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second meeting - where/when/what? johhny 5 need input!

Discussion in 'Archive: Cleveland, OH (original board)' started by igotajobasatestpilot, May 14, 2005.

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  1. igotajobasatestpilot

    igotajobasatestpilot Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2003
    for the next meeting, i was thinking of having a set date and time figured out by wednesday. then we make a flier advertising a specific meeting place and time, and hand it out to those at the midnight showings. that way we cut out the annoying middle step of explaining where to go on the internet, making people register, and telling them in that way where/when the meeting is.

    for the flier, i was thinking of having a screen cap of darth vader and boba fett on cloud city. a caption of "we'd be honored if you would join us..."

    and then put "Wednesday May whenever, at 509 N. college yadda yadda..."

    but beyond the basic info, how do i draw people in? what should i sell this as? "now that you've finally seen it, join the columbia fanforce for a discussion of episode III." i was also thinking we could schedule another viewing time and an after dinner type of thing. hand out fliers at midnight, advertising our joint viewing of the 7pm show on whatever upcoming day, and the in depth discussion or emotional outpouring over some shakes later.

    i think i'd like to do that anyway, whether we include it in our recruiting plans or not.

    we need to schedule this right after the premier, so people get the flier and it doesn't slip out of mind. is friday night good? saturday night? the theaters will be crowded then. maybe an earlier showing on the weekend, or even sunday or monday night.

    What day/time works for you?
  2. princess_of_naboo

    princess_of_naboo Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 9, 2000
    I like the idea of a joint viewing. Having people meet up at the theater (Forum 8? Hollywood 14?) and then afterward heading to a restaurant or something. I think you might have a better chance of getting people to come if you had the meeting in a public place like a restaurant.

    As for how to advertise it, I guess you could do something along the lines of this. "You've seen the last Star Wars movie, but that doesn't mean that your Star Wars experience should be over. Come join the Columbia FanForce on (insert date and time) to (insert whatever it is that we'll do)."


    "An event decades in the making has finally come. The last Star Wars movie is here. Don't let Episode III be the end. Come join your fellow Star Wars fans on (insert date and time) to (insert whatever it is that we'll do)."

    You know, like that, but better. :p
  3. igotajobasatestpilot

    igotajobasatestpilot Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 22, 2003
    well, our festivities begin tomorrow at 3pm. at doctorbatman's house.

    3:00pm: Clone Wars season 1 plays as background while everybody files in and gets situated/acquainted with each other. (since it's not important to the story, it's moved out of the way).
    4:00pm: Episode I begins
    6:15pm: Ep. I over, bathroom break.
    6:30pm: Episode II begins.
    8:45pm: Ep. II over, bathroom break.
    9:00pm: Clone Wars Season 2 begins
    10:00pm: Clone Wars over, we leave to line up.
    10ish: We set up Star Wars Risk in line, have a jolly old time playing and talking Star Wars with all the geeks of CoMo.
    ***Midnight***: We all (hopefully) ride the simultaneous 2 hour orgasm that is new star wars.
    2:30am: We all meet up at Steak n Shake (the one just east of the mall, on Worley St.) to discuss the occassion.

    and the next day we'll probably watch 4-6, drop us a line if you'd be interested.


    take 63N from Jefferson City to Columbia.
    take the Broadway exit and turn left.
    follow Broadway for a ways until College Ave.
    turn right onto College Ave.
    go past a few stoplights, and turn left into the parking lot of Hanger Prosthetics.
    Zach's house is that brick/white house that's right next to the parking lot. he has a basketball goal out back, and his address is 509 N. College.

    if any of that isn't clear, or you find yourself lost on the road, just give me or Zach a call.

    Chris: 673-9653
    Zach: 690-3518

    i'll have fliers with the board url to hand out, and hopefully as we're all filing out, i can shout out to everybody who's not in the know about our group and the steak n shake.

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