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Saga Rewriting Star Wars (AU, First Draft, 42 Chapters, Updated 8/13/13)

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    Jabari - Thanks for the Like

    Jade_eyes - You'll just have to keep reading to see.

    Asajj_Kenobi - Yes, Styx can sometime be an influencing factor. And was it that obvious?


    Chapter 15

    Master Go, Lucy, Cecil, and Jim rode into the port town with purpose. Their procession was met with suspicious eyes and rapidly closing windows.

    "I smell trouble." Lucy said.

    "It'll be all right." Master Go reassured her. "Just stay close."

    It wasn't long before they were stopped by a posse of officially attired Dynasty Inquisitors. Lucy was surprised to see them out in the open like this.

    "State your names and purpose."

    "Of course, officer. I am the master of Leeds Plantation. This is my daughter." Go pointed to Lucy", and these my servants," Go gestured to Cecil and Jim. "I am here to inspect my inventory."

    "Let's see some identification."

    "You don't need to see our identification."

    "Yes, yes I do."

    "Very well." Master Go produces a leather-bound fold of papers from his satchel for them to inspect. After a moment's pause, the Inquisitor hands the papers back.

    "Move along." He says waving them through.

    When they're out of sight of the Dynasty Inquisitor, Lucy grabs the papers and looks at them. They seemed official enough to her eyes, but suddenly the ink on the papers shift about and swirl until they spell "Hello, Lucy."

    "There is no limit to the power of the Way." Go says, then winks.


    They tied up their horses outside of a saloon and walked in. Human and nonhuman creatures littered the place; each one showing a cold, hard face. Lucy took one look around the place, turned to Jim and Cecil, and said, "Maybe you two should watch the horses..."

    "A fine stratagem, Mistress." Jim didn't want to bow out, but considering the bauble he concealed, he didn't argue.

    Go and Lucy passively walked up to the bar. All eyes were on them. Go ordered a shot of whiskey, as did Lucy, but only one of them managed to drink their shot without coughing. Lucy didn't notice Go leave her alone at the bar to talk to some of the other patrons.

    "Can't hold your liquor, eh sweet cheeks?" A disfigured man slunk up next to Lucy, getting uncomfortably close. Lucy scooted away from the man to find herself backing into a half-ogre, who grunted at her.

    "He likes you."


    "I like you, too. What say you come up to our room?"

    "Are you always this charming?" Lucy was getting angrier and angrier.

    "Do you really think we care whether you're willing or not?"

    "This one's not worth the trouble boys." Go pulled Lucy out from between her 'suitors'. "Come, let me buy you a drink."

    The half-ogre raised both his arms in fury, intending to bring them down on the old man for interfering. Lucy couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Go move as fast as he did. Before she could blink, Go thrust his elbow into the half-ogre's throat then delivered a bone-crushing kick to the creature's knee. He didn't even look at the disfigured man who drew a large dagger just to have it re-sheathed into his belly with a perfectly aimed elbow.

    The bodies fell to the floor. Every patron in the saloon silently witnessed the assault, then, without a word, returned to their own business, as though nothing had happened.

    "I could have taken them." Lucy grumbled.

    "I know, but we're pressed for time. Wendigo here is second mate on a ship which could help us." Lucy looked up to see a nine foot tall yeti purr a deep growl of approval at the two of them.


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    Cool update =D= @};- Loved the mind trick stuff ;)
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    Only because Styx is the only CD in my car and when the music on the radio is crappy I turn it on. I hear Mr. Roboto a lot.
    If I were Lucy I wouldn't know if I should be insulted or not. o_O

    Nice update.
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    Master Go has psychic paper. :) Nicely done. I like the Wendigo.
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    Hurray! We broke 1000 views! Thank you!

    Jade_eyes - My wife busted a gut when I read the "Yes, yes I do" line aloud to her.

    Asajj_Kenobi - I suppose I could reword that. I meant it that if they tried it would be more trouble than it's worth.

