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Before - Legends Shadows of the Future

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by NightWatcher91, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Jun 7, 2014
    Title: Shadows of the Future
    Author: NightWatcher91
    Timeframe: 20 years after the events of KOTOR 2
    Genre: Drama/Adventure
    Characters: Chracters from both KOTOR games along with OC's
    Keywords: KOTOR
    Summary: Revan left the galaxy to search for a darkness that would some day destroy all he held dear. The Exile followed Revan to fight alongside as she once did. Years have passed as the galaxy has lived in a time of peace. However the children of Revan are about to embark on a journey that will bring them to a path that their father hoped to protect them from....
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    Jun 7, 2014
    Prologue –

    Darkness. That was what the young man saw in all directions. Not a single thing could be made out all around him. Try as he might there was nothing he could do to see the figures he knew were watching him. It had been as before whenever he would have this nightmare. He stood alone in the center of what he did not know. Yet he could feel that he was being watched all around him. At first when the nightmare had started he did not notice the figures. As a child he was mostly frightened of the endless darkness that seemed to taunt him. Now as he took a deep breath he was also aware of the shadows that had silently kept their attention on him. He would try to move, but he found that he was stuck in place. No chains held him, or any device he was aware of. No sound came from his mouth as he tried to speak words. Instead utter silence was all that prevailed. However this time the nightmare seemed to go on longer that it usually did. It was around the time that he noticed the shadows that he would wake up in a cold sweat. Yet now it seemed he could begin to hear the slight whispers coming from all around him.
    “Heed the tide….”
    “All shall be cleansed….”
    “The heir shall reclaim the throne..”
    “The true will take what is destined……”
    “So it has been seen…..”
    "So it has been spoken..."
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    Jun 7, 2014
    Compliant, complaint, argument, protest, complaint; it seemed like when they placed him as head of the Telos restoration project they were just trying to test his patience with all these "ideas" and "improvements" people were suggesting. As an Admiral he should have been handling things that at least kept him awake longer than five minutes. Even after 25 years Telos was still not fully recovered. In fact some on the project argued that the efforts seemed to be going backwards. Despite the best efforts of the Ithorians and others, restoring a planet from a delta base zero still seemed too many: an impossible dream. There had been some rumors about some pulling out of the project, but so far it had remained a silent option. But Carth Onasi: veteran of the Mandalorain Wars, right hand man of the redeemed Revan, and worst chef the Ebon Hawk has ever seen was not going to give up on his home planet.

    Things seemed much simpler all those years ago. Be a hero of the Republic, become the best friend of a smuggler, escape burning planet with said smuggler and watch him become a Jedi, get dragged off on a quest to find pieces of an ancient map, and then learn your best friend is the former Dark Lord of the Sith after hunting down your lifelong nemesis. Follow that up with a suicide mission to destroy, as Mission put it "The Factory Of EVIL" and save your best friend's girlfriend from a jawless psychopath; and in the process find the son you've been searching for almost becoming a Sith Apprentice.

    All that seemed so long ago and so simple as most problems back then could be solved by a few blaster shots or Revan's leadership and charisma. Now, Revan and Bastila were somewhere in the Unknown Regions, and it was considered a crime to shoot someone for constantly complaining about the turbolift music. It was days like his he missed Mission's childish teasing and Canderous being a jerk to everyone but Revan. He would give anything to be back on that ship with those people, off saving the galaxy and helping people along the way.
    "That's useless thinking," he told himself.

    He made a promise to his friends to watch over the Republic. A promise to also keep an eye on their children. To be a father figure that they would not have while they were gone. Bastilla had shed tears when she pushed for Carth to take this plea from her.
    He waited for the day they would return with their story of adventure, and they would all celebrate. As another argument broke out between the Ithorians, and a member of the botany project as a small message appeared on Carth’s screen. It was a low priority, but it was enough to make him sit up.

    “I’ll have to take my leave everyone.” Carth stated getting to his feet. Not many paid him attention as he had long ago stopped being involved with the pointless discussions. All he did most meetings was remind them what their entire end goal was. To return Telos to the world he still held in his heart. Citadel Station was still where everything was happening from Czerka still trying to get a foothold despite rumors of impending bankruptcy, to the Exchange still leading the criminal element in the galaxy holding stake and holding interest in the rebuilding of the planet basically from the ground up. Carth made his way to his office with his usual pace as he sat down at his console.

    “This is Admiral Onasi.” Carth said as a holographic image of Admiral Deliah Leon appeared a few feet away from him. As usual the head of the Republic Fleet seemed completely professional as she nodded at Carth. “I’m hoping this is news that a massive Sith fleet has come out of hyperspace, and I am needed to save the galaxy Admiral.” Carth joked with a slight feeling of hope behind his voice. Deliah gave a small grin as she merely shook her head.

    “If that were the case Onasi I am sure you would be the first to know.” She replied as Carth watched the traffic on the station for a few seconds. He made a mental note to tell TSF to be more on top of those Rodians who kept crashing their ships lately. “Sadly this will probably be more of an insult asking this of you.”
    “You know I’m always ready to take an assignment away from the station.” Carth replied not hiding his emotion this time. His eyes fell upon his ship The Pride of Telos as it remained in orbit around the planet. It almost seemed like a decoration from not having gone anywhere in the past few months.

    “I assumed as much which is why I brought this to you.” Deliah commented as she spoke to someone Carth couldn’t see for a few moments. “Considering your reputation here on the capital over the years I assume I will get some attention for this. Also you are the only ship in the area we can spare at the moment.”

