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    “Ah! Isn’t it beautiful?” A small anthropomorphic skunk with a French accent remarked while applauding the winners. There was a blue tint to him. “L’amour always findz zee way out!”

    Abruptly he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

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    The applause and commentary goes on.

    “Yes, yes, very nice.” He shuffles the winners off stage, if they made it to the stage before he started speaking.

    The envelope appears again, and the holograms begun anew. There are five this time - a ferociously competitive round.

    “Ah yes,Sinre says wryly. “We had some trouble here, which is why we have so many options for Straight Shooter - the player (or GM!) that is known for keeping their posts short and sharp and to the point. Concise,” Sinre clarifies, nodding. “I could do with taking some lessons from them!”

    He cuts through the laughter - or groans.

    “Alrighty. We have…” he points in turn. @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @Ktala, @The Jedi in the Pumas,” - at that he checks his card again and looks back. “@TheSilentInfluence and finally @TheAdmiral .”

    “Some truly… precise nominees, one and all.” He smiles broadly. “But let’s get to it, in as a swift a fashion as they are here for.” He flips over the envelope and nods, mouth wide for the inhale and exhale of the name of -


    Applause, and Adalia sashays out in her fitted gown holding the award, with an honest smile of congratulations she hands the trophy to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha "Well deserved mi 'lady."

    Sinre beams and applauds.

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    Nice sentiment. Could be more succinct. [face_plain]
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    Can't say much beyond what they've said, really... just a whole thread of applause for a well-deserved award. @};- Delfi's applauding, too.
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    Sinre claps and claps and chases the winner off the stage. “Right, right. Keep the line loving, we’re milking this for all it’s worth as it is.”

    A chuckle escapes his lips and he spins back to the holoprojectors, and with a snap of his fingers live holograms appear to show the next three candidates as immense images. The feed shows @darthbernael, @Bardan_Jusik and, “Oh my,” an oversized version of himself in all his glory.Sinrebirth.”

    “Well this is such a beautiful colour on me.” He stands and stares at himself for a bit; the camera-droid coughs. “Oh, wait, my bad.”

    He twirls back, an envelope appearing from an unseen pocket. He appears to have several hidden on his body, which makes one wonder where he has them all. It flutters in his hand and he spins anew, hurling it at @Adalia-Durron to catch.

    With a grin, he leaps off the stage and settles himself in a seat with the other two. The camera tracks him, and he waves. Of course, he would want the full experience as a nominee.

    He sips an already-placed wine, folds an leg, and sits back to let Adalia introduce the George R R Martin award.

    Catches the envelope and rolls her eyes at his egotistical display muttering.

    "Gods he's almost intolerable."

    Steps forward,

    "Two wonderful nominations and one with an ego bigger than a planet," looks to side muttering, "Alderaan would be a good one."

    Returns to front.

    "So, let's see which one of the awesome two won this?" Opens envelope, stares as smile slides from her face. "Good gods......I may well puke."

    She looks to the audience with a dead pan face.


    “Me?!” Sinre swoons, stands from his chair and clicks a button on a remote; a raucous applause sounds from a hidden speaker and he takes a short jump back to the stage to accept his prize, glass still in hand.

    “Why thank you, thank you. As one of my great idols of indifferent villainy says,” his voice becomes pinched. “Some of you may die, and that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”

    “To the many great players and NPCs that we have slain together!” He toasts them all, and maniacally grins.
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    *claps cautiously while checking 6*
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    “Congratulations!” Captain Cassell Wystari remarked while applauding.

    He continued clapping while whispering to Kayn and the rest of the Black Sheep.

    “No matter what happens, I think our chances of survival are higher if we stick together.”
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    This was a moment whereby he didn’t have to ferry the winner off stage, that he could enjoy the win, but that look from Adalia was enough to curtail Sinre.

    “Alright, alright,” he grumbled. “Less limelight on me, more on everyone else in the universe. Sheesh. You know how many people I killed to get that award?” Mock wave of fist, and another envelope appears - this time from his boot.

    Reaching down, he flaps the envelope back into shape as three holograms appear behind him - of @Darth_Elu, @galactic-vagabond422, and @TheSilentInfluence. With a glance back, he continues on. “Ah yes - The Split. Those among us who seem to juggle an infinite amount of personalities and entities across many games, moreso than the typical player or GM. This was a hotly contested award, I can tell you that… though if one allowed their personas to vote it would have been even worse!” A grin. “Eh, eh?”