    Jabari - Thanks for the like, and yay, you noticed the Doctor Who reference.


    Chapter 16

    "The name's Shaw. Captain of the White Hawk. Wendigo here tells me you're looking for a ship to take you to the Isle of Alder."

    Shaw was a grim-jawed pirate with more that a few scars on him, each one with a story to tell. Wendigo sat beside him and leaned back, folding his furry arms. Lucy noted the yeti's posture was similar to the muscled thugs of gangsters in the books she read. She let Go do the talking.

    "If it's a fast ship." The conversation between Go and Shaw was a bit like a staring contest. Lucy felt the tension in the air increase.

    "Fast ship? You've never heard of the White Hawk?"

    "Should I have?"

    "It's the ship that slalomed the Sakan Archipelago in less than twelve leagues."

    "Leagues are a distance, not a time." Lucy interrupted.

    "Most ships slaloming the Sakan Archipelago capsize on the reef if they try to sail any less than twenty leagues." Shaw shot back. Lucy shut up. "It's fast enough for you, old man. What's the cargo."

    "Just myself, the girl, two slaves," Go leaned in "... and no questions asked."

    "Local trouble?"

    "Let's just say we'd like to avoid any Dynastic encounters."

    The yeti grumbled.

    "That's the real trick, isn't it? And it's going to cost you extra. Twenty thousand, all in advance."

    "Twenty thousand?" Lucy shot back, incredulously. "We could buy our own dragon for that."

    "Yeah, but who's gonna fly it, kid? You?"

    "You don't know me. I-" Go silenced Lucy with a gesture.

    "We can pay you three thousand now, and another thirty when we get to the Isle of Alder."

    "Thirty three? You just got yourself a ship. East bay, pier ninety four. I suggest you disappear. Looks like someone is looking into your handiwork."

    Dynasty Soldiers had entered the bar and were interrogating the bartender about the bodies of the patrons who had intended to rape Lucy. Go appreciated the warning and vanished with Lucy into the crowd so effectively that Wendigo uttered an impressed grunt. Shaw waited until the soldiers left before turning to his first mate.

    "Thirty three thousand, Wendy. Can you believe it? We just hit the jackpot. This could really save my neck. Go get the Hawk ready for travel. I'll meet you there."

    The yeti nodded and walked off. Shaw was about to pay his bill when he felt the point of a knife jabbing his back. He paid the bill anyway and put his hands up in non-threatening way.

    "Whoever you are, I've got the money." The man with a knife put a hand on Shaw's shoulder and led him back to the table he was sitting at before.

    "Sit." Shaw obeyed and kicked himself for not realizing who the coward was sooner; Og, the gremlin.

    "Oh, Og, how I've missed you." Shaw began covertly digging through his pocket for a little glass ball. Og changed how he held the knife so he could throw it at a moment's notice. With how close Shaw sat from Og, there was little chance of him missing.

    "Give me the money." Og grumbled.

    "I don't have it with me. You think I'd carry that kind of coin on me in a place like this?"

    "My employer is tired of your games, Shaw. Your debt has become an embarrassment to the clan. Pay me or pay the consequences."

    "Last I checked, you were owned, not employed. And what's this 'pay you' business? I know you Og. You want the money for yourself."

    "You don't even have it, do you? When I bring your corpse to Don Diego, he will reward me and feed your remains to one of his pets."

    "I always thought you were one of those pets."

    Og growled, "I've been looking forward to this."

    "Yes, I bet you have." Shaw flicked the glass orb he pulled from his pocket into Og's lap where it cracked. The gremlin was barely aware of the danger before his entire body was engulfed in white-hot dragon-fire. Just as soon as it appeared, the fire vanished, leaving Og's charred black remains sitting there. His body hit the table with a satisfying thump.

    Shaw stood in a dignified manner, tossed a coin to the bartender, and said, "Sorry for the mess," before walking out of the saloon.


