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Beyond - Legends Skira Mando'ade (Mandalorian Vengeance, New Jedi Order)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Theodore Hawkwood, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Theodore Hawkwood

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Prologue: Skira​

    Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars. And any mistakes in spelling and use of various Mando'a words are my own.

    Summary: The murder of a New Republic Nurse Corps Officer leads to her Mandalorian husband seeking a bloody retribution on the eve of the a Yuuzhan Vong War.


    From a nearby table at the Oyu'baat tapcaf two other Mandalorians among the crowd watching, spoke to one another, their buy'ce removed to drink the Caf they shared as they spoke.

    "Why is the Mandalore even entertaining the Jetiise desire to bring one of our own to face Republic Justice?" the red armored one, a Devaronian male, said gruffly.

    The second, a red haired human female wearing blue armor, replied, "Because, di'kut, he murdered several people in the Republic and the Jetiise chased his shebs all the way over here."

    "Oh, that is why I see so many your clan, Clan Hokan, here. Corbulo's eldest has returned from among the aruettise." The Devaronian replied.

    "I am Corbulo's eldest, horn head." The woman countered.

    "I meant eldest son." The Devaronian replied, "Semantics aside I see your father has some distinguished company."

    He noted an aged Kal Skirata and Walon Vau speaking to Corbulo Hokan at a nearby table, son of the late Major Ghez Hokan of the former Separatist Armed Forces.

    "Quiet." Corbulo's daughter hissed at her Devaronian counterpart, "I'm trying to have a listen."

    She could overhear Corbulo, buy'ce off like all other Mando'ade in attendance, speaking to Skirata.

    "My son hadn't learned your lesson, Skirata." Corbulo said, "If he had married a Mando'ade girl he might have avoided this entire episode."

    "Boys need to learn lessons on their own, Corbulo." Skirata replied, "My children did so."

    "This is true." Corbulo said.

    "If he had married a Mando'ade," Vau remarked, "He wouldn't have had the entire unfortunate incident befall his wife."

    "He sought and achieved his skira." Skirata countered, "Like any Mando'ade."

    "Would you judge me as harshly, Vau?" Corbulo replied, stroking his trimmed gray and black beard, "I also married an aruettise."

    "However she and her daughter from the previous marriage were members of the Bounty Hunter's Guild." Vau replied, "And they both adopted our ways on marriage. Not so with your deceased daughter-in-law."

    "This is true. But what Mando'ade would not take vengeance, or skira, when a loved one is wronged? It is not the Mando'ade way to suffer wrongs unavenged." Corbulo countered, "Would you? Would I?"

    "No, I would not." Skirata replied, "Come, let us hear our Mandalore's arbitration of your son."

    "Besides your son offed a Jedi Master." Vau replied, "That raises his stature to me."


    Boba Fett stood from his table as he regarded the two figures in the Oyu'baat. He regarded first, the Mando of the two figures. Kuarl Hokan stood at about average height for the human Fett knew he was, his armor was painted the gray to symbolize mourning a lost love.

    He had known this grandson of Ghez Hokan's armor had once been painted gold to symbolize the vengeance he took in the name of said lost love. The only sign of that former color were the gold colored wrist gauntlets.

    The second was a young Jedi, scarcely past the trials from the look of her. She had a lean, yet athletic frame that spoke of someone with great endurance, like a runner or swimmer. Her eyes were a clear blue and her hair was a dark enough shade of brown to be mistaken for black.

    "Tell me, jetti, what brings you to my homeworld?" Fett asked, advancing towards the Jedi.

    The jetti to her credit turned to face him and did not waver, speaking honestly, "Mandalore Fett," she began, and pointed to the Kuarl, "That man committed murder in the Republic. The Jedi Order has sent me to bring him back."

    "An admirable mission, but as you see, this man is currently in Mandalorian space, where Republic law has no authority." Fett replied evenly.

    "I am aware of that." The Jedi replied, "But I implore you as Mandalore to extradite this man to the Republic that he may face charges."

    "What are the charges, jetti?" Fett asked.

    "Murder, five counts." The Jedi replied.

    "I simply removed a corrupt official, a criminal, and the criminal's two associates from the galaxy." Kuarl Hokan, the Mandalorian in question, replied, "As for the fifth, the jetti's master meeting his end at my hand was simply due to the fact that he attempted to impede my route to answer the Mandalore's summons."

    "That's a lie!" The Jedi shouted, "He was fleeing murder charges of three Republic Naval Officers and a judge."

    "The Mandalore summoned all Mandalorians home around the time of your pursuit." Hokan replied evenly, "And I merely defended myself at Ord Mandel."

    The Jedi angrily countered, "If that is true you didn't need to kill Master Gironar."

    "You left me no choice." Hokan replied, "The Mandalore summoned all of us home."

    That is certainly true. The Vong are certainly not anything I want to take anything less than seriously. Fett thought. Hence why I summoned all Mando'a home. I need every warrior I can find.

    "And you would prefer I allowed a corrupt judge and the man who wronged your sister to remain alive, Tara?" Hokan challenged.

    Well this adds some interest. Fett thought silently.

    "The Chief Engineer of the Mercy was found innocent." Tara replied, evenly.

    Something in the young woman's eyes told Fett that she didn't believe that verdict.

    "Commander Cassius simply faced justice in a different guise." Hokan replied evenly, "Namely me. I merely served justice."

    "And my Master was doing the same, Kuarl. Not seeking vengeance!" Tara snapped back.

    "Silence!" Fett roared, slamming one armored fist onto a nearby table.

    All noise in Oyu'baat ceased and it was several moments before Fett spoke again, "And your journey here, Jetti, was that not motivated by vengeance? After all Hokan admits he killed your master, do you deny that, Hokan."

    "I do not, Fett." Hokan replied, "I did so in self defense."

    "Liar!" Tara countered.

    "Very well. Before I pass judgment we must start at the beginning." Fett replied, "Hokan, please state your actions."

    "It began with a murder, disguised as an accident. I identified those responsible and in accordance with our customs took on the Skira for my beloved." Hokan replied, "Four of the five people I killed were directly connected with the crime. The judge let my wife's attacker go free, the chief engineer of the Mercy assaulted my wife then had his two compatriots kill her to silence her testimony. I simply avenged my wife's wronging at their hands. As for Master Gironar, I attempted to only disable him. Killing him was a last resort."

    "I see. Jetti, as you know among Mando'ade, skira is Justice." Fett began, "But start at the beginning, Hokan."

    "I chose to follow the skira when I followed the disposition of the case and the judge in question..." Hokan began.


    To Be Continued...
  2. Mando-Man

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    It isn't a bad start. The only thing I can't get behind is Fett speaking Mando'a. Other then that I liked it.
  3. Theodore Hawkwood

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    Jun 17, 2014
    I figured Jango would've taught young Boba the language and since he's the leader of the Mandalorians he would speak their language.
  4. Mando-Man

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    Dec 1, 2008
    You would have thought so but apparently it didn't work out like that.