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Saga Revelations ("out of the closet" challenge, OC's *READ WARNING*)

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    *** Though there is no graphic detail, this story contains two OC characters engaged in a SSR (same sex relationship)***

    Title: Revelations
    Author: Alexis_Wingstar
    Beta: DarthBreezy (Thanks again ^:)^)
    Genre: Drama, romance (what I do best :p )
    Timeframe: Sometime during the prequel, but haven't determined exactly since these characters have no contact with any cannon characters.
    Plot: Dink is about to leave the band he formed with his best friend. Before he does, he has to reveal a secret.
    Note: This is written for DarthBreezy's "Out of the Box" challenge... "How we view other people's life choices can be complex, and often challenges our own perception of what's 'right' - - Sometimes someone who is rabidly against same sex relationships (SSR's) can have a change of heart when they find it's someone close to them, such as a child, or a dear friend. Other times, their feelings intensify against said same, or even somewhere in between.

    How is your character accepted or not accepted by friends and family? Does it affect whether people will even work with them?" ~~Quoted from DarthBreezy's challenge post.

    Dink and Jimi originally appeared as very minor characters in a story I co-wrote with The_Musical_Jedi under the sock, Musical-Wingstar called "Tender Shadows". Unfortunately, the story suffers from the truncation issue.


    The young blond man ran his fingers through his hair as he listened to his bandmates’ excited chatter. His eyes, however were on one of them in particular as he blurted loudly, “I’m leaving the band.” As silenced ensued, Dink blushed. He was never one to call attention to himself. He was the quiet backup man to the band. The only thing he did loudly was play the drums, as he was comfortable with being in the background.

    “What?” Jimi, the leader of their five-man band, and whose reaction meant the most to Dink, had a stunned look on his face.

    He shifted his feet uncomfortably while he explained in a quieter voice, “Zellar asked me to join The Corezingers for the rest of the tour, and if Briz doesn’t recover, they want me to be a permanent part of their band.”

    The Corezingers were the band that they, The Alien Contingency, had opened for. The highly successful band’s drummer had been seriously injured in an accident the day before, and Dink had filled in for that night’s gig.

    The drummer never heard his bandmates become so silent in the years they played together. He watched as Jimi’s expression turned from shock, to hurt, then anger, and finally acceptance, all in the space of a few short seconds. “Good luck, then," Jimi muttered. Dink watched his best friend turn and walk out of the room.

    Jev, Krig and Beeldo came over to him and either shook his hand or slapped him on the shoulder as they congratulated him and wished him luck. His eyes kept wandering over to the hallway Jimi had gone down as he politely accepted their well wishes. No one mentioned Jimi’s reaction.

    “We’ll miss you, Dink,” Krig, the keyboardist said. “It’ll be hard to replace you."

    “Zoji has been wanting my seat in the band for the past three years, and she's better than you give her credit for," he answered, referring to Beeldo’s younger sister. He turned from them as he added, "Excuse me, please.” He headed down the hallway. As he approached Jimi’s bedroom, he heard a crash and a muttered curse. Swallowing, he lightly tapped on the doorframe. He stepped back slightly in alarm when the door abruptly swung open and was faced by an unusually fierce looking Balosar.

    “What do you want, a goodbye present?” Jimi scowled.

    “Can we talk?”

    Sure,” the lanky man stepped aside and swung his long arm back, as he spoke in a sarcastic tone, “come on in, brother.”

    Brother... the word pierced in his heart. When they first met at the orphanage, they had become fast friends. Jimi, the wisecracking, impudent Balosar, and Dink, the quiet, studious Human, had been called “The Oh-oh Twins” by the other residents of Mother Fran’s home for lost children. Whenever there was trouble to be had, they were more than likely the ones behind it. Not that they were mean or destructive, but they were known as the pranksters.

    Dink remembered the first time he saw Jimi.

