You're very tall and pretty." She said shyly.

    Trilla blushed, and Cere smiled. "She's got you there, Trilla."

    "A Mandalorian? I've never met a Mandalorian Force user before," Cere beetled her brow briefly, and nodded to the book. "The Jedi and your people have a very rich history. How do you feel about your former warrior roots?" At present, the Mandalorians main representatives were peaceful, led by a pacifist named Satine Kryze, who held the title of Mand'alor but presented as Duchess of the sector.

    "Uh." Madelyn frowned a little at Cere. "I don't remember much of home. So I guess...its all just stories to me." Madelyn thought about how she sometimes saw the Duchess Satine on the holonet. "Tarre Vizsla was the first Mandalorian Jedi." Madelyn pointed out. "I think that they can go hand in hand, being a warrior and a Jedi; but I'm not much of a warrior yet."

    Madelyn took a breath, excited to talk about her people but realized she was rambling. "I don't think I can get rid of my culture? It's as part of me as the force is. So...I feel good about it?" Madelyn shrugged, because even though she felt the Jedi took away her language, she was still a daughter of Mandalore.

    "And the Jedi are good warriors too. Revan was the only one to defeat us."

    Cere nodded. "Often Force sensitives are taken before they have their culture imprinted upon them. You will walk a more difficult path than not, youngling." Trilla frowned at that. "Revan was not a Jedi, not for most of his life," Cere said as she continued. "He was something more, and less."

    Madelyn nodded, agreeing with her. "I'm Madelyn." She realized she had forgotten go introduce herself and shifted on her feet. "He was a Sith Lord."

    She glanced at Trilla, and then back at Cere. "But when he fought us he was a Jedi even if he broke away from the order. He didn't become something else until later."

    "True," said Cere. "Very true. But some believe he was a Sith even then, before the Battle of Malachor. That he chose that world because he already knew of the Trayus Academy, and that he had already fallen." Her eyes focused. "If he was a Sith already, does that change your view of him?"

    Madelyn frowned. I guess so. But he did save the Republic from us. "There are Sith who are capable of doing good things, and Jedi who do some awful things. The Republic wouldn't have won if Revan hadn't stepped in, Sith or not."

    Cere beetled her brow. "An interesting theory, youngling. But while that may have been the case in the distant past, the Jedi Order is a beacon of light and civilisation for the galaxy." Her tone wasn't stiff, so much as concerned. "You do well to remember that in your studies. Come along, Trilla."

    Trilla hesitated. "In a moment, master."

    The older Jedi paused, before heading onwards into the Temple.

    "You really can't say things like that, Madelyn," Trilla cautioned. "The Masters won't let you become a Padawan if you do." Trilla looked upset, but for her.

    "Yes Master." Madelyn said, apologetic. "I understand." She bowed to Cere as she started to walk away, sebsing ahe wasn't upset with her, but concerned.

    She looked up at Trilla as she spoke, and looked away to make sure Cere was a good distance away before she answered.

    "Then maybe I can go back to Mandalore..." madelyn looked upset though and she turned away for a moment. Thinking about how some of the other younglings in wolf clan made fun of her accent.

    Madelyn moved closer to Trilla, and motioned her hand so she would come closer. "Is it scary to fight Trilla?"

    Do you want to go back?" Trilla said, careful. "The Neutral Systems are going to get dragged in eventually, and that includes your home, but the Republic won't be there to protect them from the Separatists, or Death Watch..."

    The question took her by surprise. "Yes, but it's also... um..." She didn't want to say exhilarating, though it could be, when the Force flowed through you so. "It's a lot to take in."

    "I miss it. I miss being around people like me." Madelyn stopped short, because she realized what she said might have been hurtful. She reached over and gently tugged on Trilla's hand. "I bet you're a wonderful fighter. Don't be ashamed-" She sounded out the word carefully. "Of that."

    Madelyn swallowed hard, and looked hesitant. "Can I tell you a secret?"

    Trilla looked at Madelyn with surprised eyes. "Of course, Maddie." The familiarity flowed from her; she felt a closeness to this youngling, even though at this age a few years were very much felt.

    Madelyn looked surprised, but pleased at the nickname. She looked around, to make sure no one was listening and then back at Trilla. "It feels like my heart is being ripped in two. I want to be Mandalorian, but I have the force and it-" She ducked her head, tears stinging her eyes. "And it feels like everyone wants to take a part of who I am away from me."

    She sniffed and watched a group of younglings go by. "The other younglings tell me I don't know how to hold a lightsaber properly, that I talk...strange." Madelyn looked at Trilla. "The Jedi aren't all good."

    I mean there was at least one Mandalorian Jedi in the past," Trilla said, softly, trying to console the youngster. "And no," her eyes went glassy. "The Jedi aren't perfect. Outside the Temple, people are wondering if we're worth the trouble. Dooku was a Jedi, and look at him now. Jedi have joined him, after all... Sora Bulq, Quinlas Vos, Tol Skorr, and others... some Jedi have even refused to fight at all."

    The girls face grew saddened. "I don't know what the Jedi will be after this is over."

    " Tarre Vizsla." Madelyn offered. "He left the order I think." She frowned a little, still upset. "I don't know either...its scary." She admitted. "I'm sorry you have to fight in that war." Madelyn apologised.

    I'm fighting so you don't have to fight," Trilla said, a bit firmly. Then, she blushed. "Not you specifically, but all the younglings. You know what I mean."

    Madelyn have her an odd look, "Oh..." She reacted out with the force a bit, trying to gauge Trilla. "So you're protecting me...I mean us." Madelyn said in understanding. She shifted nervously and tapped Trilla in the side, almost playfully.

    "Can you teach me?" She asked. "How to be a Jedi."

    Trilla looked a bit surprised. Glancing at her masters retreating form, she leaned close, so close their cheeks were basically touching. I'd love to.

    She whispered it, but using the Force, as if she had touched Madelyn's very soul.

    Madelyn felt warm, happy. Although she didn't know if it was from Trilla's words or the force. Instead, she turned slightly and wrapped hercarns around Trilla in a tight hug.

    Surprised, Trilla returned the hug, and a friendship began from here.

    Whenever Trilla was back in the Temple thereafter, she would seek out Madelyn and train with her, which elevated the Mandalorian-exile in the eyes of several Masters. This would be key to Yoda's nudging of Luminara in the future, especially after Barriss fell and was incarcerated...

    As the war grew worse, the gaps between the visits to the Temple grew wider, but Trilla also sought to speak to her.

    One day, of course, Luminara chose Madelyn, and Trilla was at the Temple the next day...

    IC: Madelyn Linnett Combo Part 2
    Jedi Temple

    Madelyn ran through the temple halls after her lessons with her new master were done for the day. She couldn't believe she was a Padawan. She was so grateful to Trilla. She was her best friend, and Madelyn wouldn't have gotten so far without her.

    She reached up as she slowed down, touching her Padawan braid as she called out with the force.


    Trilla returned the psychic call, enveloping Madelyn with warmth.

    There was a sense of running, and the disapproval of a Jedi Master, as Trilla made an altogether un-Jedi like dash to see her friend -

    In short order they'd meet up in the Temple foyer -

    Madelyn made her way there quickly as well, happy that,Trilla was back. Safe. She went to the foyer and saw Trilla, amd threw herself at her friend, hugging her as much as an eight year old could-

    "Trilla you're home!"

    Trilla hugged her hard, and grinned. "Maddy!"

    Madelyn looked up at her as she pulled away. "Guess what goes what! I'm a Padawan now Trilla!" Madelyn told her excited. "See-" She pointed to her Padawan braid.

    "Oh wow!" Trilla smiled, broadly. "Congratulations, Madelyn!"

    She drew her into a hug again.

    "You have a Master?" A new voice. A youngling named Reva approached, eyes sparkling happily.

    Thanks Trilla!" Madelyn smiled into the hug, and turned away to look at the person who spoke, keeping close to Trilla. "Um yeah. Just yesterday. Master Yoda paired me up with Master Luminara...I mean Master Unduli."

    Madelyn looked a little unsure, because she had seen this other youngling before but hadn't met her as far as she knew. She seems nice though. "I'm Madelyn." She introduced herself politely.

    "I'm Reva!" She had the typical youngling 'dome' helmet on, because she was due to go to lightsaber training. "Are you a Padawan? Wow that's amazing."

    Trilla frowned slightly, before looking back to Madelyn. "Master Unduli?" A slight hesitation, eyes on Reva. "Did you hear what happened to her last Padawan?"

    "Hi Reva." Madelyn smiled back. She looked at Trilla curiously, "Yes. But I'm not going to turn out like that." She looked a little upset. Do you really think that?

    Trilla knew she'd said the wrong thing, and replied smoothly. "I didn't think you would, but I was just worried about her teaching you. Like, y'know, Master Windu's old Padawan fell to the dark side, too, and Master Vos and Bulq left, and I heard Ventress was trained by a Jedi -"

    She was babbling.

    She was afraid.

    Reva, younger than each of them, began to get visibly upset -

    "Stop Trilla! You're scaring Reva." Madelyn reached out with the force, trying to calm each of them down. She gave her an odd look. "I know you're scared. But I won't be like that Trilla."

    She grabbed her hand and and squeezed it, tight. "I promise you." Madelyn looked at Reva, still holding Trilla's hand. "Please don't cry, Trilla was just scared for me."

    Reva nodded, squeezed Madelyn's hand back, and Trilla did the same. The three of them appeared to be quite the group.

    "And what is this disturbance?"


    An arch voice sounded, and a tall Jedi Guardian spoke as he rounded the corner. He had a short saberstaff to hand, and his blades would be yellow, as was standard.

    Madelyn looked up at the Temple guard, surprised. "I'm sorry Master if we were too loud." She wondered what kind of person was behind that helmet. She had only seen Temple guards at a distance.

    "You have a very nice outfit. You must be a Temple Guard Master." Madelyn complimented him and gave him a smile, hoping he wasn't going to give them trouble.

    "I am," the sharp, refined, arch, voice said, evident even through the helmet. "But the noise is not to what I refer." More lilting. "It is your emotions," his tone grew vexed. "You are not serene, not at all. Jedi, you wish to become, and yet you project your very zeal into our Temple."

    Madelyn have him an odd look. "Were children." She explained to him, "My best friend just got back from fighting another battle in the Clone Wars, and my new friend got scared. I'm comforting them." A pause. "Jedi are supposed to have compassion for others Master. And that comes from having emotions."

    "I'm sure Master Luminara would agree with me, or Master Yoda." Madelyn stood firm. Because she didn't like the way he was speaking to them, Master or not. "I will.not turn into a husk of a person to meet you're doctrine."

    The Guard paused. "We shall watch your career with great interest, I assure you of that."

    He turned, seemingly more amused than not... Trilla and Reva looked back the way he had been pointed.

    And saw Mace Windu approaching, looking decidedly grim.

    Oh force." Madelyn said out loud, and ket go of both Trilla and Reva's hands. She took a step forward, putting herself first because she didn't want Trilla or Reva to get into trouble. "It's my fault Master, I was trying to be comforting-" She swallowed hard, nervous.

    Mace Windu appeared stern. "Padawan Madelyn, you are to attend your Master. Padawan Trilla, I have it on good authority that your master is seeking you as we speak." His eyes sought Reva. "And it is time for you attend class with Master Yoda."

    Their reunion and meeting, seemingly, was done.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Nola
    Ghost Prison

    As the two of them headed to the ramp, they would see the two YVH droids standing at the base of the ramp, looking up, photoreceptors tilted in curiosity.

    "I am YVH-1-7," one said. "NRI Intelligence Officers, please deposit your Sith Artefact and/or Prisoner."

    But Nola and Carlos weren't at the head of the ramp.

    There was a click.

    Nola, pointing a very small holdout blaster at them, Carlos, not unconscious, too.

    The woman looked hard, but Carlos looked bemused. He had a blaster of similar design to his daughter's to hand.

    "Thanks for bringing me to all the Sith artefacts that White Eyes would ever want."

    A double cross.

    Nola had been in on it.

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    IC: Paz

    En route to the Ghost System

    An old prison that had trapped Dark Jedi and Sith.


    Where does Drayson find these places?

    The Dark Datafile of Deathtraps?

    A snort.

    He was unaware of the miasma that seemed to be connected to the Jedi, although it lessened with each parsec, the further they were from Ziost.

    Eventually, it was nothing more than a slither, hanging onto Eleanor's heart.

    A clinging tentacle of fear, and malice.

    When they did arrive, however, they would be surprised.

    Not just the prison hanging there, no, but also a swarthy set of warships.


    The comms crackled. "This is Borga Besadii Diori of the Hutt clans."


    An image appeared on the holopad.

    "We are here to claim the Sith artefacts. Prepare to be boarded."

    There was a crackle of noise, and a jamming field activated.

    Paz swore.

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    Mar 9, 2005
    OOC: Coming live to you from Kefalonia, Greece...

    IC: Pascale Rouser
    Location: Fortuna, Diab System…and about to possibly kick some arse

    Hand in hand with his wife Pascale hoped it would just be that easy. Haul Carlos off and be done.

    The two droids were at the ramp and Pascale was about to do as instructed and retrieve the glove from the artefact room….

    When another shock arose. Carlos was up and pointing a blaster at them and so was Nola. She had played them.

    Like father, like daughter.

    Now Pascale seriously wanted to chop something off Carlos. And this was not going to help Feyna's present mood. After this, whatever happened he was going to take Feyna back to their cabin and just hold her until they got home.

    Because she would need him after this.

    If he tried to retrieve the lightsaber from his jacket pocket there was no way to be sure he could block in time, especially two blasters. Hopefully his wife could do a distraction so he could pull the blade out. And get the droids to assist.

    Echo could have come in handy here…

    There was no point aski ng why Nola did it, there would just be some nonsense excuse. Now both of them would be getting off in one piece or in pieces. Hopefully the former unless his wife was in a fiesty mood.

    He glanced sideways at his wife ,squeezed her hand. If they were going to go down, they would go together and fighting.

    He was ready to move if she did.

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus
    En route to the Ghost System

    Madelyn reached over and held Paz's hand, even as they went further and further away from the Ghosts. She had almost been trapped by that, and didn't want to think about it. Eleanor felt the same, though she tried to go through her calming techniques instead, trying to bring more light then darkness into the ship.