    Groans; terrible humour.

    “Fine, fine,” Sinre says. “If it helps, we have an Intermission after this and you can go freshen up your glasses.” He adopted a look of disdain. “It’s only been a few months since the Awards started, this is bureaucracy moving at lightspeed!”

    He flipped open the envelope before he was heckled. GALACTIC-VAGABOND422!

    He steps back to applaud, and to make space for Adalia.

    steps forward with the award and shoulders Sinre aside to hand it to 'vagabond'. "Well deserved my friend." ;)

    “Congratulations GV - please say a few words for your adoring public!”
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    Lady Delfina was getting a bit confused by the multiple personalities comment...or maybe it was the champagne? But people she knew spoke very highly of the Vagabond, so she applauded wildly as she had for the previous contestants. Most of them. Only polite applause was called for those who killed people off. :cool: Or at least, she was sure that was what Granny, the Dowager Duchess, would say.
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    A figure with a notebook walks to the front accepting the award holding it against the notebook, as their head comes up they see a bandanna covering his mouth and nose, long dark blonde hair falling to about their shoulders. The masculine frame is covered with a blue hoodie open to reveal a white shirt, around his neck a simple black tie that comes about to his waist above clean blue jeans.

    "Well, um...I'm not much of a talker. That's usually Zephyr's job. thanks I'm sure the guy, really appreciates it."

    At Blueline's shoulder a young woman no older than 18 in an orange dress puts a hand on his shoulder smiling. On the other shoulder a shorter man in a New Republic/Resistance dress uniform stands his bright blonde hair and blue eyes shining as he stoically looks out into the crowd. Behind the pilot a drunken pirate in a straw hat and slightly cleaned clothes bumps into him. Towering over the front row was a woman with fiery red hair and dark armor, next to her an equally tall bearded man in golden armor. Two more figures appear, armored in the mandalorian style standing on opposite sides of the growing crowd. Wiggling her way to the front is a girl in a beautiful green dress with a white stripe down the skirt, shorter than all the rest but a beaming smile that lights up the room. In the back a gangly blue skinned Duros appeared a cocky smile on his face. Just between the first row and the second a woman in an Imperial uniform appeared looking down into her datapad. Another girl in a decent dress of Earth Kingdom design gave a weak smile. Beside her another young woman with dark hair and dark eyes in a fine beaded dress, a pink crystal resting on her chest smiles. A great crowd hidden in shadows gathers around, but one face was easily made out, a Pantoran woman in what was the best outfit she had smiled a warm smile. Hidden among the group was a tall muscled woman in a uniform that seemed reminiscent of military uniforms of the 1930's on earth cracked her knuckles.

    "I'm told to thank." Blue takes a breath. " @Trieste @Sinrebirth @Bardan_Jusik @Bravo @The Jedi in the Pumas @Shadowsun @darthbernael @Darth_Elu and @greyjedi125 " Takes another breath, "For letting him create all these characters and giving him an outlet for all of us."

    "It's really cramped in his head." The Pirate said swaying on his feet.
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    Congratulations @galactic-vagabond422 , well deserved, know that you inspire others into improving and becoming vibrant storytellers as yourself *energetic applause =D=
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    A loud crash came from outside at the broadcasting booth.

    The screen went blank but the audio kept going.

    “Look what you’ve done!” A Scottish voice called out.

    “Geez. Sorry Mister McD. I’ve never crashed on a broadcasting booth before. That’s another one for the record books.”

    The footage from the camera came back and slanted at an angle. It showed a broken broadcast desk with pieces of aeroplane wreckage shrew about. A largely built anthropomorphic duck, dressed in an aviator’s jacket, scarf, cap and goggles picks up the microphone and taps it.

    “Hello? Is this thing on? Launchpad McQuack here taking over from that other guy... Whereever he went.”


    “Launchpad!” The Scottish voice called out again. “Put that thing away now and get us out of here! I’m not paying you overtime!”

    “Sorry boys and girls. Hehe...” Launchpad fumbles through the mess and picks up a clipboard and scans the notes. “.. looks like we have to go to a commercial break or play some music. Let’s try some music-“


    “-playing live is the theme to the Black Sheep!”


    The feed cuts to the orchestra.