    Mother Fran.. her name was actually Fran Dishara, but all the kids lovingly referred to her as Mother Fran... had led him into her office, and as she sat at her desk, and he stood solemnly just a few steps into the room, she indicated the chair opposite her. Before he sat down, he saw a freckled face peeking out from under the desk. Two antennas jutted out of a tousle of black, curly hair. Brown eyes sparkled mischievously as the boy put a finger to his lips.

    Dink blinked and quickly raised his eyes as he climbed into the chair. He sat with his legs dangling over the seat. His feet swung idly a full decimeter from the floor as Mother Fran questioned him about his family, where he was from, etc. He had remained silent, just as he had when the police had asked the same questions. He hadn’t spoken since he woke up in the hospital. He couldn’t remember how he came to be there, nor why he was taken to the orphanage. He knew his name was Dink, he knew where he lived, he knew his mom’s name - though he'd never known his father. He just couldn’t bring himself to answer any questions. It was as though every time he opened he tried to speak, someone was putting a hand over his mouth and telling him to keep silent.

    “Dink, honey, we only want to help you.”

    He looked down at his hands which were folded in his lap. He felt ashamed for not talking to this nice lady, however, he couldn’t. Movement attracted his eyes to the boy under the desk. He was miming a talking motion with his hand, and opening his mouth wide then closing it as he rolled his eyes. Dink gagged on the beginning of a surprised laugh, and quickly clapped a hand to his mouth as he began to cough.

    Mother Fran quickly got up and poured a glass of water and brought it to him. As Dink sipped the cool liquid, she leaned back on the desk. “You can come out now, Jimi."

    The boy smiled sheepishly as crawled out from under the desk.

    "We'll talk later about why you're skulking around in my office, but right now, I'll introduce the two of you." She looked at Dink and smiled warmly as she ruffled the Balosar’s hair. "This little scamp is Jimi Keôp.”

    The boy reached out a hand as Dink stood and automatically took it and shook.

    “Jimi, this is Dink Fenzer. He’ll be rooming with you, Jiro and Tyng. Show him where he can put his things, then give him a tour of the house, please.”

    “Yes, ma’am,” the boy replied cheerfully with an exaggerated bow. When he straightened, he placed a hand on the newcomer’s shoulder. Dink couldn’t explain even to himself why he pulled his shoulder away as the other boy spoke to him, “You're lucky I’m showing you around. Grown ups tend to give a boring tour.” Jimi grinned as he started to lead him toward the door.


    At the warning tone, the irrepressible boy winked at Dink before looking with wide innocent eyes at its owner. “Yes, Mother Fran?”

    “No funny business, and come back here in a half hour.”

    “Yes, ma’am!”

    Jimi was the first person he was able to talk to in his new life at the orphanage. There was no doubt the young Balosar was a mischievous scamp, but he was also genuinely friendly and honest. The two became inseparable. When a couple came to adopt Dink three years later, he told them he couldn’t leave his brother Jimi behind. At first, his loyalty to the other boy almost cost him from being placed. However, when Mother Fran told the two about their relationship, and had them observe Jimi and Dink together, their hearts melted. They took both him and Jimi into their home. A year later, they became Jimi and Dink Rimmin when they were officially adopted.

    Dink didn’t know exactly when things changed, but one night, they were going on a double date to a holo-show. For some reason, he was having trouble concentrating on the girl who was snuggling against him. He kept looking over at Jimi and felt jealous. Not because he’d rather be with his brother’s date, but with him. He was confused and embarrassed by these unexpected stirrings he had toward the other boy. ‘He's my best friend and my brother - this isn't natural.’ Still, he could no more keep his eyes from straying over to study Jimi's face any more than one could stop the expansion of the universe.

    That was five years ago, and Dink kept those feelings to himself, even as his heart broke each time he saw Jimi with any number of girls -- sometimes with more than one at a time -- through the years.

    Well," Jimi's impatient tone broke Dink's reverie, "are you coming in or not?”

    Dink nodded and self-consciously looked down at the floor as he passed Jimi. Looking across the room, he saw a pillow lodged in the slats of the tan blinds that covered the window. Feathers were still floating about. A corner of his mouth raised along with the corresponding eyebrow as he glanced over at Jimi and gestured toward said window. “Nice shot.”

