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Saga Sins of Our Fathers [PT AU, Anakin Solo]

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    Title: Sins of Our Fathers
    Author: windu4
    Genre: AU, action/adventure, romance, some faux-philosophy
    Characters: Anakin Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Nejaa Halycon, and others
    Timeline: This takes place shortly before the Clone Wars.
    Summary: After Anakin Solo's death at the hands of the Vong his spirit is thrown back through time and into his grandfather's body. As he quickly adapts to his new role in history he comes to realize that many events that tore the galaxy apart can be fixed and the Jedi Order can survive the machinations of Darth Sidious. Yet at what cost?
    Notes: I'm still working out the kinks for the "science" of this adventure but I think it'll right itself eventually! I'm also a bit confused with the stardates of Pre-Empire so forgive me for any continuity screw ups. Technically this fanfic takes place after Ansion. And lastly if anyone has any questions about this: When Anakin "possesses" his grandfather's body Anakin Skywalker's consciousness simply ceases to exist and Anakin Skywalker's body begins to adapt to Anakin Solo until the body basically looks like how Anakin Solo did when he died. I doubt anyone will notice since Anakin looks so similar to his grandfather, anyway! It'll just be minor changes like his hair, cheekbones etc etc. It's a bit confusing, I know.
    Disclaimer: Lucas and more important Denning since I basically copied and pasted SbS in the first chapter! Also to all the people who thought of body-switching AUs before me.


    Chapter 1

    If there was one universal stereotype for human male teenagers in the galaxy is that they loved their sleep. They could be disciplined and trained or even conditioned to wake up before the sun had even begun to shine. Yet when there was no one there to remind them of their conditioning or training they would slip right back into their ordinary habits. Anakin Skywalker was no different. Ansion had drained all of his energy and as a result the Council had ordered them to take some time to relax and rejuvenate themselves. It had been two days and Anakin had practically spent the whole time in his bed dead to the galaxy. So when his master was forced to come down to Anakin’s dorm room in the isolated chambers kept for the Jedi Apprentice Anakin failed to respond to the incessant knocking on the door.

    The young Jedi continued to snore until his roommate woke up and threw his pillow at Anakin before going back to sleep. Anakin woke up and sighed as he stared up at the ceiling. Something didn’t feel quite right. He pushed his suspicion away and assumed that it was simply sleepiness. “Coming, master!” Anakin yelled at the direction of the door.

    “Anakin, I told you about this yesterday. The Council requires our presence at 0900 for our next mission and if you don’t hurry we’ll be late. If I don’t see you outside in the next fifteen minutes than you will find yourself with a part-time job at Dex’s Diner washing dishes.”

    Anakin frowned as he stared up at the ceiling. He knew that the man yelling at him was his master. He certainly sounded like one. Yet he didn’t know who that man was and he definitely didn’t know about Dex’s Diner. Anakin’s frown deepened and he closed his eyes and reached into the vestiges of his memory. If he tried hard enough he could remember sitting there as a child with his father and mother eating something greasy and tasty.

    Anakin shrugged and slipped off of his bed and onto the flower. He glanced around at his dorm room and again a frown reached his face. It was much more spacious than how he remembered and the angles of the walls and ceiling were sloping and curved. It reminded him of how Ikrit had described the Force as a current that followed the subtle shapes and lines of it surrounding environment. Anakin had never been one for meditation but the very shape of his room made him feel like sitting down and drawing himself into the Force for hours on end. Then the pounding on the door resumed. “ANAKIN!”

    “Can you just do what Kenobi tells you, Skywalker?” The black-haired male buried his head into his second pillow. “I’m trying to sleep.”

    Anakin Solo stopped as he reached inside a nearby closet for what he assumed were his clothes. “Skywalker?” He echoed stupidly.

    “Yeah, Skywalker.” The teenager said irritably.

    “I’m coming, Master!” Anakin said as loudly before he hurriedly pulled on his dark brown tunic and robes. He wasn’t sure what was going on but it couldn’t be something that a hot bowl of stew couldn’t fix. He was pretty sure that kids had gotten past the faze of calling him by Uncle Luke’s name when he was growing up. It looked like things hadn’t changed. Either way, he couldn’t be bothered. After Anakin finished dressing he stepped in front of the long mirror on wall adjacent to his bed. He stared at himself and frowned. His clothes were too big for him. Not big to the point where he’d be tripping all over himself but to the point where he was uncomfortable. There was another thing. Anakin hated dark colors. He hated them. They reminded him of the visions he had as a child directly linked to his father. On top of that his clothes were much too formal.

