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Beyond - Legends Second To None--Sacrifices : L/M, TK/J, J/J, OCs: COMPLETE: 3/10/2013 with Fan Art

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Jedi_Lover, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Nov 1, 2004
    I wrote my 50K NaNo 2012 story in 18 days. Now I am supposed to edit it. But I have never really written a story, edited it and then posted it. I usually start a story and start posting it with no kriff'n idea where it is going and no clue as to how to end it. I have been staring at these 50K words for 12 days now not really doing anything much to it because I lack the will. So I am just going to start posting it and hope it turns out okay. So if this really reeks it probably is because it was written in a very short time and I have no patience.

    NOTE: This is a sequel to Second To None and The Journal of Mark Tantiss. I tried to write it in a way that you shouldn't have to read the first two stories to understand it. It is hard to give a synopsis. Basically, Mark Tantiss is a mutated clone of Luke Skywalker that was intended to become Joruus C'baoth's personal Imperial Sentinel (think big and mean). In my story STN Luke does not turn dark as he did in Dark Empire. Palpatine is defeated on Byss by Luke, Mara, Mark and Talon Karrde's crew using ysalamiri to mask their presence and lots of explosives. Luke never hooks up with Callista. Luke and Mara get married within a year of Wayland and start popping out Skycrawlers. The Vong are defeated quickly. Jacen, Jaina and Anakin are alive and well.

    It is now 40 ABY and the Solo, Skywalker and Tantiss kids are all grown up. But then something stupid has to happen to screw up this happily ever after.
    Title: Second To None: Sacrifices
    Author: Jedi_Lover
    Time Frame: Beyond the Saga. Approximately 40 ABY
    Characters: OC Mark Tantis, Luke, Mara, Ben, Jacen, Tenel Ka, Jaina, Jag, Anakin, Tahiri, Kira Tantiss, and the rest.
    Summary: Little angst, some boot knocking. The continuation of events that came from Second to None and The Journal of Mark Tantiss. MAJOR AU.

    Planet Myrkr

    Mark Tantiss gazed into the ‘fresher mirror as he ran his hand over his red beard and hair. He needed to get his hair dyed soon—his blond roots were beginning to show. His eyes were due to be dyed next month from their original bright blue to the deep green he preferred, but that appointment would have to be moved up to as soon as possible. He leaned in and moved his head so he could get a better look. It was eerie seeing yellow irises where there was once green and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot giving them a crimson tint.

    He opened the medicine cabinet concealed behind the mirror and looked for eye drops, but the shelves were bare. Talon Karrde had only the bare minimum supplies stocked in his Myrkr hideaway. There was food, water and some medical supplies…but no eye drops for Sith stained eyes.

    He sighed as he closed the cabinet. He needed to get the color fixed as soon as possible. He didn’t want to frighten his wife, Kira. Even he flinched at his appearance every time he looked in the mirror.

    As he exited the ‘fresher he could hear the engines of a shuttle roar outside on the facility landing pad. He went to the closest window to get a look at his new visitors. He immediately recognized the star yacht Jade Shadow. He smiled when he saw Mara’s ship, but he knew she was not on it. It would probably be Luke and Ben coming to confront him.

    The transport powered down and eventually the boarding ramp lowered. As expected, Luke and Ben exited the craft, followed by an angry looking Jaina Solo. Jaina unclipped her lightsaber and ignited it, but Luke gave her a gesture that Mark interpreted as “stand down”. Jaina frowned and deactivated her purple blade, but Mark noticed she did not return it to her belt.

    He squared his shoulders and moved to where his ysalamiri was sitting in a nutrient cage. He slipped on the thick Bantha leather shoulder harness and then pulled the animal out and onto his shoulder. The Force-void tree lizard dug her claws deep into the leather, securing herself firmly to the leather carrier. He reached up and scratched behind her head in a soothing gesture. “Hey Nibbles, we have company. Maybe with you on my shoulder they won’t be too jumpy,” he said with a caustic chuckle.