    She looked up however when they were disturbed and communicated by Borga Besadii Diori after they were stopped by a blockade of ships. What were they doing out here.

    Madelyn turned to Eleanor as the communications dropped, "We'll be okay. Maybe we can bribe them. Hutts are greedy after all..." She looked at her husband and kissed Paz quickly, trying to remain calm. "We can't let them get the artifacts,"

    "Why did it have to be Hutts..." Eleanor complained with a groan. "What do we do Mama?"

    "What are the rules if we get separated Eleanor? We taught you before you went to the Academy. Do you remember?" Asked Madelyn, putting a hand on her own lightsaber.

    Eleanor took a deep breath. "Use the force to find my way back to you. If they ask any questions, I say I don't know. If they try to hurt me fight back and escape." She counted off the rules quickly, and Madelyn nodded at her, proud. "I don't trust the Hutts."

    "Neither do I. Stay close Eleanor." Madelyn looked at Paz, "Are you ready?"

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    Apr 24, 2004
    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Diab prison dock

    The betrayal stung a little, but Feyna supposed she ought not be surprised.

    Why did I even trust either of them in the first place? She was getting soft in her retirement, or something. She'd given Carlos and Nola the benefit of doubt--why? Because they share DNA with me?

    They might be genetically linked to her, but they weren't her family, and clearly didn't deserve her trust.

    Feyna didn't have her blaster; she was pretty sure Pascale had both his lightsabers in his pockets, the question was whether he could get them out before Nola or Carlos fired.

    Time to stall.

    She shot a glance at the droids, before raising a brow at Carlos and Nola. "You really think shooting us in front of guards at a prison is a good idea?"

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Carlos and Nola

    "Who can say?" Carlos said, carefully. "Nola?"

    The woman drew out what appeared to be some kind of microphone from her pocket. She flicked a switch, and the droids toppled. "Jammer. Very handy."

    They'd thought of everything. "Come on, down the ramp." Carlos indicated. "We need to have secured the artefacts before the Hutts get here."

    The contact of their skin flooded their minds with the Echo of the Force.

    They could sense the Hutt warships... and Eleanor and Madelyn.

    They'd managed to track them here.

    Pascale and Feyna had plenty of tricks up their sleeves, and, with their Echo, they also knew exactly where the artefacts were.

    "Come on," Carlos said, firmly. "Show us where your boss hid them."

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    Aboard their ship

    A tractor beam had them ensnared, and Paz began to pull up smuggling compartments and dole out weapons - and even whole sets of beskar were evident. "Suit up, everyone."

    "Yes, Madelyn, I know those are illegal." He indicated the crush-gaunts, Mandalorian gauntlets with mechanisms to allow the wearer to crush durasteel in the palm of their mechanised hand. "But that's not." He indicated the beskad, the hefty sword of iron.

    "Quickly," he hissed. The ship was being drawn in, and he could see on the ship cams, via his helmet HUD, a retinue of Sun Guards, Weequay mercenaries, and even a few Super Battle Droids. Probably six of each. Eighteen targets total.

    "Today is a good day to kill Hutts," Paz grinned at Eleanor.

    For the two Jedi, they could almost sense Feyna and Pascale...

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Madelyn Linnett
    Aboard their ship

    "Hurry Eleanor." Madelyn encouraged as she started to find her armour. She looked at the beskad.

    "I'm not the police Paz." Madelyn teased. "It's not like they won't be useful." She quickly slipped on her beskar; her armour. It was silver and blue, and she slipped her helmet over her head, theoutsude sounds becoming muffled. "Switch to helmet comm."

    She felt the targets through the force and...something else. Someone familiar was coming? Madelyn hoped it was Feyna and Pascale.

    Eleanor had more trouble putting her armour on, it had been a while since she was home. But she still managed to get the green armour on with some difficulty and help from Mama. She looked up at her Buir as she put her helmet on and saluted him.

    I hope we can take them out quickly.

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    OOC: Ince again a wonderful combo with @JediMasterAnne and with @Sinrebirth

    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser, Carlos and Nola Morrow
    Location: Fortuna, Diab System

    This was getting worse.

    His wife had tried to stall but sadly with no success. And it looked like they had had brought some toys with them because the droids were incapacitated.

    And then something surprising happened. Pascale was still holding Feyna's hand….and suddenly he could sense her, and it seemed Madelyn and Eleanor too. And the Hutts had joined the party.

    His Echo had come back. And new and improved. Whether Vydra had had any say in this was a mystery.

    Quite interesting he thought at his wife might need to figure this out later. Right now I need to get my lightsabers, do you think you could distract them?

    Feyna wasn't sure what happened, but suddenly it was like a switch flipped, and she could feel everything: Carlos, Nola, Pascale next to her...a sort of dark feeling emanated from the prison nearby, maybe from the artefacts stored there?

    What. The hell. Just. Happened.

    She heard Pascale's voice, though turning to him, his lips didn't move. She could hear his voice *in her head.* Quite interesting, might need to figure this out later.

    He seemed less shocked about it than she was, which was a little reassuring--but Pascale had had Force abilities before--and what else could this be? But he'd given up the Force years ago, on Korriban. How was it back? And why was Feyna affected this time?

    Just now wasn't really an ideal time to try to figure it out, though; Carlos and Nola still had their blasters pointed at them, and Nola had disabled the guard droids. Something else flickered in Feyna's new senses--something familiar, far away, but getting closer. Maybe help, she hoped.

    Right now I need to get my lightsabers, do you think you could distract them?

    I'll try, she thought, careful not to speak out loud or even mouth the words.

    She wasn't sure what to do, though. Nola and Carlos were armed, and she wasn't.

    Could she use the Force against them? Could she do more than just 'feeling' and mind-speaking? Could she pull their weapons away, or push them over?

    She might be trying to run before she could crawl, though, and if it didn't work, things would get hairy really fast. She wasn't sure she wanted to chance it.

    I don't know what to do, she thought to Pascale. She knew he needed to get his lightsabers, but if her idea worked, they'd possibly buy themselves a few moments, enough time to arm themselves. This is like your old Echo, right? And you had other Force powers then. Can we Force-push them? I want to try but I don't know if it will work for me. Together?

    He probably wasn't used to her being so confused and uncertain, but this was all extremely strange for her.

    Pascale could feel his wife's confusion and uncertainty and he could have kicked himself. For him this was not new for her it was. No doubt she had lots of questions for him when this was over.

    He sent soothing thoughts her way. Indeed it is like my old Echo but this feels different, deeper. We now share a deep emotional bond and we have the advantage of quick thinking and yes Force powers.

    So let's try together, see how this bond works, whether we have to stay together or if it works if we sperate. He squeezed her hand, turn and push out with your hand, put your energy into the push. Stay with me cheri, I won't leave you.

    He began to spin around, pushing his hand out, focusing on Carlos leaving Nola to his wife.

    Feyna squeezed his hand to acknowledge, then focused on doing as he said, concentrating on Nola and willing a hard push.

    Carlos arched an eyebrow as they lifted their hands, and then the two of them were catapulted back, all the way to the cockpit! Their blasters clattered to the ground, and Nola cried out in irritation -

    The Force?! They had the Force!?

    Well, that worked well, Feyna thought to Pascale. Grab their weapons next? She was already reaching for Nola's fallen hold-out.

    He'd want his lightsabers, but they'd have a better advantage if they could disarm Carlos and Nola.

    Well done Pascale thought at his wife as Carlos and Nola went flying a word of caution. You may become exhausted if you use too much of your abilities, let's make sure we get them off this ship and into cells.

    Pascale released Feyna's hand and reached into his jacket pockets bringing out his lightsabers and ignited them, the twin red blades humming.

    "Pick up their blasters cheri, i'll cover you if they try anything" and if they did he would give one of his blades to Feyna.

    "Now, shall we try this again?" he said to Carlos and Nola "Only this time, you both will be getting off. Permanently".

    Feyna decided to heed Pascale's advice about not overdoing it, and went to retrieve the weapons. "I'll be taking that jammer, too," she said as she approached Nola, looking for the device.

    Nola was in-front of Carlos, and when she shifted, he had the Glove of Vader on his hand; and a crackle of electricity burst at them -

    Everything seemed to move in slow motion.

    Now Pascale was angry, he could feel the dark artefacts goading him. Unlike Korriban where things were trying to kill him, now things were trying to get him to kill.

    Nola and Carlos needed to be punished.

    He threw his other blade at Feyna to use whilst keeping his blade in front of him to block the lightning. He had been gentalmany until now, but it was now no more being nice.

    With his other hand he pushed all of his angry energy straight back at Carlos. Hopefully Feyna could take care of Nola but he was ready to assist his wife.

    Feyna could feel Pascale's anger, and no wonder, Carlos had apparently managed to break into the locker where they'd stored the Glove. Since he'd already hacked their ship's security systems more than once, she supposed it wasn't particularly surprising a locker wouldn't hold him back.

    She grabbed the other lightsaber and raised it to block the lightning, advancing closer to Carlos and Nola.

    The lightning was caught by the lightsabers, and Nola began to scramble to get out of the way.

    The Glove began to glow, and the electricity began to scatter and refract, ripping into the bulkheads, and then, between the two of them, reflected back at him.

    Carlos exploded, blowing out the cockpit window.

    Nola cried out -

    Pascale nearly staggered at what was happening. His energy was beginning to sap as he was blocking the lightning and pushing forward. And of course him feeling tired after getting no rest hadn't helped.

    And now Fortuna had suffered internal damage thanks to Carlos's rather explosive death. The darkness celebrated, good riddance.

    There was a little voice in his head telling him to stop, enough, that he was turning into what he feared most. The reason why he wanted his Echo stripped. What would Feyna think of him?

    But Carlos damaging his beloved ship made him even angrier. He turned to Nola, anger blazing in his eyes, stalking towards her to finish her off…

    Feyna staggered back at Carlos's sudden and violent death--she definitely had not expected something on that magnitude.

    A little part of her felt like there was unfinished business between them, but she wasn't especially sorry he was gone. She knew she shouldn't relish it, but at least there'd be no more trouble from him in the future.

    Pascale was still seething, though--and actually, the anger that Feyna could feel radiating off of actually worried her. He started towards Nola, and though Feyna agreed that she had also played them and deserved whatever consequences the law dealt out...she didn't think she agreed with what was probably on Pascale's mind just now.

    She didn't approach him, not in this state, but she called out, both out loud and over their new connection. "Pascale, stop!"

    He could hear both outside and through the bond his wife's voice, and it made him pause.

    Pascale could feel his wife's worry at him, the darkness inside wanted to shove her out of the way. But the little voice was now winning and he knew he would never hurt his soul mate.

    The darkness was still goading him on. Finish her off, she could still hurt you and your wife. Trash your ship still further.

    Pascale kept his blade raised ready but his anger dissipated a little. The ship would not be going anywhere without the cockpit needing a clean, the viewport fixed and maybe engine one could get a fix too.

    Thank you cheri he sent to Feyna through the bond, sending her warmth and love. But he was really feeling exhausted now.

    To Nola he said "You will be getting off this ship and spending your life in a cell wondering what could have been. You try anything and you will end up like Carlos. Understood?"

    Feyna relaxed a little, as her husband came back to himself--he still had that cold, angry edge to his tone as he addressed Nola, but that was normal for his temper.

    She deactivated her lightsaber and picked up one of the fallen blasters, moving next to Pascale, standing over Nola--relieved as she was that he'd come down from that intense rage, she was not about to lower her guard with Nola.

    No telling what Nola thought them capable of now, but let her be nervous; she didn't need to know that this Force-thing was new for them. Feyna kept the blaster levelled at her. "I'd advise you to come quietly," she told Nola.

    To Pascale, Are you okay?

    Feyna's concern flooded through and Pascale realised how close he had come to sinking into the dark. Meaning that he could have nearly lost his wife.

    Better than before my dear he sent back but whatever I have done has tainted our bond. We still don't know why we were given this in the first place, but to be given this surrounded by the darkness…I almost succumbed.

    He wanted to hold her right now but with Nola still aboard they no doubt would have to wait until she was taken off.

    I am so very sorry.

    Feyna wasn't sure how to respond; she was alarmed that he felt he'd slipped that far--he'd always had a temper, though she'd admit she'd never seen him as angry as he'd just been. But he'd pulled himself back, and she didn't judge him; privately she did wonder if he was being hard on himself.

    You don't have to apologise, I'm not angry, just worried. She reached over to gently grip his arm, about the most comfort she could offer just now. We'll talk more about it later, if you need to.

    They'd have time for more discussions once Nola was dealt with.

    Pascale felt Feyna grip his arm and felt her worry still through the bond. They definitely needed to talk about the bond and what just happened. He felt he owed her that.

    Gods he loved Feyna. She knew what to do when things got tough, and she was always there for him. He was one lucky man.

    He shifted his lightsaber to his other hand, then moved his arm so he could hold Feyna's hand and squeeze it in gratitude.

    I think we do need to talk about the bond and what just happened. I think we need to rest and just be with each other after everything that has gone on. And we won't be going anywhere until this ship is fixed.

    He squeezed her hand again and turned his face slightly to her and smiled I love you cheri.

    Feyna gave his hand a squeeze in return. I love you, too.

    Nola was in shock.

    Utter, complete, shock.


    She looked at the two of them.

    There was a dark miasma swirling around them, especially Pascale, and a tug, tug, tug.

    It was the lightsaber in his hand; the Kyber crystal.

    Tug, tug, tug.

    Nola blinked a few times, and handed over the blaster she had, held limp, as it was clearly irrelevant.

    There was the sound of alarms through the facility.

    Enemy assault fleet. Secure the Vault. Repeat; secure the Vault.

    The two droids... they didn't move.

    Pascale thought he had dissipated the darkness when his anger disappeared.

    But the miasma floating around him and Feyna, thickest around him and the tugging. Why was the lightsaber tugging him? Had it detected his descent into the dark?

    And to make things even worse, it seemed a fleet had arrived. Thankfully Fortuna was parked in the hangar but if there was a landing party about to come down and take a look….

    Nola wasn't about to give any trouble thankfully.

    Pascale gave a very worried look to Feyna. The darkness it seemed was getting ready for something if the tugging and miasma were anything to go by.

    Feyna could sense Pascale's worry, and there was a strange feeling around them, like something dark trying to pull them down a shadowed path.

    On top of that, more trouble was headed their way, and the prison's alarms had started going off.

