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Saga ROTS Alternate ending.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by glebo, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Apr 1, 2014
    new to the boards, i wrote a very short story and this seemed an appropriate place for fans to read and enjoy/critique. I'm open to criticisms. this was written as an excercise. something called a "writing sprint". its where i sit for 1 hour, put fingers to keys and just write. no plans, no thinking, just start with a sentence and finish 1hr later. so i was surprised myself when i read through.

    ROTS Alternate ending.

    As per Anakins disregard for the rules, and flair for the dramatics, he had disobeyed Mace Windu's orders and sped to Chancellor Palpatines office. There, Palpatine feigned defeat and attempted to lure Anakin into helping him.
    Anakin refused.
    Consumed with rage at Anakins betrayel, Palpatine, the sith lord unleashed a torrent of darkside energy. He channaled all his dark side energy into a massive force explosion that sent Anakin and Windu flying deep into the office.
    Disoriented, and utterly shocked at the extent of palpatines power. Anakin quickly regained his composure and ignited his lightsaber. Palpatine ignited a 2nd lightsaber and flew across the room uttering a channaled force scream of rage and engaged mace windu in a flurry of saber strikes.
    Mace windu gave ground, unable to directly block palpatines strikes he merely redirected them. Spending lavishly on his reserves of force energy, his perceptions began to deminish. The room began closing in around him, in desperation he reached out to Skywalker in the force.
    Skywalker lept across the room and engaged palpatine from behind with a saber strike designed to slice him him in half. only, he sliced thin air, palpatine had lept behind skywalker letting out a snarl of fury. Skywalker turned and unleashed a torrent of saber strikes, driving palpatine back. Each step a blow, each blow a step. though palpatine met each of these strikes with ease. Windu, having replenished his force energy reserves was astonished to see skywalker holding his own against the sith lord. Windu lept into the fight and coridinated his attacks with skywalker. designed so that the sith lord had to force his attention on one freeing the other to strike. But the sith lords mastery of the dark side, proved to much. neither was able to find an opening, as not only was palpatine holding his own blade to blade. he began using the darkside to hurl objects from across the room at his attackers. skywalker easily sidestepped, sliced, and deflected these objects, windu was having difficulties. Frustrated, mace windu fully imerrsed himself into vaapad and launched a series of saber strikes designed to overwhelm palpatines defences. Skywalker charged from the side only to be thrown back by the fury of force lightning.
    slamming into the wall, in agony, skywalker lost consciousness. Mace was on his own...

    Darkness... the feeling of leaving ones body... the sound of heavy winds... thunder... the screams of rage from a fallen sith lord... a sith lord that I killed... The haunting, tormented screams of the innocents... the innocents I killed on tattoine...
    "oh annie... i knew you'd come for me annie..."
    Mother... i'm sorry, im so sorry, i wasnt strong enough. i failed you, i failed all of you, i failed everybody....
    PAdme's screaming in the distance
    NO!!!... PADME... i found a way to save you... but i let you die, i cant turn, i cant do it, i wont... oh padme... my love... my life... i cant save everybody...
    his mothers voice torments him
    "everything dies annie, even the stars burn out..."
    Out of the darkness, a dragon appeared. Unleashed from the furnace burning inside Anakins chest that was his heart. Everything that was Anakins darkside was that dragon. his anger, rage, frustration, and fear... Fear of not being able to save the ones he loves, his fear of failing everybody...
    The dragon snarled and lunged at Anakin striking him a mortal blow. Anakin flew back and skidded across the... floor? Anakin laid there, motionless. Tears welling up and being consumed with grief...
    I failed everybody, everybody dies, everything dies, even the stars burn out... oh padme... im so sorry...
    Standing over Anakin, the dragon laughed.
    the dragon moved to engulf anakin, in an attempt to consume him.
    the dragon hesitated, as the darkness that was Anakins force prescence started to turn to light. The shattering thunder clouds that represented anakin in the force turned to sunlight, and anakin experienced a moment of clarity. In this calm, pristine, sunlit meadow of the force, anakin had a choice to make.
    So he did
    He decides to win.
    He formed a vision in his mind. This dragon had slowly consumed skywalker for so long that he decided he wanted some payback.
    In this new reality, anakins thoughts become action.
    Skywalker lunged INTO the dragon, and fully consumed it, engulfing it in light. The dragon screamed in rage.
    NO!!!!! I'm the chosen one, my place is THERE... and there, you have no power over me.