    As he walked over to the facility entrance to greet his friends, it astonished him that things had come to this--his family doubting him, distrusting him, and possibly ready to kill him if they deemed him a danger to others. This was a long fall from his lofty perch as Jedi Master and trusted friend to Grand Master Skywalker.

    Mark’s shoulder’s slumped and he gave a sigh as he stepped outside to face his Jedi Master.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    Hi, Donna!
    First of all I really like your initial set-up - defeating the Vong quickly is always good and having Anakin alive (he's my favorite Solo kid) is great.

    Now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the development of this story. [face_praying]
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    Feb 25, 2010
    I already reviewed this over at LJ, but please tag me when you update here. I want to know what dumb thing Mark has gone and done now. I still say he's diabetic and went all evil because he can't eat any more of Kira's sweets.
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    Tag please. Geez, Jainy, chill out. I, too, am wondering what's got everyone jumpy, but I do like Briannakin's theory. :) But why isn't Mara on Mara's ship? Why was she not with Luke and Ben? Where is she? *looks around worriedly for her*[face_worried]
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Thanks for reading Book-Geek, Briannakin, and Hazel. I hope this turns out okay. I always get nervous when I start a story. Hopefully this won't get too complicated or confusing if a person didn't read Second To None or the Journal of Mark Tantiss. I really appreciate you taking the time to review. It always helps to get feedback because sometimes I don't think of things you think about. I know ginchy asked me a few questions when I talked to her about this story during NaNoWriMo that got me doing rewrites.



    Two months earlier
    Coruscant, Jedi Temple

    Mara Jade Skywalker was roused from a deep sleep by something or someone. She slowly sat up in bed, careful not to wake her husband. As she scanned the dimly lit room she was startled by what looked like a person squatting near her desk, but as her eyes focused in the low light she realized it was just her Jedi robe thrown haphazardly over a chair.

    Usually Mara was the epitome of neatness, with her clothing property hung in her closest with an almost military precision. All the hangers had to be facing the same direction and her clothing evenly spaced apart. For most people that would be a sign of an obsessive compulsive disorder, but in Mara’s case it was simply something drilled into her head through years of Imperial training.

    Her clothing was almost never scattered about the room, but Luke had returned early from a ten day mission and their reunion quickly turned amorous. He had swiftly divested her of her robes and threw them aside where they apparently landed near her desk. She was sure she would find her undergarments and shoes littering the floor in the morning, along with Luke’s attire.

    She reached out with the Force, but felt nobody within the confines of the apartment except for her and Luke. It wasn’t uncommon to be awakened for no apparent reason. The temple was located in the center of what was once Imperial City, and with millions of sentient beings in very close proximity there were always spikes of anger or fear from locals making a disturbance in the Force. She sometimes envied Mark Tantiss who stored the Temple ysalamiri in his apartment. At least he could sleep soundly within the Force void created by the creatures.

    She slowly laid back down and turned to gaze at her sleeping husband. He was a handsome man, but she found him absolutely adorable when he slept. The life of the Jedi Grand Master was often tense and unforgiving, but when he was asleep his face took on the boyish quality that always made her knees quiver. He wore only a pair of sleeping pants leaving his chest bare and inviting. She had to actively resist the urge to reach out and touch his toned pectorals. They had been married for almost twenty-eight years, but the sight of him still excited her.

    His chest rose and fell softly in a steady rhythm, but suddenly his breathing became more erratic and she could see telltale eye movement under his lids indicating he was dreaming. She could feel spikes of raw emotion coming from him through the Force. Whatever he was dreaming about was disturbing him. A soft moan escaped his lips followed by the words, “Stop him.”

    Mara reached out to wake him, but then hesitated. Luke had been having nightmares for weeks …visions he thought could be prophetic in nature. She pulled her hand back and decided to let him ride this dream out. After a minute or two Luke finally sat up in bed with a gasp. He took a few calming breaths as he ran his hand through his hair. He looked over to Mara and upon realizing she was awake he gave her a wane smile. “Did I wake you?”