    The droids nearby weren't moving, though. "The jammer, too," Feyna prompted Nola, as she took the surrendered blaster..

    Let's just get through this, and get out of here. She didn't like this place; the Fortuna wasn't space-worthy, with its cockpit blown out, but maybe they could have it towed to somewhere less...menacing.

    Nola palmed the remote to her. "You can't leave me here - the Hutts won't forgive me if this goes wrong..."

    The Fortuna wasn't space-worthy indeed - but the hangar doors opened in the distance, a Protocol Droid in silver waddling towards the battle droids. "Did you not hear me over the comms, you bag of bolts? We're under attack! The vault! Oh why did Director Drayson leave me here, alone, with just those two!"

    Pascale was about to suggest that Feyna pass him back the other lightsaber as she had both blasters now but with his one tugging him he wasn't sure it was a wise idea.

    I agree he thought back but we can't go anywhere at present. Unless there is another bigger ship about that I can guide Fortuna into then we will have to stay here for now. I'm not leaving this ship behind. It's been our home….

    I sensed Madelyn and Eleanor up above, maybe we could broadcast for help? What worries me is that this darkness could pull me down fully….to separate me away from you.

    Feyna deactivated the jammer--hopefully that would wake up the two droids--then started pulling Nola toward the ramp. "That all depends on how you behave, though I see a prison cell in your future one way or another."

    Pascale mentally voiced his concerns, both about the ship, and the darkness tugging on him. And Madelyn and Eleanor were close. If we can reach them for help, we should try. Comm or via the Force, it didn't matter to her--a comm transmission might give away their position, but the Hutts were already coming anyway.

    She pocketed the jammer and handed him one of the blasters, then squeezed his hand again. And I won't let you fall. We'll get through this together, like we always do.

    Pascale deactivated his lightsaber and then took the blaster, giving his wife's hand a squeeze once again. Thank you cheri, together we are stronger.

    "Hand over Nola to the droids my dear, maybe that protocol droid can help" he released her hand and moved over to pick up the glove "We can finally get rid of this as well".

    He was watching Nola like a hawk just in case. But Feyna looked like she had things covered.

    Be careful with that thing, Feyna warned, giving Nola another shove toward the ramp.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Nola
    Battle of the Ghost Prison (as it became known)

    The moment the Glove of Darth Vader touched the flesh…

    … the wielder collapsed.

    Nola screamed, basically hysterical at this point.

    The protocol droid tottered towards the battle droids as they regarded the interplay just inside the ship. “Caution: Sith artefact. Recommend withdrawal into the prison to secure Vault until reinforcements can be contacted.”

    “You bucket of bolts, the comms are all jammed! We need to go now - OH MY!”

    The Hutt troop lender disgorged Sun Guard, who began shooting. One of the battle droids turned and rushed them, bolts burning into its liquid metal armour, and unleashed a firestorm. The Guards became ex-Guards, and their shuttle exploded… and another came. The droid turned to that, and his brother looked to the humans.

    “Withdrawal, immediately.”


    The holder of the Glove was connected.

    Tied to the darkness.

    Soon to be completely eclipsed.

    A shadow with burning spheres for where it’s pupils should have been.

    White Eyes.

    “So you wish to serve me, as Carlos did before?”

    In space

    The tractor beam had pulled them in, and the mercenaries responded as you’d expect them to do when they saw three Mandalorians. A rabble of mercenaries, they opened fire immediately -

    “Cease fire you fools!” It was Borga’s voice over the comms, but it was already too late.

    Paz knew that even beskar would wilt under concentrated fire, and gunned his jetpack, dividing the targets -

    The Sun Guards produced Force pikes and charged -

    The Super Battle Droids tracked Paz -

    The Weequay mercenaries who had started the skirmish fired ineffectually at the women -

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo with Sinre

    IC: Feyna Rouser
    Ghost Prison

    Pascale had collapsed as soon as he'd touched the Glove, Nola became hysterical, the Hutt forces were landing, and though the droids made short work of the first transport, it was recommended that the humans be moved inside. Comms were jammed; they couldn't call for help.

    "I can't leave my husband," Feyna said. She didn't know if she could help him--if she took the Glove, the same thing would probably happen to her--but she wasn't leaving him here. She was contemplating putting the Fortuna's laser cannon to work against the Hutt troops, and she could order the droids to take Nola to a cell--but she also didn't trust Nola to go quietly.

    The nearest droid of the two nodded, and stepped into the ship, grabbing Pascale, who now had the Glove on his hand though he had never donned it - it had donned him. Nola screamed, and the YVH droid took one look at Feyna and another at the woman - and stunned her.

    Throwing her over his free shoulder, he simply stated. "Extreme measures were necessary."

    The protocol droid was besides himself in aghast.

    The droid simply look at the skinnier variant. "I cannot stun a droid. Recommend shooting out his vocabulator."

    The protocol droid shut up.

    Outside, the other droid was taking hits, its liquid-metal armour leaking off its skeleton.

    They didn't have much time.

    Feyna didn't even bat an eye when the droid stunned Nola; if she was just going to panic, she wasn't any use in this situation anyway. She checked her blaster, and also grabbed the one that Pascale had dropped, slinging it over her shoulder as a backup--yes, she could have used the lightsabers, but she was more comfortable with a blaster.

    She still wasn't sure what the Glove was doing to Pascale, with him unconscious she couldn't feel anything over the bond, though she was fairly certain he was still alive. Hang in there...

    Maybe Madelyn or Drayson would be able to help, once the Hutts were dealt with.

    "Let's get inside," Feyna said, raising her blaster and heading down the ramp, starting to fire back at the opposing forces, covering the droid so--hopefully--Pascale and Nola wouldn't get hit.

    The mercenaries took hits, but a third ship was down and disgorging another twenty enemies to worry about.

    The YVH with them kept a steady dribble of cover fire, even with Nola and Pascale strung over each shoulder. The one by the enemy rushed the third ship, but it was looking steadily crippled -

    Until it detonated, and took the second, third and the landing fourth transport with it.

    Flame, projectiles, one skipping across Feyna's cheek -

    The Protocol droid was shredded by flying debris as they neared the far end of the hangar, the doors already closing -

    "OH MY!"

    His head caromed off the ceiling to the floor just before the reinforced doorway, and the YVH scooped it up without losing momentum.

    A fifth and sixth transport were already touching down, either side of their crippled yacht.

    The doors slammed shut, and the YVH droid took a long moment to process.

    Blasterfire began to hammer at the durasteel soon thereafter.

    Feyna tentatively touched the small burn on her face; that was a close one, but she was all right, and they'd made it inside. The second guard droid was gone, but had taken a fair few of the enemy with it.

    But the relief was short-lived, blasterfire already battered at the door.

    "She can go in a cell for now," Feyna indicated Nola. They'd decide what to do with her later.

    Her gaze shifted to Pascale, and grew concerned. "Med-bay for him." She didn't know what they could do, but she didn’t want him left alone. What the Glove might do to him...or make him do...

    "Can we reinforce this door? And we'll need some backup down here."

    Nola was unceremoniously dumped, and Pascale more gently placed in the medbay.

    The YVH battle droid dutifully turned around, and stomped to the door, which was being hammered. He raised a plasma-torch finger and began to seal the gap. "There is no need to be concerned," the fussy protocol droid head continued. "It is designed to handle besiegement. The best durasteel that credits could buy -"

    "- seven thousand years ago," YVH finished.

    "The facility was restored by the Empire -"

    "Fifty years ago, and wrecked by a prison riot that the Sith engineered to find elites for a strike on Imperial traitors."

    "Well, uh, yes."

    "Is there an alternate escape route - a secret one, with a hyperspace capable ship?"

    "Undoubtedly, but what about the Sith artefacts in the Vault?"

    The droid paused, turned its photoreceptors to Feyna. "Protocol states that the Ghost Prison self-destruct must be activated by an agent of New Republic Intelligence if the Vault is in danger of being taken."

    "Oh my."

    The hammering continued.

    Feyna frowned. That was their best option? Run away and blow up the prison?

    "I'm not an Intelligence agent anymore. And my husband would have a fit if we leave his ship to be destroyed." Fortuna was not space-worthy, and she assumed that it would be taken out by the blast if they decided to self-destruct the prison. Unless the droids knew some way to get it off-planet.

    Feyna normally did not make as much fuss about the ship as Pascale did, normally treating it as a replaceable material thing. But Pascale wouldn't have stood for abandoning his ship if he were conscious, so here she had to speak for him.

    And what about others within the prison? "Is there anyone else here we'd need to evacuate?"

    "No more prisoners here," the Protocol droid fussed. "It was judged too dangerous to keep sentients near the artefacts." He moaned a little. "But droids are fine."

    "We are expendable," YVH said, firmly. "We should get moving, the door will not hold forever, and I will need to close the other bulkheads to divert the invaders away."

    "But the Vault! Couldn't we use that? We have a sentient right here, and she clearly has been affected by her proximity to the artefacts already -"

    YVH actually kicked the head.

    Feyna frowned. Affected? By 'proximity to the artefacts?' How would--

    The bond. Pascale's Echo coming back. Was that what it was?

    At any rate, she shut that idea right down. "I am not. Using. A Sith artefact."

    The YVH droid looked back. "No, you're not, madam, but if you were to in the future, I am aware that this particular Sith artefact is..." He looked like, for an expressionless droid, having a breakdown. "Temporally challenged, in the right conditions."

    The droid head, from the far distance, shouted out. "Don't be silly."

    The YVH droid pointed one of its many weapons at the head, but relented. "I am merely relaying what my data says. That this particular artefact allows the user to move through temporal shifts, a type of time-skip, that can create an echo of sorts."

    The blaster hammering grew louder. "Heavy weapons. This area will shortly be breached."

    His photoreceptors took in the two unconscious forms. "This unit can self-destruct in the midst of the enemy, if you wish. Perhaps you can fight your way through to one of their ships."

    Pascale was still unconscious, but notably the Glove was no longer on his arm; it lay, discarded, as if rejected. Whatever he had done, it had clearly driven the possession off. But he was still unconscious, for worse, and Nola too, for better.

    The droid head spoke up, calling from the far distance. "So why are we discussing whether or not we should access the Vault when clearly this woman has already in the future?"

    Feyna was perplexed now; her statement had been meant as a refusal, not a denial. But...were the droids talking about time-travel?!

    And what did they mean, she'd already accessed the vault in the future. What the heck was this about?

    "What are you talking about? I just want to get my husband, my ship, and possibly my sister out of here alive and in one piece." Feyna might not care what happened to Nola beyond this whole misadventure, but she wasn't going to just leave her here to die.

    The YVH nodded. “Go. I will hold them off.”

    “Pick me up, Mistress,” the droid head said, “and I’ll show you.”

    Feyna's eyes narrowed as her gaze shifted between the two, then gave a mildly irritated sigh and picked up the droid head. She hoped she didn't regret this.

    "Don't let anything happen to the others," she told YVH, then lifted the protocols head. "Where are we going?"

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    IC: Droid Head
    Names are names

    The droid was fairly sure he had a name, but being decapitated had caused some issues in his databanks. But he did remember where they were going so off they went.

    The blaster fire rumbled in the distance, slamming without end on the door, reminding Feyna that they had to hurry, or the enemy would flood the area where she had left Pascale, Nola and YVH and undoubtedly kill everyone.

    “The vault would be where the Glove of Darth Vader would be placed, along with the Eye of Horak-Mal, Blade of Kressh, Helm of Tulak Hord, and so forth.” He had named a handful of items they had recovered before the Yuuzhan Vong War. “But I gather that this is item that Admiral Drayson placed the Holocron of Darth Ramage within for safekeeping, when he discovered it was hollow neuranium, a rare material from Nouane and otherwise only seen in precisely nine instances.


    It was the statue from Naboo - one of the very first place they had located after the Battle of Korriban.

    “You do have to be careful, because there is a person inside the statue, too. Admiral Drayson reasoned it was safer to keep them locked away, but kept the Holocron where placed.”

    That was circuitous thinking, but there was a person inside?!

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    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus

    Eleanor deflect!" Madelyn ordered as she activated her lightsaber. She rushed the sun guards as they fired upon them, and grabbed one of them with the force, pulling them toward her lightsaber hard so she could run them through-

    Eleanor activated her lightsaber and took a defensive stance, watching them and defecting the bolts-

    Madelyn had run through a Guard, Eleanor had deflected bolts -

    The simpler mercenaries were cut-down in the cross-fire, and while one Sun Guard was shot to death too, the other two split to flank Madelyn, Force-pikes swinging at opposing legs -

    Paz took a hammering from auto-fire Super Battle Droids and lost control of his direction, slamming his head into the hangar roof and dropping like a stone -

    The SBDs turned ponderously back towards Madelyn and Eleanor -

    "Paz." Madelyn called out as she watched him drop to the ground. She turned to the super battle droids as they advanced-

    "Eleanor drop!"

    Eleanor hit the ground on her stomach as Madelyn threw her lightsaber at the Super Battle droids in a full swoop, bringing it back around-

    The SBD's were decapitated, and that took a lot of the fight out of the others -

    Especially when Paz sat back up and caught them in a flamethrower cross-fire.

    The stragglers began to run, the Sun Guards were all dead, after all.

    Paz lay down. "I hit my head, probably a concussion. Don't worry about me." He waved them onwards. "I'll guard our ship. Find Borga, force her or him or whatever they are right now to stand-down."

    There was a clattering of boots from around the corner of the hangar entrance - to the left, not the right. Left was also the same direction the mercs had fled... which rather heavily telegraphed what way they had to go.

    But the boots would ring a bell.

    And that clatter... it wasn't boots, no, it was plastoid armour.

    Which could only be one thing.


    Madelyn reached out and out a hand on his back. "Paz, please take it easy. You hit you're head really hard." She looked over at the sound of boots,, and frowned, a familiar sensation of caution going through her stomach. "Stormtroopers." She muttered to herself, amd Eleanor looked alarmed as she stood up.

    "Take care of yourself Paz. Don't get killed." Madelyn told him with a quick kiss. She looked at Eleanor.

    "Quickly and quietly. Were going to find that hutt and end her." She moved towards the hallway. "Trust in the force Eleanor."

    The hallway was full to the edges with them - there had to be at least twenty Stormtroopers barrelling down the corridor, blasters ready, some commanding riot-weapons, and they would be sure that there was at least one flametrooper down there.