    Anakin slammed into the wall, slumped on the floor...
    As skywalker came to, his senses filled the room. No time had passed from palpatines lightning strike.
    His senses, directed him to 2 figures battling in the main office area. And what he saw froze his blood...
    Anakin could SEE the force. He could see the darkness that was palpatine hurling energy at windu. He could see windu, channeling the dark energy and directing it back at palpatine. He could feel palpatines rage, he could feel mace windu's frustration and determination to win.
    There was no jedi restraint here
    Windu's channeling of palpatines dark energy only fed palpatine, which he threw back at windu.
    Anakins newfound clarity showed him that the force was out of balance, tainted by darkness.
    Anakin formed a vision in his mind, and once again, his thoughts became reality, and he sprung into action.

    Windu struggled to find an opening in palpatines defences. As the fight drew on, windu was nearing force exhaustion. But palpatine... palpatine was getting STRONGER. Windu realized that it was his use of vaapad, the channeling of darkside energy and reflecting it back was only feeding palpatine giving him strength.
    palpatine engaged windu in a blade look, and through their blades, windu saw the promise of hell in palpatines eyes.
    everything seemed to happen in slow motion.
    Windu realized it was over, he had lost the fight before it even started. the outcome was already decided.
    Palpatine snarled, and shoved windu's blade out of the way, slicing it in half and threw a blow that was designed to decapitate him.
    Palpatine froze
    Windu turned to see skywalker had the sith lord in a force grip.
    There was something different about skywalker... Skywalker had a new prescence about him, a new aurora of power. Mace windu reached deep into the force to view anakins prescence.
    He saw that skywalker was no longer using the force.
    The prophesy was true...
    He WAS the force.
    "Its over, you have LOST"
    There was an authority to skywalkers voice that even windu found unsettling.
    Palpatine snarled back.
    "no... no... no YOU HAVE LOST!!!!" and sent a wave of dark power that threw skywalker back, releasing his grip on palpatine.
    Palpatine unleashed the fury of lighting on mace windu, taking him out of the fight.
    Skywalker lunged with his blade, meeting palpatine in mid air with an explosion of force energy that hurled both of them into opposite walls.
    Palpatine lunged forward and unleashed a FLURY of saber strikes designed to overwhelm skywalkers defences.
    Not a single strike touched him.
    Skywalker stood firm, his blade never moving a millimeter more than it has to.
    Skywalker, let the force guide him.
    He pressed palpatine foward, throwing saber strikes with each step, waiting for the force to speak to him. Until he reached the main window of the office, when the body that was anakin skywalker felt the force scream through him.
    Here, NOW!!!!
    Anakin unleashed on offensive flurry, overwhelming palpatines defences.
    regaining consciousness, windu uttered.
    Skywalker used the opportunity to fiegn distraction.
    Palpatine snarled in triumph and swing a sidestroke at anakins neck.
    He sliced thin air...
    Completely oblivious to the fact that skywalker had turned, ducked, and reversed his blade into the sith lords chest.
    Palpatine felt the world go dark around him, he felt the call of the dead as skywalker retracted his blade, and kicked him out the window.
    The last thing the sith lord saw as he fell, was skywalker standing in the window. He felt the good man that skywalker is, and the guilt and sorrow he felt. at having to murder his friend... The last thing palpatine felt before he died.
    Was shame.

    The following day.

    Obi-wan, after having defeated general grevious sat in the council chamber with all the Jedi masters gathered together.
    Before them, stood none other than Anakin Skywalker.
    No one spoke, as the council was in session. The council convened in the force until a consesus was agreed upon. When they reached their decision, mace windu looked skywalker in the eye.
    "Anakin Skywalker, it is our honor, and our privilidge, to place you on this council and grant you the rank of Master"
    Anakin bowed
    "Thank you masters, i pledge to uphold the highest principals of the jedi order"
    Anakins composure was that of a confident, calm man. Through the force, obi-wan could see anakin bursting with excitement. He had finally gotten his wish, and obi wan shared anakins pride.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Like muchly this alternate ending =D= If it becomes longer, [face_batting] I'm there. :D
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Very well done! =D=

    This reminds me, I have my own ROTS AU. I should get around to posting it sometime.
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    PART 2.