    She shook her head. “No I was up before your dream kicked in.” She looked around the room once more. “I don’t know what woke me.” She shrugged. “It could be anything…somebody in the city being murdered and I am picking up the terror of their last moments.”

    Luke nodded with understanding. “It’s not the most pleasant sensation, but that is part of being a Jedi.”

    “Unfortunately,” Mara said as she raised herself up on an elbow. “Was it the same dream?”

    Luke nodded. “I saw a cloaked figure. His face was concealed with the exception of yellow Sith eyes that glowed from under his cowl.”

    “Do you think it’s a vision?”

    Luke shrugged. “I don’t know. In the dream I have a sense of dread,” Luke said. “Like something bad is just off the horizon.” He gave her a questioning look. “Have you had similar dreams recently?”

    She shook her head.

    “I should ask Mark. As my clone, we’re on the same Force frequency. He may be having the same visions.”

    “If he’s having nightmares I doubt they’re visions,” Mara remarked. “His apartment is a giant Force void when his ysalamiri are in there with him.”

    Luke let out a breath. “I forgot. I’ll never understand his infatuation with those animals.” He paused in thought and then looked over at Mara. “Do you think he uses them to keep out the memories?”

    Mara knew what memories he was talking about. When Mark and Talon Karrde killed the Emperor Reborn on Byss, Palpatine’s spirit momentarily took over Mark’s body. He grabbed the ysalamiri he brought with him and Palpatine was forced away…but the damage was done. Some or all of the Emperor’s memories were imprinted within Mark’s brain.

    “No,” Mara said softly, “he told me the memories are always there. He just sleeps better at night with the ysalamiri around.” She gave Luke a smirk. “Also, he said he can still pick up sensations in the Force from us when we are in a highly emotional state.”

    Luke blushed. “Then maybe it’s better that he has his animals.”

    She gave him a predatory grin. “I agree, we don’t want my pseudo-brother eavesdropping on our bedroom activities.” She rolled over until she was pressed tightly against her husband and then leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss.

    Luke pulled her on top of him as he ran his hands down her back until they rested on her bare bottom. “I missed you while I was gone.” He reached up and intertwined his fingers in her hair and pulled her down for another ardent kiss. “We have some more catching up to do,” he said with a grin as he moved to nibble down the side of her neck.

    “I’m all for getting caught up with business,” she laughed then leaned down for a long welcome home kiss.
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    Whoohoo! I'm all for the welcoming home bit. But the dream/vision is frightening me! If you do ANYTHING bad to Mara, I will get my revenge!
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    May 28, 2011
    Luke's vision is creepy. *shivers* This can't be good, I can see that coming... My speculation is that Mark gets temporarily taken over by Palpatine again. At least, that's what I'm hoping, 'cause I really don't think he would actually turn to the dark side.[face_worried]
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    Nov 9, 2010
    I'm afraid of Luke's dream :s but completely melted by the homecoming 'party'.
  9. ginchy

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    May 25, 2005
    You know I love this, gal. I love L/M's homecoming reunion. But the dream and the opening of the story have me on pins and needles!!!
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Briannakin, ginchy, Hazel, Book-Geek Thanks for reading. I have been working on editing this monstrosity down. During NaNo you just write like you are being paid by the word. LOL!

    I hope some people will like the next part. Please remember that the Vong war never happened and therefore Jacen didn't get tortured and his head all screwed up and Anakin lived. When I read Jacen in fanfics I have lingering animosity toward him because what he did in the profics. Although this story will loosely be based on canon, once you get rid of the Vong War be basically becomes a major AU. So Jacen is still a happy-go-lucky guy.

    Thanks for reading!


    Inner Rim, Transitory Mists, Hapes.

    Jacen Solo moved as quietly as he could down the secret stone tunnel of the building. The passage way was narrow, about shoulder width wide and only a little over 1.5 meters in height. It was awkward walking with his neck craned over in an unnatural position, but at least he wasn’t forced to his hands and knees, as he was earlier in his trek. The channel carved between the walls of the palace was not made for convenience but for escape, but in this case he was using it as a covert entrance. He turned a corner and stepped into what looked like an arachnid web. A blue spider as big as his hand dropped to the floor and scurried off the way Jacen had just came.