    The front lines began to open fire, and they knew that if they didn't block them here, at the chokepoint of the hallway, their numbers would flood into the hangar and be able to spread out and overwhelm Paz -

    Eleanor activated her lightsaber and started to deflect the shots in the hallway, Madelyn stepping up beside her as they moved in sync. Eleanor eyed the flametrooper and knew that was going to be trouble sooner rather then later-

    "I'm going in Mama!" Eleanor jumped up against the opposite wall, lightsaber in hand as she ran along it and got above the flametrooper, jumping behind him and severing the line on his flametrooper backpack, before flipping back over him-

    Madelyn reached out and yanked her daughter towards her with the force and hit the ground-

    The Force yanked at Eleanor, and then the flame-tank exploded, consuming the Stormtroopers and blackening the ground - and the bodies. Another clattering, and more Stormtroopers marched down the corridor -

    What was the Empire doing here?!

    She reached out with the force as she pulled Eleanor behind her and raised her lightsaber again. "Eleanor stay behind me, we don't know who's sending them."

    She tried to pinpoint a way to get rid of the next batch of stormtroopers, and Eleanor looked up at her mother.

    "There's so many Mama."

    These troopers were a standard bunch, it was just about numbers. They had three choices; carry on forward, using the narrow confines to their advantage, retreat away from Borga, or withdraw to the hangar. If they retreated, they'd have to seal the hangar, or the troopers would swarm Paz -

    The first volley was fired -

    These troopers were a standard bunch, it was just about numbers. They had three choices; carry on forward, using the narrow confines to their advantage, retreat away from Borga, or withdraw to the hangar. If they retreated, they'd have to seal the hangar, or the troopers would swarm Paz -

    The first volley was fired -

    Madelyn reflected the bolts as she considered her options. Eleanor drew ul beside her mother again and looked at her.

    "We can use the narrow passage to our advantage." Eleanor pointed out.

    Madelyn smiled, proud. "You're thinking like a real Jedi." She usee the force and pushed the storm Troopers back. "Close up Padawan, don't let them through."

    The troopers rushed them, but it was as they said - a narrow environment.

    The first five or six died from redirected bolts, but the weight of their comrades pushed them through Madelyn's Force push, abandoning blaster fire to rush the Jedi -

    Two embedded themselves on the woman's lightsaber blades, one reaching out as he died to try and grab at Madelyn's wrists -

    The other was taller than Eleanor and sought to use his deadweight to knock her over -

    Behind them there were only twelve troopers left -

    They'd be able to see that the way was clear -

    "I go left you go right?" Madelyn tilted her head at the remaining stormtroopers and Eleamor grinned before they charged together, clearing a path quickly. As the last stormtrooper fell, Madelyn let out a few breaths. She wasn't as young as she once was.

    Now they had to get the hutt.

    Madelyn caught her breath as the Hutt spoke orders and turned to Eleanor. "White eyes is dangerous Eleanor. If things get bad, get you're father out of here."

    "Yes Mama." Eleanor looked down the hallway, and they both started walking purposely, senses on alert.

    "I am one with the force and the force is with me-" Eleanor softly chanted to herself-

    A silken voice.

    What is it.

    A second speaker, down the hallway, their melodic voice flowing. "White Eyes, we are undone! Two Jedi!"

    A cutting retort. "Borga, get this stunted slime out of my sight."

    [My Lord, this was supposed to be a simple raid, once we knew the coordinates for Ramage's Holocron. A handful of NRI agents and a battle droid or two. Not Jedi and Mandalorians boarding my ship!]

    The two of them were basically to the very room the voices were drifting from.

    The tableau was simple.

    A Twi'lek majordomo, cringing. A Hutt, undoubtedly Borga. And a hologram, a black Sith cloak over his head, and his back to them...

    The man code-named White Eyes.

    The villain whose name circled the Intelligence world but nobody knew who he was.

    Madelyn and Eleanor approached carefully, listening to the conversation as they approached the scene.

    Eleanor looked up at her mother as she put a hand out to stop her-

    Madelyn looking at white eyes hologram. Wondering just who he was-

    "it's been a long time White Eyes. Korriban was not a forgiving place." Madelyn spoke into the room. Eleanor gave her mother a worried look, and Madelyn winked at her. "I trust you remember this old Empeor's hand?"

    "Ah yes," the clipped tones. "Therefore, you come to pledge loyalty to our late Emperor's successor, no?"

    The hologram turned.

    It was Mas Amedda.

    "You can call me Darth Wyyyrlok."

    Borga's eyes bulged out. [A Sith?!]

    A hand shot out and the Hutt began to choke-

    Eleanor startled because she had never seen that move before, only heard about it. "Wow." She muttered, and his behind her mother like a child, as if this would protect her from the Sith.

    Madelyn looked at the hutt, unfazed. She looked up and tilted her head in acknowledgement. "What will you offer me in exchange?" She asked. "Sith are few now Darth Wyyyrlok."

    The Chagrian sneered. “The live of your friends? Your husband? Your child?”

    He was not playing around, clearly. “All I require is one little trinket.”

    Madelyn nodded and laughed a little. "You remind me of the good old days my lord." She paused. "What is it you require?"

    "The Holocron of Darth Ramage. It is here; hidden in another item you recovered many years ago," the Sith Lord oozed disdain. "Therefore I arranged this feint to lure you and your friends to Feyna's father, and to allow his daughter to lead my contacts here... and secure the last Sith Holocron that is not in our hands."

    He sneered. "You will return to service of the Order of Sith Lords?"

    Madelyn looked thoughtful, had she studied that Sith Lord. She tucked her hands behind her and made a fist, letting Eleanor know that she wasn't being truthful without the force.

    "I can't say I've heard of him, but that was a clever plan my lord." Madelyn paused. "I have a few conditions before I return to the Sith my lord, if you'll permit me?"

    The man glowered. "Speak."

    Madelyn paused. "I want safety for my family first of all. And I want assurance that I'll be released from duty once my mission for you is completed. I'll still be Sith Master. But I like to go about causing terror in my own way."

    "Sith apprentice," White Eyes said, drily. "But yes, I shall induct you into the Order of Sith Lords... and you may save your... family. That NRI woman, Feyna, was it? Her and her husband, no doubt, you wish to save." A dark chuckle. "I'll allow it... as long as the Holocron is in my possession eventually."

    His tone cooled. "Perhaps Eleanor should stay with me for the time being... as..." A grin. "Insurance."

    Madelyn felt her stomach drop as Eleanor tended up behind her. "Insurance my lord? You want her into you're custody?" She watched as Eleanor stepped out from behind her, frowning.

    "Would she you're apprentice as well?"

    "The Sith are One, after all," White Eyes said, drily. "An Order."

    His tone cooled. "But we don't abide just to the Voice, the Fist, the Hands, the Eyes... we have Lords. Do you wish to take your place in the Order as Darth?"

    White Eyes was sure that. "I will take your daughter, and you will take a name... and I will allow you to save your friends... as log as the Holocron comes into my hands.."

    Madelyn nodded, amd Eleanor hugged her mother from the side as Madelyn said her new Sith name, hoping beyond a doubt that this plan would work.

    "My name is Darth Gra'tua."

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    Apr 24, 2004
    OOC: Combo with the GM

    IC: Feyna Rouser

    Ghost Prison

    Feyna eyed the statue with a mix of confusion and perhaps a bit of suspicious disbelief. There was a person in there?

    But hearing the droid say that Drayson had decided to leave said person inside, Feyna decided to trust his judgment--unless she was mistaken, the statue had previously belonged to Palpatine, so there was no telling what he'd done to it, or the person inside.

    "So we just want the Holocron? What will it do?" She asked. And how did she get it out of the statue?

    The droid nodded. "There's a compartment in the upper skull. I've been told that using it enables you to access knowledge of one Darth Ramage. I don't suppose you've acquired any... um... Force powers recently, inexplicably?"

    "Oh, and you will see the face of the subject, he's frozen, don't worry about that…"

    "So we won't wake him up?" Feyna wanted to be sure.

    "And yes, about the Force powers, my husband used to have an Echo, I think it...woke up, somehow when we got here." How it was affecting her, she wasn't quite sure. "How will the Holocron help us, though?"

    "An Echo? Never heard of that... but it sounds like what they say; Darth Ramage managed to figure out how dislocate himself temporally... so it follows that it's power would have appeared without you knowing precisely why... the power echoed backwards..." The droid sounded as if it was thinking hard about this. "So you were going to get to the Holocron... and were going to use it..."

    His eyes rolled slightly, more of a shift in the pattern of lighting; he had no body to express himself with. "No, he won't wake up - when Admiral Drayson's team cut into the statue, he didn't wake last time, and because of the Neuranium the statue is made of, he reasoned he could hide a Holocron inside it and no sensor would ever find it."

    The droid switched off an eye, so it could point with the other. "There is the compartment."

    Feyna was still confused, though she reached up to open the compartment; she didn't have any other plan or ideas, though, so she was putting a lot of trust into this droid.

    The Holocron of Darth Ramage was a pyramid, as ever, but it was within a see-through box that revealed the man beneath, his eyes closed, in a kind of container within a container. His eyes were closed, he was not even breathing, held in a kind of stasis.

    He did look like Pascale, though.

    The droid interrupted. "So, if you could pop open the cap, ma'am, it'll do whatever it is you had in mind."

    Feyna was a little unnerved by the trapped man's odd resemblance to her husband, but now was not the time to get distracted.

    She glanced back at the droid, still hesistant about this plan. 'Whatever she had in mind?' What was that supposed to mean? She had no idea how this Holocron was supposed to help them, how was she supposed to have any idea of what to do?

    And again, this was a Sith holocron, by nature it was dangerous--and the wild thought had occurred to her that she had only the droid's word to go by, there was no one else her to contradict it, what if it was serving another master besides Drayson? Some droids were capable of lying...

    But again, she had no other idea of what to do. She just wanted to get out of here, with her husband and their ship intact--and Nola, even if just to hand her off to authorities somewhere else.

    She paused again before opening the container. "This thing won't try to hurt me, will it? It is a dark artefact…"

    "Um," the droid seemed to be searching for the right words. "I understand Sith artefacts try to use you, but they won't hurt you in the most direct sense." The droid would have audibly swallowed if it could have done.

    In the distance, the blaster fire sound began to change; it was not outside the room, but breaching it, echoing as if inside the place where her husband and Nola were unconscious...

    "But Ramage mastered how to pause time, or perhaps the perception of time, so you should be able to just... stop, all this. Maybe even rewind the destruction of your ship?"

    Was the droid seriously talking about time-travel?!

    Feyna didn't really have time to question it, though she remained dubious. "How far back will it let me go? And how far does the effect reach?" She didn’t want to unintentionally change anything else going on in the galaxy.

    “No idea,” the droid said. “We recovered the Holocron from the Witches of Dathomir. Apparently they’d been hiding it since just after Order 66 on behalf of a Jedi Master…”

    “Why don’t you open it, visualising what you want, or when, maybe?” Again, he felt like he wanted to shrug.

    Feyna was still only half-understanding, and not entirely trusting this plan, but she didn't have any better idea.

    Not too far back, she told herself, just far enough back to be safe--their arrival in the Diab system, before they'd landed at the prison. That would do--hopefully. She had no idea how it would affect Nola, or perhaps Carlos, or anyone else--could she control the scope of Holocron's effects, limit the change to just herself, Pascale, and their ship?

    She was going to try.

    She thought back, remembering arriving above Diab, coming out of hyperspace, aboard the Fortuna with her husband.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Ramage
    Back, back, back

    She stood there.

    Everything had reversed, but Feyna knew what would happen to the point she had left.

    A shadow stood besides her, as everything stood still. “You used my knowledge.” He growled. “Much like your friend, Madelyn’s, daughter - though it was a… different her. You know of the slave between realms, alternative realities, and now you risk creating one.”

    A chuckle. “You Change the flow, and Chaos will be released. Do you risk that? For who? Who has died that you cannot let go of?”

    More sinister laughter. “Your father? You can save your friends, your lover, your future children…”

    A flash of a world - Arkinnea - besieged, a massive ship and three smaller warships fighting, glittering black starfighters harassing the immense monolith.

    “But would you risk destroying your children to save your father?” He groused. “What has happened cannot be undone, but perhaps you can save your husband today… or your half sister? Her fate is not yet written…”

    The spirit - Darth Ramage, undoubtedly - was telling her that she was to have children, one day, and one day, they, too, would be in danger. But he was also telling her that who was dead was dead, who was due to die, would die - unless she intended to break things.

    “Life and death are set, unless you intend to usurp the Gods… but everything between can be manipulated…” Ramage snorted. “What will you change?”

    “Or…” a snigger. “Will you change things only to kill your father yourself, and put time back? How dark. I love it.”

    The Fortuna held at the edge of the Diab system, not a Hutt warship in sight. Her husband was conscious, her half sister here, her father alive. The Glove remained…

    Frozen until she decided to restart the story.

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    IC: White Eyes

    The Future

    The Hutt armies were poised to break the doorway, and that would be that. The artefacts that New Republic Intelligence had gathered would be his Masters’. Borga the Hutt’s death was lamentable, but another Hutt proxy would be found.

    And he had a new child to play with.

    As his new apprentice, Darth Gra’tua spoke, White Eyes, now Darth Wyyrlok, once Mas Amedda, smiled, all fangs. “Go. Take your ship and bring me the Holocron. I don’t care for the agents. I will order my troops to stand down… and allow you to pass.”

    His hand held out for Eleanor’s. “I will keep her safe.” The glee in his voice was palpable.

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    OOC: Combo with Sinre and AgentViper007

    IC: Darth Ramage, Feyna and Pascale Rouser, and Nola Morrow

    Aboard Fortuna

    Feyna was still somewhat confused, but she seemed to be where she'd wanted to go--sort of. Everything else around her seemed frozen, as if time had rewound and then paused.

    A spirit--Darth Ramage, she presumed;this was his Holocron--spoke to her, his tone something between taunting, and warning.

    She wasn't particularly interested in his talk of other timelines, though she knew they existed and was aware that she risked creating one here if she wasn't careful. His reference to her future children (children?) intrigued her, but she reminded herself that this was a Sith Holocron, she was conversing with a Sith spirit, she had to be careful about not letting him try to manipulate her.