    Some liked to dress like the Jedi of the Old Republic but Anakin had always liked form-fitting clothes. They had become even more ideal when the Vong had come. He had always---Anakin paused. The Vong War. Hadn’t he died? Wasn’t he supposed to be dead right now?!?! He suddenly felt dizzy and placed his hand against the mirror as a flood of images, sensations and feelings assaulted him….

    Anakin opened himself to the Force completely, drawing it into himself through the power of his emotions — not through his anger or fear like a Dark Jedi, but through his love for his family and his fellow Jedi Knights, through his faith in the Jedi purpose and the promise of the future. The Force poured in from all sides, filling him with a swirling maelstrom of power and purpose, saturating him and devouring him. There was nothing to be frightened of, no reason to grieve. He could feel it flowing into him and himself flowing into it. Anakin was the Force, and the Force was Anakin.
    Anakin rose. His body emitted a faint aura of light — the glow of his cells burning out — and the air crackled around him.


    Go now… Anakin raised the detonator so his brother and sister could see. Thirty seconds. He released the trigger. Take her, Jacen. Kiss Tahiri for me
    Anakin used the Force to nudge the sphere away, then caught an amphistaff in the ribs and went down hard, letting his lightsaber fall from his hand. His aura was only a faint glow, flickering between dim and nonexistent. The maelstrom inside was dying away now, flowing back into the Force.

    Nom Anor rushed for the detonator again. Anakin waited until the executor was almost on it, then reached out with the Force one last time, rolling the sphere towards the cargo pod.
    He did not hear the angry curse that followed, nor did he see Nom Anor fleeing at a dead run.
    By then, Anakin was gone.


    Anakin woke up reclined on a bed. It was a different one this time. He was in a bright room that was just as spacious, curved and comforting as his dorm room. Except he recognized it as a med bay. If he concentrated on the Force he could feel the discomfort and annoyance of other injured Jedi in different rooms. It was a stark contrast to the intense pain and suffering he was so used to feeling from his fellow Jedi. Anakin tried to sit up but he felt a soothing humanoid hand slip onto his bare chest and gently push him back down. “Cighal?” Anakin croaked, even though the hand that had touched him had been far too small and feminine to be Cighal’s hand.

    “You need to relax, Anakin.” A girl who sounded to be right about his age said softly. “If I had known that our mission to Ansion had made you this tired I would have tried to help you sooner.”

    “He doesn’t need help.” A male-voice said suddenly. “Skywalker is just trying to skip out on meeting the Council. They probably figured out that he’s been breaking into the training room at night to brush up his lightsaber skills. Can you rival Master Yoda with your lightsaber skills yet?”
    “Anakin!” The girl said suddenly. “Is that why your braids are missing? Did you set the blaster fire rate on the training droids to high and get your hair scorched?”

    Anakin had kept his eyes closed the whole time desperately trying to find a familiar presence through the Force. He had reached far and wide throughout the medbay and even into the surrounding rooms and hallways of the temple. Yet he had felt nothing. Just small imprints of people that he had known and respected in the past. They were so fleeting that that they mine as well didn’t exist. Anakin worked up the courage to open his eyes again and saw a young woman roughly his age staring down at him. She didn’t look fully human but was definitely gorgeous by their standards. Her skin had a yellowish tint (makeup?) and a bridge of what looked to be star-shaped tattoos crossed over her nose. Her finger nails were painted a dark blue and her aura radiated calmness and serenity.

    As for the young man across from him his presence felt slightly more familiar. That didn’t make him any more comforting. He felt more like déjà vu than anything else. He was dressed like a padawan and his tunic and pants were green-colored. His hair was black as midnight and a ghost of a beard covered his face. He felt cocky and self-assured and his own confidence seemed to extend to Anakin and make him feel better about his situation. Only by a little. Anakin had never been in a situation like this before but he had read holobooks. This could be a test by the Vong or he could be in some strange afterlife. All he knew was that if he acknowledged that something was strange he’d probably alarm people or warn them that he was onto something. “Yeah…Yeah I got scorched.” Anakin’s finger brushed behind his right ear. He had paid attention to Tionne’s classes enough to know how the Jedi Padawans of the old days had lived. “Silly me.” He said with a grin.

    “Yeah.” His roommate stood to his feet. “Well, Master Tiin is expecting me. I think we might have the same mission, Skywalker. Something about tracking down a renegade ship. If you get better and the Council greenlights you than we’re taking my Master’s ship. I know you’ve always wanted to fly it but he promised me first dibs. Not that you could manage it, anyway.” The kid smirked at him and Anakin felt inclined to prove him wrong or beat him somehow. Not that he didn’t like him. More like he wanted to wipe that smug and superior look off of his face with his fist.