    Dressed as the conductor was the Genie. Stepping up to the podium, a round of applause started up as he bows to the audience and then to the orchestra.

    He raises his hands and an air raid siren blares out...

    The Genie turns to the audience and bows.

    “Thank you! Thank you! While we get things on track for the next wave of announcements, here are some highlights from the red carpet.”

    Upon receiving the illustrious invitation, Master Xian Nin’s initial reaction was to decline the red carpet appearance, but he took a moment to ponder on this. If he could somehow bring awareness to the world, of the plight the Earth Nation was subjected to under the unjust occupation by the Fire Nation, perhaps something good could come from this.

    In this role, he could fulfill his duty as an ally to the Earth Benders of that land.

    Thus, the Master of the Red Dragon Sword, donned his elegant smokey grey garb, which served as subtle warning and identifier to those who knew the Secret Society of Weapon Masters: ‘Where there’s smoke, there is Fire’; this was literally true on many levels. Of course, the sword would be traditionally carried strapped across his back and sheathed in nondescript bundle. Only the hilt and the red tassel would hint as to the weapons identity.


    With measured steps, the white haired Master would approach, after taking a long meditative walk before the event.

    “Welcome!” Rystáll inclined her head as she greeted Xian Nin. “Hailing all the way from the Earth Kingdom Capital, Ba Sing Se, we have Master Xian Nin!” Rystáll flashed a dazzling smile then whispered. “I hope I pronounced that correctly?”

    Xian smiled politely and bowed in return, placing hand in fist, as a symbol of peace, as well as being inwardly thankful not to have reacted awkwardly to the sudden glitz.

    “Greetings Rystáll, I thank you for your invitation. It is an honor to be here, and yes, you pronounced it perfectly, I must say.”

    “I’m glad.” She smiled as her gaze gave him a once over. “You seem like quite a gentleman. I mean... How did it find you when you learnt about your nomination in the unsavoury category?”

    Xian did not answer immediately, but paused to choose his words.

    “Well, I must say in all honesty that I was surprised and a bit shocked. First, that such a thing as being ‘unsavory’ was actually celebrated and second, that I was nominated for it. At first, I couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing or why, but upon further consideration, a certain individual did come to mind. Alas, He and I have our philosophical differences, but this was…well, unexpected.”

    “There are always two sides to the coin... oh, and the bit down the middle too. One might say the opposition keeps us on our toes... to strive to do better than our best.” Rystáll paused for a second. “Umm.. Have you got your eye on anyone here tonight?”

    “I’m not sure I understand the question. Could you explain further?”

    “Oh..” Rystáll double blinked. “Is there anyone in attendance tonight that... stands out... or someone that has caught your eye...” there was a twinkle in her eyes. “Or admire. It’s open for interpretation which direction you like to choose with your answer.”

    “I see….”
    The white haired Master said as he took a moment to think about the question, musing to himself.

    “Well, I am a stranger in a strange land and have travelled quite far, so please forgive me if I am not very familiar with your luminaries.” Xian Nin stated with an apologetic tone.

    “Perhaps by the end of the night, I may end up charmed by all those being honored.” Xian stated with a gracious smile.

    “That was a nice answer. Before I let you go... Have you a message or last words you love to impart with the audience?”

    “Actually, I do.”

    Here, Xian cleared his throat as he turned to the camera.

    “Greetings, honorable audience members, I, Master Xian Nin, humbly ask you to lend your voices to decry the unjust occupation of Ba Sing Se by the Fire Nation and end their reign of terror. I implore you utilize your social and political clout to turn away the tide of tyranny and violence, as thousands upon thousands of innocent souls suffer and perish each day, as the unjust occupation continues. Moreover, the Fire Nation will not end their tyrannical advance at Ba Sing Se. If they remain unopposed, it is only a matter of time until you find yourselves in the same position as the Earth Nation does today. Remember, Evil prospers when good men do nothing. Therefore, I ask you, please act now. Thank you.”

    After offering a humble bow, Master Nin turns once again to the beautiful hostess.

    “That was very moving. I wish you all the best in your endeavours against the Fire Nation and the restoration of the Earth Kingdom.” Rystáll smiled. “Thank you for coming all this way tonight! I hope you’ll have a wonderful evening.”

    “I have no doubt that I shall. The venue is even more beautiful than what I had imagined. Thank you for the invitation and this unique opportunity. Long health, peace and prosperity be with you, always.”