    "Do what must be done Lord Vader. Do not hesitate, show no mercy"
    "Yes my master..."
    Darth Vader rose to his feet, and calmy, confidently strolled out of the chancellors office. Once he reached his speeder, he climbed inside, and sped off into the night. zig zagging through Courscants republic military lanes. He keyed the com controlls in the speeder.
    A voice as fimiliar to him as his own answered, inside Darth Vader, Anakin Screamed. Vader pushed the feeling away.
    "General skywalker...? We heard the news, we have been issued order 66..."
    "Yes, its true. The jedi tried to assassinate the chancellor i witnessed it myself"
    Rex, sounded uneasy...
    Vader realised rex just called him by his former name, a simple oversight. But one that will not go unpunished.
    "I'm no longer jedi, i serve the chancellor. Gather the 501st and meet me at the Jedi temple, with haste"
    "Yes sir.."
    "And rex.."
    "You and your men will no longer adress me as Anakin Skywalker, you will adress me as Lord Vader"
    "Yes Sir..."

    On the way to the Jedi temple, Lord Vader fought a battle within himself. Anakin skywalker tried to outweigh the lives of the jedi with the life of Padme. To Lord Vader, there was no contest.
    Padme... oh padme.... when she hears...
    Vader once again, pushed his thoughts aside and focused on the task ahead. The jedi temple loomed ahead and Vader could see the first elements of the 501st legion arriving at the staging area. Vader landed ahead of the column so he could lead from the front. 2 clones troopers rush to meet him as he climbs out his canopy, at a casual pace holding their helmets in their arms.
    "General Skywalker sir, the first--*cough*"
    Vader reached out with the force... with the intent on crushing the mans throat.
    General skywalker? that man is DEAD... he was weak, oblivious...
    Vader felt the life leave the assailent, he released his grip and the clone crumpled to the ground.
    "If you value your life, and the lives of your men. You will follow my instructions, there is no skywalker, there is only lord vader"
    "Yes sir"
    "Have the rest of the 501st arrived?"
    "No sir, half of us are here. The rest will arrive-"
    "This will do, have the rest of your men attack the temple from the upper levels once they arrive. to throw the defenders off balance"
    "Yes sir"
    "its time..."