    As his roommate turned and headed towards the door he suddenly stopped as it opened. A bearded man with reddish-brown hair and a full beard stepped inside. He held all the regal bearing and authority of a Jedi Knight. Yet it wasn’t like the ones that Anakin was used to interacting with. Anakin sensed tranquility and calmness from the man. “Nejaa.” The bearded man inclined his head.

    “Master Kenobi.” Nejaa bowed his head. “Will I look forward to seeing you on the Sharp Spiral?”

    Obi-Wan turned towards Anakin who was now gaping at him open-mouthed. “That remains to be seen.” He said lightly.

    Nejaa smirked. “Yes, Master.” He turned and left and the door shut behind him.

    Obi-Wan turned towards Anakin and shook his head. “Well my very young apprentice. Did it ever occur to you that you should check into medbay if you were feeling under the weather? Furthermore managing to get your padawan braid blasted off by a training droid is quite a feat.”

    Anakin’s mouth was still gaping open. “Y-You’re Old Ben.”

    Obi-Wan frowned. “Excuse me?”

    “I mean…” Anakin shook his head quickly and closed his mouth. “Yes, Master.”

    Obi-Wan sighed and turned towards the girl. “Barriss; is he going to be alright?”

    Barriss smiled. “Yes, Master Kenobi. He may need some fluids and a few hearty meals but he’ll recover fine. As long as he gets rest on Master Tiin’s ship he should be able to work at full capacity for the Council’s Mission.”

    Anakin swallowed hard. “Er, Master Kenobi?”

    Obi-Wan turned towards him. “Yes, Anakin?”

    “What’s the er…what’s the stardate?”

    “12:2:22” Obi-Wan said. “Why?”

    Anakin noted that Obi-Wan didn’t use the established dating system by the New Republic. He also realized that every Jedi he had seen so far had been dressed like a bohemian monk and that none of them had carried blasters. So when it fully struck him that he had somehow wound up backwards in time after he had died and that it wasn’t all some type of foolish dream Anakin simply couldn’t take it anymore. His eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted; the moment before he passed out he desperately hoped that this was some silly dream. That he hadn’t somehow wounded up in his grandfather’s body or anything of the sort. That he’d wake up in the Embrace of Pain waiting for Master Luke and Aunt Mara to rescue him. Yet deep down Anakin knew that wouldn’t be the case. That this wasn’t a dream and that he was stuck.

    So he fainted.
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    I will be honest in saying that I like the concept but something feels wrong.

    Wouldn't this basically make Anakin Solo his own grandfather? Or make Luke and Leia cease to exist and by default he (Anakin Solo) would not exist either?

    A thought could be that they fight each other for control?

    That just would make sense to me.

    And there's the age difference as well. Anakin Skywalker was nineteen/twenty at the time of the mission to Anison and Anakin Solo was seventeen when he died.

    I'm sorry if I come off as mean. I don't mean to be. But if people are honest to you in their opinions of your work then you can improve.

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    These are definitely important questions that should be asked. Honestly? They've all come to my mind already and I plan to address them in my story. Hopefully if you keep reading you can discover the answers!

    One thing I will say is that Anakin Skywalker IS out there somewhere. For now I'm focusing on Solo.

    As far as Anakin being his own grandfather...well I ripped that off from Futurama. :p

    But you never know how the story will end or what's in store for the future of the galaxy.
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    Grandfather Paradox is so confusing and yet so fun. I could explain it if you don't know what it means.

    windu4 Interesting concept. I've got this on "Watch". :)
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    Lady_Misty CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    If you guys want me to take you off the tagged list just let me know.

    Chapter 2

    “Anakin, you can stop fidgeting. They won’t take your lightsaber away.”

    Anakin exhaled slowly and hooked his weapon to his belt. “My apologies, Master.” He had quickly learned that the Jedi Order was terribly formal. He found it ironic that his Uncle’s Order was considered militaristic when it was the other way around. He had quickly discerned that the Jedi around him found ranks, attitude and respect to be very important factors of interactions between each other. Anakin couldn’t help but smile at that thought. If Jacen had treated any Master from this era the way he treated Luke he’d be considered to be extremely disrespectful. Even as this thought crossed his mind Anakin felt a pang of frustration and agony. What had happened to Jacen?

