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Star Wars CLOSED Resurrection

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sinrebirth , May 5, 2019.

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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Nola
    Medbay, Chandrila orbit

    The immense Starhawk-class battleship had, once upon a time, been top of the line.

    Although it was into its second decade of service now, the medical apparatus was top rate, as befitted the flagship of an Admiral, retired or not.

    Hiram excused himself from the discussion, feeling guilty as to what happened.

    For her part, Nola looked pale, drawn, and was more wire than human, hooked up to a veritable array of consoles, beeping displays and hovering apparatus.

    With her eyes closed, she did truly look like death.

    When the doors whisked open, eyelids fluttered open and for a brief moment adjusted to the surroundings before memory caught up.

    Colour returned to her waxen cheeks, but it was pallid, still fitful. Nola didn't sit up, she merely regarded them.

    "Feyna," she eventually said, her voice sounding breathless. Her eyes twitched to Pascale, recognised him, but didn't digress.

    She didn't have much energy.

    The very edges of the echo of their Force bond told them both that.

    And that is precisely all they had left now; their brief union in the Force was over, burned away, used up.

    What slither remained felt more like the warmth that their mutual love gave them; it was persistent, but it wasn't shouting, not roaring; the peak they had reached before, in the Force, was gone.

    Nola licked her lips and gathered her energy. "I'm sorry."

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    Combo with @Sinrebirth Part One of Two
    IC: Madelyn Linnett, Eleanor Magnus

    Madelyn looked at Eleanor and nodded, take care of yourself. I won't be gone long. I promise.

    Eleanor nodded back, and hoped her mother would be okay. They needed to make it out together. She glanced at the Sith Lord as he held out his hand to her, and wondered what Ben would think of this.

    Survival is important. You have to do what you must, and everything will fall into place.

    She took his hand, and moved to stand beside him. I hope this wasn't a mistake. I wonder if this is what mother felt when she was taken by Vader-


    The Past

    Darth Vader stood with little Madelyn. He breathed in, and out, having said little since she awoke in his presence, and refused to answer her save to clap her jaw shut with the Force. He was a raw nerve of pain in her senses, but his power was unmistakable. Moreos than Yoda, or Master Windu? Who could say. But more powerful than Luminara by far.

    They exited hyperspace and he spoke at last.


    The Present

    Darth Wyyrlok grinned and turned to Eleanor, watching until Madelyn had gone to the secondary bay to command a shuttle. Not the main hangar, no. When Madelyn was gone, the hologram vanished, and the Sith Lord emerged from the shadows of the room, having been hidden there all alone, silent in the Force.

    A hand rose up, and a mental grip seized her throat.

    "My prize."

    The Future, perhaps

    Madelyn had been anointed a Sith.

    Stormtroopers saluted her, and an adjunct offered her new attire.

    Sith attire.

    Flashbacks to her time in the service of the Emperor's of the Imperial Knights would bubble to the surface, but for now, a Sith was born. There was a Holocron to be seized, and she would be able to save her friends. Feyna, Pascale... and save her daughter.

    The 'troopers looked spotless, as clean as any soldier in the old Empire she had once served.

    Beneath the Yuuzhan Vong War's horrors... the Empire had recovered. Not the Imperial Remnant, no, not the deadenders in the Deep Core, no long dispersed, no, but the real Empire. And she was with it - with the Sith.

    Did she have commands, morale to lift, discipline to dispense, before advancing into the depths of the Jedi prison?

    Madelyn winced with pain, but refused to give him the satisfaction of a cry of pain. She was 13 now? 14? She couldn't remember her age but it didn't matter. She adjusted the cloak over her shoulders, black in contrast to her red robes and looked up at Lord Vader as he announced where they were.

    She hesitated, "Nur." She repeated and wracked her brain. "What do you need done Master?"


    Eleanor struggled-

    "Let me go please Master-" she coughed. "I can't be a good prize if I'm dead-"

    "Listen up troopers." Madelyn spoke up and she felt like she was bsck in the Empire." I need you all to pay attention, because it's not egeryday you get to jump into a Jedi Prison." She put her hands behind her back. "But as long as you follow my orders, as good soldiers should; you will make it out alive. If you decide to disobey an order or run,, I'll end you myself is that clear?"

    Vader turned his head slightly. “I want you to take your place among the Inquisitors.” His breathing continued. “Or die.”

    The Dark Lord of the Sith brought them to land upon the water world.


    Wyyrlok shook her. “The child of Mand’alor, that’s a prize. But you cannot be conscious when I take you.” He began to press upon her to lose consciousness.

    A moment later, however, the Force told her that her father was coming -


    The troops saluted, albeit nervously.

    The shuttle was ready to deploy, and launched from the Hutt cruiser. They made it to the hangar in quick order, and the mercs had held position, albeit reluctantly, from all their expressions. The doorway was still hanging, but just about.

    The shuttle hit the deck and the Stormtroopers saluted, before Vader waved a hand and battered them out of the hangar.

    Leaving them standing in-front of them. A variety of species, but all humanoid, all in dark armour, all with a lightsaber on their backs. They stood to attention, first among them a tall Pau’an. “Lord Vader?”

    “Grand Inquisitor,” he intoned, and a Force motion slammed Madelyn to the deck. “A new recruit.”

    Madelyn stumbled and held her footing, steading herself with the force. She glanced back at Lord Vader, wondering what his game was; before she turned to the Inquisition, and the Grand Inquisitor.

    He feels familiar. I wonder why.

    Madelyn kept her head up, cautious. "Grand Inquisitor." She greeted curiously.

    “A new Sister?” The Pau’an said imperiously.

    “Select your lowest performing Inquisitor,” Vader said, clearly. “Now.”

    The Grand Inquisitor gestured and a Force yanked at a dark armoured man. “Thirteenth Brother.”

    Vader raised a hand and tossed his own lightsaber to the floor besides Madelyn. “Kill him, or be killed.”

    The Thirteenth Brother looked startled, and drew his blade swiftly, snap-hiss!

    Madelyn drew Lord Vaders lightsaber into her hand and activated it, startled. She looked up at the thirteenth brother and swung her lightsaber down-

    He swung up to block and ignited and second blade, clearly intending to pivot at her while the first blade was engaged -

    Madelyn glanced and saw his second blade, pushing him hard towards the other Inquisitors amd she moved off to the side. She pushed her blade away to block the second blade, and twist towards the side, aiming for his back-

    He stumbled back, only regaining his footing in time for his lightsaber hilt to be split neatly in two -

    And then, with a look of surprise, he too split in two.

    Madelyn felt the blood splatter across her and she stepped back, breathing heavy. She looked towards the other Inquisitors, staring at them, daring them to come towards her. "I guess you will be needing a new recruit after all Grand Inquisitor." She spat out, angry; but proud. She looked at Lord Vader and bowed her head, before giving him back his lightsaber.

    "My lord."

    She turned to the Grand Inquisitor. Because she was sure she knew him. "My name is Madelyn Linnett Grand Inquisitor. What shall I be referred to now?"

    Vader regarded the Grand Inquisitor, who, reluctantly, nodded. "We have a Thirteenth Sister, it would appear," he said tightly. "Welcome to our number, sister."

    He regarded the lightsaber in her possession, which was suddenly and violently yanked to Vader's waist by the Dark Lord. "You may take and repair your fallen Brother's blade," the Grand Inquisitor continued, without missing a beat.

    The other Inquisitors briefly regarded each other, but were not concerned, merely gauging the reactions of their comrades.

    Madelyn nodded, "As you command, Grand Inquisitor." She winched as the lightsaber was taken from her so violently, and glanced over as she picked up the fallen brothers blade. She held the pieces carefully, and frowned. Wondering if she would have to dress in all black like the Inquisitors. She rather liked her current red outfit.

    "Kneel," intoned Vader.


    Madelyn knelt-

    He placed the lightsaber on her shoulder, not just above, but upon.


    "Do you swear to serve the Order of the Sith Lords until your death?"