    Lord Vader strolled confidently up the steps of the jedi temple, behind him stood colum, upon column, of white armoured clone troopers, THOUSANDS... Ready to do their job, each clone, knew this was to be their toughest assignment yet. Hundreds, of not thousands of clones will lose their lives on this attack.
    Normally, the jedi temple was open to any and all visitors. On this particular day, the masters insured the temple was on lockdown. Vader eyed a single guard at the keybad for the main gate.
    FOOLS, no wonder the jedi are about to fall. So arrogant they only post one guard? Not even a master.
    The jedi, upon seeing Vader ran to him... He could feel her anxiety through the force.
    "Anakin... the temple is on lock down, where are the masters? Something terrible has happened hasnt it?"
    "You... have no idea..."
    Vader caught her in a force grip and lifted her off the ground, and impaled her with his blade. He retracted his blade, and threw her body to the side SLAMMING her into the duracrete. Vader walked to the keypad and entered the code, the doors opened and clones POURED in the jedi temple blasters blazing. The jedi were caught offguard, in the middle of moving the padawans to a safer location. The padawans, and their masters fought back, clone and padawan began to fall by the dozens...
    Let the clones handle the padawans, they are young, WEAK, i'll handle the knights...
    Vader casually entered the temple, not breaking a stride, not igniting his lightsaber. Not a single blaster bolt touched him. He had his eyes fixated on Cin Drallig, who was furiously deflecting blaster bolts from the clones firing on his padawans.
    Anakins comlink sprang to life, it was rex.
    "Lord Vader... Sir... That jedi master is a problem, is dropping soldiers by the dozens..."
    "He's no jedi master, he wont be a problem i'll take care of it."
    "Yes Sir"
    At that moment, the darkside screamed a warning to lord vader of danger. Vader stuck out his hand, and a padawan, who had lept over the clones with the intent on slicing vader in half was caught by the throat...
    You...? You think you can take me on...?
    The force screamed another warning, and Vader, without releasing his grip on the padawan ignited his blade. Just in time to block a side stroke from Cin Drallig, and for a moment, they held blades...
    "Skywalker... what... what ARE YOU DOING?!?!? You could have been a master..."
    Furious, Vader screamed back
    "Master...? MASTER...? I have the power over ANY master in this temple, ANY 10 MASTERS.. and they deny ME a seat on the council?!?!?"
    Cin Drallig released the blade lock and began to pound furiously against vaders defences. He still held the padawan in his grip, she was using all her skills and squirming away to break free.
    This could be a problem...
    Vader closed his fist, crushed her throat and released his grip. she crumpled to the ground... Cin Drallig intensified his attacks, but vader had both hands free. Vader attack, relentlessly with a flurry of saber strikes with each step pushing cin drallig back. Cin drallig attempted to slice vader legs off by ducking and swinging a side stroke, but vader lept and swung a side stroke only cin drallig had used the force to leap backwards away. Vader, threw his blade and used the force to guide it towards cin drallig but he swatted it aside. So vader threw a force push and sent cin drallig crashing THROUGH a duracrete pillar. Vader lept, called his blade with the force and the same instant cin drallig hit the ground, vader landed and drove his blade deep into cin dralligs shoulder, killing him.
    Weak, pathetic, fool...
    Vader once again, in the midst of battle, blasters firing, blaster bolts flying everywhere, clones and jedi dropping by the jedi. Casually strode to the lift to the jedi council chamber. Shak-Tii, the only jedi master left in the temple was next. Vader reached out in the force, and could sense her presence, he was headed in the right direction.
    The door to the lift opened, and vader entered the Jedi Council chamber. Upon seeing vader, a group of jedi children hiding in the room approached him... He eyed them sternly...
    "Master Skywalker... There's to many of them... What are we going to do..."
    Vader ignited his blade, and hesitated a moment...
    How dare you... how DARE YOU!!! after all i've done for the jedi, the only person to call me master is a CHILD!!!
    Vader felt the rage build inside him, and vader let out a scream so powerful, that it blew out the windows in the council chamber, blowing the children to fall, into the lower depths of coruscant.
    More powerful indeed, i can feel myself getting stronger with every growing moment!!! And palpatine thinks i'll call him master? no matter, once the jedi are dealt with, and the separatists are dead. Our relationship will undergo a sudden, FATAL transformation...
    "HEY... SKY GUY..."
    What...? Sky guy...
    Vader entered the meditation chamber, and found Jedi Master Shack Tii kneeling in quiet meditation. He could feel her in the force, battle meditation. guiding her troops through the force, she was so concentrated that she failed to notice him approach him from behind...
    "SKY GUY...."
    Vader savored the moment, feeling the power, and casually ignited his blade into shak-tii's back, killing her instantly.
    "SKY GUY..." Vader felt a slap in the face..

    Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker woke up, groggy... He hadnt slept much in light of past events, with the war happening. His new duties as master had kept him busy, he hadnt had an opportunity to see padme yet. He had the most perculiar dream...
    "sky guy.. you ok? You look like you were having a pretty rough dream there..."
    Anakin rubbed his eyes, and focused on the stranger on his bed.
    "Oh, hey snips..."
    Wait... What...?
    She smiled, and nodded
    Anakin jumped up and embraced his former padawan, ashoka tano in a hug. Skywalker hadnt seen her since she left the order, and he felt the pang of her abscence every day since she left. She was, in fact the closest thing he had to a daughter of his own!!!
    Ashoka playfully pushed him away.
    "Let go.. let go of me... jeez it's not like i'm dead or anything"
    "Snips, its great to see you, what are you doing here?"
    she walked across the room, poured herself a drink, turned to him and smiled.
    "Well... I heard that some reckless jedi disobeyed orders, stole somebodys speeder, BROKE INTO the chancellors office, killed the chancellor of the republic, and was promoted to.... Jedi Master? I had to see for myself to believe it!"
    Anakin laughed, anakins sardonic edge had definately rubbed off on his former padawan.
    "So... did it actually happen like that?"
    Anakin looked coy
    "well... actually... yeah... that pretty well sums it up..."
    Ashoka stared at him in disbelief
    Anakin still looked coy
    Skywalkers comlink chimed, it was windu. In light of recent events, mace windu had privately, and personaly apologized to anakin for his lack of trust. Mace expressed his pride, and grattitude at being able to call him friend. Anakin, proudly accepted the gesture. Anakin keyed the pad to his comlink.
    "Master skywalker, the council will be in session to discuss the future of the republic. We need to discuss our options at how to inform the senate of recent events"
    "Yes master, i'm on my way..." Skywalker pocketed the com link, and put on his Jedi robe.
    "Sorry snips, duty calls, i'll see you as soon as i can"
    "Its ok anakin, i'll be around. i came here to see you remember?"
    Skywalker turned to leave.
    "Oh, and anakin?"
    He turned to face her, she let out her usual, sardonic grin.
    "Dont expect me to call you master... I still think you're an idiot"
    Anakin laughed, playfully punched her in the arm, and turned to greet the masters in the council chamber.
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    it gets a little boring. but cant always have battles. gotta progress the story a little.