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    Shaw shot white-hot dragon-fire first! :D

    The evil villain is Don Diego? The smiling caballero from the Del Mar Fair? :eek: That brings back memories. :cool:
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    I like the comeback for "Leagues are a distance, not a time". Also, the dragon-fire orbs. :)
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    Shaw is awesome and dragon-fire orbs - That is terrific. =D=
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    Asajj_Kenobi - Of course Shaw shot first. I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

    Jabari - Thanks for the Like, also I heard a theory about Han's Kessel Run, being that he had to pass through a field of black holes, and traveling 12 parsecs was a dangerously short shortcut, so that was my little homage to that theory.

    Jade_eyes - We aim to please. :)


    Chapter 17

    "These are thoroughbred arabians! They're worth twice what you're offering!" Lucy's incredulity at the trader's audacity was vividly apparent. She wanted Master Go to show his magic papers to the man to make him pay what they were worth.

    "I'm aware of their worth, darling." The trader spoke. "And so is everyone else. I can't buy them for what I can sell them. Either take the offer or go looking somewhere else."

    Being pressed for time cost them, but the offer was enough to pay for their voyage. Lucy begrudgingly took the money and they left.


    Lucy, Jim, Cecil, and Master Go went through the harbor district on foot. It was here that Lucy's uncanny resemblance to Princess Lenore began to cause them trouble.

    A shadowy figure began to follow them.

    It wasn't long before his eavesdropping caught their destination, pier 94. He immediately broke his surveillance and reported his discoveries to his contact, the High Inquisitor of Las Almas.

    Within moments, a squad of Inquisitors was dispatched to intercept.


    The party walked down the pier looking for the one marked ninety four.

    Cecil broke the silence with, "I suppose it's probably a bad time to mention that I get sea sick."

    "Why didn't you say something before?" Lucy asked, somewhat perturbed by this sudden confession.

    "Would it have mattered?"

    "No, not really." Go chimed in, shrugging off the entire conversation.

    They turned at the sign they were looking for and headed towards what looked like a ship that should have sunk ages ago.

    "What is this? A joke?" Lucy asked.

    Go gave Shaw the money while Shaw defended his ship's appearance. "She looks like this on purpose. Being underestimated can be a valuable asset." Lucy had to agree with that statement. "But we're ready to set sail, so if you'd kindly get on board, we can depart."

    Lucy was ascending the gangplank when suddenly something shot past her face. It landed with a thunk. Upon closer inspection, Lucy recognized it as a Dynasty Star, the weapon that nearly took Jim's life. She watched in horror as it ripped itself out of the wood of the ship and dodged it's return trajectory to the Inquisitor who originally released it.

    "Stop that ship! Arrest them!" Was the command given, but their intent was clear when they all unleashed their flying weapons upon them.

    Cecil immediately took cover in the ship. Master Go was already on board, when the ruckus started. Jim jumped in front of Lucy and took a star to his shoulder. Lucy grabbed Jim and hauled him off to safety.

    Shaw ran on board and shouted, "Wendy! Get us out of here!" He rapidly tossed off the ropes that tied the White Hawk to the pier. As he got the last one off, a flying star cut the straps of his satchel that held the balls of dragon-fire. Realty seemed to slow in Shaw's mind as he saw the bag fall toward the deck. Fully loaded, if it hit his ship, the entire boat would be suddenly engulfed in a fire that would consume everyone on board. He watched his body act on reflex and caught the bag with the top of his foot. Then he spun around and kicked the entire bag overboard towards the Inquisitors.

    The bag sailed through the air. One of the soldiers snatched it out of the air with lightning reflexes. His accomplishment was short lived when the bag erupted with dragon fire and set the pier ablaze.

    The sails of the White Hawk caught the shockwave of the dragon fire eruption and propelled it away from the pier. The whole boat shook violently, but they were safely on their way.

    Shaw found Wendigo and confided in him. "These guys must be hotter than I thought. You up for this?"