    Madelyn flushed with pain, trying to keep still as the lightsaber burned on her shoulder.

    "I swear my Lord."

    Vader let the blade linger for a moment longer than necessary.

    "Rise, Thirteenth Sister."

    His gaze swept to the Grand Inquisitor. "I expect the next candidate I bring to be humbled by the Thirteenth Sister. To become the Fourteenth member, not dead on the floor." He gestured lazily to the dead man. "Or perhaps I'll have to train you personally," Vader intoned, and the Grand Inquisitor, as a credit to himself, met the Dark Lord's gaze.

    "I will assign the Second Sister to the training of the Thirteenth, my Lord," he said swiftly, referencing the second among his ranked Inquisitors.

    "Excellent," Lord Vader said, and swept to go. "Sixth Brother, Ninth Sister and Tenth Brother... with me."

    Three Inquisitors stepped forward and followed him deeper into Nur fortress.

    Madelyn shut her eyes as the blade sug into her shoulder more, and stood up shakily as he told her to rise, head swimming with pain as Lord Vader spoke to the Grand Inquisitor. Barely registering that second sister was supposed to train her or that Vader had left.

    She looked at the Grand Inquisitor, wondering who this second sister was. "By your orders Grand Inquisitor." Madelyn said, swallowing as she tried to push the burning pain away.

    The Second Sister stepped forward, and narrowed her eyes at Madelyn, but her expression was unreadable.

    The Grand Inquisitor adopted a slight, knowing smile as he stepped forward. “Sister?”

    Indeed, the Third Sister, slightly obscured before now by standing behind the Grand Inquisitor, tilted her head too.

    The Second Sister schooled her features and focused upon Madelyn. “Come with me.” She turned, pushing with her shoulder through an Inquisitor with a wicked looking mask upon his face.

    He growled at her, and the Second Sister liked back as the Seventh Sister chortled behind her mask.

    None of then liked each other, clearly.

    Madelyn took a deep breath and glanced briefly at all of them before pushing her way through quickly, trying to keep up with the second sister. She wasn't sure about any of them. Madelyn was usually left to her own devices on Courscant for the most part.

    This was new.

    Madelyn stumbled a bit, and kept following-

    The Second Sister lead her to a turbolift.

    Standing within were two Stormtroopers, and the woman hesitated.

    "Get out."

    They obliged, and the doors closed behind them.

    "Madelyn?" The woman's voice changed, less imperious, more... familiar.

    Madelyn followed the woman, and peered up at her, although they were closer in height now as she spoke to her. She knew her. Madelyn realised. It was-

    The force slammed into her, familiarity making her a little dizzy-

    "Trilla." Madelyn swallowed hard, because she thought she was dead. She stared at her, and hesitated. How long had it been since they had seen each other. " are're...I thought you died!"

    "I am the Second Sister now," she said, the familiarity gone. "Trilla died in Order 66."

    Madelyn felt like she had been slapped in the face.

    She looked down, eyes stinging. But she wouldn't cry in front of her. Trilla had called her Madelyn. So she had thought-

    "Why did you call me Madelyn then." Madelyn looked at her. "If Trilla died a long time ago." She challenged. "We've both had to learn to survive, but you still feel the same in the force."

    A waver of uncertainty on her face. "Because you were Madelyn, not you are my Sister."

    The emotion was locked away.

    "Nothing more."

    Madelyn scowled, and glared up at Trilla. "If that's what you want." She snapped, hurt in her voice. "But don't forget I know you're tricks Trilla. You trained me before, or is you're memory so poor you forgot Master." Madelyn mocked her, because two could play at this game.

    The doors opened, and revealed a long corridor with what at first glance would appear to be prison cells before and above them.

    However, they weren't.

    This was a tomb.

    There were dead Jedi in these cells.

    Dead Jedi Masters.

    upload_2023-3-13_23-50-58.png upload_2023-3-13_23-50-58.png


    Her Master.

    Madelyn couldn't breathe.

    She stopped short in the room, anger at Trilla disapaiting once she realised what she was seeing. Who she was looking at.


    Madelyn swallowed hard, looking at the shell of a person whom Luminara was. She knew her hands were shaking, they did when she was scared. Her breath caught in her throat again-

    It was hard to breathe-

    Trilla - the Second Sister - gestured with the Force and slapped Madelyn. "Don't. You can't afford to show weakness here. Vader crushes it; the Grand Inquisitor thrives on it; the other Brothers and Sister use it."

    A twist of the Force and her throat was seized. "Understand that you cannot be this weak ever again."

    Madelyn reeled from the slap, and then put her hands to her throat, trying to breath. She knew what Trilla was saying, she understood it; but she didn't have to try and her hurt her. Madelyn felt a rush of anger go through her, and pushed back against Trilla.

    Stop it.

    Madelyn pushed back again.

    Let me go!

    Trilla let her, rebuffed by a surge in the Force that Madelyn released. "Good," she said, drily. "You will make a powerful Sister." Her chin lifted. "Or you will die."

    "Or you will." Madelyn snapped back. She glarec at Trilla. "I'll be stronger and survive better then any of you.

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    Combo with @Sinrebirth Part Two of Two
    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    Mas Amedda lifted a hand, threatening Eleanor again. "Your mother fell to protect you, my dear, can you not see your worth?"

    Eleanor looked up him, cautious. "I don't know if I'll make a good Sith Master. I'm afraid of failing you and my mother." She answered.

    "You already were a failure, my dear," Mas Amedda said, drily. "Did you not know your mother both washed out as a Jedi and an Inquisitor? She was nearly a Sith cultist under the Disciples of Ragnos? Barely a member of the new Jedi Order." He scoffed. "Barely a Mandalorian."

    He lowered his hand. "Therefore, any success would be a great one."

    "Therefore," he lifted his chin. "Tell me what you know of the Sith; of me... of my Sith name."

    Eleanor let out a slow breath. She hadn't known the part about her mother being an Inquisitor. "Hm. I know that usually Sith have a rule of two, but a long time ago in the old republic there was an entire academy for Sith. One of the dark council members, Lana Beniko is my ancestor." She hesitated. "But I'm afraid I'm ignorant on who you are Master. Could you please teach me?"

    Wyyrlok snorted. "Of course you don't know."

    "The Sith are One now, unified beneath our Master, who is more powerful than any of us, and so it matters not that there are more than Two of us. The Rule of Two was based on the Doctrine of the Dyad... it is moot, and has been for many millennia."

    He swept for her to follow him. "We shall take the artefacts Director Drayson has hidden here, and the One Sith will be enlightened. You will become something with a true name, not half a Jedi, not half a Mandalorian, not half of anything. You will be completed, remade, and given new purpose." His golden eyes turned to her. "After all, isn't that what we all want?"

    Eleanor swallowed hard. "Yes Master. I would rather be a whole person than just half of one." She admitted and started to follow him. "So how many Sith are there? I mean, actual sith; not pretenders." Eleanor clarified

    "Ha!" Mas Amedda said, jovial. "You can learn that when you complete your mission."

    "Find the Holocron of Darth Ramage, kill any in your path, including your friend, Feyna Rouser."

    Of course, in their moment, the Holocron was still inside the Ghost Prison, waiting for them.

    He glared at her. "Can you do that?"

    He dripped the temptation in more. "Only then will you be powerful enough in the Force to become who you were meant to be."

    Eleanor frowned. "Well sure if it means I can figure out who I am." She told him. "I'll try to be as fast as I can Master." Sge explained to him nervous, she hadn't ever hurt anyone before. Always defense, never attack. But the Sith were different, and Eleanor had to survive for her mother.

    The way was lit by bodies, when the shuttle dropped to the Ghost Prison.

    Mercenaries, shot up, blown apart, and cut down.

    A trio of Sun Guard - armoured men with V's for visors - stood, backpacks laden with comms gear and an oversized blaster connected by a snaking cable - were pounding upon reinforced bulkheads. Amedda stood at the top of the ramp, his cloak up and his eyes hidden.