    PART 3

    Vinis Valorum, having just heard an incredible tale. A tale so astounding that it could only come from the mind of some crazy science fiction writer.
    The war, and my downfall, was orchestrated by a powerfull and evil wizard calling himself Darth Sidious... To bring about the fall of the Jedi order, the rise of an empire ruled by the sith, and to entice and turn the chosen one, Anakin skywalker to turn to this... Dark side???
    Are the jedi MAD?!?!?
    From the outside looking in, it did INDEED seem like the jedi tried to overthrow the republic by assassinating the chancellor. But the holo-recordings... How did the Chancellor so effectively blind the Jedi from seeing his true face... He definately held his own against not one, but SEVERAL jedi masters. The finest the order had to offer.
    Fortunately for the jedi, they never tried to seize power. They handed over the reigns of the republic to the senate. Which is in absolute turmoil after losing its governing head. The war rages on, but with the Separatists losing their leadership body its been reduced to small skirmishes in the outer-rim. With general grievous, count dooku, and this... darth sidious dead... the separatist leadership and military is in disarray. Almost like they are waiting to be told what to do...
    His thoughts kept returning to the jedi...
    Supposedly the most powerful beings in the galaxy... Yet they allowed themselves to be used as pawns. Spreading themselves throughout the galaxy... spreading themselves to thin, making themselves vulnerable... How could they have been so blind to see what was standing RIGHT in FRONT OF THEM this entire time... this is troubling... troubling indeed.
    Vinis Valorum, in the jedi council chamber speaking with the masters. shifted uneasily in his seat.
    Jedi master yoda, seemingly in tune with valorum's thoughts. finally broke the silence.
    "Blinded, the jedi were. Clouded by the darkside, our vision was"
    Mace Windu, stared at the floor.
    "It would appear that sidious was an extremely powerful being. He was able to use this power to effectively mask his force presence. Rendering us unable to see him in the force"
    Master obi-wan kenobi, as calm and as cheerful as always.
    "i concur, the jedi, and the republic came very close to destruction. While i am grateful that we avoided this turn of... unfortunate events... its troubling to know that we were so effectively blinded by this man. Even our most gifted jedi, the chosen one, master skywalker. whom he considered chancellor palpatine to be a close friend, and confidant could not see the obvious..."
    Master skywalker looked uneasy.
    "thats not exactly true..."
    The room fell silent, all eyes were on master skywalker.
    "Something to say, you have, master skywalker?" Yoda asked.
    Skywalker stood, and walked to the window, staring out at the coruscanti city scape below him. He chose his words carefully, and spoke slowly.
    "When Count dooku revealed to obi-wan about the republic being under control of the sith lord... Palpatine was the first thing person that crossed my mind. I could feel his prescence in the force, but with the force being out of balance... with all the darkness and turmoil caused by the war, the suffering of the beings of the galaxy, as well as our own problems... I wrote him off as a suspect. mainly because with all the constitutional ammendments the senate was granting him, he ALREADY ruled the galaxy. To me it seemed like the sith lord was pulling the strings of the senate, thus controling the chancellors office"
    Skywalker took a breath, returned to his seat, and continued.
    "When he revealed himself to me, his true identity in his office... That wasn't the first time. In hindsight, he did so multiple times in an attempt to tempt me into the promise of greater power. I'd by lying if i said i wasn't tempted. however, thats besides the point"
    A glimmer of surprise, and concern crossed yoda's face. Mace windu and Yoda gazed at eachother, sharing the same thoughts.
    "My point is, i saw it, i saw it all. it was all there laid out and front of me, but i chose not to see it. because the chancellor was a great friend of mine, he was nothing but good to me. I chose instead to not trust the jedi council for asking me to commit treason against the republic, for spying on the chancellor. As you can see Vinis valorum, this entire mess was caused by the jedi. It was our internal failing, with the force AND the republic, that allowed this to happen. Blinded by the darkside, as master yoda says? no, i dont agree with that statement. We blinded OURSELVES---"
    Vinis valorum held up his hand. and spoke.