    The yeti growled mischievously.

    "Fun, huh? We'll see about that, Wendy." Shaw looked out beyond. "What's that out there?" Shaw pulled out a telescope and could clearly identify three Dynasty war ships closing in quick. "A blockade. Who the hell are these guys? Get below, hurry, work your magic buddy."

    Wendigo grunted an obedient affirmation and disappeared into the bowels of the ship.

    "Where's he going?" Lucy asked Shaw.

    "Below." Was all he'd say.

    "Well, obviously..."

    "Then why'd you ask?" Shaw looked at Lucy like she was the dumb one. This did not sit well with her. "Hang on to something. Were going up."


    It was at that moment that Lucy realized just why this ship was known as a the White Hawk. The yeti called Wendigo had a secret. The holes near the bottom of the ship that Lucy assumed would mean would sink now housed 6 enormous fluffy white wings that, with a single flap, rendered the entire ship airborne.

    Lucy watched in amazement when their vessel took to the sky and glided through the air over the ships that threatened to block their way. A cannon ball whizzed by the starboard side of the White Hawk, but that was the closest shot the Dynasty could muster.

    "Damn" Shaw said. "I usually wait until I'm out to see to use this trick. Now the Dynasty knows I can fly. This'll make things harder for me. Your old friend better make good on his financial obligations, girl." Shaw grumbled as he strode past Lucy in a huff.

    Lucy wondered who Go knew on the Isle of Alder who would pay thirty thousand for their safe arrival.


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    Now that's just cool. =D= @};-
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    Nice update.
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    Just caught up!

    A lot of interesting things and I am sorry that I didn't keep looking to see if there were updates. Shame on me.

    I read one fic where Leia and Luke had five siblings that were born with them but it didn't make sense and a the fact that the girls went to Alderaan and the boys went to Tatooine. Made no sense. But this is much better.
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    Jabari - Thanks for the 'Like'

    Jade_eyes - We aim to please :D

    Asajj_Kenobi - Thank you.

    Lady_Misty - I post updates every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, so feel free to come by more often. I'm glad I'm at least making sence. I've had a problem with that in the past.


    <h2>Chapter 18</h2>

    What appeared to be storm clouds gathered over the Isle of Alder. Residents took shelter from the oncoming storm, unaware of the fate that would soon befall them.

    Masked behind the storm clouds, the Dark Fortress hung in the air, invisible to the people below. A balcony protruded at top of the tallest tower. Upon that balcony, clad in black armor, the Lady Evelyn stood. The wind swept through her hair. Her helmet rested upon the railing. She took a deep breath of the salty sea air high in the sky. She let a small smile crack her constantly stern visage.

    That smile quickly vanished when she heard the footsteps of her daughter, Princess Lenore, escorted by the prison guards.

    "You've recovered, I see." Evelyn's words spoke of concern, but her tone of voice did not match. "Have you given any thought to our earlier conversation?"

    "You're a monster."

    "That's a matter of perspective, my dear." Then with a grand gesture with her hand, the Lady Evelyn presented the scene below them. "Behold, the Isle of Alder."

    The princess' calm was damaged. "What? Why are we here? What have you done?"

    "Nothing yet. The fate of the people living on this island is in your hands, my dear. You get to choose if they live or die."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I thought it was obvious. Tell me where the shard is and the inhabitants of this island will see another sunrise. Or keep your secret and murder them, every man, woman, and child. Is your game worth having their blood on your hands?"

    "Why would you do this?"

    "Me? This is all your doing. You betrayed the Empress. You defied the Dynasty. Your choices lead us down this road. You brought this fortress here. You've made me a slave to your whims, Princess. Don't blame others for your mistakes. You now have the power over the lives of everyone on the isle below."

    "Lies. All lies."

    "I grow tire of your disobedience. I will ask you for the last time. Will you reveal the location of the stolen Shard, or murder these people? Choose!"