    "Go. Command. Take. Kill."

    "Yes...of course." Eleanor put the hood of her cloak up and moved towards them, aware that her every move was being watched. She had only ever taken out people in self defense. This was...wrong. she thought briefly. But she had to protect her mother. And herself. She started to move toward the sun guard more closely-

    The Sun Guard bowed; they recognised a Sith apprentice.

    They left the breaching of the door to her.

    But in the Force; she would not sense Feyna, Pascale or anyone in the vault.

    Was Mas Amedda mistaken?

    Eleanor activated her lightsaber and started to cut a hole big enough, in the shape of a rectangle for everyone to go through. She realised she couldn't sense anyone she knew, which was a relief. But she was starting to wonder where they were.

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    IC: Mas Amedda

    The man who wore the moniker of White Eyes was not it's only user.

    Much like the Sith known as Cronal was known as Blackhole, a sobriquet used by others among Palpatine's retinue, the White Eyes title also belonged to the Emperor himself.

    As Eleanor departed, the true White Eyes addressed him.

    "You are too late."

    Amedda shuddered in fear.


    As Eleanor entered the Vault, the Sith withdrew.

    Abandoned her.

    But there were orders left.

    The moment the door dropped, the Sun Guard touched their earpieces, and the words reverberated across the comms that she had access to.

    Order 66.

    The mercenaries drew sonic blasters and targeted her -

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    OOC: Combo with Viper and Sinre

    IC: Feyna and Pascale Rouser, Nola Morrow, and Hiram Drayson

    Medbay, Chandrila orbit

    Feyna held on to Pascale's hand as she regarded her sister--not with open disdain, but Feyna also didn't try to hide her displeasure, either.

    Part of her--a tiny part, granted--did manage to feel a little sorry for Nola, though; she was who she was because this was what Carlos had made her into, and she was paying a heavy price for his sins, as well as her own. Probably Feyna would have turned out the same way, she realized, had Carlos kept her and raised her himself. So in a way, Feyna had probably been better off without him.

    But she still didn't trust anything Nola said. After everything she and Carlos had put them through, Feyna wasn't going to let herself be manipulated by her so-called 'family' anymore. She was only here mostly out of curiosity, than anything else.

    "Are you?" She asked, her tone neutral.

    Pascale gently squeezed his wife's hand, more to show her that he was there and ready to help if need be.

    Feyna had explicility wanted him here although he did feel a little like he was intruding on a family conversation. This was going to be an uncomfortable one for sure.

    Nola had paid the price for her transgressions, he had done so many times over for his sins. But his wife never deserved any of this. She deserved to have all the best things in life, not that her family turned out to be total scumbags.

    He looked at Nola silently.

    Nola looked dejected, as if that would finally push her out of her mortal shell, but she sighed it out, deflated, and understood what Feyna had said and why. "It's perfectly fine to doubt me, I'd doubt me, at this point. But, I'm not likely going to make it, and," a slight cough became a hacking, and she weakly held up a hand to forestall assistance," and, well, I deserve it.

    I could have turned away from Carlos, but he was all I had. Mom left, or died, I don't know anymore what was true and what wasn't." A tear fell down her face, but she turned aside so it wasn't obvious, no longer looking at Feyna and Pascale.

    Her voice grew a little hoarse. "I am just sorry that you spent years not knowing, and when you finally did... it was us you found." She turned back. "That's not fair, and nobody deserves that."

    Still holding to Pascale's hand, Feyna certainly didn't argue, though it occurred to her that, had Nola not been dying, she might not be so apologetic. But there didn't seem much point in saying so. Actually Feyna wasn't sure what to say at all.

    Pascale looked to Feyna as the silence began to stretch, he was getting concerned now with her. She usually had something to say but with all that had happened he was beginning to worry that she was withdrawing inside herself.

    Just like he did when he suffered his head injury at Dantooine. He had to do what he could for her.

    He looked back at Nola "It seems you feel the need to confess because you are dying, and perhaps if I was my old self I would perhaps do the same thing".

    "But the fact remains that you could have chosen to deviate from the path you took, but you did not. You chose your path and you ended up nearly killing your own sister and myself. I am afraid and I hate to be inpolite is that you have now suffered the consequences of your actions".

    Nola finally looked at Pascale. "Yes, precisely so. But I don't want salvation in life."

    She grimaced against an unseen pain. "I want to live, and atone."

    A slight snort, whimsical. "I remember at school, reading when Skywalker told us Darth Vader had redeemed himself in his last moments." She coughed, briefly, wiped some blood from her lips. "I always thought so what? He killed billions. He didn't deserve to die; he should have lived with his crimes..."

    Her eyes looked to Feyna. "I want to show you that I can atone, and earn your forgiveness - not beg for it on my death bed."

    This was the conundrum Pascale realised. Nola wamnted to atone for her sins, and it sounded just like him when he wanted to change. Except this was wildly different.

    Of course he had killed and had others killed but she had tried to kill him and his wife. She no doubt had plenty of chances to change and now, near death she was leaving it all up to Feyna as to whether she lived or died. A very hard decision.

    He squeezed Feyna's hand tightly. He would support her whatever she chose.

    Feyna's expression became even more uncertain as she listened. She'd been ready to cut Nola out of her life, but despite her anger at everything Nola had done, part of her still wanted to believe her.

    But she was still wary at the same time; Nola had pretended disdain toward Carlos before, then turned on them at Diab, and had tried to kill them here mere hours ago. Trust had been broken before it had even had much chance to form, so Nola had a lot of damage to repair.

    "I can't promise you forgiveness," Feyna finally said, still feeling torn between just wanting this ordeal over with, and the part of her that still sought connection with her last remaining blood relative. "I don't mean to sound bitter, but it'll be a long road to build any trust between us."

    And whether Nola would even have the chance, still depended on if she even survived her injuries.

    There was a possibility between them.

    There was the very last vestiges of their Echo.

    Their power.

    It was tying them together in a way they had never felt; they could feel each other as if they were one individual, linked in their own remnant of the Force. They could even see their future - see their child - and the shape of the conflicts to come, how to steer clear of them for a decade or more before it became murky, and the darkness grew too deep to peer through...

    That power spoke to them; it invited possibility.

    It could flow from one of them to the other, or, it could flow into, at their request... Nola.

    Vydra was silent, completely and utterly, because he was gone into the future.

    It was their decision.

    Something weird began to happen, weird and yet wonderful. He and Feyna were linked together in a way that felt…beautiful. Just like they had felt back on board Fortuna. But they felt like one entity now instead of the two of them as separate people.

    He wondered if this was Vydra's doing. But he couldn't feel him around, not now. But maybe this was his gift to them before he had headed away. To keep them strong and together after what happened. And he could see into their future, conflict and destruction lay ahead but also…he could see what Feyna had told him about earlier. Their child, born out of their love. He had to smile at that.

    He could feel his wife's uncertainty, her conflicted thoughts, and he wondered if she could sense his worries about her, for what could happen if Nola decided not to mend the error of her ways and come after them again.

    Pascale leaned over to whisper in his wife's ear "I know you can feel my thoughts cheri, I can feel yours too but this is different. We are…one"

    "If we heal Nola we are putting our faith in her that she will repent for her sins. If she can change just as I did. But you deserve to have some family with blood ties. As I said before though you still have Hiram, Madelyn, Paz and our nieces and nephews".

    "Or we choose not to heal her and use this between us. To go deeper on an emotional level. To feel what we have never felt before. To heal ourselves after what happened, to heal those emotional wounds"

    He squeezed her hand again to show that whatever happened he would be there for her.

    Feyna was feeling the same thing he was feeling, the bond seeming stronger again, letting them glimpse the possibilities of the future. And listening to Pascale, she was still conflicted.

    Nola wanted a second chance--or claimed to want it, at least; Feyna still didn't trust her. Feyna and Pascale could use this last remnant of their bond to heal her, to give her that chance--and Feyna suspected that Nola would not survive without it.