    He also seemed to think that she was trying to go back to prevent Carlos's death, though he cautioned that doing so would spark a Change. Anyway, it wasn't what she was aiming for anyway.

    "My father is nothing to me, I'm not interested in reversing his death, merely to prevent my husband's and my own, we are"--were?--"trapped, this was suggested as our best option for escape."

    Perhaps the comment about Carlos might seem harsh, but it was true. As for Nola, Feyna didn't exactly wish to be the cause of her death by leaving her to the attackers in the prison, but she didn't especially care what happened to her after they got out of this, either. Saving Nola's life at this point was more of an ethical duty, than out of any genuine concern for her.

    Darth Ramage chuckled darkly as he left. “So murderous.”

    The present snapped back, and she was aboard the shuttle, with her husband, with her half-sister, with her father. The Ghost Prison was before them… and the Holocron was in her pocket.

    “Like is say,” Nola repeated herself, as if Feyna had zoned out. “We take this Glove and store it here, right?”

    In hindsight, she had been manipulating them to take them to Drayson’s storehouse. All along.

    “Is this where it is, or is this another leg of the journey?” She looked terrified. “I just want it gone, to know it won’t ruin my life again.”

    Pascale looked at the viewport feeling a strange sense like he had been here before. Like this was all familiar somehow….

    And…was his Echo back? He suddenly felt the familiarness of it. And there was a new dimension. He could suddenley feel his wife's presence, could even feel her thoughts.

    Time for a test can you hear me cheri? He thought at her I really want to get rid of this glove and drop your father off. But…i'm getting bad feelings about this place, i'm not sure if my returned Echo is picking up something.

    The bond still worked, Feyna noted; that was good. I can hear you. I'll explain later, but jump us somewhere else, we can't land here. I know it's where we're supposed to go, but it'll just lead to trouble. Nola is not to be trusted, she's in on Carlos's act. Can we find Drayson? Or maybe take them back to Vadde?

    "This is just another leg," Feyna lied smoothly to Nola. "We've still a ways to go."

    Nola nodded, hesitating. "Are you sure? This seems almost perfect to hide Sith artefacts..." But she trailed off, unable or perhaps unwilling to press the point.

    Indeed, there was the slightest tremble to her.

    The i'll explain later thing was confusing Pascale as was her hunch about Nola. Did Feyna know something? Of course it was too dangerous to talk out loud but at least they could think at each other. Something about Carlos though, there was something nagging away at him.

    If we could find Drayson that would be good. The last time I saw him though in person was above Mon Calamari so I don't think he is still there. When we spoke over the comm I don't know where he was.

    It was like he was trying to pierce a fog in his mind. He had been here before but it was like he was misfiring. Feyna knew something was going on but couldn't tell him for obvious reasons. And he still had to get Carlos off and it seemed Nola now had to get off.

    His confusion was broadcasting loud and clear.

    "It's meant to look that way," Feyna told Nola, still lying through her teeth. "To mislead would-be thieves. We used to use it, but everything got moved during the war, so the Vong wouldn't get hold of them."

    Feyna wished she could tell Pascale everything right now, but there wasn't time just now. She didn't know how much longer the bond would last. We could try Chandrila, if Drayson’s not there, they'll probably know where he is. Or back to Vadde at Fondor. He won't be happy to see us, but returning his prisoner, plus one more, might get us back on his good side.

    Which was closer? Could they get to either of them without Nola or Carlos getting suspicious?

    Nola nodded. "Oh yeah, I forgot you're spooks - NRI. That works, I guess."

    With that, she disengaged from the conversation, and stood up. "I'll think I'll go rest, I can't handle the stress of all this." Her voice struck a weak timbre. "As long as Carlos stays locked up. I won't sleep without knowing that."

    Pascale nodded "Sleep well Nola" he said "Me and my wife have things well in hand".

    Looking at the status readouts he had of course a refuel at Denon but engine one was still showing amber. They had enough of a fuel reserve for a few jumps if they had to find Drayson again.

    Vadde and his thugs at Fondor are the reason Fortuna has currently got one damaged engine. I'm nort having her any more damaged than that. So let us head to Chandrila and hope Drayson is there. If those two are about to cause trouble as you suggest then the Galactic Alliance will be best placed to handle them.

    And since you seem to have an idea about them both causing trouble will Nola let Carlos out now? Of course Pascale still had his lightsabers in his jacket pockets should he need to use a weapon.

    Feyna nodded at the suggestion to try Chandrila first. I think Chandrila is closer anyway. And I definitely wouldn't put it past Nola to possibly release Carlos. I'm not sure if she's onto us or if she's still trying to keep up her act; I don't like letting her out of sight, but we currently control the cockpit and we have your lightsabers, and the bond for maybe a little longer, if we need to fight them. Let's get back into hyperspace before they start trouble.

    Even damaged, the yacht was kept at optimal performance and buried into hyperspace without issue. In short order they were en route to Chandrila in the Core Worlds, one of the few systems the Yuuzhan Vong had not struck in the Bormea Sector - probably because the natives were more in tune with their local biosphere than say nearby Corulag or Brentaal.

    The trip would take some hours, and the bond seemed to be holding.

    Nola slept in her room, and Carlos was still secure... for a brief moment, perhaps, they were safe. If they could lock them each in their respective parts of the ship, they may be even safer.

    But for the moment, they would be able to sense each other in a way that they never had, connected and entwined in the Force as if they had been destined to be. This was the high of their relationship, their crescendo, their light and dawn.

    Pascale felt like he could his wife's thoights, feelings, desires. If things were different he'd whisk Feyna off to the bedroom right then and there. His Echo returning was strange and so was the fact that he could sense his wife too.

    First things first though, time to clear things up. They had a few hours after checking the countdown on the computer.

    He turned his chair around to face his wife "What's going on cheri?" he said softly "You seem to know Nola was in on it, why do I feel so strange like a fog is permeating my brain? Why do I feel like I knew that place before we jumped?"

    Feyna frowned, not sure she was ready for this conversation, but also knowing that the discussion needed to be had. How was she supposed to tell him that they'd moved back in time, without sounding completely mad?

    She took a breath, then reached into her pocket and pulled out Ramage's Holocron, deciding to try to tip-toe into the subject. "You recognize this?"

    Pascale tilted his head tp the side "Darth Ramage's holocron I beleive. What has that to do with this?"

    "Quite a lot, actually," Feyna said. She was a little surprised that he didn't immediately wonder how or why she had it, but she pressed on. "Do you know what Ramage was known for?"

    Pascale frowned where was his wife going with this? "Well I beleive that he was a scientist, he was also trying to do something with time travel". His eyes narrowed "And what are you doing with said holocron. I'm sure we didn't pick that up and that was not aboard the ship".

    Feyna pursed her lips, but continued on. "The reason I know Nola is lying, the reason I didn't want to land at Diab, the reason you have that deja vu feeling…" Gods, was she actually going to say this? "It's because we've moved back in time."

    After that, it all spilled out. "We landed at Ghost Prison. Nola betrayed us and freed Carlos, there was a fight, and Carlos died. We were going to hand over Nola and the Glove, but when you picked it up, you passed out. Hutt ships arrived and started to attack, we had to retreat into the prison, but we were trapped. The Holocron was offered as a chance to escape, I know it was dangerous to use it but I didn't know what else to do…" Her voice trembled a little as she remembered the fear and panic and confusion she'd felt.

    Pascale couldn't believe it. They had actually jumped back in time? No wonder he had a fog that he couldn't pierce through. His memories had been tampered with. Perhaps maybe if he was in the same position as Feyna he might have done the same. But it felt like he had been sucker punched.

    He didn't know what to say for now. But there had to be more incoming about this fight with Carlos. He despised violence, did he kill him? What possessed his wife to use a Sith holocron? Were they all going to die in that Ghost Prison? No doubt his wife was hearing his thoughts and questions.

    She felt his shock and confusion–was there a bit of anger, too?--and the questions running through his mind.

    "Carlos managed to break into the locker and get the Glove, he tried to use it against us, to use its Force lightning again, but we had your lightsabers and were able to deflect it back, but I guess it caused a…a Force-surge or something, and Carlos exploded, that's what killed him. We were defending ourselves, that's all. But the blast damaged the Fortuna so we couldn't just fly out of there. The Hutt forces arrived and took out all but one of the guard droids before we made it into the Prison. There were no reinforcements, you were unconscious from whatever the Glove did to you, I think Nola got stunned at some point…"

    Feyna was avoiding his gaze now. She felt guilty for using the Holocron, even though no other option had been presented to her.

    "I was afraid that we'd be killed if we didn't get out of there, somehow, I didn't know what else to do…I'm not proud of it, and I'm turning the Holocron back over to Drayson when we find him, I didn't realize it would come with me…"

    It was like one stunning revrlation after another. They'd killed Carlos, he touched the glove and it did something to him. They nearly died and Feyna was forced to use a Sith holocron of all things to get them out. But it came at a price, it looked like he and Nola had thier memories wiped of the whole thing and Carlos was back alive again. Maybe so they could shove him in prison this time.

    He felt his wife's pain and he felt sorry for her. There was more he needed to know though. He didn't reach out for her just yet.

    "When we were there" he finally said he voice soft "did my Echo materialize too? Did we have a bond there? If the glove was there too, did it…taint anyone with the dark? If the holocron was there too, did that taint anyone with the dark? If I had an Echo and I touched the glove…was I tainted?"

    He needed to know if he had done anything bad if he did have the Echo. The reason why he asked to be strippedwas so he wouldn't fall.

    Feyna forced herself to meet his eyes, still not liking having to tell him about these things, but knowing he needed to know, and she was the only one who could give him the answers.

    "The Echo and the bond did happen there, too. I'm the only one who's handled the holocron, so I don't think there's been any taint from that. I don't know what happened after you passed out from touching the glove, what you might have seen."

    She hesitated, then steeled herself and went on. "There was a moment, after Carlos's death…you got really angry, angrier than I've ever seen you. I guess the Fortuna being so damaged, on top of everything else Carlos and Nola had done, and being so near so many dark-side artefacts, it all piled up…

    "For a second, I think you were thinking of going after Nola, attacking her, or worse…I didn't want you to do something you'd regret…I stopped you, and you seemed to calm back down."

    That revelation hit Pascale like a brick. He'd nearly fallen and it had taken his wife to pull him back. He'd nearly become a monster, what he had feared to become if he fell. Why he had gotten rid of the Echo in the first place. If he hadn't been stopped by his wife he might have hurt her too.

    He put his head in his hands, all of it was crashing down on him and now this. No, no, no get repeating in his mind knowing that he come so close to losing it all.

    "Oh gods…" was all he could get out in an anguished moan. His shoulders shook from everything he was feeling. He felt sorry for his wife that she had explain all this to him. That she had to watch him potontially become that which they both feared most.

    Feyna shoved the holocron back in her pocket–Carlos and Nola were nowhere near, but she still wasn't leaving the thing sitting out in the open–and moved to kneel in front of Pascale's chair, wrapping her arms around him, trying to comfort him. She didn't know what else to say, so she just held him and let him feel her love for him, both physically and over the bond.

    Pascale felt his wife's arms wrap around him and felt her love for him pulse over the bond. He removed his hands from his face, bent down and pulled her up to him, wrapping his arms tight around her and pulling her onto his lap. He sent back his love to her, she needed comforting as much as him.

    "I am sorry for what you had to see" he said sadly "Thank you for telling me what you knew, thank you from pulling me back from the brink" if there was one thing there was never any secrets between them. "I know it has been difficult telling me what happened but I appreciate your honesty".

    "I just need to know one more thing my dear. You say that you had no other choice but to use the holocron otherwise we might have died. These things may contain spirits. Did Ramage speak to you and were you threatened?"

    Feyna nodded as she settled into his lap, leaning into his embrace. "He spoke to me, but he didn't threaten. He did warn me, though, that going back in time wouldn't prevent Carlos's death, he's been brought back, but just temporarily, I suppose. Not that I was trying to save him to begin with…"

    "Did he say anything else?" Pascale said squeezing her. He was intrigued at what the Sith spirit had to say.

    "He mostly thought I was going back to try to prevent Carlos dying, he warned that changing that could drastically affect the future…" Feyna's expression turned curious. "He mentioned children, as in our future children, that if I saved Carlos it might affect them…but considering that we are dealing with a Sith, I'm trying not to put too much stock into what he said."

    Pascale raised an eyebrow, they would have kids? Of course they were planning for it but were waiting until everything had calmed down. But a Sith would say anything to get others to do thier bidding.

    "What do you think of all this of all that's happened?" he asked.

    Feyna sighed again, but the hardest part of the conversation was done, at least. "Part of me wishes we'd never even gone looking for Carlos, that I'd just believed Drayson when he said he was a Peace Brigader and just left him to Vadde. It would have saved us so much trouble…I wouldn't have gotten the answers I'd wondered about my whole life, but I'm not sure getting them was worth all this.

    "And I worry about what this time-shift will mean, if there will be any far-reaching or long term consequences…I'd still rather have not done it, but there wasn't any other way that I could see."

    Pascale leaned forwards and kissed her, with the bond between them it only enhanced the sensation. Maybe perhaps a little later on they could maybe explore this more in a more…physical form.

    For now though "You wanted to know about your father, anybody in your position would have wanted to know about their family. And you wanted to know if he truly was eho Drayson said he was".

    "He kidnapped us, took me hostage, if anybody is to blame it is him. And if Nola is in on it as well, then that is her fault too. As i've said before you have a family that loves you, you don't need Nola and Carlos. "

    He kissed her again "The one thing i'm glad did not happen was that that Sith did not take away my memories of you, of us all that we have done together. I suppose if you had not done this, we may be dead. But I like you worry about the consequences of this time shift. My life, my memories have been tampered with but I know now that you could not have done anything else".

    "When Carlos and Nola are gone we are going home. After this…i'm tired of doing this. I want to relax and just be with you".

    "Me, too," Feyna agreed, squeezing him gently. "No more hopping all over the galaxy, no more wild misadventures…just us."

    Pascale tried yo lighten the mood a little "Maybe we could have some adventures of our own, without leaving the house" he smirked a little.

    Feyna smirked back. "Maybe we could…maybe we could have a little mini-adventure now, if we make sure our passengers stay put…"

    "I like the sound of that cheri, very much" he kissed her deeply "Let's make sure our guests doors are locked. We don't want any…interruptions".