    The princess struggled hard with the words that echoed in her mind. The Lady Evelyn had mastered the art of the ear-worm, or rather the method of speech that repeats itself in your mind over and over and over again. She couldn't think. Her mind was breaking.

    "I sent it to the north, it's en route to the Palace of the White Walls. They're going to bury it in a glacier forever."

    "I see."

    The Lady Evelyn closed her eyes and rested her hands upon the railing next to her helmet. What happened next, only Lenore could see clearly.

    The black stone comprising the underside of the Flying Fortress changed shape. It transformed from it's normal inverted mountain shape into that of an enormous, black human skull.

    Lenore witnessed in horror as the skull descended upon the Isle of Alder, opened it's jaws, and began to consume the entire island, bite by bite. The screams of the innocents being crushed by the shifting stone island brought Lenore to tears.

    "Stop it.... stop it...." She sobbed, but her cries fell upon deaf ears. The devastation continued until the entire island was annihilated, nothing of it remained that stood above sea level. The Dynasty literally wiped it off the map.


    "You sent the shard west, not north. You lied to me. You murdered those people."

    "You monster..."

    "That's a matter of perspective." Evelyn collected her helmet and left Lenore to ponder her failures. A guard would return her to her prison cell.


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    Tragic that Lenore's misdirection didn't work. :( Lady Evelyn is an excellent Sithy type =D=
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    Ouch... That was something I didn't want reminding off. [face_skull]
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    Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, got it.

    Man, this gives new meaning to "lie to your parents and they will destroy your life".
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    Jade_eyes - Agreed, poor Lenore. And thank you. I'm proud of how Evelyn's turning out. I've based Evelyn's evil ways half on the Sith, and half on David Bowie from Labyrinth. "Love me, fear me, do as I say, and I will be your slave."

    Venator88 - What, exactly, were you reminded of? o_O

    Lady_Misty - That'll teach her to get caught lying. Next time, don't get caught! :p


    Chapter 19

    Lucy finished patching up Jim's shoulder. "You've got to stop getting wounded like this. There's not much left of you that isn't scar tissue."

    Jim pursed his lips in a crooked smirk. Lucy smirked back. Jim lied back down upon his cot and rested. Unlike the ocean voyages he took in his youth, this flying above the clouds was smooth and even. He fell asleep quickly.

    Lucy ventured above deck where Shaw guided the helm. She assumed he didn't regard her for much, and honestly, she didn't really care. When Shaw told her about his boat being ideally underestimated, she experienced similar benefits first hand.

    She looked up at the stars and recognized the constellations. Heroes of myth and legend symbolized by the patterns of the stars in the heavens. Each one with their own story. As a little girl she dreamed of having adventures like the heroes in her stories, but what adventures could a plantation owner's niece possibly have?

    Now she sat on a ship sailing through the sky, defying the Dynasty and searching for her long lost sisters.

    She took another look at the sky and realized they we not exactly headed in a westerly direction. She didn't like the idea of being duped. She decided to confront this Captain Shaw for his deceit.

    "As I recall, the Isle of Alder is 10° west by southwest from the Port of Las Almas." She said conversationally, entrapment was on her mind.

    "Indeed it is."

    "Yet you've got us on a heading 15° west by northwest."

    "Yep. Also correct."

    "So, where are you taking us?"

    "To the Isle of Alder." He was not going for the entrapment angle easily.

    "But we're 25° port to the heading we should be going."

    "Oh, dearie me! Really? Then I better make a course correction. I'm so lucky to have you on board, missy." Sarcasm oozed from his speech like a leaky chamberpot.

    Lucy noticed that Shaw neglected to alter his course. She was about to storm off in a huff when Shaw finally spoke to her with some semblance of respect.

    "Listen kid. You clearly know your way around a star chart and rudimentary navigation. What you're failing to comprehend is that we're not sailing by the trade winds or the ocean currents. The air is thinner up here, it moves differently. We're going to the Isle of Alder, I'm just getting you there faster than you anticipated. Go back under, get some rest. Wendy and I will get you there by sunrise."