    But if Nola was still up to her tricks, trying to play on Feyna's sympathy again, using the bond to heal her would ultimately lead to regret.

    Feyna didn't like the position she was in, having to make life-and-death decisions for this half-sister she barely knew, who up until now had just mostly been trouble. Ten minutes ago Feyna had wanted nothing more to do with her, but now she was second-guessing.

    Obviously saving Nola would be the 'right' thing to do, but Feyna couldn't shake her doubts.

    Do you believe her? She asked Pascale. Do you think she genuinely wants a fresh start?

    Pascale was as conflicted as his wife was, people deserved second chances he knew that better than most. Maybe since Carlos was now gone she could be better. And maybe not saving her would lead to them both regretting it.

    But still after all that happened, Nola could still cause trouble, maybe even try to finish what Carlos started. With the holocron and glove still around she could be tempted to finish the job. If they saved her and then she did the same thing again, there would be regret too.

    I am as conflicted as you are cheri he thought back I wish I could believe her. I really want to. After all given another chance at life may make her see the light.

    But what is concerning me is the fact that she could come for us again. To finih the job, to play us like before. I wish I could trust her, I really want to. But I have a gut feeling in me that she could be trouble. I do not wish to deny you your family, and I know that if we let her die we will regret it. But , and I may sound selfish, I would rather use the remnants of the bond to heal each other.

    Given the choice, I would put you before anyone else, even my own family. You are what matters most to me in this universe. And after what Nola and Carlos have put us through, what you have been through with changing things, I would rather use the bond to heal each other than her. She has had chances to repent but never yook them and if there is one thing I am sure of is that if the roles were reversed no doubt you would do the same.

    At that moment he wanted to take her in his arms, find somewhere quiet and just be with her, healing her emotionally and physically. And he showed her that through the bond.

    Feyna gave Pascale the tiniest nod, one that Nola wouldn't catch.

    It did feel a little selfish, a little wrong, not to heal Nola--if she did still turn on them, that was a reflection on her character, not theirs--but at the same time, Pascale was right, if it came down to choosing between helping Nola, who before now probably wouldn't have returned the favor, or helping her husband...well, there was no competition there.

    Nola had not said any more so sadly it looked like they were going to have to deliver the bad news.

    After this though he was going to get Feyn away somewhere aboard where they could hopefully talk and heal using the last remnants of the bond. To watch Nola pass away was too painful and would play on both their minds.

    "To follow on what my wife has said before, sadly the trust has been broken between you and us. After what happened, after what you and your father have done to us….sadly that chance to redeem yourself has sadly passed".

    "You did have chances to help us both, but uou played us, played your own sister. That is a safly a betrayal of your own flesh and blood. I think sadly in your case to atone for your sins it is too late, had you redeemed yourself earlier before you became gravely injured then perhaps that forgiveness could come. But sadly…time has run out".

    He moved to put an arm around Feyna, letting go of her hand.

    Nola nodded, tearful briefly but she pulled it together. "I understand that, sympathize with it even."

    She placed a hand on Feyna's. "Thank you. I can see this was hard on you, and I appreciate that you cared enough to hurt as I went."

    For a moment she was beautiful, smiling broadly. "That's all I could really ask for."

    With all her strength she squeezed Feyna's hand. "Thank you."

    "I hope you have a wonderful life; you have earned it, clawed your way back from where Carlos left you, and did what I couldn't - wouldn't. I'm so proud of you, and Pascale too." A little nod, as she gulped. "May the Force be with you."

    "And you," Feyna murmured, giving Nola's hand a return squeeze before letting go.

    Pascale heard his wife's murmur and he wondered if he had said the right thing. But it was all moot now.

    "And with you" he said "my you at least find peace".

    Nola smiled, warmly, and her genuine emotion buffeted them.

    "I already," a slight gasp, "have."

    With that, the alarms quietly beeped, and she was gone. Hiram stepped into the room, and switched off the monitors. He was, briefly, somber.

    Pascale bowed his head, tightening his arm around Feyna and sending what he could in sympathy and support through the bond. He quietly uttered a prayer in Commenori for Nola's spirit.

    I am so sorry he sent to his wife.

    Feyna put one arm around her husband, her other hand reaching to squeeze Nola's again once more as a last goodbye.

    Part of her was sad, part of her was still frustrated about how the whole thing had been such a mess, and a little relieved that it was over. Another part felt guilty for that relief, and guilty that they hadn't helped Nola when they could. Part of her said Nola hadn't deserved the help anyway.

    Feyna wished she could turn her brain off, and just not feel any of it for a while.

    She gave Pascale's arm a gentle squeeze, projecting back the same love and warmth he was giving her, then looked over to Hiram. "What will you do with them?"

    Perhaps it was a little odd that that would be her first question, practical though it was, but part of her was ready to close out this whole misadventure and go home. She could process her emotions later.

    "Well, you're the next of kin," Hiram said, rather solemnly. "You do get to decide, Feyna."

    It was a trite point, but it was very true. "I intend to stay here, at Chandrila, and help them rebuild from the Vong. You're welcome to stay, but I imagine this place has bad memories for you, now."

    Pascale shot Hiram a look. He was piling a lot on Feyna at the moment and from what he could feel in thier bond….his wife just wanted to shut it all off.

    Pscale knew he had to help her, she had suffered more than he had. He had to be there for her, to give her whatever she needed and wanted whether it be intimate or not. Mentally he did the equivalent of wrapping his arms around her, still feeding her warmth, love and support. In reality he tightened his arm around her.

    Of course it would be good to stay and help, but they had been through enough, suffered enough. It was time to go home in his opinion. He didn't know whether they could say goodbye to Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor, whether they would even see them again..

    I am not sure what you wish to do with them my dear. I am not a big fan of putting dead bodies onto our ship. But they are your family, whether you want them ejected into the nearest sun, or buried somewhere, I will respect your decision.

    Feyna shook her head at the idea of staying at Chandrila. "Thank you, but I think we're ready to head home."

    As for Carlos and Nola, Feyna wasn't quite sure what to do with them. It didn't seem quite right to just leave them to Hiram to manage, but at the same time, a part of her just didn't want to deal with it anymore. "Perhaps send the bodies to Ando for burial," she suggested. That had seemed the closest thing to home that Carlos and Nola had had.

    She gave Pascale's arm another squeeze. And hopefully we can go home to Naboo.

    Hiram nodded, solemnly. He made all the arrangements, and they were essentially able to leave whenever they wanted.

    In the interim, whatever repairs were needed had been done to the Fortuna, after its days of damage.

    Madelyn and Eleanor had also checked in, leaving a message on their comms saying they'd made it out safe and sound thanks to Jedi catching up. Seemingly, all was well, and the Rouser's were placed to have their happily ever after.


    Pascale was now back in the pilot's seat of Fortuna, and he felt releived, plus a little sad that they were leaving Madelyn, Paz and Eleanor as well as Hiram to continue on.

    But now it was time to think about finally settiling down, creating that family they always talked about and of course a little me time.

    Looking out of the yachts viewport as he started up it's systems he knew there would be no more adventures into the galaxy. No more worries about getting hurt of losing one another. Just…them.

    He waited patiently for Feyna to join him.

    Feyna let out a sigh as she sat down in the copilot's seat. The past few days had been one long chaotic roller-coaster ride, but at least hopefully now it was over.

    Other feelings would eventually probably catch up with her, but at the moment, she just felt drained, more than anything else.

    She reached over to gently squeeze Pascale's arm as he worked at getting the ship ready to go. "I know you're worried, but I don't want to talk about all this right now." She'd get there, but she needed some time to decompress and process everything first. "I'm all right, but let's just go home, get some rest, start putting this whole mess behind us."

    Pascale reached over to caress the hand resting on his arm, smiling at her reflection in the viewport "I could not agree more cheri".

    He was sure they could talk more about everything once they got home. All he wanted to do was take Feyna in his arms and just comfort her, love her like any caring husband would do. At least it would give them something to look forward to.