    "Perhaps also put that holocron in the artefact room. I don't think that should come to our cabin".

    Feyna nodded agreement. "We'll have to make certain to keep a close watch on Nola and Carlos once we let them out when we arrive at Chandrila. Given the chance, Carlos will try to break into that room."

    "I agree" Pascale said "With the glove and holocron in there it will be tempting for him. But we have the advantage with the bond and we might as well utilise it while we still have it. Nola is the unknown factor here".

    He gazed straight at her "Those dark artefacts may try to taint us both. Please cheri, do not let me tainted by the dark again".

    She met his eyes and nodded, reaching to take his hand and squeeze it. "I won't," she promised.

    Pascale kissed her "Thank you my dear. I shall go and lock our guests doors, meanwhile you can get rid of the holocron. I shall wait for you in our cabin and then…we can have some much needed healing time".

    Feyna kissed him back and nodded. "I'll be right there," she told him, before heading to secure the holocron, then headed to their cabin.

    Pascale moved and turned his chair around and made sure that Carlos's and Nola's doors were safely locked from the cockpit computer.

    With that done he smiled and headed off to his and Feyna's cabin, he was looking foward to this next bit.

    Feyna had double- and triple-checked the locks on the artefact room, making sure the holocron and glove were both secured within, then went to her and Pascale's cabin.

    She smiled at him as she entered the room, closing the door behind her. "I don't know how much longer this bond will last us, so perhaps let's make the most of it now, shall we?"

    Pascale moved forwards and wrapped his arms around her "Oh yes, very much so. Perhaps it may…enhance the experience" he purred as he leaned forward to kiss her deeply.

    Feyna kissed him back–it was like sparks going off in her mind–and pulled him into her arms as well.

    It definitely was enhancing the experience, he could feel the sparks from her, and from him he sent her all the love and warmth to her. He began to paw at her clothes to try and get them off, he wanted to feel her skin against his.

    Feyna sent back all of the feelings he was giving, helping him with her clothes as she steered them to the bed.

    Pascale managed to get all her clothes off in record time purring in between kisses "My clothes are in the way" he purred allowing her to steer him to the bed.

    Well, we'll have to fix that… Feyna replied over the bond, starting on his attire.

    Pascale helped her remove his clothes before breaking off from his kisses and laying back on the bed all yours cheri

    Feyna smiled mischievously as she climbed in with him. And I'm all yours…

    It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before, and maybe never would again. Afterward, she rested against him, feeling the buzz of emotions between them, their arms wrapped around each other.

    Pascale had a smile on his face that could light up the galaxy. The bond tingled with their emotions and thoughts, thier love for each other ringing loud and clear. The whole experience was exquisite.

    His skin pressed against hers feeling the afterglow. His arms locked around her "That my dear I think is one of our best times ever. The whole experience was…amazing" he kissed her "You were amazing".

    "So were you," Feyna said, kissing him back. "Part of me wishes we could keep the bond, so we could always have that connection…but I still understand why you gave up the Echo in the first place."

    Pascale sighed "I know, for times like this yes it would be good to keep. And for situations where we need to communicate without anyone else knowing".

    "But….after what you told me I did. After what I found out talking to my other self and my ancestor….it's too dangerous. What happens if I fall? Or you do? It'll be something we will regret forever" he squeezed her.

    She squeezed back, nodding. "I agree. As wonderful as it can be, it's not worth the risks."

    Pascalecsoftly stroked her back "The revelation that we may also have children…it gives me pause as well on the bond. That we could pass things on to our children that we would not want passed on".

    He softly kissed her "We would want our children to be safe and secure".

    Feyna gave another nod. "That is definitely true," she agreed again.

    Pascale continued stroking her back "Once we get rid of the artefacts, should we tell Drayson we have had enough? That this is most definitely it?"

    "Yes," Feyna said, not even pausing to think about it. "I think he knows, even; we were already pretty much retired before all this. This started out as just going to find my father, and turned into almost an unofficial mission. We didn't think it would go this way."

    "Nor did we envision what would happen to us, that time would even play a part in this. As much as I love artifacts I think I have have seen my fair share now. I have seen enough Sith artifacts now to know they are dangerous".

    Pascale nodded "I think it is time to call it a day. It may sound selfish cheri but even if the galaxy was on fire I would not leave our home unless we needed to".

    "I can gladly second that," Feyna replied. "Besides, we can't raise a family running all over the galaxy all the time. I want something more stable than that for our children."

    Pascale kissed her "On that we agree on. This galaxy is too dangerous to take children outin. Perhaps when things are better we can take them exploring".

    She returned the kiss again. "That would be nice, once they got old enough, and as you say, when things are better."

    Pascale nodded "First things first, let's make sure our passengers get off and locked away, the artifacts safely disposed of and then we are home free. And then a celebration may be in order" he smirked.

    Feyna smirked back and kissed him again. "Sounds like a good plan to me."

    Pascale kissed her back "A very long celebration" he purred.

    He snuggled up against her "I suppose we should rest up, we may have a bit of a fight ahead".

    She snuggled in closer to him, too, giving him one more kiss. "Let's hope not…but it wouldn't surprise me."

    Pascale kissed her back and closed his eyes "Knowing our luck my dear…this won't be easy. We will need our love and devotion to get through this".

    "Then we will get through it," Feyna said, closing her eyes as well. "Together, like we always do."

    Pascale kept his arms locked around her as he fell asleep "See you soon cheri. Love you".

    "Love you, too," Feyna replied, soon drifting off herself.

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    IC: Admiral Drayson


    The Starhawk-class battleship hung above the reclaimed world.

    The Yuuzhan Vong hadn't taken Chandrila proper, but they had the sector, so there were marauders and threats that were not yet fully secured.

    Every day saw the report of another costly victory unseating the invaders from a world they had refused to cede, but many of the casualties were being borne by Warmaster Nas Choka, who had committed his forces to obeying the Sekot Accords.

    Drayson had also seen motley and Mandalorian forces drive the Yuuzhan Vong from Commenor, Tholatin, Gyndine and Ord Mantell, and Remnant forces seize much of the northern Yuuzhan Vong territories. The extragalactic invaders were cut off from Vector Prime, so the few Supreme Commanders who fought on were, essentially, done.

    Now he just had to put his house in order and he could finally retire.

    Which meant Feyna.

    Feyna and Pascale and Carlos and Nola.

    The Sith artefacts, and a Glove which signalled the heir of the Empire.

    His enemy, not the current governments.

    Drayson knew that the Empire had been defeated, and two parts had signed accords, but the rest? The Empire of the Hand existed in the Unknowns and the Second Imperium had fought until the last man. Someone wanted the Empire to return, and the Yuuzhan Vong were just a breather to let them do so. Now the Empire of the Hand had vanished... and this drama over the Glove...

    He worried that Carlos had dragged Feyna into something bad.

    But then, there it was.

    Her ship.

    He immediately opened a private channel and ordered her arrival to be scrubbed from the local records.


    It was time for an ending, he could feel it in his bones.

    But Feyna? She'd simply here the little voice.

    Don't forget that your father needs to die...

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    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser, Hiram Drayson, Carlos and Nola Morrow, Darth Ramage, Vydra, and The Master

    Aboard the Fortuna

    Pascale was back in the pilot's seat once again, after what had happened yesterday it was all still a bit of a swirl for him as far as his mind was concerned. Still him and Feyna had had a good time, it still made his skin tingle.

    In front was Drayson's ship, or so he hoped it was. He just hoped they could dump Carlos and Nola off with no trouble and then head for home.

    And he could sense a dark presence…and it was coming from his wife. Had the Sith spirit hitched a ride with his wife? If so then maybe he didn't have to worry so much as to whether he would fall to the dark. Maybe it would be his wife.

    First things first though,Drayson wanted to talk to Feyna. I'll keep an eye on our guests cheri and it seems we have someone else along for the ride meaning the darkness he could detect from her.

    Ramage, Feyna replied. I'm okay, though. He was just dropping a friendly reminder about Carlos, that we can't use the time shift to save him. Go make sure they're still locked up and behaving, feel free to shoot either one if they're not.

    Actually it had seemed to her that Ramage was trying to push her a little, to kill Carlos herself, but if it was fated that he should die, Feyna was half-hoping that events would take care of him without too much interference from her.

    For now, she just wanted Carlos and Nola off the Fortuna, before they caused more trouble. She opened up the channel to Drayson. "We're here, Hiram. Something's come up, Diab was a no-go, we still have Carlos and Nola aboard."

    The bond allowed them to see that Drayson had his suspicions, and he understood that they needed him. "Get aboard, the private hangar is free. I'll meet you there."

    I'll meet you there, Ramage mimicked. I can hear you both, my dears. The Rule of Two needs a successor... Vader is dead, but I am not. Not yet. Might one of you become my fodder? My new fuel? With the Glove to reunite an Empire? A Sith Empire?

    There was a sudden noise from Nola's room. She was slamming at the door. "What's going on, Feyna, Pascale?"

    The bond had been compromised snd it made Pascale feel sick. He could feel his Echo, his ancestor feeling displeased that this was happening, that it could get tainted again, especially if he nearly fell last time.

    His wife now had a Sith Lord inside her, inside her mind. And he had to try and purge that spirit from her before it took her. Before Carlos was killed again violently. He would have to figure out a way to do it, maybe with the Echo. Which was thinking away to itself in the familiar voice from his dream.

    He sighed "It seems we need to let them out, otherwise they will figure out something is going on. I will need to pilot in, and I am going to release the doors from here, do you have your blaster on you?. I would rather stun them if things get rather nasty"

    "My hope is is that we can get these two into into a cell. I know Carlos is supposed to die but I would rather it be languishing in a jail cell, not violently like last time" he looked at her as he brought Fortuna in towards Daryson's ship "We are not monsters and I will not do a Sith Lords bidding".

    Feyna just tried to ignore Ramage's baiting comments, she wasn't going to let that happen. She also didn't respond to Nola.

    To her husband she nodded, but quickly told him, "Don't let Carlos or Nola out, they can pound and yell all they like, I don't want those doors unlocked until we've landed. Maybe Hiram can send some guards on board and we can release them right into custody…"

    Pascale nodded "A fair point cheri, and they may try to grab those artifacts".

    He continued bringing them in to land "I know that Sith Lord is within you, don't let what happened to me last time happen to you. I don't want to see you like that…"

    "I know, I'm trying to just ignore him," Feyna said, nodding again. "If I start getting weird, though, you have my full permission to stun me and lock me in our room."

    It might have sounded like a half-hearted joke, but she did mean it.

    She flicked the comm mic back on for just a moment. "We're on our way in," she told Drayson.

    Drayson replied. "I'll meet you there."

    He was true to his word, standing in the isolated backup hangar waiting for them.

    The thumping on the doors had been joined by Carlos too, who was awake, and raging. "Let me out of here you mud-krutch!"

    Yes, let him out, and usher in my new Empire, Ramage crowed, circling the bond between Feyna and Pascale.

    Drayson was standing besides a man in a black coat, taller than the Admiral, slightly back from him.

    "Feyna?" He sounded worried, hesitant even. "I've word of a Hutt task force having just left Nal Hutta en route for here. Were you targeted?"

    Pascale sighed, the knocking was getting rather annoying but until the guards arrived the two of yhem would have to stay locked in.

    And he wished Ramage would just be quiet. The Echo was still thinking away to itself. And who in the hell was that man in black standing next to Drayson?

    "I don't like this" Pascale said quietly so only Feyna could hear. Drayson obviously did not want to talk to Pascale so it was up to Feyna to tell him the news. "We have two unfriendly guests, a Sith Lords spirit and just to throw an extra spanner in a man dressed in black. What is Drayson up to?"

    "I have a bad feeling about this cheri"

    Feyna nodded agreement, she didn't know who the man was with Drayson, but she didn't want to say too much in front of him–as it was, she wasn't sure how to actually explain the whole situation to Hiram. And like Pascale, she was also continuing to try to just ignore Ramage and Carlos.

    Feyna kept her blaster close at hand as she approached Drayson, eying the stranger cautiously. "I'll give you the whole story later, in private," she told Hiram, "but we have two Sith artefacts locked up on board, and Carlos and Nola are currently contained. I think it'd be best if you sent guards on board to retrieve them.

    "You can give Carlos back over Vadde for execution, or whatever awaits him there, and I suspect there's probably some warrant somewhere for Nola, as well."

    Hiram turned around as he saw Feyna eyeing someone behind him. Suddenly a small holdout blaster was in his hand, dropped from a sleeve holster. "And who are you?"

    "Hey, hey," the man raised black-gloved hands up, stepping back. There was white skin visible on his wrists, but his face was permanently obscured. "I'm just here to check in on Carlos. He's dead, did you know that?"

    He pointed at Feyna and Pascale. "And these two are presently sharing a one-time only bond."

    He flexed his fingers and held them up to the sky as he pirouetted. "And in all of this, nobody wondered about poor little Madelyn and Eleanor, left in the clutches of Mas Amedda and his Sith cultist ways, having chased," he skipped a little, from foot to foot. "Feyna and Pascale to the Ghost Prison, and gotten caught up in all the mess that never happened."

    Hiram tracked his movements, and when he stopped, the black-coat leaned forward and wagged a finger. "Naughty Feyna."

    Feyna drew her blaster, too, just in case, frowning at the man. "I'm not thrilled about what I did, but no one presented any other alternative that would get us out of the situation we were in."

    Pascale didn't know who this guy was, but it seemed he was dangerous because Feyna and Drayson had their blasters out. He reached into his pockets and pulled out his lightsabers, at the ready.

    The Echo too sensed something because Pascale got a quick glimpse of a familiar figure dressed in a white shirt, grey waistcoat, black trousers with gold stripe and black boots. Blonde hair with a blue lightsaber blade, standing in a pose they called the Guard of the Hawk in the history texts.

    Pascale wdid wonder whether his ancestor would show up again at some point, or whether he was just dreaming again. But maybe with the Echo returning Vydra had deemed it a prudent moment to appear to him.

    "Currently Carlos is still alive" Pascale called out from his position on the ramp "I can currently hear him and Nola making a racket on the ship in their cabins". He wanted to ask Feyna about Madelyn and their niece Eleanor but with the Sith Lord and the mystery guest now was maybe not the time.