    He cleared away the cobwebs and continued on his journey; a glow stick lit his way as he used a small datapad to guide him through the maze of tunnels. He would prefer to use the Force as his guide, but that would open him up to the possibly of be sensed by other Force-sensitives and that was one thing he wanted to avoid. The passageway narrowed up ahead and he had to squeeze through a particularly tight section of the tunnel. His face crunched up in disgust as he realized his clothing was now covered with whatever slimy grime that covered these ancient walls. Eventually his datapad indicated he had reached his destination. He pulled out a small electronic device out of his pocket, placed it on the wall and pushed a button. After a second or two of silence a section of the stone wall slid open allowing light to spill into the tunnel. He quickly crawled through the hole in the wall and into the adjacent room. He stood and tried to brush dust and dirt off his attire but soon realized the futility of his actions.

    He found himself standing in a large walk-in closet lined with ballroom dresses and exotic leather outfits. Jacen smiled with pleasure as a ravishing woman with flowing red-gold hair entered the room.

    “Were you undetected?” she whispered as she walked past him to close the tunnel door.

    “Nobody’s the wiser. I even avoided using the Force so Allana wouldn’t feel my presence.”

    Tenel Ka, the Queen Mother of Hapes gave a warm, seductive smile. “Good, we wouldn't want to wake your daughter before we had time to get reacquainted.” She walked up to Jacen and put her arms out to hug him but then thought better of it. “Oh,” her nose wrinkled up in revulsion. “You smell worse than a Rancor in rut.”

    For that remark he pulled her into his arms and gave her a prolonged sensual kiss. She protested for a moment before melting into his embrace. A fierce, desperate urgency filled him as he kissed her hungrily. He had been away from her much too long.

    When they pulled apart for a breath she gave him a teasing look as she slowly unbuckled his belt. “Now we both need a bath,” she whispered as she unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to the floor. He kicked off his boots and walked out of his trousers. “I would love to wash your back,” he said while caressing her face with his lips.

    She pushed his cloak off his shoulders and then helped him remove his tunic until he stood there in his snug boxer briefs. She stepped back to admire his body. “I missed you.”

    He gave a roguish smile common with Solo males. “I missed you also.” He embraced her while reaching around and untying the back of her informal tunic. “You are overdressed,” he said with a smile before he kissed her again and then pulled her shirt over her head exposing her bare breasts. “No bra?”

    She grinned with a look of pleasurable anticipation. “I was expecting you and I know how that item of clothing frustrates you.”

    He gave a grateful chuckle. “I can’t help it. Those damn Dathomir undergarments have too many hooks and ties.” He gave her a heated gaze as his eyes raked over her body. “And I am anxious to unwrap my present.”

    She laughed. “Your present? Have you been good enough to get a present?”

    He smiled broadly. “I’ve been a very good boy. And I promise you tonight I’ll be more than good.” With that said he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the large ornate bathroom. “But first I need to clean up and I would love it if you would join me.”

    “I would be delighted, Jedi Solo.”

    Jacen sat back in the granite bathtub relishing the feel of the warm water on his skin and the touch of the beautiful woman pressed against his side. He turned to the lovely redhead and smiled as he reached out and brought her hands to his lips and kissed them gently. He gazed at their fingers clasped together. “Are you getting used to the new prosthetic arm?”

    He immediately regretted saying anything. She sighed and pulled her hand away from his. “It takes some getting used to after going so long without. I forget it is there sometimes.”

    “Did your grandmother allow your double to get one?” Jacen asked.

    “Thankfully yes.” Her voice was edged with irritation. “It pains me that she successfully coerced me into doing her will—but I could not let someone suffer because of my stubbornness.”

    Jacen took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He swore Tenel Ka’s grandmother, Ta’a Chume, was going to one day push him to the darkside. The woman was pure evil. The old shrew had made it quite clear over the years that she valued beauty and regal bearing more than a relationship with her family… and she had little pity or tolerance for a grandchild with a missing limb.