    Pascale started up the engines, engine one was now back in the green and fuel and charge were back up at full. It was time.

    He gently lifted Fortuna up and away, and took her out of the hangar, the coordinates for Naboo were already in and ready to go. It felt strange leaving everything and everyone behind, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

    He put his hand over the hyperdrive leaver then looked at Feyna with a smile indicating the hyperdrive lever with his head.


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    It was quiet.

    Very quiet.

    The planets time in the galactic spotlight had ended some decades ago.

    The Yuuzhan Vong? They never reached this far into the southern quadrant to threaten them.

    The Empire? After the Battle of Jakku, the Imperials could not mount a single offensive this far away from their northern and Deep Core fortresses.

    Indeed, the last incident of major note had been their wedding, when one Arek Graul resurfaced to interrupt the affair, and he had long been carted off to Oovo IV with many other dark side prisoners they had secured over the years. Before that it had been the three attacks on the planet during Operation Cinder, and of course the complicated Courtship of Princess Palpatine.

    But the war was over.

    The Yuuzhan Vong, and the Imperial ones.

    The Galactic Alliance between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant, as well as the Hapans, Corporate Sector, Hutts and a host of other powers, that was rebuilding the galaxy, restoring worlds devastated by the invasion such as Coruscant, Commenor, and others. The economy would recover, and there was a soft talk of Naboo turning aside its shame as the homeworld of Emperor Palpatine to rejoin the wider community in full.

    But for now, they would remain recused.

    Remain at arms length.

    Creating an island of peace in the Mid Rim that the two of them could build what they wished.

    Though the exact events surrounding the Ghost Prison and Madelyn and Eleanor were unclear, they returned, and Eleanor became a Jedi in her own right, oft partnered with Ben Solo, while Madelyn accepted a lesser position in the Mandalorian community with her husband, what with Boba Fett ruling the clans. Drayson firmly retired to Chandrila, but often corresponded with them, as did their wider family on Commenor, if only for the latter to gripe about Fyor Rodan becoming Chief of State, and his push to secure a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers to keep them safe from anything like the Yuuzhan Vong ever happening again.

    Life moved on.

    No more Echoes troubled them; no more Epitaphs threatened them; no more Sith struck at them; the name White Eyes faded from history, and the leading theory was that it was Carlos all along, a pseudonym he used to stay hidden.

    Eventually, Feyna fell pregnant.

    Eventually, today was the day she gave birth.

    The labour was easy, and the child healthy.

    This was their moment, together as a family for the first time.

    They had a modest home, overlooking a beautiful lake, and their seclusion.

    They had just gotten back from the medical centre, and now, they had their last adventure to begin.


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    OOC: Finale combo with the ever wonderful @JediMasterAnne, thank you for the journey [:D]:D

    IC: Pascale & Feyna Rouser
    Location: Lake Country, Naboo

    It had been a long trip back from the medcentre itself. Pascale had nearly wondered in the morning whether he would have to deliver the baby at home.

    But he had managed to get Feyna to the centre in time and now his wife had given birth to their daughter, one born of their love, and she looked beautiful.

    As he brought the speeder back to their temporary home in the Lake Country, Pascale knew his next mission was to find them a more suitable home closer to the city.

    But first of all he had to get Feyna andbaby settled indoors and messages sent off. To Drayson, Madelyn and Paz and to his brother Rene and partner Marcus. His brother would no doubt be ecstatic at becoming an Uncle. He wished his parents were still around, they would have spoilt his daughter like any grandparents would.

    He looked over to his wife and put his arm around her "Are you alright my dear?"

    Feyna turned to her husband at the question, and gave him a nod. "Yes, I'm all right," she answered softly as she shifted to lean against him, though her hand still rested on their newborn daughter, asleep in the infant safety seat next to her.

    It had been a surprisingly smooth birth, all things considered, and Feyna and the baby were both doing well enough that the med center had deemed it safe for them to go home the same day. Feyna was still tired and sore, understandably so, but she was as all right as she could be.

    "Come, we should get you and the little one indoors, it will start to get cold soon" he kissed her cheek and then looked over to his daughter giving her a gentle smile. She had his blue eyes but her facial features did look a lot like Feynas.

    "You are going to be one lucky little lady" he said softly as he gave Feyna a squeeze before climbing out to come around and help Feyna and the baby out.

    "Do you want to head straight to bed cheri?"

    "Yes," Feyna nodded again, taking both his hands to carefully climb out of the speeder. Bed was a very appealing concept at the moment--sleep would be even better, but that would depend on how long it took to get the baby settled. Feyna started gathering up the baby, who made some disgruntled baby sounds at being disturbed from her nap, but Feyna gently soothed her. "It's all right, we're home now." To Pascale, she nodded once more. "Let's get inside."

    Pascale put his arm around his wife, guiding her inside and making sure their daughter was all nice and snuggled up. He couldn't stop looking at her, she was as beautiful as her mother.

    He had made sure the baby's cot had been moved into their bedroom ready for the new arrival, of course he did wonder how much sleep he and his wife would get. But just holding her in his arms was always good enough for him.

    "Do you want me to get you anything while you settle her down?"

    Feyna shook her head as they headed inside, at the moment she just wanted to rest and be with her little family. "Not right now, no, but thank you."

    Pascale helped to guide her and the little one upstairs before heading to their bedroom "I can put her down if you like if you want to get changed or jump in the shower if you want a quick refresh…."

    Feyna considered it; a warm shower on her tired body did sound nice, but maybe better to hold off until she was more rested and a little less sore. But a fresh change of clothes couldn't hurt.

    "Just a change, I think, for now," she agreed, shifting the baby to let Pascale take her.

    Pascale gently took her and smiled down at her "Let's give your mother a little break, shall we?" He leant down and dropped a light kiss on their daughter's forehead. He never thought he would be holding a child in his arms, it felt surreal.

    He moved over to the cot and gently placed her down, making sure she was tucked up nice and snug in her blanket. "Sleep well little one" he said softly, reaching down to caress his daughter's face.

    He continued to watch to make sure she was fast asleep.

    Feyna had grabbed a clean nightshirt, but paused in the 'fresher doorway to watch Pascale with their daughter, smiling to see him being so sweet and gentle with her.

    While he got the baby settled, Feyna went into the 'fresher to change, and took an extra moment or two to also wash her face and brush out her mussed hair, feeling a little bit better just for those small things, then went back out to the bedroom.

    Pascale had gotten the baby down in her bed, and was still watching over her. Feyna smiled again at the sight, and went to join him, gently reaching for his arm as she came up beside him.

    Pascale smiled at his wife as she came up next to him and kissed her cheek "She looks so serene" he said softly "it kind of reminds me of someone I know who looks like that" he grinned at her.

    "She's pretty much asleep although how long that will last…"

    Feyna smiled back at him and squeezed his hand, leaning against him a little again as she looked down at the sleeping infant.

    "Probably not long, she'll probably be hungry again soon," she remarked. Feyna was actually a little surprised she wasn't already fussing for a bottle, after the ride home, but she also wasn't going to complain if the baby wanted to nap a bit longer first.

    "I'll go and quickly get changed" he said still softly "Then maybe we can talk a little and rest before she wakes up. We do have to give her a name"

    He patted Feyna, and leaned over to grab his sleeping trousers "I'll be right back…"

    Feyna nodded, kissing his cheek before letting him go, turning back to gaze at the baby again while she waited for him to come back.

    The past twenty-four hours or so had been a whirlwind, and Feyna was glad that they were all finally getting a chance to catch their breath and wind down a bit. Of course she knew that the real fun was just starting, that the next few weeks and months ahead would be anything but easy, but she also knew that it would be well worth it, and she wouldn't trade it for anything.

    The baby started to squirm a bit in her sleep, drawing Feyna back out of her thoughts. "I know, it's been a big day, hasn't it, little one?" She whispered softly, reaching down again to gently stroke the baby's cheek until she settled again.

    Pascale quickly got changed in the 'fresher and came back out again and had to grin as he saw Feyna stroking the baby's cheek.