    In Pascale's heart, that self-same image acquired movement in his minds eye. Vydra. His name was Vydra. His secret name was Yanjon. Through the Echo, through the Force bond, he was with them, inside Pascale, up to the confines of his very skin. Vydra was here... for what felt like the last time, perhaps.

    Feyna would remember her own times and pasts. The future that Ramage had shown her, of her and Pascale having a child, of fleeing Naboo, and Commenor, and a passing, and a... settling, on a world in the Unknowns, peace at last. At the end of this path was peace. Loss, yes, but peace. [See the events of Episode XI: The Hidden Temple]

    There was a loud clunk, and the Black-Coat gestured lazily to the ramp. "You mean, the ship thief's?"

    There was a noise inside the ship, and Hiram looked back, alarmed. "No!"

    The ramp began to rise -

    They would need to move, to... Force the situation.

    Vydra felt weird. As if his spirit was traveling again. It seemed he was not done as yet, he had Pascale to protect, and who was that in front of Pascale? He felt love flowing between them but now was not the time to reveal himself to her. It would be…complicated.

    Pascale knew some things about Vydra Delomeux from his dreams.. Pascale was descended from his sister Venezia. Of course he had not explained this to Feyna just yet but he would. But the secret name was new.

    Well this is new Vydra spoke to Pascale. Didn't have a chance last time to tell you my sage name, well former sage name before I went into exile. I'm a former Protector Master, but I won't go much into details about why it's former master…

    I don't think we have much time before I disappear again. I think there is a mess to-

    The ramp began to rise under Pascale's feet, and he was getting deja vu again. Nola and Carlos had somehow probably had broken out of thier cabins. And Pascale cursed as did Vydra. The last time, Pascale had been taken hostage. There was no way they were doing it again and taking his beloved ship.

    "Feyna, allez!" (Come on!) Pascale called out as he moved back up into the ship. He could sense through the bond some thing was going on in Feyna but he didn't know what.

    Feyna tried not to get distracted by what she was seeing in her mind, glimpses of the future?--but Drayson’s shout, and Pascale's, right after, quickly snapped her out of it. Carlos, apparently, was once again attempting to make off with their ship.

    Godsdammit, how did he keep doing that? Was there no lock in the galaxy that would hold this man?

    She grabbed Pascale's hand and hopped back onto the ramp with him, her blaster still drawn. "I swear, I'll shoot them both this time…" She muttered.

    The ramp went up, and Feyna and Pascale were sealed with the two of them -

    But Vydra stood, separated from Pascale, a spectral vision.

    Hiram double-blinked at the Pascale-look-alike, and then through, as the yacht tried to take off.

    Carlos and Nola had secured themselves in the cockpit -

    The Black Coat waved Hiram on. "Go. Comm whomever to tractor the yacht." He stepped towards Vydra, while Hiram rushed to make sure the yacht didn't escape.

    "I'll deal with the ghost... take on-board what he has to say, this very last time." His voice was sad. "I am so, so, sorry, Vydra."

    It was him.

    The Master of Masters.

    Pascale squeezed his wife's hand and pulled one of his lightsabers out with the other "I heard that cheri. If needs be maim, but hopefully not kill. I would like them to spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they have done".

    He nodded towards the cockpit "I might have to cut through the door, perhaps you could do the honour of stunning them both. Or perhapds more…"

    Vydra meanwhile was a biit confused as to why he had jumped out of Pascale and was currently not with him but Pascale did have the Echo so he would hopefully be fine.

    However there was another shock in store, the Master was back again.

    "You" he growled folding his arms "And what excuse is it this time? Sorry for everything you've done? Sorry for making my life a living hell? Sorry for grooming you to be a potential mass murderer? Sorry Vale's dead and you can't grieve her?"

    He shook his head "And I never thought I would be back in that bloody statue again. You know nobody knows the true story of Yanjon. I'm celebrated like a hero when in fact the truth was rather different".

    On the Fortuna, Feyna gave her husband a nod, checking her blaster as she followed him toward the cockpit. "We still have the bond, too," she pointed out, "not sure if it'll help us in this situation, but at least it's there if we need it."

    Pascale nodded "I agree, it could be useful in perhaps seeing moves before they happen or anticipating attacks. But I will make sure any dhots that come our way are blocked"".

    "What I am concerned about is our Sith guest taking advantage, and trying to take you over…"

    Feyna, in her frustration at the circumstances, had temporarily forgotten about Ramage. "Fair point," she agreed, and another concerning thought occurred to her. "We should check on the artefacts–if Carlos got them again, better if we know now so we're prepared when we confront them."

    "I quite agree, and with a Sith inhabiting you being close to those artifacts could energize him" he kissed her cheek "There may be a risk with my Echo but it might be perhaps a little safer if I check"

    He squeezed her hand "Stay here in case they come out of the cockpit, I won't be long. If you need help, just yell".

    Feyna nodded again, giving his hand a return squeeze. "Just look, don't touch them," she warned him. "I'll keep watch and wait for you here."

    The cockpit door was sealed, and in their Echo, there was malice behind it.

    Hard, hard, malice.

    The ship shook as it bounced out of the hangar, and then shook again, even more firmly, as if a colossal fist had just secured it; because it had - a tractor beam had been latched hard upon the yacht; Hiram had pulled it off.

    The Admiral had run to command the recovery, aged but spritely, looking back as the turbolift doors shut at the tableau between the Black Coat and the spirit that looked far too like Pascale to be a coincidence.

    The Master shrugged, eloquently, his hands held outward, palms up, exaggerated.

    "What can I say, Vy?" He sighed a little. "The pressure of the End of Time got to you. I knew it would, but you were still a pure heart, and you took and trapped within you a Darkness for, like, 35,000 years. That's heroic in my book." He stood before him. "Sometimes, heroic things happen even when you don't intend them, and you know your sister had a good life because of you. Without you, without what we all did, Nouane would be a burned crisp, and everyone dead, not just Vale."

    He sounded pained. "But this is a war, Vy, and we were going to take casualties. And I am sorry for that, I sincerely am."

    Vydra frowned at him, first for calling him Vy and then…"I held a WHAT?!" he exclaimed. He held some sort of evil thing inside of him for all this time? "And I guess I am another casualty right? I mean no doubt Vale will be replaced, your plan no doubt requires all of us. And no doubt you'll need another Yanjon as well if I decide enough is enough".

    He shrugged "At least I will know that the bloodline here is secure in this timeline, that one day I will hopefully meet future descendents of Pascale if he chooses to have a family. That my sister's legacy is secure. That at least I did a little something to protect the light before perhaps my exile becomes forever".

    Meanwhile back on board Fortuna there was no need to head to the artefact room, his head snapped towards what he could feel coming from the Echo "He's already got them" Pascale said with a sigh "This is going to make it even more difficult".

    The ship bounced and then shook "It seems Hiram has come through with a tractor beam. Hopefully that hasn't done much damage. "Options on how to deal with these two?"

    Feyna didn't like the feeling of threat emanating from the cockpit, and if Carlos and Nola had the artefacts… at least Hiram seemed to have been able to get a tractor beam on the yacht before they'd gotten away this time.

    "Cut through, assume they have the artefacts and know how to use them, so we'll have to be fast to take them out, before they try to go at us," she said.

    Pascale nodded "I agree. I can use my lightsabers to block anything, maybe send it back at them, if you can get any shots off to disable them, or stun them so they can drop the artefacts then that would be ideal".

    He pulled the other lightsaber from his jacket pocket, he would have to add the damaged door to the bill along with the damaged engine. "Hopefully we will get through this in one piece but just in case…" he moved over and deeply kissed her "I love you cheri"

    He then strode forward, activated both blades and used one to get to work on the door.

    "I love you, too." Feyna quickly kissed him back, and as he started on the door, she readied her blaster.

    The cockpit door whisked open the moment he moved to put his lightsabers through it, and Carlos and Nola came barreling out; Carlos took the lightsaber strike on the armoured gauntlet and punched out with his free hand -

    Nola had a blaster in hand and fired high, clearly wanting to force Feyna to duck -

    The Master, for his part, sighed, again. "Vy, your family has a future, and it wasn't going to. Vale will be fine, and you and they'll be fine, too, eventually, but its a lot of moving pieces and I know I didn't specify that you'd have to host a Darkness, nor that the friction between you each would be the bait for them... but they were watching from the shadows... I had to make a move, before they just took you for their own."

    He placed a gloved hand on his chest. "My way, you were bait, but you were stronger, tempered by the conflict, prepared to fight the good fight." The Master of Masters stepped forward, well in-range of a fisticuff. "Would you prefer to be hollowed out and made a monsters' puppet." He produced a small Holocron.

    Yanjon's Holocron of Prophecy.

    "Ask it what happens to your family. You never did."

    Vydra sighed "Fine let's have a look then shall we?" He stared at it "What happened to my family?"

    Things were hotting up on Fortuna, both of them came shooting out. Pascale had to move the other lightsaber around to try and catch Carlos's free hand. The lightsaber that was blocked by the gauntlet he tried to swing back to try and maybe cut the limb off with the gauntlet on.

    Feyna, instead of ducking, dodged to one side to avoid Nola's shot, and fired right back.

    The Holocron told him what happened, right up to this point, and then further beyond, the tale of Pascale and Feyna and Julee and her love... of his brothers... of Commenor, of Naboo... of the Battle of Kashyyyk, then of Arkinnea.

    And then, of the family decision to flee to the Unknowns, to a distant satellite galaxy.

    To peace.

    They lived.

    Not just lived, but loved, and happily ever after.

    That was the ultimate destiny of his family.

    And Vy would also know that without the Master of Masters, he and his family would have been burned to ashes when the volcanic rage of Abeloth consumed Nouane. That such an act was inevitable, and the Master merely ensured that they survived, lived, thrived...

    Vydra's pain had been for a purpose.

    In a flash, Carlos pivoted, drew back his exposed hand, shifted the gauntlet to catch the blade again, and then he released a bolt of lightning from it at Pascale -

    Nola dove, the bolt skipping past her forehead, and she fired up at Feyna, once as she went down, the second when her elbows hit the deck and that shot caromed into the ceiling -

    Pascale knew he had to try and block the lightning so he used his second blade to try and block the lightning coming at him, with the first blade he tried to swing lower to try and catch Carlos off balance.

    Meanwhile Vydra was assailed with visions of the future, and this deserved a warning with a sign saying SPOILERS in big neon letters. But also, was he supposed to know of this now? Had something changed for all this to be revealed ?

    Pascale and Feyna (now he knew who the lady friend was) and thier tales, they were going to have a kid? And she would find a lover, but Pascale would die, but he guessed that was because of old age. They would all be happy which was the good news.

    Vydra folded his arms "Well i'm happy that my family lives, at least Venezia will be happy that generation after generation of her line will live on forever. So I guess I should thank you for that".

    "But I know what happens at the End of Time, what your endgame is. It still ends with trillions of deaths and my old comrades or their descendants being a part of it. But I suppose all life has to end, right?" He tilted his head to the side "And what happens to me? Do I live, die? Do I head off into the sunset to live as a hermit or something?"

    Feyna dodged Nola's shots again, trying to also be careful to stay clear of Carlos and Pascale's traded blows. Firing off a couple more quick shots at Nola, Feyna also thrust a foot out to kick at her, hoping to hit her face or knock the blaster away, either one.

    The Master shrugged. "The End of Time could only ever be avoided. In the Twilight realm, I had hoped to trap the Darknesses, but they escaped. But everywhere there, they get their happy ending, now. But there are other Changes, and other Ends... I could only prepare for the after, and after the End of Time is the new world. The one we've seeded." He hesitated. "I've foreseen it, Vy. A world where we bypass the End of Time." He held out his hand to shake. "Your sacrifice made it possible for happy endings to exist here, and now, but also later. You'll be reborn one day in the new world, and I'll see you there, and I'll thank you again. But for now - I want to thank you now."

    Nola rolled on her side to avoid the kick, and in her panic into the brawl taking place in the middle of the corridor - ships weren't designed for this; the lightsaber had already carved a furrow in the side of the wall, her errant shot had blown a dent in the bulkhead, and Feyna's shots had burned the floor -

    Carlos stepped over her for a terrible second as he concentrated, side-stepping the swing low, and Nola shrieked as the lightsaber came down, and she shot up, in panic -

    The bolt hit the exact spot that she'd fired at a moment ago -

    Carlos tripped over her, falling back, and barely avoiding losing a wrist -

    As he fell, he pointed the glove at Feyna, released a bolt -

    Pascale nearly let out a sigh, the ship was now getting damage to the interior now. Not what he wanted but he had to make sure these two would end up where they belonged.

    With Carlos firing towards Feyna he moved one of the blades to try and intercept the bolt, the other one trying to swipe at Carlos to prevent him from coming forward again.

    You're free, hit them! he thought at Feyna.

    Meanwhile Vydra knew no more about his future, only that he would apparently be reborn. As who, no clues there. But he may no longer be himself. Someone would take his place in this glorious new world.

    At least my sister found love and was loved, so did her descendants. At least I have a family to watch and see them grow even if I end up living in permanent exile somewhere. At least I had a go at protecting the light before it all ends in death and destruction.

    Vydra reached over and shook his hand, it was only polite after all. "Then I guess I should say thank you now then, and maybe perhaps see you in the after, whoever I am at that time I guees. And maybe i'll be back? Who knows"

    He looked over ferling what was going on on the yacht "I think maybe I had better go and sort this out…"

    On the Fortuna, Feyna again narrowly avoided Nola's errant shots, and Pascale had moved to block Carlos's shot. Adjusting her aim, Feyna fired again at Carlos and Nola.

    The Master held out his arms, broad. "Who knows. You might be reborn as Vydra, or a young lady, or a powerful Agent. Hopefully it'll be a mundane world, or daily jobs, family, a sister, a life. I can't see that far ahead, but I suspect you'll be just fine."

    He tilted his chin to the yacht, hovering just beyond the hangar. "I think it's already over."

    Indeed, it was, with horrendous suddennesss; Carlos' electrical bolt was intercepted, his arm with the glove upon it chopped off, and Feyna's shot caught him and Nola in the center chest.

    Carlos dropped to the floor, and Nola gasped, holding on to her blaster and pointing at the ceiling one more time - and squeezing the trigger.