    "It's a three day trip to get there."

    "Sure, if you're traveling under the clouds. Trust me. Get some sleep."

    Lucy nodded and returned to the cabins below deck.

    "Cute kid," Shaw said to himself.

    The ship beneath him groaned.

    "Don't get started. She's not my type."

    Another groan.

    "Yeah, yeah. Keep your filthy imagination to yourself, Wendy."

    The ship's groaning sounded suspiciously like chuckling.


    Lucy sat down upon her hammock. She looked around before procuring the shifting stone Go said once belonged to her mother. Everyone was asleep so she could practice privately.

    She held the stone in the palm of her hand. It was round and smooth like the stones at the bottom of a riverbed whose rough edges were worn away by the rushing waters. She stared intently at it, willing it to become a flower.


    It didn't even quiver.

    The harder she tried, the worse it seemed to be. She was ready to give up. She closed her eyes and gave a sigh of exhaustion. It was that release of tension that produced the result she desired. When she opened her eyes again, the shape of the stone had shifted so deftly she couldn't remember feeling it change in her hand.

    She smiled. Progress. She visualized the form of a tiny dancer, closed her eyes and sighed again. Upon opening them, there was the dancer she saw in her mind.

    "But can you make her dance?"

    "Huh?" The stone resumed it's original round shape.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." Master Go apologized. "You've made a brief connection to the Way. You changed the shape of your stone in an instant. The next step is to align your mind to the Way and visualize motion." Go pulled out his stack of papers and held out his hand. Lucy watched with fascination as the 'ink' leapt off each page and formed another stone in the palm of his aging hand.

    "How did you do that?" Lucy began to feel incredibly inadequate.

    "Do not compare your level with my level. You and I and everyone else in the world are the same; we are all learning." Go reassured her. "Nothing in this world ever came to pass without someone imagining it first. The Way balances your imagination with the collective dreams of all living things. You must learn to balance your own willpower and desires with the flow of the universe.

    "Hold the stone in your hand." Go commanded. Lucy obeyed. "In your mind, picture that dancer again. But this time, forget what you've learned. That is not a stone you hold, but a manifestation of your will."

    Lucy closed her eyes again and pictured a ballerina pirouetting upon on foot and using kicks to propel her momentum. When she opened her eyes, she could hardly believe what she saw.

    Not only had the stone moved and shifted to resemble what she saw in her imaginations, but the dull grayish-brown color the stone normally assumes had changed to the colors of pink, blonde, and flesh tones she visualized with the dancer.

    But the moment she looked at it, it collapsed into the shape and color of the original stone. "I don't believe it!"

    "That's your problem, dear." Go rebuked. "Let go of your disbelief. Fear, doubt, you must put these thoughts out of your mind. It is the only way your connection to the Way can be complete. Whether you choose to believe you can, or believe you can't, the Way will accept your belief. You must learn bring your highest self to the Way."

    Lucy once again redirected her attention to her mother's stone. She didn't close her eyes this time. She wanted to see that dancer again. The stone shifted shape and color to resemble the dancer, but it held still in a stretch over one foot. She wanted to watch the dancer dance. She let go of her imagination and could feel someone else's dream take hold.

    Somewhere in the Way someone dreamed of dancing, and that dream manifested in her hand with the stone ballerina leaping and twirling about in Lucy's hand. Just as the figurine was about to make it's grand finally, it stopped and released a blood curdling scream before collapsing into its original form as a stone.

    "What happened?" Lucy asked. "What did I do?"

    "It wasn't your fault." Go reassured her. "I'm afraid something terrible has happened."

    Lucy and Go were greatly disturbed that her stone cried out in terror, then was suddenly silenced.