    The memory of how Tenel Ka lost her arm still haunted him. They were teenagers attending the Jedi Academy on Coruscant at the time. Master Luke Skywalker had the students training with practice sabers and they were now at the point where they were building their own lightsabers. His Uncle was very clear that no real lightsabers were to be used for sparring until they were tested for durability and proper construction. Unfortunately Jacen and Tenel Ka disobeyed the order and began dueling with the deadly weapons without permission or supervision. The two had their sabers locked together when the crystal inside her saber failed. Jacen’s lightsaber suddenly jerked forward, slicing her arm off above the elbow.

    That day was burned into his mind with sickening clarity. He grabbed his comlink and called for help. The medical personnel arrived and whisked Tenel Ka off to the hospital leaving Jacen to face Jedi Master Skywalker. He felt mind-numbing sorrow over what happened and was ready to walk away from the Jedi completely out of shame. Tenel Ka’s grandmother wanted Jacen’s head on a platter for disfiguring her granddaughter. Beauty and perfection were valued so much in Hapan society that if Tenel Ka were not royalty she would have been shunned.

    Luckily, her mother, the Former Dathomiri witch, Teneniel Djo was more understanding of the accident and asked Luke Skywalker to forgive Jacen saying she knew her daughter probably was the instigator of the misbehavior. Jacen never admitted that Tenel Ka was the impatient one who insisted on sparring. He would never blame her for the accident; he new full well he was doing wrong at the time.

    Ta’a Chume was horrified when she discovered her granddaughter turned down the use of a life-like prosthetic arm. The thought of Tenel Ka walking around with a stump of an arm was completely unacceptable.

    She tried for years to bully her granddaughter into accepting a prosthetic limb, but Tenel Ka resisted…until this year.

    After a failed assassination attempt on Tenel Ka, her grandmother insisted that body doubles be used as decoys. A Tenel Ka look-alike was found and then to everybody’s horror Ta’a Chume ordered the double’s left arm to be surgically removed.

    The woman who acted as her double would not be allowed a prosthetic unless Tenel Ka decided to use one herself. Not wanting to cause the decoy more anguish than she was already in Tenel Ka reluctantly accepted a false limb.

    Jacen looked at the prosthetic apprasingly and was amazed at how realistic it looked. He couldn’t even see where the real flesh ended and they synthetic flesh began.

    “You are pleased that I accepted the limb, aren’t you?” Tenel Ka asked.

    Jacen looked away not wanting to answer, but knowing she deserved the truth. “Yes, but not for the reasons you think.” He ran his hand nervously through his hair. “The missing limb did not detract from your beauty,” he looked over and smiled warmly. “You were always irresistible to me…but it was a painful reminder of what I did to you. I still carry much guilt over what happened.”

    “Pfff,” she made a dismissive sound. “You know I’m the one who insisted on sparring.”

    “I could have said no,” he said.

    A grin spread across her face. “Jedi Solo, you know you have never been able to say no to me.”

    An embarrassed smile touched his lips. “This is a fact.”

    She splashed water on him playfully. “Don’t use my catch phrase.”

    “I didn’t know it was yours exclusively.”

    She gave him a flirtatious smile. “Jacen everything within my kingdom belongs to me exclusively.”

    “Including me?” he asked.

    Her smile grew wider. “Especially you,” she whispered as she leaned in for an impassioned kiss.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Great chapter. I never did like Jacen because of what he did in the profics, but I find your Jacen tolerable.

    And your Tenel Ka actually has a brain. Huraaaah!
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    JL, Yumsy on the L/M chapter and the J/TK chapter ;) =D= Ooh, I too am on the edge of my seat for the vision/dream Luke keeps having. And the title "Sacrifices" makes me real nervous :p
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    I forgot to tag Book-Geek. Does anybody know if I edit a post and add a tag if that person will get the alert? Or does the tag need to be placed in a new post?
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    Hey, stop trying to make me like Jacen. Throwing in that bit about him being all Solo. I like to forget that and pretend he was some alien! [face_not_talking]

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    May 28, 2011
    J/TK FLUFF!!!!!! I haven't read any good J/TK fluff in FOREVER! I'm in heaven right now!