    A trio made their way along the red carpet. Rystáll furrowed her brow slightly, there was something about them that were different from the usual guests. Two were human... as far as she could tell... one clearly older than the other. While the other had beautiful elfin features.

    She glanced to the electronic cue card and then back to the trio and smiled.Zalzabar, Dominus and Cretaus... of the Ryujin?”

    The older human, Zalzabar, beamed with excitement. A glint of mischief in his eye as he pushed Cretaus along the red carpet. The Elf, Dominus, had a deep scowl on their face, quite clearly not wanting to be there.

    There was a slight crackle of electricity in Zalzabar's hair as the trio approached Rystáll.

    "Indeed that is us! Well, little Cretaus isn't a Ryujin as far as we can tell the poor lad, I mean can you imagine not being able to transform into a dragon? I certainly do not wish to live in a world where I can't do that. But ah such is the plight of many of these worlds I am afraid, as a wise man once said is it really an adventure if there are not any dragons? I would venture that is not the case, but alas here we are, destined to continue goin-"

    The elf beside Zalzabar gave a look to him, giving him a slight nudge to the side as he looked to Rystáll.

    "Lord Zalzabar you are rambling again"

    "Am I? Oh yes, I suppose so, were saying good sir?"

    Rystáll gave them a bewildered look. “That is an impressive ability to have. I’m trying to image a world where everyone can turn into dragons. Unfortunately we all are not as lucky. Although, I suppose that is a good thing given the nature of certain individuals across the different realms.”

    Cretaus just sighed as he was gently nudged and rambled on about by Zalzabar. He and Dominus only digging in the internal regret that he was no ryujin himself even further.


    "Thankfully not everyone," he mumbled in response to Rystáll, "That'd be...terrible."

    Of course he didn't mean in general, he wasn't really sure what he thought of the actual idea, he was more concerned with how that would make him stand out even more in the worst way possible. Kaynus would never let him hear the end of it! And the looks from Anaxagore and the others in barely veiled pity...?


    A nightmare he'd like to push from his mind. Immediately.

    The teen shifted uncomfortably in front of those he was with, not entirely certain why Zalzabar had insisted on his presence. He had been very curious by the whole ordeal, but now that he was here...Talk about being on the spot.

    Rystáll flashed a warm smile to Cretaus.

    Her eyes then shifted to the electronic cue card then back to the trio.

    “I am sorry to take things to a more somber tone so fast... if you don’t mind my broaching of a difficult subject... You have lost two of your own recently: Audacia and Veritas. Is there anything you wish to say to honour them?”

    Zalzabar's smile vanished, becoming noticeable more serious in tone. His body posture changing along with his mood as he looked to Dominus and then the ground.

    "Yes, well they were like children to me, it was a...traumatic event to say the least."

    Dominus placed a soft hand on Zalzabar's shoulder as he looked to the host.

    "They were brave men, a dark elf and wood elf, their lives were not lost in vain and their memory shall live on"

    Zalzabar gave a solemn nod, looking to his Snow Elf companion and then back down to Cretaus.

    "They were noble Knights who died in a cause to stop a great evil, and for that, I am eternally indebted to them both."

    Rystáll caught sight of a tall, dark-armour clad woman with fiery red hair walk past them. She raised her hand to wave her over but the timing was too late.

    “Sorry about that. I think that was Rebecca Dragon. I hoped for her to say a few words about her nomination for her originality... although, since I’ve got you here... what can you Say about her?”

    Dominus gave a glance over to Rebecca, a curt look as his gaze ventured elsewhere.

    "Hmmph... you can certainly say she is 'original'. A monster that one, don't be fooled by her no-nonsense attitude, there's a demon living underneath there, a curse she grapples with and does not know how to contain."

    Zalzabar gave a chuckle resting a hand on the disgruntled Dominus's shoulder.

    "Forgive my friend. I feel for the poor woman, no warrior or being should have to deal with the demons that plague her heart and mind, but she pushes onward nonetheless. True grit indeed."

    Cretaus glanced over as Rystall looked toward and mentioned Rebecca, whom was remaining away from them at the moment. He blinked surprised before looking up at Zalzabar.

    "I didn't know Rebecca was here too!"

    At Dominus' words, he raised his brow and considered them for a moment before ultimately nodding his head at Zalzabar's rebuttal.