    The Balosar shrugged as he swung the door shut then leaned his back against it and sighed. “Look, I’m not angry at you for taking advantage of this opportunity. You deserve it.” He pushed away from the door, took two steps toward the bed, leapt on it and with one bouncing step, he was at the window. He yanked the pillow from the blinds, but wound up also pulling them down with a cacophonous clatter. “Ah, mynock droppings!” He shrugged again, “I never liked those blinds anyway. They never closed all the way.” Turning back to his brother, he shot him a lopsided smile. “Now the Tronsen twins get to see me strip for bed.”

    Dink couldn’t bring himself to smile back.

    “Hey,” Jimi said as he bounded once more on the bed and used it as a springboard to get to the other side. He landed in front of Dink and placed a hand on his shoulder, looking up at him. “Really, it’s alright! I’m sorry I acted so stupidly back in the living room. I was just surprised. I’m proud of you. The ‘Zingers are lucky to get you. When do you leave?”

    “Jimi...” A lump formed in the drummer’s throat. Instead of speaking, he suddenly wrapped one arm around the other man’s shoulder and pulled him to him as he leaned down and pressed his lips against the other’s. His other hand came up behind Jimi’s head and his fingers tangled in the soft curls.

    Feeling Jimi’s muscles stiffen, Dink pulled away. Once more he saw shock in those big brown eyes. His cheeks grew warm with embarrassment and frustration. “I’m sorry.”

    It was Dink’s turn to hurriedly leave the room.


    His vision blurred as he struggled to close the overstuffed suitcase. He silently cursed himself as he rubbed a sleeve across his cheeks. Hearing a soft knock on the door, he moaned. Not now. I don’t want anyone seeing me like this. He turned to look in his dresser mirror, ignoring the fact that the lid of the suitcase obstinately popped back open.

    “Dink, please let me in!”

    He took a deep breath and let it out as he made sure he dried his face before he went to the door. The moment it was barely open enough to admit him, Jimi squeezed through.

    “Why did you do that?” The Balosar stood looking up at him with his feet planted wide, fists resting on his hips.

    Dink blushed even as he replied, “I would think the kiss had an obvious reason.”

    “I don’t mean that,” Jimi scoffed and waved a hand. “Why the hell did you leave before I could say or do anything?”

    The taller man ran his fingers through his hair as he looked away. He didn’t know what to say as he walked across the room and looked out the window in silence.

    “So, when did you get the hots for me?”

    He turned and looked at Jimi incredulously. Then shook his head at the smug expression. “You’re a real piece of work.”

    “Dink,” the other man sighed as he came over to him. “Help me understand what’s going on here. You never did or said anything about...” He pointed to both their chests. “I mean, we’ve been soul brothers even before the Rimmins adopted us.”

    “I... I loved you from the first, Jimi,” Dink quietly confessed. “Though I didn’t know back then it was... other than... Jimi, I understand if you don’t feel this way. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to...”

    Jimi grabbed Dink’s hands in his. “Oh, shut up!” Even as Dink was still speaking, the shorter man lifted himself up on the tip of his toes and kissed him.

    After slowly pulling away from each other and searching each others' eyes, The two men laughed.

    Dink then swallowed as he ran a finger gently along Jimi’s jawline. “One word from you, and I’ll stay, you know.”

    Shaking his head, the smaller man copied the gesture in a mirror-like move. “I won’t hold you back.”

    “I love you.”

    Jimi's eyes sparkled merrily. "I get that." He then became serious as he squeezed Dink's large, calloused fingers. Glancing down at their clasped hands, he spoke in an uncharacteristically soft tone, "Back at the orphanage, you risked not having a family because of your loyalty to me." He raised his head once more, and their eyes locked as he continued, "I won't tell you what to do. It's your decision. Like I said, I won't hold you back. Whatever you choose, we'll still have this." He placed his slender-fingered hand on Dink's chest.
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    Nice story and good to see
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    Do you remember Jimi and Dink from Tender Shadows? You were a faithful reader.