    He glanced down at the lightsaber that was connected to his belt. This weapon wasn’t his. He knew that Uncle Luke had given Aunt Mara his grandfather’s lightsaber before they had been married. Technically speaking Anakin had somehow taking his grandfather’s place which meant he was currently holding a weapon that would one day be Aunt Mara’s. Yet there were some key differences between this lightsaber and Mara’s. The grip was a little different, the hilt was a little modified and the weapon felt different in his hands. Anakin guessed that his grandfather had modified the weapon over the years. He subtly shifted his head and glanced at Obi-Wan’s belt. The elder man’s lightsaber was hidden in his robes but Anakin desperately wanted to get a look at it. Was it the same hilt that he had used to defeat Orloc?

    “Anakin…are you feeling alright?” Anakin glanced at his Master. They were both standing outside the council chambers. It was a meeting that Anakin stirred all kinds of feelings in Anakin. There were so many things he knew about the future but didn’t know about the past. He wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with these feelings except to deal with them one at a time. Once they handled this mission he was hoping he’d be able to sit down and try to figure out what was going on. For now all he could do was absorb everything.

    “Pardon?” Anakin asked nervously.

    Obi-Wan frowned. “You look- Have you been eating? It’s not my business to ask about your private affairs but you seem malnourished.”

    “I’m fine, Master.” Anakin said, annoyance creeping into his tone. He wasn’t even sure what to think about Obi-Wan yet. The man was calm but he also had a constant aura of nervousness and apprehension. He didn’t seem like the wise old man Uncle Luke had always described him to be.

    “Is it your mother?” Obi-Wan questioned calmly. “I understand if your dreams are making it difficult for you to focus on reality. When I worried about my parents when I was your age I also buried myself in my work and avoided friends and eating and rest. I just want you to know that it doesn’t help. You can deal with your grief but not at the detriment of your body.”

    Oh. Anakin thought blankly. When he had “traveled” through time he had remained in his body. He had never seen holoimages of his grandfather. Yet he supposed that the man might be taller, more muscled and perhaps a little older at this period of time than Anakin was right now. It made sense. Yet that wasn’t necessarily what he was thinking about. “My mother?” He questioned blankly. He blinked twice. He hadn’t even thought about that. “I…she…I dunno.” He finally said.

    “Maybe we don’t need this mission…maybe we should also postpone this meeting with the Council.”
    Obi-Wan turned towards the doors. “I can handle this on my own.”

    “No!” Anakin said suddenly, a little louder than he meant. He paused and inhaled slowly. “I mean, no. I want them to think I’m ready…that I don’t have….” What was that word? The word that Uncle Luke had used to describe the Old Jedi Order’s feelings on relationships? “…attachments.” He finished lamely.

    Obi-Wan paused and stared at Anakin for a very long while with his blue-grey eyes. “Very well.” He finally said. “But don’t speak unless you’re spoken to. Arguing with Yoda will get you nowhere.” He smiled as he said this and Anakin got the impression that he was joking. At least a little.

    The massive doors to the Council slid open and Obi-Wan nodded curtly at Anakin before turning and walking into the Council. Anakin got a glimpse inside and felt his heart leap into his throat. He took a deep breath and attempted to erect a wall around his mind to tamp down his emotions. Anakin stepped inside the chamber and the first thing he noticed was how varied the members of the Jedi Council were. There were alien species that he didn’t even recognize. The second thing he noticed was how powerful they were all in the Force. Yet it wasn’t the first two things that amazed him. It was the fact that they all felt calm and in agreement. They were all aligned and generated a sense of understanding and authority that Anakin had never felt before. He was so used to seeing Kyp and Luke argue over the purpose of the Jedi that sensing an actual Jedi Council in seemingly total agreement amazed him.

    Anakin turned his head back and forth as he took it all in. He was also looking for someone. A small, green alien who went by Yoda. The leader of the Jedi Order and a man that his Uncle had nothing but respect for. He didn’t see him. A frown covered Anakin’s face. He found that somewhat disappointing. Yet he was also glad that Yoda wasn’t here. He had a feeling that his ruse would be up the moment the man would look him in the eye.

    “Young Skywalker.”


    Anakin shifted and found himself staring at a powerfully built man who sat straight and erect his chair. He was bald, had dark skin and felt as powerful as his Uncle Luke. Anakin gulped and suddenly found himself very intimidated. He didn’t know who this man was. Tionne’s records on the Jedi Order shortly before its destruction were incomplete. The only people that Anakin knew about were Obi-Wan, Yoda, Kam Solusar’s father, K’hruhk and a handful of others.

    “You are missing your padawan braid. Explain yourself.”