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    Enjoyed Lucy and Shaw's banter and his grudging respect. ;) :) Cool scene with the stone becoming a flower then a dancer =D=
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    What I meant the destruction of Alderaan was related to the Isle's destruction.
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    Well if you are trying to avoid your enemies you don't set off straight for your destination you lead them astray, loose them then head for your destination.

    Lucy learning from Master Go was great. It's too bad that the destruction of the Isle of Alder ruined the dance but it did warn them.
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    Jabari - Thank you for the Likes.

    Jade-eyes - I'm glad you're enjoying each little scene.

    Venator88 - Indeed it was. Is that a significantly emotional point for you?

    Lady_Misty - That is a very good point about avoiding detection. I actually pulled from a lot of different books I've read on spirituality and self improvement for much of Go's lecture.

    -- Sorry about missing Saturday. I had a severe allergy attack after mowing my lawn and the Benadryl I took left me unable to write all day long. --


    Chapter 20

    Wendy's wings lowered the White Hawk below the cloud level and gently rested it against the ocean below. Once waterborne, Wendy resumed his form as a yeti and came above deck to see Shaw.

    The dawn was about to break. Shaw promised Lucy they'd make it to the Isle of Alder by sunrise. And according to everything he knew about navigating the seas and the skies, their destination should be straight ahead.

    Shaw stood, mouth slightly agape, as where the island was supposed to be was nothing but sea. He conferred with his charts, used every trick he knew to verify his location. After minutes of doubt and double checking, there was only one conclusion that could be reached.

    The island was gone.

    Go was the first to wake and emerge from below deck. He rubbed the sand from his eyes and ascended to the top deck where Shaw stood.

    "How much longer until we arrive?"

    "That.... Is a very good question." Shaw shot a sideways glance at Go, his suspicion of the old man increasing by the moment. "What are you involved in, old man?"

    "Part of the agreement was 'no questions asked', Captain. Do you intend to break our agreement?"

    "I've done my part. But I fear your promise of payment will go unfulfilled." Shaw pulled up his charts. "We left the Port of Las Almas and took to the sky. From there we traveled for fifty seven and one half leagues on a heading of fifteen degrees west by north west following the current above the clouds. We turned forty five degrees starboard to catch the prevailing winds and continued onward for another sixty three leagues. We touched water again here." Shaw pointed to the map to show trip they made and where they ended. "This is where we are. The Isle of Alder should be half a league just over there." Shaw pointed to a place behind Go. Go turned and saw nothing.

    "We're lost?" Go accused the captain.

    "I wish we were. That would make my life a little easier. But no. We're right on course. It's your destination that's lost. The entire island is gone."

    It was at that moment that Lucy emerged from below and caught the tail end of their conversation. "Gone?" She asked. "What do you mean 'it's gone'?"

    Go closed his eyes and emptied his thoughts, opening himself up to the Way. In his mind's eye, the Way showed him the terrible destruction the Flying Fortress rendered upon the people of the Isle of Alder.

    "It was destroyed, completely, by the Dynasty."

    "How? They don't have the firepower, even with all their dragons. Level the island, yes, but destroy it completely?"

    Wendigo uttered a soft, mournful roar. Lucy looked over the side of the ship to see hundreds of bodies floating in the water. She could not bear to look and turned away.

    A horrible thought crossed her mind. She remembered her stone becoming a dancer that screamed. "One of them dreamed of dancing. Didn't they?"

    "Yes, Lucy. Yes. That dream came from one of these poor souls."

    Without warning, Jim grabbed Lucy from behind and pulled her bodily to the deck. She cried in pain and was about to protest when mounted dragon flew by the ship, scooped up some of the bodies in the sea, and began eating them.

    "Dragon rider." Shaw hissed. "Get below, now." They all obeyed without question."

    Shaw examined the rider from through a cannon window. "Dynasty Flier. Baby dragon. Not more than sixty. It couldn't have gotten here on its own."

    "Alder didn't have dragon aeries. Where did it come from?" Go wondered.