    Love Tenel Ka's line of 'Don't steal my catchphrase'. I like your version of how Tenel Ka lost her arm. Yeah, I knew without a doubt Tenel Ka was the instigator there.
  16. Hazel

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    Nov 9, 2010
    This was a great piece of J/TK mush, for fans and non-fans of the couple.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    Okay, if you are ignoring pretty much all of NJO, then we readers should be able to see Jacen as he was in YJK. As pretty much the ONLY Jacen fan here, consider this begging: please don't turn him into a psychopath. Conniving I can handle; bumping off Ta'a Chume I can handle (I caught that line, BTW!) , just please keep him sane. He and Tenel Ka should have been allowed to make Hapes better, but Denning had other ideas to the detriment of the entire EU.

    What happened to Teneniel? Did Ta'a Chume still murder her daughter-in-law? That would be a backstory worth telling.

    It seems to me that you are changing Tenel Ka's accident so that Luke doesn't share any of the blame.

    Nice chapter. I'll always read about J/TK 'boot knocking'! (Well, water splashing in this case.)
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Because this is a sequel to Second To None and includes aspects of the fanfic The Journal of Mark Tantiss I am trying to keep to my new canon, but also trying to figure out what events might be the same if the Vong war never happened. In my other two stories the Galaxy Gun and the Sun Crusher were not destroyed. And in the epilogue of STN we find out that the Galaxy Gun was used to take out the Vong world ships. Also in those stories Luke has students use practice lightsabers when training. Since he was so cautious with his adult students in those fanfics I would think he would be super cautious about children training under him.

    Personally, I never understood Luke tolerating the things that were going on in the YJK novels. He is in charge of a school for children and he lets them run around the galaxy doing horribly dangerous adventures and practice with deadly weapons. Think of the liability involved! How would he maintain insurance on his facility? Just because you are a Force sensitive child doesn't mean you have the responsible thinking of an adult. But of course, if Luke had tighter controls and ran the Jedi Praxeum in a responsible would make boring YJK books. :p

    As for what happens with Jacen. He has a bit of a rollercoaster ride. But rest assured you are not the only Jacen fan in this thread. Before the NJO I liked his character so much that I named my first born after him.:oops:

    Thanks for reading.
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    My fault for jumping in without reading the prequels! I'll catch up with Journal and Second to None as quick as I can, probably over on FF.N. The boards here are great if you are reading as it is updated, but a bit of a pain if you are trying to catch up, IMO.

    I agree, YJK did seem like the inmates were running the assylum most of the time! I'm suprised that ANY of the kiddos survived.

    I sided with Jacen all the way until he burned Kashyyk. After he turned down Tenel Ka's offer of parlez, I had resigned myself to watching him die. As an aside, I wouldn't be too embarassed about naming your son after him. He was the hero of NJO,after all.
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    That's why I was so irritated with his fall. He was a great character. I was hoping he would be maybe a rogue Jedi and a pain in Luke's butt, but I was so disappointed with him becoming Sith.

    And what is it with the Skywalker bloodline that makes them fall to the darkside at the drop of the hat. It's like they are hypoglycemic and they fall to the darkside when their blood sugar is low. Anakin Skywalker turns to a Sith when he dreams his wife may die in childbirth. Anakin, that is when you turn to a obstetrician! Luke in Dark Empire gets all Sith-like for no good reason (the audio dramas did try to give us a cause by telling us Luke was influenced by Palpatine’s hologram teachings). And then Jacen…I can’t even remember what started that slide. He meets up with Lumiya and she tells him he doesn’t have to be evil to be Sith. Then he has prophetic visions about Luke dying and such so he kills another Jedi. But the future is always in motion you idiot! It just did not make sense.