    The bolt hit the same spot for a third time, and the sound of vacuum whistling kicked in, and the roof of the yacht began to bulk -

    Ramage sniffed; thwarted. He began to dispell, the moment in which he may have become something had passed. The contradiction of living and dying was undone. There would be no Change, no Twilight'verse created by Feyna saving her husband and family.

    They had their Echo, they had, for the moment, the Force - would it be enough to keep the yacht from turning inside out and spilling them into the void? Ramage paused; if they failed... he'd get his Change. If they died.

    He began to lean upon their bond, their Echo, their truth - to sever it and undo all that was to come.

    If they died here, and now, nothing mattered.

    Ramage whispered.

    You don't really love each other; you're just circling the drain together; you don't deserve a happy ending; you murdered Carlos and Nola; you destroy all you build; you are nothing, the baby will never be; die die die die die

    If they gave up on each other, now, then it was over.

    This was their final effort.

    Their final truth.

    Their ending, in more ways than one.

    Pascale was in shock. They had killed them. But there was more pressinvg matters. Thanks to Nola's shot Fortuna was now leaking air with a buckling ceiling.

    He quickly deactivated his lightsabers and popped them back in his pockets before raising one hand up and trying to push the ceiling back together. He reached over with his hand to grab hers.

    I wouldn't listen to him if I were you cheri. No matter what we do, no matter what happens, I love you. Now and forever more. That Sith Lord is ttying to damage us, and he will fail. Our love is invincible…

    He kept his arm up in the air but he leaned over to kiss her. The last thing he wanted if it was to be his last was his lips on hers.

    Meanwhile Vydra looked over at the yacht "Well whoever I turn out to be in this brave new world, whether you choose it or whether someone else takes my place or whether I choose maybe it'll hopefully be good".

    He felt the Sith Lord rising, his spirit trying to break Pascale and Feyna "Well, time to go do some good if this is to be my potential last hurrah…"

    He focused on Pascale then on the Sith trying to consume the bond oh no you don't. Get out of my family and never touch them again….. And with that Vydra focused his energy on trying to purge the darkness.

    Feyna took Pascale's advice and ignored Ramage's taunts, and there wasn't time yet to absorb the fact that Carlos and Nola were both down; blaster shots had torn a hole in the ceiling, and the cockpit was slowly leaking air into space.

    Feyna grabbed for anything that might block the leak, even just temporarily–they just had to hold out long enough for Hiram's tractor beam to finish reeling them back in–and reached up to help Pascale, returning his kiss as she did. I love you, too.

    Their bond held, and then left - but it left the hole sealed, woven together with the Force that they had briefly commanded.

    They would have, in that moment, felt and understood each other to a depth that they never had before, became truly one, thanks to the Force. Their bond was no longer here, but it had served it's purpose; they had survived the crisis.

    Vydra would have one last sight of them, together, his future secured.

    The Master turned and left, and Hiram returned to the hangar to see the techs finally move the yacht back into the hangar.

    Vydra smiled, they had done it. They were true partners, true lovers. He felt a bit wistful that he had and may never experience this as himself but fate had decided other things for him. But Venezia would have loved this.

    He thought simply three words to Pascale before he dissppeared…i'll be back. Of course Vydra would not realize that he would see Pascale and Feyna one last time. But Pascale would be dying.

    Pascale meanwhile felt Vydra leave, before feeling truly one with Feyna. It would be a beautiful and blissful experience before reality snapped back in.

    He feel to his knees, his energy spent with trying to help Feyna and seal the whole, which thankfully they had done. He was breathing heavily with the effort and looked tired. Carlos and Nola were gone but they could deal with that in a bit.

    "I think we need a long holiday…."

    Feyna knelt next to him, feeling a little strange now the bond was gone, so suddenly after a moment of deep connection…but she had to remind herself that Pascale had willingly she'd his Echo once before, and that he'd had good reason to.

    Hearing his comment, she nodded agreement and reached for his hand. "I think so, too.

    "But this part's over, at least." She hoped, anyway. Hiram had gotten the yacht back into the hangar, and Carlos and Nola were dead, dying, or at least unconscious. Feyna looked forward to getting them off the ship and out of her life now. "Let's go let Hiram know we're okay, get those two off-board, and the two artefacts, then hopefully we can get the ship fixed and go home."

    Pascale nodded as he squeezed her hand "I quite agree. We have my ancestor to thank for the save as well, he came back to help us save the ship, save ourselves".

    He smiled as he tried to stand up again "Carlos's arm was removed when his arm hit my lightsaber, so we might need some one to come and pick the glove up. We do not want to be touching that, nor the Holocron"

    He squeezed her hanfd again "I assume Ramage has gone. Carlos and Nola…it wasn't your fault cheri. We tried our best, to keep them alive so they could see justice. But alas things changed".

    Feyna squeezed back as she stood with him, giving another nod. Part of her still would rather have not killed Carlos herself, or Nola, but it was done, and with Carlos's death, a possibly grievous timeline discrepancy was averted. And perhaps it was wrong to feel it, but another part of her was glad, relieved, that they wouldn't trouble her anymore. There was still the feeling of unfinished business, a lack of closure, but Feyna could live with that.

    "We knew they wouldn't come quietly, and they didn't really give us any other option," she told him. "It's not how I would have liked it to go, but it's done now.

    "And I agree we should have someone else settle the artefacts, as well. We'll let Hiram sort that out."

    "Then we can finally go home" he said smiling "And maybe perhaps we can
    get back to what we were doing beforehand. And maybe we can finally plan on starting our own family"

    He started to walk towards the ramp still holding her hand and hit the controls "I'll run some diagnostics, see if we can leave without anything major needing fixing. We can always get everything fixed when we get home if nothing major needs doing".

    Feyna nodded again, walking with him to the ramp. "Sounds good, if we can go home sooner rather than later, I won't complain."

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    IC: Hiram Drayson

    Madelyn and Eleanor eventually turned up on Ossus.

    It was a lot more complicated than that, of course, but Hiram was going to sort out the details later.

    This concept of a Change, it was terrifying, if only because the future was not the province of New Republic or Galactic Alliance Intelligence.

    The years of loose ends had seen Carlos and Nola cut at and shot at.

    Carlos had died... Nola might recover, but he wasn't sure.

    Feyna, as her only living relative, had the final decision on her end-of-life care. Maybe they could get a Jedi healer to Nola, to wake her from the coma, but maybe not. How long would Feyna wait? Hiram found himself regretful of even connecting the dots for them, offered to take over, though on what legal basis he couldn't say he would be.

    Legality be damned, he thought of himself as Feyna's father, even if she didn't, he would do what he needed to.

    But fundamentally he left the decision to her, and couched it with a sorry.

    He was so, so sorry that her biological father had been a Sith pawn.

    There were mysteries left, yes, the ultimate identity of White Eyes discovered but Mas Amedda had vanished.

    Hiram would keep hunting him, but he'd likely sic the Jedi on him. Mara Jade Skywalker had expressed a strong desire to run through, in her words, the toady, which was a pretty vicious thing to say to a nonhuman evolved from amphibians but it was incredibly apt a descriptor for Mas Amedda and his refined therefore's.

    But he had no intention of asking Feyna or Pascale to help out.

    The Yuuzhan Vong War had been one escape from disaster after another, for everyone, basically, but they'd made it.

    It was over, the enemy had collapsed and the aftermath was more uncertain but at least they had one.

    Hiram was ready to say goodbye - to let them live in the future they'd built.

    Feyna and Pascale just had to decide to take that step.

    To retire, at last.

    A spies goodbye.

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    OOC: A combo with @JediMasterAnne and @Sinrebirth

    IC: Pascale and Feyna Rouser, Hiram Drayson
    Location: Starhawk

    Pascale was glad that was all over. There was a strange feeling like he had lost someone since the bond and Vydra had disappeared but his message that he could be back, maybe he would be someday.

    There was still the question of Madelyn and Elanor to solve but first of all was the question of Nola. Would Feyna let her live or leave her to pass away?

    Hiram was of course apologising about it all. But he supposed that even Hiram did not know that Carlos was essentially a bad apple.

    He looked to his wife, offering comfort and support as always, squeezing her hand. Was this it? Was it time for them to leave the galaxy behind? Leave Hiram and the others to battle on?

    Feyna squeezed her husband's hand in return, but she really didn't know how she felt about any of it just now, honestly. It had been one crazy, stressful misadventure that if she had the chance to do over again, she probably wouldn't.

    Carlos was dead. Her father, by blood and nothing else. Feyna didn't feel she'd gained much closure out of meeting him, some questions had been answered but just as many left behind. Perhaps she ought to feel some way about it, anger or relief, or something else, and maybe it would catch up with her later, but at the moment she didn't much care.

    Nola wasn't dead, yet, but whether she would survive in the long term was questionable, and Feyna didn't like being the one to have to decide. Again, they were only linked by blood, there was no sisterly bond driving Feyna to want to save her. And as much as Nola probably wouldn't have hesitated to let Feyna die had the positions been reversed, Feyna didn't want it on her conscience.

    "If it's feasible to try to save Nola, have them do what they can," she told Hiram. "She'll probably be bound for a prison cell at best even if she does live, and I don't expect, or really even want to see or speak to her again, but I'm not comfortable with just letting her die." Even if Nola still died in the end, Feyna would sleep better knowing that she'd tried. And even though there was an angry, bitter part of her that felt Nola deserved death, Feyna couldn't bring herself to act on that feeling.

    Hiram nodded, slowly. "I will direct the medics."

    He stepped aside, hesitating as if he wanted to hug Feyna but instead nodded to Pascale.

    "Thank you, both of you, for handling this. I'm sorry it went the way it did."

    For a moment, it was just the two of them, and the emotions that were not yet grief.

    Pascale nodded respectfully bsck at Hiram, he knew he would do what he could for the both of them, especially Feyna.

    He released her hand and put it around her shoulders instead.

    "You can let go emotionally if you want cheri, it's just you and me…."

    Feyna also gave Hiram a little nod as he left, but once he'd gone she seemed to deflate, shoulders sagging tiredly as she leaned into her husband. She still didn’t feel much, beyond the mental and physical fatigue of the situation.

    "Mostly right now I'm just tired of the whole thing," she told Pascale. "Probably it'll all catch up to me later, but at the moment I'm...okay. The sooner we can go home, the better, though."

    Pascale kissed her cheek "I know how you feel. After everything that has happened….it's all so draining. Our bodies and minds have been through so much, it's no wonder that we have not fallen to pieces".

    "Once the ship is fixed we can spend the journey home resting and recovering" he smiled "And let's just say when we get home, we might not be coming out of the house for a few days".

    Feyna chuckled at that. "That sounds like a good plan to me," she said, giving him a return kiss on his cheek. "I'll be glad to put this whole mess behind us."

    It would probably take some time still for them to fully process everything that had happened, and Feyna suspected that she might still get a few updates on Nola here and there, until either she died or was locked up, but hopefully within a few months, Feyna and Pascale could get their own lives back on track, and this entire escapade would just be a bad memory.

    "There is one thing I do need to ask about my dear. I know it may be a bad time but I feel I must ask…Eleanor and Madelyn and Paz. Do you know if they were there when things changed?"

    Feyna thought back. "I think they'd made it into Diab's system, but I don't know if the time-jump affected them or not...I think Hiram mentioned they'd turned up somewhere...?" She wasn't quite sure.

    "It would be nice to make sure they're okay, before we head back home for good." Feyna felt bad that their friends had gotten dragged into the family drama, when they shouldn't have had to.

    "I agree" Pascale replied squeezing her shoulder. "Even though we are retiring i'm sure you would agree that we would like to keep in contact with them all. Eleanor and the rest are our nieces and nephews after all".

    He looked concerned "Would they have had their memories affected like I did?. I know that you are not sure if the time jump did, but what happened coyld possibly change things between them and us if they ever get an inkling that their memories were changed".

    Feyna shook her head uncertainly. "Without knowing if they were caught in the jump, I couldn't say whether their memories were affected or not. Hiram will probably fill them in on what happened if he needs to, and they can contact us if they want to."

    There was a part of her that hoped that the time jump had only had a short-ranged effect, and hadn't reached Madelyn and the others. If they hadn't been affected, then perhaps they wouldn't need to know about it.

    Pascale smiled at her "No doubt you will want to say a few words to Hiram. I don't know if we will see him again either, and he is like a father too you. More of a father than Carlos could ever be".

    Her comlink chimed, and Hiram was there. "It's Nola. She's awake - and she's asking to speak to you."

    Feyna had given another nod to her husband, but was interrupted by her comlink before she could respond further.

    Nola was asking for her?


    Her first instinct was to refuse; she didn't owe Nola anything, and after all the trouble she and Carlos had caused them, Feyna just wanted her out of her life.

    But she couldn't help feeling a little conflicted, as some small part of her was still curious, still seeking closure.

    She looked uncertainly at Pascale, not quite sure what to do.

    Pascale's eyes widened. This was strange. He and Feyna had almost killed her and had definitely killed Carlos. Was there something that Nola wanted to share with her sister before she left?

    He squeezed her shoulder "It's up to you cheri. There may still be some answers you may be able to get to those questions that were unanswered. But you may get nothing at all, maybe she wants to say something after we killed yours and her father."

    He kissed her cheek "If you want to see her alone I will understand. But if you want me there I can be"

    Feyna pursed her lips as she mulled it over; she still suspected that she'd regret speaking to Nola again, but she was still curious, and perhaps it would be best to just get it over with. Tie up the loose end and then never look back. And what more could Nola do to her at this point?

    She clicked the comm line. "Can you put her on comm, or do I need to go to her?" Either way, Feyna intended to keep it brief.

    To Pascale she added, "And you stay with me," she told Pascale. Wounded or not, she still didn’t trust Nola, and she wasn't facing her alone.

    Her tone meant he could not argue with her decesion, nor would he want to.

    Pascale moved his arm from her shoulder and placed on of his hands gently over hers, simply nodding at her words.

    "I can put her on the comms, but I'm not sure she can hold a comlink," Hiram said, sounding doubtful. Clearly it was bad.

    Feyna frowned, giving a quiet sigh of frustration. "We'll be there in a minute," she told Hiram, before switching off the comlink.

    "Guess we'll have to go to her," she muttered, looking to Pascale, taking his hand as she got to her feet.

    Pascale did not need the bond to tell his wife was in a frustrated mood the look said it all. He stood up with her.

    He held her hand gently "It won't be long cheri" he said soothingly "Let us get this over and done with and then it's all over"

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