    Anakin swallowed. “I, uh-”

    “Master Windu, My apprentice has been feeling a great degree of stress as of late.” Obi-Wan said suddenly. “He’s been having disturbing dreams about his mother and her fate on Tantooine. As a result he’s been spending his evenings practicing with dueling droids and tinkering with mechanics. I feel that partly due to exhaustion he was indulging in a training exercise and accidentally severed his braid with his lightsaber. A grievous offense but one made due to his emotional state. I am certain that this mistake will not be repeated.”

    “It won’t be repeated because it will take quite some time for the braid to grow back.” Plo Kloon added with a slight shake of his head in disapproval.

    “While I am certain that you are a leading expert in the mechanics of human hair, Master Kloon I do believe that he learned from his mistakes. He performed admirably on Ansion and will continue to do so. It was a mistake. Nothing more, nothing less.” Obi-Wan held up his hands neutrally and Anakin felt a surge of respect for his master. It appeared that he had a misplaced sense of snark after all.

    Mace Windu stared at Anakin for a very long moment before speaking. “Do you think you’re ready, Skywalker? You were chosen for this mission because of your skills and expertise but we cannot allow it to fail due to your insecurities.”

    Anakin swallowed hard. “Yes, Master.” He wasn’t sure what the Council’s preconceived notion of his grandfather had been but he was beginning to think that it wasn’t positive. Just because they were all calm in the Force didn’t mean they were right. Not by a long shot. Anakin was just now realizing this but it didn’t take away from the splendor of the moment. Just his perspective.

    Mace Windu simply looked to his left. Anakin turned a centimeter towards an Iktotchi Jedi Master dressed in brown robes. As soon as they made eye contact Anakin blinked several times and struggled to turn his mind into a blank slate. He didn’t know the man’s name but he did know that the Iktotchi had the ability to read minds. He had the feelings that the man’s powers were amplified due to his Force-Abilities as well.

    “Almost ten years ago Obi-wan Kenobi struck down a Zabrak Sith Lord who wielded a saber staff. This Sith was able to kill Master Qui-Gon Jinn before Obi-Wan engaged him and slew him. We know almost nothing about this man. We don’t know his name, we don’t know whether he was the Master or the Apprentice. However what we do know is that he owned a ship made by Republic Sienar Systems known as the Scimtar.” The Jedi Master paused as if he was waiting for Anakin to absorb this before continuing. “Unfortunately, before we had a chance to observe the ship ourselves Chancellor Palpatine used his executive powers to subpoena us for the Scimitar for our own personal investigation. Not long afterwards he was transporting the ship to an undisclosed location for analysis before it was stolen and it hasn’t been recovered since. However, in the past few months one of our informants Quinlan Vos alerted us to the presence of a ship that looked just like it.”

    “P-Palpatine?” Anakin said the moment the Ikotchi Master paused. “Emperor Palpatine?!” His voice raised a fraction of a second.

    Anakin.” Obi-Wan said. “Let Master Tiin finish. Furthermore while Chancellor Palpatine’s actions have raised some questions there is no need to make such accusations. This meeting is on record and implying that he’d make such a sudden grab for power is insulting to say the least.”

    Anakin’s heart began beeping rapidly and he inhaled sharply and forced himself to regain control of his body. “S-Sorry Master Tiin.”

    Saesee Tiin glared at Anakin before he continued. “The Council has decided that we are to rendezvous with Master Vos and meet at Bastion, where we believe the ship is being held. Unfortunately Bastion is currently one of the planets considered ceding from the Galactic Republic. We have been able to establish contact with one of our allies Count Dooku and he has agreed to help us search for the ship. Do you understand, Anakin?”

    “Yes.” Anakin said in a firm and unwavering voice but beneath the surface dozens if not hundreds of questions were rocketing through his mind at the speed of light.

    “I sense much curiosity in you…do you have any questions?”

    Anakin chose the most simplistic one he could think of. “Why me?”

    Saesee Tiin’s face was rough and leathery and it seemed permanently set in a scowl. But somehow he was able to convey a sense of both humor and optimism. “Because, you are one of the most talented pilots of the Order and if there’s anyone who can help me figure out how this ships work it’d be you.”

    Mace Windu stood to his feet. “You are dismissed. You can meet Master Tiin at the hangar bay tomorrow at 0900.”

    Anakin dipped his head. “Yes, Master.” As he turned and walked away from the Council he decided that it was time for him to do some digging. “Master Kenobi;” He began as they left the Council. “Can you excuse me towards your archives? I have some research to do.”
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    Anakin better be doing some research if he doesn't want to look like an idiot.
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    This is such a gem even though it's unfinished :)