    If you are going to read the stories start with Second to None and then The Journal of Mark Tantiss. Thanks!
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    Mar 6, 2012
    None of the last two series has made a heck of a lot of sense. If anyone could have proved that it was possible to be a Sith and NOT be evil, it would have been Jacen. It just needed to be done in a story that was better thought out.
  22. Jedi_Lover

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    Nov 1, 2004
    Briannakin --Thanks. Tenel Ka is a hard person to write because she is so stoic in the books, but I would assume she is a little wild behind closed doors. She has Dathomir witch blood. She must be a wild woman in the bedroom. :p

    Jade_eyes -- Thanks. If you didn't like Luke's first dream you might not like this post.

    ginchy -- This is Jacen without the Vong craziness. So maybe you will warm up to him.

    Book-Geek --Thanks. I have a lot of bedroom scenes in this story. :D

    Hazel -- Thanks. I'm glad you like the mush.

    SiouxFan -- Thanks for reading. I guess I should warn you. I don't do really serious fanfics. So there will be some serious times and some almost parody parts. My friend RedGold once told me my stories are quirky. That is just a heads up because I had one fellow read one of my stories and got all mad because I was making fun of the characters. I had to point out that it was listed as a parody. The one thing that almost all my stories do is rewrite parts of the EU that I dislike. So in the original STN I didn't have Luke fall in Dark Empire and the Vong war was averted before it started. This one will take some aspects of LOTF and I will rewrite the parts I don't like...which is everything. o_O Thank you for reading.


    Jedi Temple: Coruscant

    Luke opened his eyes to find himself in a dimly lit corridor. He looked around trying to remember where he was and how he got there, but he drew a blank. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep in his wife’s arms back in his quarters.

    I must be dreaming again,’ he thought.

    The place was unfamiliar and Luke was sure it was not a location he had visited in the past. He tried to will himself to wake up, but, when that failed, he decided to see where this dream or vision would lead him. He strode down the quiet hallway, his steps stirring up dust from the ground below. As he wandered through the shadowy twisting corridors an eerie sense of foreboding began to creep up his spine. That feeling heightened into full-blown panic when he heard a loud mournful wail. He immediately recognized the voice as belonging to his oldest son, Ben.

    Dream or not, Luke was filled with a sense of urgency as he ran toward the sound. The plaintive cry suddenly turned into pitiful sobs—a sound Luke had not heard from Ben since he was a child. He picked up the pace while calling out to Ben. He barreled around a corner then skidded to a quick halt barely avoiding a head-on collision with a large, muscular man. Luke went into a fighting stance before he realized he was looking at fellow Jedi Mark Tantiss.

    Mark was wearing a Jedi cloak . His cowl was dipped down and covered the top half of his face but Mark’s nose, mouth and red bearded jawline were distinctive. His mouth was drawn into a tight line as his head drooped down. Luke lowered his gaze and realized Mark was cradling the limp body of Mara Jade Skywalker within his arms. She appeared lifeless; her eyes were closed and the bruises and cuts on her pale skin were evidence that she recently was in a life-or-death struggle.

    “Mark…Mark ? What happened?” Luke stammered in shock.

    The large man looked up enough for Luke to see his face fully. Luke took a step back when he saw the hard, red rimmed, yellow eyes of a Sith staring back at him.

    Mark’s face was a mask of pain. “I’m sorry. I had to do it…no matter what the cost.”
    “Mara!” Luke yelled out as he was jolted awake, gasping for breath and sweating.

    He was back in his bedroom. He quickly searched Mara’s side of the bed and found her there and coming out of her slumber. “Another nightmare?” she said in a drowsy voice. “That makes two in one night. What was this one about?”

    “Oh kriff…” Luke muttered as he tried to catch his breath. “I saw the face of the Sith.” He gazed at Mara eyes wide, his expression troubled. “It was Mark. He’s the Sith and…” he hesitated slightly. “He was carrying your dead body.”

    “Okay,” Mara said sounding completely unconcerned. “Luke, it was a nightmare, not a vision. Let’s go back to bed,” she said in a calm and reassuring voice then laid her head back to her pillow and closed her eyes.