    "Be nice, Dominus. She can be a little scary sometimes, but she means well! At least, that's what I think. I personally think she's pretty cool, if scary when she's angry, but she's really strong and very good with those sword moves of she gives some pretty good advice sometimes."

    He smiled and then shrugged, as if embarrassed about giving his opinion about a companion of his.

    “Is there any message you wish to impart before I let you go?” Rystáll asked.

    Cretaus rubbed the back of his head nervously at Rystall's last question, "...Um...Just...good luck to everyone, I guess?" he mumbled before allowing the older two to take over from there.

    Zalzabar gave a large thwack on Cretaus's back laughing loudly as he looked to Rystall.

    "Indeed, well said my boy! Good luck to all, and from the world of Regnum we wish everyone blessings from the Three"

    Dominus remained silent, simply giving a curt nod as he looked to Zalzabar.

    “Thank you for your time and also for being here tonight. I hope you all enjoy the evening.”

    Rystáll watched the trio leave before returning her focus to the the next set of guests. Then came an energetic duo. One in a beautiful blue gown while the other in a deep metallic gold beskar'gaam carrying the helmet under her arm.

    Lyndsey and Artemis Cash!” Rystáll announced “Thank you for being here! Don’t you two look glamorous this evening!” Rystáll arched her brow a fraction. “Albeit contrasting styles from each other but you both look great.” Her eyes appraised Lyndsey’s gown. “This gown must be a lucky one for you.“

    "Oh yeah! This is what I wore to the Elite League Awards last year and then to prom after that with my girlfriend," Lyndsey said, "so I figured why not for the RPF Awards too? I mean, when you find a look that works for you, stick with it, right?"

    "Totally! Though it's way better if you can also blast anyone who tries to disrupt an awesome night like this," her fraternal twin Artemis said, snapping her arm up as if defending from some imminent threat with her beskar'gaam gauntlet. "After all, we've got tons of experience with that."

    “Congratulations your nomination! Your peers have made it known that you have stood out from amongst them with both flair and style. How does that feel?” Rystáll asked.

    "Super cool!" Artemis gushed. "I mean, sure, it's an honor to single-handedly save the entire limmie season--"

    Lyndsey rolled her eyes. "It wasn't like we saved the Galactic Cup Final or anything."

    Artemis continued undeterred. "--but to be recognized out of all the amazing stories on the boards? We didn't see that coming. Unlike the Boloball Bandit, who we totally saw coming."

    "We're just flattered to be here," Lyndsey clarified for Rystáll.

    Rystáll couldn't help but grin at their exuberance. “You must get asked this a lot but can you give us a taste as to what life is like with the Bakura Miners in the Elite League Limmie?“

    "It's the best job you could have in high school!" Lyndsey said. "I know a lot of beings might think being a hydration specialist is lame, but not only do you get to hang out with some of the best athletes in the galaxy for an entire season, you're an integral part of their success as a team."

    "Yeah, did you know that you can die of dehydration?" Artemis emphasized. "Like dead die. We saved lives out there."

    “Before I let you go, is there anything you wish to say to your adoring fans?“

    "No matter what team you pull for, keep loving the beautiful game, even if it seems completely random sometimes," Lyndsey said.

    "And go Miners!" Artemis added.

    “Thank you for your time! I hope you’ll have a splendid evening!“

    "It's going to be a blast!" Artemis said.

    "Just not a literal one," Lyndsey clarified before they moved on.

    Pulling up to the red carpet a slick luxury car with smooth curved lines and tinted windows. Autonomous given that there wasn't anyone in the driver's seat. The passenger door opened and stepping out first was Zephyr a shiny suit clearly tailor made just for him. The flashes from the paparazzi cameras glared off the material drawing all eyes to him.

    He turned offering his hand to the next occupant. A gentle and soft hand reached out taking the offered hand. A flash of orange silk appeared as a leg stepped out, a sensible flat shoe resting on the red carpet. Stepping into the lights a young woman with shining blonde hair put up in a tight bun a dazzling hair comb, studded with what looked like diamonds and rubies, standing proud atop. The evening gown came all the way to the floor around her waist a broad strip of silk, the same color as the dress, tied into a noticeable but understated bow at her lower back. She smiled for the camera's her lipstick, a deep red adding a pop of color to her ivory skin.