    He fought off the sting as he recalled being assigned to this project. The bureaucracy had made it clear they were going to keep him on the station, and that the Republic was going to cut military spending. He had been assigned here on this mainly to give the Republic more oversight on the project so he had been told. The reality was the Senators and the majority of the brass didn't want to listen to Carth about building up the military in preparation for the war that Revan said was coming.

    "Damned fools." Carth said as he tried to uphold his promise to his best friend to follow orders and defend and prepare the Republic.

    It was times like this he somewhat envived Canderous. All that old dog had to do to help Revan was gather up the scattered remains of the group of people Carth fought for his life against. He who had the helmet of Mandalore was rarely questioned or challenged. Those who did often were around to boast of it for long. The correspondence they had sent back and forth indicated that the build-up of forces on Dxun lay mostly unnoticed to anyone but their Onderonian allies. In exchange for the aid during the Civil War Queen Talia lent a helping hand and usually turned a blind eye to the Mandalorians on the close moon. While she did not trust the elite warriors, she trusted the Exile and the Exile trusted the Mandalore.

    Led by Rohlan Dyre the core of the supercomandos known as "Malachor Company" trained day in and day out in the harsh jungle environment. It was the hope of Canderous and Rolan that these soldiers would be the vanguard of Revan's army in the coming struggle. While it had taken time, the clans were strong; Ordo leading them with Fett at their side. They were the finest soldiers in the galaxy, and they were growing in numbers and preparing for war.

    In contrast the Republic navy was gradually shrinking as more and more funds were being diverted from military spending to peacetime projects. The Mandalorian and Jedi Civil wars were distant memories for most of the populace, it was time to rebuild and restore. There had been no Sith Lords or conquering invaders for nearly two decades, now was the period to enjoy peace and security. Carth was not of the same mindset. The way Revan looked in those last days, the things he said to Carth, and the memories he shared all pointed to a conflict that would dwarf any conflict since the Great Hyperspace War. If the things he told him we terrible, Carth could only imagine the things he shared with Bastila.

    “As you know the Republic recently put in a lot of backing into a colony project for one of the Outer Rim worlds. It’s been the pride of the Senate pouring credits into it over the past few years. Per request of the Senate a ship is to be sent out to assist with any help the colony may need.” Deliah said as she was well aware this was not the assignment that Carth had been hoping for.
    “An errand boy Admiral?” He asked almost insulted as he scratched at his beard which was far more gray than he was comfortable with. Mission had made fun of him enough times for being old back on the Ebon Hawk, and now he was looking it.

    “As I said Onasi you are the only ship in the area. The only oddity is that the colony has not reported in.” She replied as Carth felt a small twinge of excitement. He held onto it with all his might even though he was well aware of how faulty colony communications could be.

    “I’ll prep to depart tomorrow Admiral.” He replied as Deliah gave her nod, and the hologram shut off. Sighing Carth turned his focus back onto the Citadel as his eyes focused on the cantina where he would usually visit. At least it would be a good exercise for his crew who had mostly been stuck to repairs on the restoration project. A thought struck his mind as he pulled out his communicator. There was in fact a pair of Jedi that had arrived on the station a few days ago. One of them was Jedi Master Atton Rand along with his apprentice Cort Shan, one of the children who Carth had taken on as one of his own. It had been a few months since Carth had been able to see Cort, and he realized it was past time for “Uncle” Carth to catch up. He tapped a button on his communicator as he waited impatiently as usual for a reply.

    Citadel Station, Cantina –
    "No matter how bad things are, they can always get worse." Atton once told him. But right now it was hard to see how things could deteriorate any further. They were out of Jawa Juice at the Little Bivoli branch on the station! The only decent drink for parsecs and there was none to be had. It was his master’s idea to come to Telos after their recent hostage situation they had handled. How any establishment could stay in business without having an unlimited supply Cort Shan could not hazard a guess. In spite of this he still needed to eat something and ordered the Serreco Special, sitting down and deactivating the datapad containing an account of his father's stratagems and plans used during the Mandalorian Wars. He looked across the station and as usual saw his master playing Pazak with a small crowd gathered. Cort could not recall the multiple amount of times Atton had made him play Pazak.

    The young Jedi ate up nearly all the information available on his parents ranging for published works and old Holonet entries, to the remains of the Jedi Archive hidden on Dantooine. He poured over the military strategy used by his father, and he strived to obtain the level of discipline his mother had in order to use her Battle Meditation. He had tried to use the technique several times before, but all it did was exhaust him and drain his connection to the Force. Despite this, Jolee and Juhani continued to encourage him to try and develop his powers, for they saw in him more potential than even his parents.

    Recently a new feeling seemed to crawl up on the Prodigal's son. An immense feeling of doubt. He had always been told that his connection to the Force was powerful, but why couldn't he master all this quickly? Were his teachers wrong? Did they lie to him about his abilities, just like they lied to him about his parents? No it wasn't that, it couldn't be, his teachers his family would never lie to him about that.

    But, the word seemed to hang like tabana gas on Bespin. What if they are lying? Anyone can. What have you done? A few tricks with the Force, moved a few stones? A youngling could do that! Any sorry bantha podo can twirl a lightsaber. What is really different about you? All that your parents have done and what have you accomplished?
    These words and thoughts continued to plague Cort as he idly shifted around his food. He tried to dispel these thoughts from his mind, but failed as the doubt and fear gnawed on his mind and confidence. He was broken out of his stupor by a vibration signaling someone was trying to reach him on his comlink.

    “You up for a trip to the most boring spot in the Galaxy?” Carth’s voice rang.