    Cecil woke up and spoke normally, which seemed like a shout in the current situation. "What's all the hubbub about?" Lucy put a hand over his mouth. He nodded when he saw the seriousness of the glares directed at him.

    "Regardless, he won't be around long enough to tell anyone about us." Shaw loaded his cannon as quietly as possible while the dragon continued to feast upon the dead. A shrill cry echoed through the sky, forcing the company to cover their ears. The dragon looked up and took to the sky before Shaw could light the fuse. "Damn," he cursed.

    "Look, he's heading for that storm cloud." Lucy pointed up to the sky.

    "That's no cloud..." Go said slowly.


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    For a sneak peak at Chapter 21, go to
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    Shaw checking his charts and position is very smart of him. When you might be lost you should check all possible places where you could bee.

    Poor Lucy, first first she sees the remains of those that lived and worked at her home now she sees the remains people of the Isle of Alder in the water.

    Nice salute to scene with the TIE Fighter.
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    Chapter 21

    "What do you mean that's not a storm cloud?" Lucy hissed, trying to whisper.

    "You should turn this ship around." Go whispered to Shaw.

    Shaw nodded, and was on his way up the ladder-steep stairs when a massive harpoon penetrated the floor above his head. He fell down, lucky to still be alive. Another harpoon caught the bow of the ship. The harpoons expanded and latched themselves onto the ship. Shaw cursed like the sailor he was.

    Everyone was paralyzed with fear as they all felt the ship lurch upward. "We're going up?" Cecil whispered.

    "They're reeling us in!" Lucy exclaimed.

    "They're not getting this ship without a fight!" Shaw

    "They just leveled an island, Captain." Go soothed Shaw's bruised ego. "However, there are alternatives to fighting."

    Shaw ran past everybody and said "Follow me," as he went. Jim was the quickest behind him and when he saw what Shaw was doing, he jumped in to give him a hand. The pair of them shoved heavy boxes to the side and opened up a secret door in the floor.

    "What is this?" Lucy tried to keep her balance in a ship that rocked violently as it was reeled upwards.

    "I use it for smuggling. Get in, everybody, NOW!"

    "You want me to what?" Cecil was very distraught by the notion that he'd be stuck in a cage again. "Mistress Lucy, I highly disagree-"

    "Shut up and hide," Lucy pushed Cecil towards Jim, who nodded and helped Cecil into the secret compartment. After a bit of human Tetris, the six of them were able to fit inside the compartment. Shaw pulled on a rope that closed the lid and moved the box back on top of the door.

    "It's lucky you had this place." Lucy whispered.

    "Never thought I'd be smuggling myself." Shaw murmured.

    Wendigo grumbled.

    "I know. But remember what else is in here." Shaw retorted.

    "What's his problem?" Lucy asked.

    "I usually have more room in here," Shaw explained. "But I've got a giant crate of highly dangerous, and very illegal weapons sharing this cramped space with us. We're gonna need them."

    "Follow my lead." Go whispered.

    "I have to pee." Cecil added.

    An air of hostility for Cecil began to thicken.


    On board the Flying Fortress, the White Hawk was lowered onto a cradle for ships its size. A lieutenant overseeing the bay clicked his heels and bowed respectfully to the Lady Evelyn before submitting his oral report.

    "This ship was seen sailing towards the Isle of Alder. Our Dragon Riders spotted it while feeding and we used our harpoons to reel it in. It appears to be deserted, however we have not used the dogs to search it yet. It's markings match a ship that escaped the blockade of the Port of Las Almas yesterday."

    "Las Almas to Alder in one day? What kind of ship travels this fast?" the Lady Evelyn looked over the ship appraisingly. "Conduct your search. but keep it intact. If it's as fast as you claim, we must discover its secrets." She turned to walk away, was suddenly stopped. "I sense something. A presence I've not felt since..." She stormed off towards her private chambers to focus.


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    For a sneak peek at the next chapter, go to
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