    Next a heavy work boot followed after, denim jeans tucked into the top. The rest of the understated hero emerged, clad in his traditional blue zip up hoodie, a white shirt underneath and blue bandanna around his head still covering his face. His hair at least was put up into a pony tail, a slight concession to the occasion. Another concession black silk tie around his neck tied into a single windsor knot. With his hands shoved into his pockets he looked at the cameras before looking away again.

    “Who do we have here? Casey, Blueline and Zephyr!” Rystáll greeted the trio. “Welcome! Welcome! How are you all?”

    Blue just shrugged his shoulder letting out a non-committal grunt.

    "Well, I'm a little nervous but also excited...Never really been to one of these...the closest I ever got was a dance at my middle school...I ended up going alone...but at least this time I'm not."

    "Thank you so much for inviting us to something like this it is super exciting to be amongst so many heroes at a time like this."

    Zephyr was just beaming with excitement, like a kid on his first trip to an amusement park, head turning to and fro, smiling uncontrollably, clearly getting into the vibe of the celebratory energy.

    "I mean this place is just incredible, the security must be beyond marvel-ous, especially with all these good guys under one roof!."

    “Don’t be nervous. Thank you for coming on short notice.” Rystáll flashed a smile then looked to Zephyr. “We do what we can and there’s help from someone wielding phenomenal cosmic powers. So... tell us, what makes you get along so well?”

    "Ehh...We mostly have the same goals."

    "What I think he means is that we all have the same mission in mind, we all want to make the world better. However we can...Though we might go about it different ways, we still want to do our best."

    "It really boils down to having a good heart and a commitment to actually 'being the change that you want to see in the world'. We all want that more than anything and even if the methods are different the vision is pretty much the same."

    “That’s something I’m sure quite a few attending this evening can relate to. I’m sure it helps when you work along with someone who just clicks with you.”Rystáll glanced to the electronic cue card then back to the trio. “Your names have come up a few times. From ‘most likeable’ to ‘most entertaining’... Was it a surprise to discover you all have been nominated cross several categories?”

    "Didn't even know these were happening."

    "It's really exciting to see that people really care, it's nice to see that people notice what we are doing. It can feel lonely and sometimes soul crushing to feel like everything we do goes unnoticed and not cared about. Getting to hear that others are interesting enough to nominate us it means a lot."

    "We are all connected that's for sure and this a result of cause and effect, it is very exciting to know that something like this can come out of our actions and sacrifice, that someone is watching, it is much appreciated, but the real reward is in the lives saved and mending of that which was broken by misfortune."

    “With all the hard work you all put in to saving lives, your peers certainly feels you are all deserving of such recognition. Hopefully the workload eases up for some down time. Before I let you go, is there anything you wish to impart with everyone here?”

    "Don't be a jerk?"

    "Be kind to each other and give each other some slack. We're all going through things and we don't know what is going on under their skin. That doesn't excuse bad behavior and we should call it out when we see it but, don't hold hate in your heart, it hurts both of you."

    "I want to encourage anyone who sees or hears this to do good whenever you can, don't hold back from offering kindness or assistance to someone that needs it, even if it's someone that you might not like very much, we all gain more as a whole if we lived this way. And don't do it for a reward, do it because it is the help we all need."

    "And by the way..." Zephyr would give Rystáll an appreciative smile "you look stunning."

    “Aww.” Rystáll gave a beaming smile. “You’re too kind! Thank you again for your time and enjoy yourselves this evening!”

    “Welcome back ladies and gentle beings!“ The Genie appeared after a poof of blue smoke and whipped up a microphone. “As we transition over to the “Most” category, we have a series of special guests lined up to announce the next set of awards... So pleeease... put your haaaands together... aaand welcome.... he gestures grandly to the stage...

    ~CO Note~

    Special Thanks and credits to @greyjedi125 (Master Xian Nin), @Shadowsun (Zalzabar / Dominus), @Darth_Elu (Cretaus), @Trieste (Lyndsey & Artemis Cash), @galactic-vagabond422 (Rebecca Dragon / Blueline / Casey) and @Ameteth (Zephyr Vailancourt) for their characters to be interviewed.

    Special Thanks to @Bardan_Jusik for selecting the theme for Star Wars: Black Sheep.
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    The stage was silent for a moment, the previous winner having been escorted to their seat by the pages. The audience was quiet, knowing the next award being presented but there was no one approaching the stage after the Genie's pronouncement. It was quiet, eerily quiet. Until…

    A light mist drifted across the floor, billowing lightly from stage right. As the lights focused a tall, pale figure in a deep black gown paced out, a large, black crow on one shoulder almost lost in the cascade of similarly raven hair that trailed to below her hips.