    "Master Jedi, while i find this philosophical debate on the failings of the jedi order and the force fascinating. Might i suggest we move our discussion on to more pressing matters? Like say the beurocacy of the republic? What do you suggest we do?"
    Obi-wan watched Anakin rise from his seat, and return to the window. He could see, without using the force. that something was troubling young anakin.
    Oh-dear... I might have to do some digging and see whats happening with my young friend. Such is the life of a newly appointed jedi master i suppose. now, where were we? Ah yes...
    "The senate, in session it is. Voting a new chancellor, they are" yoda said.
    Shocked, and wideyed, vinis valorum knew where this was headed...
    "And you asked me here today because... you nominated me to get my old post back? After everything, the corruption scandals... You really think its a good idea to nominate an old fool back to office?"
    "that, we do. notify you, we did not at the request of the senate. being very careful they are. chosing in secret, they are"
    "things are changing valorum, the senate has already voted to nullify the constitutional ammendmants brought on by palpatine and his administration. the new chancellors power will be reduced, and he will be watched very carefully by the people. thats why we chose you, you were always the voice, of the people, for the people. these corruption scandals were fabricrated lies to undermine your authority"
    valorum laughed
    "ah yes, politics. While i admit i miss being an integral part of the republic, i have no love for the politics involved"
    Anakin finally spoke
    "you can be rest assured, these mistakes will not be made again, and the war is drawing to a close. What will your first move be should you be voted into office?"
    "Well, i suppose it would be to bring a quick end to this long and costly war, through diplomatic means"
    "Master jedi, i do have on question"
    Mace windu studied him carefully
    "Of course, speak your mind"
    "If i know my colleagues in the senate well enough, not only are they discussing reforms to the constitution, and a new chancellor. They are also discussing what to do with the jedi order... You did admit to mistakes, and were blinded to allow this... monster to govern the republic... and war or no war, assassinating the chancellor is still treason..."
    Silence flowed into the room. Anakin was the first to speak
    "We will deal with that when the time comes. But i can assure you, the jedi council will abide by the senates decision"
    Everyone in the room agreed. Master yoda, gently tapped his glimmer stick on the hard marble floor.
    "hmmm, adjourned this session is. Return to discuss the future, we will when the senate has made its decision"
    After exchanging pleasantries and goodbyes, vinis valorum left to return to his private apartment. Obi-wan went to speak to anakin, however anakin sprinted out the door and to the main hallway.
    Curious... what could be troubling my young friend so much...
    Obi-wan vaulted after anakin, calling his name. after several attempts, anakin turned to greet him.
    "ANAKIN..." out of breath
    Anakin smiled
    "Master... still can't keep up with me eh? old man?"
    obi-wan struggled to catch his breath
    " strength...."
    "Still trying to teach me are you?" Anakin laughed
    "Anakin... in all seriousness... the sith are gone, the sith lord is dead, you have been given your greatest desire. Yet... Without using my senses i can SEE that something is troubling you"
    "No anakin, i wont pry into your personal life. its not my business, but let us pretend that were not members of the jedi council, but brothers. It would be a very grave mistake for you to leave the jedi order. and..."
    Obi-wan caught sight of 2 young woman waiting patiently at the lift, clearly waiting to see anakin.
    So thats who anakin was sprinting to see, padme and...
    "Is that...?"
    "Ashoka? yeah she came to see me this morning. woke me up actually..."
    "ah... well then, do not let me keep you from greeting them"
    Obi-wan smiled as anakin hurried to greet them...
    "Yes obi-wan?"
    "Be mindful of your feelings... Your thoughts can betray you"
    Anakin blushed... does obi-wan know? Has he known all this time?
    Anakin brushed the thought aside.
    "Yes master... i try"
    And anakin sprinted to greet the love of his life, and the mother of his child, padme. Next to her, stood somebody whom he considered so close she could very well be his daughter. his former padawan ashoka tano.
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    Awesome posts. I was so relieved when Anakin woke up LOL And the meeting in the Council chamber - I love how things continue to diverge. The sense of relief for Anakin is still tangible. :)
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