    “How do you know?” Luke protested. “I don’t even know if it is a dream or a vision.”

    She opened her eyes but did not move. “Luke, earlier we were talking about Mark and Palpatine’s memories. It was simply on your mind. Mark doesn’t have what it takes to be a Sith. He’s more interested in sitting around with his wife and eating chocolates all day than craving galactic domination…maybe if the darkside was handing out cookies we would have something to worry about.” Mara said with a chuckle. “Besides, he would never hurt me. He sees me as family.”

    “My father saw me as family and still chopped my hand off. When you are Sith you have no family.”

    “Luke,” Mara said softly, “It’s just a dream. Mark’s been like a brother to me for over twenty-five years, he was our eldest son’s Master and he risked his life dozens of times for you, me, the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance. He’s not Sith..and if he is…he’s a really lousy Sith or the most patience Sith in the universe.” She rolled over so she was no longer looking towards Luke. “It was a dream. Go back to bed, Luke.”

    Luke stared at the back of her head for a few seconds feeling slightly peeved. Mara once feared Luke was being influenced by the darkside during the Battle for Coruscant. How come she would consider him turning Sith, but not his clone?

    "Mark is a good friend of mine, but that doesn't mean he's not susceptible to the darkside," Luke pointed out. "He was created by Joruus C'baoth with my DNA to become his Imperial Sentinel and he was touched by Palpatine's darkness and he still carries his memories. We can't discount this vision as impossible."

    Mara gave an audible sigh. She turned over in bed and gave him a knowing look. "You and I both know this has nothing to do with any fear that Palpatine's memories will corrupt Mark," she said with a touch of irritation. "You're still angry about the Vong incident."

    Luke's jaw tightened. "The Vong slaughter you mean? Mark knew the Alliance was wiping out an entire species with the Galaxy Gun and the Sun Crusher and he didn't tell anybody within the Jedi order."

    "He was following orders from the very top. Borsk Fey'lya gave the order himself," Mara countered. "Anyway, he wasn't the one who was doing the killing. He was simply the first person to discover the existence of the Vong. He was told you would be debriefed by the Generals, which you were."

    "After the genocide was complete," Luke gave a grunt.

    "They came to this galaxy to kill every one of us…the Alliance simply did a preemptive strike before they could start the war. You said you understood. You allowed Mark to train Ben after you found out. I don't know why you still have lingering animosity toward him."

    Luke laid back down on his pillow. "It isn't animosity. I am the head of the Jedi order and he keeps secrets from me."

    She gave a soft smile as she reached out to tease a hand down his chest. "Please Luke, let's not argue about this," she said beseechingly as she leaned in to kiss him. "I know you’re having these visions and it does bother me. During your last mission all I did was worry about you. Now that you’re back, the last thing I want to do with you is argue."

    Luke remained quiet, his mind still reeling form the horrific dream. “I don’t want to argue either. It’s just…”He reached out with a trembling hand to caress her face. “I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you.”

    Her features softened. “Nor I you.” They lay quietly looking at one another. “Luke, talk to Mark if it makes you feel better. Or meditate about the vision. Maybe you’ll realize it was simply a dream.”

    A small weary smile touched his lips as he pulled her close, cradling her in his arms. "You're right. I'll meditate on it later. Right now I simply want to hold you close…to keep you safe in my arms."

    She leaned he head down on his chest and smiled. "I’d like that."
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    Scary vision! Ahhh! Hopefully now that he has seen it, Luke can prevent it. PLEASE SAY HE'S GOING TO PREVENT IT!

    Also, I love the snuggling.
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    Ouch! Jedi_Lover. That was shockingly vivid. I hope he can prevent it from happening. Also that Mark won't be a ditzo and go all over-confident or strangely hermitish like Jacen did after the NJO [face_thinking] If he's honest like Luke and humble :* he would never be a true Sith. Luke was touched by darkness but could never, was never, swallowed up by it. [face_love]
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    I'd turn to the dark side for cookies too. :p