    She scowled as she solemnly walked to the podium, an envelope in her hand. Placing it on the podium, her long, black nailed fingers gripped the corners as a small glare was directed at where she still sensed a presence.

    Morrigan let her expression soften, to almost one of grief. "I have been requested to present the award for the Most Heartbreaking Death. When one of us dies it is heartbreaking, well...when some die it is…" her eyes flitted toward that presence once more, the crow letting out an eerie screech.

    "Three, well five to be accurate, had been nominated in this category. Riki & Tiki, as played by @Sarge. Audacia & Veritas, as played by @Shadowsun." A single tear trailed down her sharp cheek, "And Isha, as played by @Kurisan."

    The crow screeched once more then hopped down to the podium, stalking to the envelope. Morrigan looked down at the award, at the envelope, then back up to the audience. "Those deaths touched everyone who experienced them, whether as the one who was that being or those who watched it play out. Some went out in a blaze of glory, some fought to live and then gave up their essence to another to rise, and some were gruesomely killed by a witch."

    Standing in the wings Adalia held the award and as the dark woman announced the nominees, stepping forward when she'd completed, not wanting to get too close as she could 'feel' the darkness and the urge to react to it was strong.

    Morrigan took a breath as the award was brought to the podium, smiling softly as she felt the unease of the woman who handed it to her, her sharp teeth showing as her lips split in the movement.

    "All three choices are excellent choices but only one may win." The crow turned one eye toward Morrigan, screeched and then lifted the flap of the envelope. She glanced down, a smile touching her lips. "Without further ado, I present the winner of the Most Heartbreaking Death."

    The crow closed it's beak on the card inside the envelope, pulling it free and flapped back to her shoulder. Opening it's beak, the card dropped into her waiting hand. Glancing at it, a single tear fell. "The winner is...Isha, goddess of Selenia, as portrayed by @Kurisan."

    She took another deep breath, regaining her composure. Glancing at the audience, "Unfortunately, Kurisan is not with us today. I will hold her trophy and pass it to her upon her return. I would like to congratulate the other two nominees as they both were outstanding."

    With a sigh, she lifted the trophy, turned, and as the fog rolled back, she slipped behind the curtain once more.
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    A singular figure approaches clad in darkness and sorrow as he holds a soft light above his hand. A regal air flutters behind him as his servants follow with the quiet wailings of those long lost. His head dipped in reverence as quiet words are spoken from his lips, those of a dead language.


    Multās per gentēs et multa per aequora vectus
    adveniō hās miserās, soror, ad īnferiās,
    ut tē postrēmō dōnārem mūnere mortis
    et mūtam nequīquam alloquerer cinerem
    quandōquidem fortūna mihi tētē abstulit ipsum
    heu miser indignē soror adempte mihi
    nunc tamen intereā haec, prīscō quae mōre parentum
    trādita sunt tristī mūnere ad īnferiās,
    accipe frāternō multum mānantia flētū.
    Atque in perpetuum, soror, avē atque valē.

    Carried through many nations and over many seas,
    I arrive, sister, for these wretched funeral rites
    so that I might present you with the last tribute of death
    and speak in vain to silent ash,
    since Fortune has carried you, yourself, away from me.
    Alas, poor sister, unfairly taken away from me,
    now in the meantime, nevertheless, these things which in the ancient custom of ancestors
    are handed over as a sad tribute to the rites,
    receive, dripping much with brotherly weeping.
    And forever, sister, hail, and farewell.

    A modified version of a poem by Gaius Valerius Catullus
    The light escapes his hand as it opens up above him, his eyes still cast downward as he nods quietly to himself.

    "The God of Life Isha poisoned to death, the Dark and Wood Elves, Audacia and Veritas slain by the sword, and the Squib twins Riki and Tiki caught in an explosion, may all their souls rest in peace."




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    Oh the tragedy, oh the drama :_|:rolleyes:
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    Hang on I just remembered who killed Isha.

    I might, um, have some business somewhere.



    exit stage left
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    Oi! YOU!! Stop right there! If I recall correctly I was on your hit list as well!!!


    I mean!!

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