    He popped his clothes on the chair before moving over to stand behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her from behind. "I think you are going to be a great mother" he said softly into her ear "If she has both our personalities she is definitely going to be a handful" he chuckled.

    Feyna smiled and straightened, leaning back into his embrace and gently grasping his arms, chuckling a little with him at the lighthearted comment. "We'll manage," she replied, turning to kiss his cheek again. "And you are already shaping up to be a wonderful father."

    Pascale gently tugged Feyna with him as he moved slowly backwards towards the bed giving her a soft kiss "You know, when I first met you, I never knew that we would get married let alone have a child".

    His voice slipped to a purr "You have given me so many perfect moments cheri, and this is up there with them".

    Feyna returned his kiss, still smiling as she let him gently pull her toward the bed. "Definitely one of our happiest days," she agreed.

    Pascale released her as they reached the bed, he pulled the covers back with one hand and lay down smiling up at her "Now the question is, our choice of name. Anne-Marie was my mother but I do think your idea was very good…"

    "Which idea?" Feyna tried to remember as she climbed in next to him, and couldn't help a small sigh once she was comfortable and her body started to relax a little.

    They'd bounced around some different name ideas in the past few months, and they'd narrowed it down to just a few choices, but there'd also been a certain amount of 'wait and see which one fits,' as well.

    Pascale rolled to his side and leaned up on one of his elbows "Your mother's name I think it was. A beautiful name for a beautiful daughter I think…"

    "Julee," Feyna supplied. "It's my middle name, too."

    Feyna had once wondered if her biological father had chosen her name to honor her mother, who had been terminally ill at the time of Feyna's birth, and had passed away just weeks later, but after meeting Carlos, who had barely so much as made mention of her mother, if at all, during the brief acquaintance, Feyna now liked to think that her mother had given her her name. It didn't matter in the big picture of course, but Feyna preferred not to draw any more connections between herself and Carlos than absolutely necessary now. He hadn't spoiled her opinions about her mother, though, so Feyna had entertained the idea of naming her own child after her.

    Pascale smiled "I think that name suits her, no? In honour of your mother whom I think deserves more recognition than your other relatives" he was obviously not going to mention Nola or Carlos.

    He draped an arm over her "Julee Anne Rouser has a nice ring to it I think…"

    Feyna smiled back again. "I think so, too. And a well-deserved nod to your mother, as well. They'd both be proud."

    Pascale lazily stroked her shirt "I think your mother would be very proud of you my dear. You have gone through so much in your life. And now you have a future to look forward to, and your mother I'm sure is looking down upon you feeling happy for you".

    He grinned "She would be one happy grandmother, no?"

    "I'd like to think so," Feyna answered, her hand coming up to grasp his again.

    She looked over to make sure the baby was still sleeping.

    "I'm excited for when everyone else can meet her," she commented. "Hiram, Rene and Marcus, Madelyn and her family..."

    Obviously not right away, they needed some time just the three of them for a while first, to bond, for Feyna to rest and heal, to let the baby grow a little and get stronger before they had visitors. But Feyna still looked forward to introducing their daughter to their extended family when the time came.

    Pascale smiled as she grasped his hand, still stroking her shirt "Rene is going to be one very happy Uncle, expect presents to show up not long after I tell him. And I'm sure Madelyn and the others will be pleased they'll have a cousin to see and play with".

    They hadn't seen Madelyn, Paz nor their nieces and nephews for a while, he hoped they would come and see Julee.

    "I wonder if Hiram would object to being called grandad" he chuckled "or maybe uncle?"

    Feyna gave a little laugh, too. "'Uncle' might be the safer option, but we can leave it up to him what he wants to be called."

    Her husband's soft stroking was having a lulling effect, and she was getting drowsy. She'd gotten a bit of sleep at the med center, after the birth, but otherwise she'd had very little rest since her labor had started, late the previous night. She didn't think Pascale had, either. Another glance confirmed that Julee was still asleep, but Feyna suspected that wouldn't last much longer.

    "We can comm everybody tomorrow," she said to Pascale. "Give them the news that she's here and we're all home and okay. But we should both try to get some sleep now, before she wakes up again."

    "I agree," Pascale responded, giving her a long and deep kiss "Let's hope we get at least a few hours".

    He looked over to Julee "Sleep well little one" to Feyna he said "Good night cheri, and we can now look forward to a very bright future" he rested his head on her shoulder still stroking her shirt "Love you".

    Feyna returned the kiss and smiled as Pascale bid their sleeping baby good night-a few hours' sleep would be very nice, but given the reputation of newborn babies, she'd consider it a lucky thing if they got even just one.

    "Love you, too," Feyna replied as Pascale settled in, wrapping her arms around him and closing her eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus

    There was a horrible fear thar went through Eleanor.

    She let out a sharp breath, and activated her lightsaber in time as the Order was given out, jumping back to try and give herself as much distance as possible.

    What was going on?

    The Sun Guard, modelled for the Praetorians of the future, and the Royal Guards of the past, rivals of the Mandalorians, tracked her with pinpoint accuracy -

    For whatever reason, the Sith had turned on her -

    Who are you? How do I get out of here?

    You got this, came a female voice, firmly, supportive -

    Eleanor kept running, though she stopped momentarily to get her bearings when a voice spoke to her. A female voice. Eleanor jumped down a ledge before she answered.

    I'm Lana. It's not important right now, but you need to get a grip.

    The Sun Guard advanced, firing now she had settled into position -

    Pull down the roof, use your anger -

    Eleanor frowned. Was Lana a Sith?

    Look i can pull down the roof but I'm not a Sith Lady Lana. I can't do it in anger.

    She sighed and turned quickly, reaching out with the force to grab the roof, feeling the weight start to crumble and fall down as she used the force. Wanting to escape from this nightmare before it was too late.

    Just pull, we can debate the ethics of it later!

    The roof gave way, ancient but durasteel through and through.

    But because Eleanor was not quick to act, a Sun Guard managed to fire a shot that opened a gash across her face -

    Then the metal dropped and she was safe.

    "Safe in a tomb of Sith artefacts, sure," the woman said, drily.

    A red-limned image - a ghost - was evident. She cupped her chin.


    "Well stand up, let's get a good look at you."

    Eleanor dropped to her knees as she was shot across the face, and covered it with her hand as the roof finally dropped, sealing her inside.

    She winched, and but her lip; determined not to cry out in pain as the voice now materialized in fromt of her. It was a woman. Eleanor thought. A Sith?

    She stood up as the woman cupped her chin, and gave her a frightened look. "Thank...thank you." Eleanor answered. She swallowed hard, and wondered what would happen now.

    "No worries," she gestured. "Come, come, we need to get you out of harms way."

    A slight wryness to her face. "But do you understand what's going on, I'd ask.

    "You're a force ghost? A Sith?" Eleanor asked quietly. She shifted, and felt shy. "I didn't know Sith had force ghosts."

    "Traditional Sith spirits are attached to things." the woman said, amused. "I was never a traditional Sith. A few manage to acquire the peace of mind to continue on as your typical Jedi ghouls. Maybe I did?"

    She gestured her on. "Or I'm tethered to an artefact here, who knows."

    "Well I still think that's amazing." Eleanor offered. She looked around curiously. I probably shouldn't touch anything. She thought to herself. "I'm on a secret mission with my mom. Can you help us?" She asked her, not sure why she trusted this force ghost. She had a good feeling about her though.

    "Are you now," she said. "I'm Lana Beniko. I would offer you a hand, but I'm incorporeal." To accentuate the point she waved her hand through Eleanor's shoulder, and save for a brief tingle, there was no resistance.

    "I can help, but did you know that Feyna and Pascale escaped already, using something called a Change?"

    Her voice was even. "You do remember you're in this predicament because White Eyes' wants the Glove of Darth Vader, no?"

    "Oh." Eleanor said softly. "I'm Eleanor Shysa-Vizsla." She answered formally, and laughed a little at the sensation. "I didn't know that. My mama was trying to protect me and made a deal with the Sith to escape, she used to be one so she knows how that stuff works. We were tricking him."

    Eleanor paused. "My Mama decended from a Sith Lord." She admitted. "So how are we going to stop white eyes?"

    "By saving your mother," Lana said, firmly.

    "At the moment, what we're doing, it's pushing the boundaries of what can be and cannot be. If that happens, it will cause consequences. The True Sith want those Changes, to break things, to prevent the Force from stopping the rise of the dark side." She pursed her lips. "You need to find your father, and save your mother."

    Eleanor nodded and felt a little shy, and a little nervous. "I can do that..I'm not half bad as a Jedi you know." She quickly added. "But I'll heed any advice or help you'll give me Lady Lana." She said politely. "Where should we go first?"

    "She's beyond that door. You won't recognise her. She's been Changed."

    What had been Madelyn Linnett had been twisted by the dark side.


    It was if she had become a conduit of memory, of right, of wrong.

    A psychological wound was exposed, and White Eyes had reopened it.

    Her name was Darth Clíodhna.

    The last of this Change was here, and now.

    Sith Dark Zannah.jpeg

    Eleanor felt herself choke, and wanted to reach out amd help her mother. Or what used to be her. She looked up at Lana for an explanation.

    "Mother she's...." Eleanor felt afraid. "Lana what are we going to do?"

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    IC: Lana

    She pursed her lips.

    Keeping track of eight family trees had proven a real nightmare.

    A hologram snapped into existence.


    It was Theron, he'd accessed the systems here at her guidance.

    "Lana, a big hefty Mando just commandeered a ship."

    The Sith spirit hesitated; the hologram vanished.

    Eleanor would recognise her father was on the way.

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    IC: Eleanor Magnus
    The Ghost Prison

    Someone or something familiar had landed. Eleanor reached out through the force.


    She looked at Lana.

    "My father is here!"

    The Force rippled; it wasn't just him.

    Lana turned, and the hologram of Theron Shan pulled a face. "Hutt fleet seems to be moving to get a better shot at the Ghost Prison."

    "Great," Lana said. "We need to get your mother out of here quickly. She's one of the Outlander bloodlines."

    Paz came around the corner with a lanky teenager in tow.

    Eleanor nodded in agreement before she sensed her father, and lit up at the sight of him before the force shifted again and she saw Ben. He was her very best friend from the moment they met. She should have know he would come along.

    "Buir!" Eleanor ran over to her father and wrapped him in a hug. Before she turned and did the same to Ben.

    "I'm so glad your here."

    Ben hugged her back, hesitatingly, and then looked at her, a little wonderous. "Eleanor, you've grown -"

    Her buir had his beskad on, but turned to cant his head.

    "Up," Ben finished, red to his cheeks. "You've grown up."

    "Kit," Paz said, drily. "Where's your buir." The word meant parent, regardless of gender.

    "White Eyes turned her to the dark side." Eleanor answered softly, but she looked at Ben oddly. She stepped away from him and folded her hands in front of her shyly;

    "Thank you Ben." She replied, blushing a bit.

    “Where is White Eyes?” Paz growled, hard, angry. “I’m gonna take my beskad and put it up his -“

    Ben interrupted. “Sir, your wife is of more importance right now.” He ignited a sky-blue blade. There was a clatter of boots; Sun Guard - at least a dozen. “We need to stop her, and then save her. White Eyes, whoever he is, can wait.”

    Eleanor nodded and activated her own blade. "We need to go and save Mama." She looked at her buir. "Don't worry. Ben and I will handle this." She smiled at Ben.


    “For you?”

    Paz snorted at Ben. He blushed again.


    When the door to corridor opened, a torrent of crimson-black energy emerged, tousling then, and causing Paz to step in-front to shield them from the power. But even his beskar began to heat up -

    “What in Manda is this?”

    Eleanor blushed too and didn't have time to respond before the enemy was on them. She jumped aside and watched her father take the brunt of it. She didn't know what it was either.

    "Lana help!"

    “I’m a disembodied Force Ghost, and Theron’s a wandering AI. What do you expect me to do against a Change?” Lana was cutting.

    “It’s your Buir, figure it out!”

    The red torrent resolved itself into the agonised screaming of Madelyn… by her new Sith misnomer. No version of Madelyn had ever, ever been this powerful.

    Ben Solo felt his own power being met by the rise in her. “Eleanor!” He shouted over the energy as Paz slowly stepped forward. “She’s getting stronger!”

    I don't know! I'm panicking!" Eleanor fired back at her. She ran over to Ben and then looked at what her mother had become.

    "We have to interrupt it somehow Ben." Eleanor told him. "Maybe it will bring her back."

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    IC: Ben Solo

    This Ben Solo was a young man.


    He wasn’t as conflicted as he would be in a handful of years.

    The seeds of Kylo Ren were there, pat down in the sweet soil of the pressure of being a Solo, the incredible potential demonstrated by his siblings, and the grief from the death of Anakin Solo, let alone the passing of Chewbacca. Those wounds were still only a handful of years old.

    Snoke, and Palpatine, and even Vergere, they all had their little claws in his future.

    This would be hanging in the mind of the Black Coat that arrived. He was Faya, the Sage of Dwartii.

    And he had come to stop a Change.

    Madelyn Linnett was never supposed to become a Sith Lord. An Inquisitor, yes. To suffer the loss of a husband, and a teacher, and the Jedi Order. But not this.

    Her teenage daughter Eleanor, and other husband, Paz, they weren’t supposed to be marching into a battle with Madelyn, engorged in the power of a Change, an Epitaph that was making her as powerful as a One.

    Darth Clíodhna.

    This timeline branch was about to go critical; to be unstoppable.

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    IC : Faya (Dunkeel), Eleanor (Silent), Ben Solo, Paz, and Madelyn Linnett in a CHANGE
    Combo with Silent and Sinrebirth

    Somewhere, somewhen

    The vessel of Faya, known as Heart, slipped through the seams of realities and came to rest where and when felt most accurate to its sole occupant. Opening the door Faya descended with black robe securely up and fastened. An enigma in the Force as well as to others view. It felt odd to consider this was how The Master always operated until it had become the most comfortable fashion for him.

    Scenting the air he stepped forward towards the nearest people, his reason for coming here. “Hello.” He rasped out. Letting his appearance and method of travel speak for him in these first few moments.

    Eleanor sighed softly, and tried to get her emotions under control. This was not her mother, she didn't want this Sith Lord to be her mother. She took a step forward, and then another; cautious, calculating. She could sense that help was coming, but if she could get through to her first. And looked back at the vassal that had appeared.

    "You have to help me save my mother." Eleanor spoke out weakly. "Please."

    Paz grimaced. "What the who the kriff are you."

    He had his blaster pointed at the newcomer.

    The Mandalorian man was, well, as prudent as he was sharp.

    There was a raging power nearby, a Change threatened, because Madelyn Linnett was never supposed to have fallen like this.

    Ben Solo had his blade blade up. "I sense the dark side around you, too."

    Faya bowed his head to those present. "I am come to correct an imbalance. Many happen and nature corrects. This one, it will not." stepping forward he ignored the weapons looking instead at the child.

    "Salvation takes many forms child. We shall try, but prepare your heart all the same. Her choice hangs in the Balance. She is falling, let us see if we cannot change it before she falls out of the Balance." Looking up Faya let out a heavy sigh. "I am that of many names. None are wrong. You might young Ben Solo know me as Faya from faded days gone. Will that suffice? May be draw her near?" He held out a gloved hand, palm up and waiting their choice. He would not Force them to take his help, this was not his timeline and soon it might not even be one. Time would tell as always, with the striking of the clock.

    Eleanor hesitated although she supposed she knew there was a chance they couldn't save her. But she was starting to think maybe they didn't have a choice.

    "I can help save my mother." Eleanor told them. "I can get her distracted. And then we can help her. Please let me try."

    Ben Solo shook his head. "Not a name I know."

    The creature that was formerly Madelyn Linnett raged, sending a quaver through the entire space station.

    Faya would remember Ghost Prison; an incarnation of himself had been here during the era of the Ronin, in response to a Jedi Coup.

    But now it was beginning to fray at the edges.

    Linnett was no longer.

    It was a sensation that Faya would recognise.

    That Ben would recognize.

    A Darkness was being born.

    Paz watched the inner bulkheads peel away and reveal a shape of black.

    The reality of the prison was being distorted.

    Now, it was a forest.

    A wood, in the middle of nowhere.


    Paz growled.

    "What is happening to my wife?"

    "Mama?" Eleanor took a few cautious steps forward. "It's me Eleanor. Don't you remember?" She shivered at the figure of darkness that appeared. "It's okay. I can help you."

    She took another step, afraid but determined. She didn't know what was going on either. But she had to try? Right?

    Faya stepped forward, ignoring the changes of the scenery around them. "We are on the tilting cusp." he rasped as much to himself as those that stood with him. He rested a passing hand on the girl as he stepped past her. "Darkness of one once Madelyn Linnett. Come, look what you abandon!"

    A blood curdling scream, and the shadow left Madelyn Linnett.

    It stood before them.

    Faya would recognise it.

    A Darkness.

    Madelyn Linnett had given birth to it.


    The Change had created a Darkness.

    What did that mean.

    The shadow, literally shapeless, unleashed a stream of dark, spear-tipped, tentacles.


    One pierced the beskar of Paz as he interposed himself between the attack and Ben and Eleanor -

    Impaled through the gut -

    Blood dribbled down his neck -

    "NO!" Eleanor moved around her father and activated her lightsaber; before she used the force to push away at the entity. "You need to stop it! Leave us alone." She moved to the side, wanting and willing it to come after her-

    Faya raised a hand, gloved fingers dragging up from a dipped position as they clenched into a fist. Faya held out his other hand to impaling tentacle. “Not many appreciate such things. Child of Bogan, Daughter of Ashla. I’m the one in the middle-I will be what you need.”

    His gestures unleashed the Force, bars of light rose from the ground with shimmering panes sealing the creature within and shocking it horrendously as the light attempted to sever the limb. From his directed hand green lightning snakes out to dance upon the tentacle and if it pulled free of the man to burn his wound clean as well. Then the color would shift as the focus did, shifting to dance through a rainbow of colors and patterns as it sought to burn the limb away.

    The limb severed, dropping free from Paz, who dropped to the floor -

    The Darkness writhed back, but it also scattered itself, every gap in the panes seeing a flood of attacks -

    Ben rushed over and raised his hands, blocking blows with the Force itself, dropping his lightsaber -

    The Darkness shattered one wall, then plunged a concentrated attack at Faya -

    Madelyn and Eleanor were, briefly, free to attend to Paz, who pulled off his helmet and looked very, very pale.

    He wasn't supposed to die here.

    If he did, the Change wouldn't stop, Faya would have to ask the others to delete a timeline -

    Faya watched the torrent of action with the feign calm of a hunter, one that had lived with tooth and claw. With a negligible wave a hand behind himself he cast a combination of a healing plus stasis effect on Paz, pausing the loss of blood and fading aiming to stem the tide even if he had to focus. Something the darkness would cause soon as it broke a single pain, and with a way out and continued pain inside it stretched out not for freedom, but for Faya.

    Waiting a beat Faya opened his mouth and white arrows around a white shaft flared into being in his mouth. A holy spear and gilded arrows borne of love, hope, remembered flavor of the holy one creator, and all the good within his vessel was borne out in these. Which flew in counterpoint to that onrushing darkness.

    "Buir!" Eleanor yelled as she watched him drop, she turned on the creature and moved forward; trying to get it's attention. Madelyn shook out of her stupor and rushed to her husbands side, mummering apologies and shaking her head like everything was a bad dream. Eleanor looked at her mother and then her father.

    "Hold on, I can fix this." Eleanor reached out to the force, trying to fix everything; to fix the wound that he suffered from. Please heal. She thought quietly. Please work for once.

    The Darkness gloated.

    Six is all we need.

    Yanjon's healing wave impacted Paz, and his body seemed to be lifted for a moment, before knit, healed, and coughing on the floor. Eleanor's energy did the rest, and the Mandalorian sat up. "What the frak is that," Paz said, wearily.

    Six is what we have.

    The spearing attack from the Darkness consolidated into a beam of concentrated power to match Yanjon's.

    Six become One.

    If anything, his decision to heal and then attack had cost him a brief moment in which Yanjon could have pierced the Darkness.

    You become None.

    The torrent of power increased.

    Only together could you defeat the First. The Second.

    Ben, who had been holding what he could, released his hands in a gasp, sweating with the strain, and called to Eleanor and Madelyn. "Together, guys."

    Isolated, you can be destroyed.

    He stepped up to Yanjon - the mysterious stranger who had come to their aid.

    Four, three, two, one.

    "What do you need?" Ben's blade sung active again.


    The walls around them began to spider as if the very power contained within them. Paz checked his weapons, and produced a thermal detonator. "Bomb?"

    Faya reached out to each of them as the Darkness spoke. Together. We need - EVERYTHING! With that they pushed with their light, their twisting dark, the churning chaos of the greys between. They drew and guided the others forward with their everything, their lightsabers, their blasters, their bombs, their very heart strings of courage and determination and love that saw them still standing here. Faya would push forward to grasp and bind the darkness, willing to sacrifice his own limb to succeed to hold it still that their everything might strike true.

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    IC: Ben Solo

    Energies collided.

    The divine power of a One.

    The efforts of a bloodline of the Chosen One.

    Two Jedi Knights.

    The Seventh Darkness that would have been borne from the Seventh Change screamed. It screamed and screamed and screamed.

    And was shredded.

    It had been driven from its tether.

    Then all was blank.
    Outside Time

    The Force, without a Darkness to prevent it from doing so, corrected as naturally as a river would over a stone thrown into its depths.

    The memory of the near-Change was erased.

    Ben Solo, Madelyn Linnett, Vizsla and Eleanor - they forgot how close they had ever been to disaster. Everything returned to where it would be.

    Madelyn and Eleanor and Vizsla would grow old and grow up. Madelyn and her daughter Eleanor would eventually become ensnared in the Second Galactic Civil War, becoming key figures in the undoing of the Mandalorian Army that allied with the First Order.

    Ben Solo, well, he would become Kylo Ren, reject his dark side, splitting himself in two. Ben would fall on Exegol - to Nouane, in the Protector’s past - before dying. His darker side would be defeated on Mortis a decade later, failing to unlock the corporeal Well of the Dark Side. The two would become one again, and Snoke attempted to break Ben by making him believe he was a mere clone. Currently the One Timeline hung on the reunification of the Dyad, and his alliance with his sister, Jaina Solo.

    Faya watched all that happen in the blink of an eye.

    He could not see everything.

    Madelyn, Eleanor and the wider Shysa family faded from an active role in galactic history during the Battle of Mon Calamari… what tale was told, was to be spun, was not known yet written. TAG: @TheSilentInfluence

    The confrontation with Snoke was so Dark that it was impossible to see through -

    Bedlam too, of course, was not visible to him either; not the timeline protected by the Ones where Darth Cocytus reined.

    But plenty was.

    Approximate to him in the timeline were Braata and Sistros, on a world called Nouane. They weren’t where they were supposed to be, and there was a Darkness near them too, and a pair of fates spinning away from them. One of them was on the correct path, one was not, something he could see from his perspective -

    Ike was there, and injured too -

    But the Master of Masters presence, a shadow upon the Force, in its own way, was missing suddenly -

    Yanjon - Aden - his presence was also missing. Somehow -

    Where would he go? What would he do?

    @Mitth_Fisto, reply either in the mentioned Interlude or Road to the Final Episode mentions for @HanSolo29 and @Lady